If you don't like reading, I've got the book for you

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6 månader sedan

maybe reading isn't too bad when PET is here

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D just sayin... you can find the book on amazon if you're curious (not sponsored)

Timothy Marcoux
Timothy Marcoux 2 timmar sedan
I am going to get the book for christmas this year !
phauna :3
phauna :3 6 timmar sedan
Pit agrees with you, *cuz he can't read*
Declan McDaniel
Declan McDaniel 9 timmar sedan
I mostly love reading pokemon graphic novels.
MCPE Windows 10
MCPE Windows 10 6 timmar sedan
MCPE Windows 10
MCPE Windows 10 6 timmar sedan
I'm the imposter
I'm the imposter 10 timmar sedan
Theory on how you “stumbled upon this book” It’s your 10th birthday when your about to open a gift, but a little bottle appears at the end of the table. You notice everything stops around you, and he suddenly hands you a book. I’d say how you were feeling, but by the time you realised what had happened, PET had wisked you away to bed, and a dream compensates the rest of the day. You find it in the same spot months later and decide to take it to school. there we go BA boom such great bye bye
I'm the imposter
I'm the imposter 10 timmar sedan
now that’s an ironic video. purple is sus
D.PGoalie 25
D.PGoalie 25 10 timmar sedan
Best book ever: Investi Gators. They are gator and they are spy’s.
slavic gaming
slavic gaming 13 timmar sedan
I also don't like reading but I enjoyed the Serbian writer Branko Ćopić's masterpeace eagles fly early
Justin Pat
Justin Pat 14 timmar sedan
She didn’t even talk about ari’s birthday
Aura Riolu
Aura Riolu 14 timmar sedan
I dont have the book give me the book right now
This A.U. of Reality
This A.U. of Reality 18 timmar sedan
I thought you would say Maximum Ride because you mentioned it on the animals video
[N.]André Nicolas Ibarra Valdez
[N.]André Nicolas Ibarra Valdez 19 timmar sedan
Soy el único de habla hispana que ve en ingles los vídeos?
DailyPotato757 23 timmar sedan
I liked The Outsiders
Aaron TCK
Aaron TCK Dag sedan
When is kenji gonna make it a anime
griffinDORK Dag sedan
Harry Potter revolting........ just- look at my username ;-;
Pandapuding 101
Pandapuding 101 Dag sedan
Hapy bday ari if turn in april 30 :3
coolcatxp2 yeet
coolcatxp2 yeet Dag sedan
I hate reading but i read books with sounds with words
gavin games360
gavin games360 Dag sedan
4:18 same
Goten 489
Goten 489 Dag sedan
When is The Ari birthday
Dylan Bjustrom
Dylan Bjustrom Dag sedan
I just recently got into manga and I really like it. The only problem is that I finish most manga in like a day. Then I don’t have anything to read and I get bored.
Doge St James
Doge St James Dag sedan
YOU DONT LIKE HARRY POTTER?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JC Beatz
JC Beatz Dag sedan
I only read manga. Sometimes maybe uhh.............
Tango Dragon
Tango Dragon Dag sedan
Hey where is Ari's 4th birthday???
the do Hud son
the do Hud son Dag sedan
You like Mangas in year 6 when you were 11.well i like Godzilla comic in year 6 and i was 12,oh wait a minute i am still in year 6 and im still 12 (almost 13)
Gaming With Lou Fly
Gaming With Lou Fly Dag sedan
I don’t like read but I the same as you I my favorite is dog man
Diego Moreno
Diego Moreno Dag sedan
G th
Cito Peralta
Cito Peralta Dag sedan
ambili c.s.
ambili c.s. 2 dagar sedan
I adore Harry Potter books but I can't get mad at Jaiden so -\_(● ●)_/-
Ava Francis
Ava Francis 2 dagar sedan
0:29 Engineer cosplayers be like.....
Judith's blox Adventures
Judith's blox Adventures 2 dagar sedan
For me it's diary of a whimpy kid
ᴘᴏsɪᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴋᴀɪᴛᴡᴇɴ
ᴘᴏsɪᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴋᴀɪᴛᴡᴇɴ 2 dagar sedan
IF YOU DONT LIKE READING, AND LIKE CUTE MOTIVATIONAL COMICS, I RECOMMEND LOADING PENGUIN HUGS. It has adorable cute comics that make me feel better about myself :> you can order it on amazon or read it in the kindle app (AND THE BOOK INCLUDES ADORABLE STICKERS)
Ragunath Prem Kumar
Ragunath Prem Kumar 2 dagar sedan
I read that book! it's AWESOME!!!
Gaming with John
Gaming with John 2 dagar sedan
I read the pet boooks and omg u have to read them now or I will delete it yt channel!!!!
Heartless Alexandra
Heartless Alexandra 2 dagar sedan
You should try shifting to your desired reality
MON KAI 2 dagar sedan
So the humor It like yo kai watch
Fire Breathing Chicken Duck
Fire Breathing Chicken Duck 2 dagar sedan
Hey manga got me into reading non manga books so... Yeah! You ARE still reading so it counts
Gabe Reeves
Gabe Reeves 2 dagar sedan
i just saw that pet is viz also i saw it on a top 10 kid friendly manga at number 2
Anna Bryant
Anna Bryant 2 dagar sedan
The only books I read are guts and dogman
b r o w n - s u g a r
b r o w n - s u g a r 2 dagar sedan
Psst...try stephen king ;^;
minh lê bảo
minh lê bảo 2 dagar sedan
i love pet too
Awkward weeb 69
Awkward weeb 69 3 dagar sedan
I actually found a volume of it in my library since I’m in charge of organizing manga/graphic novels lmao
Adriana Stinnett
Adriana Stinnett 3 dagar sedan
I was expecting Percy Jackson. I'm dissapointed.
Nicole Murray
Nicole Murray 3 dagar sedan
Tf2 meme
fghhr ggjfyhmok
fghhr ggjfyhmok 3 dagar sedan
Bro all I read is manga
XxFellowBreadQueenxX 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden : *yes it is a manga* me : *I LIKE MANGA!!! I HAVE TOKYO GHOUL*
cici i guess
cici i guess 3 dagar sedan
the only thing i read are wattpad stories and the demon slayer manga LMAO ( demon slayer or kimetsu no yaiba manga is the B E S T thing i have EVER read so i recommend it for anyone:3 )
bruh what is that dot
bruh what is that dot 3 dagar sedan
4:11 coronavirus V earth
bruh what is that dot
bruh what is that dot 3 dagar sedan
students: yay no school in quarantine :D google: 0:16
Katherine DE Jesus
Katherine DE Jesus 3 dagar sedan
The school is need the suffer from there stupid useless the school is no make any sence
dumdumbadagheesho 3 dagar sedan
Wait....U THINK HARRY POTTER IS GARBAGE. OMG I AM SO MAD RN I COULD KILL ANYONE NEAR ME UGHHHHHH Wait my bff is next to me sooooooooo. IMMA COME TO *UR* HOUSE AND ....wait and....... oop ill just take ur autigrauph and hug u and then ill have a CIVILIZED conforsation w u abou harry potter then ill be in my way. Btw im the biggest hp fan EVER so. Fight me
dumdumbadagheesho 3 dagar sedan
I swear i watched the last vid
David Adams
David Adams 3 dagar sedan
The only book I would read is Goosebumps
Demon Eon
Demon Eon 4 dagar sedan
Read a graphic novel version of the Poe stories and asked my English teacher if it still counted as classic literature, the answer was no. This was... in response to the “is manga considered real books” thing
Jennifer Banfield
Jennifer Banfield 4 dagar sedan
Heh heh heh heh heh heheheheheheh
Jennifer Banfield
Jennifer Banfield 4 dagar sedan
Gaming with Jack
Gaming with Jack 4 dagar sedan
Potterheads, get ur wands out and apparate to jaidens house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CT- 7568
CT- 7568 4 dagar sedan
My favorite book series is nightmares.
GLue Bottle
GLue Bottle 4 dagar sedan
what about ari's birthday
Lysandish 4 dagar sedan
The only books I read was the entire warrior cats arc. Over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And ov-
Freyja 4 dagar sedan
if you like graphic novels you should check out the manga adaptations of Daniel-X and Maximum Ride, and I'm in high school, so yeah
kocA 357
kocA 357 4 dagar sedan
Sam Burcham
Sam Burcham 4 dagar sedan
"Trashsonas" wait... isn't that all self inserted OCs?
Larry Childers
Larry Childers 4 dagar sedan
Your story of PET made me remember, Sgt Frog
Sam Bradley
Sam Bradley 4 dagar sedan
comment for algorithm
Timo 1337
Timo 1337 4 dagar sedan
What about aris bday? :(
JAWMOW 4 dagar sedan
Can someone read the other pet books and comment a summary so we do not have to
garry barry
garry barry 4 dagar sedan
f you Jaiden harry potter is like my blood so skroo you and your trash fetish jk I love your vids
Eveleen 4 dagar sedan
They had us in the first half ngl
Kean Ashton
Kean Ashton 4 dagar sedan
The book i read is harry potter
Yusuf Tejan Kamara
Yusuf Tejan Kamara 4 dagar sedan
bruh 4:13
Water In a Glass
Water In a Glass 4 dagar sedan
damn i wanna have a trashsona
Bianca Hodges
Bianca Hodges 4 dagar sedan
My favourite book is either 1984 or Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? My favourite book series, though, is His Dark Materials.
The G-NATION 4 dagar sedan
Where do i get this book
UltraSonic 4 dagar sedan
My favorite childhood books are Bad Kitty and Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Drif_Tigzy 4 dagar sedan
I remember that book!
Alfareza Dwi ramadhan
Alfareza Dwi ramadhan 5 dagar sedan
Probably not my book because i can read manga at my phone :v
·Imperfect· Me·
·Imperfect· Me· 5 dagar sedan
My favorite series is The Golden Hamster Saga its a 5 book series although they may be hard because they range between 4.8 to 5.1 i recommend it!
·Imperfect· Me·
·Imperfect· Me· 5 dagar sedan
Really depends on what grade your in
Aaron Friedlander
Aaron Friedlander 5 dagar sedan
4:23 I...um...have...and...and remember seeing it EVERYWHERE.
Aroa 5 dagar sedan
4:24 Lmao is that Legoshi in a cereal box?
George Khoory
George Khoory 5 dagar sedan
Bible. Bible. Yes, Bible. It's gotta be. Bible. Yes. So good. Praise, persecutions, Laws, Kings, Gospels, prophecies, sins, God's eternal love, His mercy, revelations, Heaven, Hell, poetic books, lamentations, mourning, Major prophets, minor prophets, warnings, ascension into heaven (not just with Jesus. The prophet Elijah did), Letters, Proverbs, how God silences the evil, rebellions, redemptions, rebuilding, miracles- WHAT DOES THE BIBLE NOT HAVE? WHAT? Yes, it's gotta be the Bible. I know it...
Naveya Bendtsen
Naveya Bendtsen 5 dagar sedan
amethystbuilder 12
amethystbuilder 12 5 dagar sedan
Immediately starts drawing my ✨trashsona✨
Levi Allen
Levi Allen 5 dagar sedan
bottle dogy is cutee
Donny Davis
Donny Davis 5 dagar sedan
You had me at the title lol
Abby Boender
Abby Boender 5 dagar sedan
Omg I read that book and thought I made it up WACK!! love you Jaiden :)
SukiWolf 5 dagar sedan
Anyone remember when the title was *My “Favorite” book. (I still don’t like reading)*
anti phoenix
anti phoenix 5 dagar sedan
Spike Spiegal
Spike Spiegal 5 dagar sedan
If you want to read something read a manga or manhwa I have manhwa suggestions Suggestions : 1 Beginning after the end 2 solo leveling 3 tales of demon and gods 4 demonic magic emperor 5
Joseph Caskey
Joseph Caskey 5 dagar sedan
4:47 Yes agree I do Also adventure time
House Tour
House Tour 5 dagar sedan
Ari is 4
Attrice Afton
Attrice Afton 5 dagar sedan
Benji Bienh
Benji Bienh 5 dagar sedan
Dear jaiden have you ever read pokemon adventures
Volleyball Kid
Volleyball Kid 5 dagar sedan
One fun modern culture reference book series is last kids on earth. Rlly gud
Grim games
Grim games 5 dagar sedan
I feel the exact same way with the first season of the anime heaven's Lost property because I love it when it was just those two characters and there wasn't too much happening around but once people started figuring it out and there was more people in on it it just didn't feel as good and fun to watch
The Galaxy Fox Nation
The Galaxy Fox Nation 5 dagar sedan
Sounds like a fun book jaiden
My way, My way Or the highway
My way, My way Or the highway 5 dagar sedan
Pov: you're scrolling through Jaidens content to see if she made an ari birthday video and realize she didn't but you don't care since she doesn't have to
Anh Triết Bill
Anh Triết Bill Dag sedan
That is absolutely right
Isabella Cessna
Isabella Cessna 6 dagar sedan
I used to be your #1 fan, but ever since you said HP was garbage, I have moved down to #2...:c
RJ0315 G
RJ0315 G 6 dagar sedan
Best book series is TwD comics
ink ._. & cry
ink ._. & cry 6 dagar sedan
Why do I have a feeling that jaiden unknowingly is mean to me she doesnt know I exist like
Funnystuff99 6 dagar sedan
No, read wings of fire U^U
Christopher McCord
Christopher McCord 6 dagar sedan
ari birthday?
Danny DangGang
Danny DangGang 6 dagar sedan
Great now we need a plush of recycled Ari
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