My Childhood Obsession with Animals

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Jaiden Animations

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i cannot be stopped (jk my parents stopped me)

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you find a creature that brings you as much joy as I do to Ari

AnimalLover820 !Dont litter!
AnimalLover820 !Dont litter! 11 minuter sedan
oh ok
Julian Jimenez
Julian Jimenez 50 minuter sedan
That's a fishy murder
Turhan Kamal
Turhan Kamal Timme sedan
"My disappointment is immeasurable, my Christmas day ruined" Man, that must su- "I got a new computer" WTF
broproff 9098
broproff 9098 Timme sedan
You know what my fish last for 12 years
sawz animations
sawz animations 2 timmar sedan
99% M O M!!!!! 1% comments this
Zack the amazing Bison
Zack the amazing Bison 3 timmar sedan
my grandma has a yellow naped amazon parrot!
Zack the amazing Bison
Zack the amazing Bison 3 timmar sedan
Marisabel Vega
Marisabel Vega 5 timmar sedan
Didn't I always wanted a hamster my mom and dad would never let me
Puppy Kitten
Puppy Kitten 5 timmar sedan
Jayden:I like reptiles!!! Meh:GET A SNAKE THEN!!!!!!
Gold _TheSunshineWing
Gold _TheSunshineWing 5 timmar sedan
Jaiden: Nope, that ship has sailed. Jaiden: WHAT ABOUT WHEN YOU WERE GONNA GET ME A MOUSE BC I WANTED A PARROT! Jaiden's mom: Nope, that ship has sailed. Too much karma
PonchoTheParrot 6 timmar sedan
I love birds also, and I was told I can get a parrot when I move out because my stepdad thinks they are annoying plus parrots cost like 2k dollars
Jessica Dungjen
Jessica Dungjen 7 timmar sedan
Young Jaden: I want that Me: OMG HahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHaHahahHahahHAHAHAH 🐺🐺🐺
Candy Girl
Candy Girl 7 timmar sedan
I have a baby pig
Amanda Gomez
Amanda Gomez 8 timmar sedan
my brother wants a sugerglider and he convienced me to want my mom to get one
Jellie Team Leader
Jellie Team Leader 9 timmar sedan
And then animal crossing came into the world
Virginia Walker
Virginia Walker 11 timmar sedan
Ok Jaiden come here to my house
rift gamer
rift gamer 11 timmar sedan
Is maximum ride where I got ari from
Mae Ikerd
Mae Ikerd 11 timmar sedan
Me:Looks at a picture on fox on it Me:I want Mom:no Me:If you don’t give me a fox I’m gonna kill you in your love ones Mom:You are my love one Me:*Grab credit card and runs to pet store* Me:I’m getting a fox Me:Find a fox Me: You are Mine now
Cindy Du
Cindy Du 11 timmar sedan
Me and my dad sawl a big bird on fire what if ari turned into that
Itsss Yellow !!!
Itsss Yellow !!! 11 timmar sedan
I am getting a breaded dragon
I’ve got nothing to write but this
I’ve got nothing to write but this 12 timmar sedan
It took me 7 years of writing I want a dog and begging on my Christmas wish list. And it finally happened
Yea brother entertainment
Yea brother entertainment 12 timmar sedan
2:53 moms got banter
Mr UK man
Mr UK man 12 timmar sedan
What animal do you have or which animal do you want to keep as a pet? I would go for a platapus, but they're not domesticated animals 😓
Catz 13 timmar sedan
umar qayyum
umar qayyum 13 timmar sedan
Can you di an animation on color
Mila Lin
Mila Lin 13 timmar sedan
Jaiden and pretty much everyone: I had alot of fishies. Me: I've just had a cat. That's it. No fishies. 😏
Snieguolė Šetkienė
Snieguolė Šetkienė 14 timmar sedan
Jaiden I heard that if you come to someone's house and you see a pet and you want to play with it and they say no you'll get offended? Then come to my house I have a goldfish a pug and two squirrel like creatures but there cute
Fruit salad let's go!
Fruit salad let's go! 14 timmar sedan
Jaiden: im probably not gonna get any other animals Tofu: :
Aiden Daniels
Aiden Daniels 14 timmar sedan
Mao Mao
Mao Mao 15 timmar sedan
I can her mrsic
SteelMyst1017 15 timmar sedan
I know this video's a year old and some change, but I just want everyone to appreciate that the exotic and rare birds were the Homestar Runner cast. Well played, Jaiden.
LeviLancaster11 18 timmar sedan
THANK YOU JAIDEN i can now briibe my mum to get me a piano YAY
Owl 19 timmar sedan
Your mum: tails are weird Guinea pigs: I have little tail so little u can’t see u can get me
Oni Sama
Oni Sama 20 timmar sedan
i do not like reptiles
XxREEEboikXx And Xey
XxREEEboikXx And Xey 21 timme sedan
"I will get a dog, I pormise" 1 year later Still no dog
XSO1 GAMER 22 timmar sedan
Can i get a dog?
Marieke Martin
Marieke Martin 23 timmar sedan
3:12 Haha I love to read and I looked into Maximum Ride aaaaaand I loved most of it! The first like four books were good but then the next like five got a little too crazy and out of hand. Anyway thanks for the random book series I really enjoyed it. Also did you know someone wrote a manga series for it? Manga was never my thing but it was cool to see the characters and how they look. Also (sorry) theres a Maximum Ride movie, it's not like to die for but it was interesting
gamer_wolf rose
gamer_wolf rose Dag sedan
I have 3 pets 1 🐦 and 1 🐩 and 1 guinea pig
holi ホーリー
holi ホーリー Dag sedan
i still remember where i always wanted a giraffe and put em in my cage but instead my parents brought me a cat and said " they looked the same!"
Minh Trang Nguyen
Minh Trang Nguyen Dag sedan
For Christmas you've should have said living mouse
SylveonGamerReactor YT
SylveonGamerReactor YT Dag sedan
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I could say the same cause I love animals too
Fazer 80
Fazer 80 Dag sedan
Jaiden: if I come to your house and you have any kind of pets I will be offended if u won’t let me play with it for 3 hours Me: so you want to die?
sonicforce21 tailforce22
sonicforce21 tailforce22 Dag sedan
Ur mama
Moonstar79 Dag sedan
Can we talk about the Ratthew pun
I have a can named sr flufy but
Christina Ramirez
Christina Ramirez Dag sedan
Raccoons are my fav animal since when I was 1
Chiri Linda
Chiri Linda Dag sedan
you said probly twice
Dean Perkins
Dean Perkins Dag sedan
i got a lizard
E&BLittleDreams Dag sedan
Congratulations! You now have animal crossing and you do have a pet raccoon! I mean 3.. *T o m N o o k, T i m m y, T o m m y..*
invader zim
invader zim Dag sedan
i really like reptiles too. i've been wanting to get a bearded dragon, but so far i only have two leopard geckos. also, my friend has a bunch of snakes (mainly ball pythons), like 5 rats, two bunnies (one is pregnant), a toad, a dog, and a crested gecko.
Thor Horkman
Thor Horkman Dag sedan
My mom and dad were going to get a sugar glider instead of a chinchilla
Thor Horkman
Thor Horkman Dag sedan
I have a hamster
Liliana Manzano
Liliana Manzano Dag sedan
Thank squirrels Funny I don't think That's that video I watch when all that little that sports video you I was like Like Yes this is not This is not I people do it this Will not be how are you It's just I don't really know that that's what's pretty it was funny but I gave her like to it I'm not lying so if you respond to my common anytime soon I will love that stay awesome Stacey we and so and don't forget to be sweet to you too bye-bye Bye bye I said bye-bye why are you my come and stop working never mind Who are your friends And stay strong and don't forget stay hydrated
Bipasha Raha
Bipasha Raha Dag sedan
I love animals 🐶🦊🐱🐻🦁🐮🐭🐼🐷🐹🐨🐰🐯🐸🙊🙉🙈🐵🐔🐥🐧🦆🐦🦅🐤🦉🐣🦇🐺🐛🐗🦋🐴🐌🦄🐞🐝🐜🦟🐢🐙🦗🐍🦑🕷🦎🦐🕸🦖🦞🦂🦕🦀🐡🐋🦓🐠🦈🦍🐟🐊🦧🐬🐅🐘🐳🐆🦛🦓🦏🦍🐪🦧🐘🦛🦒🦒🐂🐃🐏🦙🐎🐎🦙🐑🐑🐖🐐🐂🐑🐖🦒🐖🐄🐩🐈🦙🐕‍🦺🦢🐐🦮🐕🦜🦢🦢🐐🐕🦩🦝🐇🦥🐿🦨🦦🐿🐀🦥🦝🦝🦜
Jarred Gayod
Jarred Gayod Dag sedan
Pewdiepie: army of pig and a wolf Jaiden: army of goldfish and scruffy James: army of cats and hamsters and a floof
Shorty_ 1108
Shorty_ 1108 Dag sedan
Me: *plays a game where you can adopt a bunch of pets like IOO with rats dogs cats parrots crows other stuff on roblox called adopt me* Also me: *realises jaiden wants a bunch of pets* Me: “Play Adopt Me on Roblox for like 10,000 pets-“
seiko gacha
seiko gacha 11 timmar sedan
nah, play adopt me 2 get scammed
Ghost Kid
Ghost Kid Dag sedan
My library tried to get rid of the maximum ride series so I like used my club powers to have them be kept- perks of being a teachers pet 😎
Switzer Dag sedan
3:06 hey I mean like , I've never even received such a big prize from a random special day ( such as my birthday and other stuff ) so your super lucky for me lol
Jaelyn Rae
Jaelyn Rae Dag sedan
Same girl.same
Jamie psf
Jamie psf Dag sedan
I have sugar glider but two one it bites and tand the bean
Malpal 93
Malpal 93 Dag sedan
I love how Jaiden's dad threw the dog at Jaiden's face Hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣 I actually had a pet ferret and his name was Bandent because he had a mask spot around his eyes it was so cute. I miss that little guy he sadly passed away but they are very fun pets to have but like you said in your video, do your research first!!! They aren't the super easiest pets to take care of so yeah DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST before getting one! I did and I am so glad I did otherwise I wouldn't have given him what he needed. He was a very happy little guy and passed away at a good age so I think I did good but I was super heart broken when he was gone.
Narottam Cecil
Narottam Cecil Dag sedan
@Jaiden Animations: I relate to you, but I’m even more obssesive with exotic &/or anthropomorphic animals, that I even wanted to be one. Which is why I have a surreal hybrid creature as my profile picture. Which is why I’m going to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom this Friday.
STARPIG !!! Dag sedan
Plot twist: Her mom actually thought that she wanted a computer mouse.
ChickenAndLettice Dag sedan
I've been asking for a ferret for years
Tom Creton
Tom Creton Dag sedan
I really want a bearded dragon and I’ve done a year of reaserch on them but my mum still won’t get me one
Arfan Mikail
Arfan Mikail Dag sedan
Hey jaiden do you like crab?
Donna Dag sedan
When I was in 5-6 grade, I was obsessed with snakes like ball pythons... and I’m still with that obsession because I’m still in 6 grade... but my parents hate them and they say it’s bad luck! Now I’m at that moment with all animals and Australia... yeah...
Danilo Gallegos
Danilo Gallegos Dag sedan
7:16 This part should be in Jaiden out of context.
Eugenio Cantu
Eugenio Cantu 2 dagar sedan
I have a dog
Summer Prete
Summer Prete 2 dagar sedan
Me sitting in my room with a teacup chiwawa, 2 doves , a dwarf hamster, and girble. WITH a pond, a cat, and dog outside
Christopher Garcia
Christopher Garcia 2 dagar sedan
7:20 she made a reference of Camp Opperetta the Light Bulb bottle from Japan and Raoole the mouse
TheGamingIndustry 2 dagar sedan
The maximum ride books are very epic gamer books.
lel gecko playz
lel gecko playz 2 dagar sedan
I have a huge leopard gecko he's three years old. Put a like and comment your dream pet
Woofy Z
Woofy Z 2 dagar sedan
Mintle Leaf
Mintle Leaf 2 dagar sedan
Hah! I got obsessed about birds when I was 9! C:< (I also did the intense bird thing.) Now, I have my bird. Kazuki. My cockatiel. C:
the Dilpikle
the Dilpikle 2 dagar sedan
Me surching how much a yellow amazon perot cost and was about 2000 to 3000$ my face was like what the ****
Jongmin Shim
Jongmin Shim 2 dagar sedan
I did the same thing but for a dog I made a lot of slideshows and asked my parents for 4 years and they finally said yes
happyasscatto. 2 dagar sedan
Did she only have one rat..?
Da dudes
Da dudes 2 dagar sedan
Angelynna Albritton
Angelynna Albritton 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden's first words "I want this."
King Titan
King Titan 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden if u never seen a cat come to my house
Pig Vasill
Pig Vasill 2 dagar sedan
I have a friend who’s named paten who lives in Canada coincidence? I think not
dror raz
dror raz 2 dagar sedan
Hey can you visit me I have a dog (nessi) and chickens and also a chinchilla look it up I am not Wikipedia (pls come I am lonely) also I’m 13 did I mention I’m 13 13 13 13
Ludo Bagmin
Ludo Bagmin 2 dagar sedan
What ever happened to cats!!!
Alexander 2020
Alexander 2020 2 dagar sedan
my brother fish ate my fish
Hero Plays games
Hero Plays games 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden come to my house I have a lot of pet lol
Liam Johns
Liam Johns 2 dagar sedan
Me as a ten year old:CAN WE GET A GREEN CHECK CONURE!!!
Mark Schloemer
Mark Schloemer 2 dagar sedan
my mom is paityn
DanDaMan 2 dagar sedan
I have a pet dove but she gets really scared easy it has something to due with her old owers but i trying to get her to trust me slowly and its working a bit only problem is she hates being in her cage and she always wants to fly outside so most of the time shes just flying around around the property and when shes not shes just settled down on a perch i set up like 2 feet away from the this patio chair i sit in all the time just staring at me. And then in the afternoon she just follows me inside and goes into her cage. She still gets scared when i get too close to her but shes always following me around so thats an improvement. Also i know she would get used to my presence better if she stayed in her cage and she just got used to my presence over time but she hates it in the cage and its not because of the size ive tried multipe cages and even in the aviary she hates it and i dont want her to feel uncomfortable so ill just do what makes her feel best.
Ruolin Cheung :D
Ruolin Cheung :D 2 dagar sedan
Dog=happy Cat=happy Parrot=happy Tiger=oh no/nervous
Wirewolfgaming 2 dagar sedan
My mom has a similar rule with the bird thing but I can get it more recently (Especially now that I have a job, yay me my second day is tomorrow ;-;) So I told my mom that I want a bird, but there were two stipulations A. We get out of my great grandmothers home before I even consider getting a bird And B. I pay for everything myself, bird, food, cage, etc, I get it all myself without anyone's help, unless if it's like 1$
Imposter 2 dagar sedan
How dare u >:(
Diamond Henry
Diamond Henry 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: was he worth the wait? No, he's a dumb bird. Ari: *gets personally offended* Jaiden: you're good, you're a good bird
janie hittson
janie hittson 2 dagar sedan
That happened to me. Now I have my beautiful stella. She's a red healer mixed with a weiney dog.
• A x e l K i n e •
• A x e l K i n e • 2 dagar sedan
Logandree Gounden
Logandree Gounden 2 dagar sedan
Really appreciate it and if you have have any questions or need or any any other questions please questions and I please give them a heads to the same problem as soon soon as you are able so I can imagine it being weird for and to not be able be able to help with you on a
ѕυѕнιхarι 2 dagar sedan
Why am I binge watching Jaiden while drawing on my new drawing tablet
-Crystal Cookies-
-Crystal Cookies- 2 dagar sedan
Don’t worry If you ever come to mah house you can always play with our bunny and puppy for at least 7 hours :3
74_ emu
74_ emu 2 dagar sedan
I had so much pets that my backyard has turned into a grave yard
Pastel potato
Pastel potato 2 dagar sedan
Girl: dad can I get a T. rex Dad: that is impossible Girl: then I want a boyfriend Dad: how much is the t rex
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