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i made a new intro because the old one made me hate everything
Thanks to my friends for saying nothing but great things about me ♥
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Animated alex
Animated alex 3 timmar sedan
Now we need a better better intro when we get a remake of this
you'll have a stroke reading this
you'll have a stroke reading this 6 timmar sedan
Therapist : brown air CypherDenis not real , she can't hurt you Brown haired CypherDen : 1:26
Dileep Patil
Dileep Patil 10 timmar sedan
And a legend was born..
Miguel V. Santos
Miguel V. Santos 11 timmar sedan
Cool........I think
Sadge Gowey
Sadge Gowey 13 timmar sedan
Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MMMD2 23 timmar sedan
1:42 Exactly me
mythic ZR
mythic ZR Dag sedan
Anyone relating to James? Like when you are at a school play you just read the script lmao. And then you get paid. Jaiden pls give James his $5 now
filiberto ramirez
filiberto ramirez Dag sedan
Can i HAVE moy 5 dollers know lol
filiberto ramirez
filiberto ramirez Dag sedan
I mean my
傭兵Cloud Dag sedan
Top 10 anime intro.
Splashimation Dag sedan
silver hedgehog
silver hedgehog 2 dagar sedan
Me: Calls own art stupid. Jaiden: I make "stupid" animations and stuff. Me: you WHAT!?
Brown_Burb 2 dagar sedan
Just got recomended by this video
Wilfredo Carballo Jr.
Wilfredo Carballo Jr. 2 dagar sedan
theres a reason why this poped up in my recommendation and i want to know why 69 years later I know why it poped up becuase it w... dies of old age.
Olivia Gamage
Olivia Gamage 2 dagar sedan
This is in my recommendation
Tolerable Productionsシ
Tolerable Productionsシ 2 dagar sedan
*Why is this in my recommended?*
Olivia Gamage
Olivia Gamage 2 dagar sedan
Jormajor 2 dagar sedan
Alright I need a good reason this is recommended.
Yxabelle Dwynne
Yxabelle Dwynne 2 dagar sedan
Ok let me know why you are sad sometimes....maybe its cuz zach tells you to shut up
DaFurry Playz
DaFurry Playz 2 dagar sedan
Bruhh.....this is 4 yrs ago... And still its in ma recommendations
Mr. Agoshi
Mr. Agoshi 2 dagar sedan
I miss this
Adelaide Sheryl
Adelaide Sheryl 2 dagar sedan
i cannot buy it because its to much in indo country and im at indo
♡ 20x935 ♡
♡ 20x935 ♡ 2 dagar sedan
and... goodbye *mic drop*
jaja i love you put other youtubers
Carforever 5
Carforever 5 3 dagar sedan
Nobody: James: * needs his 5 dollars *
Aisley Stalkie
Aisley Stalkie 3 dagar sedan
no i can't caz i'm 8
Tiny brine Playz
Tiny brine Playz 3 dagar sedan
Why they are forced......
RAJANIGANDHA panda 3 dagar sedan
I mean they are funny enough for 8 million people.8 M.I.L.L.I.O.N !!
kira queen with 5000 sub
kira queen with 5000 sub 3 dagar sedan
Who is getting this after 4 years later.
Pabasari Liyanage
Pabasari Liyanage 3 dagar sedan
The little Jaiden
Pokemon consiplay
Pokemon consiplay 3 dagar sedan
Hey jaiden animation I'm the number 1 I love your channel on SVfrom 😅🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Jayaz FOOD
Jayaz FOOD 4 dagar sedan
*Instantly goes to ur first video*
Zelda Bird
Zelda Bird 4 dagar sedan
any one get this recemended this in 2020
Sam Animations
Sam Animations 4 dagar sedan
So hello. I’m Jaiden and I make animations about my life and stories and stuff. The end
Christopher Zirnas
Christopher Zirnas 4 dagar sedan
I am convinced
Gb Alleq Balasabas
Gb Alleq Balasabas 4 dagar sedan
Randomly Recommended to me.
pyro masterw
pyro masterw 4 dagar sedan
I have no money ya Jk 3cents
She make a video to fix the older one but she never use the new intro btw
Georgia Aljawadi
Georgia Aljawadi 4 dagar sedan
i love your videos jaiden :D
Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Milk 4 dagar sedan
I would actually buy a jaiden animations doge shirt.
Lakota Woodrum
Lakota Woodrum 5 dagar sedan
I love your channel Jaden
Rose Da Gacha
Rose Da Gacha 5 dagar sedan
How can I send fan art
Amy Schemmel
Amy Schemmel 5 dagar sedan
OMG that script part was hilarios
༄mr. phrog༄
༄mr. phrog༄ 5 dagar sedan
Hello °^°
Kenneth Mclachlan
Kenneth Mclachlan 5 dagar sedan
The old one was cringy trash
green cheep cheep king
green cheep cheep king 5 dagar sedan
I love her
Youdonotcare 5 dagar sedan
_Cocks gun_ Make a newer one
Flying Pug
Flying Pug 5 dagar sedan
It's funny how jaiden was ihadcupcake animator and ended up having more subs than her
BloopIt's Bloob
BloopIt's Bloob 6 dagar sedan
Omg I remember her old style
moonlightqueen 6 dagar sedan
*in my recommended 6 years later*
NG games
NG games 6 dagar sedan
Is there a chance you can re remake it? I just want to see how would it look now.
Mema Holic
Mema Holic 6 dagar sedan
Sooo is she gonna remake this?
Unser cosmico
Unser cosmico 6 dagar sedan
Tu, el que hizo los subtitulos. Si lees esto solo quiero decirte que por gente como tu existe el cielo.
Drewing Diego
Drewing Diego 6 dagar sedan
0:34 Jaiden forgot the sleeves and it looks like something else..
Frances Redmond
Frances Redmond 6 dagar sedan
AMLS1015 7 dagar sedan
haha I watched your frist video
Lacoulas 555
Lacoulas 555 7 dagar sedan
I think we need a better better introduction video
Rj Mayo
Rj Mayo 7 dagar sedan
james is not forced but paid noice!!!!!!!!!!!!
Susanna Lin
Susanna Lin 8 dagar sedan
Otteroar 8 dagar sedan
the thumbnail... 10/10
weird_living_potato 8 dagar sedan
how many people looked for the origanal video (dont atcct me if its copied i didt know and mostly dont)
Moiz Rehman the memer lol kill me
Moiz Rehman the memer lol kill me 8 dagar sedan
Noelnoel07 -
Noelnoel07 - 8 dagar sedan
0:32 idk about that anymore...
Time to Creat!
Time to Creat! 9 dagar sedan
Pls make a new update
Luis Angel Espinoza Perez
Luis Angel Espinoza Perez 9 dagar sedan
Wow this is very very old
thermalpaste 9 dagar sedan
"It's hard making a living on youtube right now." *4 years later, almost 9 million subscribers and able to hire a team with each video*
5K with out any Videos
5K with out any Videos 9 dagar sedan
They say James still doesn’t have his five dollars to this day.
sylom aslam
sylom aslam 9 dagar sedan
Papayamations 9 dagar sedan
Since when did James mouth moved when he talked? I know jaiden animated this, just a joke
darth morro
darth morro 10 dagar sedan
So funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Veronica Peter
Veronica Peter 10 dagar sedan
Can we get a NEW NEW jaiden intro?
Koco Angel
Koco Angel 10 dagar sedan
This came to me a lot of year's later 🙃
chocolicity YT
chocolicity YT 10 dagar sedan
ah yes. the vid that pops up randomly in my recommended
Buzzer 10 dagar sedan
When you just watched the latest Jaiden video and you are craving for more content so you look at old videos.... me rn :/
izuku midoriya
izuku midoriya 11 dagar sedan
I was recommend this 4 years later
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer 11 dagar sedan
0:45 das not how hand work
Spartan 9013
Spartan 9013 11 dagar sedan
Lol your confidence has improved
A Bailey
A Bailey 11 dagar sedan
do jaiden plush
Galaxy Girl
Galaxy Girl 11 dagar sedan
Oh wow this was in my recommenced
Skullyy 12 dagar sedan
can i have my 5 dollars now
Catherine Humphrey
Catherine Humphrey 12 dagar sedan
Is it possible to make a better one? Not saying i hate it i love it
Need For Bead
Need For Bead 13 dagar sedan
Thanks for randomly showing up in my recommended 4 years later.
Jairus Madria
Jairus Madria 13 dagar sedan
650,3004 people watched AKA: views
Its jejkkeme von Henry
Its jejkkeme von Henry 13 dagar sedan
cmon I kander want that James has 5 Dollers
Omar Dyaa
Omar Dyaa 14 dagar sedan
Ya the old one is very cringy
leon :3
leon :3 14 dagar sedan
9099 jaiden at this : oh god dont watch this is so cringe
Tai's Video Fun Zone
Tai's Video Fun Zone 14 dagar sedan
Omg 😱 this is sooooo old xd
Bearman Central
Bearman Central 15 dagar sedan
Theodd1sout looks weird with lip sync
Floof Tail
Floof Tail 16 dagar sedan
*patreon* sounds like an evolution of eevee XD. (i thought of that bc “espeon, flareon, leafeon,” etc. came to mah mind)
EnterSlothYT 16 dagar sedan
0:53 all animator people
Veneth Pancito
Veneth Pancito 16 dagar sedan
I meant extrovert the last 2 comments XD
Veneth Pancito
Veneth Pancito 16 dagar sedan
It's wait
Veneth Pancito
Veneth Pancito 16 dagar sedan
Hey jaiden are you almost close to become an introvert?
Diamond_Quinny 16 dagar sedan
Who got this reccomended to them 4 years later?
Jerry Farber
Jerry Farber 19 dagar sedan
Why didn't you include/rent domics?
Tavotabotato 20 dagar sedan
legends say that James never got his 5 dollars
Keane De Los Santos
Keane De Los Santos 20 dagar sedan
i did.
Telpon Rumah
Telpon Rumah 20 dagar sedan
I like both ( but i think the first one is cute :> )
Kemuri Flames Hero Agency
Kemuri Flames Hero Agency 20 dagar sedan
This just appeared in my recommendations after four years
Christian 21 dag sedan
"Can I have my 5 dollars now?
The Storkeys
The Storkeys 21 dag sedan
They are so funny 😂
The bluespoon
The bluespoon 22 dagar sedan
In the other one it sounds like she said Hey everyone my name is shaid Im like Umm Yes tis one is better
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