Stupid Lies I Believed for Way Too Long

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Jaiden Animations

4 år sedan

I was a gullible child, don't give me that look.

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Music: Crocodile Tears by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get an acid spitting grasshopper to defend yourself from predators (the drug kind euheuheueh)

Ryan Wasilewski
Ryan Wasilewski 13 minuter sedan
me with glasses … wait i forgot I have glasses
Thamizh M
Thamizh M 2 timmar sedan
Jaiden: Don’t look up aid Me: *looks it up Me again: 😶😶😶😐😑😑
stefan cioinac
stefan cioinac 2 timmar sedan
"we had no ideea what was coming" Whait a minute..........
NotYeet 2 timmar sedan
Same. I've always wanted glasses when I was little
Guac Girl
Guac Girl 3 timmar sedan
I watched this when I was like, 6 and I thought that staring at the tv too close would make you see better, so I told my parents and they thought I was stupid. I was. I soo was.
Lil' fishy
Lil' fishy 2 timmar sedan
So you are 10 years old now ?
Tech 12 timmar sedan
"watch out you could get aids!"
OtterThanMost 14 timmar sedan
“I didn’t mean the drug, acid. But that could have been equally terrifying.” Oh Jaiden. It would have been so much MORE terrifying.
penguin lover29
penguin lover29 15 timmar sedan
I have glasses but I only need them when sometimes when things start to get blury and let me tell ya GLASSES SUCK also I just really wanted glasses too
Caila lee
Caila lee 16 timmar sedan
Angie’s LPS
Angie’s LPS 16 timmar sedan
When I was younger I wanted glasses and braces because I thought that they both looked cool and now I don’t have glasses but I have braces and whenever I get them tightened I look back on all of the times I said that I wanted braces and then I slap my self in the face with regret🤦🏽‍♀️
jrc 209x
jrc 209x 17 timmar sedan
Huw is whaching this in 2021
Eva Zaragoza Diaz
Eva Zaragoza Diaz 19 timmar sedan
At 3:00 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 thanks Jaden.💗💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Hamster care 11
Hamster care 11 19 timmar sedan
We had no idea what was coming
Nolan Kramer
Nolan Kramer 23 timmar sedan
Pomegranates do stain really bad
Shark gamer
Shark gamer Dag sedan
I have glasses I had them since kindergarten.
Ryland Paul
Ryland Paul Dag sedan
is that a pain
Tom Rollo
Tom Rollo Dag sedan
i sat infront of the TV once actually a lot.
Satyam Kumar
Satyam Kumar Dag sedan
I know i am a little late, but its quarantine, and i'm bored so... I think you confused tetanus and aids because aids also transmits from intections and tatoo parlors. So if someone got a cut, you probably messed up in your brain and thought Aids and Tetanus, wth they probably are the same thing
Raima Chuu
Raima Chuu Dag sedan
“We had no idea what was coming “ it’s 2021 😂
Ryder Armitage
Ryder Armitage Dag sedan
Jaiden: Getting too close to the tv might be good for you eyes. Me: "Immediately shoves face centimeter away from screen"
` SunnyCloud `
` SunnyCloud ` Dag sedan
HIV causes AIDS and interferes with the body's ability to fight infections. The virus can be transmitted through contact with infected blood, semen, sexual contact, or vaginal fluids. Within a few weeks of HIV infection, flu-like symptoms such as fever, sore throat, and fatigue can occur. Then the disease is usually asymptomatic until it progresses to AIDS. AIDS symptoms include weight loss, fever or night sweats, fatigue, and recurrent infections. This is a rare virus, fewer than 200,000 US cases per year. your welcome. :)
GR4VE Y4RD Dag sedan
Me watching this one centimeter away from my face
trouvaliix_ Dag sedan
Actually the tv one really is true cause I wear glasses cause of that
MurtleYT Dag sedan
you thought your eyes would get stuck when you look at your brain well i can shake my eyes and my friend said if you do it ur eyes will fall out
Hammy Dag sedan
0:05 factsssss
LaughingLionZ Dag sedan
3:26 I think this one is actually true... during the first quarantine I had to homeschool, a lot of that time was on a computer so I was using it a lot more than usual. Before that my eyes were really damn good, but after that I could barely see the TV screen from about 8 feet away... now I need glasses 😂
Kollin Meek
Kollin Meek Dag sedan
We had no idea that was coming
UnKnown Beast
UnKnown Beast Dag sedan
2017 too early for corona
Mothgone Dag sedan
Dam i hate my glasses there always dirty and i always have to get new ones my vision is always chan
not chyla
not chyla Dag sedan
2:58 IT GETS THE TOUGH STAINS OuT 😀 5:27 0-0 fourth grade my teacher was reading a book to us and one of my classmates said the sick girl in the book had aids.....
cole Dag sedan
Waiting for the first video of 2021
Marcel Staub
Marcel Staub 2 dagar sedan
Yeah....we had no idea what was coming.....😬
CAMILA.COPETE 103165 2 dagar sedan
me too i would believe anything as a kid lol 😋
Mutayyaba Siddiqui
Mutayyaba Siddiqui 2 dagar sedan
girl you dont want glasses
אורי אלמוג
אורי אלמוג 2 dagar sedan
1O_08 2 dagar sedan
I thought aids was a stomach problem
Gaster master blaster Undertale
Gaster master blaster Undertale 2 dagar sedan
Thanks I have glasses it is annoying do not look straight at the Sun trust me
fluttermac 2 dagar sedan
What do you mean watching tv closely won't damage your eyes ??? I've been told that by my parents since fetus oh my goddd Like literally one of my cousin wore glasses since she's young, and my mom always said "yeah, that's what happened if you watch too close to the tv. Because she did that years before and she won't listen when we tell her to back off"
Stacie Carr
Stacie Carr 2 dagar sedan
It's 2021
Jordin M
Jordin M 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden as a child: teeth+foil=death Me as a child: teeth+foil= rich people
Luna Wolf
Luna Wolf 2 dagar sedan
who here is watching this in 2020 lol
Harper _Demøn
Harper _Demøn 2 dagar sedan
*2021 haha lol I thought that for a sec to
Agastya Pratap
Agastya Pratap 2 dagar sedan
The stupidest lie I believed is that only thing matters in guitar tone is the finish of that guitar
Taiga UwUraraka
Taiga UwUraraka 2 dagar sedan
Alright 2021 people let’s all say it together “we had no idea what just came at us”
rmayberry86 3 dagar sedan
Look at the sun
•ÎtsŁiläcČøokîè• 3 dagar sedan
What’s aids-
Maysam Jalouqa
Maysam Jalouqa 3 dagar sedan
You used to think that 2017 was gonna be bad a year, you did not expect 2020
Aedan Menezes
Aedan Menezes 3 dagar sedan
I have glasses had them for 7 years
Ava Hayward
Ava Hayward 3 dagar sedan
2021 gang
Michaela Pearl
Michaela Pearl 3 dagar sedan
that grasshopper in her shoe be like: IM THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION MUHAHAHA
Klara 3 dagar sedan
Im in 2021
Ava Bryant
Ava Bryant 3 dagar sedan
Me: I thought it was true standing to close to the t.v doesn’t mess up my eye sight Everyone: it’s not just you Oh and I also really wanted glasses lol
Tesneem Younes
Tesneem Younes 3 dagar sedan
I watch in 2021 cause Jaiden is amazing animator :3
That One Duck At the Pond
That One Duck At the Pond 3 dagar sedan
Anyone: bites foil Jaiden: you are ded. Not big surprise.
Unicorn C
Unicorn C 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: we had no idea what we had coming!" me after 2020: you can say that again." ok but like on a real note, was the tv on of off?
Natasha Ramdial Roopnarine
Natasha Ramdial Roopnarine 3 dagar sedan
I have cancer :(
Chris Tu
Chris Tu Dag sedan
Issobella Kolesnikoff
Issobella Kolesnikoff 3 dagar sedan
Bread crust will make your hair curly Me: *Believes it and starts to choke myself with crust* Im joking: *Believes it and rips any crust off my bread and feeds it to the birds and hopes that it will give them better love lives and make sure my hair isn't 3000000000x harder to brush*
PaleBlueTARDIS 3 dagar sedan
I always believed that keeping the car lights on inside is illegal, and then after a few years my parents let me keep them on at night _W H A T_
L Z 3 dagar sedan
Wearing glasses...I have to pay to be able to bruh
Ryan Price
Ryan Price 3 dagar sedan
Augustho Colla
Augustho Colla 3 dagar sedan
I do the same as you 1
Falak Hasen
Falak Hasen 4 dagar sedan
*me able to put eyes in my head* My mom: they’re gonna get stuck in head don’t do that Me: Imma do it anyway (This is what my mom once told me)
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz 4 dagar sedan
U won't like glasses
exo 4 dagar sedan
Fun fact: In my language pomogranates roughly translate to: Granade Apples.
sasha murashi
sasha murashi 4 dagar sedan
4:46 don't do that they get stuck 4:49😯
Sucheth Bhargav
Sucheth Bhargav 4 dagar sedan
2:59 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 this was soooo funny
Aliya Chapman
Aliya Chapman 4 dagar sedan
“We had no idea what we had coming” The words of 2020
Videosclipsu 4 dagar sedan
I know that the liquid from the banana leaf stains your clothes and yes NEVER EVER FOREVER will come out We washed my shirt several times and used various products and the stain really continued
Jupiter’s Games
Jupiter’s Games 4 dagar sedan
I thought lots of hate means racism not from the skin color is for because I thought racist means lot of hate
Jupiter’s Games
Jupiter’s Games 4 dagar sedan
Well jaiden I got it worst
Isla Berge McFadden
Isla Berge McFadden 4 dagar sedan
My uncle has only one eye
Lego Penguin
Lego Penguin 5 dagar sedan
Glasses aren't that bad
ere1_333 5 dagar sedan
the king gamer
the king gamer 5 dagar sedan
And that day I need to switch my glasses and it takes 2 weeks
the king gamer
the king gamer 5 dagar sedan
I wish I don't have glasses it's never been easy wen my glasses broke I need go reaper my glasses
Andy Is Playing
Andy Is Playing 5 dagar sedan
5:59 when your the man. who pierce their arm with a shovel random Asian girl: careful you might get aids!!!
Sleepy Salamanders
Sleepy Salamanders 5 dagar sedan
2021 her animation is better
Unstoppable 6236
Unstoppable 6236 5 dagar sedan
I sat on my glasses they are now broke and mom won’t get me new
Pikacool 6567
Pikacool 6567 5 dagar sedan
I used to think trash wad thrown into a volcano
April Burnette
April Burnette 5 dagar sedan
“We had no idea what was coming” Who here is watching this in 2021
Levi Jay
Levi Jay 5 dagar sedan
Jaden it’s2021
Poizin 5 dagar sedan
She made this video in 2017
Gaming with the Girls
Gaming with the Girls 5 dagar sedan
L G 5 dagar sedan
You were alive when my sis was here there a mark on wall that say her name with 2016
Nola Toth
Nola Toth 5 dagar sedan
trust me you do not want glasses
Raegan Secord
Raegan Secord 5 dagar sedan
Me doing a report on princess Diana in 4th grade ummmmm ok then
Lydia Fleming
Lydia Fleming 5 dagar sedan
I think jaiden jinxed it
Dannae LaQua
Dannae LaQua 5 dagar sedan
Are used to have glasses you don’t know the heck of having glasses
Destiny Echo
Destiny Echo 5 dagar sedan
It’s 2021
Jefferson Bickeryson
Jefferson Bickeryson 5 dagar sedan
I’ve had glasses contacts and a glass eye
Hailey Larsen
Hailey Larsen 5 dagar sedan
I am watching this in 2021
Dr _ Nomz
Dr _ Nomz 6 dagar sedan
5:28 Wow you can do YTPs too? :D I'd love it if you'd do more like that. :D
Daniel Holden
Daniel Holden 6 dagar sedan
I was the same with glasses now it's just annoying and weird
RetroGamer Z
RetroGamer Z 6 dagar sedan
Why does SVfrom like to recommend 4-year-old videos
Gallade Gamer
Gallade Gamer 6 dagar sedan
i got a rusty nail in my foot but i didnt get "aids" xD
Spencer Milshtein
Spencer Milshtein 6 dagar sedan
I just found out what aids are...
Jessica Dungjen
Jessica Dungjen 6 dagar sedan
No reason to be mad at me but you’re pretty old so I’m not trying to say that you’re super old but you’re kind of old cars this was in 2017 it’s 2021.. i’m not trying to say that you’re super old and I’m young and I am 19
AJB 6 dagar sedan
0:06 , that's what people said about 2020 in 2021 lmao
Rem 6 dagar sedan
We had no idea what we had coming
Dina Plays more
Dina Plays more 6 dagar sedan
Me watching this in 2021:...... her style is kinda different!
Black Falcon
Black Falcon 6 dagar sedan
I seen this in 2021 and I am in the future by the way it sucks do you know what coronavirus is
Cameron Foote
Cameron Foote 6 dagar sedan
You could die if you eat foil tho. The edges of foil is very sharp and it could cut you. I hate to plop this fact into your brain, but it is what it is.
Aiden Mcleish
Aiden Mcleish 6 dagar sedan
As somone who has glasses, it's a pain, never want glasses again
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