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barkity woof

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky: A Wish for Peace

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D The next pupper you meet will bless you with good luck.

That 1 Other Boi
That 1 Other Boi Timme sedan
My dog doesn’t like toys...
DèiVertrauteNuecht Timme sedan
8:01 Tell that to wilbur..
iiecatoii Rainbowz
iiecatoii Rainbowz Timme sedan
Rip my three birds that died
• BlueberryPlayz•
• BlueberryPlayz• Timme sedan
6:25 yw xd Edit! 6:24 xd
Linny Linhorst
Linny Linhorst 3 timmar sedan
opa is german for grandpa
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer 3 timmar sedan
Ok, so I got a doggo story. I've had this King Charles Cavalier since I was a kid. Her name is Pogo. She loves my dad and saw him as her savior since she was in the back of the store sick and was the only puppy back there. This precious girl is 14, almost 15 years old. These dogs life expectancy is 12 years max. It's going to be hard when she finally dies, but we all know it's coming soon. Every year we keep saying "it's going to be her last christmas." (Which is her birthday.) And she is just, refusing to die! So yeah, not really a story, I just like talking about my dog
nana bella
nana bella 3 timmar sedan
I love snakes
Isabelle 4 timmar sedan
Jaiden: Ari calm down Ari: SCREEE
Leilani Serna
Leilani Serna 6 timmar sedan
RIP gabe the dog
Josiah Villareal
Josiah Villareal 6 timmar sedan
This is how many times people are talking about Ari screaming so loud the next solar system can hear him | V
Lynnxx Gaming
Lynnxx Gaming 6 timmar sedan
Morgan&thecrew 7 timmar sedan
Beast battle Warrior
Beast battle Warrior 8 timmar sedan
Scruffy is literally the definition of my dog
John R
John R 11 timmar sedan
3:47 Yeah that’s pretty accurate regarding havaneses. They’re cats, lazy little balls of fluff who only follow one person
RyzaFN 12 timmar sedan
planting dog?
F0X 12 timmar sedan
Fun fact: "Opa" is also used in the german language to say grandfather. I don´t know if any other language uses this word, I just thought it was interesting.
Tara Gouw
Tara Gouw 12 timmar sedan
Jaiden my dog Rocco one time climend into a strangers car (because he loves sitting in cars) and the lady at first didn't notice him but he jumped on the passenger side. So she took him to the police station and my dad had to go pick him up out of a jail cel😂😂
Aris Drawing
Aris Drawing 14 timmar sedan
Jaiden: Ari clam down, your ruining my recording Ari: *Screech* Jaiden: Ari calm down! Ari *SCREECH!* Jaiden: CALM DOWN Ari: *SCREEEEEEEEEEEEH!!’*
stxrm's pile of trash
stxrm's pile of trash 16 timmar sedan
assassinzPlayz. YT
assassinzPlayz. YT 16 timmar sedan
My dogs like to run out of the house a lot and so because of this Iv learned how to run really fast in flip flops
Natalie Bennett
Natalie Bennett 17 timmar sedan
Baby Jaden: yeah I’m so cool I forget the name but Keisha dog: wow my owner is so cool Jaden‘s parents:ahahhhahhahahah where is Jaden Stranger: ...what?
ADMIRAL_DOGE788 18 timmar sedan
Ezekiel Arreola
Ezekiel Arreola 18 timmar sedan
@ exactly 6:41 if you pause at the correct exact moment Lennie face shows up on the license plate of the whit van
Cqlty 18 timmar sedan
My dog died last year and it was the biggest feeling of sadness I've ever felt 😔
DerpE 19 timmar sedan
There was a dog that has been with me since I was bored and she died.I don't want to explain how I found her.
Enderman Gamer
Enderman Gamer 20 timmar sedan
Did anyone else see the policeman in the background while scruffy was running
gamer XD
gamer XD 20 timmar sedan
kasiha is a Shetland sheepdog
Just Richie
Just Richie 21 timme sedan
I had a mix lab and German Shepard as my dog and he was the best he was like my god he saved my life once so when I was outside once I saw a flower and I wanted that flower so I picked it from the ground and yeah but then the wing blew it out of my hand I the middle of the road I was like 4 at the time so I start running to get the flower and a car starts coming and my ultra dog instincts was like NANI my child so my dog his name is ranger start booking it to me pushed me out of the way and saved my life but he sadly broke a bone on his leg and he was really hurt but then we had to get rud if him he didn't die but my mom started college and I was at school and my dad was at work till 6:00 at night so we had to get rid of him he was a great dog and he hopefully went to a great owner and had a good dog life
Just Richie
Just Richie 20 timmar sedan
The flower blew in the middle of the road
Just Richie
Just Richie 21 timme sedan
Not wing wind blew the flower away
Red Wolf
Red Wolf 21 timme sedan
I try to tell my dog i love him buuuuut he wont stop grwoling at mee
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 21 timme sedan
I had a dog that died because our neighbors thought that running over our dog that we loved SO MUCH AND CARED FOR ALOT MORE T^T So when we found her she was I dunno I didn't see her but we have her grave
Samuel Lima
Samuel Lima 22 timmar sedan
so back to story what dog jump out of a dog and you said that he would be happy meal to a fox and wolf and maybe a shark if the dog was swimming in the sea at night and scruffy must be crazy scruffy and dog die so quick and so sad that scruffy died and gave died super sad I wish dog have longer life like a human every animal needs love and care so sad
Dragon2000 _
Dragon2000 _ 23 timmar sedan
Snakes! I love snakes
L.O.L girl 1600
L.O.L girl 1600 Dag sedan
Coyotes aren't gonna eat dos their Coyotes aren't gonna eat bulbs their cousins will you eat your
Sadge Gowey
Sadge Gowey Dag sedan
I had a lot of dogs.
ribs are good among us name pippa pog
ribs are good among us name pippa pog Dag sedan
Poor Gabe .·´¯`(>▂
bubbledragoon Dag sedan
joaomanozica Dag sedan
i have a dog exactly like scruffy you had and i didnt adopt her actually i didnt find her in like the road my really old dog actually had a child dog and that is my puppy dark dog which is small (also she is 1 year old now but i still dont know the date of her birth yay and also my really old dog didnt let us touch or see her until she was a little grown up sooo yea we had to wait a bit of days) also we just call her puppy because we dot have names for her and she literally loves everyone she likes my dad she likes my mom she likes me and even strangers and visitors she never met before(not her mom because her and her mom have been in a fight ever since she didnt let puppy drink milk from her and also she bites people she doesnt know alot)and also mine looks like exactly how you draw scruffy but with a little little more fur
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon Dag sedan
My dog named Sunny died recently. Well he wasn't mine it was my mom's boyfriend dog he was like 4 when we first met him the next day he tried to kill us pretty much. he would follow my mom everywhere he died at ripe old age of 10 because he had an intestine blockage, or at least I think so. But he couldn't make it through r.i.p Sunny
Shreya Setty
Shreya Setty Dag sedan
‘If u have an animal give them a pat on the head’ Me: pats my hamster Hamster: yeahhhh im gonna bite your hand off
Thogeon Dag sedan
anyone knew that "opa" is dutch for grandpa ?
Sarah Chen
Sarah Chen Dag sedan
I have ducks
Monete Todo en su canal
Monete Todo en su canal Dag sedan
I have a Shetland sheepdog:0
Laura Dearman
Laura Dearman Dag sedan
My hamster died a couple days ago 😭
Luuk Verhoeven
Luuk Verhoeven Dag sedan
we bought 2 bunnies when i was 10 years old they where 9 months and 8 weeks old we didnt even have them for a month and the 9 month old bunny gave birth while we where in Ireland to visit my family right after my cousin passed away and when we got home there where 4 little bunnies sitting in a little nest 1 year goes by and we donated 3 of the bunnies to an animal park right next to our local school and 1 to one of cousins friends who really wanted one another 6 months passes and a disease hits the little animal park and two of our bunnies die from it i remember how it went. when i got to school in the morning there was one of our bunnies laying on the ground in the middle of the park and i tought ' eh probably asleep' during but at 12 o clock when we have a 15 minute break he was still there and i was getting worried and then when the bell ringed and we all went home there where flies on the bunny and it was still there thats when it hit me: it was dead. the owner of the animal came and picked it up and seeing him like that i bursted into tears
TG's World
TG's World Dag sedan
Th first pet death experiance was at age 7 when m my grammas dog pudgie die and I was crying alot bc I was very sad, RIP pudgie
Catherine Armstrong
Catherine Armstrong Dag sedan
My dog Lilly also jumped out of a moving car some how she didn’t die we were on the high way
Powerful Pikachu
Powerful Pikachu Dag sedan
6:25 lol
Snowy Gaming
Snowy Gaming Dag sedan
My Sentence: **pat pat pat** I luve You tank **PaT pAt PaT** So DaNg MuCh **PAT PAT PAT** *SCREEEEEECH* My Dog Info!: Breed: Pomchi (Pomerania and Chihuahua mix) Name:Tank. Birthday: 29th Of October! How Old?:Legit Like idk- 19 month old? Correct me Pls
María Ramos
María Ramos Dag sedan
I adopted a pitbull
Jonnnybot Jonnybot
Jonnnybot Jonnybot Dag sedan
TheDangerousDane yt
TheDangerousDane yt Dag sedan
I have a Havanese dog to
Andrew Kostrub
Andrew Kostrub Dag sedan
Andrew Kostrub
Andrew Kostrub Dag sedan
Lov meh pets
weirdo Dag sedan
Jaiden; CALM DOWN! Ari; *Proceeds To Summon Bird Satan*
Ruth Glass
Ruth Glass Dag sedan
Nobody Not a single soul Not a single spec in the universe Ari: *REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*
Bailey_ Gatcha
Bailey_ Gatcha Dag sedan
So I Have A Havanese And A Morkie (But This Is About The Havanese) His Name Is Harley And My Dad Told Me Before I Was Born, They Had A Huge Backyard (We Moved) He Would Run Full Speed Around The Backyard And My Mom And Dad Would Need To Chase Him To Get Him In 😂😂
šløth xoxo:3
šløth xoxo:3 Dag sedan
killus boiii
killus boiii Dag sedan
I'm an animal lover too!
CaRooper Scooper
CaRooper Scooper Dag sedan
My dog died on Mardi Gras
Siam Tei
Siam Tei 2 dagar sedan
Ones we saw a dog leg Hurt and we saw it a long time ago when I was 5 years old
alecboi777 2 dagar sedan
my dog is exactly like scruffy
Fruitloopz 2 dagar sedan
Scruffy is a boss.
Dominic Giesbrecht
Dominic Giesbrecht 2 dagar sedan
I use to have a dog before I was born and he is still alive today his name was puppy diesel and he chased a actual bear away from me while I was outside
Jack Fowler
Jack Fowler 2 dagar sedan
You are just like my dog when we say walk she gets so excited. She is called Phoebe.
Dragon tech
Dragon tech 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: don't do it don't do it don't Scruffy: ima freaking do it (runs a way
Comment Section Annoyance Guard
Comment Section Annoyance Guard 2 dagar sedan
My snake always Slithers away if I try to give her a Pat on her Smooth Plate Head.
Matheus Xavier
Matheus Xavier 2 dagar sedan
3 year old goes out with dog : 5 star smug 3 year old chased by police with the dog : GTA 5 starts
Tamar Verbaan
Tamar Verbaan 2 dagar sedan
in the netherlands is grandpa opa
A Morton
A Morton 2 dagar sedan
Me: pats my budgie on the head My budgie: MOTHER HAS SINNED
M o d e r n p l a y s
M o d e r n p l a y s 2 dagar sedan
My bunny died bc my dad
abdul rehman
abdul rehman 2 dagar sedan
If scruffy jumped out if the car in summer why did you have to to school there is a summer break
Stupid Boi
Stupid Boi 2 dagar sedan
BORK BORK [*] here lies Gabe The Dog, he was a precious meme....and wonderful..... you will be missed Gabe
Julius Ballantyne
Julius Ballantyne 2 dagar sedan
Your dad is cool TwT
Chika! :3
Chika! :3 2 dagar sedan
• , • \/\/
Bryan Onila
Bryan Onila 2 dagar sedan
And i actually have a pet snake in a container so it doesnt bite my frickin arm off and the the container is made out of THICC glass and theres little holes so my snake can breath
Bryan Onila
Bryan Onila 2 dagar sedan
Scruffy: moving around at the speed of sound going to places that just keep moving around!!
that one guy
that one guy 2 dagar sedan
I rewathced this after my dog died, and it hits differently I can tell you that much.
Candie Smith
Candie Smith 2 dagar sedan
Giyhanna Mary
Giyhanna Mary 2 dagar sedan
7:12 whhatt
Marvin Cabrido
Marvin Cabrido 2 dagar sedan
Jow about ari
Sean Eren
Sean Eren 2 dagar sedan
I miss Gabe he was a good pup
amibo_01 2 dagar sedan
I lost my dog a year ago I was really sad he was the dog that got all my fear away from dogs he was such a good boy 😔
Angel Frausto
Angel Frausto 2 dagar sedan
I used to have a dog and He past away a few years ago I’m still sad and miss him can we have a rip for him and me so I could feel better
Meteorite Playz
Meteorite Playz 2 dagar sedan
3:50 is my doggo's time stamp Cuz it calls my dog and no it's not my dog's name and I'm not a girl
Rafael Keenan Sims
Rafael Keenan Sims 2 dagar sedan
opa is a indonesian language of grandfather
Monica Lamas
Monica Lamas 3 dagar sedan
Valeda Adams
Valeda Adams 3 dagar sedan
jaiden: finding scruffy again was a heart melting moment for me me: awww jaiden: WANT TO HEAR HOW HE RAN AWAY AGAIN? me: oh YOU ATTEMPTED A SPEEDRUN- I'LL CLICK THAT VIDEO AND NOT GET SAD AGAIN
Beatriz Martinez
Beatriz Martinez 3 dagar sedan
I have a dog
The friends Of the group
The friends Of the group 3 dagar sedan
i have 4 cats 3 dogs 2 bunnys and 2 cats die and 1 dog idk i was 0 at the time
Dan Huynh
Dan Huynh 3 dagar sedan
I’m veitnamese and I was almost Japanese:/ btw I’m 12
Bullet Hell Pals
Bullet Hell Pals 3 dagar sedan
I miss my two dogs TwT one died and one I had to give away....and I had to give away a cat...mY lIfE iS sAd
The tutorial Addict
The tutorial Addict 3 dagar sedan
now that i watch this my dog is the same way shes small loves my mom and little brother hates my dad and me
David Vazquez
David Vazquez 3 dagar sedan
my dog died yesterday :(
David Vazquez
David Vazquez 3 dagar sedan
@Colton Cummings sorry for ur lost
Colton Cummings
Colton Cummings 3 dagar sedan
Mine died 3 days ago
Chill Person
Chill Person 3 dagar sedan
This reminded me of my cat who just died a month ago at the age of 20
Hyder Ali
Hyder Ali 3 dagar sedan
Yr recommendations r so whacky yet so accurate. I love it.
Xernax 3 dagar sedan
As a European your description of Arizona sounds almost like Saudi-Arabia 2.0. Deserts everywhere.
Harsh Channel
Harsh Channel 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden jaiden jaiden jaiden jaiden were is 🐶🐶🐶🐶
Rowan Pritchard
Rowan Pritchard 3 dagar sedan
I love the ending because I have a snake
Cristy Oclares
Cristy Oclares 3 dagar sedan
Me presses this video:me seeing gabe me:nooooooo i hate it when i see gabe or any dog die. My emotions =(
ZzClan News
ZzClan News 3 dagar sedan
Same with me my dog name was black Jack
Claire Gehrig
Claire Gehrig 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: Ari calm down Ari: SCRE SCRE SCRE Jaiden: STOP ARI Ari:.... Ari: *REEEEEEE*
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