Speedart: Treecko Evolutions

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Jaiden Animations

6 år sedan

I'm drawing the evolution chain of Treecko as a celebration of Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire! Is your favorite Treecko? Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see another! :3
SEE FULL IMAGE IN HD: jaidenanimations.deviantart.com/art/SpeedArt-Pokemon-Treecko-Grovyle-Sceptile-495065768?ga_submit_new=10%253A1416254135
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Music: Pokemon Emerald Battle Frontier Brain Remix by PokeRemixMusic svfrom.info/history/video/n7yxi5DczN17qLI
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Team Magma/Aqua Leader Remix by Pokeli svfrom.info/history/video/fqx9fLKz26h6iNQ
All copyrights go to Nintendo

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D One free, cute Treecko you can have for yourself!

ROSHAN AJMAL 14 timmar sedan
I like the music
Gabez Amaze
Gabez Amaze 3 dagar sedan
Anybody know what she's using?
Itz_ Muzudoor
Itz_ Muzudoor 5 dagar sedan
Jose Estoque
Jose Estoque 6 dagar sedan
Whos here in quarantine
D J 7 dagar sedan
Grovyle is best treecko evolution fight me
Lizzy 7 dagar sedan
God you're amazing!! I was subscribed to you for quite a while but i didn't watch u often. Then I decided to start binge watching your vids from oldest to newest. Now i appreciate your animating skills so much, i love it!😍😍
Venkat Parvathaneni
Venkat Parvathaneni 8 dagar sedan
Yes treeko is my favorite, also love the art!, I put this as my wallpaper so it’s awesome finding out that u made it!
MemeSquad 9 dagar sedan
This had 420k views as of now. Please, no one watch this.
Croquette 10 dagar sedan
we dont have proof this isnt speed it up
Savannah and My dog Elle
Savannah and My dog Elle 11 dagar sedan
I was playing cookie clicker while watching this and I got super speedy this music hype
Chiaki Nanami
Chiaki Nanami 12 dagar sedan
FeatherGacha 12 dagar sedan
Did she unlist this then put it back bc I've never seen it on her channel lol
Ctorfista 4 dagar sedan
No you're just not an og fan
SoulTalk 12 dagar sedan
Coronavirus pandemic led me here...
St.Scholastica's College Registrar
St.Scholastica's College Registrar 18 dagar sedan
I got this as a wallpaper and it looks so cool
nimisha sinha
nimisha sinha 21 dag sedan
Yay Jaiden!
Alya Maulana
Alya Maulana 21 dag sedan
Do ur favorite pokemon evolution aka torchic aka Teriyaki Do a teriyaki i mean torchic evolution
Alya Maulana
Alya Maulana 4 dagar sedan
@Ctorfista ye i saw i just dont know lol
Ctorfista 4 dagar sedan
Dang if you actually looked you would've saw the torchic evolution line
Nathan Berry
Nathan Berry 27 dagar sedan
treecko is the best
Sir Dev
Sir Dev 29 dagar sedan
Same Here Buddy...
Ian Fralick
Ian Fralick 29 dagar sedan
Luis E
Luis E Månad sedan
Es una completa maravilla
3Sisters Gamingsquad
3Sisters Gamingsquad Månad sedan
Who is watching this in 2020? ;) | | V
Dr Liz
Dr Liz Månad sedan
Dun dun dun
CWWeaver Månad sedan
who wants jaiden to be a pokémon concept artist
Alberto Delgado
Alberto Delgado Månad sedan
Anyone else binjing jaidens videos till she uploads a video?
Yasha ecœ
Yasha ecœ Månad sedan
Omg ilv pokemon
Retro you
Retro you Månad sedan
You're an insane artist
Iglesia Messiana
Iglesia Messiana Månad sedan
I din't know single person could draw this good
Loser bord
Loser bord 2 månader sedan
Who’s watching this in 2020
Jemerald Månad sedan
CringeyVideos _
CringeyVideos _ 2 månader sedan
Me listening to the pokemon battle music: this is heckin music right here
Lunar} 2 månader sedan
My eyes when to this T👄T to this ✨👄✨
Lunar} 2 månader sedan
Zar Tufaif
Zar Tufaif 2 månader sedan
Im sure MandJTV will like it
tofumonster 2 månader sedan
quarantine marathon phase 3: aug 2020
Robert Dianne Gaffke
Robert Dianne Gaffke 2 månader sedan
I come to say you will be friends with James from the odd ones out
Pedro Espinoza
Pedro Espinoza 2 månader sedan
Are You Jaidenanimations?
Kain 2 månader sedan
I miss these speed art videos,,
Ismarthebeast 2 månader sedan
Ismarthebeast 2 månader sedan
Péter Henzsel
Péter Henzsel 2 månader sedan
Jrawings 2 månader sedan
Wow this is amazing
SLIMY MAGMA SLIME / SLMASL 2 månader sedan
Thisis not animation this is just jaiden without animation
Ashley Andrade
Ashley Andrade 2 månader sedan
Sceptile is cool but I like charizard daimax better and scorbunny
Foxichu101 2 månader sedan
Ow my eyes
Shanza Arshad
Shanza Arshad 2 månader sedan
The music is killing me
Rick Huang
Rick Huang 2 månader sedan
Woah! Nice!
DL W 2 månader sedan
Nico Hart
Nico Hart 2 månader sedan
the silhouette in the back was a really cool allusion idea.
Snom Dabest 7865
Snom Dabest 7865 2 månader sedan
Wow. I thought drawing only took 10 minutes (what I’m only a kid..... I also draw fast)
Natalia Kverashvili-Cullather
Natalia Kverashvili-Cullather 2 månader sedan
I’m going on a marathon to
Perry El ornitorrinco
Perry El ornitorrinco 3 månader sedan
I didn't knew this video even existed
Dagny is Awesome
Dagny is Awesome 3 månader sedan
I'm watching all of her videos again because I'm bored stuck in quarantine. 89 more videos to go!
Lindsey Shen
Lindsey Shen 3 månader sedan
this is amazing! (the green is a little off but who cares)
SoulLessArtStuff 3 månader sedan
my fav starter
MiniSpecterXP 3 månader sedan
Anyone here 2020?
Lara 1291
Lara 1291 3 månader sedan
I love the treecko evolutions! Treecko is my favorite grass-type starter! ^^
DarkELLIOTRO ROMANIA GAMER 3 månader sedan
Who is making a jaiden marathon in 2020?
Noir cups storytime
Noir cups storytime 3 månader sedan
Watching this in 2020
TheNorwegian Sleuth
TheNorwegian Sleuth 3 månader sedan
Damn omega ruby battle music really slaps tho
The ZeraPro
The ZeraPro 3 månader sedan
Most people are saying this is cool art... and they’re right... but all I see this art as is two kids who both want attention from their dad and treeko on LOL 😅😅😅
Saucyboi Beats
Saucyboi Beats 3 månader sedan
TREEKO BAYBEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boi
Miraculous Hunter
Miraculous Hunter 3 månader sedan
How are you so good?
Student Vincent Addesa
Student Vincent Addesa 3 månader sedan
I can still barely draw stick figures right
Ctorfista 4 dagar sedan
Welcome to "things artists hate" 1.i can barely draw stick figures! I
julian cañada
julian cañada 3 månader sedan
Bubblebiskit 4 månader sedan
Shauna Whiffen
Shauna Whiffen 4 månader sedan
Treecko is my fav Pokémon and I’m posting this comment 4 years late
TheStripedAracari 4 månader sedan
So cute! The drawing is absolutely amazing
GrowZ Pkmner
GrowZ Pkmner 4 månader sedan
mine god!!!!!!
L&M Toones
L&M Toones 4 månader sedan
Hey Pokémon I think u should hire her
Mike Garcia
Mike Garcia 4 månader sedan
panos the god
panos the god 4 månader sedan
Red panda
Red panda 4 månader sedan
Anyone just looking through her old videos lol
Red panda
Red panda 2 månader sedan
@ssssssss OMG RLLY :0
ssssssss 2 månader sedan
I am! I’m on a Jaiden Animations marathon right now,
Crimson Waters
Crimson Waters 4 månader sedan
I remember watching this as a youngster and being all like "omg how the heck can she draw with a mouse!? "
Arrow 7
Arrow 7 4 månader sedan
its a tab yo! yea i know u were a kid
DoNNeY XD 4 månader sedan
I don't understand how people do like these sketches... I draw it straight away
Contrariar ps
Contrariar ps 4 månader sedan
hamyyy_YROO 4 månader sedan
I just here... :)
vital 4 månader sedan
This is nice asl, ( I’ve watched almost all your videos again for the 6th time lol )
Burkenator 4 månader sedan
whoever disliked this video is just... *insane*
RainbowTiger903 4 månader sedan
Nice your good at every thing hope ari drawing skills are like that
Dog Leven
Dog Leven 4 månader sedan
The treeko line are my favorite hoenn pokemon
Currie 71
Currie 71 4 månader sedan
That looks so legit
Lucas Vetter
Lucas Vetter 4 månader sedan
I. Love. Treeko. He isn't really the strongest in the games, but he's really cool and I wish I was talented enough to be able to draw pokemon like this
its thebot
its thebot 4 månader sedan
Liliana Maes
Liliana Maes 4 månader sedan
Your good! 😉
Dyland22 4 månader sedan
You drew my favourite Pokemon!!!
Gulbin Da Juice
Gulbin Da Juice 4 månader sedan
The best hoenn
NoobsFor DaWin
NoobsFor DaWin 4 månader sedan
This has less than a million views... weird
LightBulb _Chan
LightBulb _Chan 4 månader sedan
Thegamebois 5 månader sedan
Jaiden: I’m nervous and I think I’m bad at animating. Me: ;-; you underestimate your power
Sue Mackey
Sue Mackey 5 månader sedan
woah you are so talented
Paul Dirac
Paul Dirac 5 månader sedan
What's the name of the application?
Detective Beerus and Lord Inosuke
Detective Beerus and Lord Inosuke 5 månader sedan
The Treecko evolution drawing is me running to my mum after having an argument and my sister is threatening me
Gacha Lilly
Gacha Lilly 5 månader sedan
U:drawing perfectly Me:can't even draw a ditto XD
Derpy Flareon
Derpy Flareon 4 dagar sedan
@Happypikachu3 you have more likes than op.
Happypikachu3 4 månader sedan
Draw Quagsire then
Raznuk el Vengador
Raznuk el Vengador 5 månader sedan
Ruby and Sapphire, what a nice generation, and Sceptile has been one of my favorites, Idk, it's just so cool, but by watching the amazing skills that Jaiden has, makes me feel that I could do it, but who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Luszaek Martin
Luszaek Martin 5 månader sedan
I put it as wallpaper 😍😍
EmoPanda663 ___
EmoPanda663 ___ 5 månader sedan
Treeko is my favorite Pokémon
Jaden Wu
Jaden Wu 5 månader sedan
I LOVE Grovyle
mediocre sandie
mediocre sandie 5 månader sedan
there’s 68 dislikes I’m so compelled y’all-
Xavier Urquiza
Xavier Urquiza 5 månader sedan
She went from making speed art videos to making story telling videos. Awesome😎😎
Omni1012 5 månader sedan
Oh cool a vid- *OH DEAR GOD MY EARS*
EngCrafter_kp p
EngCrafter_kp p 5 månader sedan
Ik a lot of pokemon fans( i am 1 btw) but I barley see any actually drawing them..........well it is very accurate
who sksjsksksk
who sksjsksksk 6 månader sedan
Jaiden is the queen of animation
• Bea Lopez •
• Bea Lopez • 5 månader sedan
She always has
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