My Opinion on Halloween

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(and yes i did relisten to my endcard and im kinda just like wow i had no idea what i was saying but i had a good laugh about it. like why did i say "pardon me" lol whatever)
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Music: Creepy March by FiluHalon
Transition slides music is the Goosebumps theme lol

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get a spoop.

It's LadyLuna
It's LadyLuna 32 minuter sedan
6:43, I feel ya. Most of mine went to my dad-
GardenGnomes -123
GardenGnomes -123 56 minuter sedan
im here in 2020 Lol
K1ng Teridax
K1ng Teridax Timme sedan
this is the only Jaiden animations end card I've ever seen
Elyanx Kenium
Elyanx Kenium Timme sedan
Perfect recommendation for spooktober 2020. You finally did something right youtube
Mirza on da beat
Mirza on da beat 2 timmar sedan
Banananana Boi
Banananana Boi 3 timmar sedan
..why is there 9k dislikes. This vid is amazing and all of her vids are! Nobody gets to hate on jaiden
Analia Diaz
Analia Diaz 2 timmar sedan
dogsqwad 64
dogsqwad 64 4 timmar sedan
Dont worry Jayden I HATE chocolate I like it and feel lick it I wanna throw up
Xwind99 4 timmar sedan
But the nightmare before Christmas started on Halloween and most of the movie was after it so actually its closer to a Christmas movie
Helesha Maughan
Helesha Maughan 4 timmar sedan
I loved the part at 5:32 but here's a question for people not from the uk and its about st Patrick's day what do u think Irish people call st Patrick's day 1.paddys 2.pattys 3.i dont really care right now
Marjori Haddock
Marjori Haddock 5 timmar sedan
uuum im fine
Nick Pennisi
Nick Pennisi 6 timmar sedan
Guys the real question though, even though im 3 years late and just found this channel, is die hard a Christmas movie?
Denso Stuff with C H E E S E S T I C K
Denso Stuff with C H E E S E S T I C K 6 timmar sedan
It's spoopy month
Spooky_Cow 6 timmar sedan
I can’t do trick or treating this year, cause it’s 2020.. :(
Isaac Ticante-Martinez
Isaac Ticante-Martinez 6 timmar sedan
and I thought I was over thinking things!!
Aiden Forry
Aiden Forry 7 timmar sedan
I love halloween
100 subscribers with videos challenge
100 subscribers with videos challenge 8 timmar sedan
This video is so spoopy
Addison Cormier
Addison Cormier 9 timmar sedan
Now I want to be sacrificed by goats Idk why... o wait it’s 2020
N0_1DE4 9 timmar sedan
What I’m doing for 2020 Halloween as a Fourth grader: Stay inside Watch the movie: Us(even if it is like 13-18+ or whatever) And eat candy that my family bought for ourselves
Kyla Gacha 7u7
Kyla Gacha 7u7 11 timmar sedan
One night it was Halloween (when I was like uhhh something) and I was doing homework, I was passing the tv (to take a p) and when I was about to get in the room this one scene grossed me out. It was that one scene in The Package was this dude who lost his Pnus. I then felt sick to my stomach and went to bed with that trapped on my mind and slept at 4am after that. But this time I watch Escape Room and A Quiet Place (and movies like that) And they are amazing. So kids don't watch The Package or you'll be just like me ;w;
Dante Flores
Dante Flores 12 timmar sedan
Halloween sucks! christmas is better
Lexy unicorn ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Lexy unicorn ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 13 timmar sedan
I am going as childhood obesity it mite not be a Halloween costume but it’s scary though :< -cries-
Riley Kendrick
Riley Kendrick 13 timmar sedan
It is ok
Riley Kendrick
Riley Kendrick 13 timmar sedan
It is both
Riley Kendrick
Riley Kendrick 13 timmar sedan
I like candy
Dani 15 timmar sedan
That’s cool and all... but who asked. Jk.
Spooky_Cow 6 timmar sedan
bronte roy
bronte roy 15 timmar sedan
1.pfffffffffffffffffffft I don't do parties.. bc nobody invites me :D 2. I love Halloween bc like whats not better then going to some random persons house and take candie XD
Jadyn Greenfield
Jadyn Greenfield 17 timmar sedan
I think Christmas is more scary but Halloween is still cool :)
まおっち 18 timmar sedan
Goats?! XD
F S 18 timmar sedan
48k comments. Share a bit. . Lolll okay I need water. Spicyyyy. Food one hand typing one hand keyboard nit o n Ik Okay bye!?
Scarlett 19 timmar sedan
My opinion on the nightmare before xmas is its for xmas and Halloween because how xmas keeps moving in on Halloween month turf it makes Halloween able to do it right back ya Halloween is visiting xmas nothing you plebs can do about it ha
Paul 20 timmar sedan
I actually love Halloween more than Christmas
Mohs ez
Mohs ez 22 timmar sedan
Maturely Disapointing Member of Society
Maturely Disapointing Member of Society 22 timmar sedan
"Oh wow! You've gotten so big since the last time I saw you, how's school?" Is the most relatable thing ever.
lzlatkus 22 timmar sedan
In the sene 5:40 You can see that on the Christmas list she shows one of them is NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS
E A 22 timmar sedan
So cute and funny the Bubbles thing 🤣
S Taylor Pires
S Taylor Pires 22 timmar sedan
Nightmare before Christmas is definitely a Christmas movie because jack finds joy and happiness not blood and death and stuff.
Maxine Vang
Maxine Vang 22 timmar sedan
people that disliked this are just mad cause it's the truth
Sean ncube
Sean ncube 23 timmar sedan
2016:nah 2017:maybe 2018:not yet 2019:later 2020:FUOKITBRODOITE
Ivan B
Ivan B Dag sedan
I can relate on like, every part of the video. I don't dislike Halloween, but I'm not too enthusiastic about it either.
ツ o̲c̲e̲a̲n̲i̲c̲ ツ
ツ o̲c̲e̲a̲n̲i̲c̲ ツ Dag sedan
I can proudly raise my hand and say Im the "Who ever doesnt think halloween is great should be sacrified by goats"
MysterB Dag sedan
Look I know I’m gonna sound stupid here jaiden but just talk to someone then you’ll understand what There personality is
HoneyBeeBear UwU
HoneyBeeBear UwU Dag sedan
*Spoopy month* *Jingle month*
HoneyBeeBear UwU
HoneyBeeBear UwU Dag sedan
*Spoopy* things: Saying BOO a lot Getting into a ghost or Pumpkin costume Getting a witch hat to wear Eating some candy UwU
oopsies Dag sedan
Aw the date when the nightmare before Christmas movie came out was when my grandma died but in 2020.
Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine
Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine Dag sedan
I actually take halloween very seriously but for some odd reason, I’m not really scared of anything, like in a show I watched with someone I know there was 3 ppl playing hide and seek in a haunted mansion. The little girl hid in the attic humming a creepy tune and then you see something in the background moaning the same tune, it was like a person, but without a face. The person I was watching it with was terrified, but I was just like “calm down, it’s just a manaqin “ but the little girl in the show didn’t look scared either, she just turned around and shushed the manniqin. Idk, I’m just not scared of anything I guess.
Sage McGhee
Sage McGhee Dag sedan
He i like hawoweem
Egg Roll Memer
Egg Roll Memer Dag sedan
Yes it is coming up
George Khoory
George Khoory Dag sedan
If I get kids, they're getting a bird mask. I don't care
Eevee_ Girl
Eevee_ Girl Dag sedan
Whos watching this in the mess of 2020?
Rebeca Playz :3
Rebeca Playz :3 Dag sedan
Wow this has 13Millon views 🤩
Ivann Grienzo
Ivann Grienzo Dag sedan
I like Halloween because it’s the one time cosplay is ok
Liam McMahon
Liam McMahon Dag sedan
Me not allowed to go trick or treating in 2020: **cries in pandemic**
Leo Bakaitis
Leo Bakaitis Dag sedan
It is the best holiday ever.
GD SpeelZ
GD SpeelZ Dag sedan
Currently 420k likes while watching
Melanie Centner
Melanie Centner Dag sedan
Hi I'm rorie I love your videos :)
Starz Zz
Starz Zz Dag sedan
420k people liked Jaiden's opinion
Astronomically Sauce
Astronomically Sauce Dag sedan
Justin Scott
Justin Scott Dag sedan
Editing the video at 5:45 am? O_O ouch.
nightkindcaster Dag sedan
I love halloween my parents got married on halloween :> (Sorry if i spelled anything wrong-
Jacob Shappell
Jacob Shappell Dag sedan
I swear on athena to shoulder the burden of All Jaiden's "uncomfterble" Fist bumps
Dirt Cookie6000
Dirt Cookie6000 Dag sedan
I can relate to this like so much.....
Raccoon Byz
Raccoon Byz Dag sedan
2:01 That fact that people still do that angers me Just like Fortnite... YOU’RE DEAD YOUR TIME IS UP IN THIS WORLD, STOP RESISTING!!!
Noah Firth
Noah Firth Dag sedan
420k LIKES lol
artBlocked Dag sedan
“I can understand, because when I try to put myself in their shoes, and thing about what I would say to a millennial, I wouldn’t know what to talk about either.” I hate to break it to you, but anyone born in 1995 or after is Gen Z
Temmie Flakes!
Temmie Flakes! Dag sedan
onyx Dag sedan
i dont like the nightmare before christmas. the terrible animation and weird story line just freeks me out.
onyx Dag sedan
what is a millenial?
Josemaría Flores
Josemaría Flores Dag sedan
The Art Show
The Art Show Dag sedan
Lol i was looking at the date and thought this video was from the futer
Renee Trevino
Renee Trevino Dag sedan
I honestly believed that NBC was a Christmas movie. I have been enlightened.
Ania's C0DE
Ania's C0DE Dag sedan
who's watching in 2020 like "she had no idea it would be this bad"
Miryam Samad
Miryam Samad Dag sedan
Who’s here in October 2020 and it’s almost Halloween?
Jocelyn Yarnall
Jocelyn Yarnall Dag sedan
Me: **a furry and cosplayer** Also me: Halloween gives me an excuse to be myself without being judged! Woo!
To Boldly Go
To Boldly Go Dag sedan
Love the end card
ExoticBuilder 15
ExoticBuilder 15 Dag sedan
Even tho we're not having trick or treating this year, I still got an astronaut costume because of among us, just gonna go to a costume party with the boys
Ronan Conway
Ronan Conway Dag sedan
I watched all 3 Blair witch movies the 2016 one was scary and the 2 one was not scary I didn’t make sense.
Banana Boi
Banana Boi Dag sedan
I was scared of bird box and now I’m out here watching us and sinister
Kolingrad Dag sedan
Bizz y
Bizz y Dag sedan
Funny this pops up at this time
teh zhixiang
teh zhixiang Dag sedan
Imagine celebrating Halloween This comment is brought to you by the Asian gang
Musical theater kid with the Tea
Musical theater kid with the Tea Dag sedan
My friend (this is her favorite movie) thinks nightmare before Christmas is both Halloween and Christmas
why u ppl dislike??!!!
xXShadowsEdgeXx Gaming
xXShadowsEdgeXx Gaming Dag sedan
Great end card dialogue, lol.
jamie leigh paterson
jamie leigh paterson Dag sedan
My country don't celebrate Halloween😭😭😭😭😭
Minihood31770 Dag sedan
Best end card ever
Doge Dag sedan
This video was posted on my birthday in 2016
Ashton Ramritu
Ashton Ramritu Dag sedan
I’m like you jaiden
Happy Face
Happy Face Dag sedan
i have never eaten candy in my life
Kira Shoeshikata
Kira Shoeshikata Dag sedan
It is spööktöbër
Madeline Jones
Madeline Jones Dag sedan
One of the only reasons I like Halloween is because the day after most channels start playing Christmas music.
PRAKESH Dag sedan
6:09 yea some are pretty good. The only good one I ever did was Ripleys in Gatlinburg Tennessee. But yea most are pretty bad
The Krabapple
The Krabapple Dag sedan
Lenykwa Egan
Lenykwa Egan Dag sedan
Jaiden: *Makes this video Me: RELATABLE
Sunni-Side-Up Dag sedan
“Peer pressured by myself” SOMEONE FINALLY PUT IT INTO WORDS
Sunny side up
Sunny side up Dag sedan
Riley Bug
Riley Bug 2 dagar sedan
Your my new favorite youtuber because my favorite movie is nightmare before Christmas
Super Goose
Super Goose 2 dagar sedan
Halloween is just an excuse for me to reuse my cosplays after the summer costume cons are over 😂 Also chocolate. Hard candy is gross, chocolate is 👌
Pengwin 2 dagar sedan
2020 October anyone?
Nicholas Stave
Nicholas Stave 2 dagar sedan
im 8 sooooooooooooooooooo yeah i cant even get past the theme song of the nightmare before Christmas
BD Reborn
BD Reborn 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: "Gets scared for accidentally turning on the bathroom fan instead of the lights" Me: "Always gets scared after opening the front door to someone at night" It's ok Jaiden, your not alone.
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