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Jaiden Animations

6 år sedan

We've all bought that one product that we thought was gonna be super awesome, and it turns out to be complete crap...
And then you're sad for the rest of the day :(

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Music: Baby Steps by SkipPeck

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CartoonDino Gamer
CartoonDino Gamer 12 timmar sedan
Who’s in the year of 2021 :0
joey 17 timmar sedan
the hair thou indeed evolve over the years.
Raphael Ferdinand
Raphael Ferdinand 2 dagar sedan
So old
hasan gaming
hasan gaming 3 dagar sedan
I'm watching in 2021
Calleigh Knight
Calleigh Knight 3 dagar sedan
She's way betrer then she used to be!
Amos Ravenclaw
Amos Ravenclaw 3 dagar sedan
Anti-depressants: Side effects may include depression and/or suicidal thoughts. Migraine relief: Side effects may include migraines. Pain reliever: Side effects may include pain. Cold medicine: Side effects may include excruciating pain, depression, and/or death.
DAN Can Game
DAN Can Game 3 dagar sedan
These old animations
Gina Melendez
Gina Melendez 5 dagar sedan
Play some people do that just to get sales because the small business down there just say you’re going to get one free
Sanari Ismail
Sanari Ismail 5 dagar sedan
When she didn’t have a mic and her drawing was different 😮
TheGamer 05
TheGamer 05 5 dagar sedan
Who's here in 2021??
Atay Famm
Atay Famm 6 dagar sedan
Oh God 1:41
Julianne Stallings
Julianne Stallings 6 dagar sedan
jaiden animations has changed so much!!! it was so quiet!!!!!!!!! now its alot funnier
Stinky Moe
Stinky Moe 7 dagar sedan
Amelia Blanke
Amelia Blanke 7 dagar sedan
this is so so old
Marcel Goldner-Katz
Marcel Goldner-Katz 8 dagar sedan
1:10 That's actually something that every product does, especially food. it's totally ok to script your ads. good video tho:)
Your pal, Ares the dude
Your pal, Ares the dude 8 dagar sedan
RANDOME PLAYER 8 dagar sedan
Jaiden animations old videos it's simple Jaiden Animation now Mind blown 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
SONYA LE 8 dagar sedan
No one: Not a single soul: NOT EVEN YOUR GRAND PARENTS: You: Watches her old videos because she barely post
Clare Kolb
Clare Kolb 5 dagar sedan
Same but like don’t get angry because she doesn’t post do you know how long it takes to produce that quality of animation?
dbzfan55 9 dagar sedan
How true.
Ruby H
Ruby H 9 dagar sedan
Omg I got a cute bag and the paten came off in two days OMG OMG
Pizza squad Gaming
Pizza squad Gaming 9 dagar sedan
Lol any one in 2021😂.
AtTheEase 10 dagar sedan
The first proper video!
RazzAnimates 13 dagar sedan
StrxberryMilk 13 dagar sedan
even her old vids are sooo good
Shadxw FrxstRL
Shadxw FrxstRL 13 dagar sedan
Where it all started
moofin :3
moofin :3 13 dagar sedan
Mega Flygon
Mega Flygon 14 dagar sedan
Watching in 2021
Lacey Palmer
Lacey Palmer 15 dagar sedan
Wow, she so different
lil OwO
lil OwO 16 dagar sedan
Still waiting for that mug :3
Peachy! 17 dagar sedan
Why did I get this in my recommended like 6 years after?
entity x
entity x 18 dagar sedan
Vienna Iacovella
Vienna Iacovella 18 dagar sedan
Her voice over quality is so much better now 😅
Ayden Shahidi
Ayden Shahidi 18 dagar sedan
Last lol
FengFeng Li
FengFeng Li 18 dagar sedan
That’s her 2nd video
Tacodragonfire 18 dagar sedan
Tacodragonfire 18 dagar sedan
I have watched all vids....
Showtime GFR
Showtime GFR 18 dagar sedan
Jaiden animations has evolved! VIDEO2
YA SNEACKTY you spelled it wrong me i know so i copy title lol ya so
Miner Mole
Miner Mole 19 dagar sedan
The advertised stuff may not be worth it, but your videos sure are.
AlexFallingDown 19 dagar sedan
Ngl she’s not wrong
lolulysse007 19 dagar sedan
sooooooo the logic is DONT SELL IT
Charlie not demilon
Charlie not demilon 19 dagar sedan
The ad-
10 Hania Kaur Sahni 6F
10 Hania Kaur Sahni 6F 20 dagar sedan
OMLLL HER VOICE HAS CHANGED SO MUCHHH and dont even get started about the ART STYLE.
Lrstallie S
Lrstallie S 21 dag sedan
Omg watching this 6 years after it’s posted with my AirPods Pro off brand on my iPhone 4 it’s just like stepping back in time
Fatima De Orta
Fatima De Orta 21 dag sedan
Ads:noooooo do not let her make you good
Mrcat 21 dag sedan
And jaiden Now
AJPLAYZ 21 dag sedan
0:00 Did anyone realise that she spelt advertisements wrong, just asking
OilersAnalyst 22 dagar sedan
oH mY GoSh WhO’s WaTcHiNg In 2021
OilersAnalyst 22 dagar sedan
Guys I wasn’t being serious I put the caps like that to mock people who make comments like this
Reema Ekawade
Reema Ekawade 22 dagar sedan
SHOVA GAMING 22 dagar sedan
Pencil Rat
Pencil Rat 22 dagar sedan
She has improved so much
FoxTheBalloon 23 dagar sedan
Why do you have a picture of the balloons from Pixar’s up in ur thumbnail? Love ur vids
TDMplayZ 23 dagar sedan
Entertainment.. love it .
anberlin playz
anberlin playz 23 dagar sedan
Haha it was so funny!!!!😁😂
Jamila Abriel Caridad
Jamila Abriel Caridad 23 dagar sedan
just rewatching it im triving and chilling yes im done with my school work yppah mi its backward
user unknown
user unknown 24 dagar sedan
I love the background music
Darckninja9790 Peter
Darckninja9790 Peter 24 dagar sedan
Is eBay body watching this on 2021
Ntt Blooky
Ntt Blooky 24 dagar sedan
Anxiety say : buy they screamed at us
Bolt 24 dagar sedan
Jaiden: DONT SELL IT Companys: Yeah whatever! Who cares, it’s her 2ND ever video!
A-aron M-mron
A-aron M-mron 24 dagar sedan
Speak for yourself I love surprises.
Feranca Sabella
Feranca Sabella 25 dagar sedan
6 years ago :O
TheRollin Ray
TheRollin Ray 25 dagar sedan
Advetisements at intro*
Corgi Cutie
Corgi Cutie 25 dagar sedan
another thing is that some advertisments are like "do not take product if allergic to product" But like, HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW IF WE ALLERGIC TO THE PRODUCT OR NOT!?
ALYA_KASIM01 26 dagar sedan
Make a similar vid pls
Akiyama Naoto
Akiyama Naoto 26 dagar sedan
I’m just started watching this
Yeet Gaming
Yeet Gaming 26 dagar sedan
Who’s watching this in 2021 ;)
Brittney Sadler
Brittney Sadler 26 dagar sedan
Who’s watching this in 2020 👁👄👁
Roshow films
Roshow films 26 dagar sedan
Wait isn't that a commercial isn't that business (still a good video jk) 1:14
Real Life Lord
Real Life Lord 27 dagar sedan
Yes, how she change, congrates jaiden
Arpita joshi
Arpita joshi 27 dagar sedan
Yes ya right
artbook xbox
artbook xbox 28 dagar sedan
Shut up and take my money give me the mug
Elias Rizk
Elias Rizk 28 dagar sedan
What happened to your hair
PositiveNegative297 28 dagar sedan
I looked on this video to see the major differences, and _wow_ it's strange.
im 28 dagar sedan
Who’s watching this in 2020 lol her style has changed so much for the best
꧁ ßean ꧂
꧁ ßean ꧂ 28 dagar sedan
She has a team of animators now.
Rigley Nelson
Rigley Nelson 28 dagar sedan
@JaidenAnimations Your video's have gotten so much better
tucan 28 dagar sedan
She in college
UnIuckyHD 29 dagar sedan
0:00 an epic saga begins.
Louie Luigi
Louie Luigi 29 dagar sedan
🤔speaking the truth🙂
meru animation
meru animation Månad sedan
Tyler Storck
Tyler Storck Månad sedan
Oml her vids have changed ALOT
Rauan Khamza
Rauan Khamza Månad sedan
KiraNoOkamiFR Månad sedan
bebe jaiden
RainSendsMemes Månad sedan
6 years
Owen Diamond
Owen Diamond Månad sedan
When it's midnight in the U.K and all you can think of doing is watching Jaiden's old videos (btw Jaiden are they now cringe?).
TopSCULLYBROS Månad sedan
Who’s here in 2021, coz I’m not
Miner Mole
Miner Mole 19 dagar sedan
I am. On January 7th in fact.
Jaish Arya V-D
Jaish Arya V-D Månad sedan
Heeree old video are gold video
Chicken biscuit From Chick-fl-a
Chicken biscuit From Chick-fl-a Månad sedan
Nudedragon Månad sedan
I mean, I see where you're coming from person who is now 6 years older than when they produced this, but I don't totally agree. All cleaning products are not for consumption, as is motor oil, nails, and so on. They only have to put that "not for consumption" bit because people will buy soap and then eat it despite any rational person knowing better. Usually people who are drunk or who are in a cult but still, they have to have that disclaimer so impaired irresponsible people can't sue them. It's not the companies fault people are dumb. Now *coloring* and *scenting* products like food so that it's actually not an entirely unreasonable mistake to make? That's when there's an issue. Yes, people like things that smell and look like food, so that's a powerful marketing tchnique, but it's also *why people eat your toxic products* and should be illegal. Medications have side effects, but so does food, and exercise, etc. You're not paying for allergies, you're paying for an allergy med and they're acknowledging that a very small portion of the population is allergic to it. If we banned all meds with side effects, we wouldn't have medicine, because everyone's different and someone will always have an adverse reaction. There are some shady meds in the world, but most meds work for most people and this is why you get a physician involved and read the side effects.
Hikari Sama
Hikari Sama Månad sedan
Modern medicine have progressed so much, that there is hardly anyone left healthy anymore.
Dogeinator Månad sedan
Side effects may include: runny nose, coughing, death, sneezing, tiredness
Donna Gray
Donna Gray Månad sedan
This has happened to me before
David Wesley
David Wesley Månad sedan
Omg her drawing style is so different.
Five Five
Five Five Månad sedan
yes but its worth it
Karen Wilkins
Karen Wilkins Månad sedan
Ocean man
Brenden Thigpen
Brenden Thigpen Månad sedan
Not gonna lie, I would probably buy that self heating coffe cup
Gatto Brandon Cactus
Gatto Brandon Cactus Månad sedan
I love your animation!!!!!!!!
Lovely Pain
Lovely Pain Månad sedan
Who else is watching this 5 year old video in 2020
Lovely Pain
Lovely Pain Månad sedan
@Violy Buenaventura it’s still 2020 for a week. So I do mean 2020 but you can say 2021 next week that is just my opinion I don’t want to offend
Violy Buenaventura
Violy Buenaventura Månad sedan
You mean 2021
ap1jp Animations
ap1jp Animations Månad sedan
Gimmie a second to Think.
Gimmie a second to Think. Månad sedan
Woah I small improvement 😳✨
Lucid Dream
Lucid Dream Månad sedan
She grown up :0000
Trey Mathis
Trey Mathis Månad sedan
What the heck is she
Ben1996fan Månad sedan
she didn't know what was coming in 2020
Jalapeño and Banana Productions
Jalapeño and Banana Productions Månad sedan
The Amazing Life of Me
The Amazing Life of Me Månad sedan
Jaiden in 2015: Says stuff that people don't like about ads Jaiden in 2017: Misaki wants me to run an advertisement for Samurai Buyer Present me rewatching how it all unfolded: I can't take this kind of stressssss is Kinda Dumb
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