Things I Feel Guilty About

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so much guilt in this video,,, so much guilt

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i'll rummage around in a trash to find you a chip

Marisabel Vega
Marisabel Vega 2 timmar sedan
Jayden used to be guilty too I told a lie to my mom blamed to my sister I used to watch scary stuff a long time ago but now I'm not guilty anymore I'm an angel now a real bad for myself that I told lies to my mom now I'm different
Sarah Neves
Sarah Neves 5 timmar sedan
Jaiden: (kicks ottoman) Jaiden: :3
noob noob
noob noob 6 timmar sedan
Capitana Marvel olakease
Capitana Marvel olakease 8 timmar sedan
Soy el comentario 46880 que ¿hay alguien que hable español?
ricky andrew ramirez
ricky andrew ramirez 12 timmar sedan
y yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyy,,
Gacha_Vanii 12 timmar sedan
Tag:turns into its extreme version Jaiden:throws a rock at a boy Him:im telling Me:wait...... Didnt yall wanna start playing and your blaming the person you just invited for hitting a kid Mind:👁️👄👁️
Idk what I am anymore
Idk what I am anymore 14 timmar sedan
happ late bday
Kate Malesido Villasia
Kate Malesido Villasia 14 timmar sedan
2020 and she’s 23
Dunkin Bojert Golpo
Dunkin Bojert Golpo 15 timmar sedan
jaiden is the IMPOSTER
Kristin Stears
Kristin Stears 16 timmar sedan
I own up to my actions like when I broke my iPad,and my moms iPad,and a blue glass,and a diffrent blue glass (we had three of the same) ._. I have broken a lot of things TwT
Cereza Snow
Cereza Snow 17 timmar sedan
I'm just gonna tell a story here, Back when I was in grade one, I stabbed someone. Yes I stabbed someone because I find him annoying but for some weird reason, I didn't get in trouble. Like I'm aware that my teacher tell my parents about what happen and she told the guys parents too but they didn't do anything like ask me why or bring me to a psychology or something! and to this day, I don't know how I feel about it like did I just get away with attempted murder just because I was like 6 and didn't know anything yet? My whole family just makes fun of me for doing that like stabbing someone is something they shouldn't be concern about it. My family are psychos.
TheClassic Pro
TheClassic Pro 19 timmar sedan
mom: one... two... brain: crap we gotta move it. activate super maximum overdrive! me: JoJo's music begins
Dakota Melcher
Dakota Melcher 23 timmar sedan
The SSM family
The SSM family Dag sedan
The SSM family
The SSM family Dag sedan
My uncle lives in California
shayon mojumdar
shayon mojumdar Dag sedan
Why? Why do I love this! Ugh!
BluePatriot228 Dag sedan
we watch television during dinner every day without exception and I only realized until I watched this video that not everybody does that xD
Bertha Jimenez
Bertha Jimenez Dag sedan
😀 yay
Rosery Red
Rosery Red Dag sedan
I feel guilty for not putting the bell on your channel. 😅😅
amina niazy
amina niazy Dag sedan
amina niazy
amina niazy Dag sedan
Le Big rat
Le Big rat Dag sedan
Giant rat? Hmmm...
Simian Nachos
Simian Nachos Dag sedan
I didn’t hit the kid, the rock did
Amy Chasco
Amy Chasco Dag sedan
The rat
Endfighter47 Playz
Endfighter47 Playz 2 dagar sedan
Jadein : eats the bag of chips ohno im a dishonor to my family i have to live in a friken box my life is over Me: no offense but u had crazy stupid thought as a kid
Endfighter47 Playz
Endfighter47 Playz 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: in the beggining im a angel child, later eats a bag of chips and blames it in her brother In my house: eh i eat the huge chips in one day
Endfighter47 Playz
Endfighter47 Playz 2 dagar sedan
The huge ones
HadixLadix 2 dagar sedan
Me talking about my childhood stories from Wattpad like an animator: WELL, HERE'S SOME GUILT ON MY CHEST THAT I NEED TO GET OFF--- I finished all the chips and fries in the pantry in one day.
SamiEswaran Subbiah
SamiEswaran Subbiah 2 dagar sedan
O no
Ricardo Estrada
Ricardo Estrada 2 dagar sedan
Ricardo Estrada
Ricardo Estrada 23 timmar sedan
@ilovebirbs8 AJPW 😘
ilovebirbs8 AJPW
ilovebirbs8 AJPW 23 timmar sedan
Nice profile pic🤣😂
M I K E E The weirdo
M I K E E The weirdo 2 dagar sedan
That rat tho I need to ask him what his work out routine is cuz like woooow
Zayn Ghazie
Zayn Ghazie 2 dagar sedan
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny 2 dagar sedan
I took some chocolate from a store and felt so guilty about it I paid the 2 back as a tip
Joshua 2 dagar sedan
5:41 Mom: I'm going to count to 3 Me: does nothing Mom: so you've chosen death
Magnus King
Magnus King 2 dagar sedan
jaiden* i might have thrown a rock at a boy... me* that lil tattle tale ****
Carey Yang
Carey Yang 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: headshots kid with a rock Me: 'meet the sniper flashbacks'
AJplays123 Gaming
AJplays123 Gaming 2 dagar sedan
6:11 oh cool! Your an adult and can do that. I’m 8 and I can do the same thing.
Quakemations 3 dagar sedan
Really, a giant rat? Don’t be stupid. No, say a DEER ate it.
My crazy Life._.
My crazy Life._. 3 dagar sedan
*when my mom counts to 10* *FREAKS OUT AND RUNS*
Josiah Townsen
Josiah Townsen 3 dagar sedan
look at me know YEET
Insane Reaper27
Insane Reaper27 3 dagar sedan
I have lied so many times and I am only 12. and I haven't felt guilt at all. :|
Steve_Reaper520 3 dagar sedan
I only feel guilty when i say to someone to do something, but I was wrong about the something and they have to do it all over again. Soooooooooo.......
Podejrzany #Pootis
Podejrzany #Pootis 3 dagar sedan
2:08 why are you like my sister a giant fucking jerk
This Person
This Person 3 dagar sedan
You are the best I love your videos they are sOooo funny!!🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
ビッチEllie 3 dagar sedan
That rat tho ROARRRR
PusheenGaming 08
PusheenGaming 08 3 dagar sedan
I was guilty over my mom or dad buying toys for me. I always felt very guilty for the expensive ones while my parents would say, “Oh it’s fine! You were good so we’re getting you this toy!”
jonas chen
jonas chen 3 dagar sedan
Eduardo Plays
Eduardo Plays 3 dagar sedan
POV: “Kid calls friend poopy head during test” Friend “IM TELLING THE TEACHER” Kid “No no no no I’m in trouble” Friend”Teacher can I got to the bathroom”
Josephine Christopherson
Josephine Christopherson 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: I've never finished a bag of chips ever since...... "You felt your sins crawling on your back."
Connor Murphy
Connor Murphy 4 dagar sedan
when i was in prep i came clean to everything until year 1 came and I got scared because the teachers yelled more
pink thingy
pink thingy 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden it is not your fault for the rock incident the kid was being a brat
Lennart Heck
Lennart Heck 4 dagar sedan
0.30 I never killed anyone The hives video: I hope you almost die one day to feel the magic of an epipen
PikaPika2010 4 dagar sedan
everyone shhhhh pathta wit no thase
Ervins Bubier
Ervins Bubier 4 dagar sedan
for some reason, I couldn't play tag a my school
Machiel de Vries
Machiel de Vries 4 dagar sedan
"count to three" is what my parents did my entire childhood
Kelly Quayle
Kelly Quayle 4 dagar sedan
o a raataa
David Shaw
David Shaw 4 dagar sedan
Undertale Taze
Undertale Taze 4 dagar sedan
0:06 *Ari is God confirmed.*
PikaPika2010 4 dagar sedan
HAahahhHHhaha pathta wit no thase
ToastyVolcano20 4 dagar sedan
That rat looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger
Dayana Baria
Dayana Baria 4 dagar sedan
The rat saw jojo's
MozHD 4 dagar sedan
Holy why is jaiden like me. I can’t explain how relatable she is, maybe it’s because we have Asian parents but they do the exact same thing 😂😂😂
Sticknodes Animator
Sticknodes Animator 4 dagar sedan
Lucas Kanasava
Lucas Kanasava 4 dagar sedan
You know the bit at 1:15 is from smg4
chubby lampuipui
chubby lampuipui 4 dagar sedan
The feeling every kid gets when another kid says I’m telling I’m sure this is relatable to every living child
Kevin Maulana Ramadhan
Kevin Maulana Ramadhan 4 dagar sedan
Idk why but i hear Jaiden says Yameboy and not Gameboy lol
UWULOO N SNOM NOM NOM 4 dagar sedan
Lancer Abalos
Lancer Abalos 4 dagar sedan
Jaden. Forgive me father because i have sinned Ari. Tell me
Just regular Regular
Just regular Regular 4 dagar sedan
I don't know which one hurts more... Head bleeding... Or unending regretness....
Acemoney /Foxy The pirate
Acemoney /Foxy The pirate 4 dagar sedan
I did the same thing when the kid was about to tale on me ... I went into the bathroom
Michele Geren
Michele Geren 4 dagar sedan
im sorry does anyone hear robotic noises when jaiden pushed the autimun?
BRITISH ENGINE productions
BRITISH ENGINE productions 4 dagar sedan
I ated 6 big bags of chips in 1 hour My parents didnt noticed about it
Jelena Rome
Jelena Rome 4 dagar sedan
I can relate to this vid
Clover Maybelle
Clover Maybelle 4 dagar sedan
Dude I am kind of scared because that exact situation with watching TV during dinner and Mom at work happens to me
Lynnxx Gaming
Lynnxx Gaming 5 dagar sedan
I stole my friend’s toy from his bag that one time and a week later he asked everyone if they took his toy and I slipped it into his bag and told him “maybe you’re just not looking hard enough” and then I took it out and I said “haha you idiot”
New Beginnings
New Beginnings 5 dagar sedan
Happy birthday🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🤩🥳🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳
Gabriel Etheridge
Gabriel Etheridge 5 dagar sedan
Gabriel Etheridge
Gabriel Etheridge 5 dagar sedan
Red Mgm
Red Mgm 5 dagar sedan
I once scraped my dads new car to put flames on it I used I rock I was like 4 or 3 and when my dad came out and saw it I hid and my brother got the blame T-T feel bad but still XD
The Meme Man
The Meme Man 5 dagar sedan
Aren't headshots supposed to kill?
Elijah Cundiff
Elijah Cundiff 5 dagar sedan
Elijah Cundiff
Elijah Cundiff 5 dagar sedan
Odd ones out sister!
Aiden Sapp
Aiden Sapp 5 dagar sedan
Alexander Morrison
Alexander Morrison 5 dagar sedan
3:45 I was in a situation like that once except guess what I did being frantic I charge tackled the kid and then made him swear on his life to not tell (I think this was in pre-K)
Mary O Meara
Mary O Meara 5 dagar sedan
TheBossOfToday123 5 dagar sedan
Is it just me or is that rat looking kinda... THICC
brethlessrose 5 dagar sedan
i can relate to all of this in 2019
Maddy Star
Maddy Star 5 dagar sedan
Don't feel bad about your birthday because it's also Dominic's birthday too so you can celebrate his birthday and yours
geeker 5 dagar sedan
I didn't kill enyone Me: I'm out
Gio Asencio
Gio Asencio 5 dagar sedan
This leads me to believe all the REAL guilt is too embarrassing to tell
Ashley Landry
Ashley Landry 5 dagar sedan
yayayayaya your birthday is 11 days after mine
Elijah Schulz
Elijah Schulz 6 dagar sedan
Sorry but Chips is not my favourit desert.
Pokémon Lover
Pokémon Lover 6 dagar sedan
Jaiden:A RAT! A rat bust though the door Slapped the chips out of my hands and escaped out the window and stole a extra cookie. Wait they would no believe that I don’t think rats eat chips. Me:No they would not believe it cause rats can not break a window open a door or slap chips out of people’s hands!
Soft Slothy
Soft Slothy 6 dagar sedan
I can just imagine her having a bunch on chip bags in her cupboard that she didn’t finish because she was to scared to
sonrachel88 6 dagar sedan
All of the kids were throwing rock to if that kid didn't want to get hit maby sure of not play there and why didn't you say that everyone was doing it to
SaladTaco Fox
SaladTaco Fox 6 dagar sedan
Phantom Animates
Phantom Animates 6 dagar sedan
Love the vid to
Phantom Animates
Phantom Animates 6 dagar sedan
Getting hit
Phantom Animates
Phantom Animates 6 dagar sedan
That was like me with extreme tag but I was wondering hit
REMINGTON HEINER 6 dagar sedan
REMINGTON HEINER 6 dagar sedan
A rat a gient rat
WaterWeb 6 dagar sedan
I’m not an ad
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