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Jaiden Animations

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the camp operetta is real
Original Camp Operetta video:

♥ The Team ♥
Atrox: AtroxChobatsu
Denny: 90percentknuckles
Devon: devonkong
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Gavin Palmers
Gavin Palmers 22 timmar sedan
Do a face revel
SopranoUke 2 dagar sedan
I played a barnicle once-
Heatblast Gaming
Heatblast Gaming 2 dagar sedan
The explosion looks like a tree 🌲
tmc tele monte carlo il canale
tmc tele monte carlo il canale 2 dagar sedan
Make him say the f word
Hema Rezwan
Hema Rezwan 2 dagar sedan
I know the rainbow Fish I read it
Kevin George
Kevin George 2 dagar sedan
(Comment by jordan) Your Childhood Was Cursed Absolutely Cursed Literally Absolutely Cursed LOL
Kevin George
Kevin George 2 dagar sedan
(Comment by jordan) I Had Raincrow crish assignpent two
GrandStar Hill
GrandStar Hill 2 dagar sedan
My kindergarten teacher read rainbow fish to us i miss that book 👁💧👄💧👁
Adelaide Plank
Adelaide Plank 3 dagar sedan
I did an improve play one in front of people and it was FUN
Yolo Animations
Yolo Animations 3 dagar sedan
I was riding my bike then I went and I fell but I got back up
Elizabeth Afton
Elizabeth Afton 3 dagar sedan
*Rainbow fish part starts* Me: :0 I REMEMBER DAT FROM SCHOOL :0 I literally have a drawn picture from school ;-;
Amy Alvarado
Amy Alvarado 3 dagar sedan
shiny hunter extraordinaire x2
shiny hunter extraordinaire x2 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden and Jams:"is that a ritual. Me: wait... THaTs A CuLT Oh HeCK
Halo KawaiFox
Halo KawaiFox 5 dagar sedan
Yes I remember that song I think it was called Funga Alafia I sang it in like 3rd grade. And hell yes rainbow fish
peparonie animates
peparonie animates 5 dagar sedan
hey jaiden, you should try a pokemon sword nuzlock. i tried it and failed. multiple times. so if you do try it then best of luck!
Kaylee Wilson
Kaylee Wilson 5 dagar sedan
hope no one whatches this gets 7,713,447 views
Deathroid 6 dagar sedan
KewlKidd Gaming
KewlKidd Gaming 7 dagar sedan
Yo the seahorse tail is backwards
Gia Jimenez
Gia Jimenez 7 dagar sedan
(Godfrey) Godfrey Mang
(Godfrey) Godfrey Mang 8 dagar sedan
Me who was always lead role but is always stressed doing my part: Hello everybody I am a warthog and I do absoulutely nothing
Tiger Wave
Tiger Wave 9 dagar sedan
Wait, in rainbow fish what’s the point of the scales and everyone having one when they aren’t unique?! It doesn’t change anything your still just an average joe
Luna Ramírez Retana
Luna Ramírez Retana 9 dagar sedan
Why the songs sound the same
2k till 2023?
2k till 2023? 10 dagar sedan
Jaiden: *I hope no one will see this* The 7 million people:
Aswathy MaryPaul
Aswathy MaryPaul 12 dagar sedan
Hi jaiden and od1sout
Hattie Shon
Hattie Shon 12 dagar sedan
PLEASE tell me that someone who saw this was also in this play
amongus crazybird
amongus crazybird 12 dagar sedan
Nneka N
Nneka N 12 dagar sedan
who else is watching this and ONLY realised what the warthog thing was all about at the end ? haha
Elma Ekic
Elma Ekic 13 dagar sedan
Am i the onli one who knows the song:london brige is falling down? I love the song so much!!!!!
ian sottak
ian sottak 13 dagar sedan
what animation app do you use please answer and ya thats it
Errin Aspinall
Errin Aspinall 13 dagar sedan
Jaiden: *were wearing masks too* Me: that's good you wont get infected.
billy skates
billy skates 14 dagar sedan
QUIZ TIME what colour is Jamse's eyes
bigG_Ry 14 dagar sedan
As someone who did plays all the time, at 8:12 is definitely the face you make when you’re done preforming and the last 6 months has led up to something that lasted like 2 hours and now you have nothing to do now
nayaka14 14 dagar sedan
So... Nobody gonna talk that jaidens leopard shirt is upside down?
Derek Aloisio
Derek Aloisio 14 dagar sedan
l know the first play. lts Jungle Drums
Bunny Bella
Bunny Bella 15 dagar sedan
Kid: i’m not selvfish Me: do you Want an Apple ^ ^ (•-•) \| 🍎
Amy Gill
Amy Gill 15 dagar sedan
Igneel 16 dagar sedan
Igneel 16 dagar sedan
Алиса Коляка
Алиса Коляка 16 dagar sedan
ȶօǟֆȶʏ ɮօɮǟ!
ȶօǟֆȶʏ ɮօɮǟ! 17 dagar sedan
Mark McClave
Mark McClave 17 dagar sedan
That was great🤣
Борис Николов
Борис Николов 18 dagar sedan
I am dead from this video
Ty H
Ty H 18 dagar sedan
Loved this
Adel Akhdar
Adel Akhdar 18 dagar sedan
all we just need 500k subs t hen she is 10 million
Flood December
Flood December 18 dagar sedan
9:11, wow James, just wow [is all i can say]
London Emilia Robertson
London Emilia Robertson 18 dagar sedan
Rylee Majarucon
Rylee Majarucon 19 dagar sedan
Or hear in the rainbow fish play
Rylee Majarucon
Rylee Majarucon 19 dagar sedan
Jayden says in the play iim noot seelfish seelfish seelfish and you to did not saw
Jackson Carwile
Jackson Carwile 19 dagar sedan
You could chroma key anything in the background and it would almost look good (besides trunks)
the cocoe ,l,
the cocoe ,l, 20 dagar sedan
Lovely Pain
Lovely Pain 20 dagar sedan
7:52 Jaidens purple hair streaks are visible
Karen Dodge
Karen Dodge 20 dagar sedan
The hurt freeze oddly suit because pen hopefully transport besides a terrific hole. boiling, sneaky cow
Pancake Wolf The Bat
Pancake Wolf The Bat 20 dagar sedan
I ship You two lol
Leonardo Gregori del Rosario
Leonardo Gregori del Rosario 20 dagar sedan
Juan-Craft 20 dagar sedan
Jaiden:talking about piano Me: *getting piano add*
thomas vaneperen
thomas vaneperen 21 dag sedan
WHY DID she sound so proud of calling that person ugly
Leonardo Gonzalez
Leonardo Gonzalez 21 dag sedan
1:25flag of Mexico that you are in heaven hallowed be your name
Some Guy
Some Guy 21 dag sedan
For those who want a better understanding of the first play: It's based on a kid's book called "Jungle Drums" Basically, a small warthog isn't accepted by the other warthogs for being small, and the other animals don't accept him for being too dull in appearance compared to them. So an old wildebeest gives the warthog magic drums that will grant wishes when played. The warthog plays the drums and the animals that didn't accept him lost their physical traits that made them stand out (Trunks, spots, stripes, horns, plumage, neck). These traits were then given to the other warthogs. Eventually, the animals and warthogs are unhappy with the changes and beg for the small warthog to return them to normal. He does, and in return the animals and other warthogs respect and accept him. You know. The normal story stuff
Jody Loza
Jody Loza 22 dagar sedan
Broth they switched your talent for marimba
Cheems gamer
Cheems gamer 22 dagar sedan
“We CaNt TeLl YoU wHaT tO dO tRy sOmeThInG nEw” Jadien 2001
Cheems gamer
Cheems gamer 22 dagar sedan
Im NoT sElfIsH iM jUsT MiSuNdErSud rainbow fish idk 2001 2 or 3
Lila Bartlett
Lila Bartlett 22 dagar sedan
I know that first story! It is a real book and it's called jungle drums
Crismy 23 dagar sedan
Welcome to the salty splatoon how tough are you? How tough am I? -> 4:45 and I only cried for 20mins
I’m tired Like, really tired
I’m tired Like, really tired 23 dagar sedan
Me: ok one more vid and I’ll do something productive Me 10 videos later: *one more vid-*
Shadowhunter 23 dagar sedan
I love how you animated your reactions with james 💖😄
Kate Galbraith
Kate Galbraith 23 dagar sedan
Normal fish: give me rainbow Rainbow: Gets rainbow Normal fish:I am still me pls😢😢😢😢😢
Kate Galbraith
Kate Galbraith 23 dagar sedan
Robby Woods
Robby Woods 25 dagar sedan
Imagine the girl in black/purple in the rainbow fish play started bursting out death metals
YouTube's restricted mode is way too broken
YouTube's restricted mode is way too broken 25 dagar sedan
2:24 is this a Batman the animated series reference?
Jamiyah Jones
Jamiyah Jones 25 dagar sedan
Awww it’s so cutttewew
RapidFire Brothers
RapidFire Brothers 25 dagar sedan
Liam Burger
Liam Burger 25 dagar sedan
2:24 I N T I M I D A T I N G
Emmie DaBell
Emmie DaBell 25 dagar sedan
The first book is called Jungle drums
Enzel Hara
Enzel Hara 26 dagar sedan
I think Jaiden is cute when she was a kid I love the singing and dancing 💃 I want that in in my city A. K. A. Philippines is my city cuz Philippines iz poor and I want it to change and by the way I love unicorns and I love singing and I'm 8 andy birthday is August 7,2012 so thx for reading
Axis 26 dagar sedan
This was just really creepy
Jude Ensey
Jude Ensey 26 dagar sedan
James finally made his dreams come true. He finally made it to a reaction channel! I'm so proud :'3 Wait, Jaiden Animations does whatnow whatnow?
꧁ Akane Draws ꧂
꧁ Akane Draws ꧂ 26 dagar sedan
If you guys want to know the story of the first one, it’s called Jungle Drums
Darren TobingYT
Darren TobingYT 27 dagar sedan
they look like their in a cult and they're giving a sacrifice or something JOKE!!!!!!
Karissa Meyers
Karissa Meyers 27 dagar sedan
1:54 elephant fashion show
Roshan Cotten
Roshan Cotten 28 dagar sedan
in my music class they made us sing that sing in the beginning of the video
Spooks Skoops
Spooks Skoops 28 dagar sedan
Secretly it was james parents who recorded it but recorded the wrong child and recorded a random girl
Janny Moerland
Janny Moerland 29 dagar sedan
What is dis
Sampada Oak
Sampada Oak 29 dagar sedan
Scarlet Rose fox
Scarlet Rose fox 29 dagar sedan
Did anybody distinctly remember the book rainbow fish being about a fish that was asked to give up every single one of her rainbow scales and was taken advantage of and then once every other fish had one rainbow scale they made fun of her for not having any?
Ekin Oğuz
Ekin Oğuz 29 dagar sedan
1:36 you can see the one armed girl on the right
I have da best cats ever :3
I have da best cats ever :3 29 dagar sedan
When James and Jaiden are referring to the rainbow fish as a girl I was flipping out because the rainbow fish is a boy. Although I mean they probably haven’t read it in years
Googleyouroogle Månad sedan
Cringe 200000
XsYT Månad sedan
SkyeBee Månad sedan
I know the story of the warthog it's in a book. Basically all the animals think the warthog is ugly, because they don't have spots like the cheetahs, stripes like the tigers and zebras or any other feature that the other animals think are pretty. Then the warthog is out crying and the gazel found him and offers the warthog magical bongos that can grant the warthog 1 wish to make while playing the bongos. The warthog plays the bongos and wishes that they were as pretty as the other animals. The warthog had to wait till morning for the wish to come true because the warthog played the bongos at night. In the morning the bongos were gone and all the animals patterns were magically transferred to the warthogs and all the animals were unhappy and the warthog just wanted to be friends with them so it went back to the gazel and asked for the bongos so it could have on last wish and the gazel agreed and gave the warthog the bongos and the warthog wished everything was back to normal and in the morning everything was normal and all the animals were sorry for being mean to the warthog because they had now experience what it was like to be pattern less and they were also picked on by the other warthogs but not the main warthog because they are kind and then they were all friends thats all.
John Edler Bansuela
John Edler Bansuela Månad sedan
So this is why jaiden has anxiety
dhopem Månad sedan
Planet RDCツ
Planet RDCツ Månad sedan
People: James Is in the video? MAKE HIM SAY THE F WORD
Jhavie Swan
Jhavie Swan Månad sedan
glug glug
glug glug Månad sedan
nobody: jaiden with her z click: ***I am the SASSIEST chea-tah in the sa-va-nah girl.***
BasaltFox Månad sedan
she's looks Asian
Ninja playz
Ninja playz Månad sedan
Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
Sanari Ismail
Sanari Ismail Månad sedan
Being one of those random kids and being in a play woth child jaiden without her being a youtuber yet would be my dream.
0:11 yAaAaAAaiy
sasha murashi
sasha murashi Månad sedan
Aris Drawing
Aris Drawing Månad sedan
James: I’m trying to listen Video: You are useless 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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