I Don't Like the Dentist

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D hope ur teeth r good

Quiexcent 15 minuter sedan
Oh I had a over bite tooooo but I had Invisalign it really hurts ur teeth but it feels fine when u wear it for awhile
Andrew Maravilla
Andrew Maravilla 21 minut sedan
I got my wisdom tooth out when I was seven it was so num I felt like my cheek turn fat
Velocity X
Velocity X Timme sedan
Jaiden: She even gave me 75 bucks Me who cleaned the whole house and gave me 10 bucks: ...
Trey White
Trey White Timme sedan
When my wisdom were getting taken out I was a litter terrified. Instead of cutting it in half or yanking them out, I got something more "special". They had like a crusher tool. The tool would wrap around the tooth, and continue to squeeze it more and more till you heard a loud pop and part of your tooth just fly around in your mouth. They legit crushed my tooth into small bitties. I didn't feel the pain but felt my tooth all over my mouth. They cleaned me up, made me pop some pills, and I was on my way. I'll never forgot when the doctor came in one time to check up on me and then he said this " yeah, I'm glad that went well, I was really nervous that was my first time using that tool. " ........BOY YOUR FIRST TIME WHAT?!?!
Hanns Yow
Hanns Yow 2 timmar sedan
My sister says diabetes aren't real and ate a lot of candies *oh she'll know* *she will*
Nameless 2 timmar sedan
I'm getting braces in a bit. I think I might hide in the local park. NO JOKE.
Eliana-Pearl Langaigne
Eliana-Pearl Langaigne 3 timmar sedan
people called me a rabbit because of this ;-;
Eliana-Pearl Langaigne
Eliana-Pearl Langaigne 3 timmar sedan
Bacon Kokichi
Bacon Kokichi 3 timmar sedan
Jaiden has danganronpa blood :0
StrangerDanger Gaming
StrangerDanger Gaming 3 timmar sedan
JackTheMango 4 timmar sedan
0:09 OMG PINK BLOOD Ding Dong Bing Bong
Bishu Bamik
Bishu Bamik 5 timmar sedan
I went to the dentist and pulled out 6 of my teeth i did not cry and I got candy yay
DemonDuff 5 timmar sedan
that weak “ok” was so cute but I know it was supposed to be sad and scared but still
PinkuStarBlush 6 timmar sedan
I am exactly the same as you, I AM TERRIFIED of dentists so I just close my eyes xD
Leo Crouch
Leo Crouch 7 timmar sedan
0:51 OMG DAT DENTIST’S MOUTH DISAPPEARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leo Crouch
Leo Crouch 7 timmar sedan
Jaiden: THEY’RE ALWAYS SO AGGRESSIVE ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!! Me: Touché.
saki bartneck
saki bartneck 8 timmar sedan
i had 6 teeth pulled out at the dentists when i got my braces.. 3 adult and 3 baby teeth and the needles hurt SO. BAD.
Icelandair Butters12
Icelandair Butters12 8 timmar sedan
I remembered that one time my cousins came back from school one of them closed my eyes with his arms and accidently tripping over a mirror leg and bashing my head on a cabinet I was crying so hard my aunt put water in a cloth over where the place got hit then all I saw was Blood my dad took a pic of my wound and THERE WAS A HOLE ON MY HEAD that's before getting my stiches I had to get like a quick surgery and It was scary I heard one of the doctors saying "blood sugar" then when the patched in my head I saw blood on the pillow next day I had to get stiches on where i got hit it was horrible For the people who had read all of this congrats :)
Icelandair Butters12
Icelandair Butters12 8 timmar sedan
Jaiden: I had an intense fear of the dentist Me: Same My dentist: >:) Gib me your teath boi
little morven
little morven 8 timmar sedan
Me scared
Lynn Wattie
Lynn Wattie 9 timmar sedan
Having the dentist rip out her teeth would have made a better video
P.S.I Gaming
P.S.I Gaming 9 timmar sedan
I got my wisdom teeth removed and I got gas... my parents said I was rambling about colours and floors...
Ali Hamelton
Ali Hamelton 12 timmar sedan
My sister had a cavity drilled . Thanks to our autism, she could feel only a pinch. No extreme pain.
Abbyxxbbb :3
Abbyxxbbb :3 12 timmar sedan
Same fam:( I am scared of it that is why;-;
{FoxiSox-chan} 14 timmar sedan
um so i have to get a surgery for my overbite so yay
{FoxiSox-chan} 14 timmar sedan
but also don't have to get one of my wisdom tooth removed cuz the tooth beside it got riped out
kokichi ouma
kokichi ouma 16 timmar sedan
ayo pink blood ;O
Mariah Kar
Mariah Kar 16 timmar sedan
lol I was 100% out when I had mine removed. I think my mom knew that I can't handle the dentist and took me there on purpose so that I wouldn't be conscious. I remember waking up and singing along to Fleetwood Mac, and then the nurse was like " be quiet" and I felt so hurt. It's okay tho, she helped me to the car and I told her I loved her. What a day.
Drip Katsuki bakugou
Drip Katsuki bakugou 17 timmar sedan
I had wisdom teeth when I was five years old
Amy Gremillion
Amy Gremillion 17 timmar sedan
Sum type of gas is actually called laughing gas
Devy FN
Devy FN 18 timmar sedan
Getting teeth pulled out is weird one hurt really bad and the other ones feel like nother
Kristi Brown
Kristi Brown 19 timmar sedan
I just got my wisdom teeth out today. Re-watching this now.
Xbox 10 brody
Xbox 10 brody 19 timmar sedan
I didn’t like dentist my whole life but I got over the dentist luckily I survived the dentist
Deku 21 timme sedan
Jaiden was so scared of the dentist that she broke the laws of chemicals
Sydney D.
Sydney D. 22 timmar sedan
I got a cavity filled yesterday and I almost cried when they used the drills and this was all I could think of
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer Dag sedan
my dentist when i was getting my teeth pulled out kept reminding me that i could leave which is so annoying because dont give that choice to someone in terror
Emily Macandog
Emily Macandog Dag sedan
5:50 when ur a supervillain and the dentist doesnt know ur a villain but u are and u laugh and make u sleep lol
Litago2010 Sydhagen
Litago2010 Sydhagen Dag sedan
I had to pull some teeth today and i hate the dentist
Emily Macandog
Emily Macandog Dag sedan
I actually cryed while i was doing dentist
Icebringer TheIcewing
Icebringer TheIcewing Dag sedan
Once when me and my cousin searched about the tools a dentist used, one was called 'elevator' and my cousin was constantly saying that he had to go to the dentist and that that would use an elevator to crush him and get his teeth out, i have been to a dentist and i wasn't scared at all i couldn't feel the needle they put in my mouth and plus i got to eat ice cream
Paris WHIFFIN Dag sedan
You had your wisdom teeth removed on my birthday ;-;
Joshua Barcomb
Joshua Barcomb Dag sedan
i love the video ending fake out lol
noobsimpx Dag sedan
0:09 *danganronpa blood*
Sach_man Dag sedan
Same thing happened to me
Ruth Salgado
Ruth Salgado Dag sedan
I got braces tho T^T
whatthatbadsme !
whatthatbadsme ! Dag sedan
My little brother when I win tic tac toe 6:26
Elorza Perla
Elorza Perla Dag sedan
So where is ari
Callahan Family
Callahan Family Dag sedan
Also i am not scared of the dentist but.... i am scared of getting my wisdom teeth removed.
Callahan Family
Callahan Family Dag sedan
My mouth is so small that my teeth were crushing another tooth. They had to take it out before it was ready to come out because it would cause problems. Before that I had only gotten one tooth pulled out by the dentist and the needle was time and a shiny metal. I barely felt anything. THIS TIME THOUGH.., the needle was AS BIG AS MY FACE and it was made out of this metal that looked like that rusted gold color. It looked like RUST. IT HURT SOOOO MUCH.
Tigergerl plays Aj
Tigergerl plays Aj Dag sedan
Omg that was how I felt when I got my cavity filled in! The worst part of it was the shot...... I HATE shots but it turned out ok in the end 😅
Johanna Ramirez
Johanna Ramirez Dag sedan
I like the dentists it doesn’t scare me
Camilla Parlatore
Camilla Parlatore Dag sedan
June 11 is my birthday
Black Cat Poe
Black Cat Poe Dag sedan
I too am afraid of the dentist. Had to lose my first few teeth at the age of 2 because they rot. Fast-forward to preschool, and my fight or flight instinct kicked in. My parents grabbed me as we enter the dentists room while I grab hold of the doorway desperate to get away. And the next thing I know, I bit the dentist. All of this is out of fear. Never did check ups, cleanings, braces, nothing since.
Zoe Maquillaje
Zoe Maquillaje Dag sedan
Fiel bath for you
Dennis Reed
Dennis Reed Dag sedan
I know how you feel I don’t like the dentist too
Dennis Reed
Dennis Reed Dag sedan
6:39 Dancing Cockroach Meme
Dennis Reed
Dennis Reed Dag sedan
6:26 lol what the heck
the pickle man
the pickle man Dag sedan
Dude Jaiden is so FRICKING funny
OtterThanMost Dag sedan
I feel you jaiden, I hate the dentist more than anything in the world. Had to have a tooth pulled last year and when she pulled the pliers out I immediately began leaking tears
Zoli Racko
Zoli Racko Dag sedan
Try not sleeping the whole night before they pull out a tooth. It works. Believe me. :)
Kimberly Mellentin
Kimberly Mellentin Dag sedan
ok after my first cavity of getting ripped out i was literally PREYING for this to be done and over with and it felt so weird when they where putting things in my mouth and when i got out my legs were SHAKING and i was so tired i passed out and forgot that my cheek was numb and my jaw was crooked ( its fine from this very day ) and i was scared
Kimberly Mellentin
Kimberly Mellentin Dag sedan
•Hoshi Star•
•Hoshi Star• Dag sedan
pink blood
Sweet Peas
Sweet Peas Dag sedan
Almost 10M subs keep em coming
Gamer WasFound
Gamer WasFound Dag sedan
My aunt stabbed and punched a dentist with a needle
coolanimatronic Dag sedan
im shire it illegal for them not to put you to sleep
Maya Comeau
Maya Comeau Dag sedan
me: and the quote of the year goes to!! : Jaiden Animations! "i'm exited to not be concious" Me too man, me too...
alisha gardner
alisha gardner Dag sedan
Dentist: casually shoves hands into jaidens throat
Peter Mason
Peter Mason Dag sedan
when I was 6 or 7 I got 2 of my teeth pulled out!
Timothy McGuire
Timothy McGuire Dag sedan
i feel you
#1IronMan Fan
#1IronMan Fan Dag sedan
I once had a nightmare where my mom scheduled a doctors appointment and gave them our location for some reason, so at night the doctors came and kidnapped me and stuck me with a bunch of shots (drugs).
Simon Riley
Simon Riley Dag sedan
Same my brain be like bro calm down but my body be like ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sebastian Pin
Sebastian Pin Dag sedan
Watching this because I have to go to the dentist today, so I'm kind of nervous.😨😥😢😑
Reena Abdulla
Reena Abdulla 2 dagar sedan
Getting your teeth pulled out doesn't hurt i got mine pulled out I did not feel a BITE like it was like a mosquito bite bute less painful plus u get to eat ice cream for a day or 2😏
Abbie Whitehead
Abbie Whitehead 2 dagar sedan
I tried to eat mine I was a BEAST
Crossassaurus games
Crossassaurus games 2 dagar sedan
Goku should have just gone to the dentist if he wanted to go super saiyan
Norazlyn Norazlyn
Norazlyn Norazlyn 2 dagar sedan
When i was young i wasnt scared of the dentist but when i was actually there i cried ;-;
KawaiiBlossom YT
KawaiiBlossom YT 2 dagar sedan
I don’t think any of us like the dentist tbh lol
Clipped 2 dagar sedan
So, I have a story. I had a really loose tooth (my front tooth) And it was SO DANG ANNOYING. I wanted it out, so I pulled it. Annnndddd it turned out I pulled it to early...AND I GOT SICK! I LIKE FELL ON THE FLOOR AND I WAS SO DIZZY! OOOOAAAAHHHHH I hate that memory...
Tituś Mapping
Tituś Mapping 2 dagar sedan
my dentist accidently removed 2 wrong teeths AND I DIDNT EVEN GOT COMPENSATION!!!!
yousef cook and tech vlogs
yousef cook and tech vlogs 2 dagar sedan
Nice story... and you gained a sub...
GAVIN WILKINS 2 dagar sedan
0:28 lol
Cyrol 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: "Smoothie Bowl" Google Auto-Subtitles: "Smooth Ebola" 7:05 I cant unhear it now. Thanks Google Auto-Subtitles
Daniel Rossy
Daniel Rossy 2 dagar sedan
The thing about Valium (AKA Diazepam) is that is numbs you... if adrenalin is not flooding your nervous system. You didn't feel it's effect because you were in a state of fight-or-flight, and your metabolism was so engaged that you processed the pill too quickly for it to have it.
Mrs. Antagonist
Mrs. Antagonist 2 dagar sedan
I had dental surgeries several times in my younger years and It was all in the front of my mouth. My smile has been the bane of my existence for a long time before that so the people who worked on my teeth did a great job and worked really hard to get everything done well without having to do any extractions or implants. Yaayyyy
The BluCap
The BluCap 2 dagar sedan
you should have ask the dentist "stop using tools and use his/her fist instead..."
Jhemar Bayron
Jhemar Bayron 2 dagar sedan
How many inject you have Me like 4 just one teen because I don't no but that time I hate dentist no the pain that I want to Have sleeping or something to i cannot feel the pain
jxcklyn :P
jxcklyn :P 2 dagar sedan
When you posted this I was at the dentist which is a coincidence considering that this video was made about the dentist
Angela Turner
Angela Turner 2 dagar sedan
I hav a horse malth
Nicholas Lieto
Nicholas Lieto 2 dagar sedan
Me too Jaden
Good Boi
Good Boi 2 dagar sedan
Lissi-Sea 2 dagar sedan
I am watching this while preparing myself for my worst fear a blood doctor appointment
yuxin zheng
yuxin zheng 2 dagar sedan
My first dentist experience is when I was like 6 but I didn’t ball my eyes out that was weird
Toca Crafty
Toca Crafty 2 dagar sedan
I’m getting my teeth pulled tomorrow 😟😬😰😲😦🤧
Samantha Conrad
Samantha Conrad 2 dagar sedan
which is better tacos= like burritos=comment :)
Lillian Finburg
Lillian Finburg 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: Needs to pull out 5 teeth Me: I already pulled out 6! No need to be scared!
anandsherwood 3 dagar sedan
Nah I don’t care about the dentist charges because my mom and dad are dentist so they did those things for free
sonny sharp
sonny sharp 3 dagar sedan
Dentist 2019: pulls out tooth Dentist 2021: limme fill your cavity on your baby tooth Me: NOPE Me: fells a funny feeling Me: XD
Akmal Hadif Gaming
Akmal Hadif Gaming 3 dagar sedan
"Save her like 500 or smth" wait 5 teeth= 500 dollars? Expensive (for me its 2000MYR)
Dakota Moore
Dakota Moore 3 dagar sedan
God i have to schedule a wisdom tooth appointment next week and it terrifies me so much that i almost throw up and burst into tears thinking about it, glad im not the only one.
Bakugos Wife
Bakugos Wife 3 dagar sedan
Then they’ll say “ it wouldn’t hurt if u flossed more”
The worst thing that's ever happened to me
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