Things that Freak Me Out (part 2)

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yup, there's more.
part 1:
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I will shield you from any darkness sharks that might infect your dreams.

Emmett Heflin
Emmett Heflin 3 minuter sedan
Why did you not tell the whole story of your Pinocchio nightmare
Unicorn C
Unicorn C 23 minuter sedan
jaiden: but that makes scene because they are all out doing extrovert things. me during covid: HAHA! not today! I'm dying on the inside from the lack of social interaction! Isn't that fun?
Ghosty Boi
Ghosty Boi 37 minuter sedan
Me to the nightmare part is were I have 2 of the same dreams in different year's
Shawn Carr
Shawn Carr 2 timmar sedan
Audrey Bennett
Audrey Bennett 5 timmar sedan
STELLAR STELLAR STELLAR STELLAR STELLAR STELLAR STELLAR STELLAR STELLAR STELLAR stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar *stellar*
aesthetic_pinkcats :3
aesthetic_pinkcats :3 7 timmar sedan
(Jaiden says the word stellar) Jaiden: ppl should use the word stellar more!? Me: ikr?!! Jaiden: stellar... is... stellar Me: stellar is stellar 😎
Marsbars 415
Marsbars 415 8 timmar sedan
I'm an extrovert but I'm in quarantine so...
Floofy Dinoz
Floofy Dinoz 9 timmar sedan
Stellar stellar Stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar Stellar stellar Stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar Stellar stellar Stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar Stellar stellar Stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar
Peddi Manjunath
Peddi Manjunath 11 timmar sedan
stellar stellar stellar
Wyatt Sonnier
Wyatt Sonnier 21 timme sedan
Once I had a dream about a dog who was really a werewolf
Wyatt Sonnier
Wyatt Sonnier 21 timme sedan
The dogs name was jet and it was terafing
Lisa Akinyemi
Lisa Akinyemi Dag sedan
My nightmare was that I was in a torcher camber and I could not breath and when I woke up I could not breath and almost died when I was 4
Dan Man fam
Dan Man fam Dag sedan
Lily Sisler
Lily Sisler Dag sedan
Im not just an extrovert or an introvert I guess Im both like 1/2 and 1/2
Baltazar Cardona Juan
Baltazar Cardona Juan Dag sedan
I love u Jaide
Eric Eisenmann
Eric Eisenmann Dag sedan
“Stellar is stellar”
Cédrick Michaud-Lavoie
Cédrick Michaud-Lavoie Dag sedan
I love it how in every video, Jaiden only colors her hair.
Abraham Steenkamp
Abraham Steenkamp Dag sedan
Oyu Tselmeg
Oyu Tselmeg Dag sedan
Jaiden: I'm a introvert 👌 Me: sooo relatable 😭😭
Daniel Stevens
Daniel Stevens Dag sedan
I can only be myself around and properly interact with people I trust and know. Like the fam, my friends etc etc.
The GwinnLandry tribe
The GwinnLandry tribe 2 dagar sedan
I’m an extrovert and I love your videos
Phoenix :D
Phoenix :D 2 dagar sedan
AdmiralTrout 2 dagar sedan
just saying, im introverted to the point where i dont like any human interaction outside of my work, phones are beautiful tools for circumventing human interaction without face to face contact
Poizin 2 dagar sedan
*I'm a ambivert I stay inside and watch ur videos and I go outside and talk to people*
Olivia Belshaw
Olivia Belshaw 2 dagar sedan
Im watching in the rona times
Kaylee Wilson
Kaylee Wilson 2 dagar sedan
im both
Oldmanfranks 2 dagar sedan
I can't watch Temple of Doom for the exact same reason: it gave me a horrifying nightmare and I will not watch it again
please do not the cat
please do not the cat 2 dagar sedan
Exotic Imposter
Exotic Imposter 2 dagar sedan
i know this is an old video, but i work at wmart and people walk in and out all the time lol
Aoife Murphy
Aoife Murphy 2 dagar sedan
Ella Hoffbeck
Ella Hoffbeck 2 dagar sedan
I’d figured it would have been that one scene... where you watch the kid slowly lose his humanity and be transformed into a donkey...
Review Is What I Say
Review Is What I Say 2 dagar sedan
Nobody but Jaiden: S T E L L A R
yeet or be yeeted
yeet or be yeeted 2 dagar sedan
The extroverts must be really sad in quarantine (im an introvert so it didn't effect me and im an artist so I don't go out anyway.)
M R 2 dagar sedan
What about ambiverts?
Milka Eximond
Milka Eximond 2 dagar sedan
Sakeena Saliu
Sakeena Saliu 2 dagar sedan
I am very bad at socializing and I dont go outside much.And Happy 2021!
Lucario Issac89
Lucario Issac89 2 dagar sedan
Answer for quiz:The spongebob game...
Leandra Caldas Galvão
Leandra Caldas Galvão 2 dagar sedan
When I was younger I got a nightmare about potato zombies
Levi Mackenzie
Levi Mackenzie 2 dagar sedan
Introvert gang.
Jade-Ranae Fountain
Jade-Ranae Fountain 3 dagar sedan
Stellar Cat
Stellar Cat 3 dagar sedan
Mark Music
Mark Music 3 dagar sedan
What does stellar mean
Channing Danko
Channing Danko 3 dagar sedan
you are
kristen ballard
kristen ballard 3 dagar sedan
I am introvert
Tyking dwarf
Tyking dwarf 3 dagar sedan
Joke on you I don't use a pc
Isabel Gee
Isabel Gee 3 dagar sedan
Raise your hand if your a introvert *raises hand*
Anarchy J1
Anarchy J1 2 dagar sedan
bensfam !!!!
bensfam !!!! 3 dagar sedan
Lilo Bilo
Lilo Bilo 3 dagar sedan
nobi faisal
nobi faisal 3 dagar sedan
Ok so I had a dream once or a nightmare and I woke up almost dead from fear Ok so apparently I had a pet chicken that was pink and it’s foot got stuck in the water dispenser and my house was combined with my cousins house I had to go outside and get Medicine cause then my chickens foot was cut off (no blood) as I was going there was four slides and I had to get past them but there were guards so I went down one slide little did I know THAT SLIDE WOULD TAKE ME FACE TO THE GROUND AND I WOULD DIE I went on it and I was falling for some reason higher then the slide and I was actually hurt and as I was about to fall to my death I woke up in fear and my chest was hurting idk weird dream-
Haven Nicole
Haven Nicole 3 dagar sedan
the video where you got locked out of your house after you told the uber driver you lived somewhere you didn’t- that’s the time u screwed yourself over and you made a video about it
kitten studios [dont watch]
kitten studios [dont watch] 3 dagar sedan
Looks like she's having pixar nightmares
Hester Campbell
Hester Campbell 3 dagar sedan
Pikonooo 3 dagar sedan
You have to- RESTART YOUR COMPUTER!! *laughs in ipad*
Backbak100 3 dagar sedan
UndertaleTime2015 3 dagar sedan
You nervous about the 2nd level of that sponge bob game.
Star Experience
Star Experience 3 dagar sedan
Who got the recommanded at 2021
The Four Flames
The Four Flames 3 dagar sedan
This video was stellar 🙂🙂🙂🙂
Minigun Fest
Minigun Fest 3 dagar sedan
Lets start a introvert gang!!
catlazer45 3 dagar sedan
When I was like 5 or something the most terrifying thing in the world to me was witches. I remember that because I once had a dream were I woke up in the middle of the night and as 5 year olds do, I went into my parents room and saw the scariest witch I had ever seen in my life. Also one time I was napping on the floor in a sleeping bag because I liked it more then my bed for some reason and I had a nightmare when I was laying down and turned my head to look in front of me instead of the ceiling and see a witch crawling over to me as fast as possible and right before she made it to me, I woke up drenched in sweat. I thing I've had more traumatizing dreams then you. (Just my opinion tho.)
Blue Lion Girl
Blue Lion Girl 4 dagar sedan
Nina Kruczyk
Nina Kruczyk 4 dagar sedan
I am a insane extrovert I am very social
Jessica Peett
Jessica Peett 4 dagar sedan
My irrational fear: (really bad i swear not kidding) worms (i scream at them) (its sad)
My name is Micah
My name is Micah 4 dagar sedan
So it depends on who I am talking to, normally I am introverted but when I am with friends I'm probably one of the most extroverted people you can find. So basically, imma vert.
kathy lumley
kathy lumley 4 dagar sedan
How do I send you art I make?😆
sx greven
sx greven 4 dagar sedan
Windhelm Guard
Windhelm Guard 4 dagar sedan
Wait, I know you...
ChoppR 4 dagar sedan
Just hit 20 million views on this vid, congrats!
Cyonix Gaming
Cyonix Gaming 4 dagar sedan
Your videos are stellar! I just used stellar! :D
Yuri Kamado
Yuri Kamado 4 dagar sedan
Mfer Minecraft
Mfer Minecraft 5 dagar sedan
I love your voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine is too low for a girl my age. I'm an introvert I love your video
DOLFOCUS Productions
DOLFOCUS Productions 5 dagar sedan
Siham Alali
Siham Alali 5 dagar sedan
1:22 you hate as all 😞😞😞😞😞🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Nj Noori Noori
Nj Noori Noori 5 dagar sedan
So im am average
Avery lynn
Avery lynn 5 dagar sedan
I'm just saying I haven't watched the first part to this in like over a year and I still got the answer to the quiz right (spongebob game thing) :))
vakaris letzplays
vakaris letzplays 5 dagar sedan
Im on a phone
The world shall know Pain
The world shall know Pain 5 dagar sedan
the quiz: **exists** me on mobile: *Ight imma head out*
Aishee Aindree Banerjee
Aishee Aindree Banerjee 5 dagar sedan
5:00 yes. That is me. Also tip: ask questions so they think ur listening
jacky wacky
jacky wacky 5 dagar sedan
As someone who works in retail I can tell you with certainty that we're not paid enough to care. We might as well just help you rob the store
sarah Ali
sarah Ali 5 dagar sedan
Hun I bet I have the weirdest nightmares out of everyone in the world, here’s one of them : Me and my family were walking around a museum and we found a door that was locked, then SOME WEIRD AND MYSTERIOUS GUY CAME OUT OF NOWHERE AND ASKED IF ANY OF US WERE WEARING BRAIDS I DID SO BEING THE DUMB NIGHTMARE THAT IT WAS I SAID I DID AND HE TOOK ME INTO THE ROOM AND THERE WAS A CARTOON CHARACTER CHAINED UP INTO A ROCKET and you guessed it HE CHAINED ME UP TOO MY FAMILY JUST GASPED AND STOOD THERE AND THEN THE ROCKET JUST LAUNCHED INTO THE AIR, then I woke up, Please don’t be shy share your nightmares in the reply’s
Anime Fight
Anime Fight 5 dagar sedan
Juicy Apples
Juicy Apples 5 dagar sedan
A dog is called Stellar 🐶🐾🐩❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🌈🐬?
Lightazer Vlogs
Lightazer Vlogs 6 dagar sedan
I’m an exavert
Liz Trapp
Liz Trapp 6 dagar sedan
Like me I was looking for something in the hardware section And I couldn't find it So I bought a hammer Not Look Suspicious
night sky
night sky 6 dagar sedan
im an antrivert because im very extra and crazy but id rather be in a corner watching SVfrom and be on my phone.
Patty L
Patty L 6 dagar sedan
I like ya vids:)
Lorenzo Maffezzoli
Lorenzo Maffezzoli 6 dagar sedan
Mentally disturbed Guinea pig
Mentally disturbed Guinea pig 6 dagar sedan
when your name is in video but there is "r" behind your name so i dont mind but i actuly do
Pro Gaming
Pro Gaming 6 dagar sedan
The sponge bob game for the game boy advanced
MegaHenox 6 dagar sedan
Maree Hutchin-Coysh
Maree Hutchin-Coysh 6 dagar sedan
stArye 6 dagar sedan
in what video did you say that you hate it when people say really obvious stuff
KIMBER PIPKIN 6 dagar sedan
jaiden! im so confused if i'm extrovert or introvert,i spend MOST of my time away from humans, but i will NEVER raise my hand, i have no problem asking store workers, and some people just scare me sooooooo bad, but some people are like yup ik this person!!! help!!!
Cad Leyva
Cad Leyva 6 dagar sedan
Me and jaiden are one bc im like that
aivmie 6 dagar sedan
"you don't have to be up to date with every single video!" me, who's watched every video over 50 times: 👁👄👁
Zapsticks 6 dagar sedan
Jaiden: if there's an option to not talk to people, I'm down Me: same
thestripedvlog 6 dagar sedan
Ima introvert
Isabella Vansteenburg
Isabella Vansteenburg 7 dagar sedan
COVID SOLVED YOUR SOCAIL PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!! (not saying you have problems........ but.............)
Chrisa B
Chrisa B 7 dagar sedan
i am a extervert i am more social.
Kyoobur9000 7 dagar sedan
I didn’t watch the first one but was it SpongeBob BFBB?
BP Plays
BP Plays 7 dagar sedan
Person 1: hey can you call Person 3? Person 2: *texts Person 3* Person 1: Did you call them? Person 2: I texted them. Person 1: No just call them. Person2: I already texted them! Person 1: Just call them!! Person 2: NOOO! And that’s the story of everyone on SVfrom and probably also Jaiden.
Wesley Bond
Wesley Bond 7 dagar sedan
i'm an extrovert but I play video games all day
Deanna D
Deanna D 7 dagar sedan
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