I Hate High Heels

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6 år sedan

yO to all the "tallness-1up-ers" in the comments goin 'EhGHuuMMM you're 5'7"? phtt that's not tall at all i'm 7'3" thank u' chill out for a sec and realize the average japanese woman (which i am) is 5'2" so THERE this has been a public service announcement to the annoyingly judgemental thx and have a nice day
Haven't you ever tried to walk in high heels? Yes, guys, I'm talking to you, too. Well I have, and let me tell you... You've gotta have MAD SKILLS to master the art of walking in those demons.

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Music: The Prognosticator by SkipPeck

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D For that, you get a a free ice pack for all the future injuries you will get when you try on heels!

The UwU Queen
The UwU Queen 2 timmar sedan
This was in my recommendations.... after 6 years :)
Nicole13_ xoxo
Nicole13_ xoxo 2 timmar sedan
I’m 5’2 and 14 years old I feel as if I have to wear heels as all my friends are all like 5’9 (my best friend is exactly this tall) but I have had to learn
•Eva _playz ッ•
•Eva _playz ッ• 8 timmar sedan
This is so old-
《你好》。Duck。 12 timmar sedan
HA you should try wearing Patrick’s heels for a day
TSZ KIU TRISTA LIU 14 timmar sedan
I hate heels too
ゆきひめくろ 14 timmar sedan
I like memes too
14 15 timmar sedan
so ur a jeraf
Wolfie Cookie Playz Wolfie Cookie Playz
Wolfie Cookie Playz Wolfie Cookie Playz 22 timmar sedan
“I’m one of those girls.” Jaiden, I feel your pain. Same here.
Jade Dragon
Jade Dragon Dag sedan
Why did this get recommended to Me lmao
Krum Kirilov
Krum Kirilov Dag sedan
I love this old style
lilly and br
lilly and br Dag sedan
I can wear high heels
J Vlogs YT
J Vlogs YT Dag sedan
I am a guy so I dont know if this works but if you wear high heels or high shoes if you go to a fair you can go on any ride unless if you are tall
Fat bastard. CartoonyMartini
Fat bastard. CartoonyMartini Dag sedan
Im tall too . Im taller than mostt ppl. Im about to be 6.1
Pink Does Gaming
Pink Does Gaming 2 dagar sedan
instead of wearing heels to make myself look super glamourous, i wear them for the extra height. I am literally the same height as jaiden in this video. Ahem, I want to be a monster :>
Rania Hussain
Rania Hussain 2 dagar sedan
I can wear heels but at first I was lime you girl I feel you
William Afton
William Afton 2 dagar sedan
Does this mean jaiden dosnt go to heel on partys
•søft_ Møcha•
•søft_ Møcha• 2 dagar sedan
I hate heels to 😂
Chloe Bond-Goyetche
Chloe Bond-Goyetche 2 dagar sedan
Im 5'5 and just wear platform sneakers!
Bone Napper Deadly
Bone Napper Deadly 2 dagar sedan
I ALSO HATE high heels the first time I wore them I Hated them
Evening -Low
Evening -Low 2 dagar sedan
I’m a dancer... A ballet dancer.. I’ve just started pointe... look it up. THATS NOT TO SAY HEELS ARENT HARD AND YOU’RE BEING PATHETIC... But like.... heh.... Pointe is hard.
alice!! 2 dagar sedan
this was recommended to me now 6 years later
Les Mortimers
Les Mortimers 2 dagar sedan
Block heels. That’s the secret.
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 2 dagar sedan
I am fine with heels personally. My feet can be at a 74° angle and still walk amazingly
Topaz Nightengale
Topaz Nightengale 2 dagar sedan
I just wear flats... won’t even attempt heels anymore
Dr.gengar125 3 dagar sedan
I got this 6 years later
Leila Wescott
Leila Wescott 3 dagar sedan
Why am I watching this 6 years after it was made
??? 3 dagar sedan
As a guy i can tell that i agree with her
Shana Mosley
Shana Mosley 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden: 5,7 Me as a 11 year old: 5,9 Me: I- no- s h o o k
Dirty Apron Restaurant
Dirty Apron Restaurant 3 dagar sedan
The tufts in her hair evolves as she gets better at her skill
Kaitlyn Hernandez
Kaitlyn Hernandez 3 dagar sedan
I actually wore gold converse style shoes with gold rhinestones on the toes under a giant poofy gold ball gown for prom. There was actually a rule that said we had to wear dress shoes and they checked them at the door. But I used my big dress to my advantage and made a big deal of pushing my giant skirt back as if I could only show the toes of my shoes which looked like any bedazzled dress shoe and I was let in without any problems. Mwahahah take that high school vice principal that ...honestly was just doing her job.....
TIFFANY_CHANʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ 3 dagar sedan
I dont like high heels to
Frappe - Girl
Frappe - Girl 3 dagar sedan
Their so annoying lol
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh 3 dagar sedan
Lil 'Biz
Lil 'Biz 3 dagar sedan
Jaiden is that how you dance no offence. do you know high heels are really for boys cause some boys on some country are small
Raiah T
Raiah T 3 dagar sedan
Me too Jaiden, me too
Sxnset Sxftii
Sxnset Sxftii 3 dagar sedan
How long did it take for your channel to become popular
The Driest Penguin
The Driest Penguin 3 dagar sedan
Heels should not.exist I’m just saying
Sophie Brown
Sophie Brown 4 dagar sedan
Lol it’s not that bad y’all she’s just an enthusiast she likes to be over dramatic (no hate)
Pepe Mora
Pepe Mora 4 dagar sedan
The audio quality is on par with club penguin and I like that, it's genuinely cute
im Clarissa
im Clarissa 4 dagar sedan
I wear high heels at school
Sleepy _Hill
Sleepy _Hill 4 dagar sedan
I remember wearing a pair of Adidas in my first school dance then converses in the second XD. Some really great times.
Yuck Its me
Yuck Its me 4 dagar sedan
very old video
UTellMeWhatItShouldBe 5 dagar sedan
Also Jared says u r right high heels r rlly dumb
tony the gamer
tony the gamer 5 dagar sedan
TheCorbinverse 5 dagar sedan
I just saw this on my recommended XD
Lara alsubhi
Lara alsubhi 5 dagar sedan
Ya me too I don’t like not only high heels I don’t like all the heels
Lara alsubhi
Lara alsubhi 5 dagar sedan
And I don’t need heel because I’m tall I’m 13 and I’m 162 Centimeter
xSolid Waterx
xSolid Waterx 5 dagar sedan
Jaidens mic quality is as bad as my eyesight.
IronHarpoon 5 dagar sedan
Wow, never knew jaiden was japanese!
Shadow Angel
Shadow Angel 6 dagar sedan
Heels always looked uncomfortable, anyway.
Lorena Sandoval
Lorena Sandoval 6 dagar sedan
I'm really good at wearing heels and i'm 11 sooo
c nunn
c nunn 6 dagar sedan
Uhhhh when was this made? Cus its kinda bad lol sorry
Kakashi Sensei
Kakashi Sensei 6 dagar sedan
6 years ago 😱
EAGLESTAR MARTIN 6 dagar sedan
High heels were originally made for men. They were use by riders to keep them in the sturrups
Mr Pufferfish
Mr Pufferfish 6 dagar sedan
SVfrom : do you like 6/yo video Me : what?? 😐 SVfrom : what do you like to
Boba Teaa
Boba Teaa 6 dagar sedan
Jaiden , how do you feel knowing a 12 year old girl is only 5 inches shorter than you?
IronHarpoon 5 dagar sedan
you know, she was 16 at the time of making that video.
Bella McDonald
Bella McDonald 6 dagar sedan
Hah try Pointe shoes
Aaisha Ismail
Aaisha Ismail 6 dagar sedan
The first time I wore heels was for my brother's wedding, and i hated them, so much, that I kicks them under the table
naisha sis and sis power
naisha sis and sis power 6 dagar sedan
My father-if you grow up you will start wearing heals because you are to girly Me-DAD..I am not girly because I am a tomboy. I LIKE WEARING JEANS AND A NORMAL SHIRT THATS IT AND I AM NOT WEARING HEALS WHEN I GROW UP >::(
Lixxyキティ 6 dagar sedan
I wear high heels to be taller than my older sister.
I hate Cocomelon
I hate Cocomelon 6 dagar sedan
Baby Jaiden!
kaden dale
kaden dale 7 dagar sedan
I'm turning 12 and 2 and 1/2 months and you're only two inches taller than me
Kailyn Stromer
Kailyn Stromer 7 dagar sedan
I personally have never been a fan of high heels. Im already kinda tall because I am 5’10” so not necessarily my favorite shoes
Maymuna Osman
Maymuna Osman 7 dagar sedan
We’re flats
Kiwi Karp
Kiwi Karp 8 dagar sedan
I remember when this was the newest video on her channel.
não sei
não sei 8 dagar sedan
lol i readed the title as "i have high feels"
Lydia Lin
Lydia Lin 8 dagar sedan
Oh lol
Lyddia Sofia
Lyddia Sofia 8 dagar sedan
Your not the only one
Lydia Lin
Lydia Lin 8 dagar sedan
Forgive me, *YOU’RE**
Avari Cloud
Avari Cloud 8 dagar sedan
I can run in heels lol
Mr. Wafflehead
Mr. Wafflehead 9 dagar sedan
You wear a toga to dances?
Lydia Lin
Lydia Lin 8 dagar sedan
@Mr. Wafflehead k then
Mr. Wafflehead
Mr. Wafflehead 8 dagar sedan
@Lydia Lin perhaps, dude I’m just having fun and joking around
Lydia Lin
Lydia Lin 8 dagar sedan
@Mr. Wafflehead umm no it’s a type of dress, are you a boy?
Mr. Wafflehead
Mr. Wafflehead 8 dagar sedan
@Lydia Lin it’s like a toga with an extra strap
Lydia Lin
Lydia Lin 8 dagar sedan
That’s not a toga lol
Dulguun Tumurbaatar
Dulguun Tumurbaatar 9 dagar sedan
I know high heels are the worst!
spookith the one
spookith the one 9 dagar sedan
I'm not a girl but if I were I would have a rule that the front part of the shoe cannot be longer than 2 in and the back part cannot be longer than 2 1/2 in
Z.B B 9 dagar sedan
I have the greatest balance in the world due to the fact that I have been doing ballet for 5 years . Give it a shot
Rubywing4 10 dagar sedan
Totally agree, I hate high heels too, who needs extra height? If you're tall, you don't need them. If you're short, the few extra inches/centimeters probably isn't going to do too much for you, you may as well just stand on your toes like a raptor. In fact, raptor stand should be the norm rather than high heels that destroy your feet and make you fall. :)
Legerine 10 dagar sedan
comfort trumps style every time for me.
Savannah and My dog Elle
Savannah and My dog Elle 11 dagar sedan
Ima bruh girl for life- Anyone else??
Jay'vonn Hammond
Jay'vonn Hammond 11 dagar sedan
Ah yes the 4 animation
DJmcRUSH 12 dagar sedan
She's come so far 🥰
Royale_Vids 12 dagar sedan
And this is why I don't wear heels 👠
Catherine Humphrey
Catherine Humphrey 12 dagar sedan
Daylan Jones
Daylan Jones 12 dagar sedan
half of people hate high heels
jonni-lea jenkins
jonni-lea jenkins 14 dagar sedan
My sis got blisters on ALL *OF* her toes
Phoebe Comfort
Phoebe Comfort 14 dagar sedan
I wonder if she will heart this comment or pin this coment eavin tho this is 6 years or more if you are in the future
Phoebe Comfort
Phoebe Comfort 14 dagar sedan
This is sooo old
All in one TV
All in one TV 15 dagar sedan
Ok, yes I agree that those heels are pretty dang annoying. And I hate them. And that’s why I wear sandals, wedges or hill heels at a formal/party - like occasion. (I’m on my brothers acc. I swear I’m a girl. Not a boy)
Gummy 15 dagar sedan
Oh btw trick for heels for those out there just walk on your tippy toes instead of putting your heels down until u get used to it
Terese Daigle
Terese Daigle 16 dagar sedan
A study has proved that heels actually damage your ankles, so yeeeaaaahhhhh..... Balancing in heels would make a really cool sport tho
rylie nichols
rylie nichols 16 dagar sedan
baby jaiden
Eliza Knight
Eliza Knight 16 dagar sedan
She is so similar to me when it come to shoes. I bought a bunch of low heel sandal for dresses. I had been wearing sport shoes for years, no matter what clothes I wear that day.
Jesper Aung
Jesper Aung 17 dagar sedan
Is it weird to wear high heels and be a guy
Amethyst_Ninetails 17 dagar sedan
Pppssshhhh, who needs shoes in general. Everybody, from this day forward we will all walk barefoot everywhere!
Lucarizard Art & games
Lucarizard Art & games 17 dagar sedan
OMG you’re a copy of @catzun JK animators are different and I watch both of you and like both of you
Play puppy gacha
Play puppy gacha 18 dagar sedan
U should where sandels
Stephanie Schanel
Stephanie Schanel 18 dagar sedan
Your mom is little bit rude
Wisdom For All
Wisdom For All 18 dagar sedan
I honestly don't understand why high heels are a thing. They're one of the things that make me think fashion is more about looking good than being comfortable. That philosophy to me at least is complete garbage. If style and comfort aren't properly combined in an outfit, what's the point?
anime epic
anime epic 18 dagar sedan
this art style i prefer
paulo 17 dagar sedan
Sadly, she won't use it anymore
[Not My Art] Sokka
[Not My Art] Sokka 18 dagar sedan
1:23 Why is your mom shorter than you?
thatone youngergirl
thatone youngergirl 19 dagar sedan
If you didn’t know, High Heels injure your feet. High heels can break your feet from your foot’s heel going to high.
Angela Robinson
Angela Robinson 19 dagar sedan
Look for new gummy bear album's in store on November 13th
Jafna Alam
Jafna Alam 19 dagar sedan
Same lol
TheAnimationMaker 19 dagar sedan
Press F for Old Jaiden
The Skystar Bell animation
The Skystar Bell animation 19 dagar sedan
You Don’t need to wear high heels 👠 to be beautiful all you need is to be you!😀
Lieven GalacticTraveler
Lieven GalacticTraveler 20 dagar sedan
😉Flat and large foots here. So i I wear orthopedic insoles. I must go to the man section or go in a special shoes shop or else my feet are squeeze .
Leo The Muffen
Leo The Muffen 20 dagar sedan
I hate those shoes to lol
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