My Horrible Nightmare Group Project

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Jaiden Animations

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*continuous internal screaming*
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Music: In the shaddows by ionics (it had two d's in the title so that's how i'm spelling it too)

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You helped me stay strong while "persisting in the face of difficulty"

OtterThanMost 3 timmar sedan
I honestly thing group projects in college are useless. Like... unless I’m part of an executive team, I will NEVER have to do a group project that will be “graded” this way. Ever. Not once.
Natalie Gonzalez
Natalie Gonzalez 7 timmar sedan
Zoe 14 timmar sedan
When I die, I want the people I did group projects with to lower my coffin into the ground so they can let me down one last time.
Why 17 timmar sedan
The first thing that came to my mind when I heard that fake name was actual blood rain.
KaiKeFiu 20 timmar sedan
Who is watching this and they already saw her empty video what if she was going through this and she made this vid
Boston Albert
Boston Albert 22 timmar sedan
I had to do a group project for my Junior History class. My partners made me do everything. I had to edit it and make the videos, mine was an extremely worse version of Jaiden. I had to read 5 chapters and do the editing. I would have rather done it alone because my team did not care. They sent me their audio past when we said, and it was the last night before it was due. My teacher was extremely strict about turn in times so this happened: I finished at 11:58 pm and rushed to turn it in. It was 12:00 when I turned it in, but I was barely able to get it. I even told the professor and seriously the professor went off on them. They told me, and I was shocked. I was relieved and spent the next day chilling after the insane project I had to do.
hi hi
hi hi 22 timmar sedan
0:03 "i just gotta vent a little here.." me: sus
Black Cat Poe
Black Cat Poe 23 timmar sedan
A lot of times, when I'm in school, I'm so used to being left out and being picked last, that I just prefer to work alone to ease some pain of being in a group that really don't want me. Sometimes I get a yes, sometimes I get a no from teachers. I just wish teachers understand.
Helene Smothers Helene
Helene Smothers Helene Dag sedan
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Umm did any one else see jayden in most annoying girl names
theendofit Dag sedan
I too was way to nice to group members. Though final year if they did not at least pretend to try id hint at it prettty hard in the peer review
Honey Bee
Honey Bee Dag sedan
*/look at how bold my letters are/*
Alison Murphy
Alison Murphy Dag sedan
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Tiger Bitanga
Tiger Bitanga Dag sedan
My worst project: It was an economics partner project. I was partnered with this guy called Jack. We had to make a song about income. I was hyped for this since I could rap, but the guy said we should do a song. It was to the song Fireflies. It took us forever to write the lyrics since the guy slacked off. We finished the lyrics and he sang his part and gosh the singing.... I tried singing but it was bad. So I just rapped my part and luckily we got a 90%, but now our econ song is a meme throughout the class so it sucks.
Ekam Vohra
Ekam Vohra Dag sedan
0.53 She googled most annoying girl names and the name Jayden comes up.
Adshan Playz
Adshan Playz Dag sedan
I'm Triligual
Gingy Dag sedan
yyaaaaayyy I know a seconde lauguage props to me 😁
Brydan The guy
Brydan The guy Dag sedan
It amazing how jaiden can draw letters perfectly but a cant even draw a E without it looking bad
Dr Sus
Dr Sus Dag sedan
Jayden is one on the most annoying girl names
Jack Iblis
Jack Iblis Dag sedan
Had a group project. Me and two others. It was quarantine so we couldn't really meet up anywhere. All we had was a group chat that I set up. Project: Make a website for a company. I chose the format, set the website up, did the background art, got the pages ready, did the backstory and bio, created the link, and saved it all. Then my computer broke and I was computer hopping with no secure way to get back to the site because all the computers I could use were terrible. I texted my partners telling them "Hey. My computer is busted and I have no real way to back to the site. Its due next week. I got everything set up. All you have to do is go to the pages and fill in Company projects and single-paragraph bio's. Keep me updated." A week passes and all I get is a F***ING EMAIL from the professor saying "Sorry. But the website isn't complete. I have to give you a zero." The two did NOTHING! And by the time I got the email, it was already too late to bargain with the professor to split the grades. I was cut off from my team, cut off from my access to my work to see if everything was going okay, and was stuck with a grade that could not be changed. Needless to say, I failed that class because of those two.
P.D.gyanendranath Dag sedan
Lol they worse than the people who came in video. :(
jacob kassahun
jacob kassahun Dag sedan
Those girls are so dum like what.
Aimee Milne
Aimee Milne Dag sedan
4 years have passed and there is still people like that in a group project
Yuri Kamado
Yuri Kamado 2 dagar sedan
Pain and suffering: Jaiden 😂
Emily Serino
Emily Serino 2 dagar sedan
``most annoying girl names`` brittany navaya *cough* Jayden
Maddie.l0l 2 dagar sedan
*you googling annoying girl names* *me seeing my name (madison)*
P.D.gyanendranath Dag sedan
Dragonslayer678 122
Dragonslayer678 122 2 dagar sedan
When she googled most annoying girl names the first image in 3 place was Jayden that's not how u sleep her name tho
Vasco Gameplays
Vasco Gameplays 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden Horrible Nightmare Group is rude and very bad, because they record everywhere the people talks.
Jovanny:D 2 dagar sedan
There was a Jaiden in there i saw it in the most annoying girl names It was a jaiden
Legionbliss2309 Official
Legionbliss2309 Official 2 dagar sedan
0:54 Hold up wait a minute something ain't right
Simply Cute
Simply Cute 2 dagar sedan
Well Jaiden all you have to do in preschool is finger paint and play in kidi pools
Mikomation 3 dagar sedan
YOUR EYES ARE SO CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AtTheEase 3 dagar sedan
Remember when she used a TOASTER to record her audio
Apoorva Cinubal
Apoorva Cinubal 3 dagar sedan
In the most annoying name's search why is your name in the list?in the top three!😲😱
Urthworm 3 dagar sedan
this is why I hate group projects
Reginald Danshita
Reginald Danshita 3 dagar sedan
I love those passive aggressive ending credits
Rylen Williams
Rylen Williams 3 dagar sedan
I have 2 group project story’s and they were both in 4th grade 1: I was in a group with 3 boys and 1 other girl and we had to do a project on tsunamis 🌊 the way this project worked is we each got a topic like how are they formed. Me and the other girl did a lot of work 2 of the boys did hardly anything and the other boy did about the minimum. Me the other girl and the boy doing the minimum all had T.A.G. (Talented and gifted) On one day and weren’t able to work on the project but the next day when we got back the 2 other boys he’d pretty much glued everyone’s notes onto the poster when the day before T.A.G. We had planned what the poster would look like. So we had to carefully rip the notes off the poster and ask the teacher for a new poster. I don’t remember the grade but i think we passed. 2: I don’t remember this one as much but we had to use these markers to make a path for this little robot and it had to be about the Oregon trail i was in a group with 1 other girl and 2 boys. Me and the other girl worked hard on the project trying to get the 2 boys to help but about halfway until the project was due me and the other girl just gave up on getting the boys to help and just started writing up the information but a day before the project was due the boys said we weren’t letting them do anything and even told the teacher and the teacher told me and the other girl that we had to let them do some of the work. I think we also passed this assignment.
Rocco Reyes
Rocco Reyes 4 dagar sedan
How 7k dislikes!?
NSA DA BEST 4 dagar sedan
why is katniss a name for some one who is bad. What about katniss everdeen?????
duy pham
duy pham 4 dagar sedan
Poor jaiden
Rowan C
Rowan C 4 dagar sedan
🤨I had the same thing i did the whole project by myself not even a little help one didnt have a computer and one had things to do like🤨
Alison Li
Alison Li 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden stop being such a good professional >:C we are too proud of u
Susanna Griffith
Susanna Griffith 5 dagar sedan
I just realized Jaiden is on the list of annoying names sorry but it's funny you're not annoying
Erin Oldham
Erin Oldham 5 dagar sedan
Mart Perez
Mart Perez 5 dagar sedan
this is true, i was the asian girl
Jessica Dungjen
Jessica Dungjen 5 dagar sedan
When she googled “ The most annoying girls names” and I saw Nevaeh I Was like “WHAT THE HELL MEHH NAME IS NEVAEH” ps: I am using my moms Account so don’t be mad at me because I’m using my moms account
Yobama 5 dagar sedan
u forgot karen
Game of gaming
Game of gaming 5 dagar sedan
Your blasting this person for reading there notes and all you told them to do is that do ya
Donna Wright
Donna Wright 5 dagar sedan
every one that I've had in a group project for some particular reason I have always been the planner,leader and the one who has to everything
Kelcey Rohan
Kelcey Rohan 6 dagar sedan
Omg Is She Okay? Oh btw i wanna do this job: (Ur good at this)
Insert name ANIMATIONS
Insert name ANIMATIONS 6 dagar sedan
jayden is one of the names
DemonicDragonCat 6 dagar sedan
That happens to me every group project LOL
zapper splat
zapper splat 6 dagar sedan
0:54 i see a jayden there in the most annoying girls name (im sorry but i had to point it out)
Desiree Bowen
Desiree Bowen 6 dagar sedan
i could just laugh for days cause the ending of the (pain and suffering) part was hahaha
ImJood 6 dagar sedan
Claim your “here before 30 million views” here.
Superbird Gaming
Superbird Gaming 4 dagar sedan
Mac Attack
Mac Attack 6 dagar sedan
Is your name actually jaiden
Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown 7 dagar sedan
Shaan saifan
Shaan saifan 7 dagar sedan
Did jaiden just swear??????
Gerrick Renzo Sy
Gerrick Renzo Sy 7 dagar sedan
no offense Jaiden but in 0:54 I saw your name(but different spelling)
Epic Couzin Gaming
Epic Couzin Gaming 7 dagar sedan
this is being recommended in 2021
Kelsey McCutcheon
Kelsey McCutcheon 8 dagar sedan
7am to 10pm...15 hours a day while not unheard of, I wonder if it wasn't more likely that she didn't wanna do it over the weekend
Sparky Studios
Sparky Studios 8 dagar sedan
PePe 2017
PePe 2017 8 dagar sedan
And thats why I did all drawing or pc work in primery school did alone. 😀🙃 People in group, did nothing, but I did everything 👌🏻 Btw, good video 🙂
Lord Rain Bloodstorm
Lord Rain Bloodstorm 8 dagar sedan
It's really like that, though. Savage Jaiden is awesome.
Carissa Belford
Carissa Belford 8 dagar sedan
I am in 9th grade now. 2 years ago, I was in seventh grade wondering on what team should I be . I ending up sitting with Sunny but also did not because she was bossy. Raven came in . Follow by Jorge ( Spanish name ). Max did not sit with us because of Sunny. Sunny said “ don’t let him.” Raven said “ We are going to agrue over over and get f . Jorge said “ Yeah.” I said “ The teacher is looking at our group and I overheard her saying that Max will be in our group or all of us are in lunch detention. I am sure this will work well because I know.” I said “ I am not going to clude my vote for leader . “ Everyone in my group voted for me . I am shy kid but I am honest kid at school. Max said “ Lets do Hanukah .” Sunny said No Christmas. I said “ Max why do u want to do Haunkaa? Max said “ It is a family tradition.” Sunny said “ If it his holiday and it must be lame one I said “ Sunny, stop that or else Max said “ Oooh, Sunny gonna get into trouble.” I said “ You two can stop arguing or else make the teacher have u both in the lunchroom .” Max said “ Fine.” Sunny said “ I am sorry , I am sorry. I said “ I forgive you both even though Sunny is the only one that did make an apology. At least Max whisper into Jorge ear : To not vote for Christmas and also tell that to Raven. Jorge said that to Raven but I stop him and says let’s have a vote. Sunny was trying to push my arm down because she wanted me . I said “ Max and Sunny stop being cheating and we need rules. Rule one no voting for others and including raising hands . Rules 2 no plagiarism. Rule 3 If I see anyone agruing and we will do the voting system and if its ties it will be against the two opponents. Sunny was the only one to vote Christmas because she was obess of present . I said “ Three people vote for Haunkaa . Max said “You also voted for Haunkaa . “ I said I forgot to count myself for Haunkaa and I forgive u max . Raven said “ I am tried of Max and Sunny agruements.” I said “ yes u can leave the group. Who else want to leave group . Noone wants to. Max see Sunny do his work so Max out of anger decided to mess with Sunny work . Jorge said “ Can I leave?” I said “ Do u means the bathroom or group? If the bathroom asked the teacher . Jorge said “ Can I leave the group?” I said “ Yes , the worst team can treat their players fairly. The better one will give u nonthing to do because u have an hearing aids . Jorge also tell that Raven . My English teacher said “ Why is your group having the tree ? It is impossible to do for three people . Your group can do five slides instead.” I said “ The number of people in a group does not mean how well we get. Raven left because Max and Sunny arguing. Same with Jorge. I am already established some rules like a teacher, principal , or any other official like an president. I am the elected group . Monday the thrid day of project and being in libary . Earlier the day , Jorge said Can I join your group but I will join the group on Wednesday because I have litteray speech therapist, I aslo have to go on doctors appointments on Tuesday. I will tell that to Sunny and Max at different times said I to Jorge and the agruing has happened to be lest common after rules . I explained to Sunny and said “ Yeah and now we can get rid of Max . I said no his work is great and he is not copying of it anymore. Max said “ Yeah , Jorge is here and it says bye bye to Sunny. I said “ No looks at Sunny arts skills is good . “ On Tuesday , Max was copying right and plagiarism . I ending up having to get the teacher envole and do a little lesson with the co-taught teacher. I given them both and thumbs up after they fix it. I left Jorge to be first checker . We each present in this order me , Max , Sunny . Jorge. Nices picture Sunny. We did have some of the reliable resources.We got 100% if it wasn’t for Sunny and Max agruing so the teacher gave us C but we were made an incredible presentation. Me and Sunny did stutter but we ending up help each other . We even show the video . We got a second heighest score 90/100 but one team got all points. The rest of groups got bs. There was only one group got f .
r. m.
r. m. 8 dagar sedan
Random Dude
Random Dude 8 dagar sedan
6:39 wait, it isn't a standard in America? Like in my country everyone knows a second language and 50 % of the people who I know knows 3:/
RoyalMeera 8 dagar sedan
Chase Toyama
Chase Toyama 8 dagar sedan
I was laughing at those end credits. Not the pain & suffering part mind you, but the karma was too funny!
Bright Bear JX
Bright Bear JX 8 dagar sedan
0:54 why is there no Karen?!?
Really jaiden? More internal screaming?
Desmond Friend
Desmond Friend 8 dagar sedan
blood rain or whatever sounds like a modern youtuber just going helo in a monotone dead voice that makes you think a robot really wants to play minecraft
Fan Fabulous
Fan Fabulous 9 dagar sedan
Here’s a tip for going in a group project Make a whole project by yourself on whatever you doing and then create the real one with the ppl in ur group and if they are complete a holes and don’t do nothin grab the one u did by yourself and use that then say the ppl in ur group did frickin nothin
Elizabeth C.
Elizabeth C. 9 dagar sedan
Me 8f I had that group: *walks up to school* Also me: GIVE ME A NEW GROUP! teacher: what why? Also also me: THEY ARE SO TERRIBLE AND THEY DID 1% OF THE FRICKEN PROJECT!
veronica Richards
veronica Richards 9 dagar sedan
what about renesmay in twighlight
ANK075 9 dagar sedan
“Most annoying girl names” -Britney -Nevaeh -Jayden No wonder why she didn’t use the first few names that came up on google
ATOMIC 9 dagar sedan
I feel your pain Jaiden...I recently had a group project in my last semester. I'm generous by saying I did 70% of the work. My partner only did THE FREAKING SOURCES. THEY WEREN'T EVEN GOOD SOURCES. I ended up working on that project virtually by myself for about 18 hours over two days. (P.S. I still didn't pass the project bc of how bad the dudes sources were.)
lily quigley
lily quigley 9 dagar sedan
Jaidens mind:I declare group projects banned!
Yashica Mylavarapu
Yashica Mylavarapu 9 dagar sedan
I feel absolutely sorry for Jaiden. I can relate 😔✊✊✊
erika flores
erika flores 9 dagar sedan
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Becky Webster
Becky Webster 9 dagar sedan
omg im so glad I don't have to do group projects. lmao omg i know the pain of doing the whole project by yourself.
Ave anthony Sambitan
Ave anthony Sambitan 9 dagar sedan
4 years in school prison
Spaced_ Out
Spaced_ Out 9 dagar sedan
I can relate to that, most of the time I try to do projects with a group they do nothing but talk, sometimes I find they have done nearly nothing. When our teachers have seen it they will grade everyone lower even though I was the only one who tries.
Thamizh M
Thamizh M 10 dagar sedan
Group projects.... You either do all the work Or u are not able to do anything.
Egg Fam
Egg Fam 10 dagar sedan
The insidious celery frequently tame because support hisologically extend like a aggressive lobster. nutritious, rough representative
Powai Pichori
Powai Pichori 10 dagar sedan
And girls, if you're watching this, im sorry, BUT I HOPE YOU FAILED
Itz_natrual Maddie
Itz_natrual Maddie 10 dagar sedan
Wow, her college sounds like me in middle school right now
Taylor Pacheco
Taylor Pacheco 10 dagar sedan
OMG hahaha sorry about that im "bloodrayne" good job tho
R Mark
R Mark 10 dagar sedan
Your videos always has sadness :/
Logan Martin
Logan Martin 10 dagar sedan
i feel so bad for you
minecrASH101 10 dagar sedan
"Did you do the project?" "yes" "oh cool"
Jax Schmidtlein
Jax Schmidtlein 10 dagar sedan
“I’m laughing cause it hurts,” the slogan for 2020
Evangeline Honey
Evangeline Honey 11 dagar sedan
exacly how did she pass pre-k😕
Krithika_Rangan Krishnamurthy
Krithika_Rangan Krishnamurthy 11 dagar sedan
Did anyone notice that Jayden was on the list for most annoying girl names. I know they aren't spelled the same but still.
Virtual_Espeon 11 dagar sedan
8:53 I laughed so hard
Virtual_Espeon 11 dagar sedan
3.Jayden literally everyone whos here :BRUH
Philip Sortland
Philip Sortland 11 dagar sedan
This video is made of pure anxiety.
TSL_Emi_Claps 11 dagar sedan
Jaiden: Horribleness of F*** you Me:*checks every other video of jaiden Also me: But jaiden never said a bad word ;-;
Neil Kickasschurch
Neil Kickasschurch 11 dagar sedan
D-did Jaiden just say “twat”
1234Julo 11 dagar sedan
0:54 *reads Jayden under "What are your top ten most ANNOYING names?" Me: *giggles*
Milkii Playz
Milkii Playz 11 dagar sedan
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