My Experience with Sports

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Jaiden Animations

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i've done a sport or two in my day

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D ur better than any sport~

Cow dino lai
Cow dino lai 11 minuter sedan
when you realize this was made at 2018
Jacob Amb
Jacob Amb Timme sedan
Girl:having social anxiety Jaiden: *shoves*
Magical Stonk
Magical Stonk Timme sedan
Jaden: says all might. Me being a weeb; 🤩 she knows bnha
Pastel Bunny Gacha x
Pastel Bunny Gacha x 2 timmar sedan
Here’s my story: so one day I was at gymnastics and I was on the bars and they told me to stand on them so I just decided OK I can do this! Easy! So I started to get my pace up by swinging on the bars but then after about five swings I started to spin round and round and round and round until I got flung right across the hall and landed on the tiny groups mat.... Then all of the Tinys group started clapping in my face.......
Witchy Lemon
Witchy Lemon 2 timmar sedan
When she started talking about all might Me:EEEEEEEEE MY HERO---JAIDEN---SHe WATCH-I AM HERE-SHE SEE-ALL MIGHT
do you are have stupid
do you are have stupid 3 timmar sedan
5:38 ahh yeah. The torture'nt dance
Prof_ Longbow
Prof_ Longbow 4 timmar sedan
I am still the one that wants to have fun like I quit competitive so I could actually have fun
deniandjacob bros
deniandjacob bros 5 timmar sedan
One for all
Evie Costello
Evie Costello 6 timmar sedan
Wait you know mha?
Sahid Ramos
Sahid Ramos 7 timmar sedan
I only have experience in Soccer, Basketball, and Football
anton fredricson
anton fredricson 7 timmar sedan
Great video but it bothers the that she says soccer it's Called fotball for the Love of the gods
Alora Vander Veen
Alora Vander Veen 7 timmar sedan
Jaiden: I don't want to post the video because it is humiliating and will be the death of me..... EVERYBODY LOVES KUNFU FIGHTING
Heather Foley
Heather Foley 8 timmar sedan
I actually took dance classes too. My first year I did ballet, tap, jazz, and Irish step. My second year I did all that with musical theater. That's when I quit.
ActualPerson 8 timmar sedan
Jokes on you I still can't comprehend free will
Cherven 10 timmar sedan
Are u pansexual ? MEE TOOOOO!!! 😍😍😍
Alison Chung
Alison Chung 9 timmar sedan
i think she’s bi- she referred to gender
Denosha Pillay
Denosha Pillay 13 timmar sedan
I still do karate
Josiah Kaivananga
Josiah Kaivananga 15 timmar sedan
Greetings young ward Jaiden!
kaitlynn cauthon
kaitlynn cauthon 15 timmar sedan
I also slammed my thum in a car door 😢
Ragnell123 20 timmar sedan
I liked Tae Kwon Do until they wanted me to go to tournaments. Nope, I had/have zero interest in ever fighting someone. Got all the way to green belt without going to one. Also my teacher didn’t have a nose.
Just a person
Just a person 21 timme sedan
ahh another my hero academia reference at 6:45 gosh I love that show >:3
Mr. Pinco Beans
Mr. Pinco Beans 21 timme sedan
I’m in karate :) I’m brown belt ;_;
Meep Meep
Meep Meep 22 timmar sedan
"Ha ha! I am here!" Says tiny stick Jaiden. And tiny stick me.
Valley of the Wolves
Valley of the Wolves 23 timmar sedan
I played soccer, I used to get scared that someone would kick me or hit me with the ball, but now uH i get hurt a lot Bc I don’t care I just go :/
Nova BRITTON 23 timmar sedan
Megami Saikou
Megami Saikou 23 timmar sedan
Wait.... Your pan?? I. Stan.
subpar 1224
subpar 1224 Dag sedan
My first soccer practice this year is Wednesday
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson Dag sedan
I'v never played soccer.
Dillan Franklin
Dillan Franklin Dag sedan
Every forage Basicly jaiden:here’s a baby body reveal
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez Dag sedan
I played volleyball This year and it’s pretty fun
Vanessa Rayo
Vanessa Rayo Dag sedan
So nobody is gonna talk about the face the girl in the right made 😂
Matt Lee
Matt Lee Dag sedan
0:05 That part was actually in james' video.
JFPlayZ Dag sedan
Jordan Lin
Jordan Lin Dag sedan
MY HERO ACADAMIEA ( probably miss spelled)
Hajira Bibi
Hajira Bibi Dag sedan
I loooooooooove tennis and cheerleading and i am really good at it but i am also the nerd and i am called the cool nerd
GlitchyBoi Dag sedan
javier garcia
javier garcia Dag sedan
I HAD NO IDEA JAIDEN WATCHED MHA but fr i was dying 6:44
Draw with Lakshdeep
Draw with Lakshdeep Dag sedan
Lol that dance part 😅😂😂
Chrystal Music
Chrystal Music Dag sedan
I love the dancing footage 1:40 to 1:51 I couldn't stop laughing
basketball tips
basketball tips Dag sedan
11 hours? Dont do that jaiden who cares if u upload 1 vid a month just relax...
Big Mike
Big Mike Dag sedan
I feel bad for the person who tries to rob jaiden And then have to watch the vid she uploads with embarrassment
Tendai Sibanda
Tendai Sibanda Dag sedan
I do gymnastics and soccer and I love it
Wow I didn't know u watch mha
Megan Benson
Megan Benson Dag sedan
I used to play soccer too, and I used to purposely trip people on the other team, and kick them with my cleats
Zoe Chanlol
Zoe Chanlol Dag sedan
I'm in taekwondo but no dancing 😎
Nyla Dugdale
Nyla Dugdale Dag sedan
My bestie does karate
G Townsend
G Townsend Dag sedan
i slamed my finger between my moms car too the nail fell of
Beat Playz
Beat Playz Dag sedan
@katzun I mean same here but I was way way way way to competive
Vonnie Cipriano
Vonnie Cipriano Dag sedan
I am a boy I saw what you did don't know what your video I'll never watch your videos of her in
Woofy Z
Woofy Z Dag sedan
Natalia Ryder
Natalia Ryder 2 dagar sedan
Thiago Marcelino martinhs
Thiago Marcelino martinhs 2 dagar sedan
young jaiden
Fillintheblank YT
Fillintheblank YT 2 dagar sedan
But im a boy
Alexa French
Alexa French 2 dagar sedan
I love soccer!!!!!
ironkaine k
ironkaine k 2 dagar sedan
When I played baseball i never losed
Jessica Ruiz
Jessica Ruiz 2 dagar sedan
2:13 why did this part kill me-
Loving Life with Lilly
Loving Life with Lilly 2 dagar sedan
Hi Jaiden!!! What a great video! I have a question. If I want to send you fan art to maybe be included in the end of the video, how do I do that? Thank you!
Tobydj boss
Tobydj boss 2 dagar sedan
All might no i am all jayden
Rebecca Ansong
Rebecca Ansong 2 dagar sedan
-1:34 so cool 😎
link the gamer
link the gamer 2 dagar sedan
like your karate skills i mean it is SO cool:D
Hummus 2 dagar sedan
I’ve literally also slammed the car door on my thumb hurt
Hera Clemente Benoit
Hera Clemente Benoit 2 dagar sedan
Ooooh all might that made me so happyy🥺✨
Nathan Bright
Nathan Bright 2 dagar sedan
Don't worry girl I played gymnastics too and tennis
Trey Bertram
Trey Bertram 2 dagar sedan
6:57 this is why I play hockey.
シElifi 2 dagar sedan
I clicked on the video when I had my soccer clothes on because I have a game in 2 minutes
SOMEONE 2 dagar sedan
5:21 Is that a dragon Ball reference? Coz that seems awfully familiar.
Andy 5V
Andy 5V 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden's karate "hey this is kinda fun" followed by a swift punch to the upper body happened to me. Got as we call it in Denmark a bent rib resulting in pain if I lifted my arm above elbow height or touched the side against anything.
Stefan Sauvageon / What-a-Twist
Stefan Sauvageon / What-a-Twist 2 dagar sedan
I relate somewhat to the gym and tennis parts
Crystal Karma
Crystal Karma 2 dagar sedan
ˢᵒ ⁱˢ ʲᵃⁱᵈᵉⁿ ⁱⁿᵗᵒ ᵍⁱʳˡˢ ᵇᵉᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ᵗʰᵉ ᶠˡᵃᵍˢ ˢʰᵉ ʷᵃˢ ʰᵒˡᵈⁱⁿᵍ ᵐᵃᵈᵉ ᵐᵉ ˢᵗᵃʳᵗ ᵗʰⁱⁿᵏⁱⁿᵍ¯
LMoonous 2 dagar sedan
I’m glad Jaiden decided to dodge the balls to not get hurt. I got hit by a football by one of my strongest friend and it hit my foot and I was in immense pain and just wanted to die.
Crystal Karma
Crystal Karma 2 dagar sedan
6:31 **inhale** A S E X U A L R E P R E S E N T A T I O N ʸᵃʸ
Bff Squad
Bff Squad 2 dagar sedan
people in 2020 be like:how do i do sport while quarintine
John Joshua Salayo
John Joshua Salayo 2 dagar sedan
2:10 wait a minute... the slammed thumb changes arms.
Лариса Николаева
Лариса Николаева 2 dagar sedan
Happy senator residential complexity plus skin unable generate jaw donor.
Rayyan gaming
Rayyan gaming 2 dagar sedan
7:15 this was so smooth
Matilda Shazo
Matilda Shazo 2 dagar sedan
0:05 Was that her hand smacking the table?!?
Natividad Manalastas
Natividad Manalastas 2 dagar sedan
riped_potato 2 dagar sedan
Me is listening my face :) also me remembers I’m fat my face :(
Joseph Caskey
Joseph Caskey 2 dagar sedan
Soccer is the only sport that I play anymore
Giovanni Galan
Giovanni Galan 2 dagar sedan
:3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 hi
Armando Medina
Armando Medina 3 dagar sedan
I’m a boy
Artsy Crafts
Artsy Crafts 3 dagar sedan
I do tae Keon doe imma black belt
Gaming with princess _ Lele
Gaming with princess _ Lele 3 dagar sedan
Do you watch my hero academia two 😆
Seamus O'Connell
Seamus O'Connell 3 dagar sedan
O the part of the trampolines o know the pain
Joe Tiger
Joe Tiger 3 dagar sedan
That part of the animating in karate in the video right here when that kid punched you in the stomach that was kind of a bit of a kidney shot and it must have really hurt if it was very real
SpaceBassoon2 ____
SpaceBassoon2 ____ 3 dagar sedan
All might
Pickled rabbits
Pickled rabbits 3 dagar sedan
Yeah, I had the same thing with soccer. Too many kids were too serious and I just wanted a fun time, so I dropped it, got into "dark souls" difficultly games, and I'm happy with my friends, because the same thing happened with them too.
Gabriel Romero
Gabriel Romero 3 dagar sedan
that sequence at 7:13 was so smooth
Nicrocon 3 dagar sedan
You were afraid of getting a soccer ball to the face meanwhile I got a soccer ball to the nuts.
Madi Stuart
Madi Stuart 3 dagar sedan
I broke my arm doing gymnastics @-@
Jennamations 3 dagar sedan
My sister did gymnastics for almost a year, and I still learned how to do a cartwheel before her from waiting out in the wide hallway Edit: it wasn’t her fault she sucked, the teachers were just weird I think
Lil Dev
Lil Dev 3 dagar sedan
This is probably a question that people ask but why the cruvs
Jacob Gladiator
Jacob Gladiator 3 dagar sedan
Диана Куперман
Диана Куперман 3 dagar sedan
6:48 that's how you are supposed to feel! Like fricking midoriya when he became the number 1 hero
Emily Hall
Emily Hall 3 dagar sedan
I love the animation sequence of each sport transitioning into each other 😍So fluid and beautiful
Camouflage 3 dagar sedan
Okay that karate performance was embarrassing for u to be honest
LAURA BRADLEY 3 dagar sedan
I played soccer but my country calls it football so whatever you call it in my class we get way to competitive people slam people into the wall
LAURA BRADLEY 3 dagar sedan
When Jaiden said she grabbed the wrist and the determination thing I thought it was real LMAO
Alfareza Dwi ramadhan
Alfareza Dwi ramadhan 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden's brother was so smol
A_guy 3 dagar sedan
7:15 i don’t know why I love this little sequence so much but I do
ImNotInTheMood 3 dagar sedan
I fell by doing a handstand by a rock-
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