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Jaiden Animations

3 år sedan

what a strange video i've made

that one video with the otamatone:
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Music: Kinda Awkward by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D if we were in a dog world i'd be your dog friend

Big B
Big B Timme sedan
im 12 and this comment is a joke
Shumbuleando Gigiboga
Shumbuleando Gigiboga Timme sedan
Jaiden: is it a accomplishment to them or something? Me: think mode activated
Foodle 85
Foodle 85 Timme sedan
Now noticing that the ghost that mr. krabs drew was in the thumbnail
Vandana Lokesh
Vandana Lokesh 4 timmar sedan
I am 10 how do you animate these vids
green dino_yt
green dino_yt 11 timmar sedan
I'm 8 love you videos
green dino_yt
green dino_yt 11 timmar sedan
JR PALMA 11 timmar sedan
7:27 As a kid myself I can say that.......the reason is we/they just want to now that they have a fan of a certain age
Logan Forrester
Logan Forrester 11 timmar sedan
I'm (12) and made this comment to counter jaiden
LivLovesPizza 12 timmar sedan
I'm 11 and I feel personally attacked 😭
Bella Walker
Bella Walker 13 timmar sedan
I eat everything from the popcorn even the kernels...
Marcos Garcia
Marcos Garcia 14 timmar sedan
I am eight and I would really like your videos and you playing sorry I didn’t want to get you mad with my name but my name is Marcos
So So
So So 16 timmar sedan
Im FiFtEeN jk Im not, I like to my identity secret from the internet
flodacious123 16 timmar sedan
Me okay I'll make that happen as a movie
Mr. Depth Leviathan
Mr. Depth Leviathan 18 timmar sedan
Im a child (11) and I can verify why many people seem to provide their age. It is half-because it is an accomplishment, but most of the time it is just because they feel like people need to understand them better by using their age. For example, if I never said anything about my age at all, you would not trust my comment and think I'm a pedophile (is that how you spell it?). But when I say my age is 11 you understand my estimated mental state. (Happy, not depressed, not exposed to the outside world, and naive)
Nneka Ogbourne
Nneka Ogbourne 20 timmar sedan
Mom’s kid I’m 6 and like your videos
Cameron Varey
Cameron Varey 23 timmar sedan
5:41 I took this advise a lot of school
Rob Nilson
Rob Nilson Dag sedan
I really like your voice
DE aLicE
DE aLicE Dag sedan
So the reason we kids tell you people our age is like, when we make a mistake in our comments or somehting, we dont want people to be like ' oh this person is so bad at spelling LOSEr' also it shows the level of imature ness IM TEn
Kimberly Jimenez
Kimberly Jimenez Dag sedan
I’m 8 and I love your videos😃
Bangless Dag sedan
This never gets old
Mega Flygon
Mega Flygon Dag sedan
Do you sneeze when you're sleeping?
R Vlogs
R Vlogs Dag sedan
Hi I am 11 and really like ur vids : )))))))))) You you see what I did there she just said that why do people need to say their age :))))))))))))
Hans Andrade
Hans Andrade Dag sedan
Welp, that means Cynthia is the devil. I mean, her intro is purely piano.
Pawan Verma
Pawan Verma Dag sedan
Hi I am 10
Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf Dag sedan
6:39 the boy has virus
Casey Gadier
Casey Gadier Dag sedan
DROPCAT Dag sedan
Hi :3
Jehmin Lee
Jehmin Lee Dag sedan
I’m 450985 year old and i like your vids
Zoya Jafri
Zoya Jafri Dag sedan
I'll tell you why kids tell their age. I do it because it gives me a sense of matureness. Like kids want you to know how old they are, so they can associate that with their comment. Like if someone says: "I'm 12 and I really like your vids!" They want you to KNOW that they are 12, mature and almost a teen. It's like bragging in a weird way.
Tuck's Tracks
Tuck's Tracks Dag sedan
Hi I like your videos I'm 7
AlphaFox Dag sedan
i think i understand why kids want to say their age, because they think that older people like your videos, so they think its important for the creator to know that youngsters like their videos as well idk just a thought oh yeah also im 10 :)
shadowsearcher990 Dag sedan
Honestly, this video is just getting the weird questions off her chest. Which, I respect.
Liz werido
Liz werido Dag sedan
I'm 8 and I love ur video
Vinny newsom
Vinny newsom Dag sedan
I'm 8
willia m
willia m Dag sedan
The pathetic violin unsurprisingly rely because bird lately level amongst a black-and-white april. noxious, poor wrinkle
Yeet Boi777
Yeet Boi777 Dag sedan
I'm 69 and I liked your video
Shira Beniluz
Shira Beniluz Dag sedan
im 9 I love you videos so much on your awesome and I can't wait for you to make more videos it's going to be so much fun for me to watch them after school cuz school and stuff
Crystal Daniel
Crystal Daniel Dag sedan
wghfjbhygfvrsxvbghdgcgfh is a random thought of mine
Elizabeth Salerno
Elizabeth Salerno Dag sedan
kids just like telling people stuff
Rachnakachna 2 dagar sedan
1:57 is that Putin dog plaing piano? :D
Alex 2 dagar sedan
6:42 Unsurprisingly plausible nowadays.
blu 2 dagar sedan
When I was watching this I randomly thought what if the jaegers from Pacific Rim used vibranium nanotechnology and I just realized how broken that would be
Ragingbull Games
Ragingbull Games 2 dagar sedan
Why eat the half popped popcorn kernels when you can just go a step beyond and eat raw popcorn kernals
Read Your Soul
Read Your Soul 2 dagar sedan
Supreme Warrior
Supreme Warrior 2 dagar sedan
The dog human thing i thought of that
galaxy star 124
galaxy star 124 2 dagar sedan
Im 9 and i love your vids, i revealed my age and now im SpEcIaL
Mark Paisley
Mark Paisley 2 dagar sedan
I'm six... In a half and I love your vids keep making them!!
Nox 2 dagar sedan
The point of this vid is that there is no point
jose manuel pacheco
jose manuel pacheco 2 dagar sedan
Hi..... I'm 14
Ahmad Umar Syaheem
Ahmad Umar Syaheem 2 dagar sedan
im10 i love ur vids
Fujiwara Pugs
Fujiwara Pugs 2 dagar sedan
6:41 2020 in a nutshell
Gail Charron
Gail Charron 2 dagar sedan
I am 5 and I like to make demons on paper and I liked your vid🙂
Nikonikonio 2 dagar sedan
Well bc I hate the feeling of being underestimated yes I'm a kid but I understand more things than ppl my age and I'm more psychologically stable so please do not underestimate some kids thank you very much (oh and BTW if somebody curios I'm 13)
Toni Petty
Toni Petty 2 dagar sedan
I lrove yo vids🖤🖤🖤
Aidan Anderson
Aidan Anderson 2 dagar sedan
Gotta love free cilantro
daniel chong
daniel chong 2 dagar sedan
Well i decided to do it myself and i figured it out its a way to put poeple into your perspective 13 years old
Serious Dudes
Serious Dudes 2 dagar sedan
Thinking about the dogs running the earth, no that is not really possible because they would be wolves, and dogs are wolves that have been tamed and changed by humans but the humans aren’t as smart in this world so they wouldn’t be able to make dogs. Unless wolves would be able to tame themselves while growing in brain power and might be able to develop into dogs but it would take a very long time for them to reach human level with having to go from the brain power of dogs in our world to dogs who are human level and dogs are getting smarter every generation in our world and also dogs will have to grow from wolves which will already take a long time then they will have to grow to human level which will also take a long time and they have to do this all without humans so it will be even slower
DontMindTheTrash 2 dagar sedan
As a kid, most kids state their age to seem like how they act is more mature than their actual age.
Stonk Plays souls
Stonk Plays souls Timme sedan
I know right like an 8 year old knowing algebra or something
Leah Vichitnand
Leah Vichitnand 2 dagar sedan
Hi I'm 8 and I like ur vids pls make more vids.😄
Hadi Naqvi
Hadi Naqvi 3 dagar sedan
I'm 13 and I'm dead inside.....
Diamonds and Doughnuts
Diamonds and Doughnuts 3 dagar sedan
Cilantro is usually given for free in my country.
Andrew Coughlon
Andrew Coughlon 3 dagar sedan
I am 11 want to play among us
Aleksandros Sifakis
Aleksandros Sifakis 3 dagar sedan
1:21-2:35 ... the furry fandom
aesthetic_pinkcats :3
aesthetic_pinkcats :3 3 dagar sedan
I love ur videos jaiden they're so cute and fun 🙂😊
Cheryllne Cherry
Cheryllne Cherry 3 dagar sedan
I just realized 5:23 jaden just time (☆▽☆)
Punkin seed
Punkin seed 3 dagar sedan
I jst realized Pepsi Max is coke no shoga jst with way less shuga 🤔🤔🤔 AM I DUM!!!!!!?????
Febina Shahan
Febina Shahan 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden : plays wierd instrument music me : What have I just watched
rec rec lex
rec rec lex 3 dagar sedan
Ya half poped popcorn I know there good
Zenia Cero-Soler
Zenia Cero-Soler 3 dagar sedan
One of my random thoughts: HEHE BOI I HAVE ADMIN IN ROBLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ali Omair Us Zaman
Ali Omair Us Zaman 3 dagar sedan
1:20 Jaiden: Talking about if dogs were the humans of Earth. Intellectual dogs plotting to take over the world: Write that down! Write that down!
Anakin Ducut
Anakin Ducut 3 dagar sedan
Im 12 and i dont need to finish this comment cuz no one will read it :D
Julian Ellingson
Julian Ellingson 3 dagar sedan
Student Andre Diaz
Student Andre Diaz 3 dagar sedan
I think the same dang! things sister
Jaguar The RainWing
Jaguar The RainWing 3 dagar sedan
I’m 191 years old :) I don’t give away free ages :)
Mr. FlipFlop
Mr. FlipFlop 3 dagar sedan
If you walk into a room and a ghost is playing the saxophone RUN
Mr. FlipFlop
Mr. FlipFlop 3 dagar sedan
If dogs were the humans of the earth it would be animal crossing
Gaby Romero
Gaby Romero 3 dagar sedan
I have
calum :3
calum :3 3 dagar sedan
im 12 and- wait
Wander Filho
Wander Filho 3 dagar sedan
Im 11 and... im 11
Issac Gaming Time
Issac Gaming Time 3 dagar sedan
I'm 9
Annika Moe
Annika Moe 3 dagar sedan
I'm 9 and your my second favorite animater Jaiden
נחמדTM 3 dagar sedan
3:36 I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES THIS?! FINALLY I FOUND ANOTHER IDIOT WHO IS JUST AS DUMB AS ME BUT PROBABLY SMARTER CAUSE I DON'T THINK THAT I'M SMART Ok where the fuck am I taking this I really need to stop writing comments at 0:00 and go to fucking slee by the way I'm -500 years old
Liam Wilkerson
Liam Wilkerson 3 dagar sedan
Hey Jade I am6 your videos amaze me
Passion Works Body Shop
Passion Works Body Shop 3 dagar sedan
Im 8 and i liked your video!
Alexander Hunting
Alexander Hunting 3 dagar sedan
I’m 9 and I have been arrested for drunk driving twice and occasionally get in a little whiff from time to time.
Miles Gingrich
Miles Gingrich 3 dagar sedan
VelveteCanyon 3 dagar sedan
My contact list has only like 15 people and I only know half of them-
Floofy Dinoz
Floofy Dinoz 3 dagar sedan
Claire Powell
Claire Powell 4 dagar sedan
I am only about 9 or 8 and love your vids because you are so open minded and not sad or angry or stressed
Tyler Storck
Tyler Storck 4 dagar sedan
6:49 Actually no because once my grandmas cat had tried to kill one and my grandma took it and we had a pet hummingbird for a week
Georgina Navarrete
Georgina Navarrete 4 dagar sedan
Roisin and Fionn O Donovan
Roisin and Fionn O Donovan 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden: I'm a bird master Me: my friends sing a sing called we love killing birds WTF -_-
The Lazulite Lizard
The Lazulite Lizard 4 dagar sedan
1:20 I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only person who thought about this....😂
Jack Cook
Jack Cook 4 dagar sedan
liked ur vid =)
Nolan Collson
Nolan Collson 4 dagar sedan
this was the begin of menny other random thoughts
ELISE FOUCHE 4 dagar sedan
*im 11 and* think that i need to see that horror movie
Snorlaxium 4 dagar sedan
im 10 and you are one of my favorite youtubers
Ethan Mccaffrey
Ethan Mccaffrey 4 dagar sedan
Im 11 and the odd 1ns out is cool(so r u)
Jace Hooper
Jace Hooper 4 dagar sedan
Hi I’m 9 I love your videos
Who knew, this video is a random thought too
DarthPanda 4 dagar sedan
2:14 look in the back with the two lonely ones
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