Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about

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people are weird sometimes

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I ._. l
I ._. l 34 minuter sedan
7:23 himiko toga from my hero academia?
New Californian Republic
New Californian Republic 35 minuter sedan
Chaotic Neutral solution to this: Just don't have any relationships to begin with, so you don't have to worry about anything.
Kevin O'Rourke
Kevin O'Rourke 43 minuter sedan
So much truth. My 12 yr old shared this with me.
RealisticBanana 59 minuter sedan
7:21 *I’ve just realised Toga is really manipulative.*
S1PH0N Fortnite
S1PH0N Fortnite Timme sedan
I don’t know ANY of my friends who help me the way you explained it in your video I just think that maybe if I don’t do something they like then I’ll lose friends and this one time one of my friends said that we should create a group chat to talk about people they are friends with but have issues with them and I was not expected in the group so that made me think that they are probably talking about me and I am not here to defend my self and yeah stupid things like that and later I found out that it was just a joke AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in an almost depressive state for no reason
Mariana Portillo
Mariana Portillo Timme sedan
7:23 is that toga?
dudu santiago
dudu santiago 2 timmar sedan
i dont have much comunicative skills BUT i have a baseball bat, does it work the same way? like yk if someone is being an asshole with me.
Avacodo Poop
Avacodo Poop 2 timmar sedan
7:24 my fav part Jk I hate that part this is my fav part 7:13 (Pls don’t come for me for the first part)
Dylan Cannon
Dylan Cannon 2 timmar sedan
I remember watching this when it came out, I'm so sorry I didn't pay more attention. I was successfully isolated and it took me so long to realise It was happening, I had let them maneuver me into a terrible situation and I've been working hard to get better and I am so thankful for my family, thanks for helping me realise I was in an unhealthy relationship
Hackett Brewer
Hackett Brewer 2 timmar sedan
:40 if there's a more obvious marker for sociopathy I don't what it is
Hula Bob
Hula Bob 2 timmar sedan
Your personality is amazing and the points in the video are so awesome!! Everyone needs to hear these things. You deserve to have your boundaries respected👏🏽
The Ironworks
The Ironworks 2 timmar sedan
You're not responsible for anyone's happiness, but you can certainly be responsible for their *unhappiness* . Be careful how you treat people, especially when you're upset.
ユキドリ 4 timmar sedan
i keep coming back to this video and everytime i do, it still feels relatable
Autumn Alexander
Autumn Alexander 4 timmar sedan
okok but the representation of lgbtq+ IS AMAZINGGGGGGG
Mal Bear
Mal Bear 4 timmar sedan
0:34 iM lOoKing At YoU jOe
Mal Bear
Mal Bear 4 timmar sedan
0:27 This Meme Tho
Lucy D
Lucy D 4 timmar sedan
0:58 you described Deku and Bakugo
Agent Order
Agent Order 5 timmar sedan
this is a good mental health video for school
Kuba Madejski
Kuba Madejski 5 timmar sedan
himiko toga
Brandon Radulovich
Brandon Radulovich 5 timmar sedan
I am a god
digging 55
digging 55 5 timmar sedan
I am a god
Bonnies journal
Bonnies journal 5 timmar sedan
everytime something bad happens in my relationships i always feel its my fault, or think "oh they have their own things going on, its just behaviour after experiencing trauma or childhood trauma its okay"..but its not. i let people walk all over be because i dont have the heart to tell people i need a break or that their being a bad friend/family member. one of my closest friends do thing like this. everytime we get into it or start insulting each other (as a joke) they begin to bring up controversial topics or personal topics i told them and they joke about, like things about my dad which i dont wanna get into. we've been friends for 3 years and it feels wrong to leave them, they've been through a lot and i'll feel like an asshole because i feel that person has a reason to be like that. do they??? i really need advice about this...
Random Films
Random Films 5 timmar sedan
I think I might have a toxic friend
ZR Rodriguez
ZR Rodriguez 5 timmar sedan
Anyone else worried that you might be manipulated.
Kerri Sheehy
Kerri Sheehy 6 timmar sedan
Also i had a friend who forced me to talk to who thay want ex one time i talked to my friend and hurt me buy it
Kerri Sheehy
Kerri Sheehy 6 timmar sedan
Was that toga when jaiden said who wakes up and thinks im gonna minuplate someone
this is bananarama and the anthem is venus
this is bananarama and the anthem is venus 6 timmar sedan
Shes like "just remove them from your life" but I cant because they are my parent and I'm not old enough to move out
IDonKnowWhatImDoing 6 timmar sedan
She forgot one of the most important things about manipulation So story time I had a Best Freind, she even became my girlfriend for a bit but she suddenly started rarely talking to me and soon not at all.. She didn’t tell me she wanted to break up, I didn’t do anything to upset her as far as I know.. I don’t know if I’m just being clingy but we used to talk every day now it had been a few weeks.. she isn’t being mean to me at all.. I’m just being ghosted...
IDonKnowWhatImDoing 6 timmar sedan
Don’t feel like you gotta comfort me also I’m sorry that comment is super long..
Esther Kira Kawaii
Esther Kira Kawaii 7 timmar sedan
Sarah Neves
Sarah Neves 7 timmar sedan
8:05 JOJO The anime I only know because of references
Hannah Dunnink
Hannah Dunnink 7 timmar sedan
Sarah Neves
Sarah Neves 7 timmar sedan
Deja-vu I've seen this before but never watched *this* video, I think... Maybe I did... But...
Sarah Neves
Sarah Neves 7 timmar sedan
It feels like it's different
einfach Guacamole
einfach Guacamole 7 timmar sedan
I have to send this to my brother
Mattia Salvetti
Mattia Salvetti 8 timmar sedan
the three friends faceplanting to snort cocaine killed me
Indumati Koorichh
Indumati Koorichh 8 timmar sedan
Welp *MURDER* is a bad thing *ANDD I LOVE YOUR ART STYLE *
Rashwing 8 timmar sedan
2:20 The make out button lel Hahaha left me in the lels
Emma Moser
Emma Moser 8 timmar sedan
its toga
Lymaxias 8 timmar sedan
what did Toga have to do with this? (7:20)
Nyasiah Williams
Nyasiah Williams 8 timmar sedan
toga is here
Sebastián Snape
Sebastián Snape 9 timmar sedan
Thanks for the help/ advice cause I just got manipulated by my best friend and he used me and my house to get a date with my crush then used it against me so he could get whatever he wanted and it’s kinda sad to know that this is common but thanks for this video I’m glad I’m not alone.
Mila Lin
Mila Lin 9 timmar sedan
Jaiden: Not responsible for anyone's happiness! Me: So, if I had a baby....
•KøøkīįÅçH• 9 timmar sedan
This is why I don't have friends C=
•KøøkīįÅçH• 10 timmar sedan
1:00 reminds me of bakugou and deku's relationship Canon one
Jazz M
Jazz M 10 timmar sedan
Jaiden: People shouldn't need you, they should want you Me: Parents of children under the age of 10. They exist.
𝙻𝚞𝚗𝚊 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚐𝚘𝚘𝚍
𝙻𝚞𝚗𝚊 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚐𝚘𝚘𝚍 11 timmar sedan
I love how she added Heterosexual and homosexual relationships
Carum Sarene
Carum Sarene 11 timmar sedan
When you wear rose colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags
Louis Zheng
Louis Zheng 12 timmar sedan
8:15 Wait a minute
im not cool
im not cool 14 timmar sedan
man... this video made me look back at my life 2 months ago. where my friend was making me do things i didnt want to, and i couldnt do anything because i was at their house. when they were at MY house, they did the same thing but i couldnt do anything because my mom was in her room. and when i didnt want to put on my mic when i was playing with him online he got pissed. then when i refused to buy a gamepass because he wanted to play HIS games. he got really mad. then when he wanted me to go to his house i lied about my dad getting sick from alcohol, he got pissed of that too. then when i went to his house because my dad was making chicken over there, he punched me for lying about my dad. and that wasnt a playful punch, that was a serious punch. so i left him for my other friend who was my bestfriend for what, 2, 3 years? anyways now i never talk to my old friend anymore and why im taking a break from my yt channel and life.
Andy Adams
Andy Adams 15 timmar sedan
Oh, yes, I've had one of those one's that said they'll hurt themselves if I keep talking to them. Then they supposedly did it and I get a threatening text from their friend. I saw the red flags and blocked them both right away. Fuck Toxic people.
lathan roberts
lathan roberts 15 timmar sedan
7:22 does anyone get the my hero academia reference or just me cause I'm pretty sure that's toga
Emilia Clapp
Emilia Clapp 16 timmar sedan
As an extrovert, I always worry I’m mean and/or manipulative. I have my 2-5 best friends, then lots of other background friends. I have lots of those so I only worry about maintaining my relationships with my best friends, but sometimes that means my relationships with my background friends crumbles so I fix the relationships with those but then my best friends think I’m not hanging out with them because I don’t like them. It’s like tending to a garden with lots of flowers (background friends) and a few small trees (Bffs). The trees need more water but if u only care about them then the flowers with dry up
badbo4life 16 timmar sedan
I worry a lot about how I'm toxic and how to handle it but usually its too late and I have to catch myself in the act. 10/10 vid
Ibrahim Abdelhameed
Ibrahim Abdelhameed 17 timmar sedan
If my friends did cocane i will not hesitate to call the authorities
Good lil Muffin :3
Good lil Muffin :3 18 timmar sedan
6:44 it looks like purpled
Reic Marion Fesalbon
Reic Marion Fesalbon 18 timmar sedan
1:20 that happend to me and now i noticed it then i fu** that bi**h ok im so messed up but im sorry 1:19
Some Anime Weeb
Some Anime Weeb 19 timmar sedan
7:20 *when u wake up knowing ur gonna get ur dream boys blood*
Annora Gwinn
Annora Gwinn 20 timmar sedan
This video helped me, sometimes I can have a little to much anger, or be sad and cry over things that aren't real, I don't know why, but I just do, and probably why I've been isolating myself from my friends. My anger can overly crazy, and other kids at school have it with me, for example, when we all play kickball, everyone but some of my friends get really mad about "losing to the other team" It's just a game, and this happened like 2 years ago, I'm glad I don't do kickball anymore, and I'm sorry for taking up a lot of space. Thank you Jaiden, this video really helped me.
Ryan Koby
Ryan Koby 21 timme sedan
why hello there Toga-san
Boltzydog527 22 timmar sedan
This Video. This was one of the reasons I stopped being friends with someone i had been friends with for like almost 10 years
Xx Pastel Studios xX
Xx Pastel Studios xX 22 timmar sedan
Toga the queen of manipulating:)
Riplol Justforfu
Riplol Justforfu 23 timmar sedan
I needed this 5 years ago. Really good advice. If you realise that some "friend" makes you feel more shit than good, vent that person out of the airlock of your life. I was friends with a guy who made me feel bad about myself or my decisions at every opportunity. He would also downplay my achievements. He would angrily spam my messenger when I didn't respond quick enough. He would threaten me by bringing up stuff that he thought was a very sensitive topic for me. Mutual friends told me that he talked shit about me behind my back. Eventually I became really anxious when he even posted something in a groupchat. The thought alone of having to interact with him was unpleasant. I felt bad for him because he came from a difficult family background which is why I put up with so much of this shit. But cutting that dude out of my life even if it meant limiting contact with the entire friend group was defenetly one of the best decisions I ever made. I found new friends. Better friends.
isaiyah Rodriguez
isaiyah Rodriguez 23 timmar sedan
💯 percent real (in to lazy to think so take this and I'll leave)
Da AKM Dag sedan
what if they're someone who i can't end the relationship? like a family member?
Estefy Mansilla
Estefy Mansilla Dag sedan
I think I am giving many things to my friend and she hardly speaks to me I give her many things in games drawings if she needs help I talk to her she does not answer me when I talk to her she has made a friend and She spend more time with she QwQ
Ashii Mxxnlight
Ashii Mxxnlight Dag sedan
0:44 That happen with me and my ex bff she just start to be really mean to me.
Samir Hernandez
Samir Hernandez Dag sedan
0:15 dead body reported
lalaleonalea Dag sedan
Someone who refers to a "tub" of butter - red flag!
•boba tea•
•boba tea• Dag sedan
7:22 Toga? Is that you?
elias coria
elias coria Dag sedan
I say hi to the poor manipulated human being reading this ❤
Brick L
Brick L Dag sedan
4:09 hit kinda close to home on that one
Emily_lol Dag sedan
Jaiden videos really make me feel better.
FloofTube Dag sedan
here is a tricky question, what do I do if my dads girlfriends son is toxic but i'm forced to hangout with them. also ur my fav youtuber and I hope ur doing well
onechaigirl Dag sedan
Toxic friend: “ Im pathetic, you should just leave me, im goanna hurt myself Me after watching this: “ Ok, bye.“
Lewi V
Lewi V Dag sedan
Jaiden this is beautiful thank you for this!
glorious leader dinkydstryr1
glorious leader dinkydstryr1 Dag sedan
The Soviet union is the only good red flag
Las Cartoons
Las Cartoons Dag sedan
0:14 I actually don't think i have an emotional reaction to murder Let me try. [Edit] No I do not
Chiptheskeleton Plays
Chiptheskeleton Plays Dag sedan
7:22 Toga love the reference Makes sense she will
speed netz
speed netz Dag sedan
7:33 what is he/she siting on?
summertime×××× Dag sedan
was that toga
Edward Toth
Edward Toth Dag sedan
Jaiden and Domics, the animators of life lessons.
•Beatriz Cabrera Geronimo•
•Beatriz Cabrera Geronimo• Dag sedan
Dewey Broooks
Dewey Broooks Dag sedan
Hhmmmmmm at 8:30ish my friend asks me to revive him in cod a lot is this too demanding??????
glorious leader dinkydstryr1
glorious leader dinkydstryr1 Dag sedan
Ok i sounded rude
glorious leader dinkydstryr1
glorious leader dinkydstryr1 Dag sedan
Unless it's warzone
glorious leader dinkydstryr1
glorious leader dinkydstryr1 Dag sedan
No he is just not good at cod
javier garcia
javier garcia Dag sedan
Cicada Dag sedan
Is that a MHA reference? 7:22 for anyone interested.
luca the deadly fox
luca the deadly fox Dag sedan
So in december last year I got in a relationship with this girl I really liked. We were in a long distance relationship btw, that’s important to know for the story. We would talk everyday and facetime whenever we could. We were really great together I felt like but I started to realize she had flaws. I don’t mean flaws as in things that make her imperfect because we’re all imperfect. I mean flaws as in things that made me question why I liked her. I’m the type of person that keeps to the rules and doesn’t always like to be rebellious even tho I might be at the age of those types of longings to occur. She was almost the complete opposite and I was aware of that. She would skip class, never pay attention in them, drink alcohol underaged and be very unhealthy. It’s not like I always pay attention myself or live super healthy but with her it seemed to be 10 times worse. I knew why she was like that tho. Her parents were very controlling, especially her father and always expected her to be better. She got a fear of failure because of them and would have panic attacks regularly. Her mental health was really bad at the time and has been for a very long time. She told me many times how her self image was just unfixable at this point. Her depression made me feel to responsible of her. I got to overwhelmed and that made me start losing feelings. I think I got feelings for her in the first place because I really needed someone to listen to me about my previous relationship and felt like she was the only one that listened. When I was doing better things stayed fine for a little while longer but eventually started going downhill. Her problems started feeing like my problems and that made me feel too responsible of her. I felt like every time I would tell her not to do something stupid or hurtful to herself, she wouldn’t listen and do it anyway. Every time I would try to motivate her to start building self love and confidence she would brush it off with ‘It can’t be fixed anyway so why start’. I was working on self love at the time as well and she would always incurage me to continue growing my confidence but when I tried to help her she wouldn’t listen. When I started getting clueless on if I still had feelings for her, I found the game Life Is Strange together with the prequel. It made me realize that I wanted to be with someone that didn’t feel like a responsibility or even a burden sometimes. I also came across this video. They both helped me a lot to realize whatever me and my her had it wasn’t making me feel good anymore. Not like it did in the beginning. I realized the best thing to do for me was to end our relationship. It was very difficult for me to do since at times it felt like she was the only one that actually cared about me but I knew it was better for both of us. I kept repeating the quote “it’s not selfish to want the best for yourself” from this video. I knew it was better for me and my mental health to end it. And so I did. We were dating for seven months and I’ve felt very alone ever since we stopped talking but I don’t regret it. So, what can you pick up from this story? What’s the lesson to learn here? I’m not sure. I think it would be that, if a relationship (any form of relationship) feels like a responsibility or a burden you should talk to that person and try to come up with a solution together or maybe consider ending the relationship. Know how you want people to treat you and stay true to that. You’re awesome and you deserve love too. If you actually read through all of this I want to thank you because it took a while to type and it makes me feel seen and noticed. :) have a nice rest of your day/night!
Jedqwerty Dag sedan
0:18 *dream puppets*
Nestor Escobar
Nestor Escobar Dag sedan
HAH i got no friends >:3... :(
Your girl Silvia Was here
Your girl Silvia Was here Dag sedan
When my friend try to help me when I'm upset: Dude, yall dont need to help me, Its not ur responsible, be happy for yourself
Xavier Alaric
Xavier Alaric Dag sedan
she is a great teacher.
lazaer light
lazaer light Dag sedan
What if the one being abusive is my brother
Z0n!C101 Dag sedan
this is the most heavy video I've seen on your ok
YokiTheShiba Dag sedan
7:22 It's toga with a Christmas hat I-
Pixel Wolf
Pixel Wolf Dag sedan
Haha this doesn't apply to me cause I don't have any friends... 😔
☀︎︎M̶i̶n̶𝕥y̶☀︎︎ Dag sedan
Wait wait wait- that is ANIME :0 7:20
tania do
tania do Dag sedan
8:40 sadly 6 of them my "friend" does
Nika Mikeladze
Nika Mikeladze Dag sedan
I am a god
Noob Wizard
Noob Wizard Dag sedan
yeah dont force your junk on to other people in more than one way
Shadow Lord
Shadow Lord Dag sedan
7:22 I saw that toga hair
Isha Sen
Isha Sen Dag sedan
all the therapists watching be like "b-but I am kinda responsible for people's happiness..." 😂
Sad Magic
Sad Magic Dag sedan
That beginning tho.....
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