Living with Ari

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Jaiden Animations

3 år sedan

what a little punk rascal

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Kinda Awkward by ionics
the mii theme song by nintendo

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D ari will send you a happiness scream

Fruty Flupi
Fruty Flupi 25 sekunder sedan
I’m sorry I want you to check out the hamsters are called roborovski on the Internet please are so cute🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺☹️☹️☹️☹️
Fruty Flupi
Fruty Flupi 4 minuter sedan
I have those hamsters but not the yellow ones the brown ones with white there are so cute go check them out in Internet please for me🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Itz_David Fabon Mattox YT
Itz_David Fabon Mattox YT 15 minuter sedan
WhT is ari species
sparton117 [GD&more!]
sparton117 [GD&more!] 27 minuter sedan
I have 8 aris (2 cockatiels, and 6 parakeets) and they are both very cute, and a handful
John cool Toys
John cool Toys 31 minut sedan
Jaiden is the best
Crissy Crain
Crissy Crain 39 minuter sedan
I think your cool jeiden
Garrett Reven
Garrett Reven 44 minuter sedan
Whats the video at 1:00? I need it!
ItsKitty 51 minut sedan
Jaiden! I’m late, but keep Ari away from mirrors if he starts acting different/aggressive. Ari’s are really smart like you said but sometimes they think the bird I’m the mirror is actually a real bird. Then, they are upset they can’t mate with it and might keep you away from there reflection because they want yo protect it from everyone. Btw if anyone wants a bird go to rescues over breeders cause the rescue birds need homes. Also do your research if you get anything.... ARI IS SO FRICKEN ADORABLE
evely rodriguez
evely rodriguez 57 minuter sedan
ari is a girld ? plisssss telme i no entender nada
Lazer cat animations
Lazer cat animations 2 timmar sedan
One of my love birds got eaten by a bird predetor and there was so much blood in the cage I have a trauma now
Joshybop 2 timmar sedan
omg Ari is adorable AF
MaxChaiotic The One Inch Punch
MaxChaiotic The One Inch Punch 2 timmar sedan
IDEA FOR A JAIDEN ANIMATIONS VIDEO GAME. Ari Online: Create your own bird! Fly around with friends! Scream at Jaiden!
party time
party time 2 timmar sedan
I want a bird
A child
A child 3 timmar sedan
I have to live with two birds.
Rob Boss
Rob Boss 4 timmar sedan
9:01 am i the only one to c a Luigi in the backround
Emery Spencer
Emery Spencer 5 timmar sedan
I want to give you the score stand before but without a virus 2020 is bad for your pet cuz your pet re re is going to be infected by the coronavirus you know that you know that I just don't want to say anything about Rd but or he's amazing he's amazing I like him he's a really good at talent and he's like screaming and I like Jimmie I like to watch High ha ha
Iaboth 4 timmar sedan
Outdoors And Travels
Outdoors And Travels 5 timmar sedan
I have the same type of parrot. The species is called green cheek. The name of mine is Zigi (like the comic character).
Jaycee Cox
Jaycee Cox 5 timmar sedan
Has he ever pooped on your head :/
acnoa 5 timmar sedan
acnoa 5 timmar sedan
I men ARI
Pedro Martinez
Pedro Martinez 5 timmar sedan
Cohen Andrus
Cohen Andrus 5 timmar sedan
Just a question what species of bird is ari
Sushi Valentina
Sushi Valentina 5 timmar sedan
9:33 I have that totoro stuffed animal Jaiden!
Jenny Gacha The Hufflepuff
Jenny Gacha The Hufflepuff 6 timmar sedan
*N O W I W A N T A N A R I C A U S E J A I D E N ' S A R I I S A B S O U T L E Y A D O R A B L E*
LongJoeSilver 6 timmar sedan
Accidentally getting stuck with an Ari can happen...that's how I got mine :D My housemate bought a Senegal and then moved to Brazil (from the UK). We figured it'd be best for him to stay with me rather than go through all the upheaval of finding him a new home. Also he has a thing about drawers as well...weird
the random dog
the random dog 6 timmar sedan
Who else rewatching her vids in covid
Mikołaj Smyrnow
Mikołaj Smyrnow 7 timmar sedan
How tf this video is disliked by anyone
Marco Romero
Marco Romero 7 timmar sedan
i have 4
V I B E Z 7 timmar sedan
I use to have 4 birds idk what kind had it at pet store I was like 5 or 7 but I rember having a blue one they where nice was not super noisy just flew or hid
Caleb Waddell
Caleb Waddell 7 timmar sedan
I have 3 pet snakes. Snakes are awesome. They're honestly probably the easiest animals there are to care for. Ya feed them one mouse every week, ya make sure they have water, and you clean out their bedding every once in a while, and you're good.
BlueStarlivesForever 8 timmar sedan
I feel like ur being scammed to get ur birds nails trimmed. In the uk we have like sand paper that wraps around the perch so it files it down for them. I have had parakeets, cockatiels and budgies.
Fuzzywheezle Doodlers
Fuzzywheezle Doodlers 8 timmar sedan
Omg my green cheeks fave colour is yellow TO
Muto400 9 timmar sedan
I like ari
Ava B
Ava B 9 timmar sedan
My dad got me a cat and my mom did not want a cat so when i got my cat storm she hate him but over time she LOVE HIM.
Dapunta Akio jayanasa
Dapunta Akio jayanasa 9 timmar sedan
Ari more like ariana grnday
*-moon sparkel-*
*-moon sparkel-* 9 timmar sedan
I used to have an parrot from hwne i was born to when i was 3. He sadly died and i miss him he was a good bird as i remeber i m just sqying this cuz he dosent like when i fild up his water and when he was hungry he scream s-o he sounds like ari s-o i thoung it Will be fine comenting thsi
FarmingFreak 10 timmar sedan
I Have two birds, lu and Rosemary and they are the smartest, most cutest, and the most loveble budgerigars ever. And nothing can change my mind.
Erica Dziadyk
Erica Dziadyk 11 timmar sedan
Stop admiring honestly it’s not called Are animations it’s called Jaden animations
Thomas Armstrong
Thomas Armstrong 11 timmar sedan
sari is cute but yeah these vids r made by u jayden so why’s he’s getting all the attention
Sari bot
Sari bot 11 timmar sedan
6:04 Hate Me
Alleria Tacuyan
Alleria Tacuyan 11 timmar sedan
aww jaiden and ari moments OwO so cute moments
lila benford
lila benford 11 timmar sedan
Ari is a brilliant green check conure!!!
neko Animations
neko Animations 11 timmar sedan
I like jaiden and ari the most
lila benford
lila benford 11 timmar sedan
4:05 mirrors are actually really bad for birds as they can get territorial or try to mate with themselves!
lila benford
lila benford 11 timmar sedan
3:22 his cage looks great!!! Just one problem which you have probably changed by now, I think you should change his water dish to a metal one as plastic can collect bacteria a lot quicker than metal, which means more cleaning!
[] Purple Boi []
[] Purple Boi [] 11 timmar sedan
Random Cat Prof Pic Guys: Me no baka chuuu~~~ me: O_O
lila benford
lila benford 12 timmar sedan
*B I R B* I have been wanting one since I was 7 lol I’m too obsessed! And YES they are ABSOLUTELY adorable but they are spoiled, cute, adorable brats!!!
Ricky L
Ricky L 12 timmar sedan
Ari so cute :3
Weslio_Bro 9274
Weslio_Bro 9274 13 timmar sedan
Jaiden pet is a boy but he's name is girl name(me look the subtitles) Me: *wait That is illegal* I really don't know what all boys name
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 12 timmar sedan
His name is a gender neutral name
Jack's World
Jack's World 13 timmar sedan
I wish there could be a pet Ari in among us
Jack's World
Jack's World 13 timmar sedan
Red: mou cindoo Blue: nioi Red: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (firers gun)
Eunice The Blob
Eunice The Blob 13 timmar sedan
Do ari take baths?
Ganga Lepcha
Ganga Lepcha 14 timmar sedan
Face reavel
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 12 timmar sedan
Look her up
•Ukíirø •
•Ukíirø • 15 timmar sedan
1 Like for 1 honnor for Jaiden Animations
Daniel Lingme
Daniel Lingme 16 timmar sedan
I hate Ari
hania jawad jawad
hania jawad jawad 16 timmar sedan
Is ari a girl or boy?
hania jawad jawad
hania jawad jawad 8 timmar sedan
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 12 timmar sedan
Ari’s a boy, have you not watched her newest video
Faze Crystal
Faze Crystal 16 timmar sedan
I have a parrot and he is not the same
David Shaw
David Shaw 16 timmar sedan
I have a ari aswell
Sam Bradley
Sam Bradley 16 timmar sedan
Comment for algorithm
Dragon Snake 06
Dragon Snake 06 17 timmar sedan
Make it listen to Godzilla's theme (Bear Mcreary version) and you'll have a dragon You can thank me later I tried this with my grandas bird and she transformed into Rodan (the monsterverse version) and now she won't stop screami- sorry "roaring" and she ate all of my cookies...should i try it with my cat?
Luiz Marco Avila
Luiz Marco Avila 18 timmar sedan
You need to learn ari
Luiz Marco Avila
Luiz Marco Avila 18 timmar sedan
Jaiden is stress at ari
Luiz Marco Avila
Luiz Marco Avila 18 timmar sedan
Ari is stupid
Pizza pocket Playz
Pizza pocket Playz 19 timmar sedan
I have a pitbull puppy her name is Lily mae.
Ian Guthrie
Ian Guthrie 19 timmar sedan
Poor ari
Fernando Linares
Fernando Linares 19 timmar sedan
Jaiden: I’ll make a question who do you prefer ari or me? Subs:*ARI* Jaiden:uhhh that hurts
lota akudinobi
lota akudinobi 19 timmar sedan
hey jaiden do you know what type of bird ari is? i mean obviously you should so what bird type is it
Merlie dagalea
Merlie dagalea 20 timmar sedan
Ari is cool
anguis 20 timmar sedan
I have a cockatiel !! theyre very loud and weird.
Lollipop Lulbit
Lollipop Lulbit 20 timmar sedan
My friend has 2 parrots and one like to dance and the other on likes to sing
sUPa No0B
sUPa No0B 20 timmar sedan
2:57 is that James from the odd1sout?
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 11 timmar sedan
Of course it is
Toph Beifong
Toph Beifong 21 timme sedan
Ari should have their own SVfrom channel
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 11 timmar sedan
I fail to see how that would work out
M Gaming
M Gaming 21 timme sedan
I saw you on me beast video and you look so ugly
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 11 timmar sedan
No she doesn’t
Get Ink
Get Ink 22 timmar sedan
Give ari all the c h i p s
Snail 22 timmar sedan
8:34 Handful of bird.
Laura Ford-Mukkamala
Laura Ford-Mukkamala 22 timmar sedan
tapple 23 timmar sedan
bEaNY 23 timmar sedan
rEmiNds mE oF my dEaD biRd :
ctpenguin11 Plays
ctpenguin11 Plays 23 timmar sedan
*gets a bird* 2 seconds later I fall in love
Harrison O'Neal
Harrison O'Neal Dag sedan
You should do a video with just Ari clips
Vanessa Schultz
Vanessa Schultz Dag sedan
NO I LIKE YOU BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
deadly donut 6
deadly donut 6 Dag sedan
Damn. 1:40
Hosabelised Oop I spelled it wrong :p
Hosabelised Oop I spelled it wrong :p Dag sedan
I have a Guinea pig
mae grace
mae grace Dag sedan
I have 2 guinea pigs and a dog but I want a bird too 😭😭😭😭 but my mom says no idek why
Gacha Kittie
Gacha Kittie Dag sedan
Is nobody going to point out all the songs that Jaden played are absolutely amazing hits
Gollapalli Satvik
Gollapalli Satvik Dag sedan
the is always 5.9k ppl that dislike bet they always dislike each vid
Elijah Morrissey
Elijah Morrissey Dag sedan
You should name it ari animations for their birthday
Meep Tastic!
Meep Tastic! Dag sedan
You should do more stuff about Ari!
Paula Hawkins
Paula Hawkins Dag sedan
My dads a perfectionist bird owner we own alot of birds
Gamer Tee Vee
Gamer Tee Vee Dag sedan
Gamer Tee Vee
Gamer Tee Vee 6 timmar sedan
@Mr. Ashtastic yeah
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 11 timmar sedan
Half of it
Griffin Dunaway
Griffin Dunaway Dag sedan
hey douchebags why you all such bitches if i had known about it i would choose non because they are a team not some fucking cmpetition
Wynnie Dag sedan
Spoopy GAMEOVER Dag sedan
Happy three years old day!
Heather Foley
Heather Foley Dag sedan
Happy birthday "Living with Ari" video because Jaiden officially posted this video 3 years ago today!!!!!
Golden Sunset
Golden Sunset Dag sedan
They like to be competitive with noises
Golden Sunset
Golden Sunset Dag sedan
There social birds that's why he screams when you don't give him attention
The broshow Hensley
The broshow Hensley Dag sedan
Hi gentlemen
Marton Hamar
Marton Hamar Dag sedan
Happy 3 year anniversary, video!
Num1MarioFan Dag sedan
Red ari is called a Galla a bird that lives in Australia but I call them Wally birds
Flame Da name
Flame Da name Dag sedan
Ari more like stARI
Freddy's gang Freddy's adventure
Freddy's gang Freddy's adventure Dag sedan
My mom:awwwwww Me:he flings strawberries You: It's true
Happy Birthday Ari!
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