What it's Been Like to be on YouTube

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Jaiden Animations

3 år sedan

cheers & a toast :7

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D *dink* i just did a toast to you reading the description.

Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations 3 år sedan
i didn't realize i made it a bit confusing in the video but i'm only going to be tweeting about the toast.. lol. there isn't gonna be an actual livestream :V i just mentioned the 1 mill livestream because timezones were something people kept bringing up. but yee. thanks for 2 mill though :)))) appreciate ya!
Crazy wolf lady
Crazy wolf lady 7 dagar sedan
@chaebugi .
Laney Bond
Laney Bond 2 månader sedan
\(^o^)/ yay!!! Congrats on 2 mil! You have 8 mil now!!!!
Yigyeom Moon
Yigyeom Moon 2 månader sedan
*Tom Universe*
*Tom Universe* 3 månader sedan
Jaiden Animations, she does the best creations, no wonder she’s so smart, she is the best at art.
Russel Lazarus
Russel Lazarus 3 månader sedan
I'm Bob the builder
Meshi Taglicht
Meshi Taglicht 12 timmar sedan
you right what is realy importent is to be smone when wont to be realy with bicus they like hes a person not becuse you fumus
Harvest a guy
Harvest a guy 15 timmar sedan
Lmao i'm just rewatching jaiden video (4th time) and hearing the word 3 times in 2 video. And i only watch 2 videos "PG" good job jaiden
Sam Nelson
Sam Nelson 17 timmar sedan
me who was born on july 23: : )
Robo Boy
Robo Boy 19 timmar sedan
No you have 8.86 subscribers
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 22 timmar sedan
Almost 10M subs congrats
Fan Girl
Fan Girl Dag sedan
Guys don’t you realize 1720 there was a virus 1820 there was a virus 1920 there was a virus 2020 another virus Be careful from years that has 20’s
Madison Gross
Madison Gross Dag sedan
2 mill? More like 8 almost 9 mill gj girly love your vids
Kenneth Plays
Kenneth Plays Dag sedan
Olivez Online
Olivez Online Dag sedan
I learned animation from my brother of firealpaca
Lemonade club
Lemonade club Dag sedan
Google is the answer to everything
Abdul Basit
Abdul Basit Dag sedan
2:42 Hey, Bhuvan made it to Jaiden's video
vvv jbeast918 vvv
vvv jbeast918 vvv Dag sedan
You know she’s not in it for the money because it’s one second away from 10 minutes
YaBoi 5 timmar sedan
Omg 🤣
Brianna Tang
Brianna Tang Dag sedan
3:45 oh god, i can relate. when my friend and I first started our youtube channel there's this dude commenting on ALL OF OUR NEW VIDEOS going like "oh frick these videos are so bad I've seen better SVfromrs than you bish". but honestly, no matter what hate comments you get.... i think everyone should keep on going and you might actually succeed! like jaiden lol
Mr. qwerty123
Mr. qwerty123 Dag sedan
It's me, the lord from 2020.
Milla- Mation
Milla- Mation 2 dagar sedan
“And your GAY!” Me: what’s wrong with that? Why is everyone laughing? **more innocence**
Dylan Bess
Dylan Bess 2 dagar sedan
guess imma search how to animate
Dylan Bess
Dylan Bess 2 dagar sedan
been through same situation i dont know nothing about animating and some random anxiety just hit me and now i want to youtube
Josie E
Josie E 2 dagar sedan
Soooo now that it’s 2020 this means she’s been doing SVfrom for 6 YEARS. Damn why’s that so weird to me?? 😳
DOMINIC LEE 2029 WCSC 4 2 dagar sedan
im not one of those peaple
Adrian Perez Mendez
Adrian Perez Mendez 2 dagar sedan
Imagine being a girl saying that you make videos on the internet. That would be weird.
Namrita Bhooi
Namrita Bhooi 2 dagar sedan
2020 anyone. ??^_^
Namrita Bhooi
Namrita Bhooi 2 dagar sedan
To people how hate jaiden if you try to understand her you may like so try to understand her thanks 😊
NefaroxisPL 2 dagar sedan
Crazygames 79
Crazygames 79 2 dagar sedan
"And here I am 3 years later with 2 million subscribers" Also her 3 more years later: *almost 9 million subscribers*
Random Person
Random Person 2 dagar sedan
It has been 6 years WOW Congrats for 8.85 million subscribers!
Omer Hadass
Omer Hadass 2 dagar sedan
You have 1 milion subs more the my countrys populition
Purple fish And chase
Purple fish And chase 2 dagar sedan
That’s why we gacha tubers hide our face and Voices behind the video -u-
Wkjlwkp252 2 dagar sedan
5:43 When she said that i freaked out because I had a butt-shaped salt & vinegar chip in my hand
plwaterhouse 3 dagar sedan
Jaden does it have balls!
Tilly Freeman
Tilly Freeman 3 dagar sedan
Your so crazy and funny
Cheddar Berry
Cheddar Berry 3 dagar sedan
I know how it feels to pretty much be used by people. I treat other's the way I'd treat any other person my brothers friend who has a channel has at least 10,000 o didn't care and treated him like a normal person I am happy he made such a big achievement but at the end of the day it's not crazy and no one should use you just because your popularity they should be a real friend and treat you like a real person and not a god or something. At the end of day I'm trying to say don't use others just because of how popular they are real humans who take impact from this and causes bad things like self harm possibly or not communicating many not okay things. But just treat her normal lime you'd treat any human being.
Juliette Crispell
Juliette Crispell 3 dagar sedan
4:44 except that youre the only one who has hair...and eyes lol
Juliette Crispell
Juliette Crispell 3 dagar sedan
3:29 "like wimps" haha love that (those were my exact words when i watched that lol)
Sky's The Limit
Sky's The Limit 3 dagar sedan
3:50 tho xD
Treble Games
Treble Games 3 dagar sedan
I mean the friendship thing is understandable no matter what you do or at least I have trouble with it I have ADHD so that makes me kind of strange but that’s OK I like it. I mean if you were my friend I would Probably tell others you could animate because I think that’s a really cool skill but I don’t think that being a friend purely because of popularity would be any type of relationship I would want to consider
Jibraan Khan
Jibraan Khan 3 dagar sedan
ur close to ten mil now
Linda Combs
Linda Combs 3 dagar sedan
0:20 lol i just taught myself how to animate when i was 7 and i stilll do
ii_AestheticMelk_ii 3 dagar sedan
6:14 this is probably why she never shows her face. So people don’t know who she is which probably makes it easier to make friends
Disney Fan
Disney Fan 3 dagar sedan
M. S.
M. S. 3 dagar sedan
i like salami
Gn-sniper 02
Gn-sniper 02 3 dagar sedan
If I’m friends with someone one I think of them as an average person not in a spotlight
CrusaderZim 3 dagar sedan
I just watched all of your Platinum nuzlocke on that other channel and didn't realize until almost the last video it wasn't actually you, so now I'm watching a bunch of your actual videos and liking and commenting a bunch. SORRY JAIDEN!
Abigail Borik
Abigail Borik 3 dagar sedan
8... 8 million subscribers almost to 9 million Amazing job I'm proud of you and I hope you have a great day 😀 ( please notice me Jaden
Abigail Borik
Abigail Borik 3 dagar sedan
Oops I meant Jaiden
Jack Perry
Jack Perry 3 dagar sedan
LOL the second you said don’t watch my first video I watched it get wrecked
Bearded dragon Whisperer
Bearded dragon Whisperer 3 dagar sedan
I have a SVfrom channel but a lot of the subs or my family only two are my friends. So can every body that saw this commit, sub on my SVfrom channel bearded dragon whisperer and this icon on this text please?
Maria Heart
Maria Heart 3 dagar sedan
“We have a really great community with 2m subscribers!” Now “8.85 mil BRO”
Mrfiver 4 dagar sedan
Hold on in you animations you the only one that have hair and no one else I’m sure you stand out
Landon Bishop
Landon Bishop 4 dagar sedan
What do you use to animate?!?!
M A C A R O O N_gacha
M A C A R O O N_gacha 4 dagar sedan
Jayden: it’s unhealthy to think of someone as more than an average person. Me: 😱what about god? :3
Tomatus 4 dagar sedan
While is incredible and very admirable the fact that you got so far in this red thing called SVfrom, I do think you're great because I think you're funny, and actually interesting, so yeah, comment done
Random Gaming
Random Gaming 4 dagar sedan
Your not average your the only person with a face
Tomislav Posavatz
Tomislav Posavatz 4 dagar sedan
i'm only 7 and I like your videos LOL
Karina Domigez
Karina Domigez 4 dagar sedan
The only way I see you different is you wanna make me draw but I'm not sure if i should because I'm scared cause I have stage fright and I'm like ten
Elizabeth Serna
Elizabeth Serna 4 dagar sedan
Lets make jaiden to 10 mil so she has a diamond
Elizabeth Serna
Elizabeth Serna 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden is now 8 mil
Oliver Kickl
Oliver Kickl 4 dagar sedan
2 million? PFFFFFFFFFFFFFF you mean 8.84 million
I_breathe_air 215
I_breathe_air 215 4 dagar sedan
2-3 weeks in the same clothes! People in quarantine: pathetic
Boonanas 5 dagar sedan
Jaiden you should start putting more color to you characters
Fabian Delgado
Fabian Delgado 5 dagar sedan
Luv uu
Khaled Faraj
Khaled Faraj 5 dagar sedan
2016:A million subs 2017:2million 2018:idk 2019:5 mil 2020:8.834mil 2056:400mil 2300:Dead Edit 2300:Her great grand daughter with her channel 1Bil 3000:Her great great great great great grand daughter with her channel 10bil 5523:Her great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great Grand daughter with 1Qudrallion subs with her channel and James with 1.2Qudrallion his great 10times great his grand son/daughter
Jonsteve156 5 dagar sedan
I have a youtube channel and i upload almost never heh
sammy the strawberry
sammy the strawberry 5 dagar sedan
ur gay
Simply bug
Simply bug 5 dagar sedan
This video was posted on my birthday lol
Nikos Kontraros
Nikos Kontraros 5 dagar sedan
Pffft no you're not a god. You're a goddess!
Nikos Kontraros
Nikos Kontraros 4 dagar sedan
oops XD
Mctcgm ?
Mctcgm ? 4 dagar sedan
Dalton Cady
Dalton Cady 5 dagar sedan
I live halfway across the country and would love to absolutely be your friend like any other normal person! I feel the same way about being friends for benefit. Having a background in music I hear a lot of people I played with and met at open mics on the radio and getting signed and while I think it’s cool they are successful, I don’t like to brag about knowing or meeting people because it opens a can of worms with privacy and it gets awkward. Like I’m not going to stop what I’m doing to bother these people. It’s rude and looks bad on me.😂
Rami's WORLD
Rami's WORLD 5 dagar sedan
JC Beatz
JC Beatz 5 dagar sedan
Just googled mountain time and I'm Actually 3 years and 5 hours later 😂
EVD Normality
EVD Normality 5 dagar sedan
Im on SVfrom
Natasha Lee Gurn
Natasha Lee Gurn 5 dagar sedan
Hey... this video is 3 years old... OMG
Spirit Z
Spirit Z 5 dagar sedan
I honestly wish we could be friends! You seem super awesome and similar to my group of friends as a whole! Most likely won't happen but a guy can dream lol
noah swift
noah swift 5 dagar sedan
8.8 now
Jawad Sarip
Jawad Sarip 5 dagar sedan
Well know its 1 video every month and a half.
dope avatar 709
dope avatar 709 6 dagar sedan
8:24 When you try to be rude but you cant.
EGA 1022
EGA 1022 6 dagar sedan
“I spend 2-3 weeks in the same clothes” wow i respect you even more now
Exxtra Enderman
Exxtra Enderman 6 dagar sedan
5:00 no.
Dionne Tugade
Dionne Tugade 6 dagar sedan
My birthday is on July 25th
Sienna Micallef
Sienna Micallef 6 dagar sedan
5:52 - 6:16 Hence forth why when I finally work up the courage to start animating, that I am not going to show my face. Because F**CK PERSONAL BENEFIT! You wanna be my friend? Be my friend for me as a person nOt for my status
Leah Margine
Leah Margine 6 dagar sedan
*keep reading I don't wanna seem like a hater :3* I hate this video you would never hear me say I like it It's so stupid A big lie would be I loved this video *now read it backwards :D*
RPS Robot
RPS Robot 6 dagar sedan
And now she is at 8mil!
Kdogg1003 6 dagar sedan
Hi jaiden
Emoji Roblox
Emoji Roblox 6 dagar sedan
True facts I know I have a small SVfrom channel but this is what I expected in the future
cheryblossomskyz 6 dagar sedan
me being smol acc not so many see my content
Random 007
Random 007 6 dagar sedan
2 million sorry to diapoint but you have 8 million
Ram Dabs
Ram Dabs 6 dagar sedan
you've been doing it for 6 years noe ;-;
Derrt776 Plays
Derrt776 Plays 6 dagar sedan
On 2020 Jaiden animations : 8.82 subs Me : 16 subs
squidyello the inkling
squidyello the inkling 6 dagar sedan
0:43 Jaiden becomes a Temmie
Carter Batley
Carter Batley 7 dagar sedan
if you said 95% of your videos are made in your pajamas WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 5% ?
Hunter Fortin
Hunter Fortin 7 dagar sedan
looks up how to animate and the first thing i see in the video is a draw with jazza video if u r reading this coment go watch him he is good
Hunter Fortin
Hunter Fortin 7 dagar sedan
what are animating classes i just watch animation and people play cup head in slow motion and see what is going on in the animation and how it is executed. hey that is a first a full sentens without a sing word spellt rong. oops i ruined it
Takeda-chan 7 dagar sedan
I really would feel intimidated by someone like Jaiden '-'
Sylveon 7 dagar sedan
At the 3:43 mark it was so funny ''And You're gay!'' lol
Red Fox Animations
Red Fox Animations 7 dagar sedan
I think your a animation expert
Benjamin Sledzik
Benjamin Sledzik 7 dagar sedan
so old LoL
sin 7 dagar sedan
I have 9 subs ;_;
пек 6 dagar sedan
NO u have 10
NoJokesInc. 7 dagar sedan
3:28 were you referencing the Leek Spin?
Tom Draws
Tom Draws 7 dagar sedan
Wait no it can be on the 23rd I am born on July 23rd
Maxine Gamer
Maxine Gamer 7 dagar sedan
She gay??? But I love her!
Crazy wolf lady
Crazy wolf lady 7 dagar sedan
0:59 make that 8M
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