The College Struggle

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Jaiden Animations

4 år sedan

we were late the next week too..

Don't forget to meet my friends at the end! They're all really silly and I love them to death :)
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You're probably more responsible with your time management than I am tbh. Good for you!

Olive Garden
Olive Garden 21 timme sedan
I got anxiety watching this and was reminded of all the times I screwed up at school *checking my grades still scare me. i'm not kidding.*
HomeGrown pokeman180
HomeGrown pokeman180 Dag sedan
that is why i don't do organizing
knj Dag sedan
i felt the stress just watching this video lol
Lilly Dag sedan
Our classrom in on the 5th floor and we dont get to use the elevator!
Lydia 2 dagar sedan
The fact that you also have anxiety but have so many cool friends makes me feel more confident about making friends next year in college.
Chris_AGuy 2 dagar sedan
As a fellow Chris, this is what I'd actually say so I approve this message: 7:33
Rosie Helperin Lange
Rosie Helperin Lange 2 dagar sedan
Sounds like you need more utensils.
chip chip
chip chip 2 dagar sedan
Sun 2 dagar sedan
minecraft gaming
minecraft gaming 2 dagar sedan
Why are your friends always taking your stuff and siting on your chair
Mop 2 dagar sedan
why does everyone take her spoons/forks
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 3 dagar sedan
You didn’t even introduce some of the people at the end
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 3 dagar sedan
I wish I was you
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 3 dagar sedan
What if you got the assignment in half a second after 6:10?
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 3 dagar sedan
I love stupid disasters
Evans' Videos
Evans' Videos 3 dagar sedan
I am five years late
Jordyn Barnes
Jordyn Barnes 3 dagar sedan
We will meet again 5 years
Mira Windows
Mira Windows 3 dagar sedan
I know I’m like four years late but some of these people sound really nice glad you had some nice people around college. :)
Bipin Maharjan
Bipin Maharjan 3 dagar sedan
what what the fak. hahaha you forgot the important paper hahaha
acnoa 4 dagar sedan
Shit my stuf
R-P Hammink
R-P Hammink 4 dagar sedan
Rainbow: You'll have a bad time Sans: Hey, that's my job.
Niko :D
Niko :D 5 dagar sedan
chris is a mood
Ian Flood
Ian Flood 5 dagar sedan
Yo, it's brain, I like to stick forks in trees. (I said brain on purpose.)
Random Person
Random Person 5 dagar sedan
I'm soooo late but ummm... yeah.
Meli's Madness
Meli's Madness 6 dagar sedan
My college story: I had a speech professor that was always very particular about formatting and small details like that, which was ok. I had no problem with that. But she never specified what she wanted! I got a 3/20 on an assignment because my plagiarism percent was too high, but all of this “plagiarism” was direct quotes! And I cited them! What the hell?! She said I should’ve used full sentences, but I did use full sentences. She wanted me to use the correct format and follow the sample speech but never told me there was even a sample speech in the first place. She said that I lacked the required library databases, but all of my sources were from the library! Just- I dropped the class after I got halfway through the semester.
DeliaBesgorl 6 dagar sedan
FTWGaming 6 dagar sedan
that feeling when you re-organize things only to find it's less organized than it was... Come to think of it, how do you organize things to be less organized if your area is a mess to begin with? Can't find a piece of paper that's to do with a certain thing, look in the place where all the certain things were... Didn't organize things to be specific to different things, just what things are (i.e. paper all in one area, technology in another, memes in a third, so on and so forth.) The piece of paper is probably where all the paper is.
Heidi Walker
Heidi Walker 7 dagar sedan
Jaiden: i love college James: school is for NERDS!
Iggy 19
Iggy 19 7 dagar sedan
its been 4 years since this happenned, and you dropped out of college years ago; are you even friends with any of these people anymore?
bosco sham
bosco sham 7 dagar sedan
6:51 imagine if her eyes are her eyebrows and the tiny dots were her eyes
GAMER KITTY 7 dagar sedan
Everyone either steals Jaiden silverware or sits on the beanbag chair
gacha Squad
gacha Squad 7 dagar sedan
Well lucky u don’t have asthma then that would have been a hole different story
Julie Bakly
Julie Bakly 7 dagar sedan
homework machine, art books and edith hamilton.
Koala 8 dagar sedan
Posiepie 05
Posiepie 05 8 dagar sedan
Majority of your friends steal you utensils and sit in your bean bag 😂 I love it
Green05 8 dagar sedan
I'm about to start college, thanks for the warning.
Coco 8 dagar sedan
"Yo it's Bryan, I stick forks in trees" Did he get those from Gwen?
Savannah and My dog Elle
Savannah and My dog Elle 8 dagar sedan
Endermation 8 dagar sedan
TYLER SCHADEL 8 dagar sedan
My birthday is today
Rodrigo Fernandez Excoffon
Rodrigo Fernandez Excoffon 8 dagar sedan
I’m watching this instead of making MY work for college
Mickey Exotics
Mickey Exotics 9 dagar sedan
I am a stupid disaster
That Record
That Record 9 dagar sedan
This video is causing me stress. I know exactly what she feels.
Omar Moush
Omar Moush 9 dagar sedan
bangchantine 9 dagar sedan
“Love is more cruel than college entrance exams” -LOONA
Dj Driver
Dj Driver 9 dagar sedan
A lot of people say youtube isn't very educational but now I know in college if u get ur project done early, just print it out turn it in, and be productive later
Logan Lane
Logan Lane 9 dagar sedan
Computer Sans 3:47
Mya Opsahl
Mya Opsahl 10 dagar sedan
You Need stop eat!
Rayro 510
Rayro 510 10 dagar sedan
Your voice
The Thinking Dumb man
The Thinking Dumb man 10 dagar sedan
Also john sucks. .... Hi I'm John..
The AuisticMike
The AuisticMike 11 dagar sedan
Mortal of the story: Don't go to college it became a nightmare as much as my parents told me so it must be more of a nightmare now and now I think that going to a college that doesn't have Algebra, English, all of that and go straight into topic or just work in a factory or something-
Nico _
Nico _ 11 dagar sedan
I wish I could seat on that bean bag everyone’s talking about...
Azusa Himiko
Azusa Himiko 11 dagar sedan
I lost my wallet organizing
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 11 dagar sedan
So your saying all I need to be popular is a bean bag forks and spoons
Uma and Friends
Uma and Friends 11 dagar sedan
I definitely understand the "Organizing and then not knowing where anything is" problem.
•Midnight_ _Echos•
•Midnight_ _Echos• 11 dagar sedan
Hey, I’m a new SVfromr and just am a bit clueless. Anyone have tips? Vid ideas? Thx... it rlly means a lot
Jennifer Risa
Jennifer Risa 11 dagar sedan
This was so relatable...I just gaped while watching the video....
Spartacus Deniz
Spartacus Deniz 12 dagar sedan
"She gots some hardcore death glares from the teacher for being 26 seconds late" Man what kind of school you going to
Bryce The Celebi
Bryce The Celebi 13 dagar sedan
Naitik Kanha
Naitik Kanha 13 dagar sedan
Is the neighbour a ghost
DeerCookie LPS
DeerCookie LPS 15 dagar sedan
Jaiden: college has been going great! Me, knowing she went through her eating disorder during her college years: it hasn’t..
Samey Matuku
Samey Matuku 15 dagar sedan
Jonah Who?
Jonah Who? 16 dagar sedan
does jaiden steal everyone else's spoons??
8o3 18 dagar sedan
i’m seeing a consistency with your silverware ring stolen
Lucky cat 777
Lucky cat 777 19 dagar sedan
“Run.” The teacher said
Hover Is my name
Hover Is my name 20 dagar sedan
Oh ah thi- this is old
A Flores
A Flores 21 dag sedan
That guy looks like theoddones out
XxJune Bakker
XxJune Bakker 21 dag sedan
Love you jaiden
Aberama Gold
Aberama Gold 21 dag sedan
The only thing that would make this better is if Jaiden had a piece of toast in her mouth as she ran
Gabe Robison
Gabe Robison 22 dagar sedan
Professors like this should be immediately fired. I can’t stand the air of superiority they have where they just assume you aren’t worth there time.
KIMBER PIPKIN 24 dagar sedan
Sophie Holland
Sophie Holland 24 dagar sedan
I have no friends she says I gEt No CaLlS sHe SaYs I CANT SOCIALISE SHE SAYS
Danica Bondoc
Danica Bondoc 24 dagar sedan
Me 3 years ago: Ppssshhh no way am I ever going to be that late. School deadlines are easy. College is just a piece of cake... Me @ 1st Year College: *sprinting* HOLY SH!! THERE’s 15 SECONDS LEFT!!! (Bursting into the Department Office)
Lima Bean
Lima Bean 25 dagar sedan
So what did we learn? Jaiden let people steal her silverware and beanbag chair. Cool.
Steel Warrior
Steel Warrior 25 dagar sedan
R Berti
R Berti 25 dagar sedan
What I've learned from college is if it's an assignment that's due soon always put it on you desk or in your class binder. You can reorganize your self to the moon as long as you keep your assignments in a familiar, easy to access location. Also when it comes to doing projects in Adobe programs please allow yourself at least one day because technology is unpredictable and you never know how long a project will take. I may not be in specifically an art college but art still takes up the majority of my time so I understand how stressful and hard it can be at times. By the way love your video's.
Kai Begay
Kai Begay 26 dagar sedan
I relate to this even in high school
SomeWhereElse 26 dagar sedan
I’ve been in college for 2.5 years. I’m planning on dropping out. Getting to hard and anxious
Obsideon XD
Obsideon XD 26 dagar sedan
Anyone here rewatchin all her animations during quarintine lol
Sia Sis
Sia Sis 28 dagar sedan
Littel late im huh but My freind recomended you and i rellet soooooooo much and this vid was asome u are great never forget that
MochiPup Animations
MochiPup Animations 29 dagar sedan
My name is Gwyn too it sounds like Gwen though
RandomEyes1 28 dagar sedan
Ian Fralick
Ian Fralick 29 dagar sedan
Happ... ugh... do I have to keep doing this? yes? okay. Happy birthday
reyalsnomeD Månad sedan
2:12 sounds like something my mom would do when i need my homework but it was placed somewhere
Larry DiPaola
Larry DiPaola Månad sedan
Cam m005
Cam m005 Månad sedan
I got into that same trouble I lost my credit card It was in mid 2019 Until now i have not found it
cool couch potato
cool couch potato Månad sedan
See? This is why you have o have pocket-speed Oh im the only one that has a little bottle of sugar in my pocket to go really hyper and run if i need to and planned that for college and prbrably use it in the gym at my school? Oh......
The Galactic Gamer
The Galactic Gamer Månad sedan
Sometimes I wonder if any of jaidens college buddies still watch her videos 4 years later 🤔
SweaterWeather Aka_UwU_Master
SweaterWeather Aka_UwU_Master Månad sedan
CoOkiEs aNd mIlk aNimaTes ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
CoOkiEs aNd mIlk aNimaTes ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Månad sedan
Lol, I only have 4 friends
CoOkiEs aNd mIlk aNimaTes ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
CoOkiEs aNd mIlk aNimaTes ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 26 dagar sedan
@npgoalkeeper _ oof, all of them ARNT at school at the moment XD
npgoalkeeper _
npgoalkeeper _ 26 dagar sedan
severath19 Månad sedan
When she said that she's enjoying college AND she made a ton of new friends......I was like "Yup, I definitely do NOT relate."
Levifox _gacha
Levifox _gacha Månad sedan
(⊙•⊙ ~
the running man
the running man Månad sedan
This video is way too relatable for me even though I'm not in college
2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250
2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 Månad sedan
Note to self: do a lot of cardio to prepare for college
60K subscribers without a video challenge
60K subscribers without a video challenge Månad sedan
This is why I don’t organize
Salvo Ruscoole
Salvo Ruscoole Månad sedan
Nice job👍
Hoshihopie Månad sedan
funny how the first time i watched this video, i was in my last year of junior high school... and now i'm in my second year of college i understand the struggle now, past jaiden 😔
random stuff
random stuff Månad sedan
You are going to drop out in the future
Justus Ullman
Justus Ullman Månad sedan
Who is John and why does he suck
Joey The Murc
Joey The Murc Månad sedan
I just realized her neighbor is transparent at 3:06. Lol
TheMixerGame Månad sedan
Sup my college at germany
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