The worst thing that's ever happened to me

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lol december wasn't great

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Umair491 8 minuter sedan
I will admit I have to say this....... yeah I have nothing to say
Umair491 7 minuter sedan
Yeah I have nothing to say
Evelyn Belle129
Evelyn Belle129 20 minuter sedan
Am I the only one that noticed she forgot to color the hives on her back left arm at 5:25? Just me? Okay
Bishopcat Animates
Bishopcat Animates 26 minuter sedan
I'm glad your better.
Ivan Torres
Ivan Torres Timme sedan
You should play Roblox one day it’s really fun
history at war
history at war Timme sedan
Oh but the worse is yet to come
Justi_idk61 2 timmar sedan
8:44 looks like frisk from undertale
NEO 2 timmar sedan
immune system glitch like lupus?
Classix 2 timmar sedan
I was really feeling for Insect-boy.
ShurikenXCrim 2 timmar sedan
Jaiden: Maybe I have an allergic reaction to Ari Me: Gets McDonalds chicken ad Also me: *Well, RIP Ari*
Katherine Guerin
Katherine Guerin 3 timmar sedan
I’m watching this in honor of having hives for the first time B)
Brielle Jolie Jeanbaptiste
Brielle Jolie Jeanbaptiste 3 timmar sedan
jaiden: SOMEONE HELP ME ME:HAPPY BRITHDAY TO ME by the way my brithday is on December
DannyGamieYT 3 timmar sedan
Cyan crewmate
Cyan crewmate 3 timmar sedan
I’m just lucky I have no allergies
Rylade475 3 timmar sedan
Dang, this reminds me of when I ended up with Coxsackie last November (which is strange because I was 23 at the time). Usually coxsackie is mostly among kids, so I'm guessing I got it while I was working at my hospital job (handling specimens at a lab, so one of those must've given it to me). I felt a fever a few days later, and when it cleared up my throat hurt especially whenever I swallowed. Went to urgent care because I thought it was strep throat, they said it isn't but my throat is very red and prescribed some antibiotics. Throat pain aside, I thought I was good...until I started noticing rashes on my hands that kept popping up, and I started feeling them on the bottom of my feet. At that point, I spoke to someone at the ER of the hospital and they did say it's Coxsackie (or hand-foot-mouth disease, as I was told), and the only way to get rid of it was to just let it pass since it's an enterovirus. Did not go to work for two weeks, but it did give me time to play through Pokemon Sword and have a proper Thanksgiving dinner.
ART CREATION 3 timmar sedan
Of pain
ART CREATION 3 timmar sedan
Does hives give u an ora
B Ware
B Ware 3 timmar sedan
This is proof that sleeping is a mini death. Lol
Maddison Peak
Maddison Peak 4 timmar sedan
Did you go to video con in nsw
Isabelle Song
Isabelle Song 4 timmar sedan
If you’ve never almost died from an allergic reaction, I totally hope you do just so you can experience the magic of a epi pen - Jaiden uh, ok
Kamen 23
Kamen 23 4 timmar sedan
"For father to finally find milk" Omega lol 🤣
Toriel Dremurr
Toriel Dremurr 4 timmar sedan
I actually thought it was the bed's fault
Cookie Crumble123
Cookie Crumble123 4 timmar sedan
Stay safe Jayden
WILLIX HACKER 4 timmar sedan
is it poison ivy
F Mega
F Mega 5 timmar sedan
I got hives in a Christmas program practice in elementary school
Chunktheasian 5 timmar sedan
EternalBurn 5 timmar sedan
at least u got money from telling the story lol
Adipose 6 timmar sedan
Thanks Jaiden. Now when I’m stressed, I’ll think “Hey I might get hives like Jaiden did”. Then I’ll be more stressed WHY DID I WATCH THIS NOOOOOOO
Shane Hunt
Shane Hunt 6 timmar sedan
Random disease factors are always fun My doctor has a hell of time with me, for instance: My abdomen decided to swell from (what we assume was) muscle strain, bad part was however it *perfectly* mirrored appendicitis. Almost went to surgery cause the pain was so bad and I had waited so long that it could of been critical. Another time I seemingly had mini seizures in my sleep and my fiance called 911. Turns out my sleepwalking conciousness was just being a dick cause after testing nothing showed. This past week I had splitting migraines and fevers spiking to 100+ degrees, but only after 9pm. They stopped with no intervention and I'm waiting on blood test results. I've literally exploded blood out of my colon before when I took a crap. Turns out it was a fast growing hemmroid that literally exploded. I have never and still have not had any hemmroid issues since then. I was stung by a paper wasp, something I've been stung by plenty times before as they were incredibly common around my house. This asshole fucking worked out his venom gland or some shit cause I nearly died after it stung my arm and caused swelling all the way to my neck. After that one time no sting from multitudes of wasps (including paper wasps) has caused swelling like that (EXPLICIT ONE FORWARNING DEAR LORDY) My foreskin randomly decided to balloon up to the size of a softball. It was generally painless, had no other symptoms, and I had no infections as well as having no history of allergies other than mild seasonal runny nose.
Sunbea 6 timmar sedan
This video cursed me, I was watching it yesterday and woke up in the middle of the night with hives
Squirtle_Roblox 7 timmar sedan
i remember a day when i ha full itchness because of fire ants and i started to peel off my skin
LinkzXD 7 timmar sedan
I almost died because of an allergy... Polen I woke up struggling to breath slightly so my mum booked me an appointment to the doctor they said they couldn’t just diagnosed asthma so I went back to school worried I went through the day and by the time I got to my mums car it had gotten so bad that it hurt me whenever I breathed I got home my mu told me to have a shower because she knew it had something to do with hay fever so she told me to wash the polen off I had a shower we went back to the doctors and they diagnosed me with seasonal asthma they gave me an inhaler I got home used it and it felt like heaven I could breathe again
Sam Juno
Sam Juno 7 timmar sedan
I remember the first time I got hives. I'm allergic to grapes (of all things) and I remember getting out of the bath in kindergarten and looking in the mirror and seeing red spots over my eyes like a racoon. I proceeded to pass out and found out that I was taken to the hospital and given an EpiPen shot. I never had hives again: this video has made me only more terrified of them coming happening again lol. Stay safe and avoid your allergies guys!
Christy Lumbra
Christy Lumbra 7 timmar sedan
Look at the book Jesus is reading 8:06
Pow You are dead
Pow You are dead 8 timmar sedan
Giselle Horne-Noel
Giselle Horne-Noel 8 timmar sedan
Jaiden I love u!! You inspire me
Robot Cowboy622
Robot Cowboy622 8 timmar sedan
I remember the first time I had hives it went away and came back like an hour or two later that suckedddd
Fabi0 9 timmar sedan
Ohhh ive had that but it wasnt that bad but i had to take medicine every time i went to sleep for half a year so lol
LaDarria Hill
LaDarria Hill 9 timmar sedan
if i was doctor i would be like: me: what's wrong? jaiden: im having pains me: what pains? jaiden: umm hives me: ahhhhhhhh what stay away from me jaiden: Uwu jaiden now chased after me!!! QWQ me: ahhhhhh hive girl is chasing me!! jaiden: * stops chasing* WHAT DID U CALLING ME!!!! me: time to get out the UWu gun!!!!!
LaDarria Hill
LaDarria Hill 9 timmar sedan
the poppet
the poppet 9 timmar sedan
joe the patriot
joe the patriot 9 timmar sedan
bruh i love that little mini jaiden
Kristin Stears
Kristin Stears 10 timmar sedan
My brother is Allergic to cats and we have two cats but his allergies only come out around the end of summer/fall
I almost died of an allergy reaction, when this woman, I swear, had all of the cats in the world! And I was allergic to cats, dude I was humpty dumpty, well my face was
Bagi Bagi d
Bagi Bagi d 10 timmar sedan
one day i go to the home . I eta a summ mmmm food . The next time i torn to a rad guy . And my had is too hot my leg is too cold . my dad say mmmm you and my sylef go to hosbeld one burh get me somdink . Half hover later tornto normal guy the end . Mmm osom i not Englehs .
Pedro Marques
Pedro Marques 10 timmar sedan
Hives also known as codies I'm sorry
Jesus Christ edits
Jesus Christ edits 10 timmar sedan
I get hives whenever I get cold (Well it isn't hives. It has a long name but ya) they get itchy and red and I dont like it
jade marshall dela cruz
jade marshall dela cruz 11 timmar sedan
Why it's pain but for me I have marks temporarily and it keep going in and everyday it goes out lmao
Audun Myklebust
Audun Myklebust 11 timmar sedan
Wow Jaiden i have The same cat reaction as you
LuigiDeathStare 110
LuigiDeathStare 110 12 timmar sedan
6:38 Holy Crap it's Mr. X from Resident Evil 2!
Juan F. Giménez Silva
Juan F. Giménez Silva 12 timmar sedan
That really sounds like what happened to me when I was 24 but I had to endure way longer. Same cause I think because I never managed to find what food, condiment or anything that caused it. It was hell. In the end I noticed that an overall healtier diet keeps it at bay and exercising also helps. That being said I still get flare ups (rarely) but I try to keep calm when it happens and it usually goes away in a couple of hours. In my case bathing doesn't help, it makes things worse. I thought that was the worst feeling in the world until I got the joy of experiencing an anaphylactic shock from taking a pill I'm allergic to.
Laura Parry
Laura Parry 13 timmar sedan
This vid is were mr peanut went when he died before being revived (probly not lol)
Thanos 2019
Thanos 2019 13 timmar sedan
7:50 When you have too much Evipen (sorry if didnt spell correctly)
Wolfie Aphmau
Wolfie Aphmau 14 timmar sedan
Me: *Hears her say 40mins* Also me: *Hears her say 4hours* Me again: wait wat-
Aish Arfa TV
Aish Arfa TV 14 timmar sedan
I haved 1
Shoesuke 14 timmar sedan
I remember getting hives from an allergic reaction from sunscreen while on a family holiday
Dave Miller
Dave Miller 15 timmar sedan
Andrey Hoga
Andrey Hoga 16 timmar sedan
I have been suffering from dermatitis for 4 years
the handsome paladin
the handsome paladin 16 timmar sedan
Are hives worse than the devils itch?
Gets Merx
Gets Merx 18 timmar sedan
Look at the book Jesus is reading
Dean Valerio
Dean Valerio 18 timmar sedan
I do not want to die
Jaceie 19 timmar sedan
This Happened To me With Dogs- OH. MY. GOD. The Amount Of Pain Is INSANE The Best Way To Say It Is- Get Burnt Whilst Itchy And Throbbing Thats It- Just Pain Burn And Itch EVERYWHERE Dogs And Strawberrys Man MY WORD THE PAINNNNN.
Owlpo Animations
Owlpo Animations 19 timmar sedan
You could have gotten them form either stress or if they forgot to test for bed bugs then probably that as well.
NiceToMeetMew 19 timmar sedan
Honestly, she's not wrong. Epipen's are truly magical
i got steroids and im only 11
Mistake 20 timmar sedan
Ra Ra Rasputin Lover of the Russian Queen There was a cat that really was gone
Snowear Draws
Snowear Draws 21 timme sedan
i think it was something in Ari's claws or feathers like a bacteria or something, if it was anything other then stress
Foxkid animation And minecraft
Foxkid animation And minecraft 21 timme sedan
Bruh I'm leaterly watching this while scratching myself
M Hege Family
M Hege Family 21 timme sedan
Keep the hives on the same side lol
toast boast
toast boast 21 timme sedan
Me who breaks out in hives from pollen: Haha 😂 that’s funny
StarFox Elite Gaming
StarFox Elite Gaming 22 timmar sedan
Hi jadien i love your content i hope your doing ok during this year of bad also tell ari i said hi thank you keep up the good work! 😁
Suzie Gajadhar
Suzie Gajadhar 22 timmar sedan
You draw better than me
Ruth Glass
Ruth Glass 23 timmar sedan
I got swimmer's ear *TWICE*
Tristen Yerington
Tristen Yerington 23 timmar sedan
feel the itchy
asriel dreemur
asriel dreemur Dag sedan
yours and (the youtuber) chipflake's voice are the same
Zander Near
Zander Near Dag sedan
I HIGHLY allergic to bedbugs and got bit bye one extreme pain for the next 4 weeks
dragon doggo duck
dragon doggo duck Dag sedan
i (no joke) used to be allergic to unfiltered water, so i got hives all the time since i leave near the ocean, so relatable situation.
Drewry Billman
Drewry Billman Dag sedan
ew jaiden had an HIV, yucky
rxseliaa Dag sedan
8:05 Anyone noticed that jesus is reading pet?
JazzyGaming 91
JazzyGaming 91 Dag sedan
“I didn’t test positive to-“ Coronavirus: *OH NO GET HER* Jaiden: “-to anything”
Avery YT
Avery YT Dag sedan
6:00 jaidens hair and fase throw things
DogeyPlayz_9462 Dag sedan
Me feel bad
Cristina Hidalgo
Cristina Hidalgo Dag sedan
Cristina Hidalgo
Cristina Hidalgo Dag sedan
I cut my tenet before and I coldest move
Kae Ishkabibble
Kae Ishkabibble Dag sedan
i have had hives once before and it wasnt that bad but for me since it was first time IT WAS BAD
BigNxxb YT
BigNxxb YT Dag sedan
**I had hives after watching this**
The Oofinators
The Oofinators Dag sedan
I have rashes which is basically just hives
Papi Nuut
Papi Nuut Dag sedan
i had hives last summer and... i- i actually wanted to die :D it was hOrRiBlE!!! it started on my chest and spread everywhere! i didnt sleep for two nights and days and hrgegnljrdngkj xd Guys... dont stress your self too much! i just moved before i got it, and had to go on 4 different partys and yeah... take care!
Rein uwu
Rein uwu Dag sedan
Idk why but I got in a really good mood at soon as I clicked on the video.
Aileen Zhang
Aileen Zhang Dag sedan
at 8:02 was that a pun?- XD
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson Dag sedan
I have been attackt by ants.
Kool Kid
Kool Kid Dag sedan
I have dermatitis and its not that bad
Ethan Pierre
Ethan Pierre Dag sedan
it's 3:00am hives: me why hives
Lucas Fennema
Lucas Fennema Dag sedan
I am not allergic to anything lol😂
MManumbre Dag sedan
Who else itched while watching the vid
Samíkův Svět
Samíkův Svět Dag sedan
Юлиан Стоянов
Юлиан Стоянов Dag sedan
I am sure its from the bed.
Seon Yeo Tan
Seon Yeo Tan Dag sedan
Woah at 8:07 the jesus is reading leave it to pet
Kermit The frog
Kermit The frog Dag sedan
(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)
Larry Childers
Larry Childers Dag sedan
Hives for Christmas, try getting a lifelong condition on Christmas
Galazyyss Dag sedan
I have chronic hives and it’s the worst thing ever
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