Why I Don't Have a "Face Reveal"

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Jaiden Animations

3 år sedan

so please stop asking
(some flashing colors warning)

* I am doing better. Some rough patches and back tracking here and there but hey difficult things aren't a straight up walk in the park to overcome right? Takes time and patience. If you're having a really hard time (maybe my story is similar to yours, maybe you have even more things to fight..) I really hope to hear you're working on breaking through it. If you're wanting me to fight, I'm wanting you to fight back just the same. Thanks, dude.

dide salahuddin
dide salahuddin 8 minuter sedan
i feel bad for jaiden thankfully she got thru it
CatEyedBoy Timme sedan
That voice isn't just tormenting you, it's tormenting a lot of people, including me, though I just cuss myself out, say that I'm a failure, (basically everything you described in the video) and then just go on with my day after a few minutes, maybe hours of crying. It's just what us people with mental disorders do, it's just become a normal thing for me. I'm not okay, am I?
David Miller
David Miller 3 timmar sedan
Your cool
Nameless 3 timmar sedan
I'm so sorry Jaiden. You always seemed so care free and joyful. I would never be disappointed when I saw you and that is not a lie. You are perfect just as you are. This probably wont help and you probably wont see this comment but I'm posting it anyway so it it out there. You never need to worry about yourself because you dont need to worry about how you look.
Juan F Egocheaga V
Juan F Egocheaga V 4 timmar sedan
Jaiden is beautiful /inglés básico estoy aprendiendo
Gears of gaming 2.0 Hoshizora rider
Gears of gaming 2.0 Hoshizora rider 5 timmar sedan
13:00 I've walked the path you took, and I am not still outbodnit. I realised that you passed by exactly the same I did. And I think too that instead of judging a person you should know it's history.
Lily Sisler
Lily Sisler 5 timmar sedan
you taught the most valuble thing of my life.
Carol Carruthers
Carol Carruthers 5 timmar sedan
I can’t believe that this video has dislikes. I’m disused about that. The people that gave this video a like are Angeles
Carol Carruthers
Carol Carruthers 6 timmar sedan
Don’t worry if you do have any problems that your struggling with just tell people and nobody will be mad or upset. We are all here for you Jaiden. We’ve all been there.
Sophie de Lemos Rieper
Sophie de Lemos Rieper 6 timmar sedan
You are beautiful as you are we would all support you. And you’re cool to g’et through all this. And you are my and many others hero
moth 7 timmar sedan
hi i just wanted to say thank u and that u are so brave and strong for making this
Joshua Barcomb
Joshua Barcomb 7 timmar sedan
you look absolutely beautiful dont put yourself down.
Kelsey Rever
Kelsey Rever 7 timmar sedan
You are so pretty and if you think I am just saying that so you would feel better you are wrong you are naturally pretty
Purple_BMX_Rider 7 timmar sedan
Wait a minute, she's doesn't want to show her face even though she's pretty. Have I flown into an alternate universe
Julie Rodriquez
Julie Rodriquez 8 timmar sedan
I used to have a pet dog named Daisy butt my butt my butt she was hungry and a way to eat her do so that's why she was biting a lot and now I am mad as the week cuz he gave away my puppy
Julie Rodriquez
Julie Rodriquez 8 timmar sedan
Stop being mean purple
Julie Rodriquez
Julie Rodriquez 8 timmar sedan
Because you look fine
Master Alarcon
Master Alarcon 8 timmar sedan
Are you ok right now? I don't think I can do anything for you, but I just want to give you a hug and just listen to your story , wish you the best in your future and don't give up, you are you, and that is great.
TS Slushy
TS Slushy 8 timmar sedan
She looks well good not like how she described her self
Tim Ha
Tim Ha 9 timmar sedan
I thought I was the only one with the "voice" in my head. I was wrong. As I saw other people with the similar voice, I saw them tell their story. Then I realized that I couldn't just hold it in and try to fix it myself. I talked to some close people like my mother and friend and I thought I was making progress! But that isn't all. "My voice" was trying to lead me on the right path. It saw the Downwards spiral I was creating and desperately tried to fix it. But I was stubborn. Even though I saw it too it didn't stick. After simple and calm reasoning didn't work, it tried harsh, cruel words. I then told myself maturity should fix that (I'm only ten) and so I'm waiting. The voice called anxiety is still trying to keep me from falling. ...thank you, jaiden, for helping climb a rung higher on mz confidence.
Tim Ha
Tim Ha 9 timmar sedan
I'm deciding whether to delete this or not
Afroninja4997 10 timmar sedan
It's not a problem. I'm the same along with millions of others.
-*{Wolfie Kawaii}-*
-*{Wolfie Kawaii}-* 11 timmar sedan
Awe Jaiden,it’s ok I’m still going through it and maybe this helped me a bit,but basically I have been walking a lot,I remember when I started when I was in pain and could’nt walk anymore, but I just kept going,thinking “Hey if I work hard maybe I could be a bit better” or “it’ll be over soon”.nope.It ended half an hour later.I feel like I look ugly and that I’m annoying and weird,thank you for making this,I feel very much better. -Sandy^^
The awesome Rainbow cow
The awesome Rainbow cow 12 timmar sedan
I sort of feel this i have anorexia and this video helped me reach out thank you
Emily Softy
Emily Softy 15 timmar sedan
you look so butiful and amazing dont let you contionsce get to you
Naveed Hashmi
Naveed Hashmi 19 timmar sedan
Why are the comments soo long it probably took longer to type the comment then making the video
foxtey 19 timmar sedan
Why is this video depressing, but wholesome at the the same time. Bless you all🙂
EliteAir72 19 timmar sedan
I always feel the same But you have to get over it and then live life how you want
Kim Toons
Kim Toons 21 timme sedan
think its like choclate u like chocolate not because of its looks but because of its taste so its like you like a person of there insides or personality and how there kind so think it like that
Isabella Mccaskill
Isabella Mccaskill 21 timme sedan
You are so beautiful I am so so sorry you had felt this way
xDepressed_Vibes 21 timme sedan
I had the same problems once, and much more happened to me and I'm pretty sure I'm weaker than you are
Tophead -me- but more bruhify
Tophead -me- but more bruhify Dag sedan
"Other than thanking us" You already doing our life better! What could've want?
David Miller
David Miller Dag sedan
Jaiden what people say don’t matter it doesn’t matter to me
BabyMoth :D
BabyMoth :D Dag sedan
12:30 as serious of a video this is, i cant help but giggle at this bit! but you are so amazing and brave jaiden, you have no idea how much you mean to me. i love you
megaccosta Dag sedan
Hey.. Jayden you can tell us your problems we will listen and help. take it from a guy that feels the same
dahlia Dag sedan
thank you, jaiden, for being brave and speaking out about your battle. and thank you for opening my eyes to my own situation before it worsens.
Gfcc Cfffjk
Gfcc Cfffjk Dag sedan
You look like your mom 👍 cool
Rose Bubble Gammer
Rose Bubble Gammer Dag sedan
Your beautiful just the way you are nothing going to change that I felt that was when my dad said there are going to be haters out there that's going to hate about me but he said "no matter what if they see your face you fight and keep going" so I started a SVfrom channel and you are most beautiful like everyone that watched this its in your heart keep going I believe in you 😊
Leon Watson
Leon Watson Dag sedan
And you shouldn't torture yourself because you don't deserve it keep up the good content 😊
Leon Watson
Leon Watson Dag sedan
That's deep bit you didn't dissapoint me in my eyes you will always be. A good youtuber
Emanuel Keller
Emanuel Keller Dag sedan
u beautiful
BA8T Dag sedan
An smile on your face is the one I won’t forget
Jaiden your beautiful.
Ditch Compact 卐
Ditch Compact 卐 Dag sedan
Keep starving yourself. 😂
Dat Hass
Dat Hass Dag sedan
Wait wha-
Us3rn4me1st4ken Dag sedan
Ward Peeters
Ward Peeters Dag sedan
Waw just waw i really want to know more actually i really do
Kevin George
Kevin George Dag sedan
(Comment by jordan) Wha...... W - What Was That Face At The End
Kevin George
Kevin George Dag sedan
(Comment by jordan) F£*) Your Country F&€£ Your Negative Thoughts F£&^ This Video F€_) Your Life Rules F_&* Supporting Why You Can't Do A Face Reavel I Love You And I Need A Face Reavel Is This Fake No Are You Like This? Pls Stop Move To Another Country Then Your Fine
Agastya Pratap
Agastya Pratap Dag sedan
Me watching this after Jaiden showed her face: intresting
Jose Manuel Luizaga Manga
Jose Manuel Luizaga Manga Dag sedan
the other peoples opinions don't matter Jaiden they judge you but that does not matter your pretty the way you are
Brandonamy Ghirardi
Brandonamy Ghirardi Dag sedan
Ok so ive seen your face in another video on another channel. I will NOT mention the video name or creator but you are very beautiful and funny.
Jose Manuel Luizaga Manga
Jose Manuel Luizaga Manga Dag sedan
It's impossible to be ugly because some people think you are ugly and some think not but You need to be proud of yourself the other people opinions don't matter what matters is if you are ok with yourslef
EM B Dag sedan
Jaiden, I know you may think of yourself as insecure and maybe don’t like yourself- but when you look back you’ll regret it. You ARE good. You are special in your own way, and think of this, ‘ After Pain, Always Comes Love’ so be careful with your feelings, they can do terrible things.
MiQu Dag sedan
I might be quite late to this video , yet I have some things to say First of all, I am glad that you managed to share this story, your personal story, I have many friends struggling with the same things as you did and as a "mentally sane" person, it is not always easy to understand their way of perceiving things, yet I try my best to be a good friend for them at any time. And people like you who tell their stories and share their experiences are extremely valuable to such people and also people like me who are learning. The story really moved me and it made my think of my own friends and I sincerely hope for you that you have also friends who support you in either way possible. I comprehend the struggle that comes with showing your face on the internet as you already stated, many people judge by their looks and other things and might not even focus on the amazing content, you make. I wish you all the best for your future.
Ayesha Kamran
Ayesha Kamran Dag sedan
I- I have watched this video so many time each time it makes me cry. Jusr know the life isn't perfect and if ur expectations for the future is very high just know to achieve them it won't be easy. Don't be too hard on yourself... Be ur best friend... Not ur own enemy
Peyton Spall
Peyton Spall Dag sedan
Even though you posted this video 4 years ago it still helps me to this date , because to me its a reminder to not let myself fall down the rabbit hole that is a eating disorder and even when I start to this video has always helped me stop . Thank you jaiden
Ronel Rivera
Ronel Rivera Dag sedan
JC Animates
JC Animates Dag sedan
Me: listening to Jaiden look down on herself. Also me: Staring at her picture from someone's youtube story. She's beautiful. This hurts.
BlueDolphin ZuZu
BlueDolphin ZuZu Dag sedan
Your the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen :)
ğļìçhțřâp àńď vanny
ğļìçhțřâp àńď vanny Dag sedan
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🧜🏼‍♀️ I don't know if you'll see this but the crying faces are me and you are the mermaid you're beautiful I'm crying because you say these all these doubts about yourself and I'm 8 years old and I know what stresses is I understand I'm a SVfromr too and I get hate comments all the time but you know what I do about it I write songs about them just to make myself confident and I'm actually thank the haters because they just make me confident her
Not a Monkey
Not a Monkey Dag sedan
lol ofc ur 8 ur not even a youtuber u just want attention
ğļìçhțřâp àńď vanny
ğļìçhțřâp àńď vanny Dag sedan
Blare.netgacha :3
Blare.netgacha :3 Dag sedan
Jaiden. I’ve been watching your videos for years, but if you ever get into this...so help me god I will give you the biggest hug you had in your entire life. You need to talk about this to your loved ones. The people who care. The people you know who care. Idk why or how this started but please, never think of yourself this way again. Take care.
Itz Actionz
Itz Actionz Dag sedan
You look amazing. Haters gonna hate. But we both know they Lyin
Elle is a good name
Elle is a good name Dag sedan
I have depression. And I feel for you Jaiden.
Carol Chica
Carol Chica Dag sedan
1m likes congrats JAIDEN!!!!
little ghost boy
little ghost boy Dag sedan
Holy shit you are beautiful and you don't deserve all of this
Annabelle plays Roblox
Annabelle plays Roblox Dag sedan
We love you
r63 killer queen
r63 killer queen Dag sedan
Video: s a d the ending:imma just give you a thumbs up B)))))))
Oak Steph
Oak Steph Dag sedan
...16k dislikes... WHAT THE FAWK
Biwwy Gaming
Biwwy Gaming Dag sedan
When I saw the end of the video, I literally cried
Why Dag sedan
There is more support than hate
Felix BERNHARDT Dag sedan
i really agree i did the same. =)
Dushman Dag sedan
I came from Reddit, I actually can't believe Jaiden would lie about this...
Rainbow Films
Rainbow Films Dag sedan
why would she lie? This is why people with E*ti** di**ders don't talk about it. People who don't understand accuse them of lying.
Why Dag sedan
Oh yeah... if it came from reddit then it HAST to be true, right? 😒 I’m using emojis to piss you off because you use reddit.
Laura Hastay
Laura Hastay Dag sedan
i hope you don't ever feel this way again and u r so pretty
Stein Berg
Stein Berg Dag sedan
Why Dag sedan
It’s not funny
L1nky .c0m
L1nky .c0m 2 dagar sedan
I’m not crying you are
GamingKing Playz
GamingKing Playz 2 dagar sedan
im not to happy with Jaiden’s brain
Simone Smith
Simone Smith 2 dagar sedan
I'm literally crying right now! Please VISIT ARIZONA! AND SEE JAIDEN NOW!!!
Simone Smith
Simone Smith 2 dagar sedan
People are so mean and people are so stupid for saying that jaiden is dumb....the world is stupid for this.... anyone who does this.....you have to suicide!!! THE PEOPLE WHO SAY MEAN THINGS TO JAIDEN NEEDS TO GET A KNIFE, SAY MEAN THINGS TO THEMSELVES, AND DIE!!!!!
Peace_racer 2 dagar sedan
Why do I feel bad
Cløudy_Gacha 2 dagar sedan
I’m crying. Jaiden, I went through the same thing. I felt like a letdown to everyone and my self confidence went down at an alarming rate. I still feel like a let down but I fixed my eating disorder. I just wish I had someone to talk to about it, but I felt and feel like I shouldn’t put my problems on everyone else, because then I feel guilty.
Lance Vieth
Lance Vieth 2 dagar sedan
wow this went deep and it happens to me somtimes
Kurtis Bolk
Kurtis Bolk 2 dagar sedan
els van beers
els van beers 2 dagar sedan
Ur beautiful :3
Victor Guevara
Victor Guevara 2 dagar sedan
Ur so pretty
Poizin 2 dagar sedan
*your amazing Jaiden and your not bad your an amazing animator and person and your beautiful*
UhumItsMeTeagan 2 dagar sedan
Da Hylian Able
Da Hylian Able 2 dagar sedan
What everybody expected: *A pretty girl* What we got: *A pretty girl*
ROGUE ff 2 dagar sedan
I don't judge a book by its cover so you don't have to worry about it I like you what you are right now so I love you Khan and if you don't want to go face Review that up to you love u i am from Nepal I guess you hard of it do not down vote yourself have a great day bye bye🥰🥰😊😊
Robert Wood
Robert Wood 2 dagar sedan
trust me i saw jaidens face before
Trishita Mishra
Trishita Mishra 2 dagar sedan
Before 3 years?
Audrey Clark
Audrey Clark 2 dagar sedan
Life is not about Beauty
Audrey Clark
Audrey Clark 2 dagar sedan
Care your self and love your self and please don’t starve your self I love your vids and truly I am not a person who hates to learn about other people...I love learn about people...weirdly and I shame on my fat and I keep on thinking that I should go on a diet but I need to just love myself and workout. But Jaiden ... you .. are... amazing.
Gharib game GG
Gharib game GG 2 dagar sedan
True True True True True Ins and Outs let the air go to your lungs and go out calm down , relax 🙂🤲 pray
Iyad Laphir
Iyad Laphir 2 dagar sedan
Yo jaiden I am going through a phase like this rn, where I constantly obsess over this one problem and everything that’s been going on for the past months have been a blur, for some reason seeing u describe your problem and how you faced them gives me hope that I’ll get through my problem one day. P.s. it’s not an eating disorder
Clayton Ray Huff
Clayton Ray Huff 2 dagar sedan
My profile pic is jaidens real face
B4 - VILLANUEVA, MYKAEL 2 dagar sedan
13:27 Jaiden no matter what, you look great whether animated or real life.
Yash Mhasagar
Yash Mhasagar 2 dagar sedan
Can understand, it's very difficult to find yourself again after you tried to become somethomg else.
Shubh Ishere
Shubh Ishere 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden looks like Jaiden animation
Lucas Gabriel Lagda
Lucas Gabriel Lagda 2 dagar sedan
Community guideline
Jon Garfield
Jon Garfield 2 dagar sedan
I am so sorry you think that way about how you but if it helps I think you pretty cool😊
ᗩᔕɊᑌI丅ᕼ 2 dagar sedan
I'm so sorry for asking. I feel so guilty now :( If there was a better word for sorry i will say it... AND WOW... bruh you are so beautiful, i admire you alot
Shaney 645
Shaney 645 2 dagar sedan
This shows how strong u are
Shaney 645
Shaney 645 2 dagar sedan
I think i barely ate as a younger 3rd or 2nd grader because i dont remeber eating anything and now i eat like normal and im a fat peice of shit
Stephanie Niezurawski
Stephanie Niezurawski 2 dagar sedan
Hopefully you don’t see me like does people like “your so pretty” like the people who lie no, I am not. I’m a big fan of animations and, people just talking on here life and yeah. But this one this the SADDEST one i’ve ever heard. Especially the hives one.. I had a UTI witch went on for days I did not like the feeling of that..out of all of my years watching yt, this is the most heart breaking story ever. Just wanna say that Jaiden, YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT!! Your work is better than eating McDonald’s for the rest of my life. Imagine, just having to write all of this, voice it and etc, that is some HARD WORK. I just saying Jayden, I love you. (In friend way)
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