Trying to Get Into Fitness & Health

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swole n' healthy
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i'm rooting for you to keep doing whatever it is you want to do! (as long as it's legal)

Mystery rex
Mystery rex 2 timmar sedan
*try to drive to CHINA*
Mystery rex
Mystery rex 3 timmar sedan
I was watching another Jaiden video maybe 4 or 5 videos ago, I promised I would watch the $ Hunters vs 1 Speedrunner REMATCH but here I am, on my 8th Jaiden video of the day.
IH Animates
IH Animates 3 timmar sedan
I’ve kept my resolutions every year Being alive
Randomthings Teehee
Randomthings Teehee 4 timmar sedan
When she said Brittany I was like THATS MY NICKNAME AAAA btw my name has an weird pronunciation
Shadowseeker621 4 timmar sedan
6:55 if u take away the scan part then that's mrbeast
Judy Hopps
Judy Hopps 7 timmar sedan
I've stuck to the keto diet for almost a whole year and I'm proud of myself
Oleg Popov
Oleg Popov 8 timmar sedan
Best resolution Fail resolutions
Crystal Karma
Crystal Karma 13 timmar sedan
Tag yourself, I'm Britney
Extinction Animates
Extinction Animates 16 timmar sedan
Ik that couple, my P.E. teacher showed us those two but I don't do the exercises because it's online and I can keep my camera off
XxStormR1singxX -_-
XxStormR1singxX -_- 21 timme sedan
Me watching peacfully in headphones Jaiden: AJAJSNSBSUSIISKSISINNNNNXXXXXXJWHWHWWWWW
Tahj Kuemmerle
Tahj Kuemmerle 21 timme sedan
I ate an entire bag of donettes watching this.
Meidina playz
Meidina playz Dag sedan
Me: like unhealty food Also me:*to obsessed with games and playing with my bike*
Me Time!
Me Time! Dag sedan
I kept laughing at 4:12 lol
Mr_ cool456
Mr_ cool456 Dag sedan
I have like 1,000,000,000,000 taste buds and my mouth is really picky
Dork at Arms Et cetera
Dork at Arms Et cetera Dag sedan
The KFC and Hershey's ads on this video are either the worst or best decision of the algorithms.
Suhana Hassan
Suhana Hassan Dag sedan
i kept a new year resolution to lose weight... and then ended up being anorexic...
FSG TV FSG Dag sedan
2:13 ohhhh I'm hopeless :( :(((((( NHOM NHOM NHOM NHOM
The_gryrax Dag sedan
0:21 no, no, she’s got a point
Mila Lin
Mila Lin Dag sedan
When Corona wasn't here, whenever parents went to the gym and let us come. Me and my siblings *LOVED* using the treadmill. It was legit our favorite exercise machine. And it still is to this day!
Mycilium Resistance!
Mycilium Resistance! Dag sedan
I never do resolutions because I dont need to I just starve myself
Vanessa Walsh
Vanessa Walsh 5 timmar sedan
Please either say sike or if you actually starve yourself, I hope you're working with a decent set of medical professionals to help distance yourself from that behavior
Mycilium Resistance!
Mycilium Resistance! Dag sedan
It's fine I dont do resolutions either
EllielovesDisney Dag sedan
"looking at you Brittney!"
amilia truehitt
amilia truehitt Dag sedan
my mom uses the SVfrom channel Fitness Blender oop
Shray Bhandary
Shray Bhandary Dag sedan
When you have low expectations don't get disappointed 😏
??? Dag sedan
Wait but what if you can't eat or you'll vomit
Matthew Withroder
Matthew Withroder Dag sedan
4:15 so...not trying ti be that guy but depending on the intensity of what youre doing its possible that constant pain doesnt really go away. soreness is essentially your muscle tearing down, which is how it builds back bigger and stronger. you have to tear yourself up if youre trying to gain muscle. If youre trying to lose weight, yeah it'll go away after like 2 weeks to a month. but if youre like me, recovery is important. Rest, ice, compression, elevation is what you're gonna live by XD for me the best way ive found to ice is 15 minutes on, 45 minutes off 4 times a day (back to back), and make sure its wrapped tight on wherever you're icing. Yes, its not just smack it on there for 20 minutes then put it back in the freezer
Owl Dag sedan
my eyes followed the scroll 5:54
Jaiden animations fan :3
Jaiden animations fan :3 Dag sedan
Nice. 👌🏻
UchihaKiriken 2 dagar sedan
"Don't play that hip-hop music or I'll run someone over with an exercise bike" Well sorry whoever is getting run over by an exercise bike because of me :|
A G L O O M Y W E I R D O 2 dagar sedan
This is fucking wholesome 6:35
Ciara Doherty
Ciara Doherty 2 dagar sedan
My resolution is to never write a resolution
Ernesto Ortiz
Ernesto Ortiz 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden : you can’t lose pounds you have to do it yourself Me : What about steroids isn’t that something that helps You with exercise
Foolish Fool
Foolish Fool 2 dagar sedan
Like three seconds ago I decided to stop drinking soda bc it was giving me headaches And now I'm watching this video with a can of coca-cola in my hand.
Gai The Umbreon
Gai The Umbreon 2 dagar sedan
Gai The Umbreon
Gai The Umbreon 2 dagar sedan
Tri Tran
Tri Tran 2 dagar sedan
1 day = 1 year 1 month = 31 days 1 month = 31 years 1 year = 12 months 31 x 12 = 372 years 1 year = 372 years
Ferni's Forest
Ferni's Forest 2 dagar sedan
"and end up pulling a James" shows James mowimg down on millions of sprinkles. Amazing
Cute Cookie Wolfie
Cute Cookie Wolfie 2 dagar sedan
Others: have diet, for sports, and be fit! Me: *trys it* screw this I'm getting my high waisted pants out.
Bone Napper Deadly
Bone Napper Deadly 2 dagar sedan
Exercising breaks ur muscles but later rebuilds them so if u start exercising and then stop u just broke ur muscles if u wanna exercise and get stronger u have to do I for around 4 maybe 6 months
Hash Gamer
Hash Gamer 2 dagar sedan
Today I was going on a mental breakdown about what the futures going to be
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny 2 dagar sedan
Starving myself actually made me gain more weight because then I’d go for higher sugary fat food and my body would store it all as fat because it was worried when it was gonna get its next meal so yeah don’t do that
llama nation
llama nation 2 dagar sedan
Coochi Moose
Coochi Moose 3 dagar sedan
Sw#2#(#7-*-xhuckdkusywywykamsmc 7$6#$8$Yytagdbfijsanuhjsnnwgwgskq,lakosomnmenjdwosolmjxwf
An Average Gamer
An Average Gamer 3 dagar sedan
Whats that song called at 2:59 i need to know
Juliette Cannon
Juliette Cannon 3 dagar sedan
:0 on her end card she is playing that "THAT DUMB HIP HOP MUDIC"!!!!!!! So ya please like -\ _(^_^) _/-
Gembly 3 dagar sedan
is chess a sport? idk
Santosh Ghavre
Santosh Ghavre 3 dagar sedan
Lol my first day of exercise was bad but after that it was like no pain. Why must I make myself suffer?
EventfullGem6829 3 dagar sedan
2:55 cracked me up :D
natthawat manosubhirun
natthawat manosubhirun 3 dagar sedan
your weight that lost didnt mean you lost fat it means you lost water
Julie Wolford
Julie Wolford 3 dagar sedan
*Honey, you've got a big storm comin*
Annabelle Wan
Annabelle Wan 3 dagar sedan
Shandi Fey
Shandi Fey 3 dagar sedan
Hehe i dont have an eating disorder and yet i still eat nothing everyday cuz im to lazy to do anything
JerryPlep 3 dagar sedan
6:29 *Honey* *you* *got* *a* *big* *storm* *commin'* that was perfect
hayden holmstrom
hayden holmstrom 3 dagar sedan
Mister Chonk
Mister Chonk 3 dagar sedan
My new year's resolution is to be less fat but not that skinny to the point that my original youtube name will no longer be accurate.
Daniel ANIMATIONS OOF 3 dagar sedan
What was that noise 2:17
Anonymous Llama
Anonymous Llama 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: "Work out so that you don't end up pulling a James" James:....owch ╥﹏╥
Elvira Alberto
Elvira Alberto 4 dagar sedan
At 2:57 anyone know what song that is?
Joshua Zarate
Joshua Zarate 4 dagar sedan
I wonder what she looked like while recording the audio for 2:18
Wyvren .L
Wyvren .L 4 dagar sedan
6:29 “honey you got a big storm comin!”
unicorns are real
unicorns are real 4 dagar sedan
I was eating spaghetti while watching this
Andrei De Asis
Andrei De Asis 4 dagar sedan
This is one of my favorite videos.
Zack wight
Zack wight 4 dagar sedan
i use to be anorexic and now i cant stop eating but this will help me motivate my balance
Nate Andrews
Nate Andrews 4 dagar sedan
2:14 imagine Jaiden recording that in her closet
Banana :3
Banana :3 4 dagar sedan
Oh my god that hip hop music is so annoying MAKE IT STOP!
Delta Dragon
Delta Dragon 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden: I walk a Bird Me hearing that: I walk a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyy lazy lizard named Muffin.
Turkerk 4 dagar sedan
Is it ok if I eat two grapes?
Maxine Gamer
Maxine Gamer 4 dagar sedan
5:35 XD she made a story and a music vid about this 😅😂😂😂
Maxine Gamer
Maxine Gamer 4 dagar sedan
But I love Vegetables and I'm so thin ;w;
big toe yes mhm
big toe yes mhm 4 dagar sedan
its jaiden new years today guys!
RBM 1 4 dagar sedan
Sometimes i DON’T eat food But! Sometimes i DO eat
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin 4 dagar sedan
Thanks Jaiden.... I'm trying to end Whole Foods that's really nice.. thanks for the advice
Clickerty Gaming
Clickerty Gaming 4 dagar sedan
0:30 :jaidenthink:
doge meme
doge meme 4 dagar sedan
See I said I would excersice more and it actually worked and I have a break every week in the summer sooooooooooooo.......... (this isn’t a a hate joke I love jaiden)
rainydayz 5 dagar sedan
6:01 did a full 180~
Ethan King
Ethan King 5 dagar sedan
I cannot be healthy im somehow more lazy then sans I'm a moron. *ATTACK MORONS!!! SAXTON HAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIILLLLL-*
Samuel Turner
Samuel Turner 5 dagar sedan
While eating enough calories is important, there is a lot of merit to a low-calorie diet, but only for those with a large amount of fat. So long as you eat enough of everything else, it helps accelerate the rate your body metabolizes body fat. But be careful not to get too thin, your body needs fat to survive.
Pizzanator 6000
Pizzanator 6000 5 dagar sedan
Everybody knows you should listen power metal when working out.
Khaled Faraj
Khaled Faraj 5 dagar sedan
I have a disorder or disease that if I run or jump to much my nose will just say okay ima go poop out blood from my face and I’ll say OH GOD DAMNIT MY NOSE IS BLEEDING AGAIN also too much exercising makes my nose bleed so I don’t do a lot (I’m really fast race me in irl I’ll beat you up in a race as a 9 year old
Gray Spark1
Gray Spark1 5 dagar sedan
does anybody know what exercise video jaiden uses at 2:56? I honestly wanna try that out.
Samaya Cruz
Samaya Cruz 5 dagar sedan
"Man I feel great, i could run a marathon, or write an essay, i'm so energized and my brain is so clear! Thanks for feeding me *literally one flipping grape* 😵"
Jamie Crabb
Jamie Crabb 5 dagar sedan
Me: I want a new game Mum: u have no money Me:(sees my mums money) 1:16
Oya Bro
Oya Bro 5 dagar sedan
مصطفى مصطفى 55
مصطفى مصطفى 55 5 dagar sedan
Boring shut up nerd
Maha K
Maha K 4 dagar sedan
Omg no one forced you to watch this, and btw s.u
James_Reviews 5 dagar sedan
Stfu bitch
Hiro 5 dagar sedan
2:50..................... oh my god.............. i..... am i?........... part of the common folk?!
Mr. Bun RegCor
Mr. Bun RegCor 5 dagar sedan
Teacher: Okay kids we are going to take a small jog around the playground Those annoying kids that run and race for no reason: 5:01
CornQueen 5 dagar sedan
Is chuging a packet of cherry tomatos helthy?
Anthony ___________bad_at_life
Anthony ___________bad_at_life 5 dagar sedan
Did any one else hear the lisp at 0:50
Daniela Flores Velez
Daniela Flores Velez 6 dagar sedan
4:58 is my favorite part
Moist Beans
Moist Beans 6 dagar sedan
Chris coobs
Stonks-Eternal hi
Stonks-Eternal hi 6 dagar sedan
god the musik
Robert Hrenko
Robert Hrenko 6 dagar sedan
so i keep forgetting my new years resolutions and today my friend told me it was to grow my hair out so i could do more with it for show (i do theatre and wigs cost moneh) and apparently i told her. i dont make resolutions, or at least im pretty sure i didnt this year. what do i say to this new discovery? fuck it lets impulse cut my hair again so i feel less dysphoric and depressed but i cant say that cause strict parents :)
GalaxyRae 6 dagar sedan
Watching this with cocoa pepples.
Gian Carlo Bermudo
Gian Carlo Bermudo 6 dagar sedan
StormyEclipse 6 dagar sedan
3k dislikes are James and that hip hop music group that joined forces and made loads of bots- 😅
John barnes
John barnes 6 dagar sedan
next objective: SURVIVE
V The Trap
V The Trap 6 dagar sedan
tbh i love that music and i can keep pace with the workout vids I'm just built different
Wuendy rosales
Wuendy rosales 6 dagar sedan
Hiiiiii Jame
Fox Lord
Fox Lord 6 dagar sedan
My resolution: Do Not Die Google: we will see about that
ALYA_KASIM01 6 dagar sedan
I love that the fact she added that dumb hip-hop music at the endcard😂😂
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