Things I Do that Adults Probably Don't Do (Jaiden Edition)

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Jaiden Animations

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adults, amirite?
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i'll send you a very mini plastic dinosaur. like, you can't see it because it's way too small,,, but it's there.

AJ Buccilli
AJ Buccilli 4 minuter sedan
i love your vids.
food fry
food fry 21 minut sedan
I also do perfect vote my whole life!
Marshmallow95506 Timme sedan
Perfect bite! Yes! Same!!!! Yes!!!! Convo issues! I do that in text all the time. Not irl... Also, I still hate making phone calls to order pizza. Like, I know what I want. I have my card out. It’s easy to do, except: Anxiety. I do this with ordering food, typical office calls, ect...
Grace Timme sedan
I do the perfect bite!
Vonsama Timme sedan
The whole leaving during a conversation is me 1000%, thought i was alone
Fallen Hope
Fallen Hope Timme sedan
CloudiWPlayz Timme sedan
Hi Jaiden! I am a kid but I also do that perfect bite thing. BTW, my name is Cloudi
Mateusz .
Mateusz . 2 timmar sedan
I do the Perfect Bite (TM) and now I want to continue throughout adulthood
Mr. Narnia
Mr. Narnia 3 timmar sedan
I do the Perfect Bite as well... E
Hannie Chen
Hannie Chen 3 timmar sedan
V Nave
V Nave 3 timmar sedan
U do that sometimes and my parents look at me weird
멍멍잉글리쉬 4 timmar sedan
I do the perfect bite to but i don’t stare at my food tho...
Marcos Garcia
Marcos Garcia 4 timmar sedan
lmao i also do the perfect bite
FUN WITH AIDEN 4 timmar sedan
I do best bite
Caden Hewett
Caden Hewett 4 timmar sedan
3:23 EAAAT...
Nathaniel Weiss
Nathaniel Weiss 5 timmar sedan
I have a sign in my kitchen that says, “Farts are always funny”
Nathaniel Weiss
Nathaniel Weiss 5 timmar sedan
2:05 me
Blade 7 timmar sedan
I do the same thing the perfect bit
Thea Waale
Thea Waale 7 timmar sedan
The perfect bite is what I actually do everytime... I`m 24....
CoolEgg 7 timmar sedan
Hilariously ppl don’t actually care if you have to go I’ve started to realize that i can just interrupt and say sorry but i really kinda have to go and evrrone is cool with it. That person prolly wanted to emd the convo too but didntbknow howsp they just kept talking... ive notice that whatever uncomfortably your feeling they are too. Your in the awkward situation together and somehow that makes it way less awkward.😁
Demon :D
Demon :D 7 timmar sedan
Hello! This video is so funny xD I’m currently on a binge on jaiden animations :) can you pin me for no reason? QwQ
usual 8 timmar sedan
I do "The Perfect Bite" with chips
Roopa W
Roopa W 9 timmar sedan
Bruhh i want own content
M. Hawk
M. Hawk 9 timmar sedan
Yup def do the conversation thing...especially the halfway down the block while they're still talking part lol
Luna EX
Luna EX 9 timmar sedan
I do the perfect bite at age 4 rn I am 9
CrazyAjvar 9 timmar sedan
The perfect bite thing I do as well. That is why people look at me weirdly when I eat crust first on pizza.
someone in this world
someone in this world 11 timmar sedan
me same with conversation um ok well um cya l8tr i guess
Imre Brattli
Imre Brattli 11 timmar sedan
I also do the best bite. I started when I was like........4 years old or something.
warrior_cats_animations 1
warrior_cats_animations 1 12 timmar sedan
I am using tge perfect bite tm too 😅👍 youre not the one
Daniele Bergonzi
Daniele Bergonzi 13 timmar sedan
I actually do "The Perfect Bite™" thing
Ruma Ghosh
Ruma Ghosh 14 timmar sedan
The heck is wrong w/ you
LeviLancaster11 15 timmar sedan
call the rooster ''the roolster''
Candy 17 timmar sedan
Weirdly enough, I can relate with all of this
Kenson Robles
Kenson Robles 18 timmar sedan
i also do the perfect bite thing
LILLIANA OLAGUEZ 20 timmar sedan
XD the TheOdd1sOut it is way to dark to even see my keyboard XD
LILLIANA OLAGUEZ 20 timmar sedan
ok mm well I just wanna say i love ur channel and ThrOdd1sOut too but since there ws a rooster earlier in the video I have 4 pet chickens and one died as a baby chick cause it escaped and got killed by a dog and now the person that owned the dog.. has 4 pet dogs and they are all going ater the chickens XD T-T
Chelsea Mackenzie
Chelsea Mackenzie 21 timme sedan
I do the perfect bite™️ I'm relieved I'm not alone
Collin Shields
Collin Shields 21 timme sedan
I actually do perfect bite as well. Its the only way to eat lol
Blue Jay porter
Blue Jay porter 21 timme sedan
I do it
James 2X
James 2X 21 timme sedan
Sandra Quinteros
Sandra Quinteros Dag sedan
I do perfect bite 😐
spidey Dag sedan
I do The Perfect Bite TM
Zodiac Templeton
Zodiac Templeton Dag sedan
So I’m not the only one that does the perfect bite thing...
Ruby landry
Ruby landry Dag sedan
I weirdly do all of these
somebody Dag sedan
Why u no commit ari
Meme master 3000
Meme master 3000 Dag sedan
Ido all of them lol
Trey Hatchel
Trey Hatchel Dag sedan
Sry but I may use the The Perfect Bite jk
I do the perfect bite thing too
Braden playz
Braden playz Dag sedan
Someone make a human conversation simulator and tweet her about it
s o m e w e i r d k i d
s o m e w e i r d k i d Dag sedan
1 day i had 2 takis left and i was just staring at them to decide which one has the least seasoning. I chose one with like 2% less seasoning than the other one so i get what you're saying about "The Perfect Bite™" And i get the having the little pieces of french fries. I don't like the crusty pieces nor the soggy ones so i just bite parts off and leave it on my plate 💀
Odenta Dag sedan
It's saying to eat cock 3:29.
Bici Animations
Bici Animations Dag sedan
Trick: put an alarm and activate it but put a ring tone call, when pretend to answer and then say you have to go
Angelynna Albritton
Angelynna Albritton Dag sedan
I do perfect bite too (T.M.)
Fiona Hi
Fiona Hi Dag sedan
I do the perfect bite TM to
Hollie Brayne
Hollie Brayne Dag sedan
2:00 I do that 😂
The Smuff
The Smuff Dag sedan
I thought everyone did the perfect bite
smash gamer
smash gamer Dag sedan
if i was an adult i wouldn't be an adult.
FortuneKitty Dag sedan
please tell me that I'm not the only anti-social extravert. I absolutely HATE human interaction, but I'm still an extravert .
Martin Kodet
Martin Kodet Dag sedan
If I had to endure a phone call for more than 20 minutes I would probably just hang up.
strikermodel Dag sedan
I want to hug her so much
Aimee lé cat
Aimee lé cat Dag sedan
I do the perfect bite sometimes
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Dag sedan
I had a call with my friend and she was talking for soo long I was late to my other friend and had to book it tO get to her(other friend)
No U
No U Dag sedan
#"The perfect bite" so can relate XD
Comic Studios
Comic Studios Dag sedan
I do that 😐😅
Abigail McKenzie
Abigail McKenzie Dag sedan
I (a fellow adult) do the perfect bite™️ thing too!!
TayukiVlogs Dag sedan
I do perfect bite with burgers. I’ll look where the most perfect section is (usually with extra pickles) and save it for last.
Sansand Which4
Sansand Which4 Dag sedan
hates a strong word
Woofy Z
Woofy Z Dag sedan
Oscar Magana
Oscar Magana Dag sedan
Wanna end a phone call just ask for the time repeat it loudly and hang up everyone will question it but no one will judge you for it
Spiderdach 2 dagar sedan
At the start i do the same thing
Vivian Thalia Choa Zhu
Vivian Thalia Choa Zhu 2 dagar sedan
6:35 Jaiden and IDK are social distancing
April Mustoe
April Mustoe 2 dagar sedan
The perfect bite is common with autistic people. Idk if jaden is but I am and I do this all the time
Endfighter47 Playz
Endfighter47 Playz 2 dagar sedan
Theodd1sout in the beggining: im sorta stealing this thing from jaidenanimations Jaiden: oh yea two can play it that game
Admiral Piett
Admiral Piett 2 dagar sedan
Adults, am I right?
Flame the Demon
Flame the Demon 2 dagar sedan
I eat The Perfect Bite™ style and idk why but i guess its to finish my meal on the perfect bite
Ainsleigh Hilton
Ainsleigh Hilton 2 dagar sedan
Da- pah a da- ..✨ Squee! ✨ 5:41
Gacha & Gachoo
Gacha & Gachoo 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden I do it too ;-; Now I know that I'm not alone :)
Person Baba
Person Baba 2 dagar sedan
I do the perfect bite to thing to, except, I do the worst bite first and then work my way to the best.
Realest Boi
Realest Boi 2 dagar sedan
Ethan Totman
Ethan Totman 2 dagar sedan
I do the perfect bite tm
Viola vlogs
Viola vlogs 2 dagar sedan
I use the perfect bite method
ℝ𝕠𝕤𝕖𝕪𝕩𝕖𝕕𝕚𝕥𝕤 2 dagar sedan
I feel like we should question this 1:25 😂😂😭😭
Just an Awkward DDLC Fan
Just an Awkward DDLC Fan 2 dagar sedan
3:54 Are we all gonna ignore the fact that she has James's merch AND she put googly eyes on her candle???
Gaming PE With GABRIEL
Gaming PE With GABRIEL 2 dagar sedan
I do the perfect bite too... Im 12, DON'T QUESTION MY UNMATURED MIN---
HadixLadix 2 dagar sedan
Me and all my friends: *The Perfect Bite* **eating all the burnt fries in the McDonald's bag** WELL, I'M NOT WEIRD, OK?! Jaiden does it too...
L TN 2 dagar sedan
You do the perfect bite thing too.
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 2 dagar sedan
I used to do the perfect bite thing
noor kibble
noor kibble 2 dagar sedan
i though i was the only one who did the perfect bite but i gusse i am not aloan
dale pisarczyk
dale pisarczyk 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden I did the perfect bite ever since I was 4 and every time somebody asks me why I do it I want to smash my head against a table because I have to explain the whole thing
Sleepy Lion King
Sleepy Lion King 2 dagar sedan
I thought I was the only one who did The Perfect Bite lol
Ellie Lloyd
Ellie Lloyd 2 dagar sedan
I hang up at the wrong time before my mum can say i love you lol
Kabthegamer 2 dagar sedan
I eat perfect bite
just moon
just moon 2 dagar sedan
I eat .the worst bite first and then eat the BEST bite
paddypro 2 dagar sedan
Art Jaanisoo
Art Jaanisoo 2 dagar sedan
Good to know that im not the only weirdo that does the perfect bite
Paladin WaipouriWatt
Paladin WaipouriWatt 2 dagar sedan
i end conversations by saying oh yep thats cool but i got to go now cya
BLOXY 32 2 dagar sedan
Lol I am just like jaiden
Undertale Lover
Undertale Lover 2 dagar sedan
@dreman dre same
Weird Lemur
Weird Lemur 2 dagar sedan
*”The Perfect Bite™”*
Drainzey 2 dagar sedan
That suit looks noice on jaiden
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