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3 år sedan

luv ya guys

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I give you a high-five! i just did it. did you miss it? well, darn then you should've been ready that's all you get you missed your chance. sorry, man

Wesley jager
Wesley jager 35 minuter sedan
My mom puts on broccoli inside our inside our macaroni and I never even notice😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
kara mock
kara mock Timme sedan
My thing is unicorns stuffed animals pictures and a whole bunch of other things I know that's really sad but , , hello!
Moose_YT 2 timmar sedan
Jaiden I looked up your blaziken plush and there's one on ebay for about 300 dollars. not saying you should buy it buuut i mean if you're desperate for one then...
Moose_YT Timme sedan
@YeetisSpaghettis good to know
YeetisSpaghettis 2 timmar sedan
Dude I’m not gay
Marisabel Vega
Marisabel Vega 3 timmar sedan
My mom is overprotected of me and my sister my mom and dad well they're pretty good parents my dad works so hard to get money for us and my mom and dad they're both overprotected my mom and dad did pretty good job
#spidey69 20
#spidey69 20 4 timmar sedan
Me:eating pizza Jaden:saying to eat vechtbuls FRICK
toby not telling
toby not telling 4 timmar sedan
but...but... i like broccoli
Liam Wenn
Liam Wenn 4 timmar sedan
I'm watching this video 3 years after it is made
Sarah Neves
Sarah Neves 4 timmar sedan
4:29 guess we're more alike than I thought, they were mine too! I never got rid of one single one of my stuffed animals, on purpose at least I remember when I was little and I was in my cousin's house, and she was chosing toys for charity, and I saw this golden dog tied to a purple plushie dog house and asked her if I could keep it. She let me keep the dog and I became obsessed with her. I named her Mel that means honey in my country since in my mind she had honey color but it was a lot more pale than honey color. I started bringing her to School and to *everywhere* I went. I could not leave my house without bringing Mel along. One day I went to the mall and bought a white black and pink cat to be her friend. It was the same day she lost her nose so her nose is just a dot. It came to a point where one of my friends literally said she wanted to *burn* Mel (if you don't care about Gravity Falls you can skip this, ifthat happened these days I would instantly remember of the day Alex burnt his red flannel jackets because... Idk, something happened about Gravity Falls that I forgot and he promised before that if that happened he would burn his jackets), just because I loved her so much. She said it was childish, but we were children, and if I had the mentality I have now I would know not to listen to her if she said that I shouldn't listen to her if she told me not to carry the plushie I loved so much everywhere, and that I should have done that when I still could.
Hugo Caldera
Hugo Caldera 5 timmar sedan
Do kids eat oatmeal like all the time back for like breakfast lunch and then I just have smoked salmon
Brent Ball
Brent Ball 5 timmar sedan
i treid black bean brownies b4 and i could tell the difference it was NASTY
brightclaws17 6 timmar sedan
Me moving out and eating nutella untill 1am
Camron Mozaffari
Camron Mozaffari 6 timmar sedan
After 3 years of this video's publication I am only now realizing that one of the stuffed animals in the pile was an uglydoll
Ciara O'neill
Ciara O'neill 7 timmar sedan
I just noticed the little bat man in the corner at the start
Aidan Redding
Aidan Redding 8 timmar sedan
I was a huge stuffed animal kid too. I still have 2 bins full of them in my bedroom.
Bunny Ears
Bunny Ears 12 timmar sedan
I will *NOT* share this with my parents :)
Bhea Barcelon
Bhea Barcelon 14 timmar sedan
teriyaki is what she wants LMAO
Etruioo 14 timmar sedan
Jadien used 10% of her power.
TheSlowDeer 16 timmar sedan
Jaidens mom: lets have a green bean eating contest. Jaiden: you dare oppose me mortal
Coobysnax 17 timmar sedan
"Other herbs"
Tarun 17 timmar sedan
Pokimane: *Gets views because of her looks* Jaiden Animations: *Gets views because the animations are legit good nad the clever jokes in certain parts*
Jheiden Maveric Damasco
Jheiden Maveric Damasco 18 timmar sedan
I actually like vegetables and also carrots
Kristin Stears
Kristin Stears 20 timmar sedan
LILLIANA OLAGUEZ 21 timme sedan
I have drawn whatever that blue pokemon name is
matthew the Mystery ninja
matthew the Mystery ninja 22 timmar sedan
Honestly I wanna live off carrots and water
Brandon Gonzales
Brandon Gonzales 22 timmar sedan
I was the werd kid that loved vegetables
Jingjing Liang
Jingjing Liang 23 timmar sedan
Poor batman...
elias coria
elias coria 23 timmar sedan
Guess what,that blaziken now its $250 + shipping,i feel so bad for you cuz i know how that feels since my mom get rid of some sort of beyblade that now its worth in a lot of money
Omar Dag sedan
6:58 Okay. You’re actually mean, Jaiden. I’m serious. This is straight up evil. Going out of your way just to make people’s day worse? This is actually horrible.
Swunglizard Dag sedan
i like the totodile
Facist Spartan
Facist Spartan Dag sedan
Apparently i was demon when i was younger
George Khoory
George Khoory Dag sedan
I thought the plush thing had broccoli in it
- Victoria Playz -
- Victoria Playz - Dag sedan
Did you know people actually snuck drugs into brownies and brought them to my school before? Good times.
LXTH Trzboi
LXTH Trzboi Dag sedan
I’ve drink an avocado smoothie
Epic Lucca games beep boop
Epic Lucca games beep boop Dag sedan
00:56 yeah it is a NEVER food
Noah Springer
Noah Springer Dag sedan
Quagsire is best
Lexa The Snake
Lexa The Snake Dag sedan
3:39 I forgot about this until now but, as one of those 'picky eaters' you were talking about, my parents got me to try one of these once And it was disgusting
Michelle Hallock
Michelle Hallock Dag sedan
Iv had Brokle chicken
Jayant Zalki
Jayant Zalki Dag sedan
0:02, poor batman, doesn't have parents :'(
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Dag sedan
I don’t mind people eating “breakfast food” any time of day I had cereal for dinner and pancakes for lunch once btw I LOVE STUFFED ANIMALS THEY ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER
Num1MarioFan Dag sedan
there are some still about $20 Jaiden
yzdirtrider Dag sedan
Xx Pastel Studios xX
Xx Pastel Studios xX Dag sedan
Jaiden : I like plushies and Pokémon...... Yt: Pokémon go ad
Eli Newton
Eli Newton Dag sedan
4:38 I got a pokèmon ad
Alex 123
Alex 123 2 dagar sedan
Nah I more of khanto starters my fav is charzard
Dark green
Dark green 2 dagar sedan
‘Kids had their own thing growing up’ I was that kid you’d find at the back of the playground selling his Pokemon cards for cash. I think one day I made at least £5. I was turning the back area of that playground into the black market
icyhazel 2 dagar sedan
When she was talking about brownies, I was eating a brownie. LOL!
Wa Yang
Wa Yang 2 dagar sedan
One time that happened to me
siena 23 timmar sedan
what did
Izzie Teague
Izzie Teague 2 dagar sedan
Hey Jaden I’m not in love stuffed animals I would give up my life for them so yeah I get you I can’t sleep without them I love your videos!
galinda rios
galinda rios 2 dagar sedan
Quinn 2 dagar sedan
Albin Karlsson
Albin Karlsson 2 dagar sedan
2.01 yaayyy star wars
《你好》•。 2 dagar sedan
The only thing I ever eat is animal crackers and chicken nuggets
Aaron Gabriel Chua
Aaron Gabriel Chua 2 dagar sedan
El & Dustin Krueger
El & Dustin Krueger 2 dagar sedan
When I was little I tip over my chair and my parents said 4 on the floor
Maxine Gamer
Maxine Gamer 2 dagar sedan
I love Vegetables ;-; WHYYYY JUSTICE FOR VEGETABLES!!!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i can eat brocolis in one bite UwU they yummy and they best 🥬🌽🥦🍅🍆🍠🥑🥜🥕🥔🥒
LMoonous 2 dagar sedan
I wonder if my pikachu doll from 2016 is worth a few bucks now 🤔
Mr Wolt
Mr Wolt 2 dagar sedan
Who else got this in their recommended 3 years later?
Ümit Erdi
Ümit Erdi 19 timmar sedan
matthew the Mystery ninja
matthew the Mystery ninja 22 timmar sedan
RilxTheGalaxy Dag sedan
all of us
Rita Latini
Rita Latini 2 dagar sedan
_imthewierdkid_ 2 dagar sedan
Dude same
Paul Tribles
Paul Tribles 2 dagar sedan
Am I th only person in this comment section who actually likes broccoli
Queen of Rainbow Zebras
Queen of Rainbow Zebras 2 dagar sedan
"Some people try other herbs.." Oh- *Oh no.*
Jaiden animations fan :3
Jaiden animations fan :3 2 dagar sedan
I actually like blackbeans 👌🏻trust me there good
Maddox Boham
Maddox Boham 2 dagar sedan
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny 2 dagar sedan
Skitty, Torchic and Bunneary are the best Pokémon
Jacksonimations 2 dagar sedan
“I like many people have parents” Naruto, Tanjiro Vegeta, And every shounen anime character:
Bonez DaLucario
Bonez DaLucario 2 dagar sedan
I have a Litten pokedoll and Litten is just my favorite starter I got Litten at an arcade at one of those machines in which you have to like put a triangle or a shape into another shape and then try to get the prize you want unstuck I eventually fit it inside the shape BUT I didn’t know you had to get it unstuck too and so I was so disappointed and felt like crying at the arcade but my sister basically used up all her money until she eventually got it true story
Mia Davis
Mia Davis 2 dagar sedan
I don’t care that “Mac-n-cheese” is a breakfast food I love it and will eat it when I desire just wach me I hate Mac-n-cheese I love Mac-n-cheese *Smacks myself in the face*I LOVE MAC-N-CHEESE
Mia Davis
Mia Davis 2 dagar sedan
Ur mom reminds me of my mom she got rid of my (cheap duck) from a carnival and happy late b day
Lpstarlight22 2 dagar sedan
As a kid I would rather eat vegetables as a kid because they where rather tasty 🤣🤣🤣
Koltin Dupre
Koltin Dupre 3 dagar sedan
Maríana Mist Gestsdóttir
Maríana Mist Gestsdóttir 3 dagar sedan
Not 'everyone' has a guardian figure...
MaxChaiotic The One Inch Punch
MaxChaiotic The One Inch Punch 3 dagar sedan
At the brownie part she was trying to think of so many other things to say other that pot brownies.
Maia Solverud
Maia Solverud 3 dagar sedan
Sadly my parents never baked me or my sister anything unless it was a birthday cake
GokuBlack 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden Everyone has their things Me: switches and computers, also ipads
HarmonySquared 3 dagar sedan
Heck yeah!!!! oatmeal for breakfast!!!!
CHEWIE 124 3 dagar sedan
I have that pokedolls
lil boi
lil boi 3 dagar sedan
the pokemon story reminding me of pokimon talk
Nick White
Nick White 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: parent story's me: I LOVE JAIDEN ANIMATIONS
HH Pxrple Queen
HH Pxrple Queen 3 dagar sedan
0:54 I actually hate oatmeal lol
Ethan Solo
Ethan Solo 3 dagar sedan
Doesn’t that make you a collector
mini Swift
mini Swift 3 dagar sedan
My favorite pokemon is greninja
Giuseppe D'Alessandro
Giuseppe D'Alessandro 3 dagar sedan
me @ 13 when i first look at 4:14 : oh nice, i like recepy experimentation! me now : wait a second-
Nate Beauchamp
Nate Beauchamp 3 dagar sedan
6:58 That just sounds like being a collector with extra steps.
GamerAidebPlayz 3 dagar sedan
ArgumentativeAtheist 3 dagar sedan
Yeah, but you realise that by collecting those dolls, so that collectors can't collect them, makes you a collector....
BonesFrappuccino 3 dagar sedan
I am a kid and I don't need to have my vegetables shoved down my throat out of my free will, I've just always liked vegetables
Podejrzany #Pootis
Podejrzany #Pootis 3 dagar sedan
7:05 you are a dick/jerk
LightingPlayz Overdrive
LightingPlayz Overdrive 3 dagar sedan
Eclipse Games And More!
Eclipse Games And More! 3 dagar sedan
0:49 I feel the same way-
Sadge Gowey
Sadge Gowey 3 dagar sedan
Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Final ksi diss out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
informitas 0
informitas 0 3 dagar sedan
Who throws away other people's stuff without asking?? That's at least questionable behavior and horrible parenting at the worst.
the sweater squad UwU
the sweater squad UwU 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden : how many times ur mom randomly bakes brownies? me : .... none..
Kod Adı: Oyun
Kod Adı: Oyun 3 dagar sedan
My mom will never hide brokoli in my browni because I love brokolis
Shaheen J
Shaheen J 3 dagar sedan
“make a deal with the under lord” Oh I’ve been there hehe(^_-)☆(^_-)☆(^_-)☆
Duncan Van Ooyen
Duncan Van Ooyen 3 dagar sedan
I rarely had those moments of my parents saying "hey, don't do this thing or bad stuff will happen!" Either because I was very obedient, or because I got very lucky the one time I disobeyed them. Here's an example of each (one disobedience, one lucky): 1. My father used to live in a home that was out in the country, and didn't have central heating, so in the winter, it depended on wood-burning furnaces to keep warm. I _loved_ fire and really enjoyed starting an feeding fires, and in general, I've always been very careful and smart about it. But, as a kid, I was enamored by how brightly and quickly dry bark burned in particular, and really like taking a piece of bark and burning it separately from the rest of the fire. I was told not to do that, because (shock) fire is hot, and I could burn myself. I ignored this advice of course, and one day let a piece of bark burn too much in my hand, and burned the back of my knuckles. No permanent damage was done, and I honestly don't even think I have a scar or anything, but boy did it sting for a few days. 2. In 2012, I visited some family in Vancouver (I'm Canadian). My grandfather tends to this log cabin he built in the woods up in the mountains (he doesn't "own it" because it's technically an illegal construction, shhh, don't tell anyone), and invited me and some family to spend a weekend up there once. Unfortunately, his normal route was blocked by a huge rock slide, so we had to plot an alternative route that involved climbing up an almost sheer incline. My grandpa, uncle, and 1 or 2 more experienced climbers in our party went ahead to secure the route, with the intention of letting down a rope to let the rest of us climb up, but I was starting to get impatient after about 45 minutes of waiting and started after them. About halfway up, I slipped and started falling, but luckily there was a plant (COVERED IN THORNS) that I could grab onto, and immediately after, my uncle felt the rope go tight and secured it properly so I could finish my ascent. If i had been slightly less lucky, the only thing below me were my other family members, who I would surely have badly injured by falling on top of them unexpectedly, and if I had been just a little less lucky than that, I would have fallen a good 8-10 feet onto the rock slide itself, landing me a hospitalizing injury... 4+hours away from the nearest hospital.
Shekinah Feata Sailiai FAIMALO-LIAITA
Shekinah Feata Sailiai FAIMALO-LIAITA 3 dagar sedan
5:13 moment of silence for his BOOTIFUL double chin.
cristian A Camarillo Mtz
cristian A Camarillo Mtz 3 dagar sedan
O Soy yo el único que Abla español
Charlotte Ritiau
Charlotte Ritiau 3 dagar sedan
I ❤ broccoli
necro the ink angel
necro the ink angel 3 dagar sedan
"Some people try other herbs" My mom felt that
A. K.
A. K. 3 dagar sedan
ive never had a brownie before no joke
grittygitdown 3 dagar sedan
Grace Chan
Grace Chan 3 dagar sedan
I searched up blaziken plush and it was 249 DOLLARS, and it was USED
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