I'm too Awkward for My Own Good

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Jaiden Animations

4 år sedan

the cringe is strong, here
Thanks to Ami & BlackSen for the voices!
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Jordyn Barnes
Jordyn Barnes 3 timmar sedan
It’s been four years still cringing???
Mia Spaghetti
Mia Spaghetti 4 timmar sedan
This isn’t awkward, but there was one time I told a Boston duck tours bus driver my name was Cooper. I’m a girl. It’s a long story
gacha story maker
gacha story maker 8 timmar sedan
hi i also a weirdo with a yt channel
Sa95 14 timmar sedan
3:50 more like pazta wiz no zauze
KKplays 14 timmar sedan
I liked this animation more then today’s anybody else
Yellow Crewmate
Yellow Crewmate 18 timmar sedan
Oh hello first video I ever saw from this channel years ago(I think), how did you end up on my recommendation feed?
Kuwait My love
Kuwait My love 22 timmar sedan
FireFlower Dag sedan
Jaiden is my spirit animal
Big Mouth Roblox
Big Mouth Roblox Dag sedan
4:18 "the salads were worth more than I am" Dirt is worth more than me beat that
Hussain Awan
Hussain Awan Dag sedan
It actually has been 4 years
??? Dag sedan
She might garbage when it comes to social abilities but at least she isn't a TRASH CAN'T *hahahahahahah*. (ˢᵒʳʳʸ ᵐʸ ᵇᵃᵈ)
ThE_b0T_01 Dag sedan
Why are we like the same person???
Mark Leonel Misola
Mark Leonel Misola Dag sedan
Pro tip:when zoning use your handkerchief to cover your eyes or look down
DJ SonicSwag
DJ SonicSwag Dag sedan
Just watching this video now is how I am right now and I agree with these stories and I suck at talking sometimes
Lumos Maxima
Lumos Maxima 2 dagar sedan
Hey uh jaiden remember when you said that when you are at stores and don’t know where stuff is you don’t ask anyone So you ask your mom I do that to
Lumos Maxima
Lumos Maxima 2 dagar sedan
When I was little I used to love going to stores and stuff and I went to the lego store to see the Harry Potter legos and when I get there in the Harry Potter section are boys even worse TEENAGE BOYS my worst fear (other than clowns and the things that’s worse then teenage boys is teenage boys in trucks) and so I’m just lingering akwardly around the middle section of the store waiting until they leave so I can go see the Harry Potter legos (I’m sorry if you are a teenage boy it’s just my 12 year old self was terrified of teenage boys)
Lumos Maxima
Lumos Maxima 2 dagar sedan
Me to i am AKWARD that’s why I love your AKWARD Hoodie
Solar Gaming
Solar Gaming 2 dagar sedan
4 years later yes cringe
Ian Flood
Ian Flood 2 dagar sedan
"Penne pasta with tomato sauce"? Don't you mean penne pasta with no sauce?
Xx_CømfiFøx _xX
Xx_CømfiFøx _xX 2 dagar sedan
The first story i can relate too but i was a flustered lesbian-
Jeremy West
Jeremy West 2 dagar sedan
Penney with tomato sauce😵😵😵
James Smith
James Smith 2 dagar sedan
Hmm 4 years later your time of being tortured by awkwardness that year had ended
Animeteor 2 dagar sedan
Legend says, she's still cringing to this day.
Riley Hubisz
Riley Hubisz 3 dagar sedan
What's your name? Ask me later I'm busy
Simon Weymans
Simon Weymans 3 dagar sedan
I like people that akward
The drawer
The drawer 3 dagar sedan
Sarah Chen
Sarah Chen 3 dagar sedan
So this one time I and my siblings were eating grapes and having a conversation and then my brother calls himself a grape as I was walking upstairs then I yelled "YOUR NOT A GRAPE! I'M A GRAPE!!"
KITTEN 3 dagar sedan
I need a part two. Please.
ᴍɪʟᴋʏᴍᴀʟᴀᴋ 3 dagar sedan
*pathta with no thauthe*
Hyper 3 dagar sedan
I can relate to this
AndNald 3 dagar sedan
4:09 only the people that understands espanish will undertand XD
Kimberly Kiilerich
Kimberly Kiilerich 3 dagar sedan
1. My teacher: happy birthday Me: thank you, you too. 2. Me with my classmate: awkward silence while I make a plan to NOT make it awkward. But then I start talking and then I make a mistake and keep talking and trying to fix that mistake......but no it was dead silent afterwards I cringed the whole week. 3. Waitress/ waiter: enjoy your meal. Me: *smiling because there’s food* you to...*dead* 4. Me: *trying to fist bump my friend* Her:* doing high five* After 10000000 try’s we finally get it right. 5. My teacher: good morning everyone Me: good morning mOm.....* cringe* 6. Me: *having a scene in my head while staring at the white board Teacher: hello? I asked you a question. 7. Me: *stretching* Teacher: yes? Do you have a question? 8. Me:Breaking down in class Also me( my brain): no no no no not again. 9. Someone: waving in my direction Me: waving back * come a person behind me while waving to that someone who waved* 10. Me in a awkward situation: well this is awkward * making it more awkward* Person I’m talking to: yeah......
RiriChu 4 dagar sedan
Lol jaiden I’m weird too
moinickcres 4 dagar sedan
OGlemon 4 dagar sedan
Story time| so I was out at an ice cream shop. It was kinda loud there but I had already known what I was gonna order. When we got up to the stand where you order I say what I want and I was so nervous to order for some reason bc I felt like I was gonna mess it up. My mom whispered in my ear about 3 times to speak louder whilst I was stuttering. After I ordered I felt scarred for life that I completely embarrassed myself when I was ordering. Therefore I do the safe thing you do from now on. I plan what I’m gonna say b4 I speak
Manaia West
Manaia West 4 dagar sedan
3:51 are you sure you didn't want "pasta with no sauce"
Tower Times Gaming
Tower Times Gaming 4 dagar sedan
IT'S BEEN 4 YEARS JAIDEN!!! TIME TO CRINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Harry Jones
Harry Jones 4 dagar sedan
Legend has it jaiden’s still cringing about this video today
Random Person
Random Person 4 dagar sedan
I'm awkwarrrd
Charlie Cochran
Charlie Cochran 4 dagar sedan
The funny part is I’m watching the 4 years after it was released
TYLER SCHADEL 4 dagar sedan
My birthday was yesterday
Speedy Boi
Speedy Boi 4 dagar sedan
Well once a girl told me you are cute after a bit of some stupid small talk and i froze and i turned around and almost vomited in the stairway near I still think of this after a few years
Anonymous 3000
Anonymous 3000 5 dagar sedan
Once my group changed the professor cuz she was so strict and unfair to us , she saw me near her class and came asked me “why u change class didn’t u like my lessons“ i didn’t know wat to say so i said “yes”and than i just stood there thinking wth i said and thinking how I change this but she just walked away before i say anything ,after that every time i saw her i hide
just an alt
just an alt 5 dagar sedan
0:20 Video was *4 years ago*
Aden Stevenson
Aden Stevenson 6 dagar sedan
I've done the blank stare thing before and it's kinda weird
Sava Mihajlovic
Sava Mihajlovic 6 dagar sedan
Jaiden your brain looks like a pink cloud
Kasia Pawelek
Kasia Pawelek 6 dagar sedan
I started watching this video then I stared at the power outlet and thinking “wow it’s really white” Lol
Ace Phoenix
Ace Phoenix 6 dagar sedan
Well.. are you still cringing?
ACB IXI 6 dagar sedan
Hmmm. I see . This is awesome stuff
Super Killer165
Super Killer165 6 dagar sedan
You still cringing?
EcstaticFungus 7 dagar sedan
lol i allways think i have tooth paste on my face and if some one tells me that im like crap🤪🤪🤪😝😝😝🤨👁😢
Carol Zhang
Carol Zhang 7 dagar sedan
99% of the comment section: introverts Me: am I an introvert or an extrovert? BoTh Also me: slaps forehead
Connor Kubischta
Connor Kubischta 7 dagar sedan
Join the club Jaiden.
NeedAPillow 7 dagar sedan
4 years passed... *the curse was broken*
Adrian Flo
Adrian Flo 7 dagar sedan
That really isnt being too awkward, that is pretty normal.
Celicae Grace
Celicae Grace 7 dagar sedan
i live in anchorage to be america
maximus bensusen home account
maximus bensusen home account 7 dagar sedan
Mumbo jumbo ginger glazed mahi mahi fromage a blanc
Kara Afton UwU
Kara Afton UwU 7 dagar sedan
Anita Shafeazadeh
Anita Shafeazadeh 7 dagar sedan
I'm watching this 4 years after it was posted
Peyton Chambers
Peyton Chambers 8 dagar sedan
you heard of my guys....jaiden says lesbian rights 😌✨
{•Mxcy•} 8 dagar sedan
*4 years ago*
sophie caswell
sophie caswell 8 dagar sedan
Hmm times I’ve died in public... Well there was that one time two years ago I was at the school cross country and it was my grades time to ‘race’ or whatever. So we all went there, lined up, and then the starting gun fired... I ran because I though ‘why not put in an effort’. I got like two hundred meters away, just chilling running next to my male mates, when I realised people were calling my name. I look back... and all the other girls were at siding at the starting line staring at me. I ran at the wrong time. I was so humiliated, but I still had to walk back to the starting so they could start. Another time I mentally wanted to disappear, you say? Well how about all the times I’ve messed up trying to buy something and wanted to crawl away into a hole. A few months ago I was getting a large popcorn chicken and chips from KFC but I saw the board and it said maximum so I decided I’d better say that so the cashier can be confused (I’m dumb, I know) but when I went up and attempted to order, I was like “Hello I’d like the popcorn chicken, max...maxi...max...whatever.” Thankfully he knew what I was trying to say which I suddenly decided I had no idea how to pronounce. Another time I was trying to get some chicken medallions from my school canteen. That’s all I wanted. But I was so focused on getting what I wanted (four medallions) I forgot the actual word and stood there in front of everyone, pointing dumbly at them and saying four. Well they only gave me 3 (they’re busy people give em a break) and when I was paying, the cashier was like “how many?” She looked in the small bag as I said four. idk if they charged me for four, I didn’t get a receipt. But I only got 3. And then a few months ago I was with a friend ( and a friend of a friend) and we were getting burgers. I wanted one chicken (I’m seeing a patten here) burger and a nice Looking pulled pork and chip combination. And when the guy asked if I wanted chips with the burger I was like ”...yes” cause I wanted the side I just mentioned. Turns out I got the burger, the pulled pork and chips, and an additional punch of chips. I spent nearly $40! Couldn't finish it all either. Moral? I suck in public and I spend too much money that I do not have.
Hannah T
Hannah T 8 dagar sedan
I kinda relate to the zone out staring, but on the other side. I was at camp and the same girls would sit at a table with me, and the one across from me (when she was done eating) would zone out and stare at my food. And it became a thing
Jobo Atayde
Jobo Atayde 9 dagar sedan
Shmango Mango
Shmango Mango 9 dagar sedan
You could start small talk by saying hello how is your day
Luxen Morris
Luxen Morris 9 dagar sedan
Hey jaiden, u still cringing?
N & L Animations
N & L Animations 9 dagar sedan
0:23 *well it’s been 4 years*
E Google
E Google 9 dagar sedan
The most annoying channel . You talk too much.
TheRayWay 9 dagar sedan
Wow for once I'm not the only one with the bad small talk
Meranti Slp
Meranti Slp 13 dagar sedan
Hey Jaiden if I grow up I will be a aminator and gonna share to SVfrom and I am ian ian 8 Jaiden when I start animations please let me in your group animations
ChloeMashups 14 dagar sedan
jaiden: “and then cringe about it for the next 4 years” youtube: *this video was from 4 years ago*
McIntyre 14 dagar sedan
Im also garbage at smal talk so we better not meet in public or its gunna be frikin akward
McIntyre 14 dagar sedan
I luv ur vids pls continue to create ;)
AshTheIntroverted 14 dagar sedan
I know this is common but one time I told the employee at the ticket stand “you too” when they told me to enjoy the movie. She saw the look on my face when I realized what I said and just laughed and told me, “don’t worry you’re not the first!” And that made me feel better ☺️
Dart Animates
Dart Animates 15 dagar sedan
Aight here’s my cringe inducing stories. So I went to this church camp, and that day my hair was nice a floofy. My friend kept batting at it, like a cat. Then I finally snapped at her and she stopped. Later a little girl came up behind me while I was sitting, and was about to bat at my hair. Well my friend turned to the girl and said “she gets angry when you do that.” Aight here comes the cringe. The little girl walked away but I didn’t want to upset a lil kid so I turned around and said to a person walking behind me who was younger than me (I had assumed it was the little kid) and said “it’s totally fine. Do what you want to my hair.” BUT IT WASNT THE LITTLE GIRL FROM EARLIER AHAHAHA. I confused that person so much and I cringed for the rest of the day. My second cringe story! (This is me when I was REALLY lil btw) Me: *gets lost in a crowd and tries to find my (bald) Dad.* Me: *sees a bald man my Dad’s height runs over to him and grabs his arm.* Him: *looks down confused why this little girl is grabbing him* Me: Daddy. *continues to walk with stranger* Him: Wha- My brother: *finds me* My brother: Why are you grabbing a strange man’s arm? Me: *c r i n g e*
Alex Adventures
Alex Adventures 15 dagar sedan
My mom: have a nice meal Me: you too! Wait what the heck?! Teacher: enjoy detention Me: you too! Teacher: D:
Victor Angel Huarniz Colquicocha
Victor Angel Huarniz Colquicocha 15 dagar sedan
Imagine the Part 2 of this video now in 2020
Multizik 64
Multizik 64 16 dagar sedan
When someone whishes you happy birthday and you say you to
GachaPotato Person
GachaPotato Person 16 dagar sedan
Me and my best friend we call ourselves the socially awkward idiots
Aris Drawing
Aris Drawing 16 dagar sedan
Jaiden: not that being a lesbian is a bad thing Me: waits for a coming out video
Sam Gow
Sam Gow 17 dagar sedan
Yeah, I had a moment when my grandmother said to me: "Happy Birthday!" My excellent response: "You Too!"
Sunnyflower Plays
Sunnyflower Plays 17 dagar sedan
*my awkward moment in school:* them: thank you! me: its ok. them: walks away.. my mind: *i hate myself*
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 17 dagar sedan
When someone wishes me happy birthday Me: Same to you :) *Mission failed we'll get em next time*
Lynette Riddle
Lynette Riddle 17 dagar sedan
Me too, I’m so naturally awkward that I make the simplest situations awkward. I feel we could awkwardly get along well,
Femme Funtime
Femme Funtime 17 dagar sedan
Jaiden the flustered lesbian ❤️
the bread
the bread 18 dagar sedan
3:41i do this too
Gub Gub
Gub Gub 18 dagar sedan
pathtawifnothauce 3:51
enrique espinoza
enrique espinoza 18 dagar sedan
So there I am in middle school, my middle school crush is at the front right where the garbage is at. I need to throw something away but I’ve already gotten up to throw something away TWICE!!! If I get up another time people are gonna know I like her! So there I am profusely sweating, mustering all the courage I could get to just get up, and throw this balled up piece of paper away. I eventually gather up the courage, head down, walking towards the garbage can when suddenly I feel so many eyes on me! Maybe my pants don’t match the hoodie I have on! Maybe I have a stain!! So I successfully throw my shit away, scurry on back to my desk and just sit there just knowing everyone thinks I’m a humongous loser. All I did was get up a throw some trash away. Those were the golden days of me being awkward LMFAOOO
Samey Matuku
Samey Matuku 19 dagar sedan
Your not awkward
the zombified gamer
the zombified gamer 19 dagar sedan
Me too, Jaiden. Me too
Luella Downs
Luella Downs 20 dagar sedan
Yes please for a part two!
sama natour
sama natour 20 dagar sedan
I remember it was the first day of school and we were just getting interduced to our teachers, she asked us about our names, and then she asked us a question, and I raised my hand to answer her question, and I decided I wanted to answer "no", Wich was a reasonable answer. And then she choosed me, and she said something but I didn't hear it, so I just answered the question and said "no". And that's when she gave me a wierd look, and then she said: "your name is "no"?" 😳😳😳😳
sama natour
sama natour 20 dagar sedan
Once I was in the park and a random girl asked me if she can borrow my bike, and I didn't want her to ride my bike, so here's what happened: Random girl: hey, can I borrow your bike, please. Me: um, no thank you, I broke my bike. Random girl: um, ok. It's funny cuz I said "thank you" and because I told her I broke my bike, while the bike was right there behind me, as good as new. I could have just said"no"
Almighty Duke
Almighty Duke 20 dagar sedan
You we're out of line for calling her tall for her grade
Moon_Wolves3 •_•
Moon_Wolves3 •_• 20 dagar sedan
"that you will cringe over for the next 4 years!" *Posted four years ago* Me: hmmmm... Does she remember this?
Kate Freeman
Kate Freeman 21 dag sedan
Make another 👍
Ellie’s World
Ellie’s World 21 dag sedan
0:19 it has been four years since you posted this, and this is a coincidence XD
Oliver the Brave
Oliver the Brave 22 dagar sedan
It’s said when the 4 years ended they still cringed
Tyler Bailey
Tyler Bailey 23 dagar sedan
Jaiden's awkwardness is adorable and that's why we love her.
Mik 23 dagar sedan
Guess Jaiden cringe for this video for 4 years. Welp I guess she forgot since 4 years have already passed
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