My Horrible Nightmare Group Project

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*continuous internal screaming*
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You helped me stay strong while "persisting in the face of difficulty"

Night Sage
Night Sage 36 minuter sedan
I HATED Group projects. There was only ever one exception, and that was in my Sophomore year of high school. Physics project, about getting aluminum foil to float in water, while supporting as many pennies as possible, bag of candy up for a prize to the team that has the most money before sinking, pennies are added one at a time. Everyone I was grouped with were enthusiastic, and were big into warships. So we tried our best to take the aluminum foil, and make it look as much like a boat as possible. In the end, we got second place at 20 cents, while the winner got all the way up to 25. Our teacher then showed us all up, by taking the aluminum foil, and shoving it through a roll of ducktape, and then taking a tool he made specifically for this, and bulged out the bottom, creating basically an aluminum foil vase. we still have no idea how many pennies it can hold, because we ran out of pennies and the damn thing was still floating. I believe we counted 70 cents worth of pennies, I can't remember, so that number may easily be an exaggeration. I think it worked out, because we weren't being graded on it, and everyone wanted that assorted bag of candy... He had one bag for every one of his class, with an additional bag for an "honorable mention" to be handed to the group that came in the top of second place. My group once again lost out, this time by a single penny. EDIT: I have no idea why youtube decided to make my text squeeze into a smaller area like that, but I find it funny, so leaving it as is. So here is edited text, that doesn't follow suit, just to screw with those of you who have OCD!!!... I can be such a jerk!
Wyatt Biscotti
Wyatt Biscotti 19 minuter sedan
I hate being in groups
weepingwillows21 Timme sedan
Literally, same, Jaiden! I used to hate group projects for this exact reason, I love your style!
CooperGal24 Timme sedan
Ah, I think Jaiden's sweet revenge is a perfect fit for a quote by Lydia Deetz from the Animated Beetlejuice series: "My revenge will be artistic, not personal.". And Jaiden did just that by putting her name in the credits of the work that she did, by herself, with no help from those two lazy students (Aside voice overs.).
george pig and bon bon and flame the riolu
george pig and bon bon and flame the riolu 2 timmar sedan
Bob guv Viv cub club vicky guv vicodin nobody that TCU u guy terrific giving vicodin HIV fb mrfilmflam NYC bug guy guy hutch v bbn hardy b.c. c cc cc stay inv n GB ratchet c
Isabelle Jackson
Isabelle Jackson 5 timmar sedan
If you really wanted to roast the crap out of them hire Gordon Ramsey
luimed555 6 timmar sedan
Down the hill of *uck you.
Abdulaziz Alshalaan
Abdulaziz Alshalaan 9 timmar sedan
Ludo Bagmin
Ludo Bagmin 11 timmar sedan
This is probably the most relatable video you've ever made
Underswap Papyrus
Underswap Papyrus 12 timmar sedan
It’s grossss
Underswap Papyrus
Underswap Papyrus 12 timmar sedan
Look out for simps
•Minty kitty memes •
•Minty kitty memes • 12 timmar sedan
"i just gotta vent here a little here , okay " *Jaiden sus..*
Andrei Liam Marcelo
Andrei Liam Marcelo 18 timmar sedan
Jaden did yoy actually curse
BADIGAMER 19 timmar sedan
0:54 "most annoying girl names" 3rd option: Jayden
CGI Corgi
CGI Corgi 9 timmar sedan
BADIGAMER 11 timmar sedan
@CGI Corgi but still its a funny coincidence
CGI Corgi
CGI Corgi 11 timmar sedan
BADIGAMER 12 timmar sedan
@CGI Corgi ik
CGI Corgi
CGI Corgi 12 timmar sedan
markansm1 Dag sedan
A little bowl of snowballs going to start borrowing down the hill of fu u. I’m crashing till you’re a little house of composing this
Melon Head
Melon Head Dag sedan
Jayden is in list
James Chen
James Chen Dag sedan
Why you have a lot of homework
My dog and cat Channel
My dog and cat Channel Dag sedan
One of the anoying names was Jaiden!
the emerald enderman
the emerald enderman Dag sedan
Anyway I think ur beautifull
Ravilson 23
Ravilson 23 Dag sedan
Ah, I remember this one year when we had a subject which was actually meant to be done in groups, and i am really really grateful it wasnt a total disaster
Aidan Redding
Aidan Redding Dag sedan
This is how many people enjoy group projects 0
Tai Chi
Tai Chi Dag sedan
Uh, the girl with the very Asian accent might’ve been my mom :/
dp4jc Dag sedan
:O did you see jaydens name on it pause i t write when she looks it up 👁👄👁
Yakki Latti
Yakki Latti Dag sedan
0:54 how love how She marked her name there😂
Veneta Dimitrova
Veneta Dimitrova Dag sedan
Pablo Flores
Pablo Flores Dag sedan
That sucks Jaden
Yoshinobu Takahashi
Yoshinobu Takahashi Dag sedan
Insignificant Person
Insignificant Person Dag sedan
I thought College students are responsible, or is it just in America.....
Random _Snor
Random _Snor Dag sedan
Omg Jaiden, it was a good revenge lol, like 3years ago l was doing a story project in GROUPS, and lit l do almost all work and revenge to them
DazyDest Dag sedan
Hearing the "Fuck you" caught me off guard... I choked on my pumpkin seeds..
Sugar And Spice
Sugar And Spice 2 dagar sedan
"sorry i cant come on friday cuz i got something going on" Jaiden: The lion the witch and the audacity of this Bi-
Royal Breakfast
Royal Breakfast 2 dagar sedan
You look like James sister!
Vibecat OFFICIAL {draws}
Vibecat OFFICIAL {draws} 2 dagar sedan
Most annoying girl names 3rd one: Jayden Hmmmmm I’m just joking but it’s kinda ironic that came up lol
wolfy 2 dagar sedan
Do you have anerexia
Kxli3 e
Kxli3 e 2 dagar sedan
SVfrom: * gives a recommidation for a video 4 yrs ago" Also SVfrom: "Have a video from 4 mts ago"
Ruy Garciaacosta
Ruy Garciaacosta 2 dagar sedan
I like how I'm binge watching Jaidens videos during quarantine, and understood that Renesmee was the name of the CGI Twilight baby because I also binged watched all the Twilight movies during quarantine. It comes full circle.
jhina campoverde
jhina campoverde 2 dagar sedan
Good job jaiden
yash shimpi
yash shimpi 2 dagar sedan
This just happened with me😅 I guess everyone goes thru this 😂
hunter O justice
hunter O justice 2 dagar sedan
I have never seen, in real life or on the internet, somebody named bloodrayne or jermajesty. What the actual heck
Oswaldo Dominguez
Oswaldo Dominguez 2 dagar sedan
My group: there is 2 useless people among us
•[Møøcøw_ Dreams]•
•[Møøcøw_ Dreams]• 2 dagar sedan
0:54 why is Jayden's name there
sasygamer9 2 dagar sedan
0:04 vent? jaiden sus
Fluffy Youngjae Yoo
Fluffy Youngjae Yoo 2 dagar sedan
Blood brain:lo lo lo le le Jaden:omg🙄
Josefina Valerio
Josefina Valerio 2 dagar sedan
:{ dang sorry:{
Bruh_Enjin55 3 dagar sedan
those sound like names from D&D
Mason DesJardins
Mason DesJardins 3 dagar sedan
That’s a lot of editing...
Allie 3 dagar sedan
Imagine those girls saw this video and recognized that it was them being insulted the whole 10 minutes...
The Gamer from Wonderland
The Gamer from Wonderland 3 dagar sedan
Lol, i love how you did end the video with. And girls, if you're watching this, i'm sorry, but... i hope you failed.
TheOneAndOnlyChad 3 dagar sedan
Once my psychology course had an odd number of students in it so when the group project came around, I just didn't talk to anyone and I got to do it on my own. The teacher was kinda mad at me but still gave me like a 78 or 79 on it so...... Yay?
Wei Bin
Wei Bin 3 dagar sedan
Diary of a wimpy student lol
ابوبكر عاطف
ابوبكر عاطف 3 dagar sedan
Damn you are in a great pain
Classix 3 dagar sedan
I miss college.
Neil Mehta
Neil Mehta 3 dagar sedan
bloodrayne = sasha
christian moro
christian moro 3 dagar sedan
bloodrayne is not a name.
Lorenzo Rodriguez
Lorenzo Rodriguez 3 dagar sedan
the dislikes are from the family of ranees may and bloodrayne
Olorko 3 dagar sedan
I can't believe this was posted four whole years ago
Griffin Dunaway
Griffin Dunaway 3 dagar sedan
this is a great example of burnout
Klaudia Michalska
Klaudia Michalska 3 dagar sedan
violet blue
violet blue 3 dagar sedan
It's annoying just to read your name
Sem van Delft
Sem van Delft 3 dagar sedan
Props to all ppl who speak multiple langaueges thats a thing only english countrys say cuz they dont need to but the rest of the world speak english and another langauge i live in the netherlands and for school i need to speak atleast dutch, english and french/german but currently i m doing french dutch german latin english and cambridge english(actual english not just the basics)
Ben Vogelpohl
Ben Vogelpohl 3 dagar sedan
If there's proof that aliens are on earth and trying to blend in with humans, this is it. How anyone can suck so much at communication like that is beyond me
relogos 3 dagar sedan
Petty introvert revenge the best revenge.
Mohs ez
Mohs ez 4 dagar sedan
I had an extremely similiar experience. Programming class. 5 people. Only allowed to work on it in class. 1 kid spent the entire time on facebook. When I asked what he did at the end of class. He said "I was waiting for you to tell me what to do". HE LITERALLY DIDN'T SAY A SINGLE WORD THE ENTIRE TIME. TO ANYONE! Shortened story shorter. 2 of 5 people actualy did the work, me being one of them of course. Fortunately the teacher was well aware and the other 3 got 0% credit.
Carla Joy Cadiz
Carla Joy Cadiz 4 dagar sedan
Me back then: wow that was horrable good thing its just a night mare Me now: nope its reall thats why its called nightmare
Faded Awesomeness
Faded Awesomeness 4 dagar sedan
It must have really sucked to do that project
Ryan Kristoffer
Ryan Kristoffer 4 dagar sedan
(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾
simp_for_asahi 4 dagar sedan
Did she call them twats 8:20 😮
Logan Mendez
Logan Mendez 4 dagar sedan
What why why why why why!?!?!?!?
Theodor Awadalla
Theodor Awadalla 4 dagar sedan
one of the down sets of being the smart kid in the class is even if everyone planned it out and roles to do destiny makes you do all the work
ScoobyDoo459 4 dagar sedan
Reneesray and articuno will be pissed
Michelle Davies
Michelle Davies 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden suss
ErNz Mcguirty
ErNz Mcguirty 4 dagar sedan
Fuck you violet blue
violet blue
violet blue 3 dagar sedan
Ouch Why
Leah S
Leah S 4 dagar sedan
this has happened to me once on a group assignment I gave them the wrong answers I was the only one who passed oops.
Gamer C. Trains
Gamer C. Trains 4 dagar sedan
R Remo
R Remo 4 dagar sedan
There's a Bloodrayne in the comments...
DogsAndDonuts Woof
DogsAndDonuts Woof 4 dagar sedan
Venting? Thats sus
DogsAndDonuts Woof
DogsAndDonuts Woof 2 dagar sedan
@Some random guy your being rly sus
Some random guy
Some random guy 2 dagar sedan
OMG (Oh My GOSH!), a reference to the popular hidden-role game Among Us?!?!?!?!??!?! HAHA, LOL! THAT WAS SO FUNNY!!!!!!
Chris_AGuy 4 dagar sedan
ALLY -DALLY-TRALLY 4 dagar sedan
Omg this happened to me like 2 times in school before I always was the one finishing the projecting I stayed up all night and did the work almost everything for them I had to finish my essay for the project too
Mad Lad
Mad Lad 4 dagar sedan
JAIDEN IS THE IMPOSTER. She said she needs to VENT
Rad Metal
Rad Metal 4 dagar sedan
Use slide share saved my life a couple of times
Keira Kim
Keira Kim 4 dagar sedan
You wanna know what angers me the most? My friend had shown me this video and said ,"Omg. Have you seen this video? It's so relatable! Why don't people just do their part of the group project?" even though the previous week we had a major grade project together and the only thing she did was bring a messy, destroyed poster board and print out the pictures that I have already printed out in advance. I DID ALL OF THE WORK AND JUST BARELY PASSED!!!
Lynnxx Gaming
Lynnxx Gaming 4 dagar sedan
Haha jokes on you I’m trilingual
artyx animation
artyx animation 4 dagar sedan
0:22 “how to make fire memes“
Bloodrayne Craven
Bloodrayne Craven 4 dagar sedan
violet blue
violet blue 3 dagar sedan
Someone said why kind of name is that....I am so sorry
R Remo
R Remo 4 dagar sedan
I'm sure ur an okay person
R Remo
R Remo 4 dagar sedan
Kod Adı: Oyun
Kod Adı: Oyun 4 dagar sedan
Pain & Suffer: Jaiden 1 minute respect
Nimo Issa
Nimo Issa 4 dagar sedan
OMG I wonder how the prophesier felt seeing u do all the work she/he must have felt pretty bad for u
Jaydubs Winner
Jaydubs Winner 4 dagar sedan
"Pain and suffering - Jaiden"
fuck youtube corporate bastards
fuck youtube corporate bastards 4 dagar sedan
I started a group project for English the 2 girls in my class told me they had done it I finished and was sat back a day before it was due 7 hours before it was ment to be handed in they text me that they both hadn’t botherd
Galaxia_wolf UwU
Galaxia_wolf UwU 4 dagar sedan
The professor is a cool one
Umair491 4 dagar sedan
Them two are very SUS girls
Bacon Plays
Bacon Plays 4 dagar sedan
*HMM* jaiden *SUS*
REDX12 AE 4 dagar sedan
holy... i'm going through the same situation! wish me luck✌✌✌
Wezy MH
Wezy MH 4 dagar sedan
Wuendy rosales
Wuendy rosales 5 dagar sedan
Hi jaiden love your vid by
Yorangey 5 dagar sedan
If nobody was helping me with a group project I would think “so they are not gonna do anything huh? Hope they like their report cards”
Mr. Cow
Mr. Cow 5 dagar sedan
Jaiden: If your names Bloodrayne and Reneeesme I bet your nice people. James: If your Hunter you probably bad to!
Tashnim Tanvir
Tashnim Tanvir 5 dagar sedan
Jaiden my classmates name is Reneeesme what did u do?!
Eika Ivana
Eika Ivana 5 dagar sedan
Is no one gonna talk about how the girl that like works like 16 HOURS like WHAT THE HECK
Luuk Verhoeven
Luuk Verhoeven 5 dagar sedan
8:29 I would roast them so hard Gordon Ramsay would never even dare to say ' Its raw' to me.
Wrigley Scroggin
Wrigley Scroggin 5 dagar sedan
Hello Jaiden! I am from the future! Watch out for COVID-19 in 4 years!
Johnathan Griffiths
Johnathan Griffiths 5 dagar sedan
I read fanart as fart
DarkFish YT
DarkFish YT 5 dagar sedan
I just had a group work and... WORST GROUP EVER
Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams 5 dagar sedan
I hate group prodject for that reason
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