Why I Don't Have a "Face Reveal"

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Jaiden Animations

Jaiden Animations

3 år sedan

so please stop asking
(some flashing colors warning)

* I am doing better. Some rough patches and back tracking here and there but hey difficult things aren't a straight up walk in the park to overcome right? Takes time and patience. If you're having a really hard time (maybe my story is similar to yours, maybe you have even more things to fight..) I really hope to hear you're working on breaking through it. If you're wanting me to fight, I'm wanting you to fight back just the same. Thanks, dude.

Charlotte Raynes
Charlotte Raynes 26 minuter sedan
I stayed til the end and also, your face is beautiful Jaiden! Don’t let anyone make you think differently
Gaia Peddy
Gaia Peddy 26 minuter sedan
wow I am going to cry. I had no idea that you were going through this.
-- 30 minuter sedan
A lot of your content is entertaining, meaningful and has a depth the wide spectrum of content creators lack. You cover some rough and introspective topics. Your good sense of humor helps. But videos like this really make a difference for some people. Too many people shy away from making meaningful statements like this. Its refreshing, motivating and self empowering to hear a story of confronting something like this yourself. It makes people think. It helps people take a look at where they stand with themselves and with life. Content like this gives others a chance at their own power for positive change. It takes a terrifying amount of courage to put a story about ones self like that out there. With so many people able to view it. To learn from it and grow because of it. Sharing something so difficult and embarrassing to try and save others from making the same mistakes like that is courageous. Indescribable respect for that. Wish I could upvote more then once.
SEB1991SEB 38 minuter sedan
Although people do mean well when they try to convince someone with body image problems that they're pretty, I think it's just futile doing that. You might as well try to convince that person that you have super powers, they're not going to believe you. But the reason they won't believe you isn't because the idea that they're pretty is ridiculous, it's because they have a severe mental illness. The same way that you can't convince a paranoid schizophrenic that people aren't spying on them. I think the best way to help them is just to try to get them to seek help so that they can learn to overcome their mental illness, and be there for them.
Charlotte Raynes
Charlotte Raynes 41 minut sedan
*ships infinity hugs through Jaiden’s mail box she opens it and they burst out at her*
Elizabeth Garcia
Elizabeth Garcia 58 minuter sedan
Stanley Smith
Stanley Smith Timme sedan
Remember in James' q and a, he texted Jaiden and asked to do a face revival? Okay all jokes aside, Jaiden you are amazing, and we support you in everything. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😙
Always Ava
Always Ava Timme sedan
I am sorry for your
Samimations Stop Motion
Samimations Stop Motion Timme sedan
This video changed my entire view on Jaiden... In a fantastic way. It shows she is strong because she got from such a terrible place to where she is today, a hard working and light-hearted good person. I love these videos more than any other channel and I'm glad I came across this one because I got to see this terrible state of life turn to a seemingly great one today. Keep up this amazing work and entertain us like you already do until the end of time.
Mariamne Viola
Mariamne Viola Timme sedan
We all love you, Jaiden, never give up, you're the best!!! Never give up!!
Gaming with Luna
Gaming with Luna Timme sedan
All the dislikes are people who are jealous of beauty
moonlight stories
moonlight stories Timme sedan
You are beautiful and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise
TurtlePride one of them
TurtlePride one of them Timme sedan
i know it's been a while but i still watch this video when i spiral pretty badly. i never want to experience this but many days just feel like the question is more of a when rather than an if. I just.. i know a lot of people, me included, needed this. thank you.
Kameron Burnett
Kameron Burnett 2 timmar sedan
Jellie Team Leader
Jellie Team Leader 2 timmar sedan
I was crying inside and started physically crying I can relate to this entire video
Sadicl Games
Sadicl Games 2 timmar sedan
I’m also shy I can’t really participate because I think I am going to fail. I’m really sad you had to go through these things in life. Many people out there have to go through the same thing so if you think your the only one your wrong we all are together no matter what. I’m sorry if this is a late letter this just pooped up in my recommendation for some reason. People this is for everyone try not to be afraid when I was in second grade ooh it was tough but I passed the only reason it was tuff was because I had to participate in everything and I mean EVERYTHING. So even if times are tough you have to try to find a way out to be in peace and I’m still shy to this day So Jaiden i know how to fells to be shy I’ve been shy for years I never knew how to get rid of it so then I met a person in school and he tryed to help me get rid of my shyness but it did not work but he helped me so I’m his friend to this day. Ps. I have nothing else to write about.
Kinemasternoob1234 Mohr
Kinemasternoob1234 Mohr 2 timmar sedan
No matter what you look like I still love your channel
Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride 2 timmar sedan
Jaiden's face is cute but pretty and its pretty unique. she looks like a young adult-ish and she needs to know that she is beautiful♥️
David’s Bass Booster
David’s Bass Booster 2 timmar sedan
Jaiden, you look AMAZING. And don’t let anyone treat you like you’re ugly. Other people’s opinions on you shouldn’t physically or mentally hurt you. It’s just their opinions, but my opinion is that I love the way you are and you’re beautiful, keep living your career.
cats are the way to go
cats are the way to go 2 timmar sedan
Oops I ment your pretty
cats are the way to go
cats are the way to go 2 timmar sedan
Your app pretty
Flamer 2 timmar sedan
Dont worry jadan a lot of people are subed because they like your content and who you are dont give up on your dreams jaden and sorry if i spelled your name wrong everyone who reads this dont give up on your dreams
Akun Crab
Akun Crab 2 timmar sedan
Take it from me I was at 380lbs now down to 321lbs because of an eating disorder. I didn't wanna eat at all and people would make fun of me but I learned it wasn't good for me at all and I'm on the road to recovery right now and I promise you it gets better when you break free from that voice.
Jake Medina
Jake Medina 2 timmar sedan
Undead 2 timmar sedan
This Video is just.. stunning. Can't say much other than that. It's just amazing.
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee 3 timmar sedan
I just realized that on the thumbnail it says you saved me thank you..........dang
The Silver Heart Project
The Silver Heart Project 3 timmar sedan
Oh gosh I remember watching this for the first time I didnt really understand but watching it now I realize I was going through almost the same thing and gosh you described it so accurately. It hurts, but your so so strong. I appreciate this video and honestly this is a part of my recovery. Idk I keep the info from this video in my mind 24/7, it really helped me realize what I was doing to myself.
Jamie Boy Carpenter
Jamie Boy Carpenter 3 timmar sedan
Jaiden we like you for who you are not how you look
シDaisy 3 timmar sedan
Amber Dawson
Amber Dawson 3 timmar sedan
Even if Ur ugly to me every body is butiful and can u do one of these but longer and say every thing that's bothered u or bothering you because I can listen to theses all day u don't have to ♥️ but I'll be by Ur side because everyone is butiful and Ur funny nice amzing I'm not liaing here Ur interesting because all Ur video are mis leading and like it's kinda cool how it's like this voice make it more interesting and never give up ♥️🥀 That's long
Mo No
Mo No 3 timmar sedan
So why are people rewatching this all in March?
Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine
Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine 4 timmar sedan
We’re here for you Jaiden!
homersimpson 491
homersimpson 491 4 timmar sedan
the only I can say is you don't deserve that pain your a great person
Ella Chamberlain
Ella Chamberlain 4 timmar sedan
i know its late but jaden your not alone i struggel with an eating disore too and i feel you
kara mock
kara mock 4 timmar sedan
These likes are how many people to think you are an amazing incredible person who inspires a lot of people
jdaks 4 timmar sedan
People talking about the dislikes but, they are bots and haters, there are haters everywhere. also 1.4M likes is a lot of good likes.
Darkllama 4 timmar sedan
I like your vid i feel bad for you snd you look nice :D
Alexis Carrillo
Alexis Carrillo 4 timmar sedan
First of all, I like your bangs. If I'm being honest, I petted the screen because they look so soft and voluminous. That raw emotion in your voice and animations left me in awe. Partially in you, but also that my cold undead heart can still feel that sometimes. Gives me hope. I was having an off week (nothing serious, but meh), but your smile feels so warm and wholesome that it completely overshadowed those other feelings. It may be because of how you were willing to share the context of how you were feeling in the past, so it made that incredible thumbs up (glad you still have your thumb after getting your thumb stuck in the car) all the more worthwhile. If that face is still a mask, then I feel a bit guilty for enjoying it so much. But it also makes the wait for the real ones more fun to look forward to. I really feel what you said about helping others over yourself. An example for my life is if I have a crush on someone, I put way more effort for them to end up with their crush than I would with myself. Thinking that I want to prioritize their happiness first and foremost. I'll go above and beyond passing notes, carrying out messages, finding out what they each like, what are some similar activities they'd enjoy . But if it's with me, I suppose I let it happen organically rather than put effort into it, because it might scare them away. Then if we actually end up together, if I do too much, I'm afraid of scaring them away. But if I do "too little" or "not enough", I feel like I'm letting someone down. With Homework, I remember working hard on an assignment, and then turning in a less polished paper, because I was worried that if my best wasn't good enough, it would just waste their time more than a less elaborate piece of easily discarded parchment. Didn't happen as much, but I suppose they get paid either way so it wouldn't be as big of a deal. I ended up just taking pride in my masks. And I'd like to think I'm honest about it in telling people I'm an honest liar. I'll lie if I feel the need, but if someone asks again or wants to clarify the point, then I have to be honest about whether I was lying or not. It makes it easier for people that don't really care to just move on, and people that genuinely want to know to get an honest answer. There were some of the notable people I was closest to in my life that said they wanted complete honesty and didn't want me to have to hide my emotions. So when people that close decide they preferred the "convenient" side, it makes you think. An entire friendship of positive memories are easily destroyed by a few honest ones. So if those people couldn't handle it, it would start a mental chain reaction. Especially because I always tell them that if they ever had enough, I'm ok with it, so long as they let me know what it was so I can at least learn from it to develop as a person. They'd agree, and never do the one thing I asked them to promise to do. As if my excessive effort to keep my promises doesn't translate to others doing the same. Overall, I am very happy with my life, and I do my best to learn from those experiences. But just thought I should share some of what I was thinking, since you were incredible in sharing your raw emotion like that. In a friendship, it always makes me feel honored to have someone feel like they can talk to me like that. It gives me a thumbs up that mabye I'm doing something right.
hey hey
hey hey 4 timmar sedan
Dear viewer, If you dislike this you're a monster
Poop Loopy
Poop Loopy 5 timmar sedan
YOUR SO PTEETTY I JUST WANNA CRY YOUR PRETTYER THAN ME 😭😭 other wise I am proud! Good luck bootiful
Poop Loopy
Poop Loopy 5 timmar sedan
That pic is so pretty ..
Just Justin
Just Justin 5 timmar sedan
This video made me cry, I've seen sooo many of your videos, but this pulled at my heart! You seem like an amazing person and I was tempted to stop the video and not finish...but im glad I didnt! Always keep that smile, always press on because you'll never know who you might touch or who needs to see a smile...cuz that smile could change someone's whole day around...thank you
634_fb 5 timmar sedan
why is people commenting this like it was 2 hours ago? i mean i get that you wanna help but this was 3 yrs ago
Tebecy - Brad
Tebecy - Brad 5 timmar sedan
You have a beautiful face and a beautiful soul Jaiden!
RBM 1 6 timmar sedan
Eatan 6 timmar sedan
I understand this so much
Lennox Skog
Lennox Skog 6 timmar sedan
When you are hurt you need your men/women most
luimed555 6 timmar sedan
I almost got depressed after watching this.
luimed555 6 timmar sedan
You go girl.
Voldigo YT
Voldigo YT 6 timmar sedan
People who disliked this video accidentally pressed dislike instead of like because they couldn't see through their tears
Duke Overbach
Duke Overbach 7 timmar sedan
thank you. :] :) :D
Duke Overbach
Duke Overbach 7 timmar sedan
Jaiden, I know that you are a awesome person, and I want to support that, so please keep making videos and don't stop being yourself.
Moreau Romain
Moreau Romain 7 timmar sedan
Wow i'm glad you shared it, and i hope it help you release all this bad thoughts. I don't know what to say but i'm so happy that you're still here and can continue to provide us awesome art content. You are doing great by the way. Don't let your mind or peoples tell you otherwise.
4nrid Skills
4nrid Skills 7 timmar sedan
If you want to be skinny don’t try to be skinny look at your perfect body Your body is better then anything it helps you live and helps you feel warmth Everything that god made is here to help you, your own fat is your own life so Don’t try to be skinny don’t try to starve yourself don’t try to get rid of Your own fat be happy you have it so take care of yourself take care of Your body your “own” body take care of yourself please understand this I hope you have a good day.....
Mia Langson
Mia Langson 7 timmar sedan
It's ok I'm pretty sure we all stayed till the end Jayden it gets better 😁 trust me
Shpozmai Khan
Shpozmai Khan 7 timmar sedan
Jaiden: **makes a video why she doesn’t have a face reveal** Also Jaiden: **face reveal at the end**
Foxtail_playz 8 timmar sedan
I’m gonna be honest, I have faced this to, and I was hurting myself, nobody deserves this at all... one thing that helps is to tell someone... it helps a lot
Christian Youngman
Christian Youngman 8 timmar sedan
Yo i feeel this soooo much like jesus
Mbmjk S
Mbmjk S 8 timmar sedan
I looked up maybe you wont be such a disappointment when you dead in dragon ball and this poped up
cometflamer 8 timmar sedan
Why does this video have more dislikes than most of her videos? What is wrong with people?
Coobysnax 9 timmar sedan
Self deprecation sucks
artbytylerkim 9 timmar sedan
For those who want the ACTUAL FACE REVEAL, skip to 13:25
Jetpackpanther 9 timmar sedan
u look nice why were u scared to show us
Brinley Tingey
Brinley Tingey 9 timmar sedan
Im so broken right now and I saw thid video and it really helps me. I keep going why? Oh right for my family and friends. If you cant help your self then help others, then mabye you will be able to help yourself. Wow.
Patrick Fernandez
Patrick Fernandez 10 timmar sedan
I feelyou pain I had something like that to
Andriya Pearline
Andriya Pearline 10 timmar sedan
Jayden I don’t know if you’re OK with thisBut I put you on my top favorite SVfrom or list the list includes three people you James and Adam
Neyssy Peluffo
Neyssy Peluffo 10 timmar sedan
I have felt that way too but what I only feel is that I am a hindrance and that my bad thoughts are stronger than the good ones, I have come to seriously consider my existence in this world because I am not good enough for the only thing that gives me I miss fighting is my niece she is the only person who when she looks at me her eyes light up and that I simply have to fight for her
Andriya Pearline
Andriya Pearline 10 timmar sedan
And I also want a bird like Ari
Ultraball slayer
Ultraball slayer 10 timmar sedan
Andriya Pearline
Andriya Pearline 10 timmar sedan
I also made I love the 100% sure that you made in one of your videos and if you want to be 100% sure it’s free you should go meet people not the best way I mean like Adam was also one of my favorite animators beaches here so why can’t you sure you want that experience to Jasper down in Concord is fearful of heights
Andriya Pearline
Andriya Pearline 10 timmar sedan
And I also like your videos a lot so keep making more of them
Andriya Pearline
Andriya Pearline 10 timmar sedan
Jaden don’t worry everybody likes you and your videos and what ever you do that’s why we even watch the videos in the first placeYou are one of my first Place animators so congratulations I guessIt’s OK to be shy when I get shy don’t worry I’m pretty sure everything was done on very good for you
Ivayla Tsankova
Ivayla Tsankova 11 timmar sedan
You are so strong!! We are proud of you and...you are really beautiful...everyone is on their own way
meme man
meme man 11 timmar sedan
Omg you are beautiful Maybe I didnt understand anything bc am 12 But I know you are the person that make me smile and laugh when am sad and in the hard times you are amazingly supportive and I cant thank u enough for how much I I be happy and i love u not like things but like a friend if I met u ever I would like to be your friend and your sad I well try to mke smile like you are a good and I am happy that are in this world. Lov ya ❤❤❤
Red da imposter '
Red da imposter ' 12 timmar sedan
Awe, I'm sorry I bet your a really good person, and you probably do deserve alot of compliments, and I'm sorry you felt like that :
Chad Bretzlaff
Chad Bretzlaff 12 timmar sedan
Not me
Chad Bretzlaff
Chad Bretzlaff 12 timmar sedan
Chad Bretzlaff
Chad Bretzlaff 12 timmar sedan
Btw I so cute sady I'm ugy
Elizabeth Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell 13 timmar sedan
Why do I relate to you so much
Chad Bretzlaff
Chad Bretzlaff 13 timmar sedan
I can hear her about to cry in the vid moo jayden this int u
Chad Bretzlaff
Chad Bretzlaff 13 timmar sedan
Umm jayden I'm doing this to I'm not eating to I'm hungery but I'm not eating idk way but I am
Ristar the shooting star
Ristar the shooting star 13 timmar sedan
13:27 take a picture :D
Chad Bretzlaff
Chad Bretzlaff 13 timmar sedan
Jayden umm I don't know what to say
Huda Fazil
Huda Fazil 13 timmar sedan
Your so pretty Don't worry, your beautiful the way you are! And if anyone judges you by the looks, just ignore them, I know it's hard, but you have to fight it :)
Hasan Mudassir
Hasan Mudassir 13 timmar sedan
Damn I'm crying
Blue Lemon
Blue Lemon 13 timmar sedan
I love you❤💫
Tara Griffith
Tara Griffith 13 timmar sedan
Jaiden your an awesome person and you should be proud of you you are so good on youtube
Charlie Leeland
Charlie Leeland 14 timmar sedan
We expected: a nice girl What we got: A GODDESS♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎
agt isb
agt isb 14 timmar sedan
Dex the zombie
Dex the zombie 14 timmar sedan
Hey.. Um so.. I'm starting to become bulimic... I know I shouldn't but... Well there is no but... Can you... Can anyone... Help me??
Bad Vibes damn
Bad Vibes damn 15 timmar sedan
okay but where the face revival
tannu dhingra
tannu dhingra 13 timmar sedan
Felix manuel
Felix manuel 15 timmar sedan
•KøøkīįÅçH• 15 timmar sedan
You are beautiful the way you are, And what I am saying is the truth. I am not saying this because I pity you or I don't want to be rude, but you truly don't need to change your look C=
Tristan Philip Alvarez
Tristan Philip Alvarez 15 timmar sedan
Omg i finaly saw her face!!!!
GAURI SINGH 16 timmar sedan
She’s beautiful 😍
Ryan Joseph
Ryan Joseph 16 timmar sedan
Carissa 16 timmar sedan
It's amazing willpower that drives you under it, and I will use this video for inspiration. I think it's one that people can use... But most of all, I hope you're out off that dark place.
Angel Alvarez
Angel Alvarez 16 timmar sedan
Get off the gas jaiden you fine as hell 😍
key amna
key amna 16 timmar sedan
Why do you think we're gonna say bad stuff to you I am a girl and you should be proud of yourself I saw your face reveal and I think it's cute and your beautiful I promise and you can never break promise be proud of yourself girl 😘😘 go muslim
That EXE Guy
That EXE Guy 17 timmar sedan
shes so pretty!!!
m a d d i e
m a d d i e 17 timmar sedan
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