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school is important.... for getting crazy stories out of to share with people on the internet
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D you get a tooth envelope that DOESN'T have a gross tooth in it

Eli Frenchfri
Eli Frenchfri Timme sedan
Schools Do Still Use Those Tooth Things. I would Know That Because I lost a Tooth When We Were Making A Paper Turkey In Preschool.
fishyboy 2 timmar sedan
my school still duss the toth invlop
The Knites Gaming Channel
The Knites Gaming Channel 3 timmar sedan
Yes schools still do that lost a tooth thing i did it once at snack time and it bled all over my food so i had to go to the nurse and u know the rest (btw im 11 yrs old)
Ruby 3 timmar sedan
For my school they used a tooth treasure chest lol I still have the chests. Not the teeth ew
Jayden Jester
Jayden Jester 4 timmar sedan
I have stereo types in my school too but I can’t fit in one category it’s like getting dropped into a box but my feet are blocking the way 😂
KionKamon 5 timmar sedan
I’m a terrible person, I would have laughed at the tennis coach for trying to jump the net and injuring himself in the process.
Simply_paris 6 timmar sedan
They only use plastic bags instead of those teeth things anymkre
Cjhgamer God
Cjhgamer God 7 timmar sedan
Blood preasure lol
XxFellowBreadQueenxX 8 timmar sedan
*In my school they use necklaces that open and have a little pouch to put your tooth in*
Prometheus 7424
Prometheus 7424 9 timmar sedan
Me in the future with covid like
RhodosGuard 14 timmar sedan
Everybody says "I dont remember anything from school" but that is not true. YOu may not actively remember the content of any particular subject in any particular year, but your brain got it somewhere and often, sometimes when least needed, it just pops up.
Cheddar Berry
Cheddar Berry 19 timmar sedan
-me I'm the art kid- I didn't care that people knew but it did het anoying. After a while people asked abd I straight up never answered. I only did draw things for close friends friends who are practacly family and family.
Mr. LavaSquid928
Mr. LavaSquid928 20 timmar sedan
"i don't even know how to describe him" ANSWER: THE GREATEST.
Warren Pankoke
Warren Pankoke 20 timmar sedan
I know somebody named jaiden and they are shy to
-_- 21 timme sedan
1:51 that same thing happened to me once except i didnt even raise my hand i just tried to deal with it
dragondy_YT 21 timme sedan
i rememeber my dad call me while learning english in 3 grade
laya R
laya R 22 timmar sedan
I need you to promise me something... Will I ever need to know algebra
crE3perTNT playz
crE3perTNT playz 22 timmar sedan
I know wat u mean about ppl asking u to draw them. And so does my friend. Thing is ppl literally always ask him to draw somwthing and ive only been asked once or trwice even tho i am the second best drawer in class. It gets me really triggered.
Illyana Nelson
Illyana Nelson 23 timmar sedan
Kittycorn Dag sedan
I lost my first tooth during lunch and I had to go to the front office
Roseatta 22
Roseatta 22 Dag sedan
2:45 secret note at that time!
Big Mouth Roblox
Big Mouth Roblox Dag sedan
Teacher: lets do a class vote to see who will most likely be the next lady gaga Students: *votes for the popular kid* Idiot: YAS I WON I CAN NOW HAVE AN EXCUSE TO DESTROY YOUR EAR DRUMS
Cab Tastic
Cab Tastic Dag sedan
me watching animation and the person that made the vid when talking about school be like "I was the quiet one!" anyone else noticing this pattern with animators? wait a minute... MY SISTER IS QUIET AND AN ANIMATOR!!!!!!! that has her own channel *go check it out its called blitz the wolf*
Potato Chick
Potato Chick Dag sedan
Edward Alexander Clark Gutiérrez
Edward Alexander Clark Gutiérrez Dag sedan
Jaiden: I was the quiet kid Me: *Searching for school shootings in Arizona while nervously sweating*
Alyssa Simmons
Alyssa Simmons Dag sedan
Insted of envelopes for teeth we use tooth secleses and it has like a little pocket in the middle of it and you just put your tooth in there.
stefan Hudak
stefan Hudak Dag sedan
Ur the Best artist ive ever seen
Kenzy Hany
Kenzy Hany Dag sedan
Draw with Lakshdeep
Draw with Lakshdeep Dag sedan
Lol the art kid one got me
Nepali Gamer
Nepali Gamer Dag sedan
Jaiden did face reveal guys
Cohen Andrus
Cohen Andrus Dag sedan
Schools actually don't do the little tooth bags anymore. They just use the regular ziplock bags.
Umair491 Dag sedan
Yeah school’s still do the 🦷 thing so I love the idea of u got mail mam
coolcamg26 Dag sedan
Oh my god there is someone who subs for my school who looks exactly like the crazy dude who loves pirate of Caribbean and made us listen to one of those songs
Alyx Rhea
Alyx Rhea Dag sedan
Okay I have to admit to never minding it when people ask me to draw them. I actually quite often would ask people if they wanted me to draw them because I lack any and all inspiration and it was good practice.
is there such as undertale kids? also i love your vids
Delta Dragon
Delta Dragon Dag sedan
You realize if your bleeding you can get up and leave the classroom
multiple personalities
multiple personalities Dag sedan
no one gonna mention how jaiden said that her tennis coach slept with the track teacher? no? ok
Jonathan Bien Aime
Jonathan Bien Aime Dag sedan
When I draw this happens to me but instead of asking me to draw them they keep asking me what I’m drawing.
Ishaan Gupta
Ishaan Gupta Dag sedan
Ugh Kathy
Blaze Gamer
Blaze Gamer Dag sedan
its actually normal to forget what u learn in school thats why some people are dumb and i say some dont hate me pls /:C
Diego Llanos
Diego Llanos Dag sedan
My school does do the bagged tooth thing but with a little cardboard box and a cardboard handle that looks like a treasure chest.
Rich Whittaker
Rich Whittaker Dag sedan
Omg this is too much! Oh the memories
Jose Vallejo
Jose Vallejo Dag sedan
I like you on the quiet kid I am Art kid
thomas the thing
thomas the thing Dag sedan
Mr. Captain Jack Sparrow looks alot like her dad
Wuendy rosales
Wuendy rosales Dag sedan
Hi jaiden love your vid have a great day bye 👋🏻
mckenna reardon
mckenna reardon 2 dagar sedan
Yes they still do the envelopes
PhonedOpossum86 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: I was the “quiet one” Me: Jaidens got a quick hand-
PhonedOpossum86 9 timmar sedan
@fat cat adventures hanging out her mouth she’s a animator kid
fat cat adventures
fat cat adventures Dag sedan
She’s got a animating pen
PhonedOpossum86 Dag sedan
@fat cat adventures she won’t tell you her plan
fat cat adventures
fat cat adventures Dag sedan
She’ll look around the room
GokuBlack 2 dagar sedan
‘‘ I hope they still do that? ‘’ Me: they do
yes 2 dagar sedan
my school had little treasure chests to store teeth
lazar ivic
lazar ivic 2 dagar sedan
1:51 that happen to me with tooth XD
Miriam Akhtar
Miriam Akhtar 2 dagar sedan
My school used to use litil colorful plastic treasure chests but now they use a litil plastic tooth on a necklace
Trickshot Jay
Trickshot Jay 2 dagar sedan
They did treasure chest for teeth like a necklace
Hannie Chen
Hannie Chen 2 dagar sedan
Me too
Destiny Playzzz
Destiny Playzzz 2 dagar sedan
I was the art kid in school too, and sometimes kids would see me draw and ask me to teach them how to draw??? Like, I’m not an art teacher xD I-I don’t know how to teach! Also, how to draw? Like, I can teach you how to draw something specific, like a tree or whatever, but- like- uhh..
Ardoo the Gamer
Ardoo the Gamer 2 dagar sedan
There is this 1 kid in my school who literally will not talk. He only would talk if there was a project and the teacher required him to talk. The whole 3 years I knew this kid he wouldn't raise his hand and no teacher would call on him.
Ardoo the Gamer
Ardoo the Gamer 11 timmar sedan
@Dylan Matthew Aquilet Thank-you for the response but I assure you it isn't you. The kids name was Alfred
Dylan Matthew Aquilet
Dylan Matthew Aquilet 19 timmar sedan
That's sounds like me actually xD
Benjamin Cann-Dusenberry
Benjamin Cann-Dusenberry 2 dagar sedan
Mr.Captain Jack Sparrow sounds like a cool guy!
Alfa Classic
Alfa Classic 2 dagar sedan
I wish I had the pirate teacher.
Vinny YT
Vinny YT 2 dagar sedan
2:47 is legit the BEST PART
Lucy Eckman
Lucy Eckman 2 dagar sedan
My school does necklaces with a tooth shaped container at the end and that is where you put the tooth for the rest of your day. AROUND YOUR NECK!!!!!
Blobby Beastz
Blobby Beastz 2 dagar sedan
Does anyone elses school in elementary when a tooth falls out you go to the nurse and she gives you like a tooth necklace that you put your tooth in...idk it was weird lol. Anyone else do that?
Rising X Shadow
Rising X Shadow 2 dagar sedan
1:25 Jaiden:anime nerds weebs:well if jaiden said it then we are "weebs changed group name to anime nerds"
buzz kill
buzz kill 2 dagar sedan
Help me
Lachlan Hardy
Lachlan Hardy 2 dagar sedan
yes they do
【 Peaćhi 】
【 Peaćhi 】 2 dagar sedan
“School is practically over” *Ah yes, wise words Jaiden, wise words...*
TheCraftyGamer Rex
TheCraftyGamer Rex 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden they do the tooth box thing still and I love If IDK why
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Kaiser Wilhelm II 2 dagar sedan
Academy Anecdotes
Patryk Zimny
Patryk Zimny 2 dagar sedan
Teahers who are like her art teacher are the best teachers to have, (the coach wise is kinda weird), but those teachers are awesome. (maybe cuz im a extrovert but idfk)
Bobby Fsha
Bobby Fsha 2 dagar sedan
in my school they use a treasure chest as a tooth holder
UnicornNatalie 2 dagar sedan
Wow I love your videos J-J oh ya I’m gonna call you J-J ;)
Alex Henderson
Alex Henderson 3 dagar sedan
Can you do a staler vid
shirmp royal
shirmp royal 3 dagar sedan
im all so a art kid but im also populer
LPS Ocean Galaxy
LPS Ocean Galaxy 3 dagar sedan
I’m the emo kid
er D
er D 3 dagar sedan
I was one of those kids in my class who just drew something and then everybody crowded around me and saying give me drawlinglessons now how are you so good at that and I would literally just put a dot
Brayden Hill
Brayden Hill 3 dagar sedan
Teeth envelopes? At my school we got tooth treasure cheats
Jonsteve156 3 dagar sedan
I am the anime nerd and the art kid
14 3 dagar sedan
same all my class ask me to draw them lol its hard to say yes lol
Diamond Destroyer / AGoodDoggo
Diamond Destroyer / AGoodDoggo 3 dagar sedan
What my elementary school did for the tooth envelope thing is it was a small green chest (I'm aware the videos 4 years old)
MegaGuy PacDude
MegaGuy PacDude 3 dagar sedan
Our school had plastic tooth-shaped pendants that went on a string as a necklace so you can wear your fucking teeth around your throat.
Yzzy World
Yzzy World 3 dagar sedan
i actually wanna have that art teachers class
•Ukíirø •
•Ukíirø • 3 dagar sedan
Crescent Jewel
Crescent Jewel 3 dagar sedan
I have 2 different experiences with loosing a baby tooth 1. I used a ruler to rip out my tooth and got a tooth shaped container 2. I broke a tooth in half while sitting in class
cb5683 3 dagar sedan
I love school but I hate it at the same time lol
Maiya Orduna
Maiya Orduna 3 dagar sedan
teh first thing you said is what teachers at my school do
Goku Ultra instinct
Goku Ultra instinct 3 dagar sedan
Me quite and anime nerd
Enric Dubose
Enric Dubose 3 dagar sedan
We have treasure chests. And yes I did draw everyone in class then everyone hated me cause I made em pay
KitKat 3 dagar sedan
*hears “anime nerds”* me: YES THAT IS MEEEEEEE THAT IS WHAT I AM KNOWN FOR! (I’ve actually been challenged to not watch or talk about anime for a whole day because almost everybody I sit near hates it
Krystin Johnson
Krystin Johnson 4 dagar sedan
Dil Kundalia
Dil Kundalia 4 dagar sedan
Aim yamoto
EmeraldEyeBall 4 dagar sedan
New you get tiny plastic chests instead of envelopes
John Romero
John Romero 4 dagar sedan
Lol what an amateur. Everyone knows that if you're gonna jump over a net and potentially smash your face into concrete to first practice safety falling for several years as either a skateboarder or a stuntman/woman
Kailynn Hoyt
Kailynn Hoyt 4 dagar sedan
yeah i can relate to being the art kid
Santa_in_a_ Saloon
Santa_in_a_ Saloon 4 dagar sedan
That art teacher sounds fun tho
Hannah bannan
Hannah bannan 4 dagar sedan
why is this video my life story?? lol
JaidenAnimationsFan 2007
JaidenAnimationsFan 2007 4 dagar sedan
I love to draw ^^
I LOVE VARIAN 4 dagar sedan
School 101 DONT MAKE EYE CONTACT and sit in the back The category I fit in is the kid in the back in a hoodie with a notebook and would draw so basically me and high school jaiden r twins
មុឹង ហឿន
មុឹង ហឿន 4 dagar sedan
DiamondDolphin 4 dagar sedan
Animegirluwu23 Animegirluwu23
Animegirluwu23 Animegirluwu23 4 dagar sedan
I actually like to draw people when they ask me 😅
Iko Hamamburgalur
Iko Hamamburgalur 4 dagar sedan
3:41 That's a nice dog u got there.
Egg 4 dagar sedan
Who else is here in 2020?
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