The best pokemon game you never played

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Jaiden Animations

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lol pokemon amirite

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Ethan Speyer
Ethan Speyer 36 minuter sedan
i tried translating the binary at 5:18, and translated up to "only ne" and gave up because i knew what the rest would be. That hurt.
Quacker Jack
Quacker Jack 41 minut sedan
LiamGames 010
LiamGames 010 44 minuter sedan
2:35 touch the damn bidoof
Shauna.Coward Exeter
Shauna.Coward Exeter 48 minuter sedan
403 is very suspicious 404 “YOUR LATE”!!!
Shauna.Coward Exeter
Shauna.Coward Exeter 52 minuter sedan
Connor Richardson
Connor Richardson Timme sedan
11:19, literally me after any game
Peppa Puff
Peppa Puff 2 timmar sedan
idk why but the more i watch this video i start thinking about Gen 1 pokemons as power rangers
Ziyuc //
Ziyuc // 2 timmar sedan
Is this a underrated Pokémon game I smell
puggamer boi
puggamer boi 3 timmar sedan
ranger is so hard becasue you have to draw PERFECT circles i have the 2nd one
Cigo Svensson
Cigo Svensson 3 timmar sedan
Them dancing animations are clean
Rubis Solis
Rubis Solis 3 timmar sedan
I love you jeiden
mrsangelicasalinas 3 timmar sedan
Jaiden: She doesnt dab, but she does do this nice lil dance
mrsangelicasalinas 3 timmar sedan
Jaiden: and then called me JAIDEN-NOOB and then I had to muder him
Deeznutz :
Deeznutz : 3 timmar sedan
You should try guardian signs it's pretty good too and fun gameplay!
Immakidstudio 4 timmar sedan
pokemon: blood type A version
Kaylin N Annuncia
Kaylin N Annuncia 4 timmar sedan
All I have to say you definitely got better at drawing circles good gob 👍🏽
Kira Yamato
Kira Yamato 4 timmar sedan
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth please!!
Dabbing unicorns
Dabbing unicorns 4 timmar sedan
Team dimson? More like team daymson
Moyaby Kone
Moyaby Kone 4 timmar sedan
1:09 wow_a_mamoth is thelling the truth
Zephra 4 timmar sedan
8:03 I have no clue why it took me so many times to notice the ff7 references with knockoff aerith and cloud lol
Grifinn Fielder
Grifinn Fielder 5 timmar sedan
Gen 5 was the last game in my opinion that was pretty difficult
Killua x Alluka
Killua x Alluka 5 timmar sedan
pokemon rules: u can’t catch other trainers pokemon u can’t- pokemon ranger: *imma stop u there-*
Susan Marguerite LISSANDRE
Susan Marguerite LISSANDRE 5 timmar sedan
i think i had pokemon ranger or something cause I as well remember a butt ton of circles, i really liked the game but got stuck on this one level and stopped playing for a while, when i finally found the courage to try again i go to look for it only to realize..... that my brother found.... AND LOST THE GAME CARD!!! AND HE HAS STILL DENIED IT TO THIS DAY!😤......... *inhales*........haven't played a pokemon game since (cause i don't have money and can't get it, im a kid) 😔
Chloe Cheese
Chloe Cheese 6 timmar sedan
From the title I guessed it would be a ranger game
Brenda Nuckolls
Brenda Nuckolls 6 timmar sedan
This isn’t even about Pokémon but somebody made a sans version of you :p
Blackout miracle
Blackout miracle 7 timmar sedan
Brøther, I require the lööps
jess fajardo
jess fajardo 7 timmar sedan
i like the main Series more
Yosher Yoshi
Yosher Yoshi 8 timmar sedan
I had this game but lost it
Arda Yk
Arda Yk 8 timmar sedan
Wasn’t there a Pokemon Ranger film or am I spouting nonsense?
noob editando
noob editando 8 timmar sedan
yes there is one
DoItForDale 8 timmar sedan
I loved this game but I didn’t make it very far. I couldn’t get past the skorupi on the ship. Even after coming back to it after a year or so.
Christopher MONDRAGON
Christopher MONDRAGON 9 timmar sedan
Touch the bidoof. Just TOUCH THE GODDAMN BIDOOF!!!
Hector Sanchez Escalante
Hector Sanchez Escalante 9 timmar sedan
cookie demon castaneda
cookie demon castaneda 9 timmar sedan
You know what I did I played this and did the exact same thing live you Jaden and
Mason Zielanski
Mason Zielanski 10 timmar sedan
4:54 it’s time
Khxght YT
Khxght YT 10 timmar sedan
2:34 that was so cute
Crumbling Crypts Gaming
Crumbling Crypts Gaming 10 timmar sedan
5:48 bye bye OCEAN 6:48 can you not
Crumbling Crypts Gaming
Crumbling Crypts Gaming 10 timmar sedan
2:35 TOUCH THE BIDOOF (perfect bidoof)
Thricicle 10 timmar sedan
I got pokemon ranger shadows of almia, it was my absolute FAVOURITE pokemon game. Since lockdown I got out my DSI, played it again about 6 years later, and completed everything (except pokedex, can't be bothered for the flipping ranger pokedex) I thought nobody liked this game, it's way more interesting than any of the main series pokemon games. Also YES THE MUSIC IS FANTASTIC IKR. All of Team Dim Sun members have incredibly funny dialog, if you keep getting caught loads at the ship where you need to make sure you don't get seen, the admin practically gets on his knees and begs you to leave, it's hilarious. If there was a compilation for all of the humour in Shadows of Almia, it'd be as long as reviewing the entire plot. Anyways this was a very long comment I made as I watched the video, I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much, so just keep having fun.
Endeavor Fanboy
Endeavor Fanboy 10 timmar sedan
This reminds me of when class 1-a where attack by villains because she is going insane lmao
Connor Bullard
Connor Bullard 11 timmar sedan
I got a game called terraria
Chaitanya Jambhulkar
Chaitanya Jambhulkar 11 timmar sedan
Pokemon Ranger is not greatest pokemon game,the reason you liked is because of Jaiden's commentary of the game.
Life is pain
Life is pain 11 timmar sedan
Pokémon gun new on the shop for only 999.999$
Flame- Dradragon
Flame- Dradragon 11 timmar sedan
pokemon ranger was amazing even though i think i only played like two of them
Taiifox Emperor
Taiifox Emperor 12 timmar sedan
Calling her a noob and dabbing killed me. XD
Giulia Felace
Giulia Felace 12 timmar sedan
Mi favorite is quest but ranger is second
RARES-CRISTIAN SAVU 12 timmar sedan
play siren head
shadowgandalf 12 timmar sedan
I loved the Ranger series. I’ve played all three, though not for several years
Li Phing Liew
Li Phing Liew 13 timmar sedan
Jaiden was an imposter (1 imposter remains)
soupy suds
soupy suds 13 timmar sedan
Odenta 13 timmar sedan
0:47 And finally, the spinner.
Myrable 123
Myrable 123 14 timmar sedan
Is it me or... Have u by hearted the game just to tell the story In the video?
BKeangamer 14 timmar sedan
2:35 Touch the Bidoof Btw listen to 2:35 after 5:05 when Jaiden says they are part of this gang called
Myrable 123
Myrable 123 14 timmar sedan
量希実子 14 timmar sedan
Jaiden: the best pokemon game you’ve never played Me, who has played all the Pokémon ranger games: *i am four parallel universes ahead of you*
Ryan Matenga
Ryan Matenga 16 timmar sedan
Ahh they used the Wii U gamepad clock as the timer
alittlefuzzball ————
alittlefuzzball ———— 16 timmar sedan
6:43 spheal be vibing
5Zero5Two 16 timmar sedan
4:55 timestamp for jaiden dancing to pokemon music
SpoutSaito 16 timmar sedan
Guardian Signs is the best ranger. The multiplayer missions are SO MUCH FUN.
Cel Gaming
Cel Gaming 16 timmar sedan
Arceus / God of Pokemons: *Exist* Jaiden with that blue rope thingy: I’ma end this mans whole career
Black Gamer
Black Gamer 17 timmar sedan
why do I never hear about pokemon snap? I loved that game! Would play for hours, finish 100%, which is easy, reset my save and play all over again... i was a wierd kid.
Yt Turtles
Yt Turtles 18 timmar sedan
I dont like how she never mentioned pokepark
F0X 18 timmar sedan
Oh damn I haven't played this game in ages it made me rage hard though
M Bros TVee
M Bros TVee 18 timmar sedan
We like pokemon and we are SVfromrs
CHACE HOLTON 19 timmar sedan
2:35 touch the bidoof -jaiden 2020
I need a new name
I need a new name 19 timmar sedan
7:57 that’s a nice infernape
Vanilla 19 timmar sedan
It's been a few months and Jaiden with the release of this video it jacked the prices. The cheapest I could find last month was $100 this month $100... At least I have Guardian Signs.
Cherry Sucker
Cherry Sucker 21 timme sedan
Jaiden dancing is both amazing and terrifying at the same time
Autumn Fails
Autumn Fails 21 timme sedan
“Touch the Bidoof” love that
TheGamingXeno X
TheGamingXeno X 21 timme sedan
Brother, I require... ŁÖØPŠ
Chunk 21 timme sedan
I wanna be a Pokémon ranger Live the life of loops and danger
Sauce Man
Sauce Man 21 timme sedan
9:56 i like this image
Jim Phoenix
Jim Phoenix 21 timme sedan
The dialogue in this game is something else
Amanda McDaniel
Amanda McDaniel 22 timmar sedan
i got a video game idea play lego batman for the ds cuz why not you can get it for like 20 bucks on amazon
Gamer Grayson
Gamer Grayson 22 timmar sedan
𝓽𝓸𝓾𝓬𝓱 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓫𝓲𝓭𝓸𝓸𝓯
Drcyan JoNO
Drcyan JoNO 23 timmar sedan
5:46 Jotaro stance
Samylia Belliard-Burke
Samylia Belliard-Burke Dag sedan
It's funny how that the dim sun clan was called "shady guy" and "extremely sketchy guy" at first lol
『 Nathan Edits ツ』
『 Nathan Edits ツ』 Dag sedan
Do you tween on your animation’s? And how do you share?
Agent _SpyZap
Agent _SpyZap Dag sedan
This would make a great Pokémon anime/show
Daniel T Mcclintock
Daniel T Mcclintock Dag sedan
im playing this same video on different tabs. Rip my ears
Misha Dag sedan
4:55 (Immediately subscribes)
Flintlock Dag sedan
I think the thing that honestly kinda stuck with me regarding Shadows of Almia is that it felt far more complete than a lot of similar games. You go from 'Student' to 'Normal Ranger' to 'Elite Ranger' over the course of the game, and each rank feels like an actual change, rather than just swapping the words on your status screen. I feel like a lot of games would've either stretched out the school portion to the entire thing, or it would've just tacked it on at the start as a tutorial. Each section felt maybe a little shorter than ideal, but long enough to not feel rushed. That said, I played it over half a decade ago, so I might be remembering wrong.
LastMOMBender11 Dag sedan
You should play Gouls and Ghosts for the SNES. That game is so fricken hard!! And when you think you're done, you have to do the entire game again... backwards
Gerald Osei Asiamah
Gerald Osei Asiamah Dag sedan
Teddy xx Tea
Teddy xx Tea Dag sedan
This game sounds real hard. Well, not a joke- I would fail this game and rage quit when I haven't even started the game.
Emilio Rojas
Emilio Rojas Dag sedan
I was expecting to see a loonely goomba comment here.
Aaron Azizi
Aaron Azizi Dag sedan
2:30 for some reason I feel bad for this pikachu
I’m a wolf
I’m a wolf Dag sedan
4:55 funniest thing I’ve ever seen
Swunglizard Dag sedan
9:21 Wailmer Was Not The Imposter 1 Imposter Remains
Sophia Green
Sophia Green Dag sedan
Alexis McGowan
Alexis McGowan Dag sedan
I kinda wanna challenge Jaiden to a pokemon battle in the latest pokemon game
Persephone Dag sedan
that’s a huge chunk of ice
Xander Gilliam
Xander Gilliam Dag sedan
Pokemon ranger guardian signs was legit
Ignited Bonnie Plushie
Ignited Bonnie Plushie Dag sedan
TOUCH THE BIDOOF😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
TheNeobuzzard Dag sedan
I would love to see your thoughts on a Digimon Cyber Slueth playthrough
Mila Lin
Mila Lin Dag sedan
Jaiden: There's a very small amount of people who know about this game. Me: well now there's 14 million people who watches this video and now know about it.
Emerald Ingots
Emerald Ingots Dag sedan
AterNyctos Dag sedan
"only nerds can read this " 01101111 01101110 01101100 01111001 00100000 01101110 01100101 01110010 01100100 01110011 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101110 00100000 01110010 01100101 01100001 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00001010 5:17 :D
XXXCHICKEN 69 Dag sedan
I used to have it when I was 7and I hated it because it was too hard
PiggyWildTheories Dag sedan
Ruperto Uscanga
Ruperto Uscanga Dag sedan
PiggyWildTheories Dag sedan
The Flock Members
The Flock Members Dag sedan
I Attempted my First Pokemon Nuzlocke
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