Injuries & Being Sick

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Jaiden Animations

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also how to unplug your nose when you're sick:
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I'll get you tissues when you're sick. (will arrive in 3-2500 business days)

Lori Parrish
Lori Parrish Timme sedan
my mom has a flap on her chin where she hit it running
Spadafora Carly
Spadafora Carly Timme sedan
i dislocated my finger yesterday
Olixia 2 timmar sedan
Nobody: Me: *looking for homophobics on the list on bad things*
𝕒 𝕒 𝕣 𝕟 𝕒
𝕒 𝕒 𝕣 𝕟 𝕒 3 timmar sedan
Me watching this during COVID: 👁👄👁
Mary 5 timmar sedan
My brother had 3 stiches in his chin!!! He hit his chin in the wooden drawer. He had a bloody hole in his chin.
Mary 5 timmar sedan
I hope she dosen't have covid.
Jake Bates
Jake Bates 6 timmar sedan
sickness Jaiden you have no idea
Emmett Heflin
Emmett Heflin 6 timmar sedan
This video always wants to make me cool
John Lennon
John Lennon 7 timmar sedan
0:47 that’s my exactly my mom when am sick and it’s a school day
Sidney vlogs
Sidney vlogs 7 timmar sedan
I have a virus
Diamond E
Diamond E 7 timmar sedan
That happened because hitting your chin in the road in heelys is veary common
Diamond E
Diamond E 7 timmar sedan
Maybe 2
Nikki Kwok
Nikki Kwok 8 timmar sedan
I had a migraine in 4th grade Thanks for describing the migraine. Very helpful
Tamara Skerratt Hammond
Tamara Skerratt Hammond 10 timmar sedan
Migranes 9 times a month . real pain
Kit Murphy
Kit Murphy 10 timmar sedan
I barley get sick dunno why I`ve only been sick once and like once every few years or so.
Barfield Boys
Barfield Boys 12 timmar sedan
As a kid I through up a ton
Porshia :}
Porshia :} 14 timmar sedan
Me in actuall class if i sick: •U• Me sick in online class:oH nO nO nO nO nO
Noobified 17 timmar sedan
I was sick a couple hundred time in 1st to 6th grade and how much i didnt go to school you ask? 1 im serious only once, i was sick soo much that its super normal for me
•phoebe_san_yt• 18 timmar sedan
I remember everytime i got sick mah classmates will get worried then when im at school they will fullspeed to me jump at me and we will just fall down 😂😂
Sandra Shaji
Sandra Shaji 19 timmar sedan
I also broke my head and broke my head I loved drawings so I draw them when I was young I erased in colour papers which was at top of a shelf which I couldn't reach my sister helped me all the time but my sister was not there so I jumbed on to bed and I tried to climb it I fell and my head hit in the table fan and a buncho of ok stivk which my grafathers houses to kill snakes fell on top of me the only think I remeber after that wasi was bleeding I woke and my father was ho!ding me I sept again and I see the hospital and now no hiar grow in the place where my head hit
Megan Pinnington
Megan Pinnington 17 timmar sedan
Kill snakes? I love snakes! I have a hognose snake 🐍
Sandra Shaji
Sandra Shaji 19 timmar sedan
Yeah I broke my leg 4 types and the second last time I got fraterd because bong broke I was going to the bathroom when my father came in so my mother called me right at the time when I opened the door at the bathroom I suddenly went to open the gate and I jumped from atwo block stair and !
Sandra Shaji
Sandra Shaji 19 timmar sedan
I never had amigrane
Sandra Shaji
Sandra Shaji 19 timmar sedan
Only two!! You won't belive but my immunities power which keep me resistant from deseass are .low! Very!! Very!!! Very!! Low so every year till twent twenty one I was gifted with a fever or asma every year that's right every year and when there is no chance of comming deseass I broke my leg 4times with accedent
I love Animals
I love Animals 20 timmar sedan
You think two days is bad? WELL I EAS SICK FOR A WEEK ONCE
Robbie Walters
Robbie Walters 21 timme sedan
Racism shouldn't be on the list of the worst things ever. It's very much afirst world problem Edit: btw apparently you can die in some countries because your race so maybe it is one of the worst things sometimes
Blake Blair
Blake Blair 21 timme sedan
I've never had heelies but I do remember me skating and I ran into my cousin and I hit my head on the concrete and nocked the CRAP out of my sight and everything went blurry and I heard a high pitched noise and heard muffled voices and I closed my eyes and wanted someone to end my suffering I woke up and found,myself in the hospital and I asked my dad what happened and he told my the story and I got staples in my head :> good times
Yolo Animations
Yolo Animations 21 timme sedan
I got stitches on my chin
Invitedloki 22 timmar sedan
I HAD WORST THAN YOU I BROKE MY FOOT AND I HAD 2 Mine grains and I got sssssssssssooooooooooo sick I had to stay home for a week
kadag 22 timmar sedan
5:13 i have one of thouse to xdddd like when i have 7 i think
Dr Sus
Dr Sus 22 timmar sedan
My worst injurie was my knee being cut open by a rock I had to get seven stitches
Alexander 2020
Alexander 2020 Dag sedan
Me stiches in my head because my Brian was showing
Alexander 2020
Alexander 2020 Dag sedan
Me in glasses why hellp me stop thinking that plz
Marcos Saldana
Marcos Saldana Dag sedan
hi my name is Paloma IHOP hat amazing green 19 world multiple times like 500 times I don’t know bye
Floofy Dinoz
Floofy Dinoz Dag sedan
I haven’t gotten sick since I was 7
Nikodem Ropela
Nikodem Ropela Dag sedan
Pink Eye Was Scary COVID-19:am i joke to you?
Cruz Coronado
Cruz Coronado Dag sedan
Senko San
Senko San Dag sedan
I had the flu before and I was coughing a lot ,cold,and cannot breathe
Colton Sylvia
Colton Sylvia Dag sedan
i like the various references across all of these videos
Reece Playes
Reece Playes Dag sedan
When you were at six grade with the eye problem just rub your eyes it will be gone
AzaperBlaze PH
AzaperBlaze PH Dag sedan
I'm like that like sometimes that i m not washing hands you now
Raven Lord
Raven Lord Dag sedan
Wait your sick but you sound fine
christine may
christine may Dag sedan
when do i exhale
Not Seawhite
Not Seawhite Dag sedan
Everyone: Corona Me: Cheese grater if you wanna know what i mean, trust me. you shouldn't.
Nazifa Firoz
Nazifa Firoz Dag sedan
In 3021 jaiden will be in all history text books
Moon_ Madness
Moon_ Madness Dag sedan
I am the exact opposite. My immune system is shot and I have hurt myself way too much. I have chronic knee problems and I will die if I catch the rona.
Ryo Akihiko
Ryo Akihiko Dag sedan
This aged well.
UndertaleNewbie Dag sedan
*My friend got migraines from eating sausages*
Belle Dag sedan
5:28 I know that people help Jaiden with some animation But it's weird to see
Belle 2 dagar sedan
0:50 Different animator??
Bomster Man
Bomster Man 2 dagar sedan
O have a scar on the chin to
No human allowed
No human allowed 2 dagar sedan
Wow I got the same thing like jaiden ( my chin )
Woomy master
Woomy master 2 dagar sedan
So I feel asleep watching jaiden vids cause I got a headache and my dreams just keep changing to the plots of random jaiden vids it was wierd
bhilscher 2 dagar sedan
bhilscher 2 dagar sedan
Show us your face
ruby1one2000 2 dagar sedan
Keep up on her videos
ruby1one2000 2 dagar sedan
She did
Astro Boy fan
Astro Boy fan 2 dagar sedan
I’m sick 😷
Vanessa Laina
Vanessa Laina 2 dagar sedan
John Thorpe
John Thorpe 2 dagar sedan
I didn't get an injurie but one time I almost hit a car but I was going to fast and flung my self and slide on concret was cared home by my brother
Libby A
Libby A 2 dagar sedan
I have I scar on my chin lol
Nova The Rose
Nova The Rose 2 dagar sedan
Me watching this while sick : ah yes, relatable.
creeper 2 dagar sedan
ive gotten stiches on my finger.
DJ Gaming
DJ Gaming 2 dagar sedan
Same I have a headache
Zariah foxx
Zariah foxx 2 dagar sedan
Look and Listen
Look and Listen 2 dagar sedan
i started a chanal like yours
Julianne Stallings
Julianne Stallings 2 dagar sedan
you don't sound THAT sick
Dustin Coffman
Dustin Coffman 2 dagar sedan
Whenever I look a direction just blogs up everythingEvery single day
Yashiro Nene
Yashiro Nene 2 dagar sedan
How much chin pics
Samala Shireesh
Samala Shireesh 2 dagar sedan
In 2020 SOMEONE:Can I have that ME: I have CORNONA☢️☢️
StrangerDanger Gaming
StrangerDanger Gaming 2 dagar sedan
1:00 thats me now xD
Cheska Pidot
Cheska Pidot 2 dagar sedan
when i was 6 i got a cold and my babysitter that looked after me said you can't go to school today and i said i want to go to scool! and my babysitter said ok
ranger_ danger
ranger_ danger 2 dagar sedan
When i was a kid i would stick a lollipop in the ground
MaxPavisGamer 2 dagar sedan
I was playing a normal day, sliding down the slippery tiles, and I tripped, the same thing happened to me, now I have a mini mouth in the same place
Ali Tlais
Ali Tlais 2 dagar sedan
Blake Blair
Blake Blair 2 dagar sedan
I'm amazed how the flu guy doesn't even seem fazed while everyone else is acknowledging it some ppl are fighters-
Simple Misdirection
Simple Misdirection 2 dagar sedan
3:08 God dammit please don't do that filter or what not again you scared the crap out of me thinking I was getting a migrain.
munky mechure
munky mechure 3 dagar sedan
and i love ari sp much he's just so cute
munky mechure
munky mechure 3 dagar sedan
can i met you and ari where do you live?
Penguin History
Penguin History 3 dagar sedan
wait that's Migraines?
L G 3 dagar sedan
I had a virus a few weeks ago
Barakon 3 dagar sedan
Lol now think of but with le 2020 virus.
jjjaka 3 dagar sedan
Honestly whenever im sick or have a headache i just ignore it. Never skipped a day in school because of a sickness
Eric Yang
Eric Yang 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden while sick: almost normal Emirichu when sick: Cheery 12 year old to midlife crisis aunt
Adrian Escandon
Adrian Escandon 3 dagar sedan
One time I hit my head on the corner on my table and my head had a little cut on it but it didn't really hurt
Orlando Garista Gordiano
Orlando Garista Gordiano 3 dagar sedan
I can't tell she was sick
Rūta Sal
Rūta Sal 3 dagar sedan
i have a scar on my chin too ;)
Ilovevideos 3 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who thinks that her immune system is funny because it is a smaller green version of herself with circles for hands?
ARCraeDJ842 3 dagar sedan
All the kids watching this: your voice sounds the same then its ever been Kids:.....wait-
Cool Domi
Cool Domi 3 dagar sedan
2:59 wait this is a migraine and you can go home from this i have this every 3 school day
NovaGod101 3 dagar sedan
I have pink eye like twice a week but other then that i NEVER get sick
Murdermation 3 dagar sedan
im sick and im watching other people complaining about being sick
Tristan Avitia
Tristan Avitia 3 dagar sedan
Being sick is like dying but not and it feels like it too
ItsNeragg 3 dagar sedan
Samuel Aragort
Samuel Aragort 3 dagar sedan
i also got to go home early
Alexander Beaujean
Alexander Beaujean 3 dagar sedan
if got the same injurie
Nathaniel Ofei
Nathaniel Ofei 3 dagar sedan
I also have migraines and I'm still a kid and I still have the migraines can we have them in the morning
Albin Hunia
Albin Hunia 3 dagar sedan
3:28 both me and my mother have this thing where we have a heavy migraine for a day or two from time to time and it SUCKS
kakka leipä
kakka leipä 3 dagar sedan
I had one BIG ingury. My left foot has one time broke couse my brother jumped into the foot when were was on a trampoline sooooooooo..... frick
Jett Hourigan
Jett Hourigan 3 dagar sedan
Jadian: cut chin open The mom: omg we need to go to the hospital right now Jadian: tis but a flesh wound
Kylie Mosshart
Kylie Mosshart 3 dagar sedan
Guniea pig Times
Guniea pig Times 3 dagar sedan
I think one worst thing about being sick Is that when u trow up u caint drink water ir u trow up
Ally cat Vids
Ally cat Vids 3 dagar sedan
Im sick in 2021 oh heck
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