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back in my day,,,

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Judith Nadelson
Judith Nadelson 22 minuter sedan
Boy: can you hold something for me ? Jaiden: uhh sure what is it? Boy:my hand.;) Romantic background music starts playing
fatass cat
fatass cat Timme sedan
btw i watch your videos
kylie brumley
kylie brumley 2 timmar sedan
who else noticed that Mabel was Mabel from gravity falls 4:32 time
MaxChaiotic The One Inch Punch
MaxChaiotic The One Inch Punch 2 timmar sedan
What the fu- Fuck perfectly cut screams. Give me perfectly cut cussing Edit: I thought he was going
Chris Sanchez
Chris Sanchez 3 timmar sedan
Jaiden are you the impostor 0:48
sweat god
sweat god 3 timmar sedan
Are you sure about that
Ellie Paul
Ellie Paul 3 timmar sedan
The 13 year old kid omg 😂
Hero & Pikachu
Hero & Pikachu 5 timmar sedan
Jaiden, you should know better. It’s *pardon* the f-
Leah Kim
Leah Kim 5 timmar sedan
legend says,Mabel never came.
Yankees Productions
Yankees Productions 6 timmar sedan
Everyone in nearby of that kid S I M P
Timothy O'Brien
Timothy O'Brien 7 timmar sedan
Maybe he was doing a dare
Kraken 9 timmar sedan
where is dipper?
alecboi777 10 timmar sedan
my hand
Hazel Lecia
Hazel Lecia 12 timmar sedan
"Will you hold something for me?" "Sure what is it?" "My hand." Jaiden's mind : WHAT THE FU-
Switzer 14 timmar sedan
4:25 it wouldn't make sense when this "Mabel" don't even have a bicycle
EDGEWASTAKEN 17 timmar sedan
Jaiden:I was a child once. Me: no way how could that be. *sarcasm intensifies*
Kaitlyn Vanderzwan
Kaitlyn Vanderzwan 17 timmar sedan
I have this childhood memory when I was like 7 me and my cousin brooke would meet up at parties and sneak into the guests room and eat chocolate together lmao we were dumb I kissed her once-JRRIJSJC SWEET HOME ALABAMAAA yes we are both *female*
Abinash Lama
Abinash Lama 18 timmar sedan
Seth Simpson
Seth Simpson 18 timmar sedan
Is Tim back from what seen your video of your first Pokemon is like and I was inspired to do my first Pokemon let's lock sadly I do not I'm not allowed to post videos on my own SVfrom so I cannot show you the footage of but I spent like so long and the only things were a kombi which was a female for thinking as I got that one and my starter torchwick and yes I did make call her teriyaki I was inspired by your video to do my first Pokemon nuzlocke just like how you did it I did not get can't be actually I think I didn't get it I think I got it on randomizer actually and that's how I got to call me the email and I have all dip I hope you see this comment and it's pretty long so I don't know if you can read it cos I'm doing it on microphone and like that is not the best thing to do on and tell me a face by your name wrong so by Jaden
bananacat351 ajpw
bananacat351 ajpw 18 timmar sedan
LMAO that kid tho
Apple Pi
Apple Pi 19 timmar sedan
So uuh I dared my friend to do it... sorry
jade marshall dela cruz
jade marshall dela cruz 20 timmar sedan
What da fuc*
SugarSweet UwU
SugarSweet UwU 21 timme sedan
Who has been around Jaden’s channel for years and has watch every single one of her videos more than 10 times. Cause I know I have ;-;
Ni NNB 23 timmar sedan
Levi gacha Lion
Levi gacha Lion 23 timmar sedan
XD Mabel from gravity falls
McKinley Rudbeck
McKinley Rudbeck Dag sedan
Someone on YouTube
Someone on YouTube Dag sedan
James Cruz
James Cruz Dag sedan
Did you find out who’s mabel
O cara que é obcecado em Undertale/Deltarune
O cara que é obcecado em Undertale/Deltarune Dag sedan
That 13yo was Smoother than my smoothie
Dawn Paton
Dawn Paton Dag sedan
Not ur falte
Nathan m
Nathan m Dag sedan
Did you really put gastly sound in this video?
GamingWithNova Dag sedan
SMORES Dag sedan
I sometimes do this in home school something my teacher wanna see my face I just put a shirt on then yeah
Art with a pinch of randomness
Art with a pinch of randomness Dag sedan
That kid: *watches this video* Also him: *HOLY CARP THAT WAS JAIDEN*
Renee Amsterdam
Renee Amsterdam Dag sedan
Ok, I had a purple and pink toy monkey and it's eye fell out. Being a 6 year old, naturally, I freaked out. And made a rampage around the house. I got grounded. I didn't know what that meant so I went outside of my room and watched news on the TV ( idk why). I had to go back to my room and only had to stay for another hour.
TheMelloBros :P
TheMelloBros :P Dag sedan
When you showed Mable from gravity falls I died.
Devin Thomas
Devin Thomas Dag sedan
Jaiden show ur face pls
What the fa-
Tristynistheman Dag sedan
I was a child once... *AlRIghT iNtO thE sTorIeS*
NinjaLennon 333
NinjaLennon 333 Dag sedan
I think i have that raccoon hat
Reyna Kondaveeti
Reyna Kondaveeti Dag sedan
The boy: **watching this video** The boy again: OMG SHE'S FAMOUS AND REMEMBERS MEHHHHH
Heyitz_Delaney 3
Heyitz_Delaney 3 Dag sedan
Jaiden: “When I was younger I got grounded because I played outside in my pjamas.” Me:”When I was younger I got grounded because I wrote a “fuck” on the side of a high school that my dad works at. And I thought it was funny.” *spoiler alert: it was not*
Bacon Fellow
Bacon Fellow Dag sedan
Thwoc Dag sedan
Mable gravity falls 🙌🙌🙌
Chainx Dag sedan
I was a child once Lmao that got me laughing so hard
Lazer cat animations
Lazer cat animations Dag sedan
When I saw the swing set that remindes me of fault in our stars Wich is a book you sg Should read and talk about in bud
Tan Shyan
Tan Shyan Dag sedan
Ur gonna get a visit from Grunkle Stan and Ford
DEAD HEAD Dag sedan
Mable is probably the duck
Shikhar Srivastava 9b 9231
Shikhar Srivastava 9b 9231 Dag sedan
It's true😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣2:08
XxFellowBreadQueenxX Dag sedan
My mom lets me eat as much as I want-- **cough** **cough** *Probably because I am under the weight of most people my age*
JoMama Dag sedan
4:33 I watched Gravity Falls and now I get it 🤣
Krishna Saptadipayana Bangun
Krishna Saptadipayana Bangun Dag sedan
When someone calls me in the distants but she dosen't know my name 3:13 (BTW my real name is Krishna)
Investacity Dag sedan
Hi Jaden. I fucken Iove Your videos
Dave Rovin Gono
Dave Rovin Gono Dag sedan
I fed the ducks Doritos and i fell in the lake after 😔😂😭
Sade Julien
Sade Julien Dag sedan
Cyber Wind
Cyber Wind Dag sedan
Just a bunch of lol when that lady stumbles upon jaiden animations
A youtuber That kinda stinks
A youtuber That kinda stinks Dag sedan
M Y. H A N D
・Soft Official ・
・Soft Official ・ Dag sedan
Plot twist : *mabel is you’re real name and you’re parents kidnapped you* Okay, maybe too far-
Ethan King
Ethan King 2 dagar sedan
Congratulations, jaiden! The part in your video with the ice skater boy currently has 237 fan arts where inappropriate things are happening, you being the cause!
Soda Fizz Art
Soda Fizz Art Dag sedan
*We are all doomed*
Ethan King
Ethan King 2 dagar sedan
*I hate humanity*
c0c0nutz *S A N S*
c0c0nutz *S A N S* 2 dagar sedan
“i was a child once” *video ends*
Dan Huynh
Dan Huynh 2 dagar sedan
Hey gravity falls
ISo Legendary
ISo Legendary 2 dagar sedan
plot twist: Mabel was one of the ducks
Dan Huynh
Dan Huynh 2 dagar sedan
Holy frick some kid my age asked Jayden out ?!?!!
Marie-Alyse Gonzalez
Marie-Alyse Gonzalez 2 dagar sedan
Moo bi
Moo bi 2 dagar sedan
Is it me or.... is being to nice hard for me OnO
ToastyVolcano20 2 dagar sedan
" I was a child one" Lets talk about that
Sarah Newman
Sarah Newman 2 dagar sedan
Kidd: hey Jaiden: um what Kidd: you mind if you hold something for me Jaiden: sure what is it Kidd: my hand Jaiden:(jaiden’s mind that freak) *Ten years later* Kidd: i liked her
Sammi Williams
Sammi Williams 2 dagar sedan
Listening to the careless whisper part is giving me flashbacks to last band season.... Saxophone players are annoying. But funny.
VD 2 dagar sedan
Wow,that was smooth
Sarah Newman
Sarah Newman 2 dagar sedan
Show us your face
Sarah Newman
Sarah Newman 2 dagar sedan
Hello guys if you guys think that see will show us her face i you do then do this 🖕🏻
AWSOME GIRL 2 dagar sedan
Boy: can you hold something for me Jaiden: uh ok what is it Boy: my hand ( romantic music plays in the background ) Me: (laughing till my head falls off)
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia 2 dagar sedan
0:10 Is that H3H3
Ej Plourde
Ej Plourde 2 dagar sedan
NO. Cracked corn that is so much healthier for them.
Don’t sub シ
Don’t sub シ 2 dagar sedan
That babysitting is such a rat
Shakuhaki matsumi
Shakuhaki matsumi 2 dagar sedan
X Dusty X
X Dusty X 2 dagar sedan
is it only me that started laughing before she could even say the pick up line
Sloanymaloney 2 dagar sedan
Anyone gonna take into account that she said ONE of the smoothest things she heard a 13 year old boy say, what other smooth things have you heard a 13 year old say jaiden, HMMMMMMM
RamboGuy -_-
RamboGuy -_- 2 dagar sedan
Just realised that she drew mable from gravity falls
Shubham Yadav
Shubham Yadav 2 dagar sedan
I literally got shocked 5:49
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 2 dagar sedan
4:33 Look like *I* win this time. Ahhahahahaah.
Franz Addison Ita-as
Franz Addison Ita-as 2 dagar sedan
my babysitter was 50+ years old....
Dignos Oh
Dignos Oh 2 dagar sedan
I fallen on my butt most of the time
MiniTechnicBuilds 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: I've been grounded once in my life! Me: *Laughs in never been grounded*
A Looper
A Looper 2 dagar sedan
I love how her hat changed after she mentioned it was a raccoon hat lol
Nelofar Mirzada
Nelofar Mirzada 2 dagar sedan
Dipole is coming no save mable
Laura Graham
Laura Graham 2 dagar sedan
I used to be a skater. Like as a sport. I still really like going to open skates ☺️❤️😁⛸⛸
Ellerie Hollines
Ellerie Hollines 2 dagar sedan
I was also a good kid but I'm 8 and I was like 3 sooo
Boba is the best OwO
Boba is the best OwO 2 dagar sedan
When I was little I never like NEVER had a tantrum
Emanuel Cardenas
Emanuel Cardenas 2 dagar sedan
how jaiden uses mabel from gravity falls
Mark_ 2 dagar sedan
u shoulve said a jojo refference "I Refuse!"
Aquaz 2 dagar sedan
GoldenTouch 2 dagar sedan
Yes I know ducks shouldn’t have bread....So give them candy bars
Andrew Kostrub
Andrew Kostrub 3 dagar sedan
Birdi girl
Birdi girl 3 dagar sedan
Hold my hand sweetie lets run off away to PARIS.
default username
default username 3 dagar sedan
(not trying to be rude) maybe the person ask you to hold his because he couldn't skate well ( unless he's a very good skater)
Samuel Munoz
Samuel Munoz 3 dagar sedan
2:38 OH MY GOD
yexotic gaming
yexotic gaming 3 dagar sedan
Rip Mabel 🤣
Jensen _
Jensen _ 3 dagar sedan
" hand" That was ... Idek
TheGreatSomes 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: WHAT THE FU- Me: *accidentally finished the word*
Jason R
Jason R 3 dagar sedan
I bet that little boy did a dare
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