I Hate Reading

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does this make me dumb :(

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L A U R E N __N O O D L E S
L A U R E N __N O O D L E S 2 timmar sedan
Oh jaiden I already play your videos in a loop until quarantine is over I play animal crossing while I watch your videos ... in a loop
Callahan Family
Callahan Family 2 timmar sedan
I am 11 and i still LOVE Geronimo Stilton. I cant help it. :)
Maria Hacker
Maria Hacker 4 timmar sedan
Uhhh I understand you Jaiden I hate also books I never read them cause that are so boring
Crackhead gaming
Crackhead gaming 6 timmar sedan
shes reading her script
D Margaret
D Margaret 7 timmar sedan
psst.... comics and graphic novels are real reading too and a great format for visual content and text
[•Drᴇaᴍiɴg_Foʀgɪ•] 12 timmar sedan
I like reading- everytime me and my fam pass by a book store, I would run there and just read random books- And my fam would just- look for me after noticing I was gone qwq
James Pearson
James Pearson 12 timmar sedan
I want school to be destroyed then brought back and then have 20 nukes dropped on it and then have the kitchen sink front at it
Jheius Cris Montojo Costo
Jheius Cris Montojo Costo 13 timmar sedan
This is me l
Dr. Kira
Dr. Kira 15 timmar sedan
I don't like reading...unless it's a comicbook...or the story's really fun. Like my headcanons that I immediately turn into fanfiction novels.
Gary V
Gary V 16 timmar sedan
....Molly Moon has FIVE books, now?!
lil boi
lil boi 17 timmar sedan
I hate reading I almost had a c in English
CatEyedBoy 18 timmar sedan
I like reading, and I retain most of the information pretty well, it's just since the lockdown started I've been on my phone more often and just stopped reading for practically half the year. I finally picked it back up and got into reading once again, maybe I should've read more during lockdown so I wouldn't have lost as much sanity but oh well...
SmuzyPlag[GD] 18 timmar sedan
I don't hate read books. I like fead books, but when it's interesting books like Harry Gonchar(Potter), Rainbow for friend (readed in 7 years), Cinderella, Neznaika on moon, Crime and punishment and the Last one book from Yanush Korchak, Sorry, I don't remember.
Art is joy
Art is joy 19 timmar sedan
Juliet: LESBIAN!!!!
KnightMare 19 timmar sedan
I literally read so much that my parents tell me not to read ... So then I go and play video games
Lucarioboy 19 timmar sedan
I really read,someone:really,me:NOOOOOOO
Lamp Shade
Lamp Shade 20 timmar sedan
Why is this just me
spiritstar 1059
spiritstar 1059 20 timmar sedan
Most of writing in the bg at 1:12 is about writing, furries, trying to get a world record and random ranting lol.
dead cookie
dead cookie 21 timme sedan
since you hate reading.. anyone wanna argue with me so we can entertain people who see this comment (dont be too offensive)
spiritstar 1059
spiritstar 1059 20 timmar sedan
HOW dare you.
Shay Mousy
Shay Mousy 21 timme sedan
I would try reading Redwall it got me really interested in books
Julius 22 timmar sedan
Who else saw PewDiePie's name on this part 1:05
Julius 19 timmar sedan
@Lowlife of what if’s kind of to the left and you'll see it and it pops up towards the end of that part
Lowlife of what if’s
Lowlife of what if’s 21 timme sedan
Gacha_Maya XsyX
Gacha_Maya XsyX Dag sedan
I like reading and sometimes I don't, sometimes I absolutely hate it You have to be patient for this bullshit 🙂
Gembly Dag sedan
Jaiden: hey I'm gonna rea- her mom: read this book Jaiden: well now I'm not doing it
Rimi .R
Rimi .R Dag sedan
WAIT THE SECRET COUNTRY ABOUT DRAGONS (flips to a book exactly like that) AHA, well i still hate reading :p
Eleanor O'Connor
Eleanor O'Connor Dag sedan
i love the book series of warriors. the one about cats?
Jose Manuel Luizaga Manga
Jose Manuel Luizaga Manga Dag sedan
I like reading
Zooey Zhou
Zooey Zhou Dag sedan
I love reading, but my teacher forced me to do it. Now nobody forces me and now I am a book nerd. Book worm. however, you want to call it.
ItzFrostGamer Dag sedan
agreede the books are shit and a dumb boring peices of paper
Dragon Stories
Dragon Stories Dag sedan
I am 12, and i'm writing or reading your books all day. So I don't understand ya
BALEN Dag sedan
I can so relate to loving the Geronimo Stilton books
killmongizz1 Dag sedan
I Like Reading But My mom forced me to read animal farm😐
Anastasia Krause
Anastasia Krause Dag sedan
Reading isn’t just staring at words. Books are bassicly portals to other worlds (and yes, I know I sound like an old person, but it’s the truth).
Livia Reynolds
Livia Reynolds Dag sedan
Oh god I recently had to read animal farm for english AND social studies and I had work for both
JoshMasterX Dag sedan
i never read books in like 2 days its like 1 hour minimum every time lol am i the only one who does this?
Crystal Dark
Crystal Dark Dag sedan
Really??? I have this problem too. Well, i had that problem, i love read when i met Wattpad that is an application to read stories invented by people or that you can create your own stories. If you are interested, I would like you to meet him. But if you don't like it doesn't matter. And if you noticed my horrible English, it's because I'm a fan of yours from Argentina and I'm using the translator XD I wish you good luck and greetings bye bye :D/
EnterxxD Dag sedan
Just the title is relatable.
Shiny Pearls
Shiny Pearls 2 dagar sedan
All I read are comic books.
Princess Sammy
Princess Sammy 2 dagar sedan
I HATE reading but one I like is dork diaries
Samantha k
Samantha k 2 dagar sedan
You had to read animal farm in high school? I haven’t read that but I’m reading 1984 which is also by George Orwell and it’s really interesting. Although I’m reading it because my dad told be about it and it sounded cool so I started reading it. School hasn’t made me read it but I’m only in 9th grade so maybe in a couple years they might make my class read it.
Orla May
Orla May 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: "I hate reading-" Ad: *"Reading is like the best exercise for your brain!"*
Weird Seagull
Weird Seagull 2 dagar sedan
My mom has never forced me to read books and I *love* reading, meanwhile my brother was raised the same way as me and it’s rare for him to touch a book. I guess raising your kids like my mom raised us is a luck game. Maybe that’s why some parents decide to force their kids to read.
陈宏飞 2 dagar sedan
Crystal Rain
Crystal Rain 2 dagar sedan
When I was a child, i couldn't understand reading as a thing. I thought: you just lay for three hours and look at the text, how possibly it can be interesting? But my mom, being a bookworm, did this all her free time, so in one moment i was like: ...Okay, I'll try this, cuz there should be a reason for her to like it. And when i opened my "first" book...that was amazing. I read it non stop, and till this days, i still love books. When we were talking about it, my mom said, that the best way to teach children something - do this by yourself. Kids look at you, and when they see such cycled behaviour, they'll at least try to do the same, just from interest, or because you'll make them think that it's a common thing. Her colleges often complain that their kids never read or study anything, but when mom asks them do *they* read or study new things, they start saying that they all start change the topic.
KIN SUN CHAN 2 dagar sedan
1:40-1:42 same
vera nyla sari
vera nyla sari 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden's childhood: I like reading Geronimo Stilton books My childhood: Eh same Me again now: ROALD DHAL NOVELS!!!
Bradley Ozosky
Bradley Ozosky 2 dagar sedan
Ready player 1 is a great book and movie for people who play games !
EDNDestroyer Nguyen
EDNDestroyer Nguyen 2 dagar sedan
A video: I Hate Reading A Video after the other video: If you don’t like reading I got the book for you
Tatti.x 2 dagar sedan
I had a pug
Tired Zuko
Tired Zuko 2 dagar sedan
I’m 32 and I like captain underpants
the face Slayer 2020
the face Slayer 2020 2 dagar sedan
I hate reading
Charlie Cho
Charlie Cho 2 dagar sedan
Thank you for talking about this Jaiden. My older brother used to read a lot of books from an early age, while I was not. He read a lot of fantasy books, chinese ancient romance martial arts woo woo books, whatever it was i didn't understand. These books are popular in japan and korea. My mother always criticized my brother for reading that, while i would always admire how much my brother was able to read such many books that only had words in them. I couldn't understand it, and until the age of 17, I never read many books as my brother. I realized now, what makes a person read a lot is to make them free associate with books and not have anyone criticize them for what they read. My brother stopped reading so much after he went to college, while I started to avidly read since 16 until now 22. You're going to read low quality books in the beginning, but if a parent or a school teacher represses children's desire to read books, even if it is of low quality, it only exacerbates the problem in my opinion. It's like a coach bullying a sports player for not being good enough even when he is trying hard. So.... hope parents understand this in the future...
Egg Fam
Egg Fam 3 dagar sedan
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Lagst _
Lagst _ 3 dagar sedan
One,o Medina
One,o Medina 3 dagar sedan
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Sofia Cinnamon
Sofia Cinnamon 3 dagar sedan
anyone else realize in 0:57 is a Warrior Cats book. Comment if you read the series owo (if you want to i mean). Also I would recommend it to anyone who likes cats and forbidden romances... and light violence. The first book is called Warriors; Into the Wild, for anyone who is interested. God this is a long comment
Shark 2 dagar sedan
I read it, like, 2 or 3 years ago. I still join roleplays and know the whole plots of every story, but I only read until the first book of the second arc.
Belle Bush
Belle Bush 3 dagar sedan
I liked reading and the same thing happened to me
OreoFresa 3 dagar sedan
So relatable, but the bit about music is why I always have youtube on and it really annoy my parents
Ava B
Ava B 3 dagar sedan
I would rather get a phone than a book
Cat Hawk
Cat Hawk 3 dagar sedan
the fact that jaiden can’t have a cat makes me love her slightly less
sarah Ali
sarah Ali 3 dagar sedan
I like reading now but before I didn’t because I was being forced to read “Classics” and I didn’t really like “Classics” but as I grew older I got to chose what book I wanted to get ÙwÚ and I got this series of books called “Dork diaries” and it’s really nice I would recommend it. Moral of the story : reading is fun just find the kind of books YOU like
Slugamingyt 3 dagar sedan
Im also forced to read animal farm by my school. Pigs and alcohol and stuff
Pedro Henrique Kowalski Flemming
Pedro Henrique Kowalski Flemming 3 dagar sedan
the glubglubgabgalab wants to know your location
Hanna Kang
Hanna Kang 3 dagar sedan
I already subscribed to pewdiepie. Ifkyk
Noelle Rose
Noelle Rose 3 dagar sedan
You can read graphic novels like " Superman Smashes the Klan " ( art by gurihiru check em out )
Star fights
Star fights 3 dagar sedan
I like to listen to comedians
Chloe Lightning
Chloe Lightning 3 dagar sedan
Eli Zeitlin
Eli Zeitlin 3 dagar sedan
i want to say shut the frick up but i would not say that to beautiful jaiden
Karis The Unicorn
Karis The Unicorn 3 dagar sedan
I like reading But I’m really picky with my books so usually I get annoyed because I don’t like the book and never finished it cause rage quite
Francis Nduka
Francis Nduka 3 dagar sedan
That dragon book is called wings of fire is it Dragonette prophecy
Demon King
Demon King 4 dagar sedan
U should try reading Percy Jackson
JaydenGalaxy 4 dagar sedan
Not to brag i read a 313 page book in less that a day somehow and i never read XD
Ferncloud 4 dagar sedan
0:56 mmmmmmmmmmmmm Warriors
Shadowknight Zxxo
Shadowknight Zxxo 4 dagar sedan
i can read harry potter and the order and the pheonix in about 4 hours
The Noob
The Noob 4 dagar sedan
Jaiden:The secret country. its gonna put me in bad mood. Me:ITS THE HIDDEN CONTINENT and its wings of fire and i like the series bla-bla-bla-bla
SYLVEØN89TV plays 4 dagar sedan
Teacher: oh you like reading well say all of the books u red Kid after saying all of books: there Teacher: well u have 1,000 more books to go and they are due by tomorrow
min agustd
min agustd 4 dagar sedan
i love to reading because it good for brain.And i still remember when i was 7 or 8 years old my evening school have a test and i don't read the text book and i always got the scors like 90 or 89 something and i decided to read the text book and i remember every answer of the text book and then FINALLY I GOT 100 SCORS!! I WAS LIKE REALLYY!!!!!! I JUST LIKE WANT TO SCEREAMING! I WAS SO HAPPY AND THE DAY OF TEST day was end i want to show one of my paper test and my family was very happy to see it!! so you need to start to reading okay❤️😉 *wink*
Family Eames
Family Eames 4 dagar sedan
i can read a like a 300 page book in a few hours... i like reading...
Orion12 93
Orion12 93 4 dagar sedan
Ryukahr is amazing!
MiKa ChOo
MiKa ChOo 4 dagar sedan
There used to bee a student who read so much much that they got in trouble for reading. They read over 50+ books that semester...
Ki-rin 632
Ki-rin 632 4 dagar sedan
I love this video but on the same day that this came out I had my gf move away for 5 years, I still talk to her.
Zoe Rosenthal
Zoe Rosenthal 4 dagar sedan
Reading and cleaning your room are basically the same thing -Its an absolute chore to do -Its even worse when someone is telling you to do it -Its only enjoyable and therapeutic when you want to do it
Mandy 4 dagar sedan
5:43 wait- I thought I was the only one!
MoonSin25 4 dagar sedan
I will still recommend the manga ONE PIECE because it is awesome
Mel David
Mel David 4 dagar sedan
I absolutely love reading but thats only cuz our school never made us read boring books. They would actually let us pick our books.
TARDISgirl 4 dagar sedan
I'm that one nerd who loved English class and ADORED reading Animal Farm. Feel free to feel sorry for me.
Brian Gangl
Brian Gangl 5 dagar sedan
my parents litterely taking the book from me because i read for hours strait
Superbird Gaming
Superbird Gaming 5 dagar sedan
Me watching this video: *Gets an ad about books and libraries.*
Ki-rin 632
Ki-rin 632 4 dagar sedan
Jaxson Sanders
Jaxson Sanders 5 dagar sedan
read the forest of taiga its my favorite book
Halo KawaiFox
Halo KawaiFox 5 dagar sedan
lol I read Warriors
Lauren Grayson
Lauren Grayson 5 dagar sedan
Well I'm different I don'y read books or go in my bed but instead I take my tamagotchi get tea and bring it with me outside and my mum comes, I play on my tamagotchi during the walk in da morning and while I'm doing that I take breaks like a lot and sip meh tea and my morning different thats how my mornings like but that on weekends cuz I got school on computer and well non computer. And this is me with tamagotchi: NOOOOOOOOOO ME WANNA PLAY ON IT!!! Mum: Go read a book your always playing on dat........ Me: no Mum: *Takes tamagotchi away* Me: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGIVE IT BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Mum: No Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Mum: Fine here. Me: * Snatches it away and runs to bed room to play all the tamagotchi games*
Jaby 5 dagar sedan
Experienced the same Also there was this one time that I read a whole ebook with no picture!!!!! After finishing that I realized "Since when did I like reading? But I hate it or maybe except this topic/category" And I write some I have one that I didn't Finnish because I don't want to and I skip reading text that they tell me to read before answering questions from my modules or whatnot I would literally go to the page where answers are put and if I don't know the answer I'll go to the page where the text I need to read is about the topic asked to me
Meithan Klean
Meithan Klean 5 dagar sedan
Sometimes I hate reading but sometimes I love it, mostly adventure stories 🤩
Arden Taylor
Arden Taylor 5 dagar sedan
the small amount of people who did a book report for fun: *hi jaiden*
GMPlayz 30
GMPlayz 30 5 dagar sedan
I also love geronimo stilton until now!!!!!
hussein ramadan
hussein ramadan 5 dagar sedan
i had to read 2 books and it was 66% of my grade
suryansh tripathi
suryansh tripathi 5 dagar sedan
I can relate a lot to music=loneliness
suryansh tripathi
suryansh tripathi 5 dagar sedan
I read a lot of light novel...it counts okay😂
Ruxton Hummingbird
Ruxton Hummingbird 5 dagar sedan
Did anyone else read that entire thing at 1:05
KT SKTF 5 dagar sedan
I have ADD so to any of who don’t nknow what that is it’s not that bad but I will never be able to know what haveing a clear mind will fell like
Ridhima Suthar
Ridhima Suthar 5 dagar sedan
When you area about to read the warrior cat series and she draws the same thing Oh my starclan this must be an omen from starclan ( am I the only fan?)
If you don't like reading, I've got the book for you
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