I Hate Reading

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does this make me dumb :(

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Lightning McQueen
Lightning McQueen Timme sedan
right now i’m forced to read romeo and juliet and it’s pain
_Akari _is_me_
_Akari _is_me_ Timme sedan
2:28 *Everyone liked that*
Galaxy Eevee
Galaxy Eevee 2 timmar sedan
Parents don't want us on our electronics all the time but they don't want us doing nothing all day. Pick one parents! Also books are just as bad as video games in my opinion?
Erik Hernández
Erik Hernández 2 timmar sedan
I hate being forced to read, I hate reading in general
EST ANARCHY 3 timmar sedan
Read Calvin and Hobbes :p
Hexer 4 timmar sedan
I was an avid reader, even being in many honors classes because of it, but I just kinda stopped. It's all because authors just write the same damn things now. I love action fantasy sorta books, and it seems like they can all be boiled down to "MC finds they have strange power/artifact, parents revealed to be special somehow, escape bad guy, run into opposite gender friend or possibly ally, form love interest, stop bad guy, form relationship, the end". This just kinda killed my interest in reading, especially since I always stay away from romance because I feel like 9/10 times it pulls away from the story. The other reason is just time now, back in the day I always had work done in advance so study hall was prime reading time, while I could still play with friends at home, but now I just don't have that luxury.
toasterroven 5 timmar sedan
i cannot express to you how much i hated animal farm. my pure fucking hatred for that book makes me want to do all of my missing work right now as if my adhd doesnt exist
Nathaniel Weiss
Nathaniel Weiss 5 timmar sedan
“I like Ryukar. He plays MARIO MAKER OwO”
Don’t mind me
Don’t mind me 6 timmar sedan
We’ll, I am a big bookworm. I read two popular book’s called „A land of stories“ (New York best seller) and Harry Potter (favorite character: A prisoner from Azkaban, Lupin is the best). But, yeah, there are other hobbies that I love: Playing video games (Undertale, Deltarune, blah blah blah), Drawing & Editing and definitely listening to music
Divya Dixit
Divya Dixit 6 timmar sedan
You said Geronimo Stilton!!? Yup I can relate ;)
Max Prime Jr
Max Prime Jr 6 timmar sedan
Same I hate reading
{aestheticFlamingo} 7 timmar sedan
you should read the book called Girl, Stolen, its really good and its my favorite, then read the sequel, Count all her Bones =)
Easton Layne
Easton Layne 7 timmar sedan
0:56 No offense but Warriors is one of my favorite series yet, but since your allergic to cats, I guess that uhh... sucks for you. It's literally built in a forest of cats. Not a furry, 10 / 10, would recommend.
Catz 8 timmar sedan
Do u hate reading? Read on if u hate reading! Um..well..uhhhh Ferrets are rad, that’s all Why did u press read more I THOUGHT U HATED READING U LIER 😱😱😱
Isabelle Jackson
Isabelle Jackson 9 timmar sedan
Did anybody else attempt to read the words in the background
FLUFFTHEBUN PEEPS 9 timmar sedan
I’m the gilbglobsomethingsomething
UNC animation
UNC animation 9 timmar sedan
the only book that i read and it actually was fun was metro 2033
CrafterMax HD
CrafterMax HD 10 timmar sedan
3:55 do you mean the secret continent? Because thats a great book.
The Mayday Man
The Mayday Man 10 timmar sedan
Dude Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Wings of Fire
Random_boi_500 11 timmar sedan
My moms a writer (and i didn’t really like video games) so I love reading and I have fun analyzing fun books but my mom never forced me to read it was always my choice so that was probably a big thing to it
Door 11 timmar sedan
i finished a 400-page book in 3 hours. *and i still don't get the point of reading.*
Time_YT 11 timmar sedan
I absolutely despise reading books but the only ones that I can sit through are the diary of a wimpy books and the dog man books.
Boyisnak :[
Boyisnak :[ 14 timmar sedan
tbh I do hate reading but sometimes like it
Sakurablossom 16 timmar sedan
I’m here reading warriors while watching the book I’m reading appear in Jaidens video
Secret Names
Secret Names 17 timmar sedan
1:10 So I did some background reading and was very interested in "let's talk about how I became a furry"
Tyler Armstrong
Tyler Armstrong 17 timmar sedan
During the scarlet letter I told a "very believible" lie that one of the characters died via bear attack and it became a meme among my English class
aerodynamichotdog 18 timmar sedan
I feel like more people would like reading if we weren't forced to read books we had no interest in.
Etran Gray-Mane
Etran Gray-Mane 18 timmar sedan
I think I know what the problem is with parents forcing their kids to read before they do what they want: It turns reading into a literal chore. And no kid likes doing chores during vacation.
Dylanfinder 19 timmar sedan
hate reading gang
Noah Anderson
Noah Anderson 20 timmar sedan
"how am i supposed to know the A means adultry?" well, they do say it like twenty times in the scarlet letter.
DDeathRaiderX 21 timme sedan
Hector M
Hector M 21 timme sedan
I love reading
Magical Doggies
Magical Doggies 22 timmar sedan
Ok I don’t agree with this I like reading but not forced to. It’s really cool but not when you do it in school
Ana Lane
Ana Lane 22 timmar sedan
ice the irken
ice the irken 22 timmar sedan
Pamela El-Temawi
Pamela El-Temawi 23 timmar sedan
Trash Can king
Trash Can king Dag sedan
I agree with your opinion so badly
Trash Can king
Trash Can king Dag sedan
Except for manga
Trash Can king
Trash Can king Dag sedan
Books should die :>
Cadeboy13 Dag sedan
For some reason I find books more interesting if they're forced on me. I like a lot of the books school gives me, but i can never find one i want on my own.
I Have No Name [GD]
I Have No Name [GD] Dag sedan
Were You Supposed To Say Funky?
shadowgandalf Dag sedan
I love reading. I always read sorta.. semi-aloud to myself and I give the characters different voices and try to perform their personalities. It's quite fun reading that way. You kinda get more invested in the story and characters. I do it for text based games too.
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Dag sedan
yoooo jaiden and her brother paused mario kart
Jackster Draws
Jackster Draws Dag sedan
I like reading, but I've been doing it less because I've been focusing on school and yt.
AnjaDragon Dag sedan
I dont know if you like Anime but if you do you could try reading the manga its the only thing I read
TheDerper Dag sedan
i cant believe someone is actually like me
Ivan Morales
Ivan Morales Dag sedan
I couldn't agree more i hate reading too 😐
Lightfleece Dag sedan
all Asian parents think alike except its 10 not 2
Harsh Channel
Harsh Channel Dag sedan
Boooooo I hate reading this is garbage
icyhazel Dag sedan
How to make a kid want to read a book: tell them they can't until they are a certain age.
Karl Salif Michael LEGER
Karl Salif Michael LEGER Dag sedan
i hate reading too
Alice Incognito
Alice Incognito Dag sedan
I relate I hate reading
childerich ong
childerich ong Dag sedan
Jaiden:I was able to crush a 300 pager in 2 days me who finished 3 novels in 1 day: amateurs! XD
Chonky Temmie
Chonky Temmie Dag sedan
I hate reading too dude, I was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, even when schools would force me to read I'd just zone out and follow along without actually reading, untill it was my turn to read. I hated being forced to read, just like I hated being forced to do anything in my life, and the fact that the books couldn't hold my focus made it even more frustrating, now I dont even try with it anymore.
Anime crazy
Anime crazy Dag sedan
Pinguin Dag sedan
moral of the story the education system sucks
Azamedi Playz
Azamedi Playz Dag sedan
I remember, there was this book I bought that looked cool on the cover from a bookfair, and I didn’t notice that it was a world classic. After a while since I didn’t wanna read it my mom started to force me into it. Put me into the living room, close the door, and force me to read. At one point I just started.. reading thru the book without understanding anything. Like I would read the sentences yes, but I wouldn’t know what was happening at all. Somehow, I finished that book and moved to a series that I. Wanted to read myself. I loved the first book and I’m currently on the 3rd, and it’s a really cool series. (It’s narnia)
mercy Dag sedan
why does the thumbnail look like the ghostbusters ghost thingy XD
Lucas Pine
Lucas Pine Dag sedan
Schools: *breathes in The Giver/Divergent/Blood On the River/ Steve Jobs speech/ Written in Bone*
Emma’s Art Gallery
Emma’s Art Gallery Dag sedan
Wait... I'm reading animal farm rn in school and I'm 12
Golden Gamer
Golden Gamer Dag sedan
Wait in the text Jaiden says she is a furry
Golden Gamer
Golden Gamer Dag sedan
Aidenjai opehay youway eesay histay I alsoway ikelay igpay atinlay
Mason Wade
Mason Wade Dag sedan
I do the same thing with just about anything my mom tells me to do.
Dolory Garcia
Dolory Garcia Dag sedan
Dolory Garcia
Dolory Garcia Dag sedan
Suite Boys
Suite Boys Dag sedan
I read a 530 pages
Nathan Hong
Nathan Hong Dag sedan
5:10 Is that a reference to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney bad ending?
Super - Rainbow
Super - Rainbow Dag sedan
Hey you should read manga it is most pictures it is a Japanese comic book
Super - Rainbow
Super - Rainbow Dag sedan
Never mind about I do if you don't like it that is just me
Super - Rainbow
Super - Rainbow Dag sedan
How I read at home listen to music and read so my brain focuses on the story and the music from how the world Is pretty much crumbling outside
eact410 Dag sedan
I love the warrior cat series it's my favorite book line UwU
Hailey Cayer
Hailey Cayer Dag sedan
I am loving that she included Warriors aka my favorite book series
Majora's Wrath
Majora's Wrath Dag sedan
Accurate. There have been a couple times I actually enjoyed the books given by school, and burned through them. But college? Unsustainable. I hate it. Tears me apart.
Rabbit Lover
Rabbit Lover Dag sedan
I'm literally the opposite I force my parents to buy me books-
Adin Mains
Adin Mains Dag sedan
Could you read good
Nintendo Fanboy
Nintendo Fanboy Dag sedan
I like books sad right 😢
Thectrqueen Medina
Thectrqueen Medina Dag sedan
👍 dune is a good book, go read it u guys!
Heterochromia cat animations
Heterochromia cat animations Dag sedan
I love reading
Ammy Hideyoshi
Ammy Hideyoshi Dag sedan
After thinking about it for awhile, reading emulates to me the same sensations real life traveling does, but in smaller amounts. My imagination goes very... Deep into details? (I'm a game designer/Illustrator) If the books describes a nice place with nice people, I feel like I am actually in a nice place with nice people. Sometimes not everything in a book feels "nice" to me, but a true journey has it's ups and downs. Facing fear, doubt and anger through imagination alone can be really enlightening when trying to understand yourself.
LeilaniGamez 2 dagar sedan
my friend code is 5069-9652-2313
O Noites
O Noites 2 dagar sedan
5:09 Is this an ace attorney reference? If so that's epic
Snappy Bois
Snappy Bois 2 dagar sedan
I'm reading that warriors book in school
Jack’s Jokes
Jack’s Jokes 2 dagar sedan
Juliet = lesbian✨
RexZar 2 dagar sedan
Very popular opinion
goddude1122 Video games and more
goddude1122 Video games and more 2 dagar sedan
You ever read Percy Jackson?
Midknightsnow 37
Midknightsnow 37 2 dagar sedan
2:29 moral of the story juliet was a lesbian
yash shimpi
yash shimpi 2 dagar sedan
Her voice sounded like killjoy from valorant
FancyMan 2 dagar sedan
Geronimo Stilton is baller
energized gaming matter
energized gaming matter 2 dagar sedan
OMG That book is my favorite I still read all of them to this day, Geronimo Stilton I love you.
Filip Miženko
Filip Miženko 2 dagar sedan
man i love this channel
Henry Stickman
Henry Stickman 2 dagar sedan
I have an entire shelf full of geronimo stilton's books
mr Von Damn
mr Von Damn 2 dagar sedan
Battle Bro
Battle Bro 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden I already watched all your videos in a loop
Fran Retep
Fran Retep 2 dagar sedan
Reading books is totally overrated!
Arktik1st 2 dagar sedan
I liked reading before school but then shit hit the fan
C u d d l y F i r e
C u d d l y F i r e 2 dagar sedan
Who here has read all of the Molly Moon books
Freya Llewellyn
Freya Llewellyn 2 dagar sedan
I ma just like jaiden but very younger
Kasen Riggs
Kasen Riggs 2 dagar sedan
I can read a 600 page in 5 hours
Michael Barringer
Michael Barringer 2 dagar sedan
Reading is fun reading is knowledge
Squishy Variety
Squishy Variety 2 dagar sedan
Hey Jaiden, have you ever read the hunger games? I love those books and I’ve been reading them recently and WOW. Susan’s Collins is literally the best writer ever. She writes in a way that makes you visualize things sooooo well. If you ever get the chance and haven’t read these books, I would really recommend them! Love your content and you are a great artist!
Megan Benson
Megan Benson 2 dagar sedan
My mom has a cat allergy, but I dont, so when I go to my friends house, I have to take a shower once I get home
Mambasaur_ 2 dagar sedan
If you don't like reading, I've got the book for you
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