Q&A #3: What are my Inspirations?

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Music: Sunny and Shiny by HelenNN

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get a ghost fedora~

kanjo007 10 dagar sedan
I think I just inherited a liking of black licorice from my dad's side of the family. Good n Plenty, the Walgreens or CVS Australian licorice, I could easily down a few servings like dad and be in heaven.
Jay'vonn Hammond
Jay'vonn Hammond 11 dagar sedan
Ah yes the 14 th animation
EnterTheZone !
EnterTheZone ! 17 dagar sedan
Who else is watching while 2020 is getting stabbed by China
Ian Fralick
Ian Fralick 26 dagar sedan
Happy 🌟 Birthday!
Clovercat YT
Clovercat YT Månad sedan
Ya mispelled "heelies" in the description
AJ Styles
AJ Styles 2 månader sedan
Sweet voice
Delilah Ortiz
Delilah Ortiz 2 månader sedan
I like black licorice...
DonutAlice 3333
DonutAlice 3333 2 månader sedan
Im the only one watching during quarintine arint i? Welp i always loved jaidens videos
Zakaria Adjepong
Zakaria Adjepong 2 månader sedan
Jaiden: I’ve always wanted to have a bird. Ari: Allow me to introduce myself.
aligator terminator
aligator terminator 2 månader sedan
Are you ever going to do another q and a video Hah just kidding your not gonna see this comment
aligator terminator
aligator terminator 2 månader sedan
We are one
Owen Bradley
Owen Bradley 2 månader sedan
We are one
Owen Bradley
Owen Bradley 2 månader sedan
Oh yeah you're right
aligator terminator
aligator terminator 2 månader sedan
Maybe because we're the same person
Owen Bradley
Owen Bradley 2 månader sedan
Wow you replied fast
First Aidkit
First Aidkit 2 månader sedan
Little did she know that she will get hives
m4rco 2 månader sedan
2020? Anyone?
TRAM PHAN 2 månader sedan
I don’t mind black liquorice but I don’t like it Yes I know I’m super late but whatever :p
Hooligan 2098
Hooligan 2098 Månad sedan
I like black liquorice
Agnivesh Chatterjee
Agnivesh Chatterjee Månad sedan
Rhett was faster too...😁
Guilherme Monteiro Guerreiro
Guilherme Monteiro Guerreiro 2 månader sedan
Wait a second... IS THAT ADOBE FLASH!?!? (Not flash player, ok?) IMPOSSIBLE!! SHE WOULD HAVE TO PAY $9999999 dollars a month!! HOW!?!?
Guilherme Monteiro Guerreiro
Guilherme Monteiro Guerreiro 2 månader sedan
Guilherme Monteiro Guerreiro
Guilherme Monteiro Guerreiro 2 månader sedan
Guilherme Monteiro Guerreiro
Guilherme Monteiro Guerreiro 2 månader sedan
What software do you use to animate?
SenorOtaku 1
SenorOtaku 1 2 månader sedan
I love Black licorice!
trainercam30 2 månader sedan
Black lickerish or how ever you spell it is ok
Lindsey Shen
Lindsey Shen 2 månader sedan
I don't like black licorice... also do you animate first or do you record first?
RedKnight 2 månader sedan
did you think you would have 8 mil subscribers when you made this?
xxmelxduq xx
xxmelxduq xx 3 månader sedan
Can u draw a female, playing the piano, thats a banana? Oh and i love your videos! I tried and make a yt channel, and idk how to make thumbnails.. So, can you tell me how to do that(you dont have to xd) Oh and if you ever watched harry potter, have you ever took a quiz on harry house thingie? Im raven claw/ griffindor :> Oh! One last thing. You’re amazing! I rlly wish for a face rival (idk if i spelt it wrong). I love your animations, drawings, and dont listen to the ppl who dislike or hate you! In the end, you. Are. A. Star.
Will the Wolf
Will the Wolf 3 månader sedan
I love black licorice
Calla Massari
Calla Massari 3 månader sedan
Black licorice is deliciourice, but you’re entitled to your own opinions! :)
blue cool
blue cool 3 månader sedan
Subscribe to Jane animation subscribe to Jaiden animations
Interesting Ink
Interesting Ink 3 månader sedan
Watching this in 2020: she did make a video about the heely incident!
Fianna Tanaka-Kopp
Fianna Tanaka-Kopp 4 månader sedan
Omg my dad loves everything licorice and he gets black licorice all the time!
Amy V
Amy V 4 månader sedan
Your my favorite artist SVfromr and animator
Jason Alvarado
Jason Alvarado 4 månader sedan
Avatarfan77 /
Avatarfan77 / 4 månader sedan
I like that jaiden is humble
Jake Josh
Jake Josh 4 månader sedan
Same. I would love to see this comeback.
Derickandgbandj :D
Derickandgbandj :D 4 månader sedan
Moyaby Kone
Moyaby Kone 4 månader sedan
Foreshadowing: this would make a good animation video : one time I had these heelies *cough*Injuries and getting sick*cough*
Declan Hanafey
Declan Hanafey 4 månader sedan
Epic for shadowing the pebble
Lillian Larsen
Lillian Larsen 4 månader sedan
a cat tap dancing with a dog and add color please
David Johnson
David Johnson 4 månader sedan
Lapis Gem
Lapis Gem 5 månader sedan
The key to liking black licorice is to get used to it I grew up with it because my family is Dutch so naturally I’m just used to the flavor
Raznuk el Vengador
Raznuk el Vengador 5 månader sedan
Yikes, I haven't tasted that black licorice candy or whatever in my life, just the red ones tho, but, from what I've tasted before, it's not that incredibly delightful candy of all, in fact, if I have to choose which is my favorite candy, it may should be... Lol, I can't come up with anything, I guess I just only like candies and that's it :u
RioeeiiUwU 5 månader sedan
Is it just me or does the first drawing look like that panda from beastars?
Tucker Christianson
Tucker Christianson 5 månader sedan
I love you the most and you are beautiful
rose 5 månader sedan
Finally somebody who shares my hate for black licorice
dan33 5 månader sedan
Block licorice is all right but I’ll cherry is wayyyyyy beter
Reinier Depedro
Reinier Depedro 6 månader sedan
I like black licorice
Peachy-moon 6 månader sedan
What app do you use for drawing?
Dakaxe 6 månader sedan
Are you secretly dating James?
Dakaxe 6 månader sedan
Jaiden make a fourth q&a and here is my question: What’s your favourite type of music
Tubbs Tathena
Tubbs Tathena 6 månader sedan
I love black licorice! I can’t watch you any more! (Just kidding, but I still love black licorice!)
Meena 7 månader sedan
Liking jaidens every single video till i get hearted part 18
Husky Galaxy
Husky Galaxy 7 månader sedan
Does ari eat hot cheetos or hot Doritos or fredos if he like one what is and if he like all witch one is his favorit?
_OliviaDatCat_ 7 månader sedan
What drawing software are you using?
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 7 månader sedan
Where did you learn how to animatate? I kinda want to learn.
Benito Abigan
Benito Abigan 7 månader sedan
Notice me Senpai 😊
Firey fox
Firey fox 7 månader sedan
Just Another Incredibly Dope Every day Newley awesome
Kent YT
Kent YT 8 månader sedan
Future you have mentioned this
Curt vids
Curt vids 8 månader sedan
I LOVE black licorise
Juan Flores
Juan Flores 8 månader sedan
Caleb Castillo
Caleb Castillo 9 månader sedan
I actually love black licorice lol
OkDL 9 månader sedan
Is anybody watches this in 2020?
Britt Girls
Britt Girls 9 månader sedan
*clers throt * cupcake and red jaiden cupcake and red !
This is Lily
This is Lily 9 månader sedan
I actually find black licorice kinda pleasant
Christian Tobar
Christian Tobar 9 månader sedan
17 down?
Rihana .S
Rihana .S 9 månader sedan
I like liqurish
Marvel Geek
Marvel Geek 9 månader sedan
My mom really likes black licorice and black jelly beans...
ethan montejo
ethan montejo 9 månader sedan
Noa Jaffee
Noa Jaffee 10 månader sedan
jaiden thought it was impossible, but I'm in the middle with black licorice
Steph Beach
Steph Beach 10 månader sedan
SO...it's 2019, you said you are perfectionist. Is it working for you? From my POV it is... as long as you are happy and healthy.
Steph Beach
Steph Beach 10 månader sedan
black licorice ICK
XSaint24 10 månader sedan
xxxVioletlovesAnimexxx 10 månader sedan
Is anyone going to talk about how fregin cute jaidens animations are? By the way you are my fav youtuber 😁
Kai Abe
Kai Abe 10 månader sedan
I have a cat even though I am allergic to them
-Kakao- Katze
-Kakao- Katze 10 månader sedan
I'm in between of hating and loving black liquorice. I hate the weirdness of the flavour, but that is why I like it too. It's like how I feel with dark chocolate. I don't like the bitterness, but I can't help but love the uniqueness of the flavour.
I have a I have a question what's your real name
Howdy partner,
Howdy partner, 10 månader sedan
I got the ghost phadora!!!
Riley Doxtator
Riley Doxtator 10 månader sedan
Hey Jaiden guess what? You and the other animators inspire me
Kisai Yuki
Kisai Yuki 11 månader sedan
Black licorice is ok. The problem IMO with many Licorice brands is that it depends if it's actually licorice or just sugar. Real licorice (eg Panda Licorice, made in Finland) tastes pretty good, and isn't a sticky mess like, twizzlers. Twizzlers have a very "plastic chemical flavor" taste to them that many American candies have where they've excised the actual ingredients in favor of HFCS. If you're not sure if it's real or not, look for "licorice root" in the ingredients. On the other hand, the fake licorice candy you can't overdose on.
INFINITE GAMER 126 11 månader sedan
Ive come from the future Jayden you get a bird
MultiMations 11 månader sedan
Me no like licorice either
Pen_auinas 11 månader sedan
Anyone else realize that the Heely incident, she put that in her sickness and injuries videos!
Lionblaze's Channel
Lionblaze's Channel År sedan
5:04 basis on napstablook from undertale?
Crimson År sedan
Llama is my favorite lol
KB Smol
KB Smol År sedan
Jaiden: I HATE black lickorish (idk how to spell) its like when u bite into it ur like UGH what was that!? Me: I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?
Emerald_Fury 375
Emerald_Fury 375 År sedan
Great video Jaiden🙂
mis Rabinka
mis Rabinka År sedan
Какие же милахи💗💗💗
Lars Kaiser
Lars Kaiser År sedan
Hearing the part of her not being happy with her art AFTER the "face reveal" video is kinda sad...
•Raymond• År sedan
lalo pedraza
lalo pedraza År sedan
Your voice is nice and soft.
Crazy Chopstick Animates
Crazy Chopstick Animates År sedan
I like all animators the same way and I never compare them because its rude and makes people feel bad you and all the rest are 10/10
Crazy Chopstick Animates
Crazy Chopstick Animates År sedan
I'm a turtle person dogs cats birds turtles djsfbuervhiusgdiuwishciusbdcugwefhiuvburw
Burnt Spaghetti
Burnt Spaghetti År sedan
Cone Man
Cone Man År sedan
Anybody in 2019?????????????????????
Roko J
Roko J År sedan
5:50 thats where it started
Sally Sue
Sally Sue År sedan
idk why but i realized while i was watching this video that i'm watching it on the exact 4 year anniversary it came out and i get this feeling of like such self satisfaction XD I LOVE black licorice!!!
Basics 101
Basics 101 År sedan
I love your art and channel so thank you for being there. So that whenever I have nothing to do I have you. Great job!!!
Shayla Bailey
Shayla Bailey År sedan
I hate black liquorish
satan År sedan
girlllll I hate black liquorice too!
Kay År sedan
i’m in the middle between liking and disliking black licorice,and yes i’m insane for that i know
Pastel_Gacha 15
Pastel_Gacha 15 År sedan
what app are you using
Mr12Relic År sedan
"How many people like black licorice?" Rhett.
Agnivesh Chatterjee
Agnivesh Chatterjee Månad sedan
Well not jaiden (get it cuz Link always says the obvious after Rhett asks a rhetoric question)
You don’t like licorice too!!!! 😃
Annette Trocki-Pichardo
Annette Trocki-Pichardo År sedan
Jaiden,you are my inspiration
The fat pizza
The fat pizza År sedan
I hate black lickerish as well
The fat pizza
The fat pizza År sedan
How long does it approximately take to make a normal animation like the hide and pee onne
Rose Soden
Rose Soden År sedan
My Dad adores Black Licorice
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