The worst thing that's ever happened to me

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lol december wasn't great

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Echo Delmiguez
Echo Delmiguez Timme sedan
Filipinos:Hol up you cant control ur imune system to stop being aggressive?
Dylan Guzman
Dylan Guzman Timme sedan
u want us to die im allergic to nothing so ha good luck for me
Lizzie M
Lizzie M Timme sedan
if you haven't gotten a life-threatening allergy I hope you do so you can experience and epi-pen me: well........
Arron Glene Liguid
Arron Glene Liguid 3 timmar sedan
Im elerjc to nathing
Heather Cobb
Heather Cobb 3 timmar sedan
Hives:see if you like this! jaiden: aaahhhh
Heather Cobb
Heather Cobb 3 timmar sedan
Brain:yo chill man body:were all gonna die
Youssy doo
Youssy doo 4 timmar sedan
Is anyone in 2021 watching and seeing that the Likes on the video are 666k
Alexandra Smith
Alexandra Smith 9 timmar sedan
DogeAmi doge
DogeAmi doge 10 timmar sedan
Hives: you think we are gonna let you get sleep Jaiden
Chillax Club
Chillax Club 10 timmar sedan
This video is cursed by hives 666k likes
ricenugget ._.
ricenugget ._. 12 timmar sedan
Now combine that with COVID. Life: *aight imma head out*
Jorge M
Jorge M 12 timmar sedan
I had this shit like 2 times.. Not pleasant at all.. Had the injection the second time and never came back
Fisher Dugan
Fisher Dugan 13 timmar sedan
0:15 how do you you know what I wanted for Christmas O_O
Laura Coteff
Laura Coteff 14 timmar sedan
Caeda-The Slime Pro
Caeda-The Slime Pro 14 timmar sedan
Volleyball 15 timmar sedan
*6 6 6 L I K E S*
Alicia Kasica
Alicia Kasica 16 timmar sedan
when i was 9 months old i had hives at capecod for a family vacation and they gave me a medecine im actually allergic too lol its so crazy cuz i dont remember a thing
sophia Saenz
sophia Saenz 16 timmar sedan
8:20 :O mAGIc
OWEN CONWAY 16 timmar sedan
Jesus was reading pet
OWEN CONWAY 16 timmar sedan
Did anyone notice that Jesus was reading let
CALEB HALL 16 timmar sedan
Jenny Mehlow
Jenny Mehlow 16 timmar sedan
I had steroids before and I hated them
Chanel Gacha
Chanel Gacha 17 timmar sedan
Jaiden:says she's on steroids Me:When I was seven I had steroids
Drip Katsuki bakugou
Drip Katsuki bakugou 18 timmar sedan
When jesus punishes : hmmm wich button when Jesus stops it: k fineeeeee
Jacob Hare
Jacob Hare 19 timmar sedan
Who can't be around cats
Jacob Hare
Jacob Hare 19 timmar sedan
Jacob Hare
Jacob Hare 19 timmar sedan
You sneeze when your around cats you're like me
Roxy 20 timmar sedan
It's weird that when I got here the likes were...666k.....
Simply Emo
Simply Emo 21 timme sedan
666k likes... nice >:3
Why am I still here I ship Gerard and Frank
Why am I still here I ship Gerard and Frank 15 timmar sedan
Mohamed Eltahir
Mohamed Eltahir 21 timme sedan
i am Muslim
Jny_ nn
Jny_ nn 22 timmar sedan
Are those prescriptions you wrote down real? Cus I have the exact same problem and need my doc to give me them 🙃
shadowsearcher990 22 timmar sedan
Great. This has 666k likes.
Elise Frederick
Elise Frederick 22 timmar sedan
TJ Toons: ive been piled with way more pain
Stone Flags
Stone Flags 23 timmar sedan
I had the hives about a month ago and I confirm that the worst part is the wrong diagnosis, taking the wrong medication, and the hives slowing down and then flaring up
Stone Flags
Stone Flags 23 timmar sedan
It was the perfect way to start the new year
Konkey Dong
Konkey Dong Dag sedan
True story, once I fainted and the cause was stress buildup
Harley Jacobs
Harley Jacobs Dag sedan
Nameless Dag sedan
Who started feeling itchy as soon as you saw the red patches. Because I did.....
Dean Duggan
Dean Duggan Dag sedan
if you use an epi pen you have to wait in hospital for 7 hours incase of a second reaction
yousef cook and tech vlogs
yousef cook and tech vlogs Dag sedan
She took steroids... Well I freaked out
Sophia Henry
Sophia Henry Dag sedan
Elena mation
Elena mation Dag sedan
7:50 that face makes me laugh a lot it’s like my perants smelling my room and smell cat poo
Bolorhon x
Bolorhon x Dag sedan
Why don’t you draw hair for everyone
[•Drᴇaᴍiɴg_Foʀgɪ•] Dag sedan
This vid has 666k likes :'0 THE PARROT IS CUTE- I have never had hives before-
Sharpie. Cosplay
Sharpie. Cosplay Dag sedan
12:04 How about no itching or pain? 😃😂
Spare Torcher
Spare Torcher Dag sedan
Likes: 666k
Zyries Riel
Zyries Riel Dag sedan
Ive had hives before and- it was the closest feeling to death i have ever felt
Adolfo Deloya
Adolfo Deloya Dag sedan
i think i have hive i think
Alex Xavier
Alex Xavier Dag sedan
My mom was 40 and she got shingles because of stress also, I literally couldn’t believe it
Mike wazowski_69
Mike wazowski_69 Dag sedan
So this happened this summer but with poison ivy, like exactly this and god DAMN it was horrible. I have never been allergic to poison ivy before then.
Le Dumb Potato
Le Dumb Potato Dag sedan
If you've never almost died from a allergic reaction I totally hope you do just so u can experience the magic of an something pad. Uh I mean I hope u never almost die... Just...saying if you dooo...
Andy’s Place
Andy’s Place Dag sedan
Alphonzo Munnings
Alphonzo Munnings Dag sedan
While I’m watching this it’s 666k likes
Agent X _Fire
Agent X _Fire Dag sedan
Hey guys we got 666k likes
Chance Janiel
Chance Janiel Dag sedan
9:22 Surprise! *punch*
Chance Janiel
Chance Janiel Dag sedan
6:47 Hives Control Man: See if you like this bit@# Jaiden: Ahhhh!
Luca_San YT
Luca_San YT Dag sedan
Ahahahaha Im only allergic to mold UwU
Sing and play With us
Sing and play With us Dag sedan
Why are you so scared of dentist?
James Burke
James Burke Dag sedan
i had hives once
SuperBloxian 502
SuperBloxian 502 Dag sedan
666k likes, but why tho? 4:00 pog satan
Draven Kowalczyk
Draven Kowalczyk Dag sedan
666k apparently the devil really likes this video
Shah Ali
Shah Ali Dag sedan
666k likes lol
Peanut the cat
Peanut the cat Dag sedan
i had something similar 2
Random Demon
Random Demon Dag sedan
Ummmmmmmmmmm 666k likes Jaiden Are you okay? did you sell your soul?
TheImmortalToxinClan Dag sedan
Good vid
har ki
har ki Dag sedan
I think I have what u got
Rowan C
Rowan C Dag sedan
I had hives before but i didnt need an epipen i took some of this medicine and it felt like i have been brought back to life but i dont have any hives anymore so ya
georgi todorov 62
georgi todorov 62 Dag sedan
666k likes?!!??!! 😳😳😳😳 sus!!1!!1
JT Missouri o
JT Missouri o Dag sedan
i am allergic to penicillin and i get really really bad hives like yours )`:
LITERALLY FUNN 2 dagar sedan
Lol, watching while having cholinergic hives
Rainbow lynx Rain
Rainbow lynx Rain 2 dagar sedan
Be careful
FanAu-tist! uwu
FanAu-tist! uwu 2 dagar sedan
666 k likes yeees, i also remember my bff just doing a thing with me and shows me a big rash on her right arm, and me with a shook look, with me being stupid enough to touch her arm and then starting to ich rapidly me suffering every second of it.
Just some ordinary guy
Just some ordinary guy 2 dagar sedan
Title: the worst thing that has ever happened to me the like count: 666k me: yep it's the worst
Chris Stone Unlisted
Chris Stone Unlisted 2 dagar sedan
Bro, ok, story time, I watched the episode on migranes and not even like a month later i had my first migraine and it was the worst one i have ever had to this day, Now, i wake up and see a suspicious itchy red spot in my neck, Jaiden, have you cursed me???
Asteroida ButterFly
Asteroida ButterFly 2 dagar sedan
Whats worse: Living in Arizona with the stupid heat stroke or hives
Clipped 2 dagar sedan
I’m not allergic to anything
3D Player
3D Player 2 dagar sedan
I have hives right now, *it's terrible*
Charalambos Soteriou
Charalambos Soteriou 2 dagar sedan
I got hives like 26 times maybe and I got used to it eventually but it is really awful when it happens thankfully it's becoming less and less powerful the older I become and I haven't experienced them for like a year now!
Blank Galaxy Gamer
Blank Galaxy Gamer 2 dagar sedan
i have a bladder infection and i'd rather have hives
胡言河 2 dagar sedan
Poor girl
#1IronMan Fan
#1IronMan Fan 2 dagar sedan
I once had ear pain so bad that all I could do was cry as and if the slightest sound entered my ear I would legitimately feel like some was stabbing the side of my head, I ended up having 3 different ear infections happening at the same time and was able to get help, I was not able to sleep during this time at all but everything worked out at the end.
Sarah King
Sarah King 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: “Wishing for your father to finally get some milk” Me: DEKU?!
FRANKIE I Miss you
FRANKIE I Miss you 2 dagar sedan
The word that can describe the itchiness is SUPERCALIFAGILISIC
꧁Tiny_Red_ Føx꧂
꧁Tiny_Red_ Føx꧂ 2 dagar sedan
Cool thing about owning lizards is that Its impossible to develope an allergy to them. >:3
Amber Powell
Amber Powell 2 dagar sedan
I had hives it’s got in my eyes :(
Henk idfk
Henk idfk 2 dagar sedan
♡Dawn_UwU♡ 2 dagar sedan
I was just playing video games... *literally playing goose virus*
Koala Demon
Koala Demon 2 dagar sedan
When it comes back Jaiden: well we meet again
Amy Andrade
Amy Andrade 2 dagar sedan
Amy Andrade
Amy Andrade 2 dagar sedan
I had poison ivy before and tried to avoid itching it or moving where it is cuz that it will burn
It's Guff Time
It's Guff Time 2 dagar sedan
Ok she is like me cause I had to go to the hospital since I had have.
azi reign
azi reign 2 dagar sedan
rotten tomato
rotten tomato 2 dagar sedan
who else just felt really itchy during this video
Marmalade 3 dagar sedan
Haha... I-
Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones 3 dagar sedan
My. Granddaughter has a allergic reaction to things that sting she has the epipen on us at all times so thanks for the vid just found you one day on SVfrom and intensity loved your channel
mohammed noor
mohammed noor 3 dagar sedan
roadworkahead isurehopeitdoes
roadworkahead isurehopeitdoes 3 dagar sedan
jesus: *fails at curing hives* there’s nothing we can do ! steroids: im about to ruin this mans whole career
awamleh Abdul
awamleh Abdul 3 dagar sedan
The nasty tanker biomechanically pull because multi-hop sadly grin amongst a delirious rhinoceros. juvenile, spiffy sack
AH1 _1
AH1 _1 3 dagar sedan
I have also have hives and i got it after an alarcic chock
EliteAir72 3 dagar sedan
I know someone who actually died from a allergic reaction
oliver john
oliver john 3 dagar sedan
Made me laugh like so much
Jia Wei Ye
Jia Wei Ye 3 dagar sedan
Omg same I had eaten a shit Ron of chocolate and I had hives from my head to my legs it traveled through my body then I ate some more chocolate ice and it just built up. And it SUCKED OMG ain’t was like migraines
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