The History of my Hair

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Jaiden Animations

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So many haircuts in a reasonable amount of time

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you never have a coconut haircut

WyvrnaKindSoul 10 minuter sedan
I remember the first time I dyed my hair I went to sleep and my left arm was COVERED in green XDD
pmdel226 18 minuter sedan
I have the same problem
Angelynna Albritton
Angelynna Albritton 21 minut sedan
Yeah I've had hair peers my skin too.
xXEllie_ DrawsXx
xXEllie_ DrawsXx 42 minuter sedan
Jaiden: science shows your never more than 3 kilometers away from a Jaiden hair. me: *looking for the hair to see if its true*
SannicFann 333
SannicFann 333 45 minuter sedan
I have never dyed my hair but my brother did. I was a nightmare at first and we had to bleach his hair. 5 months later and it now looks really good
SannicFann 333
SannicFann 333 48 minuter sedan
my mom is good at hair cuts, in fact thanks to her I've had stable hairstyles throughout 2020 however about 3 weeks ago she was giving me a haircut and out of nowhere (and this in no way her fault) the guard popped off as she was trimming the side of my head. so there was a large nearly bald spot on the side of my head. my dad came home and took a look at it and they decided they should shave it all. and to make matters worse, I was going back to school physically THE NEXT DAY! after 3 weeks it's grown into a nice buzz cut but it was something I'll likely remember until the day I die
SNS_shadow Timme sedan
Dummy thicc hair
• BlueberryPlayz•
• BlueberryPlayz• Timme sedan
I colored my hair blue once and now it is a dead grass color. >:(
Brandon West
Brandon West Timme sedan
My mom cuts my hair but yet I do not feel the same way as jaiden.
Victoria Linklater
Victoria Linklater Timme sedan
My auntie is a hair dresser and it’s pretty good and she also dyed my hair aswell and she is pregnant as wrll
Coiln Playz
Coiln Playz Timme sedan
True story: I found a Jayden hair in india
Max Flame
Max Flame Timme sedan
I found a hair that was not from my family tree and I got it scanned and it was jadens
•ETERNAL GØLD• Timme sedan
But the thing is I live in a different countries
kJ Vlogs
kJ Vlogs 2 timmar sedan
At my barber I cost 100000000 i only have 1
Zavion Taylor
Zavion Taylor 3 timmar sedan
sweet rain
sweet rain 4 timmar sedan
3:38 *she’s coming for you dave, be careful*
Home 4 timmar sedan
I thought the scientist thing was true at first
Amanda Vazquez
Amanda Vazquez 4 timmar sedan
i've had my hair pierced into myself before we all have that's how our hair grows in the first place
FancyMan 4 timmar sedan
My hair is the exact same its incredibly annoying gd. I get so hot and its so stuffy and ugh. Crazy how you have bangs, i wouldn't be able to handle it!
GalaxyUnicorn Blast
GalaxyUnicorn Blast 4 timmar sedan
I just found one of my cat's hairs in my elbow while watching cartoons on my iPad and I immediately thought of you
Ashley Geronimo
Ashley Geronimo 4 timmar sedan
Me: where is ari? Me again: *looks at mirror* *sees ari in jaidens hair* oh good lord
Chatuba64 4 timmar sedan
Lol i remember when i had a mohican It looked better when i let it grew for 2 months
sabbio sabbioso
sabbio sabbioso 5 timmar sedan
Hair... hmmmmmmm INTERESTING
Rollenroblox 5 timmar sedan
Jaiden:I have had a hair pierce through my leg! Me: well I have had a hanger pierce my head.
elias khan
elias khan 5 timmar sedan
One got on my cereal and I live in Houston lol
DjTJ 57
DjTJ 57 6 timmar sedan
I did get stabbed by a hair once and my skin grew over it. I know I didn't grow it because it penetrated my palm. And that's how I had to dig a hair out of my hand with a needle and tweezers
Aiden Webb29
Aiden Webb29 6 timmar sedan
Jaiden: scientists say that your more than 3 kilometers than a jaiden hair Me on the other side of the country: wth
Adam Grush
Adam Grush 6 timmar sedan
3:40 I died all my hair red, I'm coming for it thrice
Simona Lazar
Simona Lazar 7 timmar sedan
3:39 no
Elisibeth James
Elisibeth James 8 timmar sedan
Haven’t been pierced by a hair, but I have accidentally stabbed the bottom of my foot with the blunt end of a needle. (It’s hard to remove, especially with that hole in the middle...)
Nienna 8 timmar sedan
well i had my natural color brown and my eyes we're actully pink!
Fox Wolter
Fox Wolter 8 timmar sedan
I find random long brown hairs around my house and I live in a differrnt continent than you, what the heck.
Senpi Joe
Senpi Joe 9 timmar sedan
This is EXACTLY the same as me! Thick hair, hairdresser for a mum, undercut, constantly shedding hair, although the one thing that makes the mentions worse is that I’m a boy so it’s slightly annoying when people ask “are you a girl or a boy”. I’m also really thinking about dying it
NATHAN CHUNG KAI ZE Moe 9 timmar sedan
was snom even in the early 2000's?
musicallover2008 10 timmar sedan
One time I stained my leg with red hair looked like blood...that’s it
Heather Foley
Heather Foley 10 timmar sedan
"It takes half a day to dry when I take a shower" Same.
Ultimate Doggo
Ultimate Doggo 11 timmar sedan
Found a jaiden hair in my room today
Ansh kumar Aka sgt GARORO
Ansh kumar Aka sgt GARORO 11 timmar sedan
I wanna dye my hair white, so I don't face the white towel issue lmao
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Zenitsu Agatsuma 11 timmar sedan
Seeing a gown bald man sound like a girl has traumatized me for life.
woblr gaming
woblr gaming 12 timmar sedan
When you got red streaks you looked like ryukyu from kill la kill
Becki Smith
Becki Smith 12 timmar sedan
I have
Douglas Walker
Douglas Walker 14 timmar sedan
Kunal Mukherjee
Kunal Mukherjee 14 timmar sedan
I found Jaden hair in India
Springs The funi man
Springs The funi man 14 timmar sedan
Guys I found a piece of jaidens hair down under in the out back
Taine de Jong
Taine de Jong 14 timmar sedan
Jaiden really bragging abouy free haircuts bro when has any child had to pay for their own haircuts
Aaryaan Razwani
Aaryaan Razwani 15 timmar sedan
Ur jaden hair can’t reach me bra cause I live in dubai
Andrew Velasquez
Andrew Velasquez 17 timmar sedan
for me it the opisent i dont trush my dad with my hair
Tilted tv
Tilted tv 17 timmar sedan
My mom does hair but she only does girls
Drea Drea8
Drea Drea8 17 timmar sedan
Who else saw the full metal alchemist reference
ZELYNER 18 timmar sedan
Yeah, my finger was pierced my hair. I have a short haircut, so I didn’t notice it at first, but when my finger started to hurt I understood that something was wrong. It felt like my finger was rotting from the inside, so I got a needle and pincers, and waste half an hour getting it out from my skin. It took so much time because I was scared of the whole process (Digging inside my skin with a needle), and because it hurt a lot. In the end I found out that it was my hair that was, somehow stuck in my finger, under layers and layers of skin. So, what I want say is: if you see a hair piercing your skin... GET IT OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
Lordpollito 18 timmar sedan
Jaiden. What a “math” is something that is the same definition as stupid to learn.
Kim Seong
Kim Seong 18 timmar sedan
I colour my hair to red and white dont judge me i like shoto
odd cash
odd cash 18 timmar sedan
If that's true then does tree hat mean you hairs were in my leg
fish swim
fish swim 18 timmar sedan
as cool as your hair may be, you need to know you could never match my manly locks. my hair is practically god strings.
Ana Salazar
Ana Salazar 19 timmar sedan
I’m not my mom
hayden holmstrom
hayden holmstrom 19 timmar sedan
I have been peirced by a hair strand, it was a dog hair and it actualy happens alot
The moonlit black cats
The moonlit black cats 19 timmar sedan
well i had my hair dyed recently and i have had 0 of those problems
Chara Dreemer chocolate lover
Chara Dreemer chocolate lover 20 timmar sedan
Jaiden has confirmed it those random strands of brown hair you always find somehow are hers!
Vibe Police
Vibe Police 20 timmar sedan
lmao I got a leg piercing by my hair yesterday. so I was in my google meet for algebra or something like that and of course I was in my bed because I was to tired of get out of bed. Also, my bed is infested with my loose hair strands(which are all very thick). So, my leg was kinda itchy of I looked down and bam. There it was, coming in one way, going out the other, making it look like I got my leg pierced. I took a picture of the moment lmao
StupldFox 20 timmar sedan
so THATS why i always find random hairs in my house..
Comix World
Comix World 21 timme sedan
lmao its bart games
lmao its bart games 21 timme sedan
6:17 best tattoo every seen xd
Andrew Kostrub
Andrew Kostrub 21 timme sedan
Join the *shy* it stands for *society of the holy yeet*
Koleby Smith
Koleby Smith 22 timmar sedan
Late comment but, I did have one of my hairs pierce my hand. It stung at first and when I yanked it out, but the pain quickly left.
A bag of French potatoes
A bag of French potatoes 22 timmar sedan
Oh lordie don't get me started on hair dye... *_Heres a good tip, ALWAYS bye / use permanent hair coloring_* if you don't then it gets everywhere _and I mean everywhere_ when you take a shower it bleeds out, it gets ALL over your pillow. _Its a udder_ *_✨ p a i n ✨_*
Endfighter47 Playz
Endfighter47 Playz 22 timmar sedan
Jaiden animations: boiinaband guy ima go for ur stule next Boiinaband: “slaps her in the face” Me:” in the backround laughing like an idiot”
How to Comedy
How to Comedy 22 timmar sedan
0:43 that haircut is glorious and you can’t convince me otherwise.
Just a Dude
Just a Dude 22 timmar sedan
I’m Canadian and I found a rare jaiden hair the other day
GEORGINA CHAIRES 23 timmar sedan
I used to have colored hair the first time at first my dad took me to a salon without my mom, brother,and me knowing the hair dresser and my meet whole my dad was working in a little snack carbine kind of like that you’ve been begging my mom and dad if I can dye my hair so I did, but then it started to go to an ugly green like the one mentioned. Now in 2020 I cut my hair it’s kind of like a short mullet going up and I’m glad I’ve only wanting to cut hair for two mouths but I like it.
soupy suds
soupy suds 23 timmar sedan
Shaving most of it worked 4 me
Peter Peter
Peter Peter 23 timmar sedan
5:20 oh no
Bork Dork
Bork Dork Dag sedan
my mom was in a hair beauty salon school for 12 years. when I was 3-8 I had purple hair EVERY FUCKING MONTH
f12 attaly
f12 attaly Dag sedan
once i was playing on my couch and got a hair in my eye i was fine though
The Marionette
The Marionette Dag sedan
my hair is light but if they were more visible you would not be able to go anywhere near where i live without seeing at least 1,0000
HCMSurvivorJake Dag sedan
⁹⁺⁷√5455446777767 The hexadecimal code of the first six digits of the answer is what you have to dye your hair next
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith Dag sedan
I got stabbed by a hair from a couch at a thrift store... and my little brother's porcupine quill hairs stabbed me
Xx_LalaBlah_xX Dag sedan
Jaiden: Literally NOBODY can draw my hair, People complain to me when they try to draw it James: I don't know weather I should be mad or extremely disappointed
Cherie Lee
Cherie Lee Dag sedan
Madison Stark
Madison Stark Dag sedan
do you flip your hair to the left or the right?
Gonzalo Hidalgo
Gonzalo Hidalgo Dag sedan
I live in Spain and i find one hair
Spring Bear
Spring Bear Dag sedan
Yeah you know that “I got sewed by my mums hair” Yeah that happened to me
fungalwater Dag sedan
Funny story time: One time my nana took me to a random hairdressers I didn't know about and for no reason I had a mini breakdown and completely refused. I go to different hairdressers all the time so I have no idea what happened.
Egg !
Egg ! Dag sedan
I’ve been pierced by a needle
Sophia Tawil
Sophia Tawil Dag sedan
me to
Kaleb Pacheco
Kaleb Pacheco Dag sedan
My mom has red coloring in her hair. Shes always trying to avoid getting it wet so she only washes or once a month. We go to the lake and river a lot tho so sometimes it's pretty hard
Angelina Rose
Angelina Rose Dag sedan
3:36 why it look like she got cat ears?
‘Your never more than 3km away from a Jaiden hair’ Me who’s called Jayden: true
Walid Neon
Walid Neon Dag sedan
5:32 man i totally expected something way different and way more disgusting
Frosina Janevska
Frosina Janevska Dag sedan
6:26 I had on my hand and I still think about
That guy
That guy Dag sedan
"Dummy thicc hair"
Lightning bomber _
Lightning bomber _ Dag sedan
I've been pierced by dog hair some how ur not the only one ?
Yes........ I know the struggle of dying hair....
pikachu gamer
pikachu gamer Dag sedan
Also rip ari
pikachu gamer
pikachu gamer Dag sedan
Libelous Dag sedan
2:08 holy crap she just slit her spine
Hero Ronnie
Hero Ronnie Dag sedan
Jaiden is the best youtber ecer
XI Boozle IX
XI Boozle IX Dag sedan
Yes, I currently have dyed hair, and I totally feel ya sistah
Julainy Garcia
Julainy Garcia Dag sedan
Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, it was a normal day until the wind came and blew a piece of hair in my mouth. As I tried to get it out I felt my tounge getting pulled a little bit. “ wait that’s not right” I thought as I rushed to the bathroom and looked on the mirror and realize that THAT FLIPPING PIECE OF HAIR GOT STUCK IN MY TOUNGE WITH SOME OF IT STICKING OUT AND IT WAS STARTING TO HURT! So I told my mom and she carefully took it out. My hair is very long over my butt so now every time I go outside my hair is in a braid or in a bun. TvT👍
Alice _44Gamer
Alice _44Gamer Dag sedan
i ha shoulder long hair but now its almost mouth heigh and u will let it stay like that untill im 18 because then i will cut it even shorter my mom wont let me have them short jet TvT
Madalyn Berry
Madalyn Berry Dag sedan
I’m a redhead and I had temporary hair dye didn’t show up AT ALL
The worst thing that's ever happened to me
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