Things I Do that Adults Probably Don't Do (Jaiden Edition)

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adults, amirite?
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i'll send you a very mini plastic dinosaur. like, you can't see it because it's way too small,,, but it's there.

Lucario The G
Lucario The G 2 timmar sedan
3:52 Pause where do I get an Ari plush
Gamer Pineapple 7
Gamer Pineapple 7 2 timmar sedan
i also do the perfect bite tecinique (dont mind me just like to think bout it)
StickNinja The Guardian Ninja Of Inamortia
StickNinja The Guardian Ninja Of Inamortia 2 timmar sedan
StickNinja The Guardian Ninja Of Inamortia
StickNinja The Guardian Ninja Of Inamortia 2 timmar sedan
("speaks in parseltongue")
mr.chanceparty 3 timmar sedan
I ate like that to
impress prophoto
impress prophoto 5 timmar sedan
Leomé 7 timmar sedan
i know im 4 years late but serious question.... WHAT IF WERE A FOODIE WHO JUST LIKES FOOD?!?! HOW DO WE KNOW WHICH IS THE BEST BITE?!
Magolor 420
Magolor 420 7 timmar sedan
Plastic is made of oil, and oil is made of dinosaur fossils. Therefore, plastic dinosaurs are real dinosaurs.
Amccue2 aj
Amccue2 aj 11 timmar sedan
I started doing "The Perfect Bite" after I heard and i love doing it with my food! It tastes so much better and I love the hype I have before I eat the perfect bite
YoungHomie 14 timmar sedan
So basically perfect bite is kinda like saving the best for last
Khaled Hassan
Khaled Hassan 15 timmar sedan
I do the perfect bite
Miaulyn 16 timmar sedan
Dinosaurs are always good
Mattrix Scorpio
Mattrix Scorpio 18 timmar sedan
I also do perfect bite™ for as long as i can remember
carrot cake tv
carrot cake tv 18 timmar sedan
Are you vegan
carrot cake tv
carrot cake tv 18 timmar sedan
I'm a you tuber
Сафия Кыязова
Сафия Кыязова 18 timmar sedan
How you end a phone conversation: Person: *keeps talking Me:OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT *screams loudly btw. Me:OK DUDE I HAAVE TO GO ! Person:uhh oh ok
Jehmin Lee
Jehmin Lee 18 timmar sedan
Jehmin Lee
Jehmin Lee 18 timmar sedan
I do does things Also me: your a kid
All Things Craft
All Things Craft 18 timmar sedan
How do you do the perfect bite tm with soup?
Evelyn Schmiedt
Evelyn Schmiedt 19 timmar sedan
The rooster was crowing 😂
Hope Draws
Hope Draws 19 timmar sedan
I know other people do this but I still have problems with it. Sometime if I do something on one side of my body I have to do it on the other, ex. Brush my hand against something and feel the urge to it to the other side. I did it with chewing to, I just needed to keep things even. Do you guys have any tips to help me stop?
Kiyzaimas 20 timmar sedan
I also do "The Perfect Bite™"
Testa 21 timme sedan
i thought i don't do the perfect bite congratulations i did it to chicken nuggets because i love the crunchy parts lol
Tess McDaniel
Tess McDaniel 22 timmar sedan
i have an even weirder version of "The perfect bite". when im eating veggie staws, AND ONLY VEGGIE STRAWS, i M E A S U R E them to see who's the tallest. i eat that one last. 🤨
Tess McDaniel
Tess McDaniel 20 timmar sedan
@Totally real Name idc i like jaiden animations
Totally real Name
Totally real Name 21 timme sedan
Dude no one watches this video anymore
Kim Domenc
Kim Domenc 22 timmar sedan
but if you eat around the perfect bite then wouldn't the last bite not really be a bite? Wouldn't it be just a small piece of sandwhich or whatever food you're eating? Idk
Craig Dag sedan
Her eating disorder is because she couldn’t find the perfect bite (ik the danger of disorders but like)
Heydi Lopez
Heydi Lopez Dag sedan
I do the same thing with the perfect bite™
Miss Rose
Miss Rose Dag sedan
Do people with social anxiety eat food differently? Google had no answers. Maybe this is an unknown symptom? If you have a way you eat food other than just eating it like a loser than tell me please. I have to peel/eat the exterior first/scrap it
Miss Rose
Miss Rose Dag sedan
For example, combos. I have always tried to eat the pretzel part without damaging the middle( and have never succeeded.) That with EVERY food.
Crystal Daniel
Crystal Daniel Dag sedan
i do the sandwich thing
Bethany Schmidt
Bethany Schmidt Dag sedan
u have ocd
Nabeeha Islam
Nabeeha Islam Dag sedan
i eat food like a freek
Luke Himmler
Luke Himmler Dag sedan
oh yeah, I do that perfect bite thing
Creator Awesome Films
Creator Awesome Films Dag sedan
1:13 I do that to!
Smasher Jones
Smasher Jones Dag sedan
I do the perfect bite
Alexander Ghazal
Alexander Ghazal Dag sedan
ava Dag sedan
i do exactly the same thing
Mark Paisley
Mark Paisley Dag sedan
I do the same thing that she said after the shower thing
Shadow Man
Shadow Man Dag sedan
I’m a perfect bite person too.
Bonnie Bruce
Bonnie Bruce Dag sedan
i also do the perfect bit so your not alone jaiden
Hero Mine
Hero Mine Dag sedan
2:03 who stops eating a sandwich after one bite you monster
Marina Gawargyous
Marina Gawargyous Dag sedan
i do the perfect bite for as long as i can remember exept i eat from worst to better then good then ok then best the delicious
Lila Rooney
Lila Rooney 2 dagar sedan
My friends: haha weird Me: I do all of that ;-;
Andrea Vandeberghe
Andrea Vandeberghe 2 dagar sedan
I get that you should eat in the kitchen now so you should if you’re doing something else like a baby
CC Rainwater
CC Rainwater 2 dagar sedan
The perfect bite tm. I do too
CC Rainwater
CC Rainwater 2 dagar sedan
I do too
One,o Medina
One,o Medina 2 dagar sedan
Josh Johnsen
Josh Johnsen 2 dagar sedan
NIbedita Roy
NIbedita Roy 2 dagar sedan
I do it to (the perfect bite) but I go to worst to the greatest bite.
Kyle Chrzanowski
Kyle Chrzanowski 2 dagar sedan
The golden Midwestern saying to end a phone call “let me let you go” is a lifesaver
PS Study
PS Study 2 dagar sedan
U r so right
Melinda Sweet
Melinda Sweet 2 dagar sedan
I have a question...when a conversation ends why don't u just start a new one? At least until u have to separate.
JavaScript tuber
JavaScript tuber 2 dagar sedan
I have no life
Maia Lessandra Coronel
Maia Lessandra Coronel 2 dagar sedan
I also do The Perfect Bite
TROLL GOD 2 dagar sedan
Kati Lehmuskoski
Kati Lehmuskoski 2 dagar sedan
i dont have the "stop the conversation" thingy
Kati Lehmuskoski
Kati Lehmuskoski 2 dagar sedan
cuz i dont understand
Kati Lehmuskoski
Kati Lehmuskoski 2 dagar sedan
uhh dont think its good idea to eat the perfect bite
Kookies 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden I guess you is me.
•*OnePea- InAPod*•
•*OnePea- InAPod*• 2 dagar sedan
Ehh- Waaaa_- you eat like that same- uhhhh sometimes- Most of the time im here just stuffing it down-
Catriona Fekete
Catriona Fekete 2 dagar sedan
When my mum and I are in a serious setting (like the dentist where the waiting room is literally a glass box) we cannot resist dancing around and just being total goofbags. We can't help it when we're in a solemn and serious setting! Anyone else?
Bella Marie
Bella Marie 2 dagar sedan
Imma try THE PERFECT BIT(tm)!
Leopardstar Fan
Leopardstar Fan 2 dagar sedan
4:34 I I literally do that too
Addi Crick
Addi Crick 2 dagar sedan
I eat penpect Bite TM Too
Matthew Mercado
Matthew Mercado 3 dagar sedan
Hi sexy
pincel animado
pincel animado 3 dagar sedan
I do that too Lmao
Tami Demaree
Tami Demaree 3 dagar sedan
i eat the same way!!!! but for real that is how i eat
Augustho Colla
Augustho Colla 3 dagar sedan
Bolorchimeg Altangerel
Bolorchimeg Altangerel 3 dagar sedan
W.t.f (what the f@ck)
Marsbars 415
Marsbars 415 3 dagar sedan
I do the "perfect bite" as well
Viktor Zahradník
Viktor Zahradník 3 dagar sedan
ItzElina Cookies
ItzElina Cookies 3 dagar sedan
So I’m also doing perfect bite but I also do perfect “meal” eg. Curry 1st eat the carrots 2nd.capsicum 3rd.meat 4.rice 5.✨P O T A T O✨ NO CARROTS R GUD >:c
Shawn Paredes
Shawn Paredes 3 dagar sedan
if your ending the conversation say that your busy or politely say are ya done or say that you don't know what they are talking about
Tropicool Monkey
Tropicool Monkey 3 dagar sedan
Ok I'm not surprised this video got 27million- it's so good.
Galaxy Rose_YT
Galaxy Rose_YT 3 dagar sedan
I used to do the Perfect Bite Tm but I would go from the worst to best
Alvin senatin
Alvin senatin 3 dagar sedan
Also me too i do perfect bite they judge me too-_-
Senior Instructor - 2
Senior Instructor - 2 3 dagar sedan
Sri Lakshmi
Sri Lakshmi 3 dagar sedan
I also do perfect bite
porselvi ravichandran
porselvi ravichandran 3 dagar sedan
Im not a adult but, Example is a chips Like a 5 chips? Lol I eat the smallest to biggest U-U Or hated chips to my best chips :P I literally do that for any food lol
Blaiseken Flare
Blaiseken Flare 3 dagar sedan
I do the perfect bit too but work from worst bite to the best. All rights reserved go to Jaiden Animations!
Amanda Stonerook
Amanda Stonerook 3 dagar sedan
Am 12 and I perfect bite
notadog 3 dagar sedan
after seeing the perfect bite TM i've made my own thing which is like it but instead of starting with the second best i start with the worst and it gets better and better until the end which is the best bite
Reginald Danshita
Reginald Danshita 3 dagar sedan
LMAO I don’t know anyone else eated like I did
Floofy Dinoz
Floofy Dinoz 3 dagar sedan
I’m gonna try the perfect bite lol
Katherine Zelaya Duarte
Katherine Zelaya Duarte 3 dagar sedan
A d the the perfect avatar would go like Btdbtdbdt bdtd bdtd btdtt bbtdtdt btfdvbtf btdddtgb btd squeegee ~ ~ ^
Kaitlyn Keenan
Kaitlyn Keenan 3 dagar sedan
I always eat, The 𝓟𝓮𝓻𝓯𝓮𝓬𝓽 Bite™ style.
Katherine Zelaya Duarte
Katherine Zelaya Duarte 3 dagar sedan
Why do I do that do when eating
super pickles
super pickles 3 dagar sedan
hey jaiden i also do perfect bite TM style heres the picture link. IMG_20210122_202013
ShojoDraws 4 dagar sedan
"Still wanna be homemade" Literally has a team under her now. No shame, u go girl, ans yes u still feel homemade
Lily Sisler
Lily Sisler 4 dagar sedan
hm hm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Edson Carrizales
Edson Carrizales 4 dagar sedan
What is the M in the perfect bite TM?
cakepop your local god
cakepop your local god 4 dagar sedan
This video makes me realize that how much useless stuff we talk to people about. Like imagine how many people didn't care about what you were saying and we're just listening because it's polite.
Evy Charlton
Evy Charlton 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden: I got stuck on the phone for an extra hour Sponge Bob: My paints shrunk because Patrick would not stop singing. (did anyone see that episode. Wait maybe it was a book I had.) xD
Cal Train
Cal Train 4 dagar sedan
Salma esam Atia
Salma esam Atia 4 dagar sedan
Tbh i do the same "perfect bite" like you but i make sure that all of them are perfect soo that's an other extra hour of planning
Loren Martinez
Loren Martinez 4 dagar sedan
I am a fan of you
NA SONG 4 dagar sedan
I do that😅
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson 4 dagar sedan
But when you get to the perfect bite you're already full and use to the flavor!!! YOU ALWAYS GO PERFECT BITE FIRST
Nixon Nicholas
Nixon Nicholas 4 dagar sedan
The conscious east crucially unite because veil clasically learn around a historical quail. onerous, square dibble
Phillisia P. Polotung
Phillisia P. Polotung 4 dagar sedan
I only save the best
Animation Generation
Animation Generation 4 dagar sedan
Why is your voice so calming! When i record my audio it's so cringe!!!
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