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3 år sedan

luv ya guys

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I give you a high-five! i just did it. did you miss it? well, darn then you should've been ready that's all you get you missed your chance. sorry, man

Art drawing By SU
Art drawing By SU 3 timmar sedan
I was a picky eater too
Brooke 6 timmar sedan
I was unbelievably gullible and I have terrible short term memory, so when I said I was full my mum would say ‘okay, three more spoonfuls.’ And I would be like k dud and she would say 3.... 2.... 1.... 1..... 1..... 1..... 1.... 1.... until it was done :( BETRAYAL
Amos Ravenclaw
Amos Ravenclaw 7 timmar sedan
BALEN 8 timmar sedan
Fun Fact: You can hide meth in brownies
Lizzie M
Lizzie M 9 timmar sedan
Brocolli in brownies, beans in brownies, other.. Uhm... herbs
Allyson Forest
Allyson Forest 12 timmar sedan
Yeah my mom did that once with chocolate cake and zucchini it was gross the cake was disgusting
Brydan The guy
Brydan The guy 14 timmar sedan
Jaiden:I will eat more green beans than you have ever seen Me: so it’s a Competition
Cameron Foote
Cameron Foote 21 timme sedan
The plushies are worth that amount of money. That much for a plushy. How the heck did we come to this.
Cameron Foote
Cameron Foote 21 timme sedan
I would also be willing to wash the dishes, clean the house, make a deal with the under lord, sell lemonade...wait what?
DragonBorne Among us lover
DragonBorne Among us lover 23 timmar sedan
Good luck on the blaziken pokedoll
Chris David
Chris David Dag sedan
What? The fuck
Kaydee Walters
Kaydee Walters Dag sedan
I'm 10 but I love veggies I have no idea why but I do.
Flamemation random
Flamemation random Dag sedan
my prediction of 2021 BLAZA 3mil and rising at an alarming rate SVfrom:WoAh
Noah Tsao
Noah Tsao Dag sedan
yassss sisters I love stuffed animals
Wildfire Edits
Wildfire Edits Dag sedan
Jayden, beats the system by becoming the system
ce2147 Dag sedan
Jaiden I love carrots!
حليب شوكالاتة chocolate milk
حليب شوكالاتة chocolate milk Dag sedan
4:36 when she said animal i got a add...YOUR RIGHT ADDS ARE ANIMALS SPECIALY WHEN IT COME IN THE START
Daegan Handers
Daegan Handers Dag sedan
My parents never had tricks to get me to eat vegetables I just ate them except spinach
le crane Kid
le crane Kid Dag sedan
Im a kid and I actually like carrots and brocolli but the broccoli in ikea ARE THE BEST to the point that I was actually enthusiactic to eat broccoli
Alysha Tam
Alysha Tam Dag sedan
the todadile if thats how u spell it it so cute!!!!
Turginator 7 timmar sedan
It’s spelt totodile and is cute!
Alysha Tam
Alysha Tam Dag sedan
4 years agoooooooooooo
Bolorhon x
Bolorhon x Dag sedan
I love carrots
Emmet Chang
Emmet Chang Dag sedan
Itz Salty Kitten
Itz Salty Kitten Dag sedan
Kid: No I will not eat this mush, no matter what! I will sit here with a pouty lip for all eternity and when I die of starvation it will be your fault! Me: It’s nice to be able to relate with people
orange IM NOT SUS
orange IM NOT SUS Dag sedan
*silence in a mini Gordon Ramsey standard of tastes (well in terms of fast food)*
Robin Edelen
Robin Edelen Dag sedan
Hey jaiden I made a Pokémon art you and jacks are playing Pokémon and sad but ari died 🙁
Tim_G Parcon
Tim_G Parcon 2 dagar sedan
Ironically Sceptile is my Favorite Pokemon 🦎 🍃 Hoenn is also my most favorite region
Tloops !
Tloops ! 2 dagar sedan
Every time I watch this I want Oatmeal
Bentley Deyzel
Bentley Deyzel 2 dagar sedan
I’m a kid and I love my stofys
Prestyn O'Connor
Prestyn O'Connor 2 dagar sedan
Jaden... get a torching plush
Zhi Yi Chen
Zhi Yi Chen 2 dagar sedan
When I was younger my mom told me to eat half and I just push the food into the other half
NedLoaf FLIES 2 dagar sedan
Cool story I had at school. So the school was cooking brownies for everyone in the school and most people had them, but after the first bite you could tell there was pumpkin in it but everyone still ate them and they tasted the same to me.
Chi U.
Chi U. 2 dagar sedan
Maiden have you heard of greninja in the anime your favorite pokemon will change if you see its different from and the form is not a mega eveolo so?
Margot Rich
Margot Rich 2 dagar sedan
I LOVE stuffies! I have so many stuffed animals that my parents won’t let me have anymore!
Little Seal Animates!
Little Seal Animates! 2 dagar sedan
Jesus loves you
Spitfire Studios
Spitfire Studios 2 dagar sedan
Daria Khan
Daria Khan 2 dagar sedan
I like dinosaur toys by the way I'm a boy
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 2 dagar sedan
anybody noticed the sad looking batman in the vid?
Oscar Davis
Oscar Davis 2 dagar sedan
Yes oatmeal whenever people want
Jericho Aguinaldo
Jericho Aguinaldo 2 dagar sedan
I hate blazakin ):(
Nina 2 dagar sedan
That One Duck At the Pond
That One Duck At the Pond 2 dagar sedan
Me, a collector: *gasp*. Betrayal
Colin Belanger
Colin Belanger 3 dagar sedan
You are SATAN.
Poopy Aaron
Poopy Aaron 3 dagar sedan
0:03 bat man in the corner
Rodas animacoes
Rodas animacoes 3 dagar sedan
Did someone saw the batman
Nicholas Diaco
Nicholas Diaco 3 dagar sedan
the plushie guy
the plushie guy 3 dagar sedan
Oh yeah and I forgot Charizard
the plushie guy
the plushie guy 3 dagar sedan
I am on a quest to get all of the Pokemon plushies I already have 24 and I have four super rare's do you want to know them sure you want to know them mew Gengar marshadow and the Kanto starters.
Ars Animator
Ars Animator 3 dagar sedan
Idk why but i want subs
Uknown Commenter
Uknown Commenter 3 dagar sedan
so you would collect them, proclaim yourself as not a collector, just so people who do proclaim themselves as collectors, cannot collect them
unicorn the Werehog
unicorn the Werehog 3 dagar sedan
Ikr me too 4:29
r63 killer queen
r63 killer queen 3 dagar sedan
Beatriz Cassiano
Beatriz Cassiano 3 dagar sedan
please make a nother video about ARI [i love you more than ARI]
Beatriz Cassiano
Beatriz Cassiano 3 dagar sedan
congrats your parents are awsome
Floofy Dinoz
Floofy Dinoz 4 dagar sedan
ahmad khaleel
ahmad khaleel 4 dagar sedan
The only time your dad talked
sushi kitten
sushi kitten 4 dagar sedan
i ate owtmeal once for dinner and i did not get a look. I'm picky :P
Luscious_ LimeBerry
Luscious_ LimeBerry 4 dagar sedan
me: trying to listen. My cat: randomly starts scratching a picture.
Krisha Peddakotla
Krisha Peddakotla 4 dagar sedan
Did anyone else notice the hidden batman cause it took me 5 years to find it ,btw to yall who didn't find it pause at 0:03 and you'll see it in the corner
I like Lego’s SO MUSH that I can stand on Lego for one minute I’m a Lego G O D
Brian Chavez
Brian Chavez 4 dagar sedan
I love black beans
Aviette Buckley moskola
Aviette Buckley moskola 4 dagar sedan
Im a Kid and for some reason I’m completely fine with eating vegetables! Sometimes we have salad for dinner and I’ll eat it like it’s nothing (I was just saying this because she said that kids just wanna live off sugar.😆)
William Eldred
William Eldred 5 dagar sedan
ya pr
Imjess Playz
Imjess Playz 5 dagar sedan
You under estimate my power
TheGalaxyBunny 5 dagar sedan
i don't even know what oatmeal is, what the hell is it?!
ytlpnkn 5 dagar sedan
oatmeal is like cereal but mushier. also how do u not know what oatmeal is? and ur wlc
Starbug 5 dagar sedan
Yazee Pyaz
Yazee Pyaz 5 dagar sedan
OH MY FRIG dont say fri
Gabriella 5 dagar sedan
OMGGG my mom got rid of my little pet shop toys and now they’re rare!!! and i had sooo many!!! i could’ve been balling 😩✋🏻
Julianne Stallings
Julianne Stallings 5 dagar sedan
i love this 3:30
Tuna Sert
Tuna Sert 5 dagar sedan
2:02 Jaiden’s mom : Don’t try it
Eco plays terraria
Eco plays terraria 5 dagar sedan
"parents hav become the mastersvof making kids eat vegetables" *me(who is now 13) havent eaten 1 vegetable
Move As If
Move As If 5 dagar sedan
Jaiden:we have parents Bat man: ....
Matheus Castanharo
Matheus Castanharo 5 dagar sedan
Bruh, If you want to get all the collector items, then you are a collector.
•Alaska Gaming•
•Alaska Gaming• 5 dagar sedan
I guess my mom was lucky to have a vegetarian for a kid I loved broccoli-
Queen of 0 Dumplings
Queen of 0 Dumplings 5 dagar sedan
OMG GURL WE SERECT TWIN SISTERS....I AM A ANLIMAL LOVER AND I ATLEAST HAVE ABOUT maybe 23....toy plushies in my room closet sooooo YEA.
Bradley Shende
Bradley Shende 5 dagar sedan
My daughter is an stuffed animal lover too
Mr de roblox
Mr de roblox 6 dagar sedan
1:11 she is saying *mom my stomach hurts
Super pizza Mario
Super pizza Mario 6 dagar sedan
Literally I was arguing about the oatmeal thing with my dad for lunch
Hun Lim
Hun Lim 6 dagar sedan
1:38 I feel called out
• Monocle Studios •
• Monocle Studios • 6 dagar sedan
wagwan pifting
wagwan pifting 6 dagar sedan
“You can hide anything in brownies” Like boy do we know 👀
mr wierdo
mr wierdo 6 dagar sedan
There are space brownies 7u7
beeboobuddies 6 dagar sedan
I have billions of stuffed animals like literally there’s like a bunch of trash bags and Boxes of stuffed animals in my room by the way hi Jaiden
sheryl abrazaldo
sheryl abrazaldo 6 dagar sedan
Am i the only one who likes broccoli 🥦🥦🥦🥦🥦 its yummy okay no judgement 🤣
Zoomboy 8z2
Zoomboy 8z2 6 dagar sedan
4:29 me to I just am I stuffed animal 🧸
divora dawit
divora dawit 6 dagar sedan
who saw the bat 🦇 man 👨 pop up at the beginning of the video. 0:02
PlasmaCannon 6 dagar sedan
0:53 “I like it and will eat it when I desire just WATCH ME!”
jessie leewon kim
jessie leewon kim 6 dagar sedan
my mum and dad dosent care if i dont eat veggies but i eat veggies (a little bit)
Lorie Chastain
Lorie Chastain 6 dagar sedan
My mom makes chocolate zucini bread and it pretty good❤👄❤
Zio Chrisanto
Zio Chrisanto 7 dagar sedan
Ouch. 0:16
thatonerandom person
thatonerandom person 7 dagar sedan
I have a Jolteon
Yair Rivera Moreno
Yair Rivera Moreno 7 dagar sedan
watch limeande memes and Jaiden animations
Yair Rivera Moreno
Yair Rivera Moreno 7 dagar sedan
mickey hi goofy: goofy in his mind mickey says hello not hi: goofy out loud your not mickey what the@$%$#$% i want to be a meme lord
Yair Rivera Moreno
Yair Rivera Moreno 9 timmar sedan
@natzu thank you i love memes
natzu 21 timme sedan
i lost my 3 remaining brain cells reading this and by that i must reward you with a like.
Min Yang
Min Yang 7 dagar sedan
I love vegetables .-. (I hate white chocolate .-.) BUT IF YOU PUT ONE BAR OF PEPPERMINT BARK INFRONT OF ME I WILL EAT IT (Peppermint barks are chocolate and mint put together.) .-.
Lorelei Lewis
Lorelei Lewis 7 dagar sedan
...and Batman appears.
John Rocco
John Rocco 7 dagar sedan
A different kind of edible
Abner Abacan
Abner Abacan 7 dagar sedan
totodile's are my favorite pokemon amd also squirtle
É Mexendo que se Aprende ツ
É Mexendo que se Aprende ツ 7 dagar sedan
4:14 HEY! BE PG! what other erves tho? i want tha- FBI! OPEN UP!
Mia Bonnici
Mia Bonnici 7 dagar sedan
Jaiden. Since my mums such a push over ###### since my mums so nice Me.hey mum can i have a eevee poke doll My mum. NO!!! Me. Plssssssssss My mum.FINE Me again.*in a whisper* since my mums such a push over🤣🤣🤣🤣
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