To the Moon (Piano)

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Jaiden Animations

5 år sedan

The most beautiful song goes with the most beautiful story. Anyone who hasn't experienced the game To the Moon is absolutely missing out. Don't forget to leave me a like if you enjoyed and maybe share it with your friends! :D
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Sheet Music:
Original Song:

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get a paper rabbit that River folded (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 3 dagar sedan
That ending did not sound like an ending
Paul 5 dagar sedan
Piano is pretty cool
Wickz Roblox
Wickz Roblox 7 dagar sedan
Ima try and practice this song
vanilla cupcake
vanilla cupcake 7 dagar sedan
Ari the doggo
Oscar Kummer
Oscar Kummer 9 dagar sedan
Man even watching this 5 years later still brings tears to my eyes
Ben Riley
Ben Riley 12 dagar sedan
Kimberly Jimenez
Kimberly Jimenez 14 dagar sedan
Nice song makes me sleep 😴
Jay'vonn Hammond
Jay'vonn Hammond 14 dagar sedan
Ah yes the 12 th animation
Sebast 21 dag sedan
Ari the Doggo very Ari the Doggo. Sniff beautiful anyways
• i  s w e a r  im n o r m a l •
• i s w e a r im n o r m a l • 22 dagar sedan
Omg the captions i m c R y I n G Edit:I feel like I should point out that I meant if u put the subtitles on lol
anime simp Hufflepuff
anime simp Hufflepuff 25 dagar sedan
Rip all the fallen comrades in Pokemon ruby nuzlock 👁👄👁 💧 💧
Peter Zhao
Peter Zhao 25 dagar sedan
WhY Are yUoR nAiLz LOnK? I'm getting angry!
xdalo2 25 dagar sedan
Please keep making piano vids
Ian Fralick
Ian Fralick 29 dagar sedan
Happy Birthday!!!!! :
KatAnimations Månad sedan
Colin Walker
Colin Walker Månad sedan
Enjoyed the music. Wish you made more of these these days, just as a relaxing break from 2020. I get animations take priority but I’d want to hear you play hollow knight stuff
Amanbuddy1979 Månad sedan
It’s is the most amazing thing ever had haven’t
Brigette Chloe Franco
Brigette Chloe Franco Månad sedan
wwwwooooowwww good
Haziel Ventura Marrufo
Haziel Ventura Marrufo Månad sedan
ARi The Doggo
DPObseser Månad sedan
I decided to look at old videos and I didn’t know you did these piano covers! They’re so good :D
DPObseser Månad sedan
And I love this game too
Melany vega
Melany vega Månad sedan
Jaiden you touch beautiful the piano I love 😻
-xXStrawberry_SmencilXx -
-xXStrawberry_SmencilXx - Månad sedan
*jaiden playing piano gives you determination*
-xXStrawberry_SmencilXx -
-xXStrawberry_SmencilXx - Månad sedan
The mom: ahh back in the days when jaiden played piano Kid: cool I guess Mom: why can’t you be more like her *slaps*
AM R Månad sedan
Wow im lost fur words just wow👍
Green Juice
Green Juice Månad sedan
I saw a simply piano ad while watching this
Vaughan YT
Vaughan YT Månad sedan
You should start a music channel!
Mystery Man
Mystery Man Månad sedan
Anyone else from the ant colony think that this was fly me to the moon?
mister zoe
mister zoe 2 månader sedan
Wallis Mattson
Wallis Mattson 2 månader sedan
Ari the doggo
Pooppeepoop 2 månader sedan
Ari the doggo
gnime 2 månader sedan
0:03 sorry this is just for me to keep replaying lmao
Shorty Zack
Shorty Zack 2 månader sedan
Ari the doggo
AJ Styles
AJ Styles 2 månader sedan
You can use some beautiful songs to like fly me to the moon and some others too
Fritzy Schmidt
Fritzy Schmidt 2 månader sedan
this game doesn't get enough attention ;;
gaming pandas
gaming pandas 2 månader sedan
Make more of this this good
Jake Wong
Jake Wong 2 månader sedan
Turn on captions
ToasterBucket 2 månader sedan
You are amazing at this!
Sapphire Luna
Sapphire Luna 2 månader sedan
Are the doggo I don't even know why I'm doing this lol 😂
Sapphire The dog
Sapphire The dog 2 månader sedan
I wasnt a fan when this was posted. I didn't know Jaiden did piano. I love this, and I get a lot of feels.
Alisha Ma
Alisha Ma 2 månader sedan
ari the doggo
Miki Pulera
Miki Pulera 2 månader sedan
Ari the doggo - if you're late like me :-P
game yo butt of
game yo butt of 2 månader sedan
Talented for surrrrrrrre
Bohuslava Delehan
Bohuslava Delehan 2 månader sedan
Very nice
Alejandra Cowans
Alejandra Cowans 2 månader sedan
Ari the doggo
Renzii yaun
Renzii yaun 2 månader sedan
Ari the doggo
SweetMultistan 2 månader sedan
The repeat button is officially broken. ...I’m just gonna- save this to my playlist. • -•
Ambrey Williams
Ambrey Williams 2 månader sedan
Am I the only one who clapped?
Adar Mironi
Adar Mironi 2 månader sedan
The subs are hilarious
Doodloodle Shorts
Doodloodle Shorts 2 månader sedan
jaiden: plays the first note me: she is the best piano player in existence.
sage swann
sage swann 2 månader sedan
I just learned this song this year on piano, its so beautiful :)
Memey Mike
Memey Mike 2 månader sedan
The subtiles r to good
MV 2 månader sedan
Ari the doggo
Eveee Ears
Eveee Ears 3 månader sedan
The captains are great love them
TheHydroyiredFanVideoEffects2020 / Aarami HD
TheHydroyiredFanVideoEffects2020 / Aarami HD 3 månader sedan
Ari the doggo
Aarush Guha Chaudhuri
Aarush Guha Chaudhuri 3 månader sedan
Ari the doggo
Paulina Rasti TwT
Paulina Rasti TwT 3 månader sedan
ARI THE DOG If you know what I mean
Just Aabha
Just Aabha 3 månader sedan
Ali Rashid
Ali Rashid 3 månader sedan
I’m binge watching jaiden from 2020
lil OwO
lil OwO 3 månader sedan
Haven't played the game but it does sound interesting and definitely like the music you just played would love to hear you play more music on here if you were to just ever just decide to throw something together like a little live performance of songs you picked for people to hear and chat with you for a while talk to you some other time 👉* 👉*
Great GamesGirl
Great GamesGirl 3 månader sedan
Makoto Naegi
Makoto Naegi 3 månader sedan
This song is so emotional
Charlie animates
Charlie animates 3 månader sedan
Ari the doggo!
JOS 1442
JOS 1442 3 månader sedan
Turn on the subtitles at the beginning of the video
y e e h a w
y e e h a w 3 månader sedan
oh coolio
Charles Sylvester
Charles Sylvester 3 månader sedan
2020 gang
Aidan Ifwan
Aidan Ifwan 3 månader sedan
me: clicks on video simply piano ad: its show time
byrd0o0 3 månader sedan
i was expecting the ducktales one, but lemme tell you: *this is so much better*
The Anime Girl
The Anime Girl 3 månader sedan
Ari the doggo.
Amestasia 3 månader sedan
I've come back for the memories.
Yuda Pranowo
Yuda Pranowo 3 månader sedan
Wow,shes good at piano.
Pusheen is amazing
Pusheen is amazing 3 månader sedan
OMGGGGGGGGGG... Jaiden you are amazing like I new you played piano but that is like the next step...wew goooo JAIDeN
Matthew Willard
Matthew Willard 3 månader sedan
This is beautiful! You inspire me 😭😚🥰!
Abex 17
Abex 17 3 månader sedan
I love the subtitles
J.L likes to animate
J.L likes to animate 3 månader sedan
Wow I'm a animator an I can play piano I mean I'm still learning. I'm also very young
Gracie_ Playz
Gracie_ Playz 4 månader sedan
ahhh your sooooo good! :D
[The Black Axolotl]
[The Black Axolotl] 4 månader sedan
W o a w
Kaynaydia Williams
Kaynaydia Williams 4 månader sedan
GenG 4 månader sedan
Hmm octaves
Yeseo Lee
Yeseo Lee 4 månader sedan
Jackson yeow
Jackson yeow 4 månader sedan
somedonkus 4 månader sedan
Who else thought this was a cover of "Fly me to the Moon?"
Chillfreeze YT
Chillfreeze YT 4 månader sedan
i might not have played this game but i will soon play FOSSIL FIGHTERS
LeviTheEntity 4 månader sedan
who are the 100 people who desliked? show yourselved
Axi or somethin
Axi or somethin 4 månader sedan
This does put a tear in my eye
vital 4 månader sedan
Her playin the piano is a vibe and I like it a LOT
Avey Steele
Avey Steele 4 månader sedan
Omg I love singing this song (to myself, I'm shy)!
hamyyy_YROO 4 månader sedan
Haven't heard of To The Moon. Wonder what it's about... Cuz this song has a lot of feels!
i swift
i swift 4 månader sedan
('_')/: how do i get gooder at piano
Gotchas with Willow
Gotchas with Willow 4 månader sedan
Omg Jaden you’re so good I can’t believe it that’s you I hope you love how you play this is amazing
Walkandtalk Studios
Walkandtalk Studios 4 månader sedan
That song is so beautiful. You’ve made my day. Thank you.
Lake430 4 månader sedan
Ari the doggo
random 4 månader sedan
hablo español pero me encantan los vídeos de jaiden y me ayudan para aprender ingles e ir a estados unidos y algún día verla
Rugger's Show
Rugger's Show 4 månader sedan
A History Fanatic
A History Fanatic 4 månader sedan
can't do all my 40 hours of daily practice without a piano and I have stumbled upon the wrong channel. f u c k.
Arwen Miah
Arwen Miah 4 månader sedan
Ngl watching this made me cry
Lumpiang Togue
Lumpiang Togue 4 månader sedan
We'll always regroup on the moon
JymalTheGr8 5 månader sedan
Ari the doggo for surr
Quirky Master
Quirky Master 5 månader sedan
Girl play game? IMPOSSIBLE
Raznuk el Vengador
Raznuk el Vengador 5 månader sedan
Such a beautiful interpretation, I just adore Jaiden playing the piano so much, idk... Oh, and those subs tho, what a dude :v
Potato Patato
Potato Patato 5 månader sedan
Ari the doggo
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