My Opinion on Traveling

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Jaiden Animations

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traveling and all that jazz~
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I'd walk on a moving sidewalk next to you ;)))))))))))))))))))

Samala Shireesh
Samala Shireesh 10 timmar sedan
Totally me🤣🤣😂
I think the window seat is the best seat because if you want to sleep you can lean on the wall instead of your seatmate... Pls like if u agree
slvzj1120 13 timmar sedan
moris preciosa
moris preciosa 13 timmar sedan
The nervous existence histopathologically depend because harp extraorally accept round a public gore-tex. shaggy, thoughtless geology
Firejeremy8 18 timmar sedan
I am seeing this now and staying homw is tottaly not an average person lol quaratine and isolation and gotcha
Catalina Mejia
Catalina Mejia 22 timmar sedan
"oK EvErYbOdY iN tHeRe sEaTs gOiNg uP!"
Zhasurbek Umarov
Zhasurbek Umarov Dag sedan
0:08, the door is bent when Jaden opens it. lol
Dxstiny Dag sedan
“I just look like a drug dealer who smoked to much alcohol” Wait, *wait-*
Courtney Foster
Courtney Foster Dag sedan
The jagged staircase presumably trip because forehead relatedly divide throughout a diligent sweets. festive, needless transport
Funky Lobster
Funky Lobster Dag sedan
What are the chances of you making a turtle Jaden plush tho? I need that in my life lmao
Alisia Gutierrez
Alisia Gutierrez Dag sedan
Like a drug dealer who smoked to much alcohol
Bananas Bananas
Bananas Bananas 2 dagar sedan
Patience Edna. It's all worth it.
Bananas Bananas
Bananas Bananas 2 dagar sedan
"If you do... no you don't." A quote to live by
Raymond Dsouza
Raymond Dsouza 2 dagar sedan
me thinking how u smoke alchol 1:27
Bot.o 2 dagar sedan
Airplane seat tier list: S - Aisle C - Window F - Middle
Lilianna Uribe
Lilianna Uribe 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden LOL i was this girl!
Nj Noori Noori
Nj Noori Noori 3 dagar sedan
Real story : I was going to canada. And my mother was sleeping. And then I noticed that I didn't sleep for 19hr 😬
Nj Noori Noori
Nj Noori Noori 3 dagar sedan
Can we just accept the part that jaiden is always talking about going too new places? Cause like corona? 😀😀😀😀
Orion Fifield
Orion Fifield 3 dagar sedan
a while ago when i was getting a passport when i was getting my photo they made me lean forward, frown and make my eyes really wide so i looked kind of evil
Dana Miller
Dana Miller 3 dagar sedan
Who evers in 2021 you know that she got hives cause of that
Nathan Laroque
Nathan Laroque 3 dagar sedan
i really liked the scene where the pilot said. GOIN UP
K.I.K KK 4 dagar sedan
Shirley Wilson
Shirley Wilson 4 dagar sedan
The bouncy soil histopathologically battle because brother-in-law temporarily dry unlike a shaky fridge. quixotic, gaudy class
Sparky 74
Sparky 74 4 dagar sedan
jaiden in anime. ;-;
Sparky 74
Sparky 74 4 dagar sedan
(In minute 1:56)
Angus Antley
Angus Antley 4 dagar sedan
ah yes i hate it when i smoke too mutch alcohol
barbara bmc
barbara bmc 5 dagar sedan
little girl: what if in 3 years from now in 2020 theres a huge pandemic that kills millions of people? that would be fun right? jaiden: haha yep!
Keira Ferguson
Keira Ferguson 5 dagar sedan
Why jaiden should be presedent! XD
Carolina Arizini
Carolina Arizini 5 dagar sedan
When she says ‘like an average person’ does she think she is better then average or worse then average?? I hope not🤪
Mark Music
Mark Music 5 dagar sedan
I think I might have been that girl btw I am in my brothers account
baiq risya icha
baiq risya icha 6 dagar sedan
Havent you thought of traveling to indonesia so you can learn about it and meet me (hopefully) and if we do meet ill try to teach the language (the easy one) well i wish the pandemics over and thenaturaldisasters here stops soyou can come here and meet me i wish that would happen
DARIA ANDREEA VĂLE 6 dagar sedan
Jax Jovanovic
Jax Jovanovic 6 dagar sedan
“I look like a drug dealer that’s smoked too much alcohol”
Karol Koczara
Karol Koczara 6 dagar sedan
O my god "Vidcon" I heard "Vietcond"
Penguin History
Penguin History 6 dagar sedan
In South Korea, there are escalators that have an automatic sensor that makes the escalator move when you come near it.
Noelle Rogers
Noelle Rogers 6 dagar sedan
who else commented really late
Joe Kachaami
Joe Kachaami 6 dagar sedan
Me when i hear that Jaiden left her house:fake news
Alfie 7 dagar sedan
* W o r d *
Polus Petrovich
Polus Petrovich 7 dagar sedan
I got this recommended 3 years later
7 dagar sedan
Okay I think we can all agree that boarding rooms are god damn depressing and boring
valkyrie_pilot 7 dagar sedan
As an aircraft, and airline, and airport buff, this is correct.
Jenson Sparkles
Jenson Sparkles 7 dagar sedan
Ultimate bedwars pro
Ultimate bedwars pro 7 dagar sedan
can u pls do a setup tour or whatever u say
Petir371 8 dagar sedan
Someone like middle seat me
LOVE This Games
LOVE This Games 8 dagar sedan
Ismi and Sam
Ismi and Sam 8 dagar sedan
This was more like random thouths
arkiegirl 816
arkiegirl 816 8 dagar sedan
Android Maximus
Android Maximus 9 dagar sedan
Are you scared the Nazi And Hitler you know Adolf Hitler he killed 1 million Jewish people
Android Maximus
Android Maximus 9 dagar sedan
Ever heard of the Soviet union
Android Maximus
Android Maximus 9 dagar sedan
Or you even fear communism
Android Maximus
Android Maximus 9 dagar sedan
Which historical leader you fear the most
The Okayest
The Okayest 9 dagar sedan
You have to think that if you have the aisle seats, you are the person with a butt in your face
Meh dog Rulez
Meh dog Rulez 9 dagar sedan
Wait if the restroom is hands free how can they get toilet paper??? 🤔
Yovany Nataren
Yovany Nataren 10 dagar sedan
Jaiden animation: I look like a drug dealer that smoked to much alcohol Me: wait, you cant smoke alcohol
jaya lakshmi
jaya lakshmi 10 dagar sedan
I’m seven I go on the effort with my parents sucks for you🥲
Alexanderli88 10 dagar sedan
“a drug dealer that smoke too much alcohol”
Tianna_1437 10 dagar sedan
Jaiden being scared of what she might of said and just agreeing made me laugh xD
Victoria Winston
Victoria Winston 10 dagar sedan
李鑫 10 dagar sedan
It’s loud in a plane but when you’re outside it’s even LOUDER
Business Clown
Business Clown 11 dagar sedan
3:07 the things I've seen on that seat...
KareBear 11 dagar sedan
I was that girl 😅😅😅I think
Sean Garland
Sean Garland 11 dagar sedan
But how would we get groceries back to our homes
JoshMasterX 11 dagar sedan
Moving sidewalks everywhere? Jaiden, You're a genius Ps: I like ur vids
legends of zelda
legends of zelda 11 dagar sedan
GirlOne 11 dagar sedan
I love the clip of the random person in the seat...who else?
Lauch Lauch
Lauch Lauch 12 dagar sedan
The middle set is the best
Belinda Chaplin
Belinda Chaplin 12 dagar sedan
Belinda Chaplin
Belinda Chaplin 12 dagar sedan
MLG call of duty Player
MLG call of duty Player 12 dagar sedan
Berzoingles 12 dagar sedan
Dang guess I don’t like the middle seat now
MAD_BAGUETTE 12 dagar sedan
Jaiden: This girl then says, "I like your shoes!" Me: Oh, sorry, let me just- **screams younger sisters name** (IM NOT SAYING HER NAME, DEAL WITH IT.)
Dominus Playzss
Dominus Playzss 12 dagar sedan
Hello everyone I really want to git to 50 subs and I would appreciate if you sub to me
Sonic Cartoons
Sonic Cartoons 13 dagar sedan
I’ve made animations
Jehmin Lee
Jehmin Lee 13 dagar sedan
If you do you don’t
Hoa Le
Hoa Le 13 dagar sedan
i agree with you i love the thig
Alanna Yates
Alanna Yates 13 dagar sedan
heh, you wanna talk about not going anywhere for ten months?
K E n o s
K E n o s 14 dagar sedan
Wooow she smoked to much alcohol
Jacob Rojas
Jacob Rojas 14 dagar sedan
I am too and I still am 5:12
Bunny lover Mot
Bunny lover Mot 14 dagar sedan
Nobody: Me: Dying because she came to Boise Idaho where I've lived for forever and didn't know she was a thing three years ago😭😭😭
Elizabeth Barletta
Elizabeth Barletta 14 dagar sedan
Satin child
Mel Ders
Mel Ders 14 dagar sedan
Vasil Nikolov
Vasil Nikolov 15 dagar sedan
Dankwolfgaming 15 dagar sedan
Jaiden: Moving sidewalks! Theres not much more to say here. (Talks more) Me:WWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTT?
Amos Ravenclaw
Amos Ravenclaw 16 dagar sedan
I had the same moving sidewalk idea
Igneel 16 dagar sedan
Igneel 16 dagar sedan
Natural Harmonia Gropius
Natural Harmonia Gropius 16 dagar sedan
I wish I can meet Jaiden irl
Natural Harmonia Gropius
Natural Harmonia Gropius 16 dagar sedan
@Daantje Maybe I'm a Simp
Daantje 16 dagar sedan
Stanley James
Stanley James 16 dagar sedan
Stanley James
Stanley James 16 dagar sedan
0:33 hey guys
EG641 16 dagar sedan
1:09 press [g] to put on mask
Ef Molinari
Ef Molinari 16 dagar sedan
"Flying human tins of sardines" 😂😂😂
Shadow 17 dagar sedan
I’m so confused, is the isle supposed to be wide or thin
isnot neverdream
isnot neverdream 17 dagar sedan
PICKLE THE ONCE 17 dagar sedan
I was on a plane once going to my grandparents' house for the holidays, and my parents and siblings were sitting a few rows in front of me. I was seating in between this American or British couple, and I was eating some chips. The man on my left, since I was about 7 and he was just trying to be nice, cracked a small joke about having some of my chips. then I replied with "...I don't share my chips with strangers...". After that, they didn't really talk to me. That was a random human interaction. I was such a...what's the word? Oh right! dumb.
huh huh
huh huh 17 dagar sedan
Yes🙆 ...:》
Tharun Ramarajan
Tharun Ramarajan 17 dagar sedan
0:33 Jaiden: "if you haven't, you should leave" Me watching this in 2021: *looks up definition of leaving bc I forgot what it means*
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson 17 dagar sedan
you crack me up jaiden i mean it for real
The mad nightmare
The mad nightmare 17 dagar sedan
Moving sidewalks You know that would cost trillions And they might only be able to be used in the day to avoid pollution since we can use solar panels to power them in the day but at night idk
MOLAX20 17 dagar sedan
This video is cool
Just A Random Guy
Just A Random Guy 18 dagar sedan
3:07 *This gave me bad memories*
Fancyman 18 dagar sedan
1:26 why I'm I laughing so much
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