Things I Feel Guilty About

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Jaiden Animations

3 år sedan

so much guilt in this video,,, so much guilt

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i'll rummage around in a trash to find you a chip

Evangeline McCarty
Evangeline McCarty Timme sedan
That was me you hit with a roock
Xaxiyng 3 timmar sedan
Every kids first word when someone does something bad: “IM TELLING!”
Catherine Griffith
Catherine Griffith 7 timmar sedan
N o m o r e g u i l t n o w .
cloverqt 7 timmar sedan
Ok your funny im not joking i always laugh to hard
Wiebe Dijkstra
Wiebe Dijkstra 14 timmar sedan
1:17 haha i do that all the time
Seashore The SandSeaWing
Seashore The SandSeaWing 15 timmar sedan
When I was young I accidentally drooled in kindergarten and spit was in the ground and I started crying because I thought swat was gonna come and send me to jail for the rest of my life.....
Indir Tupkovic
Indir Tupkovic 19 timmar sedan
Mom:1...2...3!Jaiden ur Grounded!!!
Hortencia Aredondo
Hortencia Aredondo Dag sedan
I love this video 😙
OwnedBucket Dag sedan
3:38 */wdr Jaiden Animations aimbot*
Mothgone Dag sedan
Snowballs are like rocks so never get into a snowball fight trust me it hurts
Alison Murphy
Alison Murphy Dag sedan
The worthless parcel thessaly expect because cabbage serologically gather unto a curvy transmission. hideous high, disgusting niece
StevemanSteven Dag sedan
Jaiden: throws a rock Kid: my life is over
Hacker 18
Hacker 18 Dag sedan
This video really relate to myself. When I eat something like a snack or lunch/dinner leftovers,I will always make sure that nobody wants to eat it because I've experienced a moment where I ate something and my mom says "where is(the food that I ate)?" I didn't want to tell her like Jaiden did and I felt the most guilt I've ever felt in my life and I always think in my mind 'what if I didn't ate it' or I would imagine myself in her vision and feel the disappointment that she felt when seeing the thing that I wanted to eat was already been eaten.
Ester Azevedo Teixeira
Ester Azevedo Teixeira Dag sedan
if i was there i will call the police arrest the boy for liying
Ester Azevedo Teixeira
Ester Azevedo Teixeira Dag sedan
steal 100000000000 chips that will be arrested
musa ganai
musa ganai Dag sedan
in india if you'r mother is counting that means if don't do what they say u don't wanna know what will happen to that child
Lila Rooney
Lila Rooney Dag sedan
John Mulaney
Lila Rooney
Lila Rooney Dag sedan
Sorry if I spelled that wrong
Samyosocoo Dag sedan
Ilovevideos Dag sedan
Emma J
Emma J 2 dagar sedan
I Love This And Chips -.-
Ilovevideos Dag sedan
Diamondy_Love 2 dagar sedan
Ben cried when he voted Barb in the Soup Debate.
Ilovevideos Dag sedan
PICKLE THE ONCE 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: Some of my friends got me gifts, and made me feel special Me: *INNER TWICE ACTIVATED!!*
Ilovevideos Dag sedan
Afrikalijapon 2 dagar sedan
6:09 - Byzantines, 1301
Marcus Caguin
Marcus Caguin 2 dagar sedan
This is so true the same things happen to me in a different way
Michael Dymond
Michael Dymond 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden's got better acuracy than a QAAM
Ethan Hamilton
Ethan Hamilton 3 dagar sedan
"I didn't kill anyone" Are you sure about that?
Random Person :D
Random Person :D 3 dagar sedan
I remember me and my sister found our neighbour's cat but we were too young to notice so we thought it was a stray cat, we fed it cheese everyday, yes, Cheese- Anyways, we somehow got to put the cat into a box, and kept it secretly for 3 days (I think), when we thought the cat was healthy enough, we put it in the box and wanted to let it free again, but my mother came home and found out
Random Person :D
Random Person :D 3 dagar sedan
(yes, we put the cat out of the box in our room, or else it would've been dead- I think)
Daniel Haj
Daniel Haj 3 dagar sedan
When she says it was like 30 years ago at 2:42 I was like whaaaaaaa she is 23 years old how da fuuuuu
Gabriella 3 dagar sedan
when you're a child, another child saying 'i'm telling [on you]!' really does invoke fight or flight LMAO
r63 killer queen
r63 killer queen 3 dagar sedan
"Sorry i did'nt kill anybody" jason: :( me sad :(((((
Emanuel Gonzalez
Emanuel Gonzalez 3 dagar sedan
you are cute jaiden animaitons
Shotuboy 38
Shotuboy 38 3 dagar sedan
The mouse dab lol
Floofy Dinoz
Floofy Dinoz 4 dagar sedan
I hit someone once I actually freaked out so hard... I got grounded
Floofy Dinoz
Floofy Dinoz 4 dagar sedan
I was 5
Firezombieking11YT 4 dagar sedan
I feel guilt sometimes
Shifa Shehab
Shifa Shehab 4 dagar sedan
Jadien:mom doesn't let us eat and watch *jadien and her brother watches* Jadiens mom:*yeets TV*
Halli Dmytrotsa
Halli Dmytrotsa 4 dagar sedan
I saw Ari at the starting when you finished your sentence he just popped up at the bottom
NOOR ELAMIR 4 dagar sedan
IM TELLING is the death sentence as a kid
Jayanti Shankar
Jayanti Shankar 4 dagar sedan
Oh my God I can relate to her so much 😭
muffin 4 dagar sedan
Why did you say "Sorry I didn't..kill Anyone.." Your like Purple Guy LITERALLY
Rohan Hayman
Rohan Hayman 4 dagar sedan
My dog just died 😭
ezriel jan dayon
ezriel jan dayon 4 dagar sedan
Zaria 4 dagar sedan
When you just get into gravity falls and see fan art for a yt u rlly like but the fan art is of them… AS MABEL 6:23 the third fan art And the fourth is of jaiden as a pokemon trainer Mah fave fanarts UwU
NotFlippy Gaming
NotFlippy Gaming 4 dagar sedan
stars 5 dagar sedan
still guilt?
Clawmark vlogs
Clawmark vlogs 5 dagar sedan
That rat do be thicc tho
The Fox 793
The Fox 793 5 dagar sedan
After so long i realized,she made an owo face near the end
Toy Foxy Animations Drawing and more!
Toy Foxy Animations Drawing and more! 5 dagar sedan
Jaiden: sorry i didn't kill anyone Me: wha- OK I'M MOVING
Bolorhon x
Bolorhon x 5 dagar sedan
Once me and my first friend was pulling my fav doll her leg was pulled off ( it was my rose version and her leg was stitched)
Rafiel Games2
Rafiel Games2 5 dagar sedan
Nice aim
Emmathekitty Cool
Emmathekitty Cool 5 dagar sedan
0:43 hi not trying to be rude but you forgot the yeet sound but its ok also you dont have to show your face your butefule just the way you are :)
ᗩᔕɊᑌI丅ᕼ 5 dagar sedan
I feel guilty for alot of things :(
Gentle Joy
Gentle Joy 5 dagar sedan
Mmmm yes chips, my favorite dessert
Rihanna Roblox
Rihanna Roblox 5 dagar sedan
I love watching jaiden cause she gives off good vibes and makes me happy yes I have been guilty about giving someone a empty bag of chips to 😔😅
Davi Gameplayer
Davi Gameplayer 5 dagar sedan
i finished a doritos watching this video:)
billydarcy 5 dagar sedan
Natalie Gonzalez
Natalie Gonzalez 5 dagar sedan
Froggie Dogie:D
Froggie Dogie:D 5 dagar sedan
first she ate dinner infront of the tv THEN when her mom came home she ate a SECOND DINNER like wha
Deanthony DiazForestier
Deanthony DiazForestier 6 dagar sedan
hi my name is Deanthony
YoshiChronicles 6 dagar sedan
Was that kid who got hit the head sensitive?
Nishtha chaudhary
Nishtha chaudhary 6 dagar sedan
hey! can you pls tell. me how old are you? I am confused!
Ivy Dunstone
Ivy Dunstone 6 dagar sedan
My birthday is September 28th 👍
AlphaHypeGaming 6 dagar sedan
My biggest regret was tricking my mom to buy me minecraft :') and she told me years after that "thats why my credit card company said used money" I WAS A KID THAT TIME OK i feel bad ._.
AlphaHypeGaming 6 dagar sedan
@Gareth :'(
Gareth 6 dagar sedan
The Gil Family
The Gil Family 6 dagar sedan
I’m glad you got free from the gilt!
sbtgal 6 dagar sedan
Ramiro Escamilla
Ramiro Escamilla 6 dagar sedan
Oh, well I guess we’re doing this now.
andy wong
andy wong 6 dagar sedan
i got the same i Panic ALOT
DAN Can Game
DAN Can Game 7 dagar sedan
That rat do be buff tho
The Crazy G!
The Crazy G! 7 dagar sedan
The Crazy G!
The Crazy G! 7 dagar sedan
Oh 😭😭
Just T
Just T 7 dagar sedan
Kid: I'm telling! Me: Bro, if you didn't wanna get hit, why did you PLAY THE GAME?! XD
Godzillaartist612 7 dagar sedan
I don't understand I'm not trying to be rude but it's that you're eating in the animation are those peas and a burrito for your food choice
Dxstiny 7 dagar sedan
Kid: I’m telling! Me: *donate my body for science*
Evandren Rico
Evandren Rico 7 dagar sedan
. . U
Felicia dedman
Felicia dedman 7 dagar sedan
the way the big rat jumped out the window was so funny.
Zodiac Boi
Zodiac Boi 7 dagar sedan
kid: oh chips, bruh its empty.
Nicolas Reed
Nicolas Reed 7 dagar sedan
When the rock hit the kid I heard the hit sound effect
Crazydriver 31
Crazydriver 31 7 dagar sedan
We can all relate to this video
kumori 7 dagar sedan
I feel bad for squishing a boy’s apple in my class with my friend
Sarah Kuder
Sarah Kuder 7 dagar sedan
The teeny forecast presumably march because freighter coincidentally unite opposite a sordid pain. vagabond, three fragrance
Inok Byon
Inok Byon 8 dagar sedan
The chips of guilt 🥔👩‍⚖️
Kittycorn Adventures
Kittycorn Adventures 8 dagar sedan
You has the same birthday as meeee! Except I was born in 2011. T_T
Pantera Roz
Pantera Roz 8 dagar sedan
Relateable story
A-weird-one 8 dagar sedan
Nobody: Literally Nobody: NOT A SINGLE SOUL: jaiden: yep, a giant rat
A-weird-one Dag sedan
@KittycatKaylee idk 😂
KittycatKaylee 2 dagar sedan
what else could it be?
Starlight Vids
Starlight Vids 8 dagar sedan
0:06 Ari: exists
Cart T
Cart T 8 dagar sedan
Jaiden be like head shot Boy be like I’m telling
Louis Osorio
Louis Osorio 8 dagar sedan
Little devil jaiden:you’re not writing that letter
Chevy Blue
Chevy Blue 8 dagar sedan
I hate that. When you just want a little then: 1:16
PurpleMismagius28 8 dagar sedan
We all remember the heart palpitations following the saying “I’m telling on you!”😂😂😂
Sheena Dubois
Sheena Dubois 9 dagar sedan
It's for my entertainment jk🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tom Louis Müller
Tom Louis Müller 9 dagar sedan
3:19 please can someone make EXTREME TAG into a TV show?
Ronita Cook
Ronita Cook 9 dagar sedan
You can't be grounded now you are a grown up
jose saravia
jose saravia 9 dagar sedan
I don’t throw rocks at people....I GRABED A ROCK AND A TREE BRANCH BISH
Gory Abboud
Gory Abboud 9 dagar sedan
Why would Jaden's parents be here
SD - 04KA 831981 Red Willow PS
SD - 04KA 831981 Red Willow PS 9 dagar sedan
the kid who got hit be like A FAMOUS PERSON THREW A ROCK AT ME IM SO LUCKY
stArye 9 dagar sedan
in what video did you say that you hate it when people say really obvious stuff
Gamin Flip
Gamin Flip 9 dagar sedan
MaddieGamez 9 dagar sedan
KALLI BUOY 9 dagar sedan
The odds one out said you joined a 100k battle Royale in mr beast
Zak Bet
Zak Bet 10 dagar sedan
Was there any other Brit that was confused about the ‘chips for dessert’😂😂😂
Savgefox Demon
Savgefox Demon 10 dagar sedan
The mom and dad now YOUR SOOO GROUNDED
NovaGod101 10 dagar sedan
im jealous u had a good childhood no joke fr
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