I Don't Like the Dentist

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Annoying Dog
Annoying Dog 30 minuter sedan
Pink. Blood.
Aia Banana
Aia Banana 56 minuter sedan
When you’ve had 10 teeth pulled out and see this-
Jakob Castillion
Jakob Castillion Timme sedan
0:28. Facts
Razorsharp Timme sedan
0:27 im dead
Chillfreeze YT
Chillfreeze YT Timme sedan
6:26 Jaiden was the imposter
meme doge
meme doge Timme sedan
Does it hurt getting your wisdom teeth and teeth out
Alvaro Miguel
Alvaro Miguel Timme sedan
Whats so bad about dentists like they're just shaving of your teeth or putting a needle in your jaw what's so bad about that
Purple 2 timmar sedan
0:09 danganronpa? 👀
Taieb Madadi
Taieb Madadi 2 timmar sedan
Me:crying Also me: *HHHHU*
Nicole Kline
Nicole Kline 2 timmar sedan
This one of my fears too lol
Motivational Lizard
Motivational Lizard 3 timmar sedan
Electric Wolf 3000
Electric Wolf 3000 3 timmar sedan
I love this
Cheesy Jess
Cheesy Jess 3 timmar sedan
Henry Jones
Henry Jones 3 timmar sedan
Well I had to get them taken out and you dodged a bullet. It hurt like hell
Bubbles 4 timmar sedan
I just had my rotten tooth pulled out :D Don’t worry it was a baby tooth
WILLIX HACKER 4 timmar sedan
i hate the dentist because i hate when they clean my teeth
sweet rain
sweet rain 4 timmar sedan
5:10 *lil swag boi*
Brayden Ross
Brayden Ross 4 timmar sedan
wait why is the blood pink *dangandronpa music starts to play* uh oh UH OH UH OH!
Nancy Nguyen
Nancy Nguyen 4 timmar sedan
Me being scared of clean my teeth at the dentist
lord Landon
lord Landon 4 timmar sedan
Because of how loud the instrument was
lord Landon
lord Landon 4 timmar sedan
This video is funny
Mario Maniac
Mario Maniac 5 timmar sedan
6:25 extended version plz lol
BlueBoltbomber 5 timmar sedan
6:25 "Jaiden was the Imposter"
Justa Normalperson
Justa Normalperson 6 timmar sedan
I have four wisdom teeths and they do nothing
*FriskXSans* 7 timmar sedan
It’s fun
*FriskXSans* 7 timmar sedan
I like it why don’t you like it Jayden
DiceKenzoGaming 7 timmar sedan
lie yunus
lie yunus 7 timmar sedan
In my hospital the way they pull out your teeth is using a machine that makes your mouth so cold you cant feel pain when your teeth gets pulled out
кαтιє нσlт υωυ
кαтιє нσlт υωυ 7 timmar sedan
lol I shake uncontrollably when I get any work done on my teeth.. ha.. ha ha
My crazy Life._.
My crazy Life._. 8 timmar sedan
Dark Savior
Dark Savior 8 timmar sedan
5 teeth that’s ruf Not competing but I had 8 and I was put under And why wouldn’t they put you somewhere else
landon robinson
landon robinson 8 timmar sedan
3:57 in memerri of wakanda man
Alexander Darispanashvili
Alexander Darispanashvili 9 timmar sedan
by valium did you mean ვალერიანი in georgian?
Drog the dog frog
Drog the dog frog 10 timmar sedan
Do You Have any chloroform? Best quote
starry gacha
starry gacha 10 timmar sedan
My mom: common honey your tooth is rotting Me: aaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah noooooo im not going Mom:common! *pulling me* Me:noooooooo your noting making me Mom: in the car now!
yogeeta bangar
yogeeta bangar 11 timmar sedan
It actually feels😫😭
Jhett Jhett
Jhett Jhett 11 timmar sedan
Just watching this makes me terrified
yogeeta bangar
yogeeta bangar 11 timmar sedan
I actually survived it
Discore 11 timmar sedan
I was smiling this whole video, then i realize this is going to happen to me in 2 days
RandomVideoDog 12 timmar sedan
I have braces... and like 8 baby teeth in 5th grade ;-;
Killa KiKs
Killa KiKs 13 timmar sedan
I LOVE the dentist idk why but I LOVE it
Whisperer 13 timmar sedan
I never been in the dentist in the Philippines it's not popular because we just pull are teeth by are self and our teeth are very clean and nice
Maria Erika Moraga
Maria Erika Moraga 14 timmar sedan
Jaiden: DA TOOTH FAIR BEEN SCAMMING ME FOR YEARS me: me too bud me too :,>
AYellowPepper 14 timmar sedan
I too am scared of the dentist... weed helps with that! Went to the dentist sligltly buzzed last time and almoast fell asleep during their inspections :P
Mercy Wolo
Mercy Wolo 15 timmar sedan
They pulled out meh tooth (I'm 9)
Abhigna Bhatt
Abhigna Bhatt 16 timmar sedan
did anyone notice james fan art in 8:35
Shreya Peters
Shreya Peters 16 timmar sedan
I am eight feet tall
Crystal Blackburn
Crystal Blackburn 17 timmar sedan
for some reason I almost didn't flinch during a root canal most of the time. yay
Gacha Cleansing Official
Gacha Cleansing Official 17 timmar sedan
No one likes the dentist
Becca V3
Becca V3 17 timmar sedan
The tooth fairy been scamming me for year No no no you got it wrong. I’ve been scamming the tooth fairy for years I get like at least 50-100 dollars at most for a tooth ONE TOOTH
Christopher Schara
Christopher Schara 18 timmar sedan
Body P A I N I C brain calm Body P A I N I C
Natsuki Rose
Natsuki Rose 18 timmar sedan
When I was little I used to think that they pulled out teeth with a needle nose pliers and just ripped them out of your face.....😐
Marcos Capilla
Marcos Capilla 19 timmar sedan
Hay jaiden why not a minecraft video
100k subscribers with no videos Challenge
100k subscribers with no videos Challenge 19 timmar sedan
fghhr ggjfyhmok
fghhr ggjfyhmok 19 timmar sedan
When I was little I was so scared of the doctor that every time my mom took me in the general direction of the doctors office I threw up
animew play
animew play 19 timmar sedan
jaidens brain: dud chill out jaidens body: *intensely screams*
the gamer 123
the gamer 123 19 timmar sedan
6:25 S C R E A C H
Sir Bread
Sir Bread 20 timmar sedan
i always almost fall asleep when im at the dentists... can i even feel pain?
Von Villarreal
Von Villarreal 20 timmar sedan
If any one sees this what show or whatever is that at 7:42 with the first in the air it looks so familiar but i have no clue what it could be
Ekscasey Gaming
Ekscasey Gaming 20 timmar sedan
Yea that tooth fairy scammed you good. Your teeth was worth $15 bucks a pop
DragonRider Squad
DragonRider Squad 21 timme sedan
Why is the blood pink is this a danganronpa scene or something Jk I love you Jaiden
Meryam Rose
Meryam Rose 21 timme sedan
I’m in fifth grade and I just got my wisdom teeth even my 18-year-old brother doesn’t have his wisdom teeth yet
CAMERAN BIRCH 21 timme sedan
that thing they use to keep your mouth open? yeah, that's called the smile maker .like wth?!? did a psychopath name it?
Pink kitty Gacha
Pink kitty Gacha 22 timmar sedan
Me too Jaiden am also scared of the dentist. Cause this one time my tooth was about to come off. But I didn't wanna. at the time I was my school so my friends took me to the clinic. And once they pulled out my tooth. I almost screamed my head off. So yeah that's how I got my tooth out and I have now new teeth that grew :>
Comic Gamer Studios
Comic Gamer Studios 22 timmar sedan
I had 6 teeth removed at once at the age of 9. They shot my mouth like 4 times instead of 1. Scarring.
Sakaven 22 timmar sedan
When you did the **badumm tss**.... with your face, made my day. Most laughter I have ever had
AWSOME GIRL 22 timmar sedan
"Overbite" Who else remembers that episode of Teen Titans Go called overbite........ just me...... ok 👇🏻
comrade 22 timmar sedan
I had a cavity my dentist took out all of my jaw teeth except the back ones I was six I'm 11 now they only started growing back till I was 8
Waner_ Cat
Waner_ Cat 23 timmar sedan
I... like the dentist. Bc of the TOYS U GET
VCR Genji Lax
VCR Genji Lax Dag sedan
I mean the tooth fairy isn’t scamming me
VCR Genji Lax
VCR Genji Lax Dag sedan
What do you mean the tooth Fairy has been giving me 10/20 $ atooth
VCR Genji Lax
VCR Genji Lax Dag sedan
Weren’t you overreacting a little I mean your wisdom teeth pulled out that’s not overreacting and a needle than it’s also not overreacting
VCR Genji Lax
VCR Genji Lax Dag sedan
I went to the dentist so many times I lost Count I have 2 Retainers one on the bottom and one on the top to bottom one i have to remove when I eat and the top one it has to stay in
ZhurK Tiger
ZhurK Tiger Dag sedan
sunat look it up
black from among us
black from among us Dag sedan
I gto braces right now and it ssssssssssssucks
black from among us
black from among us Dag sedan
because I choke
yahya aseri
yahya aseri Dag sedan
jaiden;it was scary but i survied ME;oh you you were scared I was more scared cz I WAS IN MY MOM'S HOSPITLE THEY WERE MORE SCARY AND I SWALOD MY TEETH , do never EVER go to my mom's arabic hospitel cz it for 20 year old's i do not trust EVERY-BODY
EzraH 1
EzraH 1 Dag sedan
Why is no one talking at James his fan art at the end lol
psycho ninja
psycho ninja Dag sedan
I had one of my teeth pulled out when I was 8 and they gave me the thing to make me unconscious but I was NOT told that it would only work if I breath through my nose! So yeah now any prime I even see a dentist I get freaked out.
YaBoi Dag sedan
This kid at my school who bullies me is trying to steal my crush. And I think he is winning
PugMaster531 Dag sedan
2:45 I can hear the screams of Pokémon fans in the distance just exclaiming, "POKEMON RUBY!" And I would know, because I am one.
Marcus Tsang
Marcus Tsang Dag sedan
cool, u get toys instead of stupid stickers
Madd 422
Madd 422 Dag sedan
Wow the same exact thing is happening to me I have until November 1st is to get this one tooth out plz help ;-;
Nicole Tenney
Nicole Tenney Dag sedan
Jadien idk how to say your name but this has happened to me before
James Escalante
James Escalante Dag sedan
Asher :v
Asher :v Dag sedan
I made a drawing for you but I don’t know how I can show it to you :(
HenDeBeast89 Dag sedan
dude I got my tooth cracked out by the dentist and it hurt like HELL!!!!!!! i now hate the dentist
AniGamer Spirit
AniGamer Spirit Dag sedan
I hate needles in my mouth! They hurt when I had to get my extraction for four of my permanent teeth so my wisdom teeth can come out. Then when I got my wisdom teeth extracted, they put me on an IV for anesthesia so I was asleep the whole time. Even after the procedure was finished. Heck, they let me have my headphones on to listen to music. But I hated bleeding from my mouth for a week!
Fxredrill Rose
Fxredrill Rose Dag sedan
0:09 danganronpa blood!?
Little potatoman eats tomatoes
Little potatoman eats tomatoes Dag sedan
I once had to be strapped down, for the dentist to clean my teeth, this video gave me chills.
TRS-Studios Dag sedan
Hmm... Pink Blood... yes, yes, go on.
Sem van Delft
Sem van Delft Dag sedan
Do you not want to feel it do weed its good for you. DONT DO DRUGS KIDS!!!!!
тимур томаев
тимур томаев Dag sedan
i have done this 4 times and my dentist broke my bone two times . It's was very epic
I'm fun fun fun!
I'm fun fun fun! Dag sedan
0:31 I almost died laughing
Simply Starlight
Simply Starlight Dag sedan
Dude I was weazing when she said is that my tongue
Thisisme Bloop
Thisisme Bloop Dag sedan
spinechiller5 Dag sedan
i wish my dentist made me unconscious while they their thing
• BlueberryPlayz•
• BlueberryPlayz• Dag sedan
6:25 Me: I can’t hear anything Also me: * turns up volume * Video: Now is my chance to shine *REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* Me: And that’s the last thing I could hear..
•BabyGirlLikesPink• Dag sedan
While I was watching this video, I noticed that my wisdom teeth were growing in-
Genevieve Dag sedan
I remember needing a root canal because for SOME reason one of my front teeth had the nerves in it died?? I was scared shitless cuz I was always under the impression that root canals are the worst case scenario...luckily they numbed my mouth so I couldn’t feel anything, but I ended up scratching the area above my mouth so intensely without realizing that the skin like completely broke and I was in pain for a while...haha don’t try inflicting pain upon yourself when you’re numbed
Benno 0369
Benno 0369 Dag sedan
coming from someone who hasn't done the best job taking care of his teeth, i have to say, i fricking love the dentist
The worst thing that's ever happened to me
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