The Closest Feeling to Death that isn't Death

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Jaiden Animations

2 år sedan

i feel like die

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D the only thing you should burn out is birthday candles, folks

Sissi Moonstar
Sissi Moonstar Timme sedan
All i do is watch yt or twitch or go on discord, basically on my phone 20 hours a day
EliteAir72 3 timmar sedan
i dont have friends either
Yuri Kamado
Yuri Kamado 4 timmar sedan
I am subscribed
clark loeffler
clark loeffler 8 timmar sedan
The acrid font typically prefer because medicine emotionally interfere astride a odd blowgun. brown, motionless willow
Kaylee Wilson
Kaylee Wilson 9 timmar sedan
me rise hand
Zinnabobalan 12 timmar sedan
“Don’t ever die” - Jaiden
Kinga Singye
Kinga Singye 12 timmar sedan
Compared to me your really good at animating
Naseem Qureshi
Naseem Qureshi 16 timmar sedan
Jaiden check this SVfrom called Endigo he made a song out of this video called 'it's okay' Also I'm 9 and I love your vids
od. vibez
od. vibez 16 timmar sedan
Carl Amat
Carl Amat 17 timmar sedan
2:13 Is that an SCP?
Peter & Zashi87
Peter & Zashi87 18 timmar sedan
I raised my hand ✋
Armum TV
Armum TV 18 timmar sedan
7:48 Ummmmmmmm Yo Whaaaaaa-
Armum TV
Armum TV 18 timmar sedan
I Raise My Hand I Feel Like I'm Losing My Mind From Homework I'm Depersonalization
Xx_Klutched 18 timmar sedan
titan 247
titan 247 19 timmar sedan
She says take time to enjoy yourself but school gives us a stupid amount of homework so yeah
《 Bri_ Moon¿》
《 Bri_ Moon¿》 Dag sedan
3:17 Yup Sounds Like Me Alright 👍
Apollo Gaming
Apollo Gaming Dag sedan
0:00 How hard was it to talk that fast even scripted?
RayMKlll Dag sedan
I feel like more people should see this on a daily basis
Decebal Her
Decebal Her Dag sedan
Decebal Her
Decebal Her Dag sedan
Talk too fast
Andy Jones
Andy Jones Dag sedan
Olivia Mcloud
Olivia Mcloud Dag sedan
in minecraft that usually happens to me and i don't know if i should get more or eat it
Esa Suhail
Esa Suhail Dag sedan
hey i thought you were a farmer 7:41
Mr.Nobody Dag sedan
in a nutshell:skateboarding
Riduan Ishak
Riduan Ishak Dag sedan
4:21 that slap! ohh
ruth ann rodriguez
ruth ann rodriguez Dag sedan
what softwear do you use?
Big Head Noob
Big Head Noob Dag sedan
I believe She lists everything in her about page
ShierThunder 2.0
ShierThunder 2.0 Dag sedan
00:00 Me immediatrly raising my hand after coming into secondary school (i live in England)
AFD MKD Dag sedan
I want to see a therapist and would but my mom will probably not let me and think that I'm saying things that aren't true for attention,so yea
Claire G
Claire G Dag sedan
I don't know if I've been watching too many animators on yt, but it's that IceCreamSandwich?! (*0*)
Rahman Rusdi
Rahman Rusdi Dag sedan
Robin Risk
Robin Risk Dag sedan
I haven’t been in burn out before but I’m not perfect. Dos that mean I rule the under world?
Nyl Rede
Nyl Rede Dag sedan
Killed me the
꧁Leafichu Gacha꧂
꧁Leafichu Gacha꧂ Dag sedan
I try therapy and brooo the therapist cancelled on me i was annoyed-
Jesse Seal
Jesse Seal Dag sedan
I have been burnt out of drawings
Dave R
Dave R 2 dagar sedan
Jaden says that she goes To bed at 1:00 am For working but I go to bed at 1 AM for watching Jaden’s videos
jiāshā nuhái
jiāshā nuhái 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: don't ever die Me: ok 500 years later My great great great great great grandson: grandma why are you still alive Me: I WAS TOLD TO NOT DIE...altho it's gotten quite boring when the person who told you not to die died
Cait Mc
Cait Mc 2 dagar sedan
I know this is 2 years old, but I’m watching this while doing like 13 missing assignments with a report card that literally is if I’m going to fail that comes in tomorrow. Oh and I also have a cold and feel dead!
Big Head Noob
Big Head Noob Dag sedan
yeah Quarantine doesn't help with the msg she is trying to tell us
O O 2 dagar sedan
I am the devil at this point I think i hve anger ishues
Stevie Ray
Stevie Ray 2 dagar sedan
Someone made a song about this video It's called don't work your life away don't work it either way it's great to take grapes
Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker 2 dagar sedan
Me Seconds in:🤚 (I make gacha life) (And im a 10 year old kid)
Jofish 2 dagar sedan
4:44 Man, Ice Cream Sandwich looks way different in this art style.
J Gray
J Gray 2 dagar sedan
I can work for a hour no I can’t holy frick
-Normal Person
-Normal Person 2 dagar sedan
Me rause hand
shruti kapoor
shruti kapoor 2 dagar sedan
So do it you dummy was soo funny .....,.hope you get 123mill subs onyoutube
Elliot Senecal
Elliot Senecal 2 dagar sedan
My soul died with my sanity.
•Sleepii• 3 dagar sedan
*raises hand*
Gikong Chow
Gikong Chow 3 dagar sedan
im one of those guys at 0:13
Sif Hansen
Sif Hansen 3 dagar sedan
I havent have my first burn down yet but...☠
LilyAnimates 3 dagar sedan
You are so right Jaiden, I hate overworking myself!
-Pãštëł Brëäd-
-Pãštëł Brëäd- 3 dagar sedan
Me: *Raises Hand*
Zimbellina K
Zimbellina K 3 dagar sedan
i actuly havent slep for a week maybe more
Odin Williams
Odin Williams 3 dagar sedan
One time I was overworking myself so bad I had the worst migraine and I started puking while doing homework and I was not sick crazy right
Brian Daniel Gaming
Brian Daniel Gaming 3 dagar sedan
Wanna know what jaidens channel name sounds like in wingdings? Ok here ☺✌✋👎☜☠ ✌☠✋💣✌❄✋⚐☠💧 Idk why im doing this....... And if you dont believe me copy and paste it on a wing dings translator
Nookey Boi
Nookey Boi 3 dagar sedan
0:58that relatable
Playz Aspect
Playz Aspect 3 dagar sedan
You can’t thro waffles at your mum Not with out milk
M.K.G UwU 3 dagar sedan
well i always sleep at 4 AM BECAUSE İM DUMBA AND CANT SLEEP
Louise Anne Generoso
Louise Anne Generoso 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: if ur a depressed- me: *i am depressed.* Also jaiden: *NO O N E ASKED*
scotty dav
scotty dav 3 dagar sedan
I’m just extremely depressed
Jimmy Vargas
Jimmy Vargas 3 dagar sedan
GachaPopTartQueen 3 dagar sedan
I don’t have friends and I’m not talented so that’s hard
Eugene 3 dagar sedan
Me: doin test My Smart Watch: STRESS 100
Jumana Affouni
Jumana Affouni 4 dagar sedan
Queeter Whittle
Queeter Whittle 4 dagar sedan
When you create a video to save yourself
SunnyLovesOrange 4 dagar sedan
If you're doing something like… homework, for example, then it's good to be studying and finishing your work, BUT STAYING UP UNTIL 1 TO FINIAH ASSIGNMENTS AND BOT HAVING MUCH TIME TO HANG OUT WITH YOUR LITTLE SISTER, BOW THATS WHERE YOU DRAW THE LINE BUDDY
D0j0 Master
D0j0 Master 4 dagar sedan
1:32 to 1:47 is literally perfect snipe of accuracy for me
Min Yang
Min Yang 4 dagar sedan
Me whenever I was going to do the assignment but my teacher deleted the file: ........ ~INTENSE BREATHING~
Min Yang
Min Yang 4 dagar sedan
Dream boy
Dream boy 4 dagar sedan
I raised my hand ✋
Jacob Cayden Emala
Jacob Cayden Emala 4 dagar sedan
3:14 is that suppose to be the spongebob meme where he forgot his name
Jose III Maloloy-on
Jose III Maloloy-on 4 dagar sedan
mine is the opposite of this
Jose III Maloloy-on
Jose III Maloloy-on 4 dagar sedan
i still have homework to do
Ibrahim Williams
Ibrahim Williams 4 dagar sedan
he tried to catch a new pokemon *1:44*
Charlotte Kay
Charlotte Kay 4 dagar sedan
URGENT watch 1:42 it is funny
Zip Zap
Zip Zap 5 dagar sedan
It’s funny that I not taking personal care because of youtube videos mostly you because you the best
•Fryø• 5 dagar sedan
•Fryø• 5 dagar sedan
•Fryø• 5 dagar sedan
Emily Davis
Emily Davis 5 dagar sedan
I have such bad burnout right now that, now that I’ve taken a short break, realized that I’m literally shaking, starving, haven’t been spelling things right, and called my professor “Professor Spoons” in my email. Her name is not Spoons.
Kaiden Burich (Student)
Kaiden Burich (Student) 5 dagar sedan
Melissa Dunn
Melissa Dunn 5 dagar sedan
... i have screamed 13 times every time i have to do school work
Denis Vodovozov
Denis Vodovozov 5 dagar sedan
Ha! I have never OVERworked because I am too lazy. I do the minimum amount needed to do something unless I like to do it.
Maria Gerritsen
Maria Gerritsen 5 dagar sedan
Me-jesse james
Dario G. Pastore
Dario G. Pastore 5 dagar sedan
7:21 I don't know why, but this reminds me of a song that goes like: "I cut down trees, I skip and jump I like to press wild flowers I put on women's clothing and hang around in bars(?!?!?)"
LOVE This Games
LOVE This Games 5 dagar sedan
1:32 Me, everyday... I think-YOU DON'T CARE IF I DON'T REMEBER
Ibdem Demi
Ibdem Demi 5 dagar sedan
emanuel 5 dagar sedan
jaiden: don't work your life away !! capitalism: im gonna lose me job
Viha Trivedi
Viha Trivedi 5 dagar sedan
"It seems straightforward and generic-" " *THEN DO IT YA DUMMY* " I'm sorry I can't😂🤣🤣
Chloe Park
Chloe Park 5 dagar sedan
Me: *looks at her friends* Also me: you’re friends with Melly Vuong?
SR GlaceonTheToast
SR GlaceonTheToast 5 dagar sedan
I have one argument. School
JaguárTM 5 dagar sedan
ngl, at the moment i can relate to this cuz burning myself is just the worse. i'm trying to focus now on getting better cuz when i first time overworked myself, i got sick for 2 weeks and i don't want to experience it again
Mario spaghetti
Mario spaghetti 5 dagar sedan
Wait this was 2 years ago I thought it was 6 months ago
YesRedWolfs 5 dagar sedan
aka school
David Dermawan
David Dermawan 5 dagar sedan
Everybody:raise hand Jaiden:rip
Vinney sharit
Vinney sharit 5 dagar sedan
I am the exact opposite of this
Victor Abraham
Victor Abraham 5 dagar sedan
I've never overworked myself. 🤷🏻‍♂️
hillel Krieger
hillel Krieger 5 dagar sedan
GameDJYT 5 dagar sedan
Online school be like: 0:00
ꨄAnimal Lover
ꨄAnimal Lover 5 dagar sedan
ikr lol
• G r e y M i s t s •
• G r e y M i s t s • 5 dagar sedan
Just a tip, if you ever eat something too sweet, have a carrot, it somehow helps immediately.
R Mark
R Mark 5 dagar sedan
you are so drunk
R Mark
R Mark 5 dagar sedan
are you drunk?
Savino Pasceri
Savino Pasceri 6 dagar sedan
from my life i can confidently say i can never be burnout, i just give up
Lance Andrei Santiago
Lance Andrei Santiago 6 dagar sedan
i got angry when playing roblox tower of hell and hiting my ipad ;~; 👍🏻
The worst thing that's ever happened to me
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