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3 år sedan

if I kept up with all of the instruments I picked up I could've become a successful one man band and never would've joined youtube. thank god for quitting amirite?

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Music: Simplify the Chaos by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D a single trumpet in the distance will play in your honor

All Out Destruction
All Out Destruction 11 minuter sedan
The recorders gave me ptsd
Alex 15 minuter sedan
Solna Gastón UwU
Solna Gastón UwU 28 minuter sedan
I loved violin
Dodgebrawl Timme sedan
i play viola e
OzzyBoi 2 timmar sedan
amazing video
Ethan Z
Ethan Z 2 timmar sedan
RealBme 2 timmar sedan
yeah you r like me
RealBme 2 timmar sedan
RealBme 2 timmar sedan
RealBme 2 timmar sedan
OMG ;)
RealBme 2 timmar sedan
Mushy 2 timmar sedan
I’ll be back to this comment soon. *Right?*
Captain Toast
Captain Toast Timme sedan
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou 2 timmar sedan
"Is Patrick an instrument?" ~Mayonnaise
GD Heavy
GD Heavy 3 timmar sedan
3:04 I don't play piano, I play guitar. But there are guitarists like this who are like, "People who read tabs aren't real guitarists, REAL guitarists can read sheet music." Or whenever people see you with an acoustic, they almost always ask, "PLAY WONDERWALL" So i can kind of relate to this
Sunny79 4 timmar sedan
Band squad anyone?
Arthur Shutts
Arthur Shutts 6 timmar sedan
“ I like other things than art like... “ “Art” ._. “In instrument form” 👁👄👁
Soma Das
Soma Das 7 timmar sedan
Umair491 8 timmar sedan
How old are u jaiden (aren’t u born in like 1997)
Angel Contreras Cardenas
Angel Contreras Cardenas 8 timmar sedan
I Played Accordion, But Now Alto Sax, Normal BASS, Piano, Marimba.
Angel Contreras Cardenas
Angel Contreras Cardenas 8 timmar sedan
4:44 Should've Chosen BASS
dun-jinn-eer 9 timmar sedan
I was like wow that's low on the list... then I saw new Mexico at 50..... which is where i went to school.....
Danny Harnick
Danny Harnick 9 timmar sedan
I played elementary school orchestra and this one person actually got a PINK VIOLIN!!! everyone else hated her because she had the coolest violin...
Laffy Taffy World
Laffy Taffy World 10 timmar sedan
Wow I feel bad for you
Ann Leigh
Ann Leigh 10 timmar sedan
I'm just glad that your school was trying to Branch out to more of the arts instead of sports! Most school don't even have an orchestra (my old middle school that had a band but not an orchestra because "string instrument aren't as important" and they can't cheer on sports) any way, I wish I could have been at that school I love music and I play the violin so yahh I wish I could have gone there. Thankfully though my mom is a music teacher so I got a lot of my music skill from her. Sorry for the side tangent in the beginning but yah uh thanks for readying ( my social anxiety is getting up here) (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧
Shadow Cat
Shadow Cat 11 timmar sedan
Lol the recorder and ukulele was the worst 😅
Vien Aubrey
Vien Aubrey 11 timmar sedan
I feel so Targeted I played the Flute,Piano,Violin and I almost got a Cello-, I played the violin for 3 years but it still sounds like a Dying Goat when I play Canon in D in the Violin but in Piano , Nope.
Anonymous 3000
Anonymous 3000 11 timmar sedan
Actually I respect ur school cuz they actually tried,in my country we didn’t even had music lessons and always wanted to try play an instrument but never had the chance
Suki! 12 timmar sedan
0:47 KIRMIT?!
RealyChel _
RealyChel _ 13 timmar sedan
Did u ever try playing the evil morty theme on the piano? I heard it b4 and it sounded cool
Richard Draws Stuff
Richard Draws Stuff 14 timmar sedan
I do agree about the inspiration part. I do however think that some of the characters in the community look similar to each other. But thats just my opinion.
Robert Jaminson
Robert Jaminson 19 timmar sedan
syleen 19 timmar sedan
Lingling probably blessed you.
Caleb Hall
Caleb Hall 20 timmar sedan
"You aren't a real pianist unless you only play Beethoven and Chopin and Mozart. Anything else is a disgrace to the piano." Giorno and Gold Experience Requiem with his theme playing: 7 P A G E M U D A
Samaya Cruz
Samaya Cruz 20 timmar sedan
Glad you played the cello, most people don't. Thats it. 😳
big boii that big boii
big boii that big boii 20 timmar sedan
I love u jeiden
Some random Kid
Some random Kid 20 timmar sedan
I hope if Jaiden has time to make a video to play a flute, please play minecraft stal.
Rian Killmonger
Rian Killmonger 21 timme sedan
4:57 This reminds me of one of my friends, who is reaaallly short. This happened during 5th grade, when we learning about Band. We wanted to join Band, and I was able to choose my instrument, Trombone, on the day we were supposed to go and choose. My friend wasn't able to make it, so a couple days later, she was pulled out of class to go choose. And remember when I said she was reaaallly short? Well, when she came back, and when I asked what instrument she chose, she told me, she chose. The. Freaking. Tuba.
Rafael Keenan Sims
Rafael Keenan Sims 22 timmar sedan
seriously you play piano like that😂😂🤣🤣
TrinaJr Avilez
TrinaJr Avilez 22 timmar sedan
You are one of my favorite you tubers you are awesome I wish I could meat and go to vidcon and meat you
Jude Miller
Jude Miller 23 timmar sedan
"You're not a true pianist if you don't only play Beethoven, Chopin, or Mozart" Me playing megalovania: HAHAHAhahahaha
Xxwaterfxll-firefxyxX 23 timmar sedan
I play a cello ( and was Forced by school to play the recorder =w=) and i love playing it!
Jessica Polson
Jessica Polson 23 timmar sedan
In fifth grade we were forced to play the recorder I kinda liked it until THAT ONE KID when PFHHHH into THE LOUDEST DANG NOTE and then MOST of the rest of the class did it, my ears hurt after that xD. And in sixth grade I got to play the violin and I’m still playing it, and I love it!
yu zhao
yu zhao Dag sedan
My teacher lets me choose what song i want to play sometimes and when i want to learn a song i like i show the sheet to my teacher
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson Dag sedan
My brother had to play a recorder.
Vanessa Schultz
Vanessa Schultz Dag sedan
I LOVE YOU!!! Can I see you?
Emma Harper
Emma Harper Dag sedan
Louisiana, wow..😂😂😂
JazzyGaming 91
JazzyGaming 91 Dag sedan
*oh baby baby* Jaiden: oh ok... weird
WeirdJellyfish Dag sedan
Me whenever I heard the classical music dork: What about Rachmaninoff, Bach and Greig ?
Angel Frausto
Angel Frausto Dag sedan
I know how to play ukulele
Deadshot will shoot you lights out!
Deadshot will shoot you lights out! Dag sedan
Its a good thing she didnt win the trivia tournament otherwise I would of killed myself
Madison Stark
Madison Stark Dag sedan
i wish my mom would finally sign me up for something but they only sign my brother up for sports :(
Juniper Camalier
Juniper Camalier Dag sedan
I don't play violence but I do play viola
Exotic Life
Exotic Life Dag sedan
Thorfinn Roar
Thorfinn Roar Dag sedan
Nicolaukk Dag sedan
"the united states educational system is bad" *laughs in brazilian*
Ghastly280 Dag sedan
You should play seven nation army
Joyce Shelton
Joyce Shelton Dag sedan
Oh wow that must be rude
Isaac H
Isaac H Dag sedan
I love how in one title Jaiden manages to put an awkward smol Jaiden, a bald stripper *a s s* , and another Jaiden compassionately holding 3 instruments
Nathan Allison
Nathan Allison Dag sedan
y is the thumbnail so wierd?
Gabriel Felipe da Silva
Gabriel Felipe da Silva Dag sedan
yey now we need a giorno giovanna theme
Alexis . Gabriela
Alexis . Gabriela Dag sedan
Big Mouth Roblox
Big Mouth Roblox Dag sedan
Apparently someone did a Guns 'N Roses song on the piano
Courtney Cox
Courtney Cox Dag sedan
When we learned recorder, one of my friends threw up while playing. The music teacher cleaned it, but I was still nervous for the rest of the year.
Kiera The Weeb
Kiera The Weeb Dag sedan
So uh, have you played the flea waltz/der flohwalzer? I like danganronpa
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou 2 timmar sedan
I felt that
KAI DE FARIA Dag sedan
anyone here from 2020?
Galaxia_wolf UwU
Galaxia_wolf UwU Dag sedan
I play violin UwU QwQ UwU QwQ UwU QwQ UwU
Gwendyylen 18 timmar sedan
FarA 87
FarA 87 Dag sedan
Omg, Greek go Apollo, he is also my favourite
FarA 87
FarA 87 Dag sedan
Rip headphone users like me o(TヘTo) 5:20
Alexis Baez
Alexis Baez Dag sedan
Bruh I live in lousisna
EmoBeanUwU Dag sedan
I play the bass now in high school. I play bass guitar and the regular bass. My friend was carrying my bass because I wasn't there for rehearsal because I was really sick and this guy walks buy and says "That's a really big guitar" ...yeah it was triggering but funny
DDeathRaiderX Dag sedan
gotta love the flute gang
onyx Dag sedan
i play the cello to
Klaudia Michalska
Klaudia Michalska Dag sedan
Jaiden:recorder Me: You must have come to St Teresa in da UK
Persus Game
Persus Game Dag sedan
I play the chello and it feels like she represent
pedro gaming
pedro gaming Dag sedan
Adryana Johnson
Adryana Johnson Dag sedan
I'm currently in fifth grade and I can understand this perfectly like we tried the recorder and that's all I heard all I heard and that's because everyone there sucked what did the music teacher respect for us to be good but did we do it no also something else that would be interesting this year is we are currently doing with the crew of virus in school which is annoying because we have to wear masks inside
Edgy -_-
Edgy -_- Dag sedan
"I know some ppl going out of their way and send threats and posting really terrible things to ppl" *coughs* Scammers *coughs* *coughs*
Ben Boling
Ben Boling Dag sedan
I like playimg the flute too
Sweet Honeybun
Sweet Honeybun Dag sedan
I love your vids your so amazing
Cat Nation
Cat Nation Dag sedan
Me watching in 3 years
MFirdausAzri Aerry
MFirdausAzri Aerry Dag sedan
I have a piano because my parents forced me 😬😬
MiracleMarii Dag sedan
She protecc She attacc But most importantly... She smacc(piano)
UmbraHasO2 Dag sedan
The exact same thing happened with me. Except playing different instruments and that insane music place. It’s so much fun playing a son you like more than some random classical song with a French name.
I am a gamer And I'm proud!
I am a gamer And I'm proud! Dag sedan
You were the chosen one you were supposed to destroy the Sith not join them!
tddragon Dag sedan
Me in Louisiana 👁👄👁 (i play the flute now) by the way best school i have been two is Sun City it was awesome my hand writing was outstanding now it is not even worth a penny.
Camie Dag sedan
Texas Red
Texas Red Dag sedan
What the hell, since when have we been last?
Future Potato
Future Potato Dag sedan
flute pog
onlyabanana Dag sedan
yo, i play the flute as well! i was in band for 2 years and then i taught myself how to play the keyboard just recently. :)
JustKarlYT 14
JustKarlYT 14 Dag sedan
Is she scared of toilets?
Channel #456
Channel #456 Dag sedan
Right now I’m in band and I play the French Horn
Eddie Elliott
Eddie Elliott 2 dagar sedan
Love your videos
Mae Hiro
Mae Hiro 2 dagar sedan
Wow im just like that smol girl- '' >
Arachne 2 dagar sedan
According to my boyfriend who is study to be an orchestra teacher and is in an orchestra himself, the people who tend to play bass are the short people. It’s like a bass stereotype in orchestra. Like how all cellist hate pacabelle’s cannon
Katelyn Burkhart
Katelyn Burkhart 2 dagar sedan
So at the end when she said " All chennels are diffrent" I have a chennal so I got sad
Marie-Alyse Gonzalez
Marie-Alyse Gonzalez 2 dagar sedan
Faethon 2 dagar sedan
Is mayonnaise an instrument?
Melora Palombo-Torres
Melora Palombo-Torres 2 dagar sedan
When your state is near higher than Arizona in worst education...🙃
Marx The Cosmic Jester
Marx The Cosmic Jester 2 dagar sedan
Why does Arizona sound SOOOOOOOOOOOO much like Illinois? HAVE I BEEN LIVING IN ARIZONA THIS ENTIRE TIME!? Oh wait, it’s snowing. im safe
Grace Rice
Grace Rice 2 dagar sedan
at 6:45 I died (also i was in the middle of a zoom class so that's great)
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