Random Thoughts (Part 2 Edition)

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guess who's back,,, back again~

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i hope that all the bananas you eat have the perfect amount of ethylene in them

Ethan Hamilton
Ethan Hamilton 5 timmar sedan
Am I weird for not liking bananas?
Game of gaming
Game of gaming 6 timmar sedan
Yes, all the youtubers I watch in the comments and in a video
Faizan Zaki
Faizan Zaki 6 timmar sedan
3:36 Me: jaiden Random guy:person in math textbooks
Floofy Dinoz
Floofy Dinoz 8 timmar sedan
Stabby stabby eating um a Krabby um patty?
SNOW furry TM
SNOW furry TM 9 timmar sedan
I am a furry
Ardi Padida
Ardi Padida 15 timmar sedan
I like bananas *but they make me think i'm a monkey, and i like the orange one-*
Donut King
Donut King 20 timmar sedan
Fishney World
Rachel The Ultimate Unicorn
Rachel The Ultimate Unicorn 21 timme sedan
Fish:oh fish frike Me:ok... Wait what did you just say
Angela Rucobo
Angela Rucobo Dag sedan
if you ask me how to be a normal kid I would not know so ya
Rayan Ahmed
Rayan Ahmed Dag sedan
who else noticed 31 seconds in the video, soft soap means nonsense. wth?
El Tio Sans
El Tio Sans Dag sedan
4:02 That is my ofFISHal favorite pun of a FISHY situation
Reekid 2.0
Reekid 2.0 Dag sedan
3:16 it's probably Adam (somethingelseyt) as a 3 year
Ashton Cain
Ashton Cain Dag sedan
Airin Lavender
Airin Lavender Dag sedan
Roplino Dag sedan
I volunteer at an aquarium and I'm like 90% sure most fish really love playing in the currents. People might not know but fish get zoomies sometimes and like to go fast. That's why they jump.
menik Jayasinghe
menik Jayasinghe Dag sedan
3:18 lagit the person in your math problems 😂
ItsAri’s Art
ItsAri’s Art Dag sedan
Sage's Vids 1344
Sage's Vids 1344 2 dagar sedan
I also grew up not eating bruises on banananananana
Amphy 2 dagar sedan
I laughed so many times
Trick shots in GTA
Trick shots in GTA 2 dagar sedan
That dude was the math problems guy
UnicornRainbowTurkey Gaming
UnicornRainbowTurkey Gaming 2 dagar sedan
:0 :) 👁👄👁 idk I’m bored
General.Macaroni 2 dagar sedan
I enjoy the green bananas the best
Calvin McFarlane
Calvin McFarlane 2 dagar sedan
The official guide to forks: Four-pronged forks: Fork Three-pronged forks: Threek Two-pronged forks: Twok Knife/Sword: Onek Spoon: Zerok
Raphael Sanchez
Raphael Sanchez 2 dagar sedan
Rob Brandl
Rob Brandl 2 dagar sedan
love doll
• Chøco Puddin •
• Chøco Puddin • 3 dagar sedan
I like the bananas pretty yellow with a bit green
Mike 123
Mike 123 3 dagar sedan
I love you videos please keep on making them and never give up
ItsNeragg 3 dagar sedan
yay you got the plushes
epicgamer 9876
epicgamer 9876 3 dagar sedan
jaiden:Can a knife be classified as a one pronged sharp fork? me: ONEK
James Howlett
James Howlett 3 dagar sedan
dog Jaiden is adorable
amy patterson
amy patterson 3 dagar sedan
saima nadeem
saima nadeem 3 dagar sedan
I watch nemo
germanpunk101 3 dagar sedan
Wouldn't a fork be more of a tiny swordbreaker than a sword?
Rosalie Audrey
Rosalie Audrey 4 dagar sedan
I love bananas but i found out that i was slightly allergic to them :(
Janet Bergin-Miah
Janet Bergin-Miah 4 dagar sedan
I'm 8 and I love your videos.💖♥️💛💚💙💜🖤💗💕💞💘💝👩🏽👱🏽‍♀️l do not have blond hair I have broun.
Princeton young
Princeton young 4 dagar sedan
I day dream slot too I'm 7 seven I saw your channel 2 days ago
juul **
juul ** 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden: "Fishney world" Me: * cries of laugher and everyone looks at me *
Alexander Boudreau
Alexander Boudreau 4 dagar sedan
banana's, no wait...there yellow things and the office..no wait, offish
Gippy Gill
Gippy Gill 4 dagar sedan
5:10-5:15hmm...its a illusion . Truth is beyond your imagination . LoL .I know u won't believe😐😶🙏🙏
Lightning Dragon
Lightning Dragon 5 dagar sedan
*"fishney world"* that one sent me 😂🤣😍🤣🤣
London Birch
London Birch 5 dagar sedan
Darn it I can’t tweet
Heather Mayo
Heather Mayo 5 dagar sedan
Beachball Animations
Beachball Animations 5 dagar sedan
Plot twist: Adam was the guy who bought all the bananas.
anime is my life
anime is my life 2 dagar sedan
Wait that actually makes sense :O
ges 105sb
ges 105sb 5 dagar sedan
5:47 Virtuel partical themselvs!!! cuz thats how i belive believe the universe began/was I dident make that up look it up yourself
Mfer Minecraft
Mfer Minecraft 5 dagar sedan
XD XD XD XD XD XD THIS IS SO FUNNY! I also have very random thoughts :> Like, one of my most random thoughts is: Burnt popcorn. Half popped popcorn. Because yes
AgentP 5 dagar sedan
ElliotAnimation 5 dagar sedan
RED CORPS 5 dagar sedan
If you get vitamin D from the sun. What happens if get a vitamin D gummy? Do you get extra vitamin D? Like what if you ate all the D gummies? does that make you really healthy if you step outside at the sun?
Dries Swinnen
Dries Swinnen 5 dagar sedan
2:29 bananacism
Bananas Bananas
Bananas Bananas 5 dagar sedan
Wait I just realized most of the comments are about bananas... Look at my name-
Bananas Bananas
Bananas Bananas 5 dagar sedan
Jaiden: Are we all just brains wearing human meats suits? Ad: Learn more with 2021 education!
mando 42
mando 42 5 dagar sedan
oh yea guess whos back back again
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 6 dagar sedan
Oh my god that got dark😐
The Gaming Realm
The Gaming Realm 6 dagar sedan
Jaiden you always say that your videos are bad but they are actually not so don't worry or hate yourself or your vedios we are like your friends and you can be opened with up
Hammy 6 dagar sedan
0:31 for the thesaurus crp
stArye 6 dagar sedan
help im looking for the scene where you say that its better to call you dumb than to explain obvious things
OnionPants 6 dagar sedan
5:11 I dont need sleep, I need answers
NOOB-GUEST GAMING 6 dagar sedan
Wait why does she only have 2 grandparents ?!?
Acai Liem
Acai Liem 7 dagar sedan
Did you say "furry"6:18
zero two
zero two 7 dagar sedan
I’m balderdash
zero two
zero two 7 dagar sedan
PikaChuYT 7 dagar sedan
AND WHAT IS IT WITH THE ODD 1S OUT AND U GUYS WITH DA FURRRYYYYYY, even though im 11, spaming comments, plus, i think furrys r cute and, well some of them were kinda werid, like the bass guy, i think that was to werid for me, so i went for the basic furries looks. i aint no furrry to. no judge opinion.
PikaChuYT 7 dagar sedan
Huanchanic 7 dagar sedan
3:11 literally the guy from those math problems when you were a kid
Zaniel Marrufo
Zaniel Marrufo 7 dagar sedan
I never had a banana
Maaike Berghmans
Maaike Berghmans 7 dagar sedan
Finsheyworld 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mike Hume
Mike Hume 7 dagar sedan
HIGH WINDS ARE MY ENEMY, I have a story from when I was 7 U-U I'ma tell it, so we were walking to the mall and some delicious high winds came at me and then made me taste some bark and dirt because it FLEW me off my feet good thing my dad and bro were near-
Trinity R
Trinity R 7 dagar sedan
I went to the nurse once and said I had a headache to get out of class and the nurse was like you can lay down and well check your temp again before you leave and in that short amount of time I was there my temp went up to 102 and they was like yeah do not come back to school Edit: this happens twice 2019 and 2020 before covid I think it was because I rarely get sick so like my body was like okay it’s our turn to be sick
BlazeDragon 7 dagar sedan
3:35 he's the guy in math problems
Robin Wilcox
Robin Wilcox 7 dagar sedan
Here's a random thought: Is Y'all a pronoun?
Basil ඞ
Basil ඞ 7 dagar sedan
Guy: buys many bananas Me: he prepared for quarantine 3 years early
DunEx YT
DunEx YT 8 dagar sedan
1:01 why the renaissance? Why not the totally rad disease-ridden medieval times?
Juan Ignacio Pinto Rivera
Juan Ignacio Pinto Rivera 8 dagar sedan
she said the c word somehow
Jay Carr
Jay Carr 8 dagar sedan
I hated wind, then I grew my hair, and now I despise it. I’m 37, I’ll be 38 in a few days.
Fer Ortiz
Fer Ortiz 8 dagar sedan
Dude same with the bananas
Fun time Gaming
Fun time Gaming 8 dagar sedan
"I'd never seen anyone buy that so many bananas" That kid in a math problem: First time? 427 James McCormick James McCormick 2 weeks ago Why didn’t she say: “Oh fish husband, why are you so stressed” “Current events” seinfeld theme 184 Appa The Gud Boi Appa The Gud Boi 3 weeks ago Jaiden: are we just brains wearing human meat suits? Ad: c a r 71 Veronica Surawi Veronica Surawi 2 weeks ago A challenge: take a shot everytime jaiden said “fish” 97 Sultan Sketches Sultan Sketches 3 years ago Was so great to see Jaiden pop up in SVfrom Rewind. Congratulations! 1.8K SuperAppleSauce521 SuperAppleSauce521 2 months ago That dog daydream was very Emperor's New Groove. "Hey, I got turned into a cow, can I go home?" "...You're excused..." 35 Vege Tables Vege Tables 4 weeks ago "Oh fish-frick": my new favorite word 32 Adam Taurus Adam Taurus 3 weeks ago Jayden, we seriously have THE SAME MOTHAFLIPPIN Thoughts about... Just EVERYTHING! 27 Gracie808 Gracie808 1 week ago Jaiden: talks about fish a little later SVfrom: now seems like a good time for a filet o fish commercial 22 LPS Emily LPS Emily 3 years ago The freaking offish joke made me laugh SO hard for some reason? WhY? 343 WildestAcorn45 WildestAcorn45 2 weeks ago The perfect fish joke doesn’t exi- OF-FISH 14 Connor Brior Connor Brior 2 months ago Jaiden: *Talks about daydreaming about turning into a dog in school* Me in school: *Daydreams best escape plan* 21 Colin Ng Colin Ng 3 weeks ago Fork cant be a weapon so they made a giant fork called the tridant lol 9 silent shadow silent shadow 1 week ago I love how you referred to crush as “the high turtle” because that is exactly what I think, then I realize that means fish smoke... SEAWEED XD 5 CultureCrash CultureCrash 3 years ago Not "Part 2" or "Second Edition": Part 2 Edition. Love it. 3K the quiet kid the quiet kid 1 month ago (edited) "I guess knives are more slicing and cutting." Chara: I'm thinking of another genocide route to do. =) 34 CamoKablamo CamoKablamo 3 weeks ago “Are we all just brains just wearing human meat suits?” Insert add 😂 8 L'inconnu connu L'inconnu connu 1 month ago The part where you turn into a dog reminded me Emperor's New Groove. "Seize them !" "Um, I just turned into a cow. May I go home ?" "You're excused" 6 vivi chan vivi chan 1 day ago “Until I saw this river of bananas scroll up to the register” The Yiga Clan would like to know your location Addie C Addie C 1 year ago (edited) What if a blind person read “DO NOT TOUCH” In Braille? 11K OmegaBlade OmegaBlade 2 weeks ago Me sees all of those bananas: wait a minute Also me: why 4 Burrito Boi Burrito Boi 1 month ago “This started out sciency and informational” Also Jaiden at the beginning: “SIR, I CHALLENGE YOU TO A ONE PRONGED FORK DUEL!!!!!” 9 SLAVIK # SLAVIK # 1 month ago As VSAUCE always said: “BanAnAS ArE FanTAsTiC” 3 bi adhd max mayfield bi adhd max mayfield 1 week ago When Jaiden started talking about forks... Drista, is that you? 3 Justin Y. Justin Y. 3 years ago It'd be really cool if all your animator buds got together to make an actual animation (like an animation collab) 271 mahmoud gaming mahmoud gaming 1 month ago I almost died laughing from the fishney joke 6 Gamer Press Gamer Press 1 week ago Just imagine loads of weird bacteria sitting in a fountain just become a fricking universe 3 I DrawThings I DrawThings 3 weeks ago in school i pretended that my heart was ripping out of my chest and run away and i would be able to turn into anything 6 singing raichu singing raichu 1 month ago 3:19 i laugh so hard on that part 5 Steven D Steven D 3 years ago now i need a part 3 :), yay banana 313 Tom Clune Tom Clune 1 month ago 5:55 OK she was stoned when she made this list. 3 PoopyStinkStink4 PoopyStinkStink4 1 month ago I like how you said that there's nothing wrong with being a furry, I am a furry... (Partially) 4 Doug Priore Doug Priore 3 days ago I literally looked up "So whats up with bruised bananas." Parker Beaird Parker Beaird 2 months ago Jaiden: "I'd never seen anyone buy so many bananas" Math teacher: Pathetic 1.6K Samantha Roe Samantha Roe 3 weeks ago How many times does she have to say “fιѕн” like whyyy!? (I thought that was funny) (my brain was getting flatter and flatter when she said fish!) 3 HAVOK UPROAR HAVOK UPROAR 1 month ago 2:37 little Jadien animation is so cute 3 Art Person Art Person 1 month ago Listen, bananas with bruises are are a whole different species of bananas and trust me I WILL NEVER EAT THEM 3 Amethyst Nightingale Amethyst Nightingale 1 month ago This is making me question my LiFE- 4 OLIVIA NORMAN 11 months ago “I’ve never seen anyone buy that many bananas.” Don’t you remember little Billy from all those math problems? 3.9K R E R E 3 weeks ago "I've never seen anyone buy that many bananas" The guy in math problems: 6 Bartoons Bartoons 1 day ago Whenever I use adobe animate, i can't hear the audio unless i go back to the first frame of the animation rather than just running through it with that blue thing in the timeline so how can i fix this Stephen Gillespie Stephen Gillespie 1 month ago 3:03 That mouth that you did there was amazing 2 PutridFoe 65 PutridFoe 65 2 months ago Imagine if knights, when about to duel, said ”Draw your fork!” instead of ”Draw your blade!”. 1 amrit amrit 3 years ago What about spoons No-prong fork 109 Retr0 Retr0 2 months ago 2:36 nothing, just wanted to say how much i love the animation 1 Mama Mia Studios Mama Mia Studios 14 hours ago Who else got this recommended 3 years later? Bella Chernov Bella Chernov 3 days ago One time they dissected a pregnant aphid and found out that it's unborn baby was also already pregnant moustafa elafifi moustafa elafifi 1 week ago Ok in the first random thoughts video I go like oof I'ma a dog now 3 Premium Mayo Premium Mayo 3 years ago (edited) OH FISH FRICK 1.4K
Enzo 8 dagar sedan
What happens if after splitting into your mom and dad in the fountain of youth, your dad steps out of the pool? Do only your mother’s ancestors appear?
EggTreePlant Falling
EggTreePlant Falling 8 dagar sedan
5:09. I lost it 🤣🤣🤣
xue yen channel
xue yen channel 8 dagar sedan
Well yeah there are banana eating monsters ever heard of banana eats on roblox.its a game like a surviving game you have to survive the time and conplete tasks and have 3 lives and escape
Itsa me martin
Itsa me martin 9 dagar sedan
Green bananas are called plantains btw
Mama Mia Studios
Mama Mia Studios 9 dagar sedan
Who else got this recommended 3 years later?
Ruthie Glass
Ruthie Glass 9 dagar sedan
This made me laugh so hard
Daemion Raley
Daemion Raley 9 dagar sedan
why is no one talking about benja fish or of-fish
Daemion Raley
Daemion Raley 9 dagar sedan
or fishney world
Nucleophile 9 dagar sedan
Between carbons in C2H4 should be double bond :p I'm just saying
Ibrahim Hatim Aldabbagh
Ibrahim Hatim Aldabbagh 9 dagar sedan
love ur vids
MelonGaming 9 dagar sedan
Oh fish frick
General Durandal
General Durandal 9 dagar sedan
Bananas are also my fave fruit, and strong winds are also my least fave weather.
Abba de la Cruz-Patricio
Abba de la Cruz-Patricio 9 dagar sedan
i love. banenas😍🥰😘🍌
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia 9 dagar sedan
the fish jokes had me laughing the entire rest of the video 😆😆
Carter Stewart
Carter Stewart 9 dagar sedan
Bartoons 9 dagar sedan
Whenever I use adobe animate, i can't hear the audio unless i go back to the first frame of the animation rather than just running through it with that blue thing in the timeline so how can i fix this
Elizabeth Hufflepuff
Elizabeth Hufflepuff 9 dagar sedan
Lol did you go to Canada and meet Ben. He likes bananas.
vivi chan
vivi chan 9 dagar sedan
“Until I saw this river of bananas scroll up to the register” *The Yiga Clan would like to know your location*
Racoonma392 9 dagar sedan
I think forks have to have more than 2 prongs, knives I think have to have..... I don't think there's that much of a difference in knives and swords
Mark Allen
Mark Allen 10 dagar sedan
I like your videos keep up the good work
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 10 dagar sedan
Don’t you mean riper?
Julie Hickey
Julie Hickey 10 dagar sedan
Dona Nasol
Dona Nasol 10 dagar sedan
What if, you turned into your parents using the fountain of youth, then you went back home to your parents then it's just clones. Do you just teleport to where they are now? Then you have to go back to the fountain of youth to continue and turn into your grandparents. Then it just becomes slower to get to the youth fountain... Then you go to the grave.. then what?
Pedal of Flowers
Pedal of Flowers 10 dagar sedan
Same I don’t even eat bannanas
Danielle Martinez
Danielle Martinez 10 dagar sedan
so. So do you just want to bec o m e A n s c p
animal boy yeetboy
animal boy yeetboy 11 dagar sedan
Hi jevil it me sans
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