My Embarrassing Old Plays w/ theodd1sout

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Jaiden Animations

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the camp operetta is real
Original Camp Operetta video:

♥ The Team ♥
Atrox: AtroxChobatsu
Denny: 90percentknuckles
Devon: devonkong
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D

Aria Lee
Aria Lee 2 timmar sedan
When I saw this I was like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Nellie Sandberg
Nellie Sandberg 3 timmar sedan
excuse me I'm a kid I can talk!
Tyler Ramos
Tyler Ramos 22 timmar sedan
It would be funny if one of the kids slapped the girl that laid on the ground
HiTimeToDie Dag sedan
I am no longer a fan of James bcs of The disgrace word *furry*
AxoEko Dag sedan
Cara Roberts
Cara Roberts Dag sedan
Hey! You kids were singing “Funga Alafia”, I sang that song in my music class when I was a kid!
Star cookie
Star cookie 2 dagar sedan
Hello Jaden ✌️✌️👼👼🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺👉🏻👈🏻😆😆😊😊😊😝😝😝👋🏻👋🏻
GAB SQUAD LEADER 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: were kinda making fun of kids 5 year old me: 😭 😭 😭 😭 WHY US!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYY 😭
Zymux 2 dagar sedan
Wat da heck
Genoveva Peony Satya
Genoveva Peony Satya 2 dagar sedan
make it say the f word 😌
AC piggy
AC piggy 2 dagar sedan
6:51 for some reason the video decided to pause right there. Make of it what you will.
Cheeky Charli 23
Cheeky Charli 23 2 dagar sedan
Nobody: Not even jaiden: Not even god: Random kid: (falls) SCREEEEEEEEEEEE
ǝᴉssnɐ ɯoɹɟ ɯᴉ
ǝᴉssnɐ ɯoɹɟ ɯᴉ 2 dagar sedan
If i see 1 person ship them 😤
Calming Sunday
Calming Sunday 3 dagar sedan
**__Please ping me for no reason__**
Karina Poláková
Karina Poláková 3 dagar sedan
Oooooh you So cute 💜
Andrei Santiago
Andrei Santiago 3 dagar sedan
Faye Ganaban
Faye Ganaban 3 dagar sedan
I was in that play rite jaden
Weird_famous 3 dagar sedan
Ian Flood
Ian Flood 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden, you missed a line. (The F-word)
Matthew Quigley
Matthew Quigley 4 dagar sedan
Everyone knows rainbow fish
Prootzy Zoots
Prootzy Zoots 4 dagar sedan
Have you ever gotten second hand embarrassed from a youtube video
cheese grater
cheese grater 4 dagar sedan
The rainbow fish has sequels
mythic ZR
mythic ZR 4 dagar sedan
Wait... I saw the Rainbow fish play and when was PATrICk sTaRfISH THeRe? WtF
Mizzi Wolfie
Mizzi Wolfie 5 dagar sedan
Nobody: the kids: Hahaha you are ugly hahaha >:D
Mo Farfi
Mo Farfi 5 dagar sedan
Its so cringe but I like idk why??
Cecelia Pokorski
Cecelia Pokorski 5 dagar sedan
the story with the warthog is jungle drums,look it up
Arya Kusuma
Arya Kusuma 5 dagar sedan
I don't Know. When "lEaRN ArtICuLAte" I Laugh So Hard😂
Lightazer Vlogs
Lightazer Vlogs 5 dagar sedan
Chase Animations
Chase Animations 5 dagar sedan
The Patrick kid tho
Nicole Serratos
Nicole Serratos 6 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure that the warthog play was supposed to be about the book Jungle Drums
Bodies Best Friend
Bodies Best Friend 6 dagar sedan
Clare M
Clare M 6 dagar sedan
thanks for making me laugh while I got my flu shot now I have 7 tiny shots on my arm
•døggy Drawz•
•døggy Drawz• 6 dagar sedan
This video thought me how to actually speak as a kid
Idawarni Asmal
Idawarni Asmal 6 dagar sedan
Good thing i live in indonesia This comment is not related at all
Hannah T
Hannah T 6 dagar sedan
2:06 James: Do you think anyone will watch this reaction video? Jaiden: I hope not because we're kinda making fun of children Video: *gets 7 million views*
TheBuildingBro 7 dagar sedan
jaiden, the song u were singing during that sort of satanic ritual at the begining we sang in chior
Senpai Ikumi
Senpai Ikumi 8 dagar sedan
Beginning part of the video James says: “oh sacrifice-“
Rocio Akar Meneses Arrua
Rocio Akar Meneses Arrua 8 dagar sedan
I know that story it’s called the jungle drums
Marilyn cousens
Marilyn cousens 8 dagar sedan
You should make a video about theodd1sout old videos please?
♡ 20x935 ♡
♡ 20x935 ♡ 8 dagar sedan
anyone ship james and jaiden together? no just me?
Ethan Lindberg
Ethan Lindberg 8 dagar sedan
Jaden you are a god
Atom Moran
Atom Moran 8 dagar sedan
Savannah and My dog Elle
Savannah and My dog Elle 8 dagar sedan
I had to sing a tounge twister ya know that Peter Piper one... and I have so much stage fright I passed out during it 😂
Cyclo Blade
Cyclo Blade 9 dagar sedan
Newest comment for now
Yarti Syarif
Yarti Syarif 10 dagar sedan
Jaiden do u love james?❤️
Hakim- gamer
Hakim- gamer 10 dagar sedan
But yuo sad on the last video you sad you are the roll of fish
Nick Baller
Nick Baller 10 dagar sedan
charles fesway
charles fesway 10 dagar sedan
Jaiden:oh thats me Me:jaiden thats never you0-0
Marshmellow Kitty
Marshmellow Kitty 10 dagar sedan
James: Wait I'm trying to listen.. Me: *gets quiet so James can listen* Also Me: oh wait...
Jennifer russell
Jennifer russell 10 dagar sedan
Ohhhhhhhh um uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don’t know what to say to that uhhhhhhhh
Spoopy Snickers
Spoopy Snickers 10 dagar sedan
Quarantine gang?!
Vaishnavi miraculous
Vaishnavi miraculous 10 dagar sedan
Is it just me or this reminds me of zootopia's starting scene
Charlie Pham
Charlie Pham 10 dagar sedan
Her behind a bush IM COMING FOR YOU
Amirah Favela
Amirah Favela 11 dagar sedan
5:59 Patrick James in, 3.... 2.....1 (your welcome ;0)
Ash pine
Ash pine 11 dagar sedan
Ash pine
Ash pine 11 dagar sedan
Ash pine
Ash pine 11 dagar sedan
Your should sounded like s***
Luccio Brillantes
Luccio Brillantes 12 dagar sedan
arc 12 dagar sedan
the name of the book is jungle drums
Diamond Davey
Diamond Davey 12 dagar sedan
This is blessed and I hate it
Benicio Diaz
Benicio Diaz 13 dagar sedan
I think the smoothness of the characters and how they represented the conversations so well needs to be recognized. Like these are super talented people who not only developed extremely good animation skills, they have wonderful personalities and are fun people to watch. Bravo to you two animation powerhouses, I recognize your great artistry and performance quality : )
joe joeboschker
joe joeboschker 13 dagar sedan
zhang Jia jun
zhang Jia jun 14 dagar sedan
Rayna Skulnik
Rayna Skulnik 14 dagar sedan
Jungle drums.... I had I search for it
Marcelo Titiro G. Marcelo
Marcelo Titiro G. Marcelo 15 dagar sedan
Kaneko Nguyễn
Kaneko Nguyễn 15 dagar sedan
Woww it's impressive how these plays back in 90s are more detailed in terms of well, the staging, costumes,... everything... than my high school's play D'X
Camilo Bigatti
Camilo Bigatti 15 dagar sedan
how we know is she and is not a stealed video
Hollie Crewdson
Hollie Crewdson 16 dagar sedan
mushysnail 16 dagar sedan
Pet Cemetery Deleted scenes
Pace's Place
Pace's Place 16 dagar sedan
Jaiden your sea horse costumes' tail is on the wrong place, it gets me bad vibes. Don't worry, I'm a 11 yr old with extra knowledge lol
Ethan Blackwelder
Ethan Blackwelder 16 dagar sedan
Okay, I’m I the only one thought that the spots around young jaiden looked a whole pepperoni pizza around her neck? To me it’s kinda funny how my brain just points out that anything with spots is a pizza
Lilliepad 01
Lilliepad 01 17 dagar sedan
Acorn Walnut
Acorn Walnut 17 dagar sedan
I think the fact that both the plays *Very slightly* promote communism just makes it so much funnier
lil OwO
lil OwO 17 dagar sedan
The views here are nice
MinMoon Yoongi
MinMoon Yoongi 18 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure the book the first play is based on is called Jungle Drums by Graeme Base
call mal
call mal 19 dagar sedan
My techer made us do the tory of baby Jesus I was a shepherd my fece was like wi am I here
mody karemrasmy
mody karemrasmy 20 dagar sedan
mody karemrasmy
mody karemrasmy 20 dagar sedan
Kyle Matus-Cruz
Kyle Matus-Cruz 20 dagar sedan
The stories are pretty much talking about communism
Saraiixy 20 dagar sedan
*Not gonna lie at first I thought jaiden’s costume in the rainbow fish one was a sack of potatoes-*
jason moffitt
jason moffitt 21 dag sedan
Harper Avery
Harper Avery 21 dag sedan
I was in a school play once.... Someone fell off the stage was funny .. 😁.
Lucy Campos
Lucy Campos 21 dag sedan
If anyone wants to know what the first play was, it's a story called "Jungle Drums"
mr googly eyes jr.
mr googly eyes jr. 21 dag sedan
Fun fact James was born on his birthday
Mariem Ngom
Mariem Ngom 21 dag sedan
7:51 is it just me or has Jaiden's face not changed at all
Eli Scott
Eli Scott 22 dagar sedan
This Is All Cringy
Host Woodrow
Host Woodrow 22 dagar sedan
is it me or does Jaiden look black in the rainbow fish play
Joshua Ogbonna
Joshua Ogbonna 23 dagar sedan
Mnrr.6131 23 dagar sedan
If it was 2018 and I was there. I would have yelled “I like trains” a number of times
sillybug 231
sillybug 231 23 dagar sedan
Anyone with earbuds/headphobes beware of 6:39
Mobbuster09 24 dagar sedan
Relax Tube
Relax Tube 25 dagar sedan
Jaiden Animations happy birthday❤❤❤❤❤
Colgate 25 dagar sedan
This comment will probably be lost in the sea of comments over a year later, but I have to say this. I had read rainbow fish as a kid, and now I’m 18. I actually never learned or realized the actual moral until now, and I just thought it was something like “people will always want something from you, and if you don’t give in, you’ll be hated for the rest of you’re life.” I hated that story.
Pink gamer roblox
Pink gamer roblox 26 dagar sedan
In the first clip they where singing a song we sang in music class fungi alfia ashy ashy
Big Pencil2
Big Pencil2 26 dagar sedan
3:37 what I'm cringing the whole time
Ian Fralick
Ian Fralick 26 dagar sedan
Happy Birthday 🐆🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🐯🐨🐼🐻🦊🦁
Mohammed Hassen
Mohammed Hassen 27 dagar sedan
Me and the boys after putting the bible in the fiction section 2:41
Thuỳ Dương
Thuỳ Dương 27 dagar sedan
Corbin Lee
Corbin Lee 28 dagar sedan
it sounded like you you said I'm so cunning hahaha
SIMON SMALL 29 dagar sedan
Embarrassment 80 lvl
IT WAS I DIO 29 dagar sedan
Arros09 29 dagar sedan
1:18 "I feel like somebodys watching me"
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