Things that Freak Me Out

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Jaiden Animations

3 år sedan

we're all scared of dumb things okay?
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Mike wazowski_69
Mike wazowski_69 Timme sedan
I have extremely warm hands so if I shake a cold handed person's hand I will not want to let go
Ava Persall
Ava Persall 2 timmar sedan
Kyle Sanders
Kyle Sanders 2 timmar sedan
I'm the opposite with the hand thing, I have a naturally high body temperature so if someone was checking my temp its likely to say anywhere between 98 to 101 so my hand shakes are warm cause my body puts of a lot of heat. So too all those out there with cold hands and you jaiden don't worry about shaking my hand, it won't bother me at all
Sandbox Video
Sandbox Video 4 timmar sedan
In our school, the bathroom stalls open outwards. You wish you had that, huh?
Black Cat Poe
Black Cat Poe 8 timmar sedan
I had a toilet issue too, when I was a kid. Only it's not because it was loud, but in a couple of my schools, we have toilets that flush themselves.
Moa Nos
Moa Nos 9 timmar sedan
3:38 Jaiden in corona times: i'm the luckiest person alive!!
Robert McDevitt
Robert McDevitt 10 timmar sedan
so my school has bathroom doors that open outrord
Karthik 2005
Karthik 2005 14 timmar sedan
The jurrasic park noises had Godzilla in it
Taher Mustapha
Taher Mustapha 16 timmar sedan
u do know that when u explane why they are scary ur making us be scared of them too ya know
pog 19 timmar sedan
but have you heard of plane toilets
Yume Shirayuki
Yume Shirayuki 19 timmar sedan
lmao me too! I'm always cold when I enter the bed and my mother freezes to death and sometimes even yelps from the cold. Haha sometimes I don't realize I'm cold until I get under a blanket
Lugia Gamer
Lugia Gamer 21 timme sedan
I hate loud toilets
Tracy Souder
Tracy Souder 22 timmar sedan
Does any one curse people with the power of Arizona when they shake someone’s hand please tell me I’m not alone.
Alex Bund
Alex Bund 23 timmar sedan
Airplane toilets are the worst, they’re super loud and your stuck in a tiny area
Jackson Giles
Jackson Giles Dag sedan
Nova Moya
Nova Moya Dag sedan
that"s me bro 42
Nova Moya
Nova Moya Dag sedan
Mothgone Dag sedan
My feet are cold and never can be warm Ye coooolllld feet
Michael Raad
Michael Raad Dag sedan
The erect fifth positionally frame because client temporally glue behind a material criminal. overt, aback jaguar
PokéPuff05 Dag sedan
i love your voice, dont change it
CrystalCrysty Dag sedan
Also same for the air dryers
CrystalCrysty Dag sedan
Same I’m afraid of such loud toilets
zk3rs or muhammad
zk3rs or muhammad Dag sedan
I’m not gonna lie I love cold hands lmao
H.P.R. with love
H.P.R. with love Dag sedan
So relatebal I run away from my toilet right after flushing so I don't hear it I get scared
LaughingLionZ Dag sedan
7:08... why u mad bro, just a compliment 😂
Creator Awesome Films
Creator Awesome Films Dag sedan
6:22 she did oh she did Jaiden plz go back to making normal animations instead of Pokémon and cooking mama videos
Dunky Chunks
Dunky Chunks Dag sedan
Jaiden I love your voice 🥰😍😻
Alysha Tam
Alysha Tam Dag sedan
i just got the joke about hot and cold i never understood it before
Gaster master blaster Undertale
Gaster master blaster Undertale Dag sedan
Sry but also 4:46 I never thought of that omg
Gaster master blaster Undertale
Gaster master blaster Undertale Dag sedan
2:31 u r not alone my brother thinks the same thing
Waltse Dag sedan
Jaiden your voice is beautiful
Aqua Bard
Aqua Bard Dag sedan
I have an irrational fear of those loud air driers in public bathrooms. I also hate time limits in video games, or just anything that has a time limit
lιl ρlαуѕ
lιl ρlαуѕ Dag sedan
I love ur animations and I also hate flushing loud toilets it’s just scary O.o
Sarah The Wolf
Sarah The Wolf 2 dagar sedan
I also love your Voice !!! It’s so cute and unique
The Unpredictable
The Unpredictable 2 dagar sedan
3:16 I swear I heard her say, “Whenever you eat someone new...”
Brig Nelson
Brig Nelson 2 dagar sedan
Not near me the stalls are out ward usually
Flamer Gamer
Flamer Gamer 2 dagar sedan
I didn’t know you had anxiety
Kay Forbush
Kay Forbush 2 dagar sedan
I love her voice
Nick R
Nick R 2 dagar sedan
I’m watching this is 2021 and I be like wow how has this been so long.
Maysam Jalouqa
Maysam Jalouqa 2 dagar sedan
Don't worry jaiden I don't like my voice too😔😔
Tundire 2 dagar sedan
0:10 thats me in a nutshell
SuRyu—すりゆ 2 dagar sedan
I like your voice
Student Andre Diaz
Student Andre Diaz 2 dagar sedan
I know your pain
W Patteson
W Patteson 2 dagar sedan
i run from the toliet
W Patteson
W Patteson 2 dagar sedan
you are amazing😀
Emma Diaz
Emma Diaz 2 dagar sedan
Tip for jaiden! Open the stall door first then flush the toilet so you can run out (I mean that's what I did)
Unicorn C
Unicorn C 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: the loud flushing toilets that make me feel like ive just released satin and a million other tortured souls. me: OMG I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE AND THAT I WAS A HUGE WIMP, well i still am a huge wimp but that's not the point. BUT THE TOILETS ON AIRPLANES LET ME TELL YOU, YOU MIGHT AS WELL JUST RUN TO THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE PLAIN BEFORE FLUSHING THEY MIGHT AS WELL PULL YOU IN OTHERWISE!
ItzPandaTime 2 dagar sedan
How to get out of a bathroom 1. Open Door 2. flush the toilet 3. Run away Lol i can relate cause Im afraid of toilets to
Game Glitch
Game Glitch 3 dagar sedan
Funny thing about me my hands are oddly warm
Spirit Club
Spirit Club 3 dagar sedan
Maiden open the stall then flush the toilet
Game of gaming
Game of gaming 3 dagar sedan
“My hands are fridged” it’s the same but with my feet
Kleinblatt 3 dagar sedan
why dont you just leave the thing first then flush it
Winzard Gamez
Winzard Gamez 3 dagar sedan
Also if YOU think ur mumbly you should hear PJIGGLES VOICE HE A SVfromR
Winzard Gamez
Winzard Gamez 3 dagar sedan
Ok jaiden I have 1 thing I want to say about ur loud toilet part ( actually a couple) 1. I'm also scared of the toilets in my school. 2. U know what I do when they flush? COVER MY EARS U SHOULD TRY THAT BAM LOUD TOILET PROBLEM SOLVED. So ya I'm 9 and ur my favorite youtuber.
Montu Torsari
Montu Torsari 3 dagar sedan
I tought no one else was scared of those toilet things until I watched it. I'm so excited there is another dumb person like me on earth 😳
Amelia Wilson
Amelia Wilson 3 dagar sedan
Omg I’m not the only one afraid of flushing toilets and hand dryers
Hurricane Hypno
Hurricane Hypno 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: I'm sure the mysophobes can agree with me on that one! *_And corona._*
Newt Scamander
Newt Scamander 3 dagar sedan
Hi jaiden I like your voice
Amira 3 dagar sedan
Im scared of people calling my name
Lindsey Williams
Lindsey Williams 3 dagar sedan
Ben Carter
Ben Carter 3 dagar sedan
Your soooo like my sister
Grace Reyes
Grace Reyes 3 dagar sedan
Why can't you open the door before you flush so that you can leave
Judah Lopez
Judah Lopez 3 dagar sedan
i hred godllia
Vincent Rodriguez
Vincent Rodriguez 3 dagar sedan
9 year old me said im not scared of the dark im scared there is something in the dark i cant see and itll grab me to hell
T Kitten
T Kitten 3 dagar sedan
I have Chirophobia
Casey McWatters
Casey McWatters 3 dagar sedan
Why did she put Godzilla roar in the jr
Pink Birdy
Pink Birdy 3 dagar sedan
Ik this video is 3 years old, but I also dislike loud toilets, what I do in a stall is right before I flush, I open the door and flush the toilet and run out of the stall so I don't have to wait in it
your mom
your mom 3 dagar sedan
Ehren vst
Ehren vst 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden has thought about non contact stuff in advance
Katharine Ball
Katharine Ball 4 dagar sedan
I'm happy to know that I am not the only one terrified of those toilets.
Katharine Ball
Katharine Ball 4 dagar sedan
PS.yea I feel the same way about my voice.
Ibrahim Alhamid
Ibrahim Alhamid 4 dagar sedan
jaidin you made me death my ears are dead why the jerassic roar i was wearing headphon's
C Armour
C Armour 4 dagar sedan
open the door before you flush if you are in a stall ...
paw patrol fan
paw patrol fan 4 dagar sedan
Is that your bed and is that your blanket in the reflection >👅
EM B 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden stop bullying yourself!! I LOVE YOUR VOICE AND HATE MY OWN •-•
Lilli Clarke
Lilli Clarke 4 dagar sedan
My strange fear is the toilet open, when I’m like in the shower then I will close it because I’m scared 😱
Review Is What I Say
Review Is What I Say 4 dagar sedan
0:23 And here we are, after Nuzlocke 2 came out, and you did just that.
Family Eames
Family Eames 4 dagar sedan
loud toilets.... my toilets loud and i used to run out my bathroom everytime i went ... anything.... now i got used to it but i dont like the weekly tests on tv tho...
Stephanie Williams
Stephanie Williams 4 dagar sedan
Me two
Nyl Rede
Nyl Rede 4 dagar sedan
Noob noob i bum killed me noob
Spring• Potato
Spring• Potato 4 dagar sedan
Finally I’m not the only person scared of those hand dryers
Fuzzy Unicorn Hugs
Fuzzy Unicorn Hugs 4 dagar sedan
Don't worry Jaiden, I'm scared of games with time limits too- XD
Something Studio Animation
Something Studio Animation 4 dagar sedan
The same things stress me out, like pretty much every one of them 😂
Kenton The Dull
Kenton The Dull 4 dagar sedan
Im scared of being alone not lonley
aleksander ulitsin
aleksander ulitsin 5 dagar sedan
Airplane toilets are CRAZY it gets md everytime
William O'Neal
William O'Neal 5 dagar sedan
for second thing i thought that to
Kayla's LifeStyle
Kayla's LifeStyle 5 dagar sedan
Hey Jaiden i really like your voice
Jakeplaysmems 5 dagar sedan
I met my cousins wife for the first time and when I was going to say hi I was like do I hug her do I shake her hand put I just did I looked her in the eyes and said hi and wallked away
Why 5 dagar sedan
I’m afraid of dinner. That joke was stolen.
Halo KawaiFox
Halo KawaiFox 5 dagar sedan
Lol same my voice is always so low idk why tho
Sandra Roberson
Sandra Roberson 5 dagar sedan
Jaiden: I don’t like cold hands Me: girl my hands are like lava there so hot!!!😛
Alanna Viana
Alanna Viana 5 dagar sedan
Oh Jaiden, I realy like your voice.
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez 5 dagar sedan
Your voice is actually pretty calming.
Howl-Cos 5 dagar sedan
"shy and nervous and a self-conscious and a... mess" *I relate to that on a spiritual level*
Carmyn Shroder
Carmyn Shroder 5 dagar sedan
I and my best friend do finger guns to say hello and goodbye because of this. SO THANK YOU JAIDEN
Luna Moon studios
Luna Moon studios 5 dagar sedan
Whenever I’m in the school bathroom and I flush the toilet I legit try and like- go under the stall for some dumb reason and always think it will suck me in. I’m sorry I just get so scared 😫
StarHunter 5 dagar sedan
That one thing that everyone is scared of that is one of the most dumbest things are spiders and silverfishes ;-;
Tania 5 dagar sedan
Me too!
Cookie Master
Cookie Master 5 dagar sedan
I think that your voice is calming
Artist Wannabe
Artist Wannabe 5 dagar sedan
Abigail Moore
Abigail Moore 5 dagar sedan
You could open the door then flush the toilet and run
Travis Mason
Travis Mason 5 dagar sedan
I find your voice soothing AF
Krazy Gamer Productions
Krazy Gamer Productions 5 dagar sedan
Jaiden when you say bye just tell them why you have to go and them just wave at them -_-
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