Injuries & Being Sick

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Jaiden Animations

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also how to unplug your nose when you're sick:
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I'll get you tissues when you're sick. (will arrive in 3-2500 business days)

Shozzy Pug_love
Shozzy Pug_love 20 minuter sedan
Lol I took a deep breath when she said and had a coughing rage on accident lol
DeToki 22 minuter sedan
LeeAnn Anderson
LeeAnn Anderson 28 minuter sedan
The animation tho 5:27 to5:39
Wlliam Frary
Wlliam Frary 56 minuter sedan
Girls steam I am technically a SVfromr I don't know if my SVfrom channel is like local or like at private but I do have a SVfrom channel and right now I'm sick so same same girl I'm rooting for you cuz if I couldn't get better I don't think they'll get better especially if it's in like 20 20 so yeah we're screwed girl we're screwed
pandamacyline Timme sedan
This shows how much Jaiden loves her fans! She was SICK and she still made a video for us! Thank you Jaiden! (also im using past tense cuz this is an old video)
Haibing Wang
Haibing Wang Timme sedan
I had 2 pink eyes as an 8 year old
Tina Newin
Tina Newin Timme sedan
In my opinion, I kinda like her voice when she was sick.
TippyJr1965 Timme sedan
I am watching this while sick and *INHALE* WHO NEEDS SMELLS ANYWAYS!
S1PH0N Fortnite
S1PH0N Fortnite 2 timmar sedan
In December 2019 a week before Christmas i had lost my voice and I wasn’t able to talk to my family when they would ask me a question or even talk Edit: also this one time i had cut my back and A L O T of blood came and it was the fault of my sink yeah dumb and one time i also had a purple eye
Jeff Marlow
Jeff Marlow 2 timmar sedan
2:40 social distancing
Bubbles 2 timmar sedan
Add covid to that list of worst things please
Mr,Piggy554 2 timmar sedan
is depression a sickness? (if so I have ben sick for 3 years)
Dylan Ramos
Dylan Ramos 2 timmar sedan
Animatastic 2 timmar sedan
It's almost 4... I wanna sleep but SVfrom is recommending me your videos!!!! I gonna get *sick* for sure
Marisabel Vega
Marisabel Vega 2 timmar sedan
I used to be sick I like influenza that was real bad I was coughing a lot they had to take my blood out a little what's in her by much been a really long time ago I got a cold and my grandma's childhood house my mom had to take me to a hospital they have to take my blood out again just a teeny bit of it and I'm not sick anymore what's my sister got eye then I got a pink eye
Tyler Wilson
Tyler Wilson 3 timmar sedan
Don’t break your arm my friend has broke his arm leg and foot all in 2 yeres
Alana Huber
Alana Huber 3 timmar sedan
My little sister busted her chin open and she got 7 stitches by running down the stairs and slipped on the last stair at my cousins house.
BluePatriot228 3 timmar sedan
if only she knew about covid...
Mystery rex
Mystery rex 3 timmar sedan
Okay, but guys, I'm sick right now...
Eliana Stefanutti
Eliana Stefanutti 4 timmar sedan
This is how many people have gottan sick ⬇️
dragoncatoverlord 4 timmar sedan
I got the same scar on my chin only it was from a wave pool. My brother pushed me off the inter tube in the deep end and I had to walk about to shore. This wasn’t an issue as I’ve always been a stronger swimmer. However when I was in the swallows a wave bigger than me came up and slammed me into the concrete floor. We were on vacation at the time so I didn’t end up at the hospital. They put stuck a bandage on it. Which is likely why the scar is still so prominent.
Abigail Newlander
Abigail Newlander 4 timmar sedan
Breanna Covill
Breanna Covill 4 timmar sedan
I've had to have 15 stitches janden.
FancyMan 5 timmar sedan
I had to get stitches in my chin too! Clonked myself real good, funny how common that is I guess
code tech
code tech 5 timmar sedan
@Jaiden Animations I had a similar type of thing happen to me but what happened is i fell down the stairs with plates in my hand and they smash in my chin and my dad had to take my to the hospital and I had to get stitches
Natsuki Rose
Natsuki Rose 5 timmar sedan
When I was in 1st grade I stapled my thumb, the staple went through my nail so I had to go to the nurse to get it out and when she was done she told me: “Oh your such a trooper honey.” And all I could think was: *Im a storm trooper?!?*
PandaMC 6 timmar sedan
Yeah how you are tired whem your sick and all *i feel like that almost all the time due to some sort of condition no doctor understands*
Jack Bolger
Jack Bolger 6 timmar sedan
You are lucky because when I got a migraine I just had to deal with it and you get to go home from school
Jason Pineda
Jason Pineda 7 timmar sedan
2:25 R.I.P immune system
SlipperyKetchup 28
SlipperyKetchup 28 9 timmar sedan
I didnt know doctors had heelys All of my 2 friends
Jnate 9 timmar sedan
Can someone please tell me if getting a fever, migraine, and throwing up is the flu? Because I never had the fever, cough or sneezing for a flu
WoolPlayz 6 timmar sedan
Mila Lin
Mila Lin 10 timmar sedan
I got sick alot (when I was younger. But I'm 11). Mostly just barfing..... *ALOT* .
Raja Alimuary
Raja Alimuary 11 timmar sedan
1:22 - 1:29 that's what i feel when i have anxiety :)
Tus cuentos favoritos
Tus cuentos favoritos 12 timmar sedan
Hey I was sick two days ago very sick
Tus cuentos favoritos
Tus cuentos favoritos 11 timmar sedan
I'm by the way I couldn't breathe is because I always put my nose was plugged up for two whole days
Tus cuentos favoritos
Tus cuentos favoritos 12 timmar sedan
I had to do I have to do a covid-19 test I got the results it's negative
RandomVideoDog 14 timmar sedan
Coronavirus: *Its funny how when someone gets sick everyone is empathetic around them but also treats them like an unpredictable rabid animal*
SimonRey Cerio
SimonRey Cerio 14 timmar sedan
hence covid was born
UNICORN HAPPY 15 timmar sedan
Do u have the crona virus 🦠???.????
Funny Ezzi
Funny Ezzi 19 timmar sedan
COVID be like
Gavin BlueJay
Gavin BlueJay 21 timme sedan
I broke my arm when I was 11 and I'm 13 years old now sooo... ye
2 bilistek yellow guns
2 bilistek yellow guns 21 timme sedan
1:36 Coffing in 2020
Dragon gameing
Dragon gameing 21 timme sedan
The scar Amigos
kokkkok 0064
kokkkok 0064 22 timmar sedan
Some of this sounds like my allergies.
Bryce Plays
Bryce Plays 22 timmar sedan
I once missed a week of school just from being sick
Dakota Melcher
Dakota Melcher Dag sedan
i also split my chin 6 years ago im only 10
Kyle Allie
Kyle Allie Dag sedan
And then their is me when i get a mingran and I start to cry I puke
A very small YouTuber
A very small YouTuber Dag sedan
Hey I have a scar on my chin too!
ItzErik Dag sedan
that one terraria fan
that one terraria fan Dag sedan
I litteraly have permanent migraine and headaches and i can cofirm This feels goodn't
Ultra Sun Lycanrock [][][][][]
Ultra Sun Lycanrock [][][][][] Dag sedan
I love the part where she says when you are sick you can claim anything you touch so if you are a boy and cough on a girl they are your Girl Friend now
Speedor 67
Speedor 67 Dag sedan
Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine
Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine Dag sedan
I once had an asma attack at school, I must have inhaled the tiniest spec of dust and then I could not stop coughing, everyone was like “are you okay? Are you sick?” And I was like “I’m not sick I just can’t stop coughing!” And my teacher sent me home and then I watched a scary show. It was a weird day
A random Toaster that animates
A random Toaster that animates Dag sedan
Ngl I’m in 5th grade only and I get them like once a week . Am I ok
bestone Hu
bestone Hu Dag sedan
WHAT YOU HIT YOUR CHIN IN THE ROAD AND YOU WANNA BE COOLER TO BREAK YOUR ARM is like i cut my self with a knife disclemar is a mini knife not a big knife.
Normal Nebula
Normal Nebula Dag sedan
I just had a migraine for the first time.. AHHH
roblox gamer
roblox gamer Dag sedan
I'm sick now
angel Dag sedan
I get sick alot because i put things in my mouth and now its hard for me to get sick :)
raw_draw_idk_44 55
raw_draw_idk_44 55 Dag sedan
I have migraines most of the time
Kit Dag sedan
I love you Jaden animations
Ava Trostel
Ava Trostel Dag sedan
I had a pink eye but not really.
Ava Trostel
Ava Trostel Dag sedan
Ha ha. R u oh k.
idk Dag sedan
4:12 pathfinder as a pebble
Endfighter47 Playz
Endfighter47 Playz Dag sedan
I fell down some prtty step stairs
Endfighter47 Playz
Endfighter47 Playz Dag sedan
I broke my arm and almost hit my head and died
Nived' s mobile videos
Nived' s mobile videos Dag sedan
I also had a big cut in my hand and head.
conflict knight
conflict knight Dag sedan
you're voice does not sound different
Lulu3universe Dag sedan
Omg is it weird that I also split my chin open when I was 9? This is honestly kinda weird
Oto Shine
Oto Shine Dag sedan
Want to know what scary an the biggest tsunami
Sleepy _Lxcas
Sleepy _Lxcas Dag sedan
To be honest, in elementary school I always wished to get a fever so I don't have to go to school and get to stay home and chill lol-
robin clements
robin clements Dag sedan
I had to go to the ER i hit my head and i had too git stiches i think i had too get hotglue on my head.
robin clements
robin clements Dag sedan
I dont hear it [your voice]
smartboy201 Dag sedan
Shang Tsung: "Your SOUL is mine." Me: "I'm sick." Shang Tsung: "Ugh, bro, keep it, what the hell, warn me next time."
Alex Oatsvall
Alex Oatsvall Dag sedan
I agree with jaiden being sick is the pits I would know because I cold🤧
Patrick Mcghee
Patrick Mcghee Dag sedan
One time I fell of a bed on a Lego when I was three
Mohammad Ramzan
Mohammad Ramzan Dag sedan
the days are two I stopped to guess
Bryce Amaral
Bryce Amaral Dag sedan
It’s so tru tho
kieran armstrong
kieran armstrong Dag sedan
ChipBugz Dag sedan
Me: *Had corona in January*
Celia C.
Celia C. Dag sedan
I want to have just a cold now so I don’t have go to school haha
Nerd Bacon
Nerd Bacon Dag sedan
Same story, but its on my leg, i fell down on a rainy day on the road when my mom went out eating with me. It took a chunk of my leg's skin layer
Gatto Cat
Gatto Cat Dag sedan
I cut my chin but had 17 stitches
Nerdy-Wan Kenobi
Nerdy-Wan Kenobi Dag sedan
3:22 Relatable. I used to get migraines all the time and it turned out to be caused by something worse but we don’t need to go into all of that and I agree that they suck.
Denise Leanne Jumawan
Denise Leanne Jumawan Dag sedan
*Laughs in corona*
park7170 park7170
park7170 park7170 Dag sedan
I had a three day long migraine which was so bad I actually had to be put in the hospital in a air mask so I can breath and they put me on some numbing meds and I couldn’t feel my migraine anymore
G&S Gaming
G&S Gaming Dag sedan
I will never get over how amazing her visual humor is.
Mr Man
Mr Man Dag sedan
I had two migraines and one of them I had to go to the hospital because I threw up everything I drink and it so that was fun
Ninga 353
Ninga 353 Dag sedan
What goes on in my mind after I go in public *that was a nice human bonding experience*
Magical_essence5 22 timmar sedan
Omg I was going to say 2020 anyone?
Key Toons
Key Toons Dag sedan
Im sick rightnow lol
Salmon Man
Salmon Man Dag sedan
This is why we need chin protection for the bike
Axolotl man
Axolotl man Dag sedan
this very aged well 2020
Dean Perkins
Dean Perkins Dag sedan
Jaiden:i hit my chin on the road.... Her friends:woah that's cool now i want to hit my chin on the road
Sansand Which4
Sansand Which4 Dag sedan
being sick...2020 am i right?
Pablo CL
Pablo CL Dag sedan
I had a really stupid injure when i was 7, i was in the school bus going home and, you know when they tell you to put your seatbell on? not only did i not put it on, i also was laying down like it was a bed, and when the bus stopped i flew to the metal thing where the bus driver puts his drinks and hit myself in the back of my head, i was bleeding and they had to literally glue my head together, and now i have a little pore thing in the back of my head and it never came off
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson 2 dagar sedan
I also don't get sick.
Stefan Sauvageon / What-a-Twist
Stefan Sauvageon / What-a-Twist 2 dagar sedan
0:35 she gets less happy every year
Honey Ruiz
Honey Ruiz 2 dagar sedan
I have a scar just like that on my chin lol
Yeeterson 2 dagar sedan
I have a scar on my chin
bnha cosplay
bnha cosplay 2 dagar sedan
I'm not a major germaphob Me - sooo.....your not like overhaul.....
bnha cosplay
bnha cosplay 2 dagar sedan
And also her friends WOOOOOOOOW
Crissy Crain
Crissy Crain 2 dagar sedan
Me: I'm sick A fan: ok Me: sick of your bullcrap ohhhhh...
Little otter Dinah
Little otter Dinah 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: I wasn’t a germ a phobic or something like that Jaiden now: *avoid contact with everyone*
Maximo Rueda mena
Maximo Rueda mena 2 dagar sedan
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