Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about

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people are weird sometimes

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Josiah Phillips
Josiah Phillips 36 minuter sedan
I switched school in 5th grade and started going to a school where my dad was the principal. I didn’t notice until I switched back to my old school that it’s really nice to have friends where you don’t always have to think, *is this person just trying to get on my good side Bc my dad is the principal* it’s nice having genuine friends.
Sophia Khawaja
Sophia Khawaja Timme sedan
Jaiden you really helped me on this video you taught me how if some one is doing some thing you like do a different prospective of them and see if their doing stuff your not ok with. Thank you Jaiden
TaaVG Timme sedan
2:44 is that a jojo's reference?
little Ely vlogs
little Ely vlogs 2 timmar sedan
Zeynep Guranlı
Zeynep Guranlı 2 timmar sedan
i like how she is kind of a secretly jojo fan doin lil jojo references in her vids and has the same three dots on her ear as dio (on her pfp)
Daniela Diaz
Daniela Diaz 2 timmar sedan
Isn't it weird that toxic relationships now-a-days are ✨glamorized✨, and it's ✨normal✨? Or is that just me?
Zodiac Master
Zodiac Master 2 timmar sedan
Is that toga MHA?7:22
CherlynCherlyn LevieLevie
CherlynCherlyn LevieLevie 3 timmar sedan
The craven engineer electronically blush because reading desirably part apropos a aromatic niece. square, moaning jelly
Lps Spot
Lps Spot 4 timmar sedan
jaiden: I think the majority of people tend too be too nice. deku to bakugo:
Bolorchimeg Altangerel
Bolorchimeg Altangerel 8 timmar sedan
Wtf a masterpiece
Instruella 9 timmar sedan
I was in a toxic friendship when I watched this last time. I didn’t notice it. But now, I’ve noped myself out of there, and I wound up meeting my boyfriend because of it. Moral of the story, the moment you leave a toxic relationship, good things will happen to you.
Korl 9 timmar sedan
Hey just wanted to say that I think I’m in a toxic relationship right now and ever sense I watched this video, I was pretty sure I was. I did more thinking and research and I’m convinced that I am. I’m currently trying to communicate the problem with them, and you and this video have really helped me. Thanks!
Sophia Khawaja
Sophia Khawaja Timme sedan
Yea Jaiden helped me to ^w^
Korl 9 timmar sedan
Yo screw chad. He sux. :(
Sophia Khawaja
Sophia Khawaja Timme sedan
Chad dose suck :
Alyssa Animal
Alyssa Animal 10 timmar sedan
When I was like 8 or somthing I was playing roblox and friended someone and I kinda wish I didn't. Because I think they were trying to manipulate me I had to play everyday or they'd hurt the self then I told them I was going on a vacation and I would have wifi then they stopped playing.
Aika 11 timmar sedan
I really don’t know what to comment, I’m just- here :)
Sophia Khawaja
Sophia Khawaja Timme sedan
bronte roy
bronte roy 13 timmar sedan
lol i have been though toxic friendships 99.9% of my school life until now... bc i have no friends :) people might think its sad but its better then feeling scared everyday to go to school bc somebody is always being toxic
Georgina Navarrete
Georgina Navarrete 15 timmar sedan
Sophia Khawaja
Sophia Khawaja Timme sedan
Georgina Navarrete
Georgina Navarrete 15 timmar sedan
Sophia Khawaja
Sophia Khawaja Timme sedan
Georgina Navarrete
Georgina Navarrete 15 timmar sedan
Wong 100.99
Sophia Khawaja
Sophia Khawaja Timme sedan
Lauryn Young
Lauryn Young 16 timmar sedan
I very very much enjoy the eco system analogy 🤍
Ahmad Musleh
Ahmad Musleh 17 timmar sedan
3:23 I’m dead
Mira Smartaustin
Mira Smartaustin 18 timmar sedan
Wait- Did she draw lesbians?😳
PaleBlueTARDIS 19 timmar sedan
Honestly you would be a good therapist
Sophia Khawaja
Sophia Khawaja Timme sedan
IKR she is so good at just helping like if yes!
Socratic 19 timmar sedan
8:15 We ain't gonna talk about HOW THE MIRROR LOOKED AT THE SCREEN TOO?!
M M 19 timmar sedan
This video help me.
Sophia Khawaja
Sophia Khawaja Timme sedan
Aliah Asher
Aliah Asher 22 timmar sedan
I have a problem with that to Jaiden
Sans 22 timmar sedan
jaiden had to record the slamming sound on a table right? she needed a cuchsion to land on she needed a -cuchsion- cocaine to land on
Sophia Khawaja
Sophia Khawaja Timme sedan
Thats true.... XD
SuRyu—すりゆ 23 timmar sedan
7:22 looks a lot like toga, ya watch Boku no hero academia?
Brian Chin
Brian Chin Dag sedan
Thanks for the advice. You should be a therapist for couples.
Eev x Piki
Eev x Piki Dag sedan
Thank u so mutch for this i always was to scared to tell my friend that i dont like wat he is doing but now im gonna tell him!!
Irvin sanchez
Irvin sanchez Dag sedan
Wow this helps
Happy Wolf
Happy Wolf Dag sedan
2:45 Sound effect on buget.😁
Bryan Meza
Bryan Meza Dag sedan
7:21 oh no toga to who 1: Izuku 2: dabi
Kawaii Anime Macaron
Kawaii Anime Macaron Dag sedan
7:23 and here it is Toga wears a Santa hat to sleep
sandwiç kardeşler UwU
sandwiç kardeşler UwU Dag sedan
Simp_ cyan
Simp_ cyan Dag sedan
7:22 toga my waifu, why u so flat
Weird Lemur
Weird Lemur Dag sedan
Alex Dag sedan
Alison Li
Alison Li Dag sedan
I have a question? What if that relationship that you’re in is good and bad? I mean I know someone who only texts me when they interested in what I’m talking about or if they want something, but that’s through text, in real life they can be really funny and nice, but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to show particular side to myself because I really don’t want them to see as less of a person. Sometimes I can hear other people laughing more with others and having more fun with them, talking more, which makes me think of things I’m doing wrong. Whenever someone responds to me happy (unless it’s my family) it feels like a miracle. People have been telling me to go back to being myself, but I don’t know who I really am, or what I should be like, and sometimes it feels like I’m fitting myself into a mold I want to be like, even if I will never be like that. Sometimes I get scared of things that will happen, that people I know and love will drift apart and go our separate ways. Sometimes it feels like I’m not completed and I act so much different around different people, are friends really friends if you’re nervous to make mistakes around them? Ive seen some things that my own actions have done, some are ones I regret and I really hope that I can make it up, but sometimes I don’t know if I can. So much more to say but I should probably stop babbling about myself :> (I know you probably won’t read this but if there’s even a 0.1 percent chance I hope you answer!) -Love One of your fans :D
Attempted Animations
Attempted Animations Dag sedan
With the friend you talk about at the beginning (I'm going to call them... Tom.) Would you go into more depth about your relationship with them? It's a bit hard to make an accurate assumption with only a few facts. From what I've heard Tom doesn't seem manipulative at all. Even I will just sit back and read things (on group messages) when I don't find things interesting and no one is specifically talking to me. If its not a group message, maybe you just talk to Tom IRL and have a serious talk if this is hurting you at all. Don't attack them, just ask if you could be doing something wrong, or if there's a reason they avoid answering sometimes, and work it out calmly. You won't get anywhere with screaming and yelling. -Sincerely, A random person on the internet.
Carissa Perri
Carissa Perri Dag sedan
I always find myself coming back to this video, thank you so much jaiden
Riago Artavia
Riago Artavia Dag sedan
This helped me alot now time to go ask my crush out thanks jaiden
Jasper Rosa
Jasper Rosa Dag sedan
IF YOURE A YOUNG PERSON WATCHING THIS: What she is speaking of is straight up facts. Listen to this. You're beautiful and deserve happiness. I had to learn this all the hard way. Trust me, letting go of someone manipulative hurts at first but once you feel better without them you'll understand why you had to do it.
Marlon Anthony Yu
Marlon Anthony Yu Dag sedan
are you getting married with theodd1sout
Ellah Mora
Ellah Mora Dag sedan
I had a friend she was just like all these things jaiden just discribed and I would cry every time after hanging out with them
Jakemufcfan Dag sedan
God had a major breakup recently, this helped great video as always
Katie Brungart
Katie Brungart Dag sedan
Bruh, toga
night sky
night sky 2 dagar sedan
Elephantdude 2 dagar sedan
And that was life lessons with jaiden
liftguardpullhandle 2 dagar sedan
7:20 is that Toga?
CF J 2 dagar sedan
i wish you would touch more on not immediately seeing yourself as the victim. like. you briefly mention to reflect over your own behavior but its such a tiny part of the video and doesn't really approach it from a deeper way that could help those people. and i think videos like these are a part of that problem, teaching you to think primarily about how Others are Hurting Sweet, Vulnerable You, with only a passing mention of the other way around. but the most manipulative people aren't only unaware of that, but they actively see themselves as victims who are responding to any emotional pain by thinking that they're being hurt by someone on purpose or that they're automatically the victim if they started feeling bad or uncomfortable. that's the kind of attitude that leads to people calling their friends "abusers" without any reflection of how they treated them.
GoldenStars14 2 dagar sedan
it's been 8 or 9 months. I watched this video first when I was in a toxic (online) relationship after watching it, I realized that it was probably toxic, but continued to gaslight myself into "it's something she can't control" and "it'll get better eventually." I was able to get out of that friendship and im fine now, but I'd like to answer the questions Jaiden put in about 9 minutes into the video, and keep in mind, my birthday is in February and this relationship ended in August that year. I was 10-11. *Did you put off seeing or responding to them?* If I have, I didn't remember. I woke up around 9 and played with them at 12 or later because they were 3 hours behind me pretty much until 10pm. That gave me 3 hours of me doing whatever a day, which wasn't good. *Did you feel worse after spending time with them?* The majority of the time, yes, I'd say about 80%. The times we stopped talking for the day not at 10pm my time was usually due to her getting overwhelmed and snapping at me and not treating me well as a result. I'm the type of person who can't handle getting yelled at and sometimes even being told something assertively, so I'd often mute and cry behind the microphone or go on push to talk before I eventually just left. *Have they threatened you or themself in any way?* Yes, but not until I had already left. I had blocked them on all platforms and made it virtually impossible for her to talk to me, but my friends still sent screenshots of what she was saying because we both thought I needed to be aware. (now I'd say get someone else not in the situation to look at them and help you) She said stuff like "I want to kill her, her family, and then myself." These honestly scared me because she knew my town and state as I thought I could trust her with it. (She never followed through with her promises, thankfully ;w;) *Did they make you feel like you couldn't do things on your own, or that you couldn't make a single decision without them?* Definitely. When I was playing on my Minecraft server that I own, I felt like I couldn't do anything without her consent. It even stretched beyond that, anything relating to something online I felt like I couldn't do without her consent. *Did they ask for a lot of favors or money and didn't pay it back?* Nope, that was mainly me doing it actually. I asked for her to do things within reason, and I had a right to as most of our time was spent on a Minecraft server I owned. I never paid it back, however, because I was too awkward to on top of never really being asked. *Did they talk badly behind your back?* Yes, but only when I had already left. With most manipulative relationships, the manipulator will feel and act genuinely caring about their victim most of the time, except the times when they aren't thinking about it and when their manipulation really shines. When their victim escapes, the manipulator immediately turns on them and says things like their victim has betrayed them and the manipulator absolutely hates their victim now. That's what she was doing to me. *Did you feel like you were walking on eggshells around them?* Only really when she got more overwhelmed. The rest of the time I would just be careless and be myself. *Did they put you down?* No, and she never did. She actually loved all things I created, which is arguably a form of manipulation too in the form of overconfidence and trust. I hope this helped some of you, or if it didn't, I hope it was at least interesting otherwise I just wasted your time- xD
Olvustin 2 dagar sedan
...I always ask people for their help in classes but I don't really give something back since I am really bad at classes, I can only help when its english and that bad?
FirestormGamer94 2 dagar sedan
Not going to lie, I have this one friend who is just kind of an a-hole. And I really find to be more annoyed with him than when I first met him. But I've known him for so long and just don't know how to tell him that, I'm done with his BS and then kick him out of my life. Any tips on this, anyone?
Alana Muller Commenting
Alana Muller Commenting 2 dagar sedan
One of my “friends” (I put quotations because they’re not really my friend since their toxic) was being toxic to me and some of my other friends and I already knew she was being toxic because I’ve been in toxic relationships before but some of my friends didn’t notice that she was being toxic because this was their first toxic relationship so I showed them this video and now they understand and ended their friendship with the toxic friend and I ended my friendship with her too! Thanks for the help, Jaiden!
Hernan H
Hernan H 2 dagar sedan
Lol hehe
Joe Dames
Joe Dames 2 dagar sedan
The coke scene was hilarious
Serenity Garcia
Serenity Garcia 2 dagar sedan
Wait is that Toga lol
Game of gaming
Game of gaming 2 dagar sedan
I had a toxic friend and I ended that I hope
Noah Cervera
Noah Cervera 2 dagar sedan
The dare reference is super cool
The Blue Drawer
The Blue Drawer 2 dagar sedan
2:46 this guy is an anime anime character and is about to destroy this guy
Stephen Kicinski
Stephen Kicinski 2 dagar sedan
I wake up and say: Haha I'm going to be super manipulative today!
Blake Bozenbury
Blake Bozenbury 2 dagar sedan
This helped me so much, My friend can be a little annoying, but I'm like that, the problem was that he was some times mean to me and my friends, but he doesn't really have any nice friends, so I fell bad for him. But it's for the greater good, so I'm going to give him some time and help me and my friends ecoes, thank you for the video and great job
Strawbêrry 2 dagar sedan
Hi Jaiden! I really like your vids and want to encourage you to do more things like this, thank you so much for entertaining me!
GamingWorldYT78 2 dagar sedan
Never had one never need one.
Llamas Are not alpacas
Llamas Are not alpacas 2 dagar sedan
But I’m there therapist
Claire Cowley-Crawford
Claire Cowley-Crawford 2 dagar sedan
when she said ask your self "am i being an "ari" hole? LOLOLOL
The goldfish Alice
The goldfish Alice 2 dagar sedan
7:21 I’m dead 🥲👍 toga rlly said “😃👍”
Chaychay Basinang bacus
Chaychay Basinang bacus 2 dagar sedan
😂Hahahahhaahhahahahhahhahahhahahahahaahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha 😭
God of breadcrumbs
God of breadcrumbs 2 dagar sedan
I like this vid. Very helpful.
GracieTheFoxGIRL 2 dagar sedan
Omg it’s Satan 🤣🤣🤣
txliptxwn ii
txliptxwn ii 2 dagar sedan
I'm scared because I have a friend that is not talking to me and overall never contacting me in general. She lives somewhere far away, and I never really have the chance to see her since my family stays home most of the time. It's almost been 3 months without talking to her, so should I break it off or stay calm and wait? (Jaiden, ty for helping to see what toxic relationships and healthy relationships are like :D
The undefeated champion
The undefeated champion 2 dagar sedan
Boyfriend: I can’t go because my girlfriend won’t let me (ok that’s fine) Girlfriend: I can’t go because my boyfriend won’t let me (MANIPULATIVE BOYFRIEND)
Christian B
Christian B 2 dagar sedan
“are my other friends gonna do it?” *slam*
Pkwon 2 dagar sedan
Of all the ways to spell Riley she uses the way my sister spelled her name.....should I be scared?
Supreme Warrior
Supreme Warrior 3 dagar sedan
Thx this tought me a lesson i subscribes make more pls
Alicija Neporadnaja
Alicija Neporadnaja 3 dagar sedan
Thanks for help. It helped me alot. And i started overthinking things
Layz Chips
Layz Chips 3 dagar sedan
ive been manipulated before...i moved to another state...across the country
Jaglul Chowdhury
Jaglul Chowdhury 3 dagar sedan
Thank you for opening my eyes
bensfam !!!!
bensfam !!!! 3 dagar sedan
my sister's boyfriend is controlling in my opinion but I can't stop that because I don't know him well, but I think your advice is really positive and I think it will help a lot of people
Vincent Pacheco
Vincent Pacheco 3 dagar sedan
thank you
that one guy
that one guy 3 dagar sedan
What the hell Chad
_daisy.sky_ 3 dagar sedan
Mazie Sakamaki
Mazie Sakamaki 3 dagar sedan
I managed to break off a traumatic relationship of 2 years cause they said that if i don't send them this or do this then they will kill themselves but i got out of it and I'm doing better then when i was with them
Big Bruh
Big Bruh 3 dagar sedan
Me 😔 I am the bad person I am doing all of these things
Jiminizor⟭⟬ 3 dagar sedan
girl: "haha, I'm gonna be super manipulative today." me: "IS THAT TOGA-"
Ava Thompson
Ava Thompson 3 dagar sedan
this helped me so much thank you!!!! my friend is doing all of this to me so i am glad i subbed to you jaden
Ava Thompson
Ava Thompson 3 dagar sedan
oof i ment jaiden not jaden
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 3 dagar sedan
Ok this really helped do you have a patreon?
Lame At Everything
Lame At Everything 3 dagar sedan
7:21 ... TOGA? IS THAT YOU??
Illiana M
Illiana M 3 dagar sedan
MidnightBlaze16 3 dagar sedan
wait are you telling me that people getting crumbs in the butter isn't normal?? My whole family does it, I always just thought I was the only one who got annoyed by it
Ssl0th 3 dagar sedan
Nat England
Nat England 3 dagar sedan
"Haha, I'm going to be super manipulative today!" .....Toga no-
Peanut butter And jelly
Peanut butter And jelly 4 dagar sedan
That moment you realize that Santa Claus gives gifts kids all over world but, does he give gifts to Ms.Claus he does that to make kids happy but does he spend time with his family and make them happy
Cute Girl
Cute Girl 2 dagar sedan
Kate 2 dagar sedan
you just made me sad-
rr awr
rr awr 4 dagar sedan
2:45 i can't stop laughing
SiberianHusky24 4 dagar sedan
when the person woke upcand said 'imma go manipulate today' the blonde messy space himiko toga?
Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson 4 dagar sedan
Me Love animation 🙃🙃🙃
Jack Hope
Jack Hope 4 dagar sedan
I ended my three year relationship after I got proof I was being cheated almost all the time. Thanks to OPTIMUMTECHNOLOGY1 on Instagram for clearing this out, he hacked into her facebook and Whatsapp without traces and also gave me password to those accounts. Now I can finally go on freely with my life with proofs of unfaithfulness from her
Lilly Lewis
Lilly Lewis 4 dagar sedan
It might just be that I am a crazy mha fan but 7:22 IS THAT FRICKING TOGA!?
Gacha Neptune
Gacha Neptune 4 dagar sedan
T o g a ?
Bushra Fatima
Bushra Fatima 4 dagar sedan
But like if there is a slight possibility of them feeling helped and calm through us then i guess that's okay right!? But i get your point 😭😭💔💔💔💔
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