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what a strange video i've made

that one video with the otamatone:
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Music: Kinda Awkward by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D if we were in a dog world i'd be your dog friend

Owen Toad
Owen Toad 59 minuter sedan
3:05 problem is that would be too funny, not ideal for a horror movie.
R.K. Plays Games
R.K. Plays Games Timme sedan
Hold on, a random idea to have a video about random ideas, ITS COMING FULL CIRCLE!
Shelley Boulton
Shelley Boulton Timme sedan
“I’m thirteen!” “I’m six!” *IM TWO*
Artina Bashyry
Artina Bashyry 2 timmar sedan
oh ok i gess jaiden
Vanessa Palencia
Vanessa Palencia 2 timmar sedan
I am 13 and I love your videos. O did I mention I am 13
Karen Coker
Karen Coker 4 timmar sedan
Karen Coker
Karen Coker 4 timmar sedan
Karen Coker
Karen Coker 4 timmar sedan
You should give me the Pokemon doll because I have a bird. Aka a dog
Infinity Doggo Animates
Infinity Doggo Animates 4 timmar sedan
Im 1
Chaos Turner
Chaos Turner 4 timmar sedan
i have held a humming bird i named it hummy it was red and green we helped it after it fell out of its nest so ya it was the cutest bird ever
Michele Hughes
Michele Hughes 4 timmar sedan
I like the corrals
Michele Hughes
Michele Hughes 4 timmar sedan
ya that not going to happen
Anal Probe
Anal Probe 4 timmar sedan
I’m 10 and I luv ur vids
Noddel Chanel
Noddel Chanel 4 timmar sedan
My dog would be a stripper
Pickle 4 timmar sedan
Laughs in poseable thumbs
Nintendo Ryan
Nintendo Ryan 5 timmar sedan
Im 8181818182818 and
Target_edge 5 timmar sedan
8:38 hehe...
Blazes Bliss
Blazes Bliss 5 timmar sedan
Im three an low you vioes tey aweonme but no for real your channel is awesome i love the animations And cant wait to see more ps:Im not actually three
kocA 357
kocA 357 5 timmar sedan
7:30 read it... That comment made me mad and angry >=[ She cant do like Disney bc she is not a Disney!!!! And Pixar too... I hate it :( that comment is sh*t!!!
Diet Water
Diet Water 5 timmar sedan
It’s because kids think the older the more superior
Zaina Shariff
Zaina Shariff 6 timmar sedan
I am 13 and love you vids!!
Eli Gaming
Eli Gaming 6 timmar sedan
The doggolisa
elias khan
elias khan 6 timmar sedan
I went to the website and it literally fucking said: Dark herb cilantro Slithers through my burrito If only I knew by Erika
Spark H
Spark H 6 timmar sedan
I’m 98 and really like ur vids
Aug 7 timmar sedan
Im -3 and i like your videos
gacha Squad
gacha Squad 7 timmar sedan
Wait Jaiden videos are spossed to make sence?
irish nugget
irish nugget 7 timmar sedan
Im 37 and i like this video Im not actually 37 im like 19 dude Im just tryna be funny and fail at it
Gitta and Stormi the Lops
Gitta and Stormi the Lops 7 timmar sedan
im 4 million six hundred forty two and i liked this vid.
Turul Kaiser
Turul Kaiser 7 timmar sedan
I know this video is old as shit but I decided to rewatch it as it's been a while since I've been on the channel and I thought about dog civilization on a serious basis. For dogs to build advanced civilizations like humans did, they would need both an advanced brain and opposable thumbs(both for grabbing stuff and walking upright so they have 2 free legs to use as hands). Should this happen however, depending on the breed of dogs the differences between their respective civilizations would be insane. Some breeds are more energetic, playful and impulsive and these breeds wouldn't go very far. Even though their energy gives them a huge potential but their impulsivity and short attention span would hinder them from ever achieving anything meaningful (though exceptions may apply). Then there are also breeds that are calmer and more focused and I believe they would be the breeds who take dogkind into the future through the invention of various technologies and scientific theories as they would be more goal oriented and reliable. There's also the factor of being actually intelligent, but how can you expect to invent something if you can't focus on 1 thing for extended periods of time? Being an inventor isn't just about being intelligent, it's also about having the commitment and discipline to bring your idea into the real world. An other important thing to account for would be whether the different breeds live together as a united dogkind or split apart into breeds like humans are split between different linguistic, cultural and racial groups. Unfortunately I don't know enough about dog psychology to determine that and I can't be bothered to research it so I'll write a scenairo for both cases. If they live together then the so called "inventor dogs" would feel ostracized by their more energetic and friendly peers, like how many great human minds tend to find themselves unable relate to the rest of society or even how shy people with average intelligence struggle with forming bonds If they live separately however, forming various dog civilizations then even though this wouldn't be a problem but they would have to deal with a way worse problem instead, that problem being infighting. While the different breeds would live in dog countries where they can relate to their fellow citizens, however with other countries they would be locked into a state of mutual hatred and warfare. On the long term I believe this would lead to the elimination of less intelligent breeds, leaving the more intelligent ones to fight amongst themselves Either way, if dogs were to replace humans as the dominant species and build their own civilizations, it would be comparable to if for humans race actually determined both our intelligence and our personalities
MEGAXG 7 timmar sedan
Hello I think I should go bye fren
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 7 timmar sedan
Oh, we’ll meet again don’t know where don’t know when.., I know we’ll meet again some sunny day..
Mishti 11
Mishti 11 8 timmar sedan 11
Laura Dearman
Laura Dearman 8 timmar sedan
I'm 10 and
Firebey Gaming
Firebey Gaming 9 timmar sedan
I’m 8 and like ur vids
Rebeccah Eisele
Rebeccah Eisele 10 timmar sedan
Oh, you don't know why kids on the internet keeps on randomly saying their age well I'm 10 and I like your vids
lian liin
lian liin 10 timmar sedan
im 98 and i lov ur vids
The Knites Gaming Channel
The Knites Gaming Channel 10 timmar sedan
Ronel Botes
Ronel Botes 11 timmar sedan
This phone is connected my mom's phone
Ronel Botes
Ronel Botes 11 timmar sedan
I am 8
Owen Johnson
Owen Johnson 11 timmar sedan
Dark Energy
Dark Energy 12 timmar sedan
i eat the completely unpopped popcorn.
Miles Mation
Miles Mation 12 timmar sedan
I’m 98 and I like your vids you younging
Miles Mation
Miles Mation 12 timmar sedan
I meant to say young person ooof
Zoe Yoong
Zoe Yoong 12 timmar sedan
After three years I actually stopped to read the I’m 9 and.... comment and wow jaiden wow
Beth West
Beth West 13 timmar sedan
Other people: I’m 7 and.... Me: I’m still a kid and I watch a yt channel that has swearing in :)
Kill Tik tok
Kill Tik tok 13 timmar sedan
Tim Lane
Tim Lane 13 timmar sedan
I'm 8 and ur cool
Animation with me
Animation with me 14 timmar sedan
i know the popcorn one i agree so much sub to
Nadja V
Nadja V 14 timmar sedan
Hermitcraftfan135 14 timmar sedan
I’m 12
Chef he loves her XX
Chef he loves her XX 15 timmar sedan
Hi I am nine and I just love your videos date and the owner make me happy I watched it every video due to past year I watched it all your videos ever since I was eight as far as eight ice to love your videos your first video I watched it amazes me😋
Gaming buddy
Gaming buddy 16 timmar sedan
hello jaiden i enjoy your vidios have you met adam(sonthingelsyt)
Maaike Leget
Maaike Leget 16 timmar sedan
*i guess im gonna find out-* Ad: the world is different
Maddison Peak
Maddison Peak 16 timmar sedan
I love Michael Jackson
Keiko 13
Keiko 13 16 timmar sedan
I have a theory on that age-naming-thing that kids do. I think it’s because when you’re young it’s so common for adults around you to ask your age that it just becomes an assumed thing that all conversations must be prefaced with your age
Mrshock Lol
Mrshock Lol 17 timmar sedan
One town for dogs FURRY LAND
Ксения Репина
Ксения Репина 17 timmar sedan
I am 175 years old and I love your videos! ❤
Lildannyplayzgames Lildanny
Lildannyplayzgames Lildanny 19 timmar sedan
Ima 11 and I want to comment suicid
B̸ubble B̸utterfly
B̸ubble B̸utterfly 19 timmar sedan
“You procrastinated before **blah blah blah blah**” Me: i don’t procrastinate- me pass meh requirements on time UwU lucky you got to hold a hummingbirds- (I wanna hold one)
Jacob Ramiro Moran
Jacob Ramiro Moran 19 timmar sedan
I am now 8I love your vids Jaden
Barack Osama
Barack Osama 20 timmar sedan
I'm 14 and that's it, nothing else to this statement
afab munz
afab munz 20 timmar sedan
Whenever my dog does something dumb I tell him: "that's why dogs will never rule the world".
nitrodax1 21 timme sedan
Yes I am vary jelis she got to hold a hummingbird
Naya Smile
Naya Smile 21 timme sedan
I'm 9 but I now reality :)
Izze_ Gaming
Izze_ Gaming 21 timme sedan
5:26 oof I’m vibing hardcore with that right now since I have a huge project for school due tomorrow but I’m only like halfway through and it’s already 9:00 at night (and keep in mind I’m literally 12 so I’m supposed to go to bed early😑) soooooo yeah I’m basically procrastinating and panicking at the same time
Valk 21 timme sedan
im 2 and have strong opinions on the us government !
Randy Beans
Randy Beans 21 timme sedan
3:05 Thank me later
Alyssa Wyss
Alyssa Wyss 22 timmar sedan
2:56 me to jaden me too
Alyssa Wyss
Alyssa Wyss 22 timmar sedan
Sorry I spelled your name wrong
Mr. Pickle
Mr. Pickle 22 timmar sedan
I think the reason ppl say their age is because there is a stigma against it saying that little kids shouldn't be on the internet or have nothing useful to say. And by giving their age, they are arguing back saying, "we can be on the internet just as much as we like". Btw, im not gonna give you my age :P
Rose Tharp
Rose Tharp 22 timmar sedan
I'm 8 and I like your videos
Wanna be
Wanna be 23 timmar sedan
I’m -8 and I love your videos
Nick Quinche
Nick Quinche 23 timmar sedan
I eat the half popped popcorn
Sela Legato
Sela Legato Dag sedan
Ahh children they have not got there brains scared yet
boxman 315
boxman 315 Dag sedan
Any 2020s in here
Megan Bouwhuis
Megan Bouwhuis Dag sedan
The reason a piano is used is because it’s easiest to see the notes being played like if you saw a violin on the ground ominously and heard violin music you couldn’t really tell it was specifically that violin playing!!!😄
PurpleMist Dag sedan
3:04 your welcome
Mat boi
Mat boi Dag sedan
Im 11 And this video is good but im actually 13 bc i need to be to watch this hehehehe
BlueBoltbomber Dag sedan
2:38 *Super Mario 64 PTSD flashbacks*
Keisha Riley
Keisha Riley Dag sedan
I'm 9 I love your vids
UwU Dag sedan
I eat the unpopped popcorn
Angelo Craft
Angelo Craft Dag sedan
Jaiden goes:"Because then it feels like it was written with full child pureness." Me,a 9 year old child:*removes pureness from body* YOU DON'T GET TO BE IN MY CHAOTIC BODY-
Rose hoot
Rose hoot Dag sedan
I'm 11 or em I
holly's world
holly's world Dag sedan
¶: :p
Josh Haddix Vlogs
Josh Haddix Vlogs Dag sedan
I’m 10 and I love your videos lol 😂
Ella Price
Ella Price Dag sedan
Hi and it would be nice to meet you one day I watched this video about 100 times forgot to tell you my name is Ella and I am 9
Alex Hatcher
Alex Hatcher Dag sedan
7:52 ....ummmmmm....ok
SB - 07AA 871736 Aylesbury PS
SB - 07AA 871736 Aylesbury PS Dag sedan
1 like is one punch for the im 9 kid
Kitty Games
Kitty Games Dag sedan
I’m above you kids What your 1 year older then me I know PEZENT AAHAHA MY position now I’m a lesser human ahaha
Maverick hunter
Maverick hunter Dag sedan
You helped my depression
Belkaïs Segouali
Belkaïs Segouali Dag sedan
Get better soon!!
frosteelX Dag sedan
Jaden openly flexes on us about not holding a bird before.
ap1jp Animations
ap1jp Animations Dag sedan
💵💵💵💵💵💵💵 Money Money 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵
cinemon roll
cinemon roll Dag sedan
bruh kids do that cuz they feel more confortable with other kids their age thats my reason
XxFellowBreadQueenxX Dag sedan
I bet I can make a LONGER list in a shorter time period. If I would write down everything I think of during the night then for one night I would use up 2 pieces of paper *BTW most kids say their age because if they are older than someone it makes them feel cool, same if they are the same age as someone*
Jocelyn Bailey
Jocelyn Bailey Dag sedan
hi am 10 and love ur videos
DangoDroping Dag sedan
8:06 Yes, I'm 12
Jakob P
Jakob P Dag sedan
I’m 9 I love your vids
Brian Holloway
Brian Holloway Dag sedan
Woah I'm in 2020 and that procrastination part still calls me out lol. Good job Jaiden
Trey Harbord
Trey Harbord Dag sedan
man jaiden has bird vibs
BenSmokes Dag sedan
I’m -62 and love your videos
Dale casto
Dale casto Dag sedan
hello I rode around the sun on a rock 13 times.
shazia World
shazia World Dag sedan
I love your work and video a lot
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