The best pokemon game you never played

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lol pokemon amirite

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Alberto Rubio
Alberto Rubio 34 minuter sedan
who else wants Pokémon ultra gun?
Excalibarsonic Timme sedan
I actually did play this game as a kid, and I loved it! I think it was my second ever Pokemon game (the first being Trozei), and it was fun. A bit weird at first, for sure, and I remember very little, but still good. Honestly, I wish I could replay it.
Melvin Urias
Melvin Urias 2 timmar sedan
The dancing scene reminds me of flipnote hatena
Cacoa Espresso
Cacoa Espresso 2 timmar sedan
I love how this game is all like "Touch the bidoof" I know because I played it, quality gaming, 10/10
seven L
seven L 2 timmar sedan
People playing Pokémon ranger with a advertisement:this game is ok People who playing Pokémon ranger by jaiden saying it’s fun:wow this game is fun and it’s the best
Kellie Soule
Kellie Soule 4 timmar sedan
I loved this video so much that I got the game for Christmas, for myself... And I really enjoy it! But there is one bit that you have to capture the Pokémon Dim Sun are controlling and making them bash their heads in a wall to go through, how do you capture them?? I'm stuck on that bit plz help me.! P.S. I love ur vids! (when they're drilling a hole inside the side of a mountain...)
Kavertia 4 timmar sedan
Honestly if you can find an affordable version of Guardian Signs that game’s pretty amazing too; and it expanded in gameplay a LOT so there’s so much more to do and explore and experience. Shadows of Almia’s story is great, but I’d say Guardian Signs doesn’t fall far behind, there’s just a lot more *in* that game (some of which I would have loved to see in a main pokemon game at some point).
Sheriff Jabang
Sheriff Jabang 5 timmar sedan
Can you play Pokémon shield
Kyle Hendricks
Kyle Hendricks 9 timmar sedan
Ranger was the shit
Aaron Animates
Aaron Animates 9 timmar sedan
Simszer 12 timmar sedan
Can you (at least) play pokémon colosseum or XD, please I want a video on those pokémon games ...
EnderMC / / Hallucinatinggrapes
EnderMC / / Hallucinatinggrapes 13 timmar sedan
We kind of relate, Jaiden. My first Pokémon game was OMEGA Ruby, while yours was Ruby.
Atle Skovli
Atle Skovli 15 timmar sedan
i have the Werid one
Gachboi Plays
Gachboi Plays 18 timmar sedan
Yes sirs
Isabella Beevers
Isabella Beevers 19 timmar sedan
It’s Pokémon quest is the reametrick one
Jackson Wagoner
Jackson Wagoner 22 timmar sedan
goes up on stage says: fuck you
Maverick HardHead
Maverick HardHead 23 timmar sedan
8:05 I see what you did there xD
TakedaIesyu 23 timmar sedan
Number of loops Jaiden drew: over 9000
Avery Lockland
Avery Lockland Dag sedan
>jaiden playing weird video games The new Critikal commeth. All she must do to claim the crown is say "titties" 60000 times and make a commentary of the worst, buggiest game she can find.
Big McLargehuge
Big McLargehuge Dag sedan
That dance was amazing.
Azrael Giacalone
Azrael Giacalone Dag sedan
Sans Dag sedan
Touch the bidoof.
Shonteil Tamainu
Shonteil Tamainu Dag sedan
You sould do more pokemon games jaiden
King Hugo
King Hugo Dag sedan
4:55 that’s how you beat a bad guy
Lisa Akinyemi
Lisa Akinyemi Dag sedan
Its like a mix of cooking mama 2 and Pokémon
Lisa Akinyemi
Lisa Akinyemi Dag sedan
Jaiden can you play Pokémon cafe
Z Pettus
Z Pettus Dag sedan
Lovely dancing. Lol I was laughing my head off when that happened
Omotesho Olivier Oyewobi
Omotesho Olivier Oyewobi Dag sedan
jaiden: pokemon ranger me: *gets rage quitting flashbacks on the fire part*
Jordan M.
Jordan M. Dag sedan
*anyway Isaac, have you finished testing my very secret experiment no one can know about?*
why Tumblr
why Tumblr Dag sedan
I just bought this game because of you Jaiden I can't wait to play it, it looks fun based on your amazing video. lucymarie lucymarie Dag sedan
Bruh noob that in roblox NOOOOOB
Alexander Jurovaty
Alexander Jurovaty Dag sedan
Claudio Falkenfeldt
Claudio Falkenfeldt Dag sedan
Claudio Falkenfeldt
Claudio Falkenfeldt Dag sedan
Make a speedrun
Pig Step
Pig Step Dag sedan
Touch the bidoof.
Kimberly Fundaro
Kimberly Fundaro Dag sedan
“That one geometric one” don’t you dare disrespect Pokémon quest
Chase Cubes
Chase Cubes Dag sedan
“Sit down and get comfy” I’m eating homemade ramen what could be more relaxing than that? No I wasn’t yelling I actually want to know is there something more comfortable than ramen.
One Melee Boi
One Melee Boi Dag sedan
John Kisir
John Kisir Dag sedan
0:16 is every pokemon fan. Doesnt matter if its good or bad. Still will play it.
Brayen Brayen
Brayen Brayen Dag sedan
690k noice
Ragos05 Dag sedan
As a kid i didnt know how to read english so in my mind i didnt convince isaac, we took him as a prisoner and forced him to work against team dim sun.... also its a shame that only the males get that cool glove stylus
Johnny the deceased rat
Johnny the deceased rat Dag sedan
I got a Pokémon go ad whole playing this this-
Hannah Bulthuis
Hannah Bulthuis Dag sedan
Is there some romance between Kieth and Jaiden that I’m not getting?
Killerkitten_ YT
Killerkitten_ YT Dag sedan
Just going to put this for myself 4:55
Hannah Bulthuis
Hannah Bulthuis Dag sedan
Wha-? How did you get in here?! Jaiden: WHY DONT YOU SPEND LESS MONEY ON YOUR STUPID TOWER, AND FIX THE FRIGGIN VENDING MACHINE?! I only wanted my poke snacc man. 😢
littleblueclovers Dag sedan
DUDE I PLAYED THIS TOO. No one else around me knew about this game and I started to feel like I imagined the whole damn thing
Mission Edgar
Mission Edgar 2 dagar sedan
I play that game
Elmago 280
Elmago 280 2 dagar sedan
8:51 yup
Why 2 dagar sedan
The pokémon toothbrush game is better.
annie xo
annie xo 2 dagar sedan
4:55 i'm just keeping this for myself to watch the dance over and over again
Christian Reed
Christian Reed 2 dagar sedan
are you theoddsfirstot's friend
RookoftheRookityRook 2 dagar sedan
Touch the bidoof
Aurora Sapphire
Aurora Sapphire 2 dagar sedan
Zach Gamez
Zach Gamez 2 dagar sedan
4:58 Ratata go woooo and infinity and beyond!
super smash
super smash 2 dagar sedan
Pokémon ranger 1 is fucking boring. I hate it.
Phoenix :D
Phoenix :D 2 dagar sedan
nickel1fyh the bird
nickel1fyh the bird 2 dagar sedan
Touch the bidoof
clark loeffler
clark loeffler 2 dagar sedan
The dangerous lipstick reassembly replace because tower usually step an a sulky calendar. taboo, scandalous page
ChestTurtles 2 dagar sedan
Did anyone else buy Shadows of Almia after watching this? I immediately wanted to play it after the video was over and lemme just say.... Jaiden was not lying, this game is amazing! Even with the knowledge I had going in to the game, it was still such a fun experience (and a refreshing change from the usual Pokémon games) and it left me wanting more once the game had ended. Now I just need to get the other ones. Thank you, Jaiden, for blessing me with this knowledge haha
Tiger_ Lily
Tiger_ Lily 2 dagar sedan
Can confirm that it is the best game ever
Jeffrey Schoenholz
Jeffrey Schoenholz 2 dagar sedan
Petition for Jaiden to play Pokémon Reborn. If she wants to, of course. It is probably right up her alley. If she loves the dialogue in that ranger game, she’ll probably love playing through Reborn. Heck, we can throw in Rejuvenation in there as well. Maybe Desolation. I’m not sure if that is the third one of that set of games, but I heard Reborn was connected plotwise to two other fan games. It would be cool if she played these and made animations for big parts of the game, but I understand if she didn’t do it. It’s a hella lot of work. I’m at the battle at Fiore mansion myself and it will take some time.
TheBombBeast 2 dagar sedan
6:48 excuse me he wants to what😰.. damn and I thought Pokémon was kid friendly
Swanson Richard
Swanson Richard 2 dagar sedan
Watch this video in the bathroom
The mlemmers
The mlemmers 2 dagar sedan
This is my least favorite video of yours cause you trashed pokemon sun and ultra sun
Mert Tuncel
Mert Tuncel 2 dagar sedan
Ice 487
Ice 487 2 dagar sedan
I can respect a fellow ice-type user. But I probably won't if they start dabbing.
Ice 487
Ice 487 2 dagar sedan
"A hero is a hero. But everyone loves a good villain" - Ferb
Ghost 2 dagar sedan
Hola ablo español y las animasiones
Scorpius Urielus
Scorpius Urielus 2 dagar sedan
how am I just now realising team dimsun sounds like the restaurant called "dimsum"...
Slowking The crewmate
Slowking The crewmate 2 dagar sedan
"the best pokemon game you never played" me who has only fully played one pokemon game:
Santiago Valdes
Santiago Valdes 2 dagar sedan
0:18 Pokémon shield it's the more bad of Pokémon saga Pd: my inglish Is bad
Christine and Luke Hasselbrock
Christine and Luke Hasselbrock 2 dagar sedan
Youngho Baek
Youngho Baek 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden the dancing legend 'joins the battle
Doublespace 88
Doublespace 88 2 dagar sedan
Chara Undertale
Chara Undertale 2 dagar sedan
Roman Thomas
Roman Thomas 2 dagar sedan
Nobody: jaidan: yeets rattata into the sky
y tho
y tho 2 dagar sedan
Touch the bidoof
BigPapaGoose 2 dagar sedan
Amy Wood
Amy Wood 2 dagar sedan
Alex Benton
Alex Benton 3 dagar sedan
I finished shadows of almia in 24 hours, all the quests and Pokémon and stuff. Everything
Alex Benton
Alex Benton 3 dagar sedan
Omg I’m the same age as her
baz boo
baz boo 3 dagar sedan
Dim sum... DIM SUM!
ARandomPerson 3 dagar sedan
Nobody: Absolutely No One: Like 0 humans Me:Are we gonna ignore the background music?Yes?Well okay...
General.Macaroni 3 dagar sedan
4:55 best part
Kniffel101 3 dagar sedan
If you really think that "only nerds can read this"... then you're entirely correct! =P
Presley and the Ink Machine
Presley and the Ink Machine 3 dagar sedan
What about pokemon snap?
Leona Holdal
Leona Holdal 3 dagar sedan
Don't touch the- jaiden touches befloof- JADIEN
Seb Pearson
Seb Pearson 3 dagar sedan
You should try nuzlocke sword and sheild
Jacky Liang
Jacky Liang 3 dagar sedan
Gigaremos: *exists* Every ranger in existence: “B****H HOW DARE YOU LIVE”
Vineg4r 3 dagar sedan
I really loved this game! Glad you loved it too 😁😁😁
Sabrina Dunn
Sabrina Dunn 3 dagar sedan
im stuck on a FRICKING SHARPEDO **raging, please stand by :3 **
EnderMC / / Hallucinatinggrapes
EnderMC / / Hallucinatinggrapes 3 dagar sedan
I watched this video, bought the game, shoved it into my Poke Ball New 2DS XL, and got stuck on that battle by the cave in the area with all the vines.
Elton Johnson
Elton Johnson 3 dagar sedan
-14:19. That's Pokemon Quest
ГоДзЗиЛкА 3 dagar sedan
Обожаю смотреть тебя🤩
Kirbo Productions
Kirbo Productions 3 dagar sedan
6:48 Me when a random kid tells the teacher that there’s homework
Tala Abdullah
Tala Abdullah 3 dagar sedan
If you can do a game you’re talented
Brayden Young
Brayden Young 3 dagar sedan
Touch the bidoof
3JAD21 3 dagar sedan
The best Pokemon game you never played. EXCEPT I DID PLAY IT AS A KID AND I DAMN LOVE IT
Natalie hancock
Natalie hancock 3 dagar sedan
I still have the game (yeah surprisingly)
Sakeena Saliu
Sakeena Saliu 3 dagar sedan
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