Things that Freak Me Out

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Jaiden Animations

3 år sedan

we're all scared of dumb things okay?
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Reality Unicorn
Reality Unicorn 45 sekunder sedan
Open the door first!
Gold _TheSunshineWing
Gold _TheSunshineWing 5 minuter sedan
I'm scared of escalators at the mall.
Have a nice day
Have a nice day Timme sedan
Same! I hate loud flush toilets, especially automatic ones. And I can’t do hand dryers either. But because they are to loud... but that was when I was young.
Cjdog Timme sedan
but you can flush it when you've open the door
Piper XD
Piper XD 3 timmar sedan
Every bathroom I've been to has outwards opening stalls -_- ALSO I THOUGHT THE SAME ABOUT MY VOICE
Gacha Moon Animations
Gacha Moon Animations 3 timmar sedan
Jaiden: loud flushing toilets *welcome aboard*
The Relaxation
The Relaxation 3 timmar sedan
Your voice as a kid sounds lower than it is
Tara Follick
Tara Follick 4 timmar sedan
Well that was depressing 4:33
Marcos Garcia
Marcos Garcia 4 timmar sedan
i think loud toilets are funny bc they soud like a car is commig thrue and trying to comunicate w u
Shala Billings
Shala Billings 5 timmar sedan
I love your voice I have a voice like yours! Keep up the good work👍👑
Micaela Vogel
Micaela Vogel 5 timmar sedan
she does have a pretty voice
Leti 6 timmar sedan
As a Kid I always thought that a loud-flushing-toilet would summon Darth Vader. I was also scared of the Hulk, not because of his anger-problems, just because I was afraid of stupid people
The anonymis
The anonymis 6 timmar sedan
Your voice is butiful
LeonsonLim 7 timmar sedan
3:37 2020 foreshadowing Haha!.... Ha...
Awesome Tani
Awesome Tani 7 timmar sedan
When she said she was afraid of loud toilets flushing I felt so relieved- honestly I really can't stand any toilets flushing and I have a HUGE fear of automatic toilets
A Gator
A Gator 8 timmar sedan
Me at first saying toilets arent loud.when I wached this a disney resort .that's that may be true O-O
yash shimpi
yash shimpi 8 timmar sedan
I have cold hands too😂
it's karla
it's karla 10 timmar sedan
Jaiden:my voice is weird and mumbly me:I sound like a Russian drug dealer
Franco Cholo Calubayan Perez
Franco Cholo Calubayan Perez 10 timmar sedan
You have a typical introvert voice. :3
Captain Infinite
Captain Infinite 11 timmar sedan
Always get this comments, “yo dude! Your hands are smooth and lady like!” Like the frick? I mean I’m not complaining, I got complimented for it by a girl even!
Angel Alvarez
Angel Alvarez 12 timmar sedan
I think you're my soulmate
Jo Lyall
Jo Lyall 14 timmar sedan
3:39 don't hug people, especially not in middle school: If it's a boy, congrats you're gay! If it's a girl, welcome to the registered sex offender club! Actually, it's only a problem for boys... :(
micah !
micah ! 14 timmar sedan
"less confusion, and contact" the year is 2020 and that wouldve been nice if we started that
emily chwn
emily chwn 17 timmar sedan
that finger gun idea sounds really great during quarantine
Ocean Thebird
Ocean Thebird 18 timmar sedan
I get more scared of phone calls so if u meet me and my phone starts ringing then don’t be surprised if I do this aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my ears there withering away aaaaaahhhh.
Gissele Nunez
Gissele Nunez 19 timmar sedan
We have a lot in common
Pegasus33 75
Pegasus33 75 19 timmar sedan
How about instead of shaking hands we did finger guns? 2020: your wish is my command
Gabriel WW2 Nerd
Gabriel WW2 Nerd 21 timme sedan
You’ve got a great voice! Don’t worry about how it sounds!
Once a Strong Man
Once a Strong Man 21 timme sedan
That finger guns thing aged well.
jeffmiste 21 timme sedan
finger guns aren't a bad idea in 2020......
Will Platt
Will Platt 21 timme sedan
You got a good voice. Better then some audiobooks/ podcasts I’ve heard.
Piper Abbott
Piper Abbott 21 timme sedan
My hand are always cold to😭😂🤣
Xx Pastel Studios xX
Xx Pastel Studios xX 22 timmar sedan
Hand dryers scare me because they are loud :(
The Bird
The Bird Dag sedan
The Bird
The Bird Dag sedan
Boojump Dag sedan
Jaiden: I hate loud toilets Airplane toilets: 😐
Kittens Are Cuddly
Kittens Are Cuddly Dag sedan
Leave and then flush
Serio Games
Serio Games Dag sedan
Ur getting closer... ok now not closer... ok now really close... Hey! You found it!
Ethan Caprice
Ethan Caprice Dag sedan
open the door first i think its a good idea
Sameera Alsulaimani
Sameera Alsulaimani Dag sedan
Jaeli Adams
Jaeli Adams Dag sedan
As a child I wasn’t rlly scared of the flushing noises but I was scared that if were in good condition or not and I was scared about making then flood so yea ; w ;
Russ Huang
Russ Huang Dag sedan
Idk why but one of my fears are Looking at something really tall idk why
Aayan Gondal
Aayan Gondal Dag sedan
0:25 weird
Cinnamon Dag sedan
Its alright jaiden im kinda scared of loud flushing toilets too
Endfighter47 Playz
Endfighter47 Playz Dag sedan
1:33 goat jaiden well almost
Juan Felipe's Box
Juan Felipe's Box Dag sedan
I like ir vois
Malpal 93
Malpal 93 Dag sedan
It's so good to know that I'm not the only one who has hands that are always cold! And you're not the only one who hates hot and cold game I do too it freaks me out! The toilet one I can relate too as well not gonna lie..... I don't like not voice too so don't worry you're not the only one to that one too.
savedge_cloud Dag sedan
Lol I know someone who is like hey I am so good at walking then trips
whiteraven562 Dag sedan
I am also afraid of those hand-dryers, but my fear is that it's going to chop my hands off somehow
Banana Plunderer
Banana Plunderer Dag sedan
Oh jaiden I really like your voice
Heather Heavenly
Heather Heavenly Dag sedan
You’re videos are cool and I love watching your videos in my free time
愛心陳 Dag sedan
hey jaiden, remember when some body kicked the door open and hurt your arm, and you said if it was a kindergardener it could have been very serious? so if you push the bathroom stall door to hard and...
uema Dag sedan
My therapist: Reddit Jaiden isn't real and it can't hurt you. Reddit Jaiden: 0:25
Xxx_weirdgacha_xxX Lea
Xxx_weirdgacha_xxX Lea Dag sedan
who is watching this in 2020 and watching all of her video’s
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy Dag sedan
I feel the same about the timer thing
Barış Özügüler
Barış Özügüler Dag sedan
4:07 Old wario games: Imma about to end this womans whole mentality Also "Rain World" is unsettling too because you have a random amount of time to wander around and there are predators and traps outside
Jaiden animations fan :3
Jaiden animations fan :3 Dag sedan
Yes jaiden's voice is nice
Immakidstudio Dag sedan
about the handdryer thing im more afraid of touching the sides of it. that crap is kind of hot (not the pretty kind, the temperature)
Sola Dillon
Sola Dillon Dag sedan
Just open the door first
Just Shimby
Just Shimby Dag sedan
iam also scared of toilets cause when the lid goes down it makes a loud noise iam scared of that
Vamarasi Vincent
Vamarasi Vincent Dag sedan
ummm if you are scared about th toliet you can just like ummmmm go to your right then open the then go outside of the bath room then you slam the door just like i did.. back firee
Mila Lin
Mila Lin Dag sedan
Jaiden: I'm scared of loud flushing toilets. And when I was younger I thought I sounded like a boy. Me: 😦 sameee....
waffal66 Dag sedan
most people can't stand the sound of their own voice especially while recording
JAIDEN I FEEL YOUR TOILET FEAR when i was younger i was always afriad of outamatic flushing toilets bc the flushes are just unexpected and i get a mini heart attack
Merlie dagalea
Merlie dagalea Dag sedan
Ella Leitenberger
Ella Leitenberger Dag sedan
I hate loud toilets too. The toilets in my church are sooo pointlessly loud. I always just lurk in the bathroom for a while so people don't stare at me when I come out.
Maron Gift
Maron Gift Dag sedan
omg I want the satan toilet for some reason. not to use, obviously, but to flex that I have hell's toilet I guess
Angel Angel
Angel Angel Dag sedan
xD the toilets in the plane are HORRIBLE... SCREEEEEEEEE also, my hands and feet are a burning heater....
Kitty Cherry
Kitty Cherry Dag sedan
at my school our toilet's are really loud and I literally unlock the door and when I press it I instantly run out. 😂
jeep biscuit
jeep biscuit Dag sedan
just the mess with 8 million subscribers
Isaac Neild
Isaac Neild Dag sedan
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet Dag sedan
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet Dag sedan
I’m always afraid the habdryer will explode my hands off
Ana Lane
Ana Lane Dag sedan
For some reason i am terrified of deep water. Literally petrified. And its scarier when you can see the bottom. It sounds like a silly fear, but its the number one biggest thing i am scared of.
The MattBat999
The MattBat999 Dag sedan
"Just released Satan himself and the thousand tortured souls from the fiery pits of Hell!" -Jaiden, 2017
Dez book
Dez book 2 dagar sedan
i love youre voice
Dez book
Dez book 2 dagar sedan
Paula SQ
Paula SQ 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden : advertising social distancing light-years ahead of her time
Brent Ball
Brent Ball 2 dagar sedan
I think the same but my hands are always sweaty.
Stefan Sauvageon / What-a-Twist
Stefan Sauvageon / What-a-Twist 2 dagar sedan
I like your voice
Isabella Burns
Isabella Burns 2 dagar sedan
Your voice sounds different when u play back a recording of urself talking then what u hear urself saying when u talk so that's why it might sound weird to u cuz tbh I hate the way my voice sounds too
Isabella Burns
Isabella Burns 2 dagar sedan
Idk if that makes sense
April Mustoe
April Mustoe 2 dagar sedan
I never understood the toilet part of this video....... until I used my girlfriends downstairs toilet
Cameron Wadey
Cameron Wadey 2 dagar sedan
Don't worry I'm after of praying mantises
Onyx 76
Onyx 76 2 dagar sedan
Don’t worry, I can’t say two sentences without my throat going sore
ice cream kitty 2010!
ice cream kitty 2010! 2 dagar sedan
welp jaiden my toilet is legit tiny and the toilet makes a loud sound everytime i guess youd be very scared being in my house! and looking at my orthopedic stuff... p.s your weird
hellish 2 dagar sedan
I don’t talk much but at the same time I will talk to myself for over 2 hours
Hedwig 2 dagar sedan
Oh, we should totally shake hands. I have really sweaty hands..
Hi_Whatever _xX
Hi_Whatever _xX 2 dagar sedan
jaiden: dont Judge me me: ok lol😂
Charlotte. xoxo17 x H
Charlotte. xoxo17 x H 2 dagar sedan
wtf what the fuke
Heather Foley
Heather Foley 2 dagar sedan
3:48 it's the haphephobes
Andrea Medrano-Rivas
Andrea Medrano-Rivas 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: *afraid of hand dryer because of the hand cuffs*. Me: *afraid that the hand dryer will suck off my skin*
Ellie Lloyd
Ellie Lloyd 2 dagar sedan
My always scared of toilets so bad that i do the same as jaiden. When I flush the toilet i run to my room when it is dark lol
Fauzi Rahman
Fauzi Rahman 2 dagar sedan
No more shaking hands? I guess 2020 does have its silver linings after all.
Shivertron The epic
Shivertron The epic 2 dagar sedan
Wait I was afraid of flushing toilets too no joke!😂
Potatoz Rule
Potatoz Rule 2 dagar sedan
"My throat would be really sore because I wasn't used to talking that much...." Me to (except all my friends would say different)
Coconut Bean
Coconut Bean 2 dagar sedan
Rn I'm freaking out I am not feeling like sleeping because I don't like the dark ○v○
Corinne Roberts
Corinne Roberts 2 dagar sedan
the first fear I also I have too but a different reason When I flush the toilet And it goes loud I feel like I’ve woken some weird entity Idk why
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny 2 dagar sedan
As a kid I had a dream the moon kidnapped me so I was terrified of the moon
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny 2 dagar sedan
I’d rather wipe my hands on my clothes dry then use any air dryer hand dryer, I always jump when someone uses them
Me play Brawl stars
Me play Brawl stars 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: TOILETS ARE SO LOUD also jaiden: hand dryers are ok
RainbowCritterz :D
RainbowCritterz :D 2 dagar sedan
Wow You Say Your Hands Are Only Cold Well Mine Are Only HOT lol
Hamilton Fanatic
Hamilton Fanatic 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: I’m scared of loud flushing toilets Me: Don’t go in a cruise
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