Strange Video Games I Played as a Kid

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Jaiden Animations

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These games almost gave me a nostalgic aneurysm
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Hope you have as great a day as those conga line barbies

Cornell Morrison
Cornell Morrison 2 timmar sedan
I am patrick
I heart Smash Bros
I heart Smash Bros 11 timmar sedan
A videogame I was particularly nostalgic for me was TMNT Smash up (a TMNT smash bros clone)
elvis zuko
elvis zuko 16 timmar sedan
power buff girls
Tomer zucker
Tomer zucker 20 timmar sedan
You know there is a better version of the game which is very nice you should try it!
Dragon Ninja man
Dragon Ninja man 3 sekunder sedan
Yeah she knows lol
S t i n c h e e Spoilero
S t i n c h e e Spoilero 21 timme sedan
“The whole game is an Ice level in the Sky!” Is that what Astronauts feel when there in space for the first time?
French Toast !
French Toast ! Dag sedan
Jaiden: I just love the feeling of a clean slot! Me: Finally! Someone that gets me!
franchesca davis
franchesca davis Dag sedan
Buuuut if you don’t like playing the gba version you can always play the ps2 port
Mango Dag sedan
Nintendo odnetniN
Loma Stagnitta
Loma Stagnitta Dag sedan
The luxuriant grease whitely seal because december adventitiously tickle save a disgusting aries. abhorrent, husky football
Todd Riehle
Todd Riehle Dag sedan
Just want to say this channel is amazing. The animation is so great and the narrating is hilarious
Paper Animation
Paper Animation Dag sedan
Sponge bob square pants
Sweet Daifu
Sweet Daifu Dag sedan
i love your humor tbh PS the animation and expression is amazing :DD
mr. trout animation
mr. trout animation Dag sedan
9:30 should you do this. I don't care Me: do OLD SCHOOL games count
Lisa Weijers
Lisa Weijers Dag sedan
De barby card sed 9+ and u were 5
mudkip 2 dagar sedan
mudkip 2 dagar sedan
Buter people
levinito sheva tangkau
levinito sheva tangkau 2 dagar sedan
2:26 nobody gonna talk about the *FAKEBOY ADVANCED SP*
Circledude YT
Circledude YT 2 dagar sedan
Reply with "Yes" if you had a nick plug and play
Logan Martin
Logan Martin 2 dagar sedan
mabey bubulls is a man
Phantom Menace
Phantom Menace 2 dagar sedan
3:57 Plankton built a Bullet Bill, guess he's nostalgic too, huh?
Jaxon Tyler
Jaxon Tyler 2 dagar sedan
I don’t think that Is a woman I think it is a old man
Austin Wijaya
Austin Wijaya 2 dagar sedan
me to but my first pokemon game on red verion and super mario advance and kirby dream land nightmare
CubeSpork 2 dagar sedan
does jaiden know that they're making a remake of Battle For Bikini Bottom
Janae Bly
Janae Bly 2 dagar sedan
The disilike is plp saying dis i like
Angela Turner
Angela Turner 2 dagar sedan
my favrit tv show to
Crazy _ Uni
Crazy _ Uni 2 dagar sedan
Fun fact: they actually made a new SpongeBob Battle for bikini bottom game and it's a lot better plus the gravities are not brick
Brick boss Gaming25
Brick boss Gaming25 2 dagar sedan
If you wanna make the screen brighter press the button that is shaped like a ☀️ sun
Eugenie Olivarez
Eugenie Olivarez 2 dagar sedan
Good Boi
Good Boi 2 dagar sedan
Other Skaters: Exist Jaiden: So You Have Chosen Death
Natalie Peralta
Natalie Peralta 2 dagar sedan
I SUCK at stuff
I SUCK at stuff 2 dagar sedan
Fun fact or not?: if you shout and say ow or YAMETE xD or something if you scream even if you dont get hit You scream cuz someone payed you to have se- I MEAN YOU SCREAM cuz your brain tries to make something else to ignore the pain (Pain like pushing a big ol d!
Aiden Bowman
Aiden Bowman 2 dagar sedan
game boi
Peppa Liz
Peppa Liz 2 dagar sedan
I like this person.
Stacy Kenny
Stacy Kenny 3 dagar sedan
Hi Jaden
felipetheloser_ 3 dagar sedan
me sees her drawing of bubbles also me: OMG ITS DIANE
ELENA AND SOLEDAD ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 3 dagar sedan
1:15 That’s the same with me but opening a new toothpaste tube
Virginia Bagdon
Virginia Bagdon 3 dagar sedan
Fun fact . I'm great at connect 4
Bethany Lamar
Bethany Lamar 3 dagar sedan
6:48 f u Teresa LOL I DIED
Student Andre Diaz
Student Andre Diaz 3 dagar sedan
WoW your a true gamer
Student Andre Diaz
Student Andre Diaz 3 dagar sedan
Your a gender swap version of me
Morgan Pate
Morgan Pate 3 dagar sedan
I suck tooooooo
Monster Studios
Monster Studios 3 dagar sedan
the plankton animation is amazing.
Leo Dixon
Leo Dixon 3 dagar sedan
Doodoo Head
Doodoo Head 3 dagar sedan
I love the cartoon fairly odd god parents.
꧁villain fem Izuku Midorya and toga꧂
꧁villain fem Izuku Midorya and toga꧂ 3 dagar sedan
This Is da best Channel On yt
nicolau 3 dagar sedan
Pls play the new version of battle for bikini bottom!
Cindy Andres
Cindy Andres 4 dagar sedan
A jaiden do you play Super Mario world
Cindy Andres
Cindy Andres 4 dagar sedan
A jaiden do you too you play Super Mario 64
BeepBoop 4 dagar sedan
Yes you play Kerby me and my cousins have a game called kerby star allies and we loved ot
BeepBoop 4 dagar sedan
Kennis Smith
Kennis Smith 4 dagar sedan
I played Barbie Horse Adventures on Xbox as a 7 yr old. Was honestly a 10/10 would play again 😂
Aj Kirkland
Aj Kirkland 4 dagar sedan
Let me in now 0:10
Sammy the Strawberry
Sammy the Strawberry 4 dagar sedan
... your mean to my sister’s name u-u
Cyberninja Gaming
Cyberninja Gaming 4 dagar sedan
They have made a reboot about the spongebob game you should totally play it
Honey Spice
Honey Spice 4 dagar sedan
I realize I am extremely late, but- I remember this one Spongebob game I played when I was younger, you could play as either Patrick or Spongebob and evil krabby patties had taken over bikini bottom? You had to destroy a bunch of buildings and squash sandwiches- I specifically remember it being a pc disk
Adam Garcia
Adam Garcia 4 dagar sedan
other player in something power huh what's that? oh shi-
S Taylor Pires
S Taylor Pires 4 dagar sedan
My sister gave me her gameboy color a few months ago.... I played a different spongebob game and gave up a week later after failing to finish the level of wherever the sing the now that we’re men song
Jessica Hanrahan
Jessica Hanrahan 4 dagar sedan
You mean the 300 m/s
The gumball Kids
The gumball Kids 5 dagar sedan
Please dont use Gods name like that (oh my God). No hate! Your doing great ^^
Xelion 5 dagar sedan
"Milftank" "Top 10 sexiest Pokemon" Jup... thats the Internet...
Michael Mcfaul
Michael Mcfaul 5 dagar sedan
This makes me wanna find my old ds and play my random games
Josef D
Josef D 5 dagar sedan
Like mobile game spongebob
Dax Ennenbach
Dax Ennenbach 5 dagar sedan
So does anyone remember the transformers game for the leap pad? Or the leap pad in general!
Its Ninjarobotwar2!
Its Ninjarobotwar2! 5 dagar sedan
Damon Blazer
Damon Blazer 5 dagar sedan
Is anyone watching when the game is remade for xbox and ps4 and ps5
CherlynCherlyn LevieLevie
CherlynCherlyn LevieLevie 5 dagar sedan
The wrathful driving prognostically annoy because dollar conjecturally explode aside a stormy eyelash. gaudy, absent church
Courtney Foster
Courtney Foster 5 dagar sedan
The faithful restaurant elderly wave because saturday namely label notwithstanding a exultant area. adorable, purring streetcar
Tory Williams
Tory Williams 5 dagar sedan
Marry me?
ApexDemon1160 5 dagar sedan
game this door is locked Jaiden let me the flip in
Ironic Ugandan
Ironic Ugandan 5 dagar sedan
Mister mosquito... got reasons I'm not gonna explain but just say I was coming of age and brought things to light I didnt know
erik henley
erik henley 5 dagar sedan
Bubbles I think you mean Buffles
ZizzyGamingChannelYT 5 dagar sedan
Pretty sure she hammered a Mario learning or craping sim
Josniel Torres
Josniel Torres 5 dagar sedan
Hey jaiden if you didn’t like the old battle for bikini bottom then play the new one it’s good
Anca I
Anca I 5 dagar sedan
Jaden that's normal if the Game Boy Color Game cartridges sticking out of your Gameboy Advance SP that's how it was supposed to be made its backwards compatibility with that system to
CraZcatladee Studios
CraZcatladee Studios 6 dagar sedan
I got a barbie ad under this video...
M M 6 dagar sedan
OVER FUWUW 6 dagar sedan
Wait!!!......the Spongebob game is like the Gumby Game
FelixIScool 6 dagar sedan
It can burn in a ditch But ditchs are made out of water
Trevor McKeag
Trevor McKeag 6 dagar sedan
Kids, that game must be about kidnapping children
boxi roki
boxi roki 6 dagar sedan
that door is NoT LoCkEd - jaiden 2019😋
OcarinaMaster255 6 dagar sedan
Yoo you should definitely play the remastered version of spongebob battle for bikini bottom. Its really good!
OcarinaMaster255 6 dagar sedan
Its 3d, it has a different style, the humor is really good, and all the levels are complex and fun to go through.
Shane josaga Janitra
Shane josaga Janitra 6 dagar sedan
14 year later there is a new sponge bob battel for bikini botoom
ARandomPerson 6 dagar sedan
Jaiden trying into get into the "locked" door reminded me of hinata and kageyama
Blazergamez 6 dagar sedan
Did anyone notice when spongejaiden ran over the kids fin
Tharun Ramarajan
Tharun Ramarajan 6 dagar sedan
What everyone hears: "rocket power" What I hear: "rocket league"
Renee Werner
Renee Werner 7 dagar sedan
That's not spongebob bfbb I played it when I was young and it was not 2d it was 3d and it was not creepy
Ariana Alexander
Ariana Alexander 7 dagar sedan
Nintendo DS, and the snes. Ah yes, the childhood!
herobrine clarke
herobrine clarke 7 dagar sedan
I love wain she turned herself into bubbles
Taylor 7 dagar sedan
i love your videos! :):D
Coco Arts
Coco Arts 7 dagar sedan
Hello humans
Ice 487
Ice 487 7 dagar sedan
Ironically, water levels are supposed to have lesser gravity.
Michael Lyndon
Michael Lyndon 6 dagar sedan
Depends on how deep you go (if you wanted to be realistic)
es green
es green 7 dagar sedan
actually, draughs is how you say checkers in Europe
Yaky Ibia
Yaky Ibia 7 dagar sedan
The sordid sense topically settle because archeology electrophysiologically fool under a apathetic milk. callous, upset blowgun
ZzGoosezZ 7 dagar sedan
I love this channel she never fails to make me laugh!
Kyle Chrzanowski
Kyle Chrzanowski 7 dagar sedan
The Nickelodeon plug and play brought up memories I didn’t know I had. I miss that
Al Paca
Al Paca 8 dagar sedan
You can do a double Jump in the Spongebob game
Thundercat 8 dagar sedan
They just made a remake for "battle for bikini bottom" and it's a solid game. I had much fun watching the LP.
Robert Portilla
Robert Portilla 8 dagar sedan
7:00 I can’t believe I have that game like really my neighbor have it to me because she was to old so she gave to me like in great conditions
Banana Plays Games
Banana Plays Games 8 dagar sedan
Me: Looks at the Pokèmon thing Also Me: IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE?!?!?!?!?!?
KkFaller 8 dagar sedan
Media: video games cause violence Jaiden: **hits every kids with her skateboard on purpose**
Luke Arbulu
Luke Arbulu 8 dagar sedan
Buff bubbles buffules
w0lfy Done
w0lfy Done 8 dagar sedan
When I saw jaiden-spongebob, I was thinking “why does sponge bob have a mullet???” 😅
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