Winter & My Traumatic Skiing Trip

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3 år sedan

i could've used a title like "I FELL DOWN A MOUNTAIN AND COULD HAVE DIED *NOT CLICKBAIT*" but i didn't. you're welcome.

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Music: Assembly Line Frustration by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I hope you don't get stuck on the top a mountain

Ethan Isbell
Ethan Isbell 35 minuter sedan
Thank for the tip!
AudioNebula _
AudioNebula _ Timme sedan
0:33 😐😐 me living in Wyoming 😐😐
sakuraza 2 timmar sedan
Gamer Brine
Gamer Brine 3 timmar sedan
You know, living in Texas it isn’t that much different than Arizona.
Mayo 6 timmar sedan
I actually saw that run before it looked crazyy when I was younger (like when this video came out) I was so hyped but I didn't have a youtube account so I couldn't comment so here I am finally talking about it I took pictures too of the run but I don't know what happened to them. XD
Justin Liu
Justin Liu 7 timmar sedan
im 8 and i can go to the tallest ride in mountain high
Martian Girl Things
Martian Girl Things 7 timmar sedan
Why is 1:17 me with candles too
Elaine Pytel
Elaine Pytel 8 timmar sedan
I have a thousand wishes lotion, it smells like flowers and bubblegum.
Kaiden Roof
Kaiden Roof 9 timmar sedan
Liam 17 timmar sedan
Omg I have seen that same corse in Tahoe! It be like what you said
Olive Garden
Olive Garden 18 timmar sedan
Mental note: give jaiden a candle next vid con jkjk lol *unless...*
Russ Huang
Russ Huang 23 timmar sedan
Why would you not want to smell bacon Jayden veagen much
Celia C.
Celia C. Dag sedan
I was thinking that it probably wasn’t that big of a route but when you said double black diamond I was like ok that’s big. I live in Alaska so I ski a lot.
mogilney77 Dag sedan
I think I found your grandpas hat
The gaming Man
The gaming Man Dag sedan
I live in Florida do I get to complain about summer?
Torrie Sneed
Torrie Sneed Dag sedan
This is my favorite video. I laughed so hard
thesameguy87 Dag sedan
I live in Forest Lake Mn
Baileyplayz200 Dag sedan
3 feet? Minnesotans where ya at?
Reyna Kondaveeti
Reyna Kondaveeti Dag sedan
Pennsylvania is one of the few states that actually feels every single season... Winter: FREAKING FREEZING Fall: Warm at first then cold Spring: cold at first then warm Summer: An oven
Egg Man
Egg Man Dag sedan
I hate skiing
Isaiah Scobel
Isaiah Scobel Dag sedan
Ever skiied in colorado theres epci skiing places there
Kiadigital Artist
Kiadigital Artist Dag sedan
Hey Jaiden you should visit Utah during the fall season our mountains are beautiful the leaves are so pretty. (not now tho, it’s snowing right now in some parts of October)
harry potter
harry potter Dag sedan
I'd get man town.
Mrhiya Dag sedan
I go on double black diamonds lol
Campfiresong Dag sedan
Wait can you not just ride back down the ski lift?
Beautiful people
Beautiful people Dag sedan
I hope I can feel how cold the winter is, but I live in a country with just 2 seasons 1. Summer 2. Rainy And it's freaking hot here everyday ;-;
Kiro Dag sedan
Yea winter in arizona is kinds bad but POLAND THERE IS SO MUCH BAD WINTER we have rain butt no snow and that a entaire winter
Duzion Gamers
Duzion Gamers Dag sedan
My body can withstand the cold easily I can stay out in the snow with a thin pullover and some jeans for atleast a couple of hours without getting to cold
The odd Kid
The odd Kid Dag sedan
Ya right
Unicorngirlmeh Dag sedan
Jaiden: falling is the only way to slow down when you’re skiing Me: what about hockey stops or snowplow or turns until you stop?
GivenPizza 2 dagar sedan
So sorry to hear about your golf hat I’m here if you need to talk
Dylen19 2 dagar sedan
i went skiing once and acc when down a very short 1 diamond path it was fine and also on the lift there was a really steep hill and it was called "mach 2" and i got a shirt that said im difficult with a black diamond on it ( we were in breckenridge colorado)
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 2 dagar sedan
The good thing about living in Minnesota is we get to complain about the cold and the heat
B͓̽a͓̽n͓̽a͓̽n͓̽a͓̽ ͓̽B͓̽r͓̽e͓̽a͓̽d͓̽
B͓̽a͓̽n͓̽a͓̽n͓̽a͓̽ ͓̽B͓̽r͓̽e͓̽a͓̽d͓̽ 2 dagar sedan
You should move to flagstaff
That GamerAngelina
That GamerAngelina 2 dagar sedan
In South Afrika we have X-mis in summer
Mr.RagnaFox 2 dagar sedan
5:25 Mmmm Henry Stickmin reference?
REDX12 AE 2 dagar sedan
i know a place where all the leaves get really pretty and colorful, but they don't die at least i don't think they do
Skylander Kid
Skylander Kid 2 dagar sedan
Its the exact same in florida
Mch_ Holm.-.
Mch_ Holm.-. 2 dagar sedan
Me watching this as a Norwegian be like: Hmph, i guess this is How they do it. ( cause bish we can do skiing, WE ARE BORN FOR SKIING )
Totta Q8
Totta Q8 2 dagar sedan
Me too!! I love!!! Candles my mom told me that I am in love with candles I said YEAH WHERE IS THE CANDLLES And I’m also in the hospital :,D
Thomas Searle
Thomas Searle 2 dagar sedan
I'm Australian and everyone in Australia knows what it's like other then the heat if u Iive in the right spot
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny 2 dagar sedan
Ever since I moved to Australia from france I’ve never been able to experience snow I miss it
Exos gameplan
Exos gameplan 2 dagar sedan
Think about singapore.u dont even need to see a jacket
Rafael Keenan Sims
Rafael Keenan Sims 2 dagar sedan
my season is deadly hot and lovely rain
Rafael Keenan Sims
Rafael Keenan Sims 2 dagar sedan
i mean really i live near the equater
Spenser 2 dagar sedan
0:33 Minnesota can get real fucking hot in the summer also very humid. Continental climate means that we can have -30 in winter (but normally somewhere between -25 and 0 and that's only January and febuary) and sometimes 105 or something in the summer ( but normally it's around 85). I don't know maybe I'm just a wimp about the heat. Yea that's probably it. I hate the heat.
SkyTurtle 2 dagar sedan
I live in Minnesota and snow is GREAT and skiing is my favorite thing to do!
Game show animates And Games
Game show animates And Games 3 dagar sedan
In Texas Gets cold just not snow
silvercrysteal sailor moon maddie
silvercrysteal sailor moon maddie 3 dagar sedan
I been to south Tahoe many times I been to the casinos there
Herobrine 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: we have no seasons, it's just hot, then everything dies. Me in the middle east: tell me all about it
gabe bell
gabe bell 3 dagar sedan
bacon is good
A Gator
A Gator 3 dagar sedan
hi hi
hi hi 3 dagar sedan
Oh my god I've been to the wall before!
odd cash
odd cash 3 dagar sedan
Me in Montana 5,4 barried under 5 ft of snow and my eyes are like help
yeetkidgames357 3 dagar sedan
Your brother went sanic speed
Henos Animations
Henos Animations 3 dagar sedan
I live in Australia so I can complain about my summers
Gun Powder
Gun Powder 3 dagar sedan
Here’s the thing, I can complain about every wether, because because I have had about all except hurricanes and earthquakes, that’s it, I love you but fuck you indiana and you roulette like weather.( btw I live in Indiana)
Giraffes are love Giraffes are life
Giraffes are love Giraffes are life 3 dagar sedan
I walked in on my cousin watching THIS video then I searched for a week for her channel and this is how I needed up finding anime
Sanchu 3 dagar sedan
Downhill skiing is the best thing ever is you are *ABOVE* the skiis. In the case *THEY* are above *YOU*, then it's not
ScoobyDoo459 4 dagar sedan
My aunt has a house in south lake tahoe. The 2 seasons are: Hot Cold
Catalina Garcia Gonzalez
Catalina Garcia Gonzalez 4 dagar sedan
My first snowman was called TACO because I’m Mexican:)
SpookyCartoonist 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden 2030: back in my day-
Anthony Baca
Anthony Baca 4 dagar sedan
i live in new Mexico and I've been in the minas and i can shos and socs and feel nothing
Coma Loma
Coma Loma 4 dagar sedan
Cold good, hot bad
mustafa nazar
mustafa nazar 4 dagar sedan
2:50 they got us in the first half not gonna lie
Cohen Andrus
Cohen Andrus 4 dagar sedan
If you french fry when you're supposed to pizza, you're gonna have a bad time.
Reem Talal
Reem Talal 4 dagar sedan
Cow Man
Cow Man 4 dagar sedan
Its October
that guy
that guy 4 dagar sedan
Random fact: blood orange tastes weird
Ruben Schaudt
Ruben Schaudt 4 dagar sedan
did you know there is a mortal kombat candel that smells like blood and flesh 😀
Naygoats 4 dagar sedan
3:29 oh god please flip them I’ll die
Coder Boy
Coder Boy 4 dagar sedan
Utah just says fuk u hot summers then cold winters like 107 to 5 Fahrenheit What the fuk utah
Enyel D
Enyel D 4 dagar sedan
Barbara Kwiatkowski
Barbara Kwiatkowski 4 dagar sedan
I know to stop saying things about the heat at Arizona in the winter tho I bet in snow sometimes tho GO TO TEXAS IT NEVER SNOWS 8N WINTER HERE
unreeaal XD
unreeaal XD 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden: if you can complain about heat you cant complain about cold or vice versa. Me who lives in new england with temperatures from like 97 to 6
Random 007
Random 007 4 dagar sedan
australia just as hot
Ian Flood
Ian Flood 5 dagar sedan
Ahh, Winter, my favorite time of ye-MAN TOWN
TotalyNotConnor 5 dagar sedan
Omg when you said “the wall” I knew the ski resort you went to!
Thomas Simmonds
Thomas Simmonds 5 dagar sedan
Me as a Canadian: it’s pretty cold but pretty hot
The Crazed Valkyrie
The Crazed Valkyrie 5 dagar sedan
0:50 Come to California! XD
The Crazed Valkyrie
The Crazed Valkyrie 5 dagar sedan
I almost crashed into a tree while skiing and became paranoid about skiing lol. It was an intermediate trail.
Cloud Villager
Cloud Villager 5 dagar sedan
I Can complain about winter and summer because I'm in Nebraska
GarAct 5 dagar sedan
Omnipresent :v
Omnipresent :v 5 dagar sedan
"You all know what time of the years is!" "Cold" **Cries in never have seen the snow**
Katherine Robinson
Katherine Robinson 5 dagar sedan
I've done a double black diamond EX before. (on purpose.) they're even harder than double black diamonds. I ski in telluride. like this comment, if u ski in telluride. 😁❤️😊. live the vid!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
i dont know
i dont know 5 dagar sedan
I still get to complain about Illinois even though it’s in the north winter can be really cold moderate cold and can even be about 60 degrees pretty good for winter but summer gets like 94 degrees
Michael Lee
Michael Lee 5 dagar sedan
Me too I never saw snow because I live in Singapore
Elizabeth Pillsworth
Elizabeth Pillsworth 5 dagar sedan
Nobody: Jaden: I hecken love candles!
matchedeer2676 5 dagar sedan
My dad has a Mariana sented candle on his desc
Roxanne_Louise 5 dagar sedan
Even though this video was posted almost four years ago, it's always nice to hear people on the internet mention the place I am from. I'm from Tahoe, North Lake, to be specific but still
ItsCindix 5 dagar sedan
huh weird in austria the skiing lables are blue = easy. yellow = intermediate. red = hard. black = harder than hard. Yeah i did all of those within a week of just starting skiing.
*Happy* Silky Army
*Happy* Silky Army 5 dagar sedan
I live in tahoe, and go the kirkwood ALL the time during winter and whent I went on the wall when I was 6 and it was icy and windy and I was like "why father, wtf"
Phin 42
Phin 42 5 dagar sedan
I mean, I did a double diamond at 10, but I live 30 minutes away from 4 ski resorts, so...
Colton Frazer
Colton Frazer 5 dagar sedan
I love squaw valley, the wall is definitely a scary trail haha
TheSuperblade7 5 dagar sedan
Due to make a wish we got to go to Atlantis in the Bahamas. I detest heights, but to give into peer pressure for like the only time in my life, i went on this water slide that I thought was just a normal slide. It wasn’t. I inch up to the drop and notice I can’t see any more slide. IT WAS ALMOST A 90 DEGREE ANGLE with a small slope on the bottom so your spine doesn’t eject from your skull. There were so many people behind me I just went and my god was it horrible. I was free falling as I somehow came off the slide by a few inches, and THEN I made contact with the slope and slid into water and nearly hit my head on the bottom(i was a tad frazzled, ya know?). I was shaking for almost an hour after this and have not been on a water slide that isn’t an innertube slide since
epic videos
epic videos 5 dagar sedan
At least you guys get to put on a jacket in South Florida where I’m from we can never put on a jacket because it’s warm all year long OK Ligament
Colleen Kasson
Colleen Kasson 5 dagar sedan
I live in Wisconsin and youst to live in Texas for 6 years so I get to complain about both summer and Winter
Yanis Terbouche
Yanis Terbouche 5 dagar sedan
I live in Canada
Dobby's Girl
Dobby's Girl 5 dagar sedan
Thanks to Jaiden, on Christmas I am a Candle obsessed monster :-)
Dana Korba
Dana Korba 6 dagar sedan
I live in Canada I’m use to the cold
home study
home study 6 dagar sedan
I started skiing when I was five and my brother fell a sleep when he was skiing
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