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((thesaurus people, don't hurt me i mean well. i'm a 'copacetic' and 'simpatico' person i promise))
also- pigeon documentary if ur curious:
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I do not own the pigeon documentary. (lol)

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D According to the website, you're very "fine and dandy".... nah I'm just gonna use the word "nice". Yeah that's better.

Dragon Lili
Dragon Lili 48 minuter sedan
I use it to write books. Not FANFICTION, but actually BOOKS that I plan to PUBLISH
Omar 2 timmar sedan
3:21 Jaiden thinks she’s smart, but there’s not supposed to be a comma there.
Jo Lyall
Jo Lyall 9 timmar sedan
You do realise how ironic it is that you put equanimity in your video...
Alexandra Pavlov
Alexandra Pavlov Dag sedan
im lost
Basic Gal
Basic Gal Dag sedan
They're humid, prepossessing homosapiens with full sized aortic pumps
WreckinPoints11 Dag sedan
4:04 ha joke's on you, neither, i use it for my custom TTRPG system!
Allie 2 dagar sedan
Honestly, I truly enjoy expanding my (already rather large) vocabulary and sites like the aforementioned Thesaurus help me to do so! And, in case some of you are wondering, I do in fact speak like this out loud. Not just on essays and other school-related assignments.
Ipinu Yusuf
Ipinu Yusuf 2 dagar sedan
Inubitebly In all of my eccentric and unconventionally defocused searches I could not be more complacent towards such unquestionably ignorant use of thesarus. Com
Asianchild693 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: who uses it on fanfiction My one million stories that got deleted: She’s talking about you. Me who was watching her old videos cause I was bored: Keep Toga and Dabi out of this is trying to be a wholesome and pure child-
Katie L
Katie L 2 dagar sedan
Who uses it for fanfiction? I feel called out.
Foolish Fool
Foolish Fool 2 dagar sedan
If anyone has an interest in writing beyond what they have to do for school, please disregard what your teachers tell you about writing. Write like a person, not like a dictionary. Chances are if you try to use "big words" you'll sound like a Strange Planet comic.
Peck The Penguin
Peck The Penguin 2 dagar sedan
My Username
My Username 2 dagar sedan
But I thought you loved dinosaurs.
-ˋˏɴᴀᴛꜱᴜᴍɪɪˎˊ- 2 dagar sedan
I didn't even know that website exists 😂
raindrop 2 dagar sedan
"indubitably" heheh..
Zayna LK
Zayna LK 2 dagar sedan
i was dying of laughter at the pigeon documentary
Dani Kisikan
Dani Kisikan 3 dagar sedan
Can confirm the weird fanfics. I once tried to look up one of the scenes from one of your videos and send it to my friend, but since I couldn't remember which video it was in, I ended up trying to Google it. Let's just say, 10 minutes later I was reading a semi-erotic fanfic of Adam (SomethingElseYT for you who doesn't know) and James (Odd1sout) Before realizing what I just got myself into. I didn't sleep for days
The Dumb Channel
The Dumb Channel 3 dagar sedan
Moo juice
Greenlandball Mapping
Greenlandball Mapping 3 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who uses old langauge? I use "thy" and "via"
Giñgêr_ løcks
Giñgêr_ løcks 3 dagar sedan
Mohs ez
Mohs ez 3 dagar sedan
Oh man this woulda been a great video to tell us to us "stellar" more often. It's ok. I'm binging in reverse so I already know.
Anna Luksha
Anna Luksha 4 dagar sedan
The stuff at the end just sounds like the Strange Planet comics tbh and I LOVE IT
Olivia’s Vlogs
Olivia’s Vlogs 4 dagar sedan
as soon as she started talking about writing papers and sounding sophisticated, I got a grammarly ad lol
Sage 4 dagar sedan
I love that there's an entire meme format dedicated to the concept of not overcomplicating phrasing tho
Plague Boi
Plague Boi 4 dagar sedan
What about Scp?
chip chip
chip chip 4 dagar sedan
Hi Jaiden
Nageswararao Appana
Nageswararao Appana 4 dagar sedan
Nope I've never heard of it
Laura Dearman
Laura Dearman 4 dagar sedan
I said that stuff 2 my friends and they said I'm weird
My Santuary
My Santuary 4 dagar sedan
At 5:41 my mic picked it up and google answered the question.
Raccoon Byz
Raccoon Byz 5 dagar sedan
Fanboys: *Cry In The Corner*
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig 5 dagar sedan
Gordon Ramsay recorder.
Simply bug
Simply bug 5 dagar sedan
Me dead
Julian Ryan
Julian Ryan 5 dagar sedan
guys we should protest against pigeons
YourLocalGay WithACaffeineAddiction
YourLocalGay WithACaffeineAddiction 5 dagar sedan
i was the website for both school and fanfiction
LokiTheMischievous 22
LokiTheMischievous 22 5 dagar sedan
If you paused to read that first speech bubble, you’re a beast!
Kenzie Runako
Kenzie Runako 5 dagar sedan
Well, synonyms make writing more fun.
MaxStormPower 5 dagar sedan
At no time have I used this website. I may, however, attempt to make use of it at a later point, as I am one who tends to search my grammar book for volcabulary words that could make thou sound more intelligent. Translation: I'm a stupid person who steals words from my grammar books to make myself sounds smarter because I'm not.
Eskild Holm
Eskild Holm 5 dagar sedan
Henceforth I am unable to can do certain things
Andrew Archer
Andrew Archer 6 dagar sedan
Henchfourth you will be known as Darth Vader
trace matson
trace matson 6 dagar sedan
So this is why i struggle to meet the minimum word count on essays. Everyone else uses language like this, where as I use language as if I was actually speaking. I legitimately think about what I am going to write as if I were to say it. I think teacher find this to be refreshing or something, because I am used as example of what an essay should look like all the time.
kathryn rose
kathryn rose 6 dagar sedan
Why say, “Can you repeat that?” When you can say “Will you commit to reiterate the one in question?” I actually looked this up on thesaurus I- 🤦🏻‍♀️
Avoid Void X
Avoid Void X 3 dagar sedan
JerseyJack TV
JerseyJack TV 6 dagar sedan
Lexa The Snake
Lexa The Snake 6 dagar sedan
*The indicated acted as a hellacious broadcast, proficiently terminated. Per contra, I individualistically esteem employing boundless, resplendent confabulations (yet merely in chirography moreover I subsist as the case may be nothing but anomalous the idiosyncrasy in question* (This was a great video, well done. However, I personally like using long, fancy words (but only in writing and I'm probably just weird that way)
Isabella C.
Isabella C. 6 dagar sedan
Thank you for showing me this website I usually just google fancy way to say climate change
Leo Valdez
Leo Valdez 6 dagar sedan
Here's a big word, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
Aditya Verma
Aditya Verma 6 dagar sedan
Hmm my approximate percent is Work - .5 Fanfics - 99.5
The Hunters Guide
The Hunters Guide 6 dagar sedan
I actually do use indubitably lmao
Bestlps Bruder
Bestlps Bruder 6 dagar sedan
Some random person: Equanimity Everyone: He is the messiah
Velo C. Raptor
Velo C. Raptor 6 dagar sedan
The point of thesauraus is the exact opposite, to use words with complex meanings to get more points across with less words. A stupid example (cause its 7:30 here and i just woke up): The thoughts of other important team members was not asked for, and not needed. The reason for this was not clear. Stakeholders opionions were unsolicited and obsolete, for ambigious reasons.
A stick bug
A stick bug 7 dagar sedan
Who is the saurus
cheese stain
cheese stain 7 dagar sedan
stripes Productions
stripes Productions 7 dagar sedan
And 100% agree with U Jaden since we're on the topic of science I have this teacher who everybody hates his reasons why everybody hates her I would say why we hate her but it would end up making it into an entire paragraph and today somebody finally cussed her out so she basically got what she deserved
Amy Alvarado
Amy Alvarado 7 dagar sedan
Em i don't know how to read and right in cursive and im in 4th grade soooooooooooo
lxx sgh
lxx sgh 7 dagar sedan
Some Penguins live on the coast.🤓
Curtis Foody
Curtis Foody 7 dagar sedan
I give this video credit for all the essays I got over 85% on
Ducky DD
Ducky DD 8 dagar sedan
Thanks Jaiden. Now i just randomly blurt out HOOPLA BLABS MORE RAMBUCTIOUS THAN DISCUSSION
Thales Ueti
Thales Ueti 8 dagar sedan
The editing is crazy and I love it, danm, everything is good, but that was not what I came for and got very satisfied by it.
a person who doesnt make videos
a person who doesnt make videos 9 dagar sedan
do you wanna have a bad time. do you want to have a bad experience. are you in the wanting of a not so good, in fact opposite experience. *is your mind willing to go through a not good at all experience, courtesy of me, sans the skeleton i am asking*
Ian Flood
Ian Flood 9 dagar sedan
I cherished your broadcast Jaiden.
Girish Rao
Girish Rao 9 dagar sedan
nerdtopia ball
nerdtopia ball 9 dagar sedan
I say always ,, I was working 1 and a half year at one of the biggest fuel company’s of my nation in the logistic department“ instead of ,, I worked for 1,5 years at a gas station in the storage“
abex 9 dagar sedan
People:seeing saurus .com and talk to other people like gentale person The other people behind the person who use big nerd he confuse us with big words
Silas Animations
Silas Animations 9 dagar sedan
Who else noticed her animatio style changed?
Logan Lane
Logan Lane 9 dagar sedan
You have some uncomparable animations keep it up but don't overwork yourself 😁
Nick Willson
Nick Willson 9 dagar sedan
School essays be like...
Anthony Quarles
Anthony Quarles 9 dagar sedan
So i used some big words infront of my friends and now they hate
Nathaniel Chen 1
Nathaniel Chen 1 10 dagar sedan
I am not the the individual that is aformentioning that I'll everything but I'm will be applying the use of "moo juice" into my daily vocabulary. Thanks Jaiden.
Mak Hawkins
Mak Hawkins 10 dagar sedan
Lol in class at primary thesaurus was my go-to website lol
EmberDelphox 10 dagar sedan
Plot twist: Google translate is's child
nootellah 10 dagar sedan
“And how many of you use it for writing fanfiction?” Me: **sweats nervously**
COD and roblox gaming
COD and roblox gaming 10 dagar sedan
UltraMegaLink07 10 dagar sedan
This animation is presicely what that internet link is, an over explanatory of simple words to sound intelligent and you use it with exquisite handwriting to look fancy......... wait what was I explaining about......... LOL I don’t talk like that Also this has become a meme, over explanations
artisticllie 2.0
artisticllie 2.0 11 dagar sedan
"Who of you use this for work and studious things?" Nah. "Who of you use it for... fanfiction?" Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......
Isabella Ferrari
Isabella Ferrari 11 dagar sedan
Was this video a quantity of loaf
Becca552 11 dagar sedan
The goal isn't to sound randomly fancy. It's to be more specific. More specific words just tend to sound fancier.
hidde winter
hidde winter 11 dagar sedan
i hadst a valorous the horror yest'rday
Arav Rajan
Arav Rajan 11 dagar sedan
Claire Owens
Claire Owens 11 dagar sedan
I didn’t even know this website existed and I’ll never use it😑
Kaitlyn Miller
Kaitlyn Miller 12 dagar sedan
i don’t have the best equanimity you can thank everyone but two people for that my best friend no and my old best friend 😎
Spartacus Deniz
Spartacus Deniz 12 dagar sedan
i ship amy and john too
DogGaming 926
DogGaming 926 12 dagar sedan
here are some synonyms: walk: schlepp drink: dissipate hit: larrup ride: expedition Look between the cracks: Eye betwixt the rimation Im so hungy i could eat a horse! : Im indeterminately keen that i may ruminate a stallion! Subscribe To JaidenAnimations: Ante up to the most funny youtuber in the world.
Alex Holland
Alex Holland 12 dagar sedan
i wonder how many "you spelled barren wrong" comments there are
tugatomsk 12 dagar sedan
Thesaurus is a must for those who work in the civil service. (At least that's what I got from watching Yes, Minister...)
Mattie K.
Mattie K. 12 dagar sedan
“I do have one question for the internet...” *kaahaakaa* * That wasn’t the question.
Bryan Gomes
Bryan Gomes 12 dagar sedan
1:35 I was laughing throughout this
Zasso No Kenja
Zasso No Kenja 12 dagar sedan
This is okay if your teacher or someone you know talks like this.
Rehimpertense 12 dagar sedan
*Tip* Instead of "can" use "unable to cannot"
lex mota
lex mota 12 dagar sedan
Indubitably *Eddsworld fandom joined the chat*
Corn Cobz
Corn Cobz 13 dagar sedan
I love the phrase gathering appointment
Cole DeJong
Cole DeJong 13 dagar sedan
Great video!
Hanns Yow
Hanns Yow 13 dagar sedan
He has some great equanimity going on My friends:what
Honest Cortes
Honest Cortes 13 dagar sedan
I dont have twitter but damn i just got a super high grade! Thanks Jaiden. **coughs** Oh Yes I Should Say I don't have twitter but I accomplished a peerless tremendous degree! I give u all my gratitude Jaiden.
lillian Ruymann
lillian Ruymann 13 dagar sedan
I do not use these words
DJST Superwublin
DJST Superwublin 14 dagar sedan
3:11 how would you write "i changed a lightbulb" on a resume?
Ducky DD
Ducky DD 14 dagar sedan
Jaiden: Icy barren land of Antarctica Me: FORGOT THE COMMAS!!!!
Sylvia Lucko
Sylvia Lucko 14 dagar sedan
Didn’t help me make new friends that’s OK really funny weather channel but this is a really good panel I feel I made a friend at school that wasn’t because of this it was only because I thought they were for five seconds and then ask you to be my friend and she said yeah sure with a death glare
Acro Cant
Acro Cant 15 dagar sedan
roasts can be enhanced with big words. why call someone a piece of sh*t when u can call them a cantankerous swine.
Aiden Dixon
Aiden Dixon 15 dagar sedan
Hexanime 15 dagar sedan
god i have lost so many marks in exam due to using simple words that i was actually confused what was the cause so finally my parents went to the school and asked the teacher wtf was wrong with my answers and they were speechless because there was nothing wrong about it and after that moment no teacher has ever deducted my marks because my words.
RC568 16 dagar sedan
Link to the pigeon documentary
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