I'm Totally a Skating Pro

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5 år sedan

The sarcasm is strong in the title of this animation. #2Pro5Me Don't forget to leave a like if you enjoyed and share it with your friends who may also be skating pros! Then we can all be pro skaters together and wear beanies.
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Music: Little Fingers by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get a free autograph from me when I go full pro in the skating industry ᕙ(◕‿↼‶)ᕗ

Godz Gota
Godz Gota 15 minuter sedan
I can give you some skate lessons if you like
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 33 minuter sedan
How was mufasa of the female gender? He was clearly a guy
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 35 minuter sedan
I love skateboarding
Drewry Billman
Drewry Billman Timme sedan
Tunes.Mp3 2 timmar sedan
Wasn’t mufasa a guy? Like what
furritoburrito 4 timmar sedan
If you want it to be easier you can tighten up the trucks to help with balancing.
•͓̽a͓̽n͓̽o͓̽•͓̽t͓̽h͓̽e͓̽r͓̽•͓̽d͓̽x͓̽m͓̽o͓̽n͓̽•͓̽ 9 timmar sedan
you don't even know what pro is mate
Rainbow Dragon
Rainbow Dragon 10 timmar sedan
When I started this video, I got an ad about what pro means.
Leo_MyBirb ✔️
Leo_MyBirb ✔️ 17 timmar sedan
Bruh. Just try try try it’s taken me 2 years
Layla Juarez
Layla Juarez Dag sedan
I know how to skateboard it took me a three days just try Jaiden
MalakCraft Dag sedan
. *wildbeast*
Linus Aagaard
Linus Aagaard Dag sedan
Scooters are like scate board bikes that are the best of both worlds
Ari hawk Pro skater
I need money for a computer
I need money for a computer Dag sedan
Ur Not A Skateboarding Pro Idiot CLICKBAIT
Gxlaxy Cat
Gxlaxy Cat 11 timmar sedan
She was just joking, kid.
Alina Sugubeata
Alina Sugubeata Dag sedan
"i can never go to that store again" its not that deep lmao
Dakoda Morgan
Dakoda Morgan Dag sedan
Did you step of of the board WITH YOUR FRONT FOOT 🤦🏻
Gaming Galactic
Gaming Galactic Dag sedan
Honestly i've seen and been around this channel for a while and i've never seen this vid
toiki i guess
toiki i guess Dag sedan
same bro
325 BPM
325 BPM 2 dagar sedan
unicycling is a cooler hobby
Ian Flood
Ian Flood 2 dagar sedan
Kyle Matus-Cruz
Kyle Matus-Cruz 2 dagar sedan
I can imagine that part when Jaiden is on the skateboard while the drowning music from sonic the hedgehog is playing
Erin Cashin
Erin Cashin 2 dagar sedan
Jewelyen Tuttle
Jewelyen Tuttle 2 dagar sedan
I’m sorry for everyone out here but I’ve never watched the lion king so when some one makes a joke about it I don’t know what it means
Lolo Lelei
Lolo Lelei 2 dagar sedan
Why didn't she just step off
JackAnimates 2 dagar sedan
I went to that same store XD
Sentient Glitch
Sentient Glitch 2 dagar sedan
I got a skateboarding square space ad on this video
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 3 dagar sedan
1st time i see jaiden with a different drawing style from 2016 - 2018 or 2019 - 2020
Mudita the fish
Mudita the fish 2 dagar sedan
TURTLEGIRL 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: "we were practically breathing down each others necks." Me: COVID!!!!!!!!
NateDog AWSOME 3 dagar sedan
Im a skater
The Meme Man
The Meme Man 3 dagar sedan
Her art style looked so different
HeHe169 3 dagar sedan
I don’t remember this video../
Fernando Ortiz
Fernando Ortiz 3 dagar sedan
pink cat gaming
pink cat gaming 3 dagar sedan
Not even mee
ErinPlayz 4 dagar sedan
I am literally in love with the Scar-rug. It is my pride and joy. And I shall cherish it forever.
Adrie Ruval
Adrie Ruval 4 dagar sedan
Oh here is the other episode. Nice
Electric Wolf 3000
Electric Wolf 3000 4 dagar sedan
joão soares
joão soares 4 dagar sedan
young jaiden is so cute
シWeird.Orgシ 5 dagar sedan
Her hair is so different!!!
Ginny Potter
Ginny Potter 5 dagar sedan
Omg you got way better at animating since then OuO
Animation Boy
Animation Boy 5 dagar sedan
Me: walks off Jaiden: ... well sh
Lemon LOL
Lemon LOL 5 dagar sedan
Turn on captions at 3:11 lol
Wil Ward
Wil Ward 5 dagar sedan
I'm a skater and this was painfull to watch lmao, just step off of the board! You're not gonna slip off just literally put a foot down and walk off
Magdalene Rowan
Magdalene Rowan 5 dagar sedan
I love my scate bourd.if something happened to it I would punch you all
Eloise Schlotte
Eloise Schlotte 5 dagar sedan
Juliet Benitez
Juliet Benitez 5 dagar sedan
Anyone here in 2020?
Isobel Celeste Ablang
Isobel Celeste Ablang 5 dagar sedan
*w i l d a b e a s t s*
its Hammy Tube
its Hammy Tube 5 dagar sedan
oofys1234 5 dagar sedan
Wait Jaiden is 10 now so does that mean she's 5 in this video
Mr. Bones
Mr. Bones 6 dagar sedan
The Fun Dungeon
The Fun Dungeon 6 dagar sedan
Wilder beasts
Sathvik Jitta
Sathvik Jitta 7 dagar sedan
her audio sucks
Sanity1123 7 dagar sedan
Watching this in 2020, seeing how far Jaiden has come! It's amazing 🙂
Jaycole150 7 dagar sedan
juan Gonzalez
juan Gonzalez 7 dagar sedan
jaiden you shy back then you sounded like you didnt want to wake up your parents. now your not that diffrent but you speak alot more clear soo good job
I Change My Name Often
I Change My Name Often 7 dagar sedan
skatin jaiden
Ayla Frost
Ayla Frost 8 dagar sedan
NinjaFoxx 8 dagar sedan
Hey at least I know how to simply stop
Jonas Zierdt
Jonas Zierdt 8 dagar sedan
Omega cringe
HoopPoop 8 dagar sedan
Mia's Studio
Mia's Studio 8 dagar sedan
Damn Jaiden sounded VERY different back then
Victor Zavala
Victor Zavala 8 dagar sedan
That scar drawing is super cute
timmy and tommy show
timmy and tommy show 8 dagar sedan
poor jaiden
Xman 9 dagar sedan
The couple months ago I went to visit a college campus I liked it pretty scenery good art classes campus is really big that's when I decided I'd like to Tracy and I like the idea of having a cold B and research I decided to go to the shop and look at them in person my mom and I drove down to the local mall and walked into the state job where we are we shall a small and you know Conversation with someone on the other side of the room is my mom employee about I decided to check out one of the skateboards on display there's a little run the store provided for the customer to stand on try out the board he cool until I noticed that I was starting to slowly roll up the rug I started silently panicking to myself this rug only thing keeping me safe from falling off at skateboard I needed it trusted it and it was between me stop it have different reactions in panic situation for me everything goes in slow motion end I felt like help me Long live par wildebeest I was having a mental break down in the corner by myself half of the board was on the tile now and it was starting to pick up some speed glanced over at my moms notice the payroll that I was in I had to do something before I was cast away into the visit free space slowly I started putting my foot down towards the floor I should be able to disturb nothing else god don't do anything stupid don't do anything stupid all the way on the board became a balance worst at the opposite way I was getting off I stumble backward launching the skateboard across the floor and watched as planned very loudly into the show rack that was holding other boards everyone sucks since we are basically breathing down each other's next and a shop my initial reaction as it is the most things is laugh it off it's just a really awkward laugh that I was using to try and say oh I'm sorry I'm such a klutz on the inside we left and every time I pass a store I just cringe I can never return there ever again wildebeest
Trollip0p 9 dagar sedan
2:59 just your average "wildebeests" timestamp.
wildfoxn95 10 dagar sedan
This was Jaiden's chibi fase
Tinner 11 dagar sedan
Jaidens Video made 5 years ago, *exists* SVfrom: YEA LETS RECOMMEND THIS VIDEO 5 YEARS LATER
Jay'vonn Hammond
Jay'vonn Hammond 11 dagar sedan
Ah yes the 12 th animation
Just a Penguin
Just a Penguin 12 dagar sedan
Wow the older videos seem like Jaiden is just telling a story while the newer videos seem like a story with more jokes
Harvey Simmons
Harvey Simmons 12 dagar sedan
TWINKLE WERBER 13 dagar sedan
A Bailey
A Bailey 13 dagar sedan
German ball
German ball 14 dagar sedan
Jaiden: ima go scatebording ( i have bad spelling :( ) Me: *snif* oh for fod sake ~_~
Karl Manning
Karl Manning 14 dagar sedan
For anyone wondering, the easiest way to get off a skateboard is to just step off. Place one of your feet over the bolts, and with the other foot step off either forward or backward. Don’t hesitate; JUST STEP OFF!
Subscribble 16 dagar sedan
Jaiden sound so different back then 😂
Gub Gub
Gub Gub 17 dagar sedan
just get of ze board
Oralia Lopez
Oralia Lopez 20 dagar sedan
This video made me forget how to skate lol
Steel Warrior
Steel Warrior 21 dag sedan
OMG why I have I been getting old videos in my recommended I love it but holy cow!
ferrence palaspas
ferrence palaspas 22 dagar sedan
Same here
Rxinear 23 dagar sedan
Any evidence
O my Mangos
O my Mangos 23 dagar sedan
2:28 how convenient I’m in the bathroom rn and it does not look like u could fit more than 5 people here
The woodpeckers drummer
The woodpeckers drummer 25 dagar sedan
Ian Fralick
Ian Fralick 26 dagar sedan
Happy Birthday.!.! 🛹
SpookyGirl247 26 dagar sedan
Strange Potato
Strange Potato 26 dagar sedan
Me watching this looking at her art style changes: wow it’s all so different... except the rat. It’s still cute
Chloe Yuan
Chloe Yuan 26 dagar sedan
*me who can't even stand on one*
Two Sisters And A Bro
Two Sisters And A Bro 26 dagar sedan
UMMM sure bike are kind of big but bikeing is AIR for me
Krista Zdyb
Krista Zdyb 27 dagar sedan
Why didnt she just hop of at 1:46
Bodi Huang
Bodi Huang Månad sedan
Dont put your front foot down. Use ur backfoot
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
APotatoGuy LikesDogs Månad sedan
Oh there’s a bird in the store are falling off the skateboard He a LM Skateboard starts sliding off of the thing supposed different from falling off of it PAAnd hiHey
Morgyton Månad sedan
I love how it says Wildebeests and then moves on after the funny Simba scene xD
นัฐรียา บุญเฉลียว
นัฐรียา บุญเฉลียว Månad sedan
Furret Månad sedan
Why am I like this I’m am screeching about the damn mic
Riley and Thea K
Riley and Thea K Månad sedan
you could've just stepped off while it was slowly moving don’t let that one moment discourage you from skating
Jett Dominick
Jett Dominick Månad sedan
2 questions: 1) why did this get recommended to me its 2020 2) bro what is that mic
Declan Bachner
Declan Bachner Månad sedan
Me hearing walked to the mall to the skate shop and thinking zumiez then hears it was small and I'm like that's the way to go
{ XxApolloxX }
{ XxApolloxX } Månad sedan
Juan Miguel Dumlao
Juan Miguel Dumlao Månad sedan
Her animation is cute as her voice... But now her animation and voice is still cute
Kirbo78_ /
Kirbo78_ / Månad sedan
FierySmile Månad sedan
Recommended in 2020 xD
mouhib bayounes
mouhib bayounes Månad sedan
GiantPoogiv12 Månad sedan
I havent seen this video for some reason
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