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barkity woof

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Music: Taking Over the World by ionics
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky: A Wish for Peace

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D The next pupper you meet will bless you with good luck.

XPlore - Roblox
XPlore - Roblox 3 timmar sedan
uhhhhhi have a issue mypet is a python and my other biggest pet is a cobra so idki mean the ate my dog four years ago i still didnt forigve them yet but i sstill love em ;-; rip my dog im still sad.
Shallow wolf
Shallow wolf 4 timmar sedan
It's funny, opa is the dutch word for grandpa.
Karen Tornkvist
Karen Tornkvist 7 timmar sedan
Ari sounds like she is died
A Weird Human
A Weird Human 13 timmar sedan
Makayla Webley
Makayla Webley 13 timmar sedan
I wanna rescue a doggo now so that I can feed him and water him and give him sunshine and all the things a dog needs to become big strong doggo
Shy_bobagirl321 -w-
Shy_bobagirl321 -w- 14 timmar sedan
I have 4 pets 👌🏻
Brooke Leonard
Brooke Leonard 17 timmar sedan
oh yea it is hard when a animal dies like your animal that you go to when you are having a bad day like yesterday our duck that we take to school every year died (sadly) yesterday :-(
Tre plays Fortnite mostly
Tre plays Fortnite mostly 17 timmar sedan
I had a pet snake
Turbojax07 18 timmar sedan
You know how rotweilers are often depicted as a bad type of dog to have as a pet? Well, they aren't They are just extremely loyal to whoever they trust the most. I should know. When I was a kid, we had a rotweiler, AND HE WAS THE BEST!!! My parents told me about how when they got him, all of their friends told them to get rid of the rotweiler. Thankfully, my parents didn't listen to their friends, and kept him. He was an amazing dog and would let me and my sister do just about anything to him.
Alec Palangi
Alec Palangi 20 timmar sedan
My husky jumped out the window on the highway
Choi Soobin
Choi Soobin 20 timmar sedan
Your dog scruffy reminded me of my dog cause he was black my dog was a a Pomeranian instead and.. he died.. I was 6 or 5 when I came home from school I was gonna run to shadow I didn’t see him so I asked my sister said..”he died...” I started crying while my sisters tried comforting me but it didn’t work after we moved I made pictures saying shadow I miss you and shadow I hope I see you again but now we have 2 cats and I love them I cried on this video because it reminded me of shadow.... ok your welcome for stuff you didn’t need to know about now have a good day
Stephen O'Brien
Stephen O'Brien 22 timmar sedan
This really made me think of my doggo harley. She was a 2 y/o boxer/shepherd mix. Total crackhead but she was MY crackhead. She does at 2 after we got her home from being spayed. My ex drove at least twice the speed limit to the closest 24hr animal hospital which was over a half hour away while I gave harley mouth to mouth from the time my ex started to try and find help until we got there. In total about 45mins... that was December 23, 2019 and I still cry about her to this day. Just goes to show that truly animals are our family and not possessions... Daddy love you Harley!
Tiffygirl14 22 timmar sedan
i have a dog that can run 20 to 30 mph its a yellow lab
Noob Dag sedan
In my life right now my dog got taken away because he wasnt aloud in my apartment, he was color black,he was also really hungry all the time, he plays with me with his free time we adopted him from the road, its so sad. 😓😭
Ponnan Sheela Renjini
Ponnan Sheela Renjini Dag sedan
You should get a doggo
mohammed noor
mohammed noor Dag sedan
Rachel Guthrie
Rachel Guthrie Dag sedan
A horse at a ranch died recently. His name was Casper.
Albert fan
Albert fan Dag sedan
It's the Ari scream for me
Mr. Animation Boy
Mr. Animation Boy Dag sedan
Jaiden: be quiet ari Ari: REEeeEeEEeEeEeEeeE
lowsm Dag sedan
CaptainCheezee121 ‘
CaptainCheezee121 ‘ Dag sedan
should'a rode kaisha back to the house
Liam de Heer
Liam de Heer Dag sedan
OPA Is a Dutch word For Grandpa
Inconspicuous Red panda
Inconspicuous Red panda 2 dagar sedan
My cat has been missing for over a week 😥
xXlemon_ demonXx
xXlemon_ demonXx 2 dagar sedan
i had 4 pet snakes when i was young
Anouk 2 dagar sedan
oooo~ a white van
Bunkel &Youtuber
Bunkel &Youtuber 2 dagar sedan
My cat is really sick and will be put down today im really sad
Lukas Jak
Lukas Jak 2 dagar sedan
Are you dutch opa is the Dutch word for grandpa
ps4gamer rdwbattleroyale
ps4gamer rdwbattleroyale 2 dagar sedan
I love this Video.
Victor Oraporap
Victor Oraporap 2 dagar sedan
When I got my dog he peed in the car
Altoe Shine-Kun
Altoe Shine-Kun 2 dagar sedan
Today is the death anniversary of my dog wuffoo the pomeranian R.I.P. Wuffo😭😭😢😢
Karina Jimenez
Karina Jimenez 2 dagar sedan
Ari! I'm recording her mom comes in her :l ari ....
R.I.P Gabe
Emma J
Emma J 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden:i can’t help it I’m a animal lover :< me:yes animals are cute baby’s :3
daily lazo vazquez
daily lazo vazquez 2 dagar sedan
Keshia is cuteeeee
boxi roki
boxi roki 2 dagar sedan
barkity woof 🙂✊
Jayden Gamer
Jayden Gamer 2 dagar sedan
Blue_ Berry_Arts
Blue_ Berry_Arts 2 dagar sedan
\ / "RAWR GIMME YOUR COOKIES!" • • /\/\/\/\ | | \/\/\/\/ -------------- ( | | | ) 🍪 To get your cookie back,Like!
Blue_ Berry_Arts
Blue_ Berry_Arts 2 dagar sedan
This is the original comment, Incase people copy n paste it and act like its theirs!😋
Amy Gremillion
Amy Gremillion 2 dagar sedan
words don't like us petting their head
Jared Rablin
Jared Rablin 2 dagar sedan
I watched this while laying in bed my doggo curled up in my legs! My large 90 lbs dog who swears they're a lap dog, and I won't tell them otherwise 🤣
Daria Khan
Daria Khan 2 dagar sedan
I had two rabbits but one passed away I was so sad I cried
Moste Mostert
Moste Mostert 2 dagar sedan
Opa mean grandfather in dutch
Michele Egnitz
Michele Egnitz 2 dagar sedan
He died nooo 😭😩🥺
Michele Egnitz
Michele Egnitz 2 dagar sedan
Bentley Deyzel
Bentley Deyzel 2 dagar sedan
rmayberry86 2 dagar sedan
Scruffy looks like my dog muffin lol
KoiFeather 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: CaLm dOwN Ari: . . *SrCrEeEeEEeEeeeeeEe-*
KoiFeather 3 dagar sedan
Perfectly cut screams.
NG and AR GAMING 3 dagar sedan
One get lost at jungel one get killed 2 get poison 2 get headshot🥺🥺😭😭😭
NG and AR GAMING 3 dagar sedan
I have lost 6 dog
Rachel Schiereck
Rachel Schiereck 3 dagar sedan
My neighbor a crase the street and he said he lost his kitten and that just broke my heart to hear that 🥺🥺🥺🥺💔💔💔💔
aprima medah
aprima medah 3 dagar sedan
I also call my grandpa opa
harry potter
harry potter 3 dagar sedan
i had a snake and 3 dogs they all died 😭
胡言河 3 dagar sedan
So cute I want a dog
DL Chinn
DL Chinn 3 dagar sedan
I always wanted a dog and I got it on Christmas
Morgan Pate
Morgan Pate 3 dagar sedan
A college kasha
Priscila Lopez
Priscila Lopez 3 dagar sedan
Ay yo can I get an OWA OWA
Wolf_FairyXx 3 dagar sedan
Pause then go to 6:25 i you wanna see what was said in the background
flux studios
flux studios 3 dagar sedan
Issobella Kolesnikoff
Issobella Kolesnikoff 3 dagar sedan
Nigel: *Wants love but is used as a decoration kinda and bites EVERYONE* Me: *Puts the bowl with water in it so he cant throw it in bettween the ladders going down near the side and then putting my head next to it on the corner and blowing rasberrys and when he came charging over go to the other corner* Nigel: *Realizes I was only there for 2 weeks as a holiday, and that I was the only one that made achievments with him and now he is being left alone* (He was given to the people there since his normal onwers sadly passed of age, and they use to give him beer) (I was given medication and my twin died before she or he was born so we are basically the same)
Sajid Manzoor
Sajid Manzoor 3 dagar sedan
R.I.P your dog's and Gabe . Also I 👍 your vids and I'm 8 also I added something in this comment down here👇 Jaiden I love all animals. Ari : wait she likes all animal's maybe if I make cute noises maybe she will give me loads of treat's!! Proceeds to do noises Jaiden :Ari stop making noises I 'm trying to record. Ari: NO THAT'S THE OPPOSITE THING I WANTED!!! Countinues. Jaiden :calm down Countinues Jaiden : Ari SHUT THE F* UP Ari : 😿 Good bye more food 😿😿😿
Perry The Inaction Figure
Perry The Inaction Figure 3 dagar sedan
When my dogs died, I couldn’t stop crying 😭!!!!! RIP IN PEACE CHICAGO AND MINNIE!!!! 🐶🐶🐶🦮🦮
Fireball Animations
Fireball Animations 4 dagar sedan
I feel sorry for you.i know how it feels
Namrata Nembang
Namrata Nembang 4 dagar sedan
My puppy is lost😭😭😢
Israel vs Roblox gamez
Israel vs Roblox gamez 4 dagar sedan
same and also my 2 dogs died
roblox.bunnys.x bunnys
roblox.bunnys.x bunnys 4 dagar sedan
I’m sitting in my dogs bed right now
Seher Osman
Seher Osman 4 dagar sedan
i have a cat i used to have 3 kittens 1 died i was so worried and 1 ran away we now have 1 kitten so we her had for like 3 or 4 years so she is super nice snd sweet
E & R Botw
E & R Botw 4 dagar sedan
We just got a corgi today and even though this is videos old it still made my day 😄
Susanna Griffith
Susanna Griffith 4 dagar sedan
That is literally the exact same as MY havanese dog. Hated us, loved my Mom, the only one who didn't like her.
Leigh Shelton
Leigh Shelton 4 dagar sedan
"Woah m8 that is way too fast for a dog that's 8 pounds" lmao
Dayanna Hernandez
Dayanna Hernandez 4 dagar sedan
I love ani
Lily the Wolf sloth
Lily the Wolf sloth 4 dagar sedan
i have a snake
Elizabeth love cats
Elizabeth love cats 4 dagar sedan
In the Netherlands the actual word for grandpa is opa.
Curleon 4 dagar sedan
Opa is grandpa in Dutch
splash vaporeon and glaceon ice
splash vaporeon and glaceon ice 4 dagar sedan
wait bork wha
fay golston
fay golston 4 dagar sedan
I have a snake
Dark_Wolf 5 dagar sedan
Also, does jaiden Have A Dog now. If not she should get one
Nika0703 5 dagar sedan
Jaiden: We called him Opa. Me (a german): wait does this really happening. (Opa is German for Grandpa)
Buckaroo Banzai
Buckaroo Banzai 5 dagar sedan
GREAT JOB Ja- what the is dat in 0:29 who Is 🌽
Kaiju Animations
Kaiju Animations 5 dagar sedan
At 0:34 ari went “AHHHHHHHHH”
Bram Schipper
Bram Schipper 5 dagar sedan
5:17 in the netherlands we call our grandparants opa so thats pretty funny
Mithil Shenaro Silva
Mithil Shenaro Silva 5 dagar sedan
I take care of pet well
Mithil Shenaro Silva
Mithil Shenaro Silva 5 dagar sedan
I would be soo happy I u get a dog
ElJineteCelestial 5 dagar sedan
I have to "Tomy Lee". He has 14 years old. I got him since he has 10 days of life, abandoned in a box with 5 brothers and sisters. He had a great life since he is with me and my family.
Stephanie 5 dagar sedan
My dog Harley died.
•Myathecat• 5 dagar sedan
This reminds me of a few weeks ago my friends dog was fighting hard against sicknesses and when she got the news about having to put her down her heart broke she had been with that dog since the beginning of her life so it’s hard to let go of someone you love that much
Maci Hamline
Maci Hamline 5 dagar sedan
Jaden pull up your pants were going on a run. Me my favorite part lol 😂
cottoncookie3 5 dagar sedan
kenya latimore
kenya latimore 5 dagar sedan
elamelon 5 dagar sedan
I've fosters 21 dogs I feel u
maila wong
maila wong 5 dagar sedan
It’s in her obsession with animals vid but instead she just made her dad throw the dog in her face
Alana Rodriguez
Alana Rodriguez 5 dagar sedan
my dog harly just died on january 10 it was sad and now my dog lily is lonely
Adya Mathuria
Adya Mathuria 6 dagar sedan
jaiden- CALM DOWNNNN ARI- CHICHCIHCIHCI JAIDEN- CALMMMMM DOWNNNN ARI- [ quite ] jaiden- [silent] ari- ahahhahahhahaahhhahahhaahhahhahhaahahahah
Liedewij Cels
Liedewij Cels 6 dagar sedan
opa is grandpa in dutch
St. pauli
St. pauli 6 dagar sedan
I Have a dog named kisha 🐕🐕🐕
Patience Lee
Patience Lee 6 dagar sedan
My 2 dog r die...
Jessica Dungjen
Jessica Dungjen 6 dagar sedan
Sorry for your lost 💔💔💔💔💔
Mikey McGrain
Mikey McGrain 6 dagar sedan
I go to Tahoe every year
creeper 6 dagar sedan
my dogs dog years 30 in dog years is 3.
Bradley Shende
Bradley Shende 6 dagar sedan
You're so sweet! Jaden cat died a while ago and I like that you're so understanding
lazar and lazar duo gaming
lazar and lazar duo gaming 6 dagar sedan
Opa means grandpa in my region
Logan world
Logan world 6 dagar sedan
Barkity woof indeed
Cookie Panda
Cookie Panda 6 dagar sedan
woah m8 too fast for a dog that's 8 pounds.
The Round About With Sofi
The Round About With Sofi 6 dagar sedan
After watching this video I went to pet my bunny... He bit me twice🙄😒😔
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