Vidcon fun times wow so fun excitement 10/10 would vidcon again

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Jaiden Animations

4 år sedan

recording on this camera made my voice sound annoying i'm sorry
also the video's kinda long (i tried to make it as short as possible) so I added a bunch of dumb edits that i hope keep you entertained lol
Thanks to Tony, James, Alex, Den, Dom, Jomm, Leigh, Rebecca, Cade, Soy, Tiffany, Red, all my friends, and everyone else I finally was able to meet~ You all made this trip the best experience I could've ever asked for. And I'm still in shock about how many people we met and ran into this trip! I wasn't expecting anyone to want to see us, but signing for more than 2 hours all together and running into so many followers just walking around really put things into perspective.. I'm so happy that people are enjoying the videos we make, and it makes me happy to know people really care about us :) Thank you
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Music: just my voice and stuff

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I really appreciate everyone who I met at VidCon, you're the best!! And hope to see anyone else who couldn't make it next year!!

ShroomShroom 8 timmar sedan
I just realized why why Alex was juggling above James o-o
Robert Brechtel
Robert Brechtel Dag sedan
I can't afford to go to vidcon :(
PrimeTube Dag sedan
love your channel jaiden
Oscar cars
Oscar cars Dag sedan
I saw the video that says that this was one of the lower points of her life, forget to looked up at the time I watch it. Now it appeared at my recommended and I regret going into the comment section
mercy Dag sedan
i know now what you was going through and am so sad adout it atleast ur okay now
CaptainCone Star
CaptainCone Star Dag sedan
Post COVID-19...I miss it so much 😢
Mizzy Castro
Mizzy Castro Dag sedan
No one: Not even the quarantine squad: Me: liking comments from 4 years ago-
my name
my name Dag sedan
my heart when she went "I already ate" and James went "yeah" and then he gave a worried smile
Jay Gutierrez
Jay Gutierrez Dag sedan
Its weird looking at crowd of like thousands of people and none of them have masks on!! 😲😲😳😳
Devin Chen
Devin Chen Dag sedan
This is how much ppl is watching the is 2020 👇
Devin Chen
Devin Chen Dag sedan
Tehila Rochel
Tehila Rochel Dag sedan
Ooh wind meal forest!
Big Mouth Roblox
Big Mouth Roblox 2 dagar sedan
5:29 the school lunch cue
Big Mouth Roblox
Big Mouth Roblox 2 dagar sedan
Welcome to California *epic Jurassic Park music plays*
Maurice The Gecko
Maurice The Gecko 2 dagar sedan
When I hear her say "I already ate." I'm like *cri*
Juliette Crispell
Juliette Crispell 2 dagar sedan
6:06-6:08 YES SHE HAS GOOD TASTE lol
Juliette Crispell
Juliette Crispell 2 dagar sedan
1:40 the subtitles lmao
The Surfing Dog
The Surfing Dog 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: don’t let anyone know Me: well 9 million people know now
Destiny Ro’meave
Destiny Ro’meave 2 dagar sedan
I’m glad your doing a lot better Jaiden and you got past this 💜✨
Rainee 2 dagar sedan
I remember working this... as security
Luna Wolfgang
Luna Wolfgang 2 dagar sedan
this video *exists* the comments section: *I ALREADY ATE*
Moon The Mind Reader
Moon The Mind Reader 2 dagar sedan
2016: Jaiden: I already ate people then: okay she just ate before this. 2017-2020: Jaiden: I already ate Us:*cries
Jeferson Perez-Barrera
Jeferson Perez-Barrera 3 dagar sedan
Me watching this in 2020 and trying to remember the good times.
Brenno Carvalho
Brenno Carvalho 3 dagar sedan
Why Does Tony Look Like A Child?
Finn 3 dagar sedan
4 years before covid- im watching this to make me feel better
Matthew Tran
Matthew Tran 3 dagar sedan
Is that jom like the guy that is in the sober convos
18 Manolo Jose M. Navarrete
18 Manolo Jose M. Navarrete 4 dagar sedan
did anyone else notice that the footage was a bit laggy
Jared Black
Jared Black 4 dagar sedan
Wait, there was a time... before COVID?
Mohamad Honarmand
Mohamad Honarmand 4 dagar sedan
I disliked cause I'm sad and jealous ... 😢
Mason Potorski
Mason Potorski 4 dagar sedan
wish I could have seen my favorite animators at a Disney themed place
Monsoon Ghuman
Monsoon Ghuman 4 dagar sedan
You can tell jaiden is trying to act like she is happy but she is really depressed
TheMarcusPlayz 4 dagar sedan
orange juice gang
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk 4 dagar sedan
"I already ate." Those three words broke my heart..
Elizabeth Serna
Elizabeth Serna 5 dagar sedan
9:32 the moment of wow
Heather Edwards
Heather Edwards 5 dagar sedan
I was watching with the subtitles on and its got some extra bits which are actually quite funny
Photo Connoisseur
Photo Connoisseur 5 dagar sedan
16:00 Aaawwwwwwwwwwwww
Jeriel Díaz
Jeriel Díaz 5 dagar sedan
Guys ik it hits u in the feels but stop commenting about her eating disorder. It's very annoying to be spammed with people remind you that you had anorexia. Please don't start argumenting with me in the comments. Thx for listening.
neon 4 dagar sedan
@Jeriel Díaz I'm going to try to recover when I can but due to my situation, It'd make things worse if I brought it up to anyone. Thank you
Jeriel Díaz
Jeriel Díaz 4 dagar sedan
@neon Thank you for having common cense. I hope you get better soon my friend.
neon 4 dagar sedan
I agree 100% as someone with an eating disorder. I'm currently mid-relapse and I already hate when it gets mentioned. I can't imagine what it'd be like to make it through that shit just for people to keep bringing it up.
Rachel Breckner
Rachel Breckner 6 dagar sedan
I watched your video about why you do not show your face and there was a few other videos tiles and i saw your face and your beaitful just the way you are jaiden
Kevin Clougherty
Kevin Clougherty 6 dagar sedan
I wanted to see you
Varun Gajan
Varun Gajan 6 dagar sedan
ꨄHashiniꨄ 6 dagar sedan
is no one gonna talk about how "im proud of my deck" sounds so much like "im proud of my di-
Stranger _sam
Stranger _sam 6 dagar sedan
It's kinda sand knowing this was her at her worst , the fact she sounds so normal is scary , like we just sat here as kids watching her not even having a clue :/
Stranger _sam
Stranger _sam 5 dagar sedan
ok then I guessed they copied me cus I typed that dude and even if their comment was first it's not like I saw their comment and was like " oooo ima steal that " like dude :|
Ticzs! 5 dagar sedan
@Stranger _sam I am chill but next time don't copy a comment I saw some one with the exact same commen even with the emoticon sooooooo
Stranger _sam
Stranger _sam 5 dagar sedan
um ? ok first of all I meant that and I wrote in myself- and secondly I don't really care that it sounds like a copy and paste , I'm just saying its sad to know this was her at her worst ? ok dude you really to need to chill
Ticzs! 5 dagar sedan
Nice copied comment bud :)
StellarSkies 6 dagar sedan
That title was wow so fun excitement 10/10
Sofia Gacha
Sofia Gacha 7 dagar sedan
Jaiden silently suffering :(
kp spaces
kp spaces 7 dagar sedan
That is the hotel i stayed in for Disney land.😀😀
Mochi Brii
Mochi Brii 7 dagar sedan
gurl! Go to bed! We love you and care about you! Get your buety rest!
[• starz •]
[• starz •] 7 dagar sedan
who is watching this in 2020? and her face bootifull not joking
??? 7 dagar sedan
I hate you
random 64
random 64 4 dagar sedan
We all hate you too
Mean Green comment machine
Mean Green comment machine 7 dagar sedan
U never realise that this video of Jaiden was at her lowest point
Rapadash The two sided Human 2nd
Rapadash The two sided Human 2nd 7 dagar sedan
I'm still sad over this
gem bem
gem bem 7 dagar sedan
Jaden the wax bean master
Krishna Ravi
Krishna Ravi 7 dagar sedan
Crap, I guess I owe Jaiden $5.
SpeedyJetRoblox 7 dagar sedan
Greeper 7 dagar sedan
I just realized that that Disney place is the same as the one Mr. Beast went to
AngelicFace 7 dagar sedan
its so sad that this was jaidens scariest moments of her life. she sounds so happy though that its heartbreaking.
BepisBoi Animations
BepisBoi Animations 8 dagar sedan
darthpig2 Art
darthpig2 Art 8 dagar sedan
the chese cake factory from big bang theory
Rats In Socks - Roblox Cosplayer
Rats In Socks - Roblox Cosplayer 8 dagar sedan
It's honestly just so scary and sad that Jaiden sounds so happy and normal during this. I'm literally crying so hard. PLEASE take care of yourself. There's only one of you, and that's legendary.
IUZIRM 8 dagar sedan
it’s so sad seeing comments from when this video was new... those people had no idea what was going on that’s sad to think about
꧁Sea Cluxd꧂
꧁Sea Cluxd꧂ 8 dagar sedan
Me in 2016: Not knowing which is mark and which is jack Me now: The one with red is mark so the other is mark 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
hi bye
hi bye 8 dagar sedan
I have been to that place with a bunch of windmills.
Youdonotcare 8 dagar sedan
I’m like 60% sure this was the first video I was there for you uploading
Anna Oop Friend
Anna Oop Friend 8 dagar sedan
Jaiden: That’s for you guys I already ate. Me: *Knows about her eating disorder* Also me: *s n i f f* why’d you have to act like all those comments were fake. EAT SOMETHINGGGG T^T
fish bloop
fish bloop 9 dagar sedan
Wow, this was so sad. We didn’t know what was happening in her life. I wish we knew that at the time..
Emilio Alonzo Segura novelo
Emilio Alonzo Segura novelo 9 dagar sedan
2:41 a
Franqui Illunga
Franqui Illunga 9 dagar sedan
Jaiden we all love you,you are my favorite SVfromr
LaraTheIceFox 9 dagar sedan
"I already ate" People who are new to the channel, let me explain Jaiden was going through something called anorexia, which is an eating disorder. She was still going through it when she recorded this, she didn't want to eat so she made an excuse by saying she already ate, but in reality, she didn't eat at all. don't worry, she got over it now, thank goodness.......
Daniella Drozd
Daniella Drozd 9 dagar sedan
"The pizza's for you guys, I already ate" Oh, Jaiden. :(
TheStickManSlayer YT
TheStickManSlayer YT 9 dagar sedan
Why are all the comments about jaiden's eating disorder... *stop being depressing please*
TheStickManSlayer YT
TheStickManSlayer YT 23 timmar sedan
@Gary Lising exactly
Gary Lising
Gary Lising 6 dagar sedan
I kinda agree, because they comment on jaiden’s past and when she sees it she can be sad.
Our Wonder Adventures
Our Wonder Adventures 9 dagar sedan
I don’t think I have ever heard the phrase “oh my god” so many times.
Ignacio Zaragoza
Ignacio Zaragoza 9 dagar sedan
When jaeden said she already ate and didn't end up eating pizza 🍕 I felt that
Elijah Felix
Elijah Felix 9 dagar sedan
james dost relize he was suppsed to bleed from your nose when you see somone not your hand he cleary didt watch enough anime
Spilight 9 dagar sedan
Datboi 517
Datboi 517 10 dagar sedan
I pass that same windmill forest when I'm driving to California because I also live in arizona
Crystal Hope
Crystal Hope 10 dagar sedan
10:03 The lowest part of YOUR life But really I hope ur doing better now The nervous laugh at the end ...
Colt 10 dagar sedan
That's a lot of peoples 5 bucks
Barc6117 10 dagar sedan
before Face Reveal: Oh cool After Face Reveal: oh noes
he 10 dagar sedan
The sad thing is that she wasn't happy in this video. It's scary when you realize backstories of people at times when you thought they were okay
Polymer Clay Tutorials By Lexi
Polymer Clay Tutorials By Lexi 11 dagar sedan
I love how fancy the hotel is wow fancy boi
pitori. 11 dagar sedan
Dxtivy 11 dagar sedan
His is where the oc auto show 2019, I know this cause I’ve been here
Cola Cola
Cola Cola 11 dagar sedan
Here where i live is tubecon not vidcon lol
Alastor The Radio Demon
Alastor The Radio Demon 11 dagar sedan
It's weird watching this after 2017
Once Victoria
Once Victoria 12 dagar sedan
You guys know this is the closest to a face reveal that we are getting for JaidenAnimations cuz I saw slightly of a face at 0:48
My Weird Ways
My Weird Ways 11 dagar sedan
Bro she already made a face reveal
CallMeh Emu
CallMeh Emu 13 dagar sedan
50 percent of comments: *Its so sad how Jaiden had to go through this 😢* 49.9 percent of comments: *Cannot wait for vid on next year!* 0.01 percent of comments: *OMG CALL THE POLICE jAmEs StOlE a ShArPiE!!!!!!!* Edit: sorry Jaiden
CallMeh Emu
CallMeh Emu 13 dagar sedan
I feel bad for James actually he had to deal with Jaiden being sad and trust me that’s hard 😢
Lydia Allen
Lydia Allen 13 dagar sedan
When I went on It’s a Small World I...I fell asleep. :T
Khadeeja Ali
Khadeeja Ali 13 dagar sedan
that pizza looked really good though
Louie Pitlo
Louie Pitlo 13 dagar sedan
Thumbnail: *Wow such vision*
ye old duck
ye old duck 14 dagar sedan
i guess its true what they say vid con is some thing i dont rember
Ted He
Ted He 15 dagar sedan
Jaiden and James defy the laws of a universe by going to a 6-star hotel.
Conxeptional 15 dagar sedan
"i already ate" me: *quietly weeping*
Daniel Houser
Daniel Houser 16 dagar sedan
i know the kid theo at 2:00. Hes weird and sounds like a beta
{Dark_ali} 16 dagar sedan
its scary now knowing what she was going through at this time...... "i've already ate." Those words just break my heart
flipnote[;-;] 16 dagar sedan
One thing that brings me comfort is that james was guessing that she was very not okay
flipnote[;-;] 16 dagar sedan
One thing that brings me comfort is that james was guessing that she was very not okay
Antonio Pineno
Antonio Pineno 17 dagar sedan
It’s so funny how in this video they aren’t that popular, but now they get swarmed with many People and have to hide from the crowds
ali boubes
ali boubes 17 dagar sedan
It is too late to talk about that butI don't know why everyone talking about not hungry one But for me I felt she wasn't happy the whole time She wasn't the same girl I watch in SVfrom I felt she was acting all the vidcon
Katiekat 3000
Katiekat 3000 17 dagar sedan
It's like, 4 AM right now, and I woke up to the sound of Voice, and then I realized, *i fell asleep while watching Jaiden Animations :)*
I bought a TRANSPARENT TV for $7000 :*(
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