Q&A #2: What animal am I?

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6 år sedan

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You have been granted good luck by this cute bear (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

SIM JAYEEC Moe Månad sedan
my favorite pokemon: noivern. and when i was [laying pokemon sword, i saw i noibat and i caught it with like three special(forgot its name, but its use is to make catching pokemon in caves easier to catch or something) on it.also, in order to not let it faint, i let it attack my pokemons untill their lives were like 10 or something, some of them fainted, too. soooooooooo just saying
JustYourOrdinaryArkNoob 29 dagar sedan
bruh i finished the pokedex and then it just got boring and the dlcs are not even worth it.
lrel doss
lrel doss Månad sedan
I would love help with making videos. If that's ok.☺
Magikarp Kingdom
Magikarp Kingdom Månad sedan
Nintendo hype!!!!!!
Ambers ANIMATIONS Månad sedan
Hello Goodbye
Ambers ANIMATIONS Månad sedan
Uygiugbiugbiygvygviigh ihgbihgbygbiygbygivvigyiygvihgbihgbihgbiygbihgbhigbihgbihgbiygbiygbiygbiygbihgbihg ihgbihgbiygbiygbiygbviygbiygvihgbihgbihgbiygbygibihgbihgbyigbiygbiygbhbigihgbihgbyigbybgiyigbyigbiybgiygbigybiygbiyybiybyyiybyibybiygiyybigybyibyibgyiygbbgyiiybgyigbggyiigybiugbiugbiugbbigyyigvigyvgyvigvyigvygviyvgyiggyiiygggigybyiggiyggiygiyggygigggyiggyiiyggiyygggiygyigygigggyiiggyiyggigygiyggiygggygiiyggygigiyggggyiiygggygiiggygygiyggiiyggvigyiygggyigyigviyvgygvivgiyvigyvgyigyviygiviiyvgviygyigvuyvgvygigiyvygivigyviygviygviygviygvgvyivigyuvgyiyvggiyvigvyigyvvyiggviygyvuvgyuvgyuuvygvguyygvgyvuyvguvygugvyuvygvyugvyuguvgyugyvgvyuugvygvyuguvyvyugyguvvygubguyuyvgvguyuyvguvgyugyvvgyuguyvugyvuyvgyvuggyuvvgyuuygvvgyuuygvvyugvyugguyvuyvgvugyuygvuygvuygvgvyuvyguuyvgvugyuyvgvgyuyguvuygvyguvyvuggyuvvyugyugvyguvyuvgvyugvugyyguvgvyuugvyvygugyuvyugvvguyyugvguygugygyuggyyugyugguggyuggygyguggyuigyggguyguyguygguygguygguygggyvugyuvuggyyguvgyviigyggyviyvgiiggyyggiggyigyyigyigiggyyrddxdrtrdtxdxtrxrdtrtdxtxrdcrtdtdrxtrdxtrdxxrtdtdrxrxtdxdrtrdxy rdyddryxrcdyxdrtxdrttdxrxyrdcyrdrcydycdrrydcrdtccdyrcdryrdyccyrddcryrycddrycdrycrdcyrycdcyrddcyrrcdyrydcycrdcyrdrcdyrydcrcdyrdcy4crdyyrdcyrcddrycrdyccdryrcydrdycrdyddcrydyrdydrddrdydrcydyrcydrcrcdyyrdddrdyydrdrddyrdydcyrdcdrydrcycdyrdrcydycrdcyryrddrddyyrdrddyrdrdyrdyddyrrdyrrddryddryrdydrrdyrrdyrddydcrydrdyyrdddryddyrddrdy5cytrfctytcfycyfttyfcytfcctfytfcy
Jalapeño and Banana Productions
Jalapeño and Banana Productions Månad sedan
I'm a human
DoritoMan Shitposts and Games
DoritoMan Shitposts and Games Månad sedan
Guachour Samira
Guachour Samira Månad sedan
I love those Q&A videos
Mikiemako Månad sedan
Love it
Leticia Neal
Leticia Neal Månad sedan
A human, I mean aren't humans animals right? *R i g h t ?*
Rurouni Kalain
Rurouni Kalain Månad sedan
4:34 Shouldn't compare your works to other people. (Or, I add, your progress.) Aye.
Jaiden Lyn
Jaiden Lyn 2 månader sedan
I want to be your friend so bad!!!! You are basically me but imma a extrovert and a introvert at the same time. :/
zuko firebender
zuko firebender 2 månader sedan
@Jaiden Lyn ok
Jaiden Lyn
Jaiden Lyn 2 månader sedan
@zuko firebender HOL UP this is not over I am a ambivert
Jaiden Lyn
Jaiden Lyn 2 månader sedan
@zuko firebender My man
zuko firebender
zuko firebender 2 månader sedan
@Jaiden Lyn fair enough
Jaiden Lyn
Jaiden Lyn 2 månader sedan
@zuko firebender :/
HuMan bEing
HuMan bEing 2 månader sedan
Damn, poor dino. Did he ever get to eat it?
Caleb Castillo
Caleb Castillo 2 månader sedan
This is the first reference of cooking mama!!
Vedant Bandagale
Vedant Bandagale 2 månader sedan
me now in 2020: wait is this Jaiden voice!
Charles Parkerson
Charles Parkerson 2 månader sedan
cooking mama foreshadowing
Sean Burke
Sean Burke 2 månader sedan
Little did she know... she would speedrun cooking with mama 5.5 years later lol
Pretty Notable Animations
Pretty Notable Animations 2 månader sedan
Jaiden: Mentions Cooking Mama Me: FORESHADOWING
Smora Smores
Smora Smores 3 månader sedan
what animation app do you use
Smora Smores
Smora Smores 3 månader sedan
@ZXXCC2554 that's miss soma stores to you andmy point is zxxcc2554 it doesn't mater how long ago she made it
ZXXCC2554 3 månader sedan
@Smora Smores Who has time to look through thousands of notifications
Smora Smores
Smora Smores 3 månader sedan
@ZXXCC2554 I know you stupid head this comment will still go in her notifications duuuuuuuuuh
ZXXCC2554 3 månader sedan
She made this 5 years ago
XDRyan 2.O
XDRyan 2.O 3 månader sedan
4:09 People whatching from this day would be like: "Ou yeah she got the world record for that 😊💜"
hansraj choudhari
hansraj choudhari 3 månader sedan
Now cooking mama makes sense to speedrun
Shida Music
Shida Music 3 månader sedan
I wonder if Jaiden would ever think she was going to speed run kochi mama, before she did.
Jay'vonn Hammond
Jay'vonn Hammond 3 månader sedan
Ah yes the 10 th animation
kingcobra 2013
kingcobra 2013 3 månader sedan
That one person: what is2+2 Jaiden : 22
Alexandru Cel Mare
Alexandru Cel Mare 4 månader sedan
Ian Fralick
Ian Fralick 4 månader sedan
HappY BirthdaY! 🐱
Swaggy Potato
Swaggy Potato 4 månader sedan
Catalyst Girl
Catalyst Girl 4 månader sedan
Jaiden: digital drawing is so much easier! Me, who uses simple Procreate: (looks at her screen) *System Error. Please wait at least a week.*
мαяνєllσυѕ ѕια ѕтαя
мαяνєllσυѕ ѕια ѕтαя 4 månader sedan
I wish I could be just as cute as you Jaiden ฅ'ω'ฅ
Person Man
Person Man 4 månader sedan
am I the only one watching this in 2020?? lol
Stef A
Stef A 2 månader sedan
ZXXCC2554 3 månader sedan
Joys of Joe
Joys of Joe 4 månader sedan
Jaiden then :- works for other people Jaiden now :- people work for her
Brenda Tan
Brenda Tan 5 månader sedan
But I only took animation seriously at 11.
Brenda Tan
Brenda Tan 5 månader sedan
Mannn........and I thought practicing animation at 10 was early.
Nicole Huber
Nicole Huber 5 månader sedan
Jaiden animations is my FAVOURITE youtuber by the way I am a HUGE warriors fan i read every last book
Renzii yaun
Renzii yaun 5 månader sedan
I felt sorry for the dinosaur
Southern Woods
Southern Woods 5 månader sedan
I love torchic to
IDontKnow 6 månader sedan
84/98 oh boy i got a long way to go
The_Ark_King 6 månader sedan
Mudkip is *serperior* to torchic
the first
the first 6 månader sedan
i hate you *spits on jayden*
Peach Soda
Peach Soda 6 månader sedan
This made me laugh thank you sir/ma'am
Dinø bøi
Dinø bøi 6 månader sedan
u r a birb
Kori Chaignot
Kori Chaignot 7 månader sedan
I've tried competitive battling well lemme tell u the story I got my team and put them in the box and never did anything with them lol.
Professional 64
Professional 64 7 månader sedan
Music: *L* *O* *U* *D*
coWmeaWWoW Studios
coWmeaWWoW Studios 7 månader sedan
Avs ivs and eevees
Amy V
Amy V 7 månader sedan
Do you play zelda???
N K 7 månader sedan
U should like sell ur drawings would buy
Spicy Gamez
Spicy Gamez 7 månader sedan
@JaidenAnimations draw a cat and a dog watching netflix and chilling thanks!
Spicy Gamez
Spicy Gamez 7 månader sedan
@TheOdd1sout and @SomethingElseYT
Lillian Larsen
Lillian Larsen 7 månader sedan
draw a cat tap dancing with a dog
Lillian Larsen
Lillian Larsen 7 månader sedan
and add color please
Itz Shadow
Itz Shadow 7 månader sedan
Prince mitkatz
Prince mitkatz 8 månader sedan
Ok ok ok i know this was feom 5 years ago- bbuuuttt im re-watching ALL Jaiden’s videos
Donna Choi
Donna Choi 8 månader sedan
but i dont wanna die
Donna Choi
Donna Choi 8 månader sedan
i am a REAL BIG Pokemon fan and i am a bunny to
Lipika Chakrabarti
Lipika Chakrabarti 8 månader sedan
Past Jaiden: what animal am I Present Jaiden: Ari.
Spicy Gamez
Spicy Gamez 7 månader sedan
perfect lipika
Raznuk el Vengador
Raznuk el Vengador 8 månader sedan
I'm more of a writer-kinda-guy, but when it comes to drawing, I don't reject the idea to give it a try, seems pretty fun to sketch many of my ideas for my "light novel", and I think, if I improve myself enough, I can be as good as Jaiden is nowadays :3
taira lockwood
taira lockwood 8 månader sedan
I would be a cheetah preferably in a zoo
Nelson Fuentes
Nelson Fuentes 8 månader sedan
Teem torachick
Eclips3 9 månader sedan
I have not seen any pokemon moives/cartoon beside xy and xyz And no games and cant login in pokemon go
Maidenator 9 månader sedan
Its baby Jaiden!
the destiny birds
the destiny birds 9 månader sedan
Did you know rabbits will sometimes abandon their own children if an other animal interacts with their children
Helen S
Helen S 9 månader sedan
Why is no one talking about how cute her drawings are? I love them! ❤️
Waterßøttles 10 månader sedan
Liking jaidens every single video till i get hearted part 12
Dorica Munjeri
Dorica Munjeri 10 månader sedan
can doow a Godzilla siris pleas
Dorica Munjeri
Dorica Munjeri 10 månader sedan
pleas can you a Godzilla siris
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 10 månader sedan
You are really good at art!
Tilley Fine
Tilley Fine 10 månader sedan
lol doll
lol doll 10 månader sedan
Rogue Panda
Rogue Panda År sedan
Competitive Pokémon has changed my experience. For example, I got a shiny Pokémon and the nature was bad so I DIDNT USE IT. I released it. :(
Juan Flores
Juan Flores År sedan
I am a Pokemon fantic
Christian Tobar
Christian Tobar År sedan
Uhhh 22: 13 down I took a break (#0_0)
Commander Rex
Commander Rex År sedan
Silver Queen
Silver Queen År sedan
Jaiden:I love animal crossing Me:aNiMaL cRoSsInG¿
Susan’s Artimations
Susan’s Artimations År sedan
I would probably be a chicken if I where an animal because,Every chicken I’ve met loves me,I can make a spot on chicken noise
최윤기 År sedan
Cooking mama I believe originated from Korea howd ya get it
Yuuka År sedan
I'm from the future! JK I'm just going through every jaiden's video liking and comment them..see you in the next video
SPARTAN-M766 År sedan
She is a birb
Alrineus Aldore
Alrineus Aldore År sedan
The first person to live in a society must have been like: 0:21
fishY •
fishY • År sedan
2019 anyone? Also why doesn’t Jaiden do Q&A’s or speed arts anymore? T-T OR PIANO VIDEOS!?
Just Some Furret With Internet Access
Just Some Furret With Internet Access 6 månader sedan
Nah 3020
Kitty Poop
Kitty Poop År sedan
Elias Jacobs-Pritchard
Elias Jacobs-Pritchard År sedan
The Cube Snowflake
The Cube Snowflake År sedan
Nah fam I’m livin in 2025 yoooo
Chioma Ndozi
Chioma Ndozi År sedan
Don't judge me but I literally don't know what pokemon rlly is but a game.
ęlbątølöcô :D
ęlbątølöcô :D År sedan
that day are my birthday
Crimson År sedan
OmG the dragon is so cute!!! All of them are so cute! TwT
sirisha b
sirisha b År sedan
What graphic tablet model do u use??
꧁ ༺ Mimi ༻ ꧂
꧁ ༺ Mimi ༻ ꧂ År sedan
Rowquer Paz
Rowquer Paz År sedan
2:17 - Just a new video here and it looks like the stupidity from the people in the past video already infected Jaiden. :( That's terrible people, someone call a doctor!👩‍⚕️
Emerald_Fury 375
Emerald_Fury 375 År sedan
The one person that said “Will you animate for other SVfromrs?” Their profile pic was Toy Chica. Does that mean they’re a horror channel? (That was a joke but I’m just curious about it.)
Emerald_Fury 375
Emerald_Fury 375 År sedan
Great video Jaiden 🙂 I think one of the things that would really get Jaiden’s channel booming is if she animated some of the video from PopularM&MOs or GamingwithJen or some of the American SVfromrs but I don’t she likes the that much. (I don’t know if 8bitRyan is British or what but maybe if she likes those guys including Dan then it probably mite get her channel up a little bit for subscribers like up enough to make her go to 7mill. But it’s she can animate what ever she wants we don’t always have to force her.
Laviña Gretel
Laviña Gretel År sedan
Why would you talk while having a loud background music???
His dog billy productions
His dog billy productions År sedan
play over cooked
Kass K
Kass K År sedan
YoU kNoW aBoUt Warrior Cats??? (Actually shook) That means you know about Moonkitti. And Bright Guardian Akira. And Blixemi. That means I'm going to be watching WAY MORE!!!
Xxenticon 89
Xxenticon 89 År sedan
Affendy År sedan
How do you animate?with sai & Sony Vegas or with flash?
A Person
A Person År sedan
That art tip gave me real courage tbh ÚwÙ Thank you, Jaiden.
Borb År sedan
jaiden: dont compare ur edits to other ppl. me: dude too late.
someone random
someone random År sedan
Sonic fan 2000
Sonic fan 2000 År sedan
Do you lake Sonic?
mเηA ashiDo
mเηA ashiDo År sedan
Can you draw Bluestar from warrior cats dabbing XD that would be hilarious!
DFSS År sedan
lynda messom
lynda messom År sedan
how did yall (or jaiden) get into pokemon. i wanna get into it but dont know where to start. have a good day everyone
Dhruv Kallianpur
Dhruv Kallianpur År sedan
2:55 yes I do understand!
grand strategy and crap
grand strategy and crap År sedan
I draw wit myh mouse ;;-;;
Skylar Pilk
Skylar Pilk År sedan
Hey Read more
Skylar Pilk
Skylar Pilk År sedan
Did I get you?
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