Our tour went wrong in all the best ways

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Jaiden Animations

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The best time with the best buds
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Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations 7 månader sedan
DISCLAIMER: Do NOT go to any hotel websites and make false bad reviews on their pages. It's immature, and I've recieved a concerned email from a hotel we didn't stay at saying they've been recieving many 1-star ratings and causing them distress.
Come game with Blaise Call me game with BG
Come game with Blaise Call me game with BG 12 timmar sedan
Vips909 13 dagar sedan
Jaja 1 star reviews go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Joseph Dowgiallo
Joseph Dowgiallo 27 dagar sedan
Ok good to know
bestplayerboy 2 månader sedan
hi jaiden thank you for everything your vedios are helping me over come my depretion and eating desorder again thank you so much
Ria Love
Ria Love 2 månader sedan
Whoa, that's messed up, will make sure I won't, Jaiden.
Sarah Neves
Sarah Neves Timme sedan
I love how James is the only one different
spaceshipfuel Timme sedan
0:18 this is literally the best fucking joke ever oh my fucking god
Emma Moser
Emma Moser 2 timmar sedan
omg you look so wreid man
ReD aToMic
ReD aToMic 2 timmar sedan
Fun Fact: The start was a JoJo reference
David Zyla
David Zyla 2 timmar sedan
James just jumping on the bed!
The Adventurer
The Adventurer 3 timmar sedan
Ross naruto running on a VR set up gives me life. Also Arin laughing in the background also makes me giggle
Yagvender Singh
Yagvender Singh 5 timmar sedan
Is no one gonna talk about jojo the dog?
Social_ Idiot
Social_ Idiot 5 timmar sedan
2:50 is that the candy bot thing from fnaf in the corner?
madeleine martin
madeleine martin 5 timmar sedan
I got mewtwo
Note 6 timmar sedan
Kitchen Nightmare will visit the BBQ restaurant
Amanda Stribling
Amanda Stribling 7 timmar sedan
Are you doing another oen
GamingAce 8 timmar sedan
“The laundry room sink in the motel had a marijuana in it.” The fact she calls it “a marijuana” is so pure.
Sawyer Driscoll
Sawyer Driscoll 8 timmar sedan
Arsalaan Adventure Time
Arsalaan Adventure Time 8 timmar sedan
Olivegamer 9 timmar sedan
Jaiden: *talks about the dog jojo* *dio wants to know your location*
Stephen Afton
Stephen Afton 9 timmar sedan
2:04 I see candy cadet
Corbinius 9 timmar sedan
okay but why he poop on the floor
Wessel Van Wijk
Wessel Van Wijk 9 timmar sedan
1:20 N-NANI?!
wolf 101
wolf 101 10 timmar sedan
which one is noodle or is he even in the video. sorry im new to the channel
Ravi ross Gaming boss
Ravi ross Gaming boss 12 timmar sedan
0:18 to 0:20 arm up arm down thats what it says
MAHIR ASIF 14 timmar sedan
Who searched that poop song after watching this video! XD
Deniseusz 15 timmar sedan
2:12 candy cadet i want to hear your stories
Itscookiecute 15 timmar sedan
why not the philippines ;^;
꧁구름 Wonder꧂
꧁구름 Wonder꧂ 16 timmar sedan
Jaiden: *names all cities* Hives: Well hi there!
Joey World
Joey World 18 timmar sedan
Joey World
Joey World 18 timmar sedan
That employ John was my jojo
Theis Vallentin
Theis Vallentin 18 timmar sedan
The dog is named jojo oraoraora
Tramp Tricks
Tramp Tricks 19 timmar sedan
8:28 *sad Ari noises*
Sawyer Knecht
Sawyer Knecht 22 timmar sedan
The Nut
The Nut 22 timmar sedan
alejandro lopez
alejandro lopez Dag sedan
I wish I was you
Liah Girouard
Liah Girouard Dag sedan
They way James and Ross were running at the arcade XDDD
Mason DesJardins
Mason DesJardins Dag sedan
I just heard all of that and I just want to play Pokémon go now. Also huge fan of you.
Gill White
Gill White Dag sedan
Why can’t u face reveal if you did shows live
Wyatt Barnes
Wyatt Barnes Dag sedan
I see fnaf in the background of the arcade
Cute pup 123
Cute pup 123 Dag sedan
Maria Manzueta
Maria Manzueta Dag sedan
Why are you first of all when it's one of Ice broke out what are you even doing second of all how did you go on the bus thor
Dummy Dummy
Dummy Dummy Dag sedan
*Girlfriend: He’s probably cheating on me.* *Me and the Bois: **2:43*
Rocco Ferrante
Rocco Ferrante Dag sedan
Is that a jojo refrence? 1:21
Andzorp Gaming
Andzorp Gaming Dag sedan
SomethingelseYT: 😥👍
serpok 259
serpok 259 Dag sedan
You should have went to gravity falls when you arrived in oregon
HahaAnimations 1
HahaAnimations 1 Dag sedan
I Think the Song worked i wanna poop now ._.
The . Odd . Girl
The . Odd . Girl Dag sedan
James had the best luck OWO
Hello Wello
Hello Wello Dag sedan
The dog jojo say ORA ORA ORA when he barks
Kyle M534
Kyle M534 Dag sedan
Am I the only one who noticed at 2:06 there’s Polybius in the background why the fuck did they play that oh wait
Kyle M534
Kyle M534 Dag sedan
It disappears at 2:17
juao.kk Dag sedan
she's just said jojo without making any references, that's new for me
G&S Gaming
G&S Gaming Dag sedan
Jojo the dog is the real star of this video. I just hope he doesn't end up like all the dogs in Jojo's..... May have been a bad idea to pick that name lol
Jacob Guerrero
Jacob Guerrero Dag sedan
fans in Oklahoma are really mad rn....I'm really mad rn
Rathlyvida Kim
Rathlyvida Kim 2 dagar sedan
I got a pokémon go ad in the middle of this, _what are you trying to say,Jaiden?_
A random person
A random person 2 dagar sedan
2:52 is that a naruto refrence-
LoL Oikawa
LoL Oikawa 2 dagar sedan
who dislikes these?
j_frankie_m ÒwÓ
j_frankie_m ÒwÓ 2 dagar sedan
Can i just mention how adorable these girls are at 8:16
WolfOnYT 2 dagar sedan
1:40 james was the odd 1 out
Chaos Turner
Chaos Turner 2 dagar sedan
jaiden animations i finde it kinda funny that some of your friends are mtg fans becuse i wold have done the same thing becuse if i ever go to another contry or part of the contry i live in that i have never been in i would go to some of the card shops for magic and yugioh like i have more than 2000 yugioh cards and i think around 1500 magic cards i like to collect things like alot of things also lol the part with the big vr thing was really funny
Flingcat 16
Flingcat 16 2 dagar sedan
3:32 Me who has help a crap for 5 days straight from serious constipation: *pathetic*
Jessica Michaela
Jessica Michaela 2 dagar sedan
King Cheese
King Cheese 2 dagar sedan
James didn’t want what the others where gonna eat he’s the odd one out
BeatMaker5 2 dagar sedan
2:54 XD
Mr Pubg man
Mr Pubg man 2 dagar sedan
Welp can’t go me and my fam broke as heck and I live in Las Vegas so yea also EVERYTHING IS LIKE EXPENSIVE FOR A POOR FAMILY LIKE MY FAMILY REEEEEEEE
Ziv Gaming Channel
Ziv Gaming Channel 2 dagar sedan
Wait a minute, jojo is an anime seires. *DIO wants to know your location*
Chaos Gaming
Chaos Gaming 2 dagar sedan
James body is a marshmallow he can’t get food poisoning
Arda Agaik
Arda Agaik 2 dagar sedan
These people are JuSt lIKe mE! But... they go to tours with their friends on busses and planes... huh...
Nilufer Celik
Nilufer Celik 2 dagar sedan
James Green
James Green 2 dagar sedan
Ahmed Ashraf
Ahmed Ashraf 2 dagar sedan
I'm depressed after watching this.....
Emerald Gaming
Emerald Gaming 2 dagar sedan
I love how this was uploaded the day after my birthday
2008cody2008 Vlogs
2008cody2008 Vlogs 2 dagar sedan
Cand candy come get your candy here’s candy all day every day
Joseph Moron
Joseph Moron 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden whats your trainer code in pokemon go .
Plush Toys
Plush Toys 2 dagar sedan
I can go 3 days without pooping Wait
COVID- Animations
COVID- Animations 2 dagar sedan
Ok, so my uncle HAS A WHOLE INVENTORY OF MEWTOS- *I want to learn his ways*
AnotherChosenOne 2 dagar sedan
t h i s o n e h a s e g o r a p t o r w r i t t e n a l l o v e r i t . . .
NotRandomYT. 2 dagar sedan
Uhhmmm was there a vent in the bathroom ?
CutiesDragons Mini
CutiesDragons Mini 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden really? You had to put the urban legend in the arcade scene did you? If your wondering it's the machine called Polybius
Rufus Starzecki
Rufus Starzecki 2 dagar sedan
No James is bilt different
Kelly Meharry
Kelly Meharry 2 dagar sedan
What's the point of having a toilet when you can't use it?!
Luca Lebro
Luca Lebro 2 dagar sedan
It's good people dont ship the odd 1 is out and jaiden
Kian Mikaylo
Kian Mikaylo 2 dagar sedan
I want to bot I live in the pilippins
Blue DiamondXD
Blue DiamondXD 2 dagar sedan
PLOT TWIST: THEIR MANAGER MATT, IS ACTUALLY MATT FROM DOPE OR NOPE , WHY????????? THE SHAVED HEAD AND BEARD......LOL P.S this is a joke and please don´t take it seriously
Dogelord 2 dagar sedan
The best raid Pokemon I've gotten was a pineco :(
Diego Llanos
Diego Llanos 2 dagar sedan
I’ve Once spent 5 days without pooping.
NJ Garcia
NJ Garcia 2 dagar sedan
2:13 candy cadet is in the corner
Jonathan Meh
Jonathan Meh 2 dagar sedan
ross when the Employee leaves Ross:rude
the wreckfest crew
the wreckfest crew 2 dagar sedan
2:51. Naruto run Correct me if I spell him wrong please
Scree 2 dagar sedan
Can I have ur friend code? lmao
Clark M.
Clark M. 2 dagar sedan
3 boys 1 girl
Imma Lizard
Imma Lizard 2 dagar sedan
2 4 6:33 to anyone who doesn't get this, no worries. just tryna find my ppl.
Andrew Blanton
Andrew Blanton 3 dagar sedan
2:12 candy cadet is in the background
Judith Nadelson
Judith Nadelson 3 dagar sedan
Ross had constapation also don’t mind my spelling
gavenDaman 56
gavenDaman 56 3 dagar sedan
I want to become friends with you on Pokemon go😊
Blue Potato
Blue Potato 3 dagar sedan
Flip I missed the Toronto scribble shown down T-T Edit: Well I live in Alberta any ways :(
ItsHyperPinkRoblox 3 dagar sedan
I got a shiny charzaird in pokemon go Want it? My pokemon code : 5173 7771 5295
DemonShadowLady 3 dagar sedan
Hearing arins signature laugh in jaidens video is really nice
Treble Games
Treble Games 3 dagar sedan
Ohhh you poor beginning of March Jaiden how naïve we were
DURR Kaz 3 dagar sedan
The target balls tho XD
Mr. Phantom
Mr. Phantom 3 dagar sedan
Why does your trip map look like a banana 0:26
Jellie Team Leader
Jellie Team Leader 3 dagar sedan
I love Jaiden and James’ relationship
Eoin Vaughan
Eoin Vaughan 3 dagar sedan
Yes, you definitely managed to do those 2 last tours, and my hometown is Chicago so I'm sad that it was probably canceled
Jacob Flax
Jacob Flax 3 dagar sedan
Oof did u actually go to the other scribble showdown?
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