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if I kept up with all of the instruments I picked up I could've become a successful one man band and never would've joined youtube. thank god for quitting amirite?

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Music: Simplify the Chaos by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D a single trumpet in the distance will play in your honor

Art Owl
Art Owl Timme sedan
The universe: Jaden you are the chosen one to play this flute Jaden: GET WRECKED MATES!!!
Amai-Chan 6 timmar sedan
Osd Ch
Osd Ch 6 timmar sedan
اين ترجمة عربية انا لا اراه
Joey Lopez
Joey Lopez 9 timmar sedan
Me I’m the stalker for 14 years
MaskedMid 9 timmar sedan
I also had to learn recorder, and yes. It. Was. A. Nightmare xD
moris preciosa
moris preciosa 12 timmar sedan
The somber traffic unsurprisingly sail because skill synchronously sniff lest a wooden danger. judicious, stupendous correspondent
Amy Gremillion
Amy Gremillion 19 timmar sedan
oh my gosh I keep messing this up what I really mean is why is Louisiana at the bottom of the best schools Milton is the best school ever
Amy Gremillion
Amy Gremillion 19 timmar sedan
poops I meant why is Louisiana @Bonavista of good school we have the best school ever
Amy Gremillion
Amy Gremillion 19 timmar sedan
how is Louisiana Automotive the list
AniMaki 19 timmar sedan
I play the piano
Jessica Truong
Jessica Truong 23 timmar sedan
You played a show off on piano in camp oppetta
tsuiv Dag sedan
i only knew the first word ( wo or me/I ) lol
Jeremiah Gallagher
Jeremiah Gallagher Dag sedan
I'm curious about what her band sounded like
Christian B
Christian B Dag sedan
anyone else play flute? just me... okay
Christian B
Christian B Dag sedan
“we decided to leave when they added karate.” GOOD
Anastasia Krause
Anastasia Krause Dag sedan
Jaiden: The school made us play recorders. That was a nightmare. Me: I feel ya, Jaiden
Sweet Honey
Sweet Honey Dag sedan
I play piano :P I’m learning ripstitch rag
Daniela Bonifacio
Daniela Bonifacio Dag sedan
Ah ja ja ja ja ja esos dos iPhone 5s 5:20/8:45
Maria Miles
Maria Miles 2 dagar sedan
I like pizza
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 2 dagar sedan
5:13 very relatable and I HATED RECORDERS AFTER THAT
Lisa Emke
Lisa Emke 2 dagar sedan
Iv Ben stocking lol
Sylvia Beckwith-Brown
Sylvia Beckwith-Brown 2 dagar sedan
Scarlet Letter
Scarlet Letter 3 dagar sedan
That company who bought out your old piano school apparently didn't care much about thier future prospects either, or the would've invested in some form of sound proofing while diversifying. Tacking some carpet on the walls can go a long way.
Dillon gaming
Dillon gaming 3 dagar sedan
Agastya Pratap
Agastya Pratap 3 dagar sedan
Me a professional guitarist watching the guitar part: screaming with a lot of rage
Fletcher P.
Fletcher P. 3 dagar sedan
Francesca McDonnell
Francesca McDonnell 3 dagar sedan
I play euphonium and I’m a natural drum player
Areum Kim
Areum Kim 3 dagar sedan
you should do undertale music please : )
Skylar 3 dagar sedan
i play violin not gonna say home old i am though OvO
Charles Carmichael
Charles Carmichael 3 dagar sedan
Now I know I’m not the only pianist
Jackie Parker
Jackie Parker 4 dagar sedan
I play the cello
Daughter Of Hades
Daughter Of Hades 4 dagar sedan
Me, living in Germany: Wh- The American school system sucks too?!
YourGameThis 2 dagar sedan
Wait America isn’t the only one? The American school system is just a bunch of- poorer schools don’t even get money :(
Muhammad Aiman bin Mohammad Zaidi
Muhammad Aiman bin Mohammad Zaidi 4 dagar sedan
Who would agree twoset should watch this?
PAC-Man2 169
PAC-Man2 169 4 dagar sedan
The best line from this channel ever is right here, 6:06
Nathaniel Bryan
Nathaniel Bryan 4 dagar sedan
How did she know I’ve been stalking her for exactly 14 years ... and am the editor of the wall st journal
otiliothecoollaaw 10
otiliothecoollaaw 10 4 dagar sedan
Panda Preston
Panda Preston 4 dagar sedan
Lasange xd
Lasange xd 5 dagar sedan
I play flute anyone else?
Lola Louden
Lola Louden 5 dagar sedan
The cello ✨SUCKED✨
Mia Gutierrez
Mia Gutierrez 5 dagar sedan
OMG! i just remembered when I was in 3rd grade me and my brother got a recorder and that's all we heard after school Boys smacking each other with it or just blowing really damn loud
Iuliana Apopei
Iuliana Apopei 5 dagar sedan
UwU the but in the video
xd Teddyy
xd Teddyy 5 dagar sedan
I ❤️you’re Videos jaden animations
duck 5 dagar sedan
Red DaBoi
Red DaBoi 5 dagar sedan
I hate 2020.... Now it’s 2021... it’s still the virus time
Mari Cruz 💗
Mari Cruz 💗 5 dagar sedan
ok but can we talk about how light the cello actually is? like, you would expect it to be heavy, but it’s lighter then the flute i play rn.
Buggy Elam
Buggy Elam 5 dagar sedan
And that thumbnail is why I subscribed
Huskerhawk E
Huskerhawk E 5 dagar sedan
Saxophone gang represent
M 5 dagar sedan
My Orchestra teacher calls us ORCADORKS-
Core70 5 dagar sedan
I did Violin for a year and I still have a book with practice music sheets
Falcon reiz
Falcon reiz 5 dagar sedan
Reus ak kaşık
Nova_ The_Loser
Nova_ The_Loser 6 dagar sedan
Me: watches Jaiden for like my whole life Jaiden: If you didn't know I play piano, Welcome. Me: ....UH-
Emily S
Emily S 6 dagar sedan
Watch with captions :D
Happy Bunny Queen
Happy Bunny Queen 6 dagar sedan
6:23 Why does it say there's 51 states? Did they include Puerto Rico?
MagicTingZ Valintines Day!
MagicTingZ Valintines Day! 7 dagar sedan
Hey new SUB!joined yesterday
Ritika Singh
Ritika Singh 7 dagar sedan
May I just say... EXACTLY!!! WHAT ARE THE SCHOOL SYSTEMS EVEN TRYING TO DO? My main instrument has always been the Piano along with taking Voice Lessons... but in third grade EVERYONE HAD TO BE APART OF THE CHORUS and oh my god the sound... yikes. then in fourth grade they added Orchestra... not that bad. I chose the Cello. and then Fifth grade Band! (the child who thought it meant being apart of a giant rock band: ;-;) along with an after school chorus for all the normal children who didn't want to stand in a room with other people while everyone screeches like an Ari during the school day. in band I chose Flute. and then middle school you could choose if you wanted to continue with your so called musical career or just... not.
Liam Cantu
Liam Cantu 7 dagar sedan
Really creative thumbnail
SwitcHer05Go! 5 dagar sedan
I agree.
Victoria Swiatek
Victoria Swiatek 7 dagar sedan
yes me in the flote
Chloe Beatriz Nunez
Chloe Beatriz Nunez 7 dagar sedan
6:52 HolY mOther I am The ChosEn oNe this Is A siGn fRom The heAvens gReaT gOd AppoLo HAs Destined Me to pLAY thIS FLUTEE GET WRECK MATESSSSSS :}
Jaime Jesus A. MANCAO
Jaime Jesus A. MANCAO 7 dagar sedan
I was seven years old and knew Eine Kleine Nachtmusik like a pro
77 Rapid fire
77 Rapid fire 7 dagar sedan
Try oboe
Jaq PlaysPiano
Jaq PlaysPiano 7 dagar sedan
hey Jaden, i play the piano and i am a small ten wyear old boy that plays kebalevesky, chopin and other super hard ones and it is super boring, the piano and i hated it. :(
atasia galloway
atasia galloway 7 dagar sedan
The aboriginal smash concurrently steer because slope paradoxically ruin via a superb chain. nasty, verdant sponge
ShierThunder 2.0
ShierThunder 2.0 7 dagar sedan
HEY! I'm an instrument dolphin too!
SOME CRAP 8 dagar sedan
I actually broke a recorder and broke it on my birthday by hitting it on a piñata(Lol).
Real Trash
Real Trash 6 dagar sedan
Yuri Kamado
Yuri Kamado 8 dagar sedan
My school made us use the recorder for 5th and 4th grade and then band was optional
Agent Curlz
Agent Curlz 8 dagar sedan
The People who bought the piano place are just the onc-ler and O'Hare
iam dead-inside
iam dead-inside 8 dagar sedan
iam dead-inside
iam dead-inside 8 dagar sedan
iam dead-inside
iam dead-inside 8 dagar sedan
... you what why
feel good inc
feel good inc 8 dagar sedan
*insert heavy breathing, internal screaming, earape, looks down sweating heavily* "I remember those days of the recorder, never been able to here as well since",* sees the trench's and here's gun fire, planes flying over head, and helicopters with screaming*
Jamie Martinez
Jamie Martinez 8 dagar sedan
Wow you play piano I love the piano
Super T
Super T 8 dagar sedan
My music school did that but it was at different times and had sound proofing
Mystic Duo
Mystic Duo 9 dagar sedan
4:43 *viola*
Juliet Huckabay
Juliet Huckabay 9 dagar sedan
Jaiden my grandpa is also the chosen one for the flute he is amazing at it!
Sw33t3st T3a
Sw33t3st T3a 9 dagar sedan
All I remember from recorder is just: **Hot cross buns**
MonstxaHigx 9 dagar sedan
Oiiii Is Mayo An instrument?
Staci Mulldune
Staci Mulldune 9 dagar sedan
Elizabeth C.
Elizabeth C. 9 dagar sedan
I was in hip hop with my friend and I jumped over her I was like *pants* I'm going to die today
IDK Channel
IDK Channel 10 dagar sedan
IDK Channel
IDK Channel 10 dagar sedan
Hi maiden your cool
PeppermintBark 10 dagar sedan
I play cello and piano right now 😂 Also check out my up in coming channel where I draw and sketch and stuff 😀
Rebecca Day
Rebecca Day 10 dagar sedan
Jaden: if you don't now that I played piano me: I don't now that you played piano because I am from the future mmmmhhhhaaa
ShadowRush 10 dagar sedan
I love how the 'candy jar' changed to 'tips'
Food Greh
Food Greh 10 dagar sedan
Lol the same thing happen to me Smith the flut
Hadley J
Hadley J 10 dagar sedan
She got cake in the thumbnail😂😂😂
SwitcHer05Go! 10 dagar sedan
perez gamers
perez gamers 11 dagar sedan
Two things how you play that many instruments i can barely play the harmonica and you spend half the vid talking about the speech of freedom lol
matthew puno
matthew puno 11 dagar sedan
Background music 1:55 briney spears
DreyVlogs 11 dagar sedan
jaiden: I AM THE CHOSEN ONE other students: OK CALM DOWN
Andi Suryanty Bandy
Andi Suryanty Bandy 11 dagar sedan
i like your youtube
Vanny The Bunny
Vanny The Bunny 11 dagar sedan
“Roses are red My blanket is too I got my first like Why is it blue.”
Em Beboso
Em Beboso 11 dagar sedan
4:40 I asked my parents if I could play the bass.. I was the smallest child and it hurt to try and play it in an instrument sharing activity in 5th grade and i wasnt able to get that bass
Izzy Fizzzy
Izzy Fizzzy 11 dagar sedan
Why is this relatable, like I do everything she said in this video. Lol
Eesha Gowda
Eesha Gowda 11 dagar sedan
@Izzy Fizzzy um.. did you just REPLY TO YOURSELF 🤣🤣
Izzy Fizzzy
Izzy Fizzzy 11 dagar sedan
Lol not everything doe
Dori Bee
Dori Bee 11 dagar sedan
Wuz that music place in Virginia cuz my dance studio sounds quite similar
DE4D_Vibezz 11 dagar sedan
Hey Jaiden your probably not reading this but I challenge u to a paino battle hehe
J XL3 11 dagar sedan
Shit, I remmember being forced to play the recorder but always practiced with my flute because the recorder was just too shitty. That's why I then learned guitar instead of wood instruments.
Ava Thompson
Ava Thompson 11 dagar sedan
i hate the recorder
Ava Thompson
Ava Thompson 11 dagar sedan
and i have played the flute
Susan Duncan
Susan Duncan 11 dagar sedan
I think the kid blasting the drums was jacksepticeye
Bex Warring
Bex Warring 11 dagar sedan
5:15 my school only made us learn recorders 4th and 5th grade..........Torture on the ears
Blue Kool-Aid Man
Blue Kool-Aid Man 12 dagar sedan
I had a stomach ache but watching this cured it XD
Jason Zhou
Jason Zhou 12 dagar sedan
I do recorder too❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
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