Our tour went wrong in all the best ways

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Jaiden Animations

10 månader sedan

The best time with the best buds
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Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations 10 månader sedan
DISCLAIMER: Do NOT go to any hotel websites and make false bad reviews on their pages. It's immature, and I've recieved a concerned email from a hotel we didn't stay at saying they've been recieving many 1-star ratings and causing them distress.
Maxmin Leung
Maxmin Leung 20 dagar sedan
Jaiden I am addicted to Pokemon GO too I play 16 hours a day
Ice Wolf
Ice Wolf 29 dagar sedan
Angel Gutierrez
Angel Gutierrez Månad sedan
I agree
Rohan Ayare
Rohan Ayare Månad sedan
Hi jaiden😀😀❤️
Wolfie Månad sedan
Who in their right mind would actually do that. I find them stupid
Aar On Paule
Aar On Paule 22 minuter sedan
Sounds like so much fun! So cool!
Adrian Hurley
Adrian Hurley 28 minuter sedan
2:02 everyday I'm shufflin'
Marcus Caguin
Marcus Caguin Timme sedan
Nobody: Jaiden’s friends: call Uber to order tacos Me: laughing my head off 😂
Andy Ji
Andy Ji 3 timmar sedan
Anyone notice that the music that makes you poop video has 69,420 views?
Cody Wigley
Cody Wigley 4 timmar sedan
Who is your main in smash?
Irvin sanchez
Irvin sanchez 7 timmar sedan
Foodle 85
Foodle 85 8 timmar sedan
This is almost like one of those cartoon crossovers on one big quest
erika flores
erika flores 10 timmar sedan
The terrible step-grandfather contradictorily imagine because deodorant evidently hope after a damaged fowl. macho, hypnotic single
XxxxAlpaca_crazyXxxx 11 timmar sedan
When you are in Texas you need to get bbq Texas check
Galit 13 timmar sedan
Both iggy and Jonathan’s dog die in jojo Nothing else
abdulaziz F
abdulaziz F 15 timmar sedan
The music makes my throat feel weird
zora z
zora z 16 timmar sedan
JoJo's bizzare truckventures
blaczej yt
blaczej yt 18 timmar sedan
Dad Of 2
Dad Of 2 Dag sedan
0:19 PAUSE
Lilly Shou
Lilly Shou Dag sedan
dis is jaiden :]
Cloudy_ashes Dag sedan
-poop sound- Ad: *aM i PrEgNaT!?!*
Ethan Mccaffrey
Ethan Mccaffrey Dag sedan
2:52- naruto run
Big McLargehuge
Big McLargehuge Dag sedan
Arin fantasizing about pooping on the bus was the most Arin thing I've ever seen.
Shadowknight Zxxo
Shadowknight Zxxo Dag sedan
Zzz Zzz
Zzz Zzz Dag sedan
8:27 ADAM?!
the king gamer
the king gamer Dag sedan
0:54 wt that air plane just appeared in there
m Zaki Banyu
m Zaki Banyu Dag sedan
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Dag sedan
the fact that JoJo was a dog is just too perfect, maybe the owner of JoJo is a JJBA fan
Jack B
Jack B Dag sedan
2:02 I see a peanuts and a FNAF reference
Lamecplays Dag sedan
Jaiden: as good friends we are we help Ross poop James in the background: jumping on the bed with no help.
Lamecplays Dag sedan
Natalie Vidrio
Natalie Vidrio 2 dagar sedan
You should have played brown note for Ross
Pineapple Cat
Pineapple Cat 2 dagar sedan
My favorite part is just James jumping on the bed in the back ground
TheFlying Teacup
TheFlying Teacup 2 dagar sedan
Name tag: Jojo Me: araki no
Ej’s Fun Days
Ej’s Fun Days 2 dagar sedan
Pause at 2:03
Ej’s Fun Days
Ej’s Fun Days 2 dagar sedan
You here
Ej’s Fun Days
Ej’s Fun Days 2 dagar sedan
If you don’t know what it is (it’s that robot in the back) why are
Dave R
Dave R 2 dagar sedan
I don’t care how many scribble showdown tours you’re doing all right still want to be there
tetrofita178 2 dagar sedan
2:05 Is that a trogdor machine and candy cadet? YES THEY ARE THANK YOU YOU ARE ONE OF THE OTHER PEOPLE THAT MENTION TROGDOR!!!!
Kawaii Anime Macaron
Kawaii Anime Macaron 2 dagar sedan
Not me being depressed that I just watched this video and I live in Canada and was like I wonder when this was made cause I live in Canada and Toronto is in Canada (see the end card) and then I looked at when this was made and was like “OFC IM STUPD TO HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT COVID NO WAY THEYD DO A TOUR DURING NOW IM STUPIDDD”
Get_Dqstrqyed 2 dagar sedan
Why does Aaron in the animation look like areumadlol Aaron like with the streak of yellow hair in the brown it looks just like his channel icon character
Lyslyn Cacatian
Lyslyn Cacatian 2 dagar sedan
Lyslyn Cacatian
Lyslyn Cacatian 2 dagar sedan
Chong Jin Yi Unknown
Chong Jin Yi Unknown 2 dagar sedan
Hey Jaiden I am vegan
galactic max
galactic max 2 dagar sedan
Why you not play minecraft
Bu1apli 2 dagar sedan
Did anybody notice the music for Ross she showed had 69,420 views?
me vita animated
me vita animated 3 dagar sedan
Just to let ya now Brooklyn is awesoooome luv u bue
Lucas Lockel
Lucas Lockel 3 dagar sedan
2:04 candy cadet from FNAF 6 in the background!
Mohamed iyad Haddou
Mohamed iyad Haddou 3 dagar sedan
Hey Why you all firend boi
Mohammad Rendi Hakim
Mohammad Rendi Hakim 3 dagar sedan
James is weird..... He is the odds one
Nathan Houtz
Nathan Houtz 3 dagar sedan
s u g a r SUGAR RUHS
w07i 3 dagar sedan
I want a mewtwo :(
ʜɪ ʜɪ
ʜɪ ʜɪ 3 dagar sedan
Tell me why ain't nothing but a mistakem
Petir371 3 dagar sedan
How a about malaysia
Drowning man
Drowning man 4 dagar sedan
rockypinson 4 dagar sedan
Who else noticed the candy cadet in the back of the arcade?? Like if you noticed! ↘️ ↙️ \ / | |
Cleared For Flight
Cleared For Flight 4 dagar sedan
Did ross Ever Poop?
random videos
random videos 4 dagar sedan
2:51 that one weird kid in school
Liam Cantu
Liam Cantu 4 dagar sedan
I know the "music that makes you poop " thing
Eli Zeitlin
Eli Zeitlin 4 dagar sedan
i wish i still lived in brooklyn
Red’s Stuff
Red’s Stuff 4 dagar sedan
At 2:05 did anyone see candy cadet? Cuz I see
SMILLI_happy roblox
SMILLI_happy roblox 4 dagar sedan
jame on this vid be like :3
tufotv gaming
tufotv gaming 4 dagar sedan
When i listened to the poop music i took a poop
That’s an odd potato
That’s an odd potato 4 dagar sedan
When Jaiden was talking about the adult baby walkers a pull ups ad just pop up XD
VenaGreen 5 dagar sedan
You should have said James was the odds1out of the poison group
bruce animation
bruce animation 5 dagar sedan
Oh I saw the candy guy form fanf WOW
Gudr Queen
Gudr Queen 5 dagar sedan
Doug Priore
Doug Priore 5 dagar sedan
James: You're either good at math or bad at reading.....or....you're weird. Karma gets Jaiden: I don't know I guess James is weird.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 5 dagar sedan
Oh my God the actual videos were fucking hilarious
Ian Burris
Ian Burris 5 dagar sedan
Yep your welcome the whole reason your here is because of me. jk
courtney costa
courtney costa 5 dagar sedan
i hope you go to toronto again
Withered Tøxīç Ăļëx Torment
Withered Tøxīç Ăļëx Torment 5 dagar sedan
2:12 behind james is candy cadet from,fnaf ultimite custom night
Chuck Jenkins
Chuck Jenkins 5 dagar sedan
2:13 Anyone catch candy cadet?
1204barbelj 5 dagar sedan
did she say vegan check? now i think i will start to disslike her a bit
mihail shumkovski
mihail shumkovski 5 dagar sedan
jaden my mom and dad think ur dumb but i dont so can u share some drawing advice?
David Dermawan
David Dermawan 5 dagar sedan
I never been poop in 2 days
louis.huang 1867
louis.huang 1867 5 dagar sedan
Baby first TOUR i Never do that 🥱🥱
Ethan Maculada
Ethan Maculada 5 dagar sedan
1:21 do you mean JOJO’S Bizarre adventure jotaro joestar
Big Blink
Big Blink 5 dagar sedan
Wait what I see domics in beginning
ii_Wølfe Gacha
ii_Wølfe Gacha 6 dagar sedan
Just lol 2:52 xD
Shadow 6 dagar sedan
Jaiden: theres a mewtwo raid Me: **suffering in pain becuz i've played pokemon go for 3 years and never caught a mewtwo**
The Taco
The Taco 6 dagar sedan
Make a series of Pokémon go
erika flores
erika flores 6 dagar sedan
The internal particle preferably park because route preliminarily desert forenenst a absent kenya. flaky, nebulous blowgun
Petir371 6 dagar sedan
I want to go but i from malaysia
james gamer
james gamer 6 dagar sedan
james gamer
james gamer 6 dagar sedan
my name is James
Donovan Swanky
Donovan Swanky 6 dagar sedan
Only 2 days, if you eat mre's at army camps, you don't pop for a week
BH oozy
BH oozy 6 dagar sedan
Do you still play Pokémon go
keirx 6 dagar sedan
Her: We're going to..... (she starts naming a million states) for tour! So don't worry if you missed this! Me: ... welp too late now.
Harvie YIU
Harvie YIU 6 dagar sedan
Hold up 4:13 69420 Wtf jaiden
marlow 7 dagar sedan
"Music that makes you poop" incredible
Forkknife season 5
Forkknife season 5 7 dagar sedan
All the video you made of your furcation of when you said Austin that’s my name Austin
jonathan S
jonathan S 7 dagar sedan
two days without pooping!?!? wow....adult power
The gaming beaversaur
The gaming beaversaur 7 dagar sedan
YOUR ALMOST ON 10MIL JAIDEN OMG i was here at i think near 200k when I didn't have an account and it has been amazing to see you grow wov you goodbyeeee
Susan Blondheim
Susan Blondheim 7 dagar sedan
Kylo Cactus
Kylo Cactus 7 dagar sedan
I really wanted to puke while listening to the music that makes you puke.
Tino Playz
Tino Playz 7 dagar sedan
jaiden i plat pokemon go two
maniconi 7 dagar sedan
2:12 oh fnaf 6
oof 7 dagar sedan
MerlinAmbrosius17 7 dagar sedan
I'd like to believe that James didn't get food poisoning because at that time he was eating very well like eating a lot of fruit which made us immune system stronger
AquaTDW 7 dagar sedan
Jaden you said that a VIP Q&A then a hour then the show but you said in the one hour break there was a mewtwo and then then Q&A happen?
an artist i guess
an artist i guess 7 dagar sedan
I guess the seven day vegan challenge baby solves all your problems does solve all your problems
VictorRuby Barnes
VictorRuby Barnes 7 dagar sedan
Yes its magic
hex the otaku
hex the otaku 7 dagar sedan
Id love to see jaiden and the game grumps colab :3
Amber Melton
Amber Melton 7 dagar sedan
I got to see you guys in San Francisco!! It was so awesome!! 😁👍
Kingston Woods
Kingston Woods 7 dagar sedan
2:04 CANDY CADET from fnaf 6
Kingston Woods
Kingston Woods 7 dagar sedan
Backround behind James it’s that robot with the antennas
VictorRuby Barnes
VictorRuby Barnes 7 dagar sedan
Drea S
Drea S 7 dagar sedan
I have a dustclops on Pokémon go
Phantom Killer3142
Phantom Killer3142 8 dagar sedan
Out of curiosity, which character do you like to use in smash?
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