Stupid Lies I Believed for Way Too Long

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Jaiden Animations

3 år sedan

I was a gullible child, don't give me that look.

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Music: Crocodile Tears by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get an acid spitting grasshopper to defend yourself from predators (the drug kind euheuheueh)

Talon Worth
Talon Worth Timme sedan
it kinda does damage your eyes my brother has to wear glasses now because his eyes cross randomly when watching tv or play a game
Annoying Dog
Annoying Dog Timme sedan
Pink Lemonade
Pink Lemonade Timme sedan
*we had no idea what we had coming.*
Mcover Says bro too much try not to say bro Mcover
Mcover Says bro too much try not to say bro Mcover Timme sedan
lol my brother told me "when you watch a video the people who made it have to remake it" AND I BELIEVED IT i was a dumb kid back then
Chris Games
Chris Games 2 timmar sedan
Psychedelics got me goin crazy
Dawn Mizell
Dawn Mizell 2 timmar sedan
Glasses are not a hassle really
lizzy 6000
lizzy 6000 3 timmar sedan
The beginning hits different in 2020
Quakemations 3 timmar sedan
I can push my eyes into the back of my head.... no idea why I commented that
Heba M elsayed
Heba M elsayed 3 timmar sedan
dankestvonmemen 4 timmar sedan
the standing in front of the tv thing is sort of half true. the real reason is that you are not using your depth perception which hurts your eyes, the same thing is true if you go outside and stare at a tree for 4 hours.
Maxime K-G
Maxime K-G 4 timmar sedan
You can get AIDS if your blood touches that of someone who has it. So that one's maybe half true?
Jeremiah Hernandez
Jeremiah Hernandez 4 timmar sedan
I wear glasses
Martinez Amy
Martinez Amy 4 timmar sedan
thake you it is a hasol
XPlore - Roblox
XPlore - Roblox 5 timmar sedan
We all wanted this might be what we only wanted to see oxi clean 2:58
the anninator
the anninator 5 timmar sedan
There is show glasses, which went required but prescription glasses are required when you want to see properly
Kiki Lemon
Kiki Lemon 6 timmar sedan
Jaiden I have been doing the look at your brain thing I can do it and I have been doing it for 5 years now SMH
Annabelle Wheelis
Annabelle Wheelis 6 timmar sedan
Ok. This isn’t related to the video but please report a man named @Nathan D. Larson .
MeadowWolf 6 timmar sedan
reason why I believe the cross eye myth: I had one substitute teacher and he had this one eye stuck in the same spot and only had one eye that moved.
Liana K
Liana K 6 timmar sedan
Oh she predicted the future
Dragon Balla
Dragon Balla 7 timmar sedan
I was literally drinking strawberry lemonade when the video was ending. The universe is so strange 😂
memes yt
memes yt 7 timmar sedan
memes yt
memes yt 7 timmar sedan
I mean fis characterbi made lol
memes yt
memes yt 7 timmar sedan
\_(-_-)_/ it ugly
ayden plake
ayden plake 7 timmar sedan
Glasses suck there so annyoing
Nouh the Hedgefox
Nouh the Hedgefox 8 timmar sedan
We had no idea what we had coming-
hurikun 8 timmar sedan
"we had no idea what we had coming"
Hailie Wingard
Hailie Wingard 8 timmar sedan
I'm glad I never drink pink lemonade
Iftekhar Playz YT
Iftekhar Playz YT 9 timmar sedan
Me i can push my eyes to the back of my head am i an alian
Griffin Dunaway
Griffin Dunaway 10 timmar sedan
umm i hate my old school now because we watched an informational video about aids and WE WERE SIX YEARS OLD FOR GOD SAKES
Twilight76YT 10 timmar sedan
We really had no idea what we had coming
Roee Bashan
Roee Bashan 11 timmar sedan
its only half true that TV doesn't damage your eyes. It definitely does.... but so does reading (and by the same amount).
SONIC GAMER 11 timmar sedan
yes you are right i hate glasses as much as hulk
gryphon provenzano
gryphon provenzano 11 timmar sedan
I can believe the cross eyed one because it actually happened to me, i before didn’t need glasses and when I went to the eye doctor They did the 3D test where they ask you to pick up the wings of a flat photo, yeah and when I was 9 I could, now...I can’t, they don’t pop out, so yea...maybe I’m ignorant and it’s just the fact my cones and rods are getting old or something Idk if there are any octroligists (I think that’s the medical term for eye doctor). Anyway if anyone can corroborate on that I’d be thankful.
Kxtherine 13 timmar sedan
pomegranates are very common in my country and they do actually never come out soooooo its true i spilled some on me and it didnt come out...
Viriya Sena Putra
Viriya Sena Putra 17 timmar sedan
huh... glasses are indeed pretty annoying
SUHAIL QAZI 18 timmar sedan
Jaiden: we had no idea what we had comming Me in 2020: true😭
VD 18 timmar sedan
My parents were not efraid of anything or maybe because when I was 9 I stepped in to a rusty nail and I had to get a vaccine because we weren't sure if I already gat that vaccine so my mom was like "I don't care if he already got the vaccine he gets another" I it was winter and a lot of snow and I didn't see it coming, I was trying to remember what tetanos is and remeberd that I almost got it. It funny tho
Hi Alex
Hi Alex 19 timmar sedan
TheEatenOne 19 timmar sedan
Jaiden had a secret career as a fortune teller. Welcome to 2020.
this channel is ded
this channel is ded 19 timmar sedan
I had a habit of sitting in front of the tv
Tommy J
Tommy J 20 timmar sedan
we didnt know whats coming. 3 years later in 2020, shit gets real
Leslie Jen
Leslie Jen 20 timmar sedan
Actualy paint is irreversible and a irreversible stain (nothing can get it out)
Vintage Vogue
Vintage Vogue 22 timmar sedan
0:03 Ahem-
Paranoia CuFF
Paranoia CuFF 22 timmar sedan
Also, another lie you’ve most likely believed your whole life. The only reason you can’t use mechanical pencils while taking a star test is so you don’t make noises with it. It has nothing to do with messing up the bubble sheet.
Lillikh07 22 timmar sedan
I convinced my brother that me and my sister were actually superheros, and we have a clone in our room to be us when we are out on missions. He believed this until he was 8
hxilsk xo
hxilsk xo 23 timmar sedan
The intro didnt age well....
dog wfl
dog wfl Dag sedan
Aidan Savage
Aidan Savage Dag sedan
She's almost on Simpsons level of predicting the future, hence, "We had no idea what was coming."
Spøøpy Furless
Spøøpy Furless Dag sedan
I know what aids is since I was 10 I'm pretty sure Ew...
Santiago Gil
Santiago Gil Dag sedan
Did she just predict 2020 tho!?!?
Ryan Slaier
Ryan Slaier Dag sedan
I wanted glasses when I was younger! Since I play video games nonstop though, my dad bought me blue light glasses. So mission accomplished!
Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis Dag sedan
Looking at this from 2020, her art has improved so well.
Sayee Dag sedan
2:01 lol
lilyisvibing Dag sedan
stupid lies i believed for way too long: that he loved me.
Judith Sochor
Judith Sochor Dag sedan
mind reader..... how?!
This Person
This Person Dag sedan
When I see videos that say “woo the first video this 2012 year!” I’m like “it’s already 9 or 10 years old now GEEZZZZZ!”😂😂😂😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄😆😆😆😆
I have glasses but I lost them and there for reading or if my eyes hurt.
This Person
This Person Dag sedan
I love glasses too and my eyes are good too!
Modpack 69 420
Modpack 69 420 Dag sedan
Oh you just wait for the sequel and spin offs
EmeraldFlowerz Dag sedan
A Bit Of Everything
A Bit Of Everything Dag sedan
The way that the whole sitting to close to the TV is bad for your eyes is because a long time ago there was a TV that emitted a very slight amount of radiation and people got sick because of it and they had to recall all of the models of that TV but nothing like that has happened since then so sitting close to the TV is fine for you
Marshall Gordon
Marshall Gordon Dag sedan
Sup I have contacts
Petra Awari
Petra Awari Dag sedan
Cadence Thompson
Cadence Thompson Dag sedan
Boooooooshhhhhhhhh 4:49
Sdrawrof Dag sedan
we had no idea what we had coming
YaseenGamePlays Dag sedan
We had no idea what was coming
ultrabeast6001 lol
ultrabeast6001 lol Dag sedan
I'm from the future ooooo
Anna Way
Anna Way Dag sedan
5:47 hehehehe 👑:)👕👖👞
Lmported Dag sedan
the descripion when u press show more: INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK MERCH
TupperUschi TutGut
TupperUschi TutGut Dag sedan
We had no idea what was coming
King Odis
King Odis Dag sedan
Three years later
Mąka Dag sedan
We had no idea what was coming.
Aalamvir Singh Dhaliwal
Aalamvir Singh Dhaliwal Dag sedan
Actually pomegranate seeds can cause stains that are very hard to remove. They are not permanent but it takes LONG to take them out. Like months
Adam smith
Adam smith Dag sedan
soo tetness=ads?
7Sakura Dag sedan
And i still believe the [tv = bad eyes] till now lol
dumdumbadagheesho Dag sedan
omg u sound like the older version of me u and the odd 1s out will inspire me so much in the future ik myself and i've had almost the same experiences butttttt wuts that thing u said is for adults lol im 12 and idk hahahhaha lol
Mishal Mubarak
Mishal Mubarak Dag sedan
"We had no idea what we had coming" 2020: *mhm.*
wheel skelton
wheel skelton Dag sedan
Old cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions produced a small amount of x-rays within the tube, that under extreme situations could theoretically be emitted a few inches past the screen. That's probably the origin of the myth. Ya know, RaDiAtIoN bAd Blue light in modern screens can strain the eyes after extended amounts of time but that doesn't really care about range.
Nur Fareed
Nur Fareed Dag sedan
She is really gullible.
Bowser junior's PSI productions alpha
Bowser junior's PSI productions alpha Dag sedan
persian fruit
Mark_ Dag sedan
im 10 and i know what aids is.
I am a gamer And I'm proud!
I am a gamer And I'm proud! Dag sedan
I wear glasses and I like it. Also please send help
Avocado Scribble
Avocado Scribble Dag sedan
Me watching this in 2020 Hehe yeah we did have no idea what was coming
GuyWithAHat Dag sedan
I have glasses, and if I’m honest, I forgot I’m wearing them 99% of the time, just choose glasses that feel comfortable and you’re all set
violet w
violet w Dag sedan
I did that tv thing to
PlaydoughMaster Dag sedan
Your eyes can get sore if you look at a screen for a long time but it won’t hurt your eyes
Christochat Dag sedan
1 year? how bout 3!
Tristen Beland
Tristen Beland Dag sedan
haveing glasses is kind of like that
Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes Dag sedan
Pomegranate sedes do get out but mango ooh ooh that never gets off trust me it never gets off we tried it !!!
NBG Nitro
NBG Nitro Dag sedan
Yeah just wait there years. Watch what happens
The big Calvin
The big Calvin Dag sedan
if only Jaiden made this video in 2019 her “we had no idea what we had coming” would make so much more sense
Sweet Inferno
Sweet Inferno Dag sedan
We’re here in 2020 um yea
blade gaming
blade gaming Dag sedan
What is aids?
The Meme Man
The Meme Man Dag sedan
I risked getting AIDS multiple times. Luckily I never got it.
blade gaming
blade gaming Dag sedan
What is aids?
Young prodigy Studios
Young prodigy Studios Dag sedan
Jaidens friend: I think I Eaton aluminum foil before. Me: that makes 2 of us:l
the random dude
the random dude Dag sedan
I had glasses when i was 6 and im not kidding
Andrew Kostrub
Andrew Kostrub Dag sedan
Andrew Kostrub
Andrew Kostrub Dag sedan
Grant Loving
Grant Loving Dag sedan
Being a person with glasses, I can assure you that they only bug you when it’s a new pair. It’s like new shoes, they seem uncomfortable at first because you aren’t used to them, but eventually you get SO used to them you sometimes forget you aren’t wearing them (I’m not exaggerating, I have gone to school without my glasses before).
Jeff Ogren
Jeff Ogren Dag sedan
When she looks at her mom like uh what, it will get stuck. :0
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