I tried to go to Canada but got stuck in Minneapolis

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Jaiden Animations

2 år sedan

this is not what we wanted
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D here's a tip: don't use expired passports

Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations 2 år sedan
btw the ari merch is a joke I’m not selling that bootleg logan maverick design lol I’d get sued, don’t expect to find it in the shop. 👌🏼 but it makes for a bomb twitter banner I’ll tell ya that 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 #arigang 👌🏼👌🏼
Javier Pena
Javier Pena 2 dagar sedan
This is relatable because with my mom and my brother we were stuck in colorado and my mom was very mad because we got pulled up by a karen
Cxsmicnation X
Cxsmicnation X 4 dagar sedan
Evan Geusebroek
Evan Geusebroek Månad sedan
Percy WONG
Percy WONG Månad sedan
hats off for yur mom
Hi Jaiden I think you got so much trouble to get to Canada
Ian Pamintuan
Ian Pamintuan 13 minuter sedan
Adventure tim-
Kiaya's Videos
Kiaya's Videos 35 minuter sedan
I'm starting to think of going to Japan after 2 vacations of going to Florida and Tennessee. I've been on planes before but, I was young, very unhappy and wasn't up for Family drama because my ear was hurting and I was in the middle of stress and anxiety. I don't remember how being on plane feels anymore because it probably years ago. I went on a train like 8 times. I was an emotional child and kinda still am.
RealCraft 2 timmar sedan
wait so when shes was 14 she plays with stuffed animals
Doctor J
Doctor J 3 timmar sedan
"we are america's hat" how is this my first time hearing that?!
•SØBA_ •NŌODLES• 4 timmar sedan
Jaiden: and we have her a slow clap. YOU HAVE FOUR FINGERS
Emma Headrick
Emma Headrick 6 timmar sedan
We were always on top, Dom * w e a r e a m e r i c a ‘ s h a t*
Bo Podiluk
Bo Podiluk 10 timmar sedan
I love canada
Cortez Barron
Cortez Barron 11 timmar sedan
Sonic Speed
Fanatic of Idk
Fanatic of Idk 11 timmar sedan
The part where they get to the border and the guy lets them go to Canada, I thought of that one scene in Detroit Become Human where Kara and Alice do the same thing-
Stoofy Gaming
Stoofy Gaming 13 timmar sedan
Some dude: damn gta5 in vr would be amazing Someone else: its called minneapolis
Fredrick Kerr
Fredrick Kerr 13 timmar sedan
ringo is a red panda not a racon jaiden
Michi Liang
Michi Liang 16 timmar sedan
The sad part is, I live in Minneapolis
Dark unicorn gaming 🧸🧸🖤🤍
Dark unicorn gaming 🧸🧸🖤🤍 17 timmar sedan
I thought that the title was I tried to go to Canada but I went to Monopoly
Oliver Murch
Oliver Murch 17 timmar sedan
id like to help animating
zelda harry
zelda harry 19 timmar sedan
the malls are great here in minneapolis
SuperAran 19 timmar sedan
James Hunt
James Hunt 19 timmar sedan
My grandpa used to work at the Mall of America
Emry Mcdermott
Emry Mcdermott 19 timmar sedan
i went to the mall of america, its so amazing! We were there for over 5 hours
Steve_Reaper520 20 timmar sedan
Hey, isn’t Minneapolis in Minnesota? Cuz i forgot and I was born in Minnesota. Yeah.......
edgyneer 21 timme sedan
01:47 For the people who are wondering, those passports usualy cost between 300-600$.
Xavi Football *soccer* and mapping
Xavi Football *soccer* and mapping 23 timmar sedan
lol I used to live in Minnesota
dash and bsolloway
dash and bsolloway 23 timmar sedan
Ill be your new anamator
Alexis Emberbridge
Alexis Emberbridge Dag sedan
Wich part in Canada?
Sticknodes Animator
Sticknodes Animator Dag sedan
4:43 Uhh actually he 1645 miles away........(having a mental breakdown)
Sticknodes Animator
Sticknodes Animator Dag sedan
3:32 What have I done to my mother
chilller party
chilller party Dag sedan
Gurl where did you get raoole and Ringo please tell me I want to by them
Andrei De Asis
Andrei De Asis Dag sedan
I used to have stuffed animals and left them at a bus/hotel too!
تويوتا فرع نيسان
تويوتا فرع نيسان Dag sedan
You are the girl i saw in the airport uk omg you stil nord lol jordin i ask you why everyone have iPhones did you remember my ?????? 😜😜
Caleb Tii
Caleb Tii Dag sedan
Did you now thats USA is Canadas pants.😂
crub muf
crub muf Dag sedan
421? -1
Thomas Hartlaub
Thomas Hartlaub Dag sedan
I clicked on this video because I live in Minneapolis
anthony weilandgruber
anthony weilandgruber Dag sedan
100 subscribers with videos challenge
100 subscribers with videos challenge Dag sedan
I remember getting stuck in the dubai mall, so we ended up getting in the burj Khalifa somehow
Gabe TC
Gabe TC Dag sedan
Im Used to going to the mall of america cause i live in minnesote
Tea Panda
Tea Panda Dag sedan
I am Canadian🐻🇨🇦
Kristopher Harris
Kristopher Harris Dag sedan
Jaiden: "Big thanks to domics and gingerpale for being Canadian" Me: dang it now I want to be Canadian
Zipporah Stephens
Zipporah Stephens Dag sedan
I live in Canada it is october and there is snow out
[•JustAli•] Dag sedan
since when did you get stuck in my state?
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Dag sedan
Adara Barker
Adara Barker Dag sedan
Ayeeeee MN represent
Matheus Xavier
Matheus Xavier Dag sedan
One time, me and my friends drove to another country and only realised that we missed the driver license of the car pilot back at home - when he arrived back.
Paul Babayan Origami
Paul Babayan Origami Dag sedan
Im the exact same.
Effix Dag sedan
Gingerpale 8:13: We have a mall with an indoor water park and a theme park! Wisconsin Dells: lol we got like 8 of those
Sumayya Khan
Sumayya Khan Dag sedan
I was born in 27 June 2012
Sumayya Khan
Sumayya Khan Dag sedan
That’s after I was born oof XD
Rblx And Animations Maxi
Rblx And Animations Maxi Dag sedan
So i was watching the video and then. I skipped 10 seconds back and heres what i heard: "So my mom knows about" "DIC-" "goverment"
Sean Ford
Sean Ford Dag sedan
As a Minneapolis resident I would be happy to let you in my city. But you called it obscure so idk what to think.
Tayutau 2 dagar sedan
man I'm never having kids
Kelvin Duong
Kelvin Duong 2 dagar sedan
I thought when Jaiden said “Mom....” I thought the problem SHE HAD TO PEE OR POOP
Hiro 2 dagar sedan
3:18 "uhm.... mom?.........i need to make a science proyect for tomorrow"
Thundertazzy 412
Thundertazzy 412 2 dagar sedan
I have been in the mall of America even as a baby it was my childhood castle
EJ Artz
EJ Artz 2 dagar sedan
For a 14 year old girl who are small
Jago foxy vs Rockstar golden fredy
Jago foxy vs Rockstar golden fredy 2 dagar sedan
Yutub chanL
Jago foxy vs Rockstar golden fredy
Jago foxy vs Rockstar golden fredy 2 dagar sedan
i have a
Jago foxy vs Rockstar golden fredy
Jago foxy vs Rockstar golden fredy 2 dagar sedan
i was boren in 2012
Tristan Garza
Tristan Garza 2 dagar sedan
Caleb 2 dagar sedan
If your canadian comment If your american like
Armando Acosta
Armando Acosta 2 dagar sedan
I was born in 2012 May 14
Thuy Luu
Thuy Luu 2 dagar sedan
7:34 - 7:43 iS tHiS a DeTrOiT bEcOmEs HuMaN rEfErEnCE
A Is For Amazing
A Is For Amazing 2 dagar sedan
Canada is the best!
Teak Speaks
Teak Speaks 3 dagar sedan
Dad ?
Zack Bro
Zack Bro 3 dagar sedan
baby it is epic
Kuzey Emre Onat
Kuzey Emre Onat 3 dagar sedan
Genevieve Lefebvre-Thomas
Genevieve Lefebvre-Thomas 3 dagar sedan
I'm from Canada and every time I go there to see my grandparents we never get that much trouble
mary lee
mary lee 3 dagar sedan
this is just how Minnesota is
MaIna Madikizela • 200 years ago
MaIna Madikizela • 200 years ago 3 dagar sedan
Your mom could’ve just said “He left for milk 6 years ago”😂
Vinay Thakur
Vinay Thakur 5 timmar sedan
Maybe the security at the Canada border thought that so they didn't ask that time.
MR. King Mango
MR. King Mango 3 dagar sedan
She is 22
Miguel Gutierrez
Miguel Gutierrez 3 dagar sedan
AcesRemixFlex 3 dagar sedan
fun fact: Mall Of America was owned by a Canadian man
Doughy _Joey
Doughy _Joey 3 dagar sedan
You should have stopped in my house =)
YellowFang89 3 dagar sedan
Lol I live in Minnesota right by the mall of America it is AmAzInG
PLO Port
PLO Port 3 dagar sedan
I have a ringo
Caroline Peace
Caroline Peace 3 dagar sedan
I live in Canada I love
zZAlexaZz Clare
zZAlexaZz Clare 3 dagar sedan
I luv Canada 🇨🇦 it’s nice here :)
Alfredo Rivas Tajonar
Alfredo Rivas Tajonar 3 dagar sedan
I live in broolyn center but its close to Minneapolis
Warning 3 dagar sedan
why i don't have stuffed animals
Arthur Caraciola
Arthur Caraciola 3 dagar sedan
wow its really funny and i love it xD
CreeperMan 1253
CreeperMan 1253 3 dagar sedan
2:47 butt blanket
Davis Cureton
Davis Cureton 3 dagar sedan
I bet she rented room 420 but she didn’t want to say that so she was like 421
Epic IndominousRex
Epic IndominousRex 4 dagar sedan
【Itz ·Ysabelle】
【Itz ·Ysabelle】 4 dagar sedan
And the mom of the year is-
bloodenraged117 4 dagar sedan
nah nah, canada isnt america's hat, its that fake arrow gag thing you put on your head to make it look like you have been shot by an arrow.
Sean Fan
Sean Fan 4 dagar sedan
Just call John Green
Medium Jenifer
Medium Jenifer 4 dagar sedan
Me, who lives in the twin cities: wait, your pharmacies don’t take passport photos?! 1:47
Khalid Melhem
Khalid Melhem 4 dagar sedan
I live in Canada and I like it lol
RoseBell H
RoseBell H 4 dagar sedan
I love how Jaiden is so like surprised of how big the Mall of America but for me ( who lives in Minneapolis) it normal cuz its like the only mall I go to sooo
GalaxyCookie Club!
GalaxyCookie Club! 4 dagar sedan
Weston malls water park sucks ;-;
Kue grl
Kue grl 4 dagar sedan
currently living in Minneapolis planning to move to Canada when I'm old enough :p
Alex Avendano
Alex Avendano 4 dagar sedan
She should have gotten help from VanossGaming if she got lost in Canada
Shy Guy
Shy Guy 4 dagar sedan
Did you get the ticket?
oofys1234 4 dagar sedan
Actually I'm never taking a trip to america
ruby crayfish
ruby crayfish 4 dagar sedan
4:30 taxis: am i a joke to you
Vinay Thakur
Vinay Thakur 5 timmar sedan
Supply..... Demand..... Money stuff..... Oh you are a Ruby..... Lucky
Randomz 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden's mom during that whole trip: Improvies, Adapt, Overcome XD Jk jk, That was a great story jaiden
Amrit Singh Mandd
Amrit Singh Mandd 4 dagar sedan
You.. You don't know we had west ed in Canada..... BRO
DasGaima 4 dagar sedan
all i know about canada, is that the trailer park boys were filmed there
Awesome Geek
Awesome Geek 4 dagar sedan
U were in Minneapolis? Lol I live in St. Paul.
Awesome Geek
Awesome Geek 4 dagar sedan
It’s kinda weird to think that literally 15 mins away from my house is the biggest star fair in the us, about 25 mins away is 1 if the biggest malls in the us, and about 2 hours away is the biggest fresh water lake in the us, Lake Superior...
Jonathan Mercius
Jonathan Mercius 4 dagar sedan
that merch looks familar is that logan paul's merch but upside down with a line
Red Fox Animations
Red Fox Animations 4 dagar sedan
I live in Canada and it’s awesome you should move to canada
swishy gamer
swishy gamer 4 dagar sedan
I was 3 when this happened I'm confused that means you're 22 if I'm 11 cuz this isn't 2012 and I was three so year wow
Mateo Fuentes
Mateo Fuentes 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden: adventu- SVfrom: copyright
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