Speedart: Pokefusion Dragonine

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5 år sedan

New SpeedArt series! Make sure you show support so I know you guys want to see more! What two pokemon should I pokefuse next? :D
See the full image in HD here! jaidenanimations.deviantart.com/art/SpeedArt-PokeFusion-Dragonair-and-Arcanine-517341811?ga_submit_new=10%253A1425234752
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Music: 8 bit Adventure by AdhesiveWombat
Just in case, I don't own pokemon. That's all Nintendo. Peace.

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get a puppy Dragonine!

Ronny RDR
Ronny RDR Dag sedan
Toad ab
Toad ab Dag sedan
The least popular vid on this channel.
Mohs ez
Mohs ez 3 dagar sedan
8bit music like this is/was so amazing. Almost as amazingly stellar as Jaiden
Orus 7 dagar sedan
this video is the origin of my love for art, both music and drawing, wow, i've come a long way... who would've thought that one simple speedpaint would be what made me start doing something i can't even imagine living without
Juegos de lobos
Juegos de lobos 13 dagar sedan
How is this the least Viewed video on the channel
Belkaïs Segouali
Belkaïs Segouali 3 dagar sedan
I know right? It's so cool!
Jay'vonn Hammond
Jay'vonn Hammond 15 dagar sedan
Ah yes the 11 th animation
Sansertigo 16 dagar sedan
Can u give me a cookie?
XxWee_GMxX 18 dagar sedan
Marc Zahonero Corbalán
Marc Zahonero Corbalán 14 dagar sedan
@Kirby Kirby same
XxWee_GMxX 16 dagar sedan
Kirby Kirby
Kirby Kirby 17 dagar sedan
I think I watched this in like 2015
Ben Villegas
Ben Villegas 21 dag sedan
hey Jadien! do you play pokemon go? Cause I wanna be your friend.
Jainadibs Dibba
Jainadibs Dibba 22 dagar sedan
Jaidens most viewed video is pokemon and her least viewed video is pokemon lol
Belkaïs Segouali
Belkaïs Segouali 3 dagar sedan
Bailey_ Gatcha
Bailey_ Gatcha 20 dagar sedan
Yup Xd
koi 24 dagar sedan
Funfact: this is jadiens least popular video
Mekumcream82 24 dagar sedan
Dwayne is fine
Drawing Forever
Drawing Forever 25 dagar sedan
Garchomp and Togepi, cutest and ugliest
Drawing Forever
Drawing Forever 4 dagar sedan
@just another primal aspidhmmm
just another primal aspid
just another primal aspid 4 dagar sedan
@Drawing Forever no, what I said it's objectively
Drawing Forever
Drawing Forever 5 dagar sedan
@just another primal aspid sorry it's the other way around 😅
just another primal aspid
just another primal aspid 5 dagar sedan
Exactly Cutest: Garchomp Ugliest: Togepi
Benjamin Siglin
Benjamin Siglin 28 dagar sedan
Lol this music kinda slaps
Ian Fralick
Ian Fralick 29 dagar sedan
Happy biRthday!!!!!!!! :)
Lobo Månad sedan
CoolbonnieXD Månad sedan
That’s very Beautiful
Reflecterr Månad sedan
least popular jaiden vid
Awesome Kid
Awesome Kid Månad sedan
Sceptile and Greninja
EnderGamer Playz ツ
EnderGamer Playz ツ Månad sedan
The most unpopular jaiden video. That is all.
Diyamund Månad sedan
her least popular video
Tinttiboy Månad sedan
one million subscribers but I don't have videos
one million subscribers but I don't have videos Månad sedan
Oh, so this the most underground jaiden video Mmh, weird
{l LunalaAura l}
{l LunalaAura l} Månad sedan
The fact that her announcement about her nuzlock has more views than this beautiful piece of art just prooves people will do anything to hear her voice (no hate to Jaiden)
Ирина Пашкова
Ирина Пашкова Månad sedan
Hay! Your insute see there video?
Nethascot X
Nethascot X Månad sedan
The least watched video. Fascinating
Ion Kin Chan
Ion Kin Chan Månad sedan
KaptainCat Månad sedan
Look, it’s jaiden’s least popular vid
Tctcv6bunk Stp
Tctcv6bunk Stp Månad sedan
c b.sketches
c b.sketches Månad sedan
who else came to see her least popular video?
Latha Balaji
Latha Balaji Månad sedan
Chirppyy Månad sedan
Who else went to jaidens least popular video?
aiko-chan Månad sedan
Latha Balaji
Latha Balaji Månad sedan
Tctcv6bunk Stp
Tctcv6bunk Stp Månad sedan
Shehnaz Månad sedan
So you're telling me this is the most unpopular vid maiden ever made? I dont understand why can someone explain this to me? ;-;
Peridot millonaria
Peridot millonaria Månad sedan
Pascal Playz
Pascal Playz Månad sedan
Me: *chilling with my Sylvion plush*
Iglesia Messiana
Iglesia Messiana Månad sedan
You can fuse this ultra legendary super duperb ultra pokemon.It's called Jimmyduck, you conbine Jimmy and a duck (insert cringy coment here)
rae ludiansa
rae ludiansa 2 månader sedan
Does anyone know that this is jaidens least view video during the time im posting this comment
Another1Gone Månad sedan
How are you so sure I mean she could have private her least most popular vid
Ccloudi 2 månader sedan
How is this the least viewed video??? It’s one of my favorites
Hydra The Commenter
Hydra The Commenter 2 månader sedan
whos just watching to see how she draws
Kenoboi 2 månader sedan
Fun fact, this is the lowest video on “most popular” on Jaiden’s channel
PokeLover4 2 månader sedan
Love this
Raja Mohamed Ahmed
Raja Mohamed Ahmed 2 månader sedan
Welcome to the least successful Jaiden Animations
Junior Casas
Junior Casas 2 månader sedan
I want my money back
MineDogo 2 månader sedan
Me: 𝘀𝘄𝗶𝗽𝗲𝘀 𝗮𝗹𝗹 𝗱𝗼𝘄𝗻 𝗶𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗽𝗼𝗽𝗹𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝘃𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗼𝘀 Me: 𝙏𝙄𝙈𝙀 𝙏𝙊 𝙈𝘼𝙆𝙀 𝙏𝙂𝙄𝙎 𝙑𝙄𝘿𝙀𝙊 𝙋𝙊𝙋𝙇𝙊𝙐𝙍
Ruby Birdy
Ruby Birdy 2 månader sedan
did you know that this video is the least popular video on jaiden's channel?
teiyf26 2 månader sedan
untz untz such gr8 music
B Inc.
B Inc. 2 månader sedan
The Poke Rangers
The Poke Rangers 2 månader sedan
and what do you use to draw the pokemon
The Poke Rangers
The Poke Rangers 2 månader sedan
fuse altaria and swellow
J Nuy
J Nuy 2 månader sedan
Cool 💯😎 I got a puppy Dragonine
Péter Henzsel
Péter Henzsel 2 månader sedan
I wish this pokemon will be in the next game.(with an item to fuse)
Antiiilluminatisquad 2 månader sedan
ThatOneCommenter 2 månader sedan
Draw it
Draw it 2 månader sedan
Can you please do Mega Bee Drill & Wheezing. I would love that 😃
Taldoesgarbage 2 månader sedan
Jaidens least viewed video
Sav Gav Gamers
Sav Gav Gamers 2 månader sedan
This is jaidens least viewed video.....
milopop 2 månader sedan
Fun Fact: This is the least viewed Jaiden Animations video! (As of 8/4/20)
Kitti Colors
Kitti Colors 2 månader sedan
Fun fact: this is jaiden’s least viewed video :(
Kitti Colors
Kitti Colors 2 månader sedan
Kaiden-101 nooo not to my garbage content qnq
Kaiden-101 2 månader sedan
@Kitti Colors tysm I subscribed aswell:)
Kitti Colors
Kitti Colors 2 månader sedan
Kaiden-101 wow you are really good! *i subscribed ouo*
milopop 2 månader sedan
i just made that same comment then read yours.
Kaiden-101 2 månader sedan
@Kitti Colors :) I make animations so I just came to see If I'm as good as old jaiden
Marianna Tadler
Marianna Tadler 2 månader sedan
Cool music
DrOrange 3 månader sedan
Jaiden could have easily been a poketuber pass it on
Cardboard Box
Cardboard Box 3 månader sedan
this is epic :0
krabirk 3 månader sedan
gotta appreciate the subtittles
Nandith s menon
Nandith s menon 3 månader sedan
Blaziken and mew
Asiatisch :D
Asiatisch :D 3 månader sedan
This is Jaiden's least viewed video. Wow nice
Broccoli Lord
Broccoli Lord 3 månader sedan
So this is the video that the least amount of people watch from jaiden
Food Fight Official
Food Fight Official 3 månader sedan
Haha least popular JaidenAnimations Video. >:)
HappyRider 3 månader sedan
its hard to believe that she learned how to draw from the internet. my point is, dis look cool.
blue cool 10
blue cool 10 3 månader sedan
And I never will be because I am determined that Jaiden animations will be one of the best SVfrom channels ever oh wait what am I saying she already is one of them
blue cool 10
blue cool 10 3 månader sedan
Subscribe to Jaiden animations I'm still not ashamed of how many times I've said this
Joe Cullen
Joe Cullen 3 månader sedan
The least watched vid on her channel
there's no catchy slogan
there's no catchy slogan 3 månader sedan
Quinn Jarvis
Quinn Jarvis 3 månader sedan
This is literally her least popular video btw.
Mason Bovi
Mason Bovi 3 månader sedan
umbreon and houndoom
Elani Ortiz
Elani Ortiz 3 månader sedan
You should fuse a eevee and a polygon
lil OwO
lil OwO 3 månader sedan
Oooh I want a dragonine sooooooo bad now! O: really really like this combo just 😗👌really like the details that went into this design you mixed these two sooooooo well together I'm just losing it how much I like this combo :p ummm Togepi and shuckle?
lil OwO
lil OwO 3 månader sedan
Or a Pichu and Groudon :p
Ria Love
Ria Love 3 månader sedan
This is Jaiden's least viewed video.. so Jaiden's least viewed video is about Pokemon, and Jaiden's most viewed video is about Pokemon. Huh.
JustinTime1213 3 månader sedan
Who else came to see the bottom of the popular list
Vanessa Rayo
Vanessa Rayo 3 dagar sedan
Treetop 5 dagar sedan
Luc Animates001
Luc Animates001 3 månader sedan
Jaiden’s least popular video
XR Titan
XR Titan 3 månader sedan
Sad this is her least viewed video
Vberi 3 månader sedan
It’s so gorgeous
Student Vincent Addesa
Student Vincent Addesa 3 månader sedan
Reshiram and Zekrom
Dynamite 3 månader sedan
So this is ur leasr viewed video until Wednesday 1 July of the worst year of huamnity's life 2k20.
Axolotl In a Bucket
Axolotl In a Bucket 4 månader sedan
me *puts arcanine into photoshop* also me *extends next and makes it blue* ah yes a masterpiece
Trin Train The Lame
Trin Train The Lame 4 månader sedan
I know I’m late but I want a fusion between Samurrot and Nidoking (is that even how you spell it)
Ness -earthbound-
Ness -earthbound- 3 månader sedan
Only 5 years late
RCElite123 4 månader sedan
And then there's me, struggling to draw a single stickman :3
uopual 2
uopual 2 4 månader sedan
Hello from the pandemic
Robot Duck Pink Piano
Robot Duck Pink Piano 4 månader sedan
You should do torchic and Arboc
Irish Cats
Irish Cats 4 månader sedan
I love the purple streaks in your hair, I know what you mean when you were talking in your recent vid now
Omnistar 4 månader sedan
I'm not sure if you still take request but I was just rewatching all ur videos and I just can't help to ask if u can fuse a Lucario (bc she's my favourite pokemon) and a Gengar normal form of mega or gigantimax if u wanna, but I prefer the OG forms, it'll be awsome if u can, it would really make my day, especially in these times, u don't have to if u don't have time or don't wanna, a shout out to my youtube (which is this account) would really help out my youtube, especially from a huge channel like u, again, u really don't need to do any of this if u don't wanna, u just reading this is nice enough, have a Brilliant day!!! P.S This is one of my first fan comment to a SVfromr I truly love to watch, so soz if it sounds cringy or anything, oh and BTW I love ur art style from 2014 and now. P.P.S I love pokemon as well! I loved it since I was 3 when I collected the card and watched the anime.
Johnfrompizzahut 4 månader sedan
Omnistar bro they haven’t done these videos for years
Stan Scrim
Stan Scrim 4 månader sedan
I just came here to see her least popular video
Evie G
Evie G 4 månader sedan
Kora The Fluff
Kora The Fluff 4 månader sedan
Creative Arts
Creative Arts 4 månader sedan
So this is the most unpopular vid on her channel,woah, *thats impossible*
Itz_angelcat 4 månader sedan
this is jaidens least viewed vid
Helpers 4 månader sedan
OOf this is ur least viewed video
tHE inSANE KITTEN lOVER 4 månader sedan
This is her least popular video and I'm surprised it is
Flummster :3
Flummster :3 4 månader sedan
I don’t know anything about Pokemon but this is amazing! Also your SO good at drawing!
Flummster :3
Flummster :3 4 månader sedan
SVfrom Troll haha yeah
YouTube troll
YouTube troll 4 månader sedan
Or whatever it is
YouTube troll
YouTube troll 4 månader sedan
I love how you are commenting in a 4 year old video lol
Lillian Larsen
Lillian Larsen 4 månader sedan
mimiku and vulpix
Pink Elephant
Pink Elephant 4 månader sedan
Try Umbreon and Fenniken
Uthaila Nabil
Uthaila Nabil 4 månader sedan
Salamence and Zangoose (idk I just like those two Pokemon don judge me)
Exotic gamers
Exotic gamers 5 månader sedan
Boop baap
Fox- Gacha
Fox- Gacha 5 månader sedan
What if u did mew and fennekin (there my favourite Pokémon)
Yazid Boussebbat
Yazid Boussebbat 5 månader sedan
Kirby lover
Kirby lover 5 månader sedan
Least viewed video on this channel
Idk a name
Idk a name 4 månader sedan
That's literally how I found this
Raznuk el Vengador
Raznuk el Vengador 5 månader sedan
Just as ferosious as majestic, such an interesting choice for a PokeFusion, and as always, what an amazing drawing, pretty inspirational tho :y
Kaden Brussow
Kaden Brussow 5 månader sedan
Anyone in 2020?
paraskevi Phillips
paraskevi Phillips 5 månader sedan
Who else saw what she said about the music playing in the caption’s? 🤣
Yehia Rizk
Yehia Rizk 5 månader sedan
This is were it began
PelicanNerd 6 månader sedan
Ditto and ditto
Evie G
Evie G 4 månader sedan
BekfistBoi and then the world exploded
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