Watching my childhood videos w/ theodd1sout

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Jaiden Animations

År sedan

just a fun trip down memory lane (except i don't remember like any of this)
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Bellenapoopburp Timme sedan
my mom and dad never bought me a jeep ;-;
Bellenapoopburp 2 timmar sedan
I dont know my rights and left ;-;
Michael Christou
Michael Christou 10 timmar sedan
U have the same birthday as me
VonDiezel Boquiron
VonDiezel Boquiron 11 timmar sedan
Chau Pham
Chau Pham 14 timmar sedan
I am kindergarten I need to eat glue
yousef cook and tech vlogs
yousef cook and tech vlogs 17 timmar sedan
Jaiden is cute when she was small hahaa
Gerald Shepherd
Gerald Shepherd 18 timmar sedan
Me before watching: ●_● Me after watching: XD
Janet LaRae
Janet LaRae 18 timmar sedan
Graziano Di Teodoro
Graziano Di Teodoro 22 timmar sedan
Im watching this in 2021 and after this school year im gonna start middle school
Voidz Panda
Voidz Panda Dag sedan
Why does jaidens mom look like my library teacher. i'm scared now
Xero _
Xero _ Dag sedan
james always ends with wear your seatbelts lol
Just Latrice
Just Latrice Dag sedan
Me Dying rn!
Da AKM Dag sedan
oh boy, the captions make it so much better
Lightning Dag sedan
I like Spongebob too! 😃
Subzero Pie
Subzero Pie Dag sedan
Dad were are you taking the cookies
GreenEggsAndSam Dag sedan
as an asian man i have always strived to prove those stereotypes wrong by getting the lowest possible grades as i could to just barely pass... lol
Angel Sayson
Angel Sayson Dag sedan
When i was 5 years old to 9 my hair was very straight but now my hair has bumps now
WOTB World
WOTB World Dag sedan
Jax the KKK leader (I’m very sorry if I spelt his name wrong 🙁 )
X brawler
X brawler Dag sedan
Ok Jaiden was a cute toddler same as jacks(?)
Dany Gamer
Dany Gamer Dag sedan
i mean 1997
Dany Gamer
Dany Gamer Dag sedan
so you are born in september 27 19197
Caleb Lopez
Caleb Lopez 2 dagar sedan
Them: Laughs when mentions KKK Us Filipinos: Da Revolution Society of da Philippines (Kataastasang Kagalanggalangang Katipunan ng anak ng bayan)
CHUA HUMPHREY BOAZ蔡謙譽 2 dagar sedan
Clipped 2 dagar sedan
Oh so it’s a face reveal! I did NOT KNOW YOU WERE THAT YOUNG ;-;
Clipped 2 dagar sedan
Lol it’s a joke
Bolorhon x
Bolorhon x 2 dagar sedan
I’m from another Language and my language people rides horse
Toilet-roll-warrior 2 dagar sedan
Wait a minute... Jaiden, James and Ajax... the three J’s
the Naruto Fan
the Naruto Fan 2 dagar sedan
What are those
the Naruto Fan
the Naruto Fan 2 dagar sedan
Floofyplays 101
Floofyplays 101 2 dagar sedan
I think it was ‘color’ not ‘cuddle’ and I think it was ‘I ran out of gas’ and not ‘I ran over France’
Emma J
Emma J 2 dagar sedan
James:what are you saying? Me:she’s saying dad eesa hides and hop on and...
Brianna 2 dagar sedan
8:13 I think she said color
Tabitha Wilson
Tabitha Wilson 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden. Oh my dearest jaiden. Hi ahead and go on a date with James. You two are the best match. Trust me.
Cløudy_Gacha 2 dagar sedan
The dancing for taxes made me laugh so hard 😂
Connor Ryant
Connor Ryant 2 dagar sedan
Is Jack name jack because when he was born he got jacked
Susung Jung
Susung Jung 2 dagar sedan
0:34 Dad Easter bunny hides and hops all of the eggs *THE EASTA BUNNY*
Samapti Maji
Samapti Maji 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden I love you I seeing your video when I was in hospital for 4 years because I got a fracture in my leg I hope you see this I am from India
DanicaMolina Official
DanicaMolina Official 3 dagar sedan
roderick maxwell
roderick maxwell 3 dagar sedan
6:20 i tough little jaiden said I HATE BUNS
Bronson Heath
Bronson Heath 3 dagar sedan
I'm in 2ed grade
crash 3 dagar sedan
Iam Libra to in the horoscope
MagicTingZ Valintines Day!
MagicTingZ Valintines Day! 3 dagar sedan
m,m,MMMMM!YUmMy FoR tUmMy!😂😂
Angela Irwin
Angela Irwin 3 dagar sedan
Wow Jaden just wow
Minnie Thomas
Minnie Thomas 3 dagar sedan
Your so cute as a kod
i love bunnies
i love bunnies 3 dagar sedan
I use to hide in those drawers with the backpacks in them in pre-k and kindergarten lol
goood angel cool angel
goood angel cool angel 3 dagar sedan
Well James your niece probably didn't go to school
S. A.
S. A. 4 dagar sedan
Uuuhhh im just 2 grade
Tanner McCall
Tanner McCall 4 dagar sedan
6.07 that horse was from Joe Dirt and it's Brandy is a girl
Tanner McCall
Tanner McCall 4 dagar sedan
2.01 that was how covid-19 started
GlitchWolf24 4 dagar sedan
When you had so much suffering in life you didn't get to do average child things because most people are jerks and don't care about you: *Sad 5 year old noises*
John Ybanez
John Ybanez 4 dagar sedan
yeah did u know the kkk stands 4 the katipunan which is the Philippine revolution group against spain in the 1890s
Šẙłṿëøñ AND Êèṽëę Cʜᴇʀʀʏ ʙʟᴏssᴏᴍ
Šẙłṿëøñ AND Êèṽëę Cʜᴇʀʀʏ ʙʟᴏssᴏᴍ 4 dagar sedan
3:51 Mickeys face *S c a r e s* Me :)
Respect the weirdness.
Respect the weirdness. 4 dagar sedan
the glue scene......I-
CoolPopGwendolyn P
CoolPopGwendolyn P 4 dagar sedan
I’m in first grade RIGHT NOW that means I’m 6 watching this
Beatriz Cassiano
Beatriz Cassiano 4 dagar sedan
i love your videos I'm ten and it was my birthday on the tweny first of january love mia bella
Ethan Mccaffrey
Ethan Mccaffrey 4 dagar sedan
8:20- until middle school
Floofy Dinoz
Floofy Dinoz 4 dagar sedan
I’m 10
Smith Toons
Smith Toons 4 dagar sedan
bunbun 4 dagar sedan
for my first day of school i was exited but then when my mom left i busted out crying and was silent the whole school day until i came home.
Chanboratha Koeng
Chanboratha Koeng 4 dagar sedan
I have lots and lots of energy I feel like I ate 10 cups of coffee amazing when I was younger my dad let me eat a lemon as I started putting it down the 🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯hallway and I was in a rude at my mom
Conor Da boi
Conor Da boi 4 dagar sedan
My birthday is on September 27 also!!!
Galaxygamer 4 dagar sedan
Does jaxx have a friend called Alex?
Aiden Hernandez
Aiden Hernandez 4 dagar sedan
I'm in first grade
Robin Brown
Robin Brown 4 dagar sedan
You were born in September 27 1997
Robin Brown
Robin Brown 4 dagar sedan
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww mini Jaden is cute
Karthik Chintakunta
Karthik Chintakunta 4 dagar sedan
3:26 me anytime someone other then my parents buy stuff for me
Bibek Poudel
Bibek Poudel 5 dagar sedan
Jaiden boyfriend
Julieta Beltran
Julieta Beltran 5 dagar sedan
I am grid 3th
Rubin De Jong
Rubin De Jong 5 dagar sedan
For us in the Netherlands it's worse with school... We have 8 years on elemantary school and 6 years on high school, that means 14 YEARS OF SCHOOL from 4 yr old to 18 yr old
Rubin De Jong
Rubin De Jong 5 dagar sedan
Fun fact, you can also only get your drivers license when your 18 here in stead of 16
The KID KULTURE 5 dagar sedan
I’m in kindergarten
Simon Chambers
Simon Chambers 5 dagar sedan
That mean girl blew the cake out
Kingdom Esbreon
Kingdom Esbreon 5 dagar sedan
James sounds awkward
Stephanie 5 dagar sedan
WHEN U SAID “do u think that kindergartners are watching?” I AM A 2ND GRADER!
golden freddy the god of everything
golden freddy the god of everything 5 dagar sedan
Wow no wonder why people said Godzilla is the oldest monster in the world the movie God's gojira was released way before this I mean Jaden's birthday first birthday was freaking created even when she was freaking born Godzilla was still
Lindley Boyd
Lindley Boyd 5 dagar sedan
She is 10 days after my birthday but diff years bc I was born in 08
Greyscale Studios
Greyscale Studios 5 dagar sedan
I had a Super-Pax lol I guess every kid likes having "Super" in front of their name!
Areli Zaap
Areli Zaap 5 dagar sedan
Jaden may be imbarust that James is seeing her as a little kid.
GamerCat 60
GamerCat 60 5 dagar sedan
i like how james responds to when jaiden's name is said in the recordings
Halo KawaiFox
Halo KawaiFox 5 dagar sedan
Relatable I have a niece and I haven't seen her in 2 years. She's already talking...
ThisPerson 6 dagar sedan
Lol bj before james....hehe.. definitely
Neophie Animations
Neophie Animations 6 dagar sedan
I mean grade twos are watching Me
Isaac Kuan
Isaac Kuan 6 dagar sedan
For my first birthday I face-planted in to my cake
lily124mm 6 dagar sedan
a ship James ×jadein
bonnie jean Norwood kapu
bonnie jean Norwood kapu 6 dagar sedan
I felt so bad when my parents buy me things I already have
Richmond Johan Manalo
Richmond Johan Manalo 6 dagar sedan
Kkk is the old flag of the Philippines because im from Philippines
Carlos Aelred VILLANUEVA
Carlos Aelred VILLANUEVA 6 dagar sedan
NitroTheWofhog 6 dagar sedan
Jaiden’s birthday Circa 1997 September 27
Alyssandra Mamaril
Alyssandra Mamaril 6 dagar sedan
ok jax almost look like a japan
Tanner Munski
Tanner Munski 6 dagar sedan
Technically this is a face reveal video
crazed ninja frog cat
crazed ninja frog cat 6 dagar sedan
4:29mine was the 26 of september!!!
NovaGod101 6 dagar sedan
kid jaiden is precious
Unicorn Gaming
Unicorn Gaming 6 dagar sedan
Zoomboy 8z2
Zoomboy 8z2 6 dagar sedan
I mean I’m in the 5th grade...
Secert Cherry
Secert Cherry 6 dagar sedan
Jaiden are you asian? I am asian too(if yes)!
Crazydriver 31
Crazydriver 31 7 dagar sedan
Dude shes sooo cute the disney one was funny
Claire Cowley-Crawford
Claire Cowley-Crawford 7 dagar sedan
doo you think theres any kindergardeners out there wathing this video (said james) KNOOOOOooow i dea but, there is a 9 year old third grader.
Asa Dowdy
Asa Dowdy 7 dagar sedan
My sister has one
Asa Dowdy
Asa Dowdy 7 dagar sedan
Guna Shaker
Guna Shaker 8 dagar sedan
She is just so so cute 🤗
youmaplayz190 8 dagar sedan
They should make a youtube channel called the best comedic duo
dragonmeowmeow YT
dragonmeowmeow YT 8 dagar sedan
Me when almost at the end:*clicks another vid that i watched* Also me:that fits good with what james said
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