I Attempted my First Pokemon Nuzlocke

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What an adventure

♥ The Team ♥
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Denny: 90percentknuckles
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We worked hard on this video, it's the result of 3 months worth of nonstop work. So please give a big thank you to all the members on my team for helping me make this video happen. It's been a big dream of mine to do pokemon nuzlockes for youtube, and I would watch them all the time even before I had my own channel. So being able to make this video, even if it is a bit out of the ordinary for my channel, is so awesome and I'm really happy I was finally able to.

Luma Abbas
Luma Abbas 2 minuter sedan
13:27 dont mind me im just gonnq laugh to death
WESTON LUCAS 28 minuter sedan
The only one that was shone that wasn’t on the team for a big was BARF
D3mons D3mons
D3mons D3mons 33 minuter sedan
Jaiden this video was great do a pokemon black nuzlocke please? Its just a suggestion
The real KAT
The real KAT 41 minut sedan
Play leaf green
Your Mom
Your Mom 57 minuter sedan
Do you play the pokeon games on a gamboi?
algin buquiran
algin buquiran 2 timmar sedan
Re is a boy or girl
AniMaki Navar
AniMaki Navar 3 timmar sedan
How do you add a picture
AniMaki Navar
AniMaki Navar 3 timmar sedan
Hi Jaiden I’m AniMaki I’m 10 and I’m doing a SVfrom channel named Animaki , I haven’t finished any videos but I’m working on it anyway I made you a drawing I hope you like it!!!
AniMaki Navar
AniMaki Navar 3 timmar sedan
This the first video I ever watched
basketstar21 5 timmar sedan
Do you have Pokémon ruby? Or Pokémon omega ruby?
魏霄 魏谨
魏霄 魏谨 6 timmar sedan
I don’t understand why she didn’t use ground down
IcyCliff 1
IcyCliff 1 7 timmar sedan
Don’t sub to me
Richie Swag
Richie Swag 7 timmar sedan
5:33 ever heard the word "Flex Tape"?
Todd crosby
Todd crosby 8 timmar sedan
Mmmm ... squidward
Commissariat 9 timmar sedan
I'm not crying, you're crying.
LO YAN HUI Moe 9 timmar sedan
I remeber if You Say your youtuber name’s. Jaiden Jaiden Jaiden
ItsNeragg 10 timmar sedan
this was the-most-heartfelt-almost-better-than-the-seris pokemon thing ive ever watched
Beatrice Pasag
Beatrice Pasag 10 timmar sedan
What about Groudon the Pokemon you master balled why didn’t you use him?𓅿 𓂻
Dom Afronoy
Dom Afronoy 10 timmar sedan
I came here just to like the video, cause ive watch it on some other reaction videos. Great vid! PKMN forever!
Snake 10 timmar sedan
ZipZapZop is so humble. He even pushed Sin out of the way despite her name.
Florida Cooking
Florida Cooking 11 timmar sedan
Note to self don’t piss of teriyaki
PM Lover The Last
PM Lover The Last 13 timmar sedan
You made the most viewed Pokémon video on youtube Wow this is incredible 54 million views " Pokémon videos never get that much views at all Hats off Lots of love
leon caleb
leon caleb 13 timmar sedan
Me:*chilling* My bro: 4:15
DootDude5numbers 15 timmar sedan
I named my groudon Gordon hehehe
Shan Garcia
Shan Garcia 15 timmar sedan
Feabas can evolve into milotic
Richard Matriz
Richard Matriz 15 timmar sedan
The jittery weasel histochemically blind because capital visually pause lest a black-and-white voyage. illustrious, hospitable employer
Latex Suks
Latex Suks 16 timmar sedan
1:24 teriyaki was at lvl 7 and the ziggagoon was at lvl 3 dum
Gamers Liner
Gamers Liner 17 timmar sedan
why didn't you used groudon?
x -iled
x -iled 19 timmar sedan
I'm curious, can you not use groudon or other legendaries in a nuzlocke? Or can you not use them at all even in the game?
Roslyn Sigaukegwiba
Roslyn Sigaukegwiba 19 timmar sedan
This is better than the actual anime
Veteran bunger 2939
Veteran bunger 2939 21 timme sedan
Jaiden:you can only catch a pokemon Me:why you got a pokeball and theres 2 pokeballs andyou got a middle pokebal
France Julian Saldo
France Julian Saldo 22 timmar sedan
are you james sister because james allways talkabout you
Filip Orvik
Filip Orvik 22 timmar sedan
Pokemon Challenges brought me here. Amazing video 🙂
Jacob Bergen
Jacob Bergen 23 timmar sedan
The Pokémon in this thumbnail is the same Pokémon in her video: animated shorts. Its kind of "sus" 😑
Creative Olive
Creative Olive 23 timmar sedan
Wait, you can't use "boss" pokemon in nuzlockes right?
Kenshin X
Kenshin X Dag sedan
Why this is so funny😂😂😂😂😂wait the ending NOOOOOOOO
Jon Bollig
Jon Bollig Dag sedan
Choose Treeko next time
Evarion Harding
Evarion Harding Dag sedan
make a pokemon omega ruby nuzlocke
Karen Perry
Karen Perry Dag sedan
The damaged eye disconcertingly shiver because machine interestedly fade including a superficial stove. adjoining, rebel light
fabio ronquillo
fabio ronquillo Dag sedan
10:28 *N O T H I N P E R S O N A L K I D*
Gerardo Rolon
Gerardo Rolon Dag sedan
I was playing Pokémon sword,and I found a seedot and when it evolved and Nuzleaf came out I SWEAR TO GOD,I was on the water gym and he one shot ALL OF THEM.10/10 would catch a dozen times over
Natalia-Elisa Rodriguez
Natalia-Elisa Rodriguez Dag sedan
Lightgravity Gaming
Lightgravity Gaming Dag sedan
I have two questions: What did you play this ruby version on ( like 3ds, 2ds, etc.)? And if you played on 3ds, how did you manage to get it on it?
Slinna Dag sedan
why do these make me so emotional
Wind Warrior
Wind Warrior Dag sedan
Squidward use bubble beam Foe: MY EYEYS MY EYES MY EYES
Sinner Productions
Sinner Productions Dag sedan
Fun fact, I had a pet chicken that I named Teriyaki 2-3 years ago.
Daniel Warren
Daniel Warren Dag sedan
Girls: boys don’t know true sadness Boys: 14:42
Daniel Warren
Daniel Warren Dag sedan
This is so cool. You shoudl do more nuzlockes and this actually made me emotional
janer and eleyna do stuff
janer and eleyna do stuff Dag sedan
U should become a book writer XD
Athan Eggl
Athan Eggl Dag sedan
God bless corn
soflass1293 Dag sedan
I'm not crying... Someone is chopping onions in here!
Dev Mishra
Dev Mishra Dag sedan
This series is the only reason why I downloaded Pokémon Go.
John Kisir
John Kisir Dag sedan
13:44. Now get in the box.😂😂. I love your animations and commantary
Heather Chatfield
Heather Chatfield Dag sedan
This is the best Pokémon animation I’ve seen in 2019
Ignacio Brito
Ignacio Brito Dag sedan
Raphael Carlo Guballa
Raphael Carlo Guballa Dag sedan
pokemon go
Wilson Cervantes
Wilson Cervantes Dag sedan
Try evocreo next please its a purchase game dowlload full game its a rip off pokemon game but it's good
Vyper Dag sedan
Am I the only one who thinks Jaiden and James would have been cute together?🤷‍♀️
penguin 11
penguin 11 Dag sedan
I'm a pokemon fan
X brawler
X brawler Dag sedan
I actually have a emulator for this game and i have a torchic (named pecky), a whismurr (daisy), and the swallow pokemon (also named Ari like hers but i forgot she did that so). I had 2 zigzagoons and a wurmple but they died in sad ways (the two zigs names were, zipstrip, and ziggy) and i forgot what the wurmple was but this is just how far I've came so far I'll update this comment on the the rest of my adventure
The Zhafran
The Zhafran Dag sedan
Joh Brown
Joh Brown Dag sedan
Marril massacre
Joh Brown
Joh Brown Dag sedan
I misspelt marill
胡言河 Dag sedan
Better than the game
T McDaniel
T McDaniel Dag sedan
0:52 when i see someone with a rainbow rare charizard
T McDaniel
T McDaniel Dag sedan
T McDaniel
T McDaniel Dag sedan
T McDaniel
T McDaniel Dag sedan
*the crap outta it*
Elbarsinso Dag sedan
God i love your voice. Now i open this video only to hear your voice again. What is this witchcraft.
Lean Portento
Lean Portento Dag sedan
groudun is a legnedary pokemon
kkmadi1 Dag sedan
I feel like it’s so fitting that the only Pokémon that survived are the og Teriyaki and the one named after Jaiden’s pet bird
Aphen Ma
Aphen Ma Dag sedan
"Hello there chad" "What you're a female?" *-"Did i Stutter?"-*
Bit Burrito
Bit Burrito Dag sedan
Is it just me or does the headband kinda looks like the Target logo?
DOF Dag sedan
Great animation. Charming. I like your voice, as well. I would have wanted just a touch more legit Pokémon screens, though.
Teine Samoa
Teine Samoa Dag sedan
Corn and onions help and do they die there's still here you know they're fake
Deandre Brown
Deandre Brown Dag sedan
Ipu should've use the big guy you know the you master ball
Zhuomin Huang
Zhuomin Huang 2 dagar sedan
Rip Pokémon’s that died
Solo_ Breif
Solo_ Breif 2 dagar sedan
Jaiden: faints slacking* Slacking: lives chopping onion* Jaiden: U DARE STILL LIVE?!
R W 2 dagar sedan
No it was because it was at a higher level
Jonathan Calleja
Jonathan Calleja 2 dagar sedan
I mean dustox
Jonathan Calleja
Jonathan Calleja 2 dagar sedan
Jaden forgot to tell us her Dustin evolved
MSM tiger
MSM tiger 2 dagar sedan
10:38 fun fact: duskull only has one eye. When you look at it from the front view it appears as 2
El de las tarjetas.
El de las tarjetas. 2 dagar sedan
That Machoke with that black veil. xD
Amy Cellars
Amy Cellars 2 dagar sedan
That one person it was either Brandon or team magma that you beat looks like something else yt
Alex Mandanas
Alex Mandanas 2 dagar sedan
16:58 Ghost Chomps: *am I a joke to you?*
Erin ODwyer
Erin ODwyer 2 dagar sedan
Cause he my fav pokemon
Erin ODwyer
Erin ODwyer 2 dagar sedan
Erin ODwyer
Erin ODwyer 2 dagar sedan
I acctually nearly cried when brayloom
Casual Joe
Casual Joe 2 dagar sedan
what was the song at the end
Eleanor O'Connor
Eleanor O'Connor 2 dagar sedan
Merril give hp eevees.
Patrick SuperKitty
Patrick SuperKitty 2 dagar sedan
stephan is mainly a steel type specialist
stqrrynxght 2 dagar sedan
Zigzagoon: exists Teriyaki: *no, I dont think so*
Alexander Jones
Alexander Jones 2 dagar sedan
Nice game
Cindy Tietz
Cindy Tietz 2 dagar sedan
Have been one year since this video please actually make more of these videos are good times and I watch this yesterday when it was like 1010 months old
DARK_ALPHA360! 2 dagar sedan
This is my favorite nuzlocke run because 1. The laughter i got from the video. 2. Teriyaki wasn't letting any more death. 3.the animation was awesome And i subbed and turned on notifications
MintyFresh Studios
MintyFresh Studios 2 dagar sedan
Oh My God! The animation is AMAZING!
Lyn Lat
Lyn Lat 2 dagar sedan
4:02 i caught dat monkey
Specitmental 2 dagar sedan
Video was made 1 year ago Me: **begins to age into a old person**
Guilherme Monteiro Guerreiro
Guilherme Monteiro Guerreiro 2 dagar sedan
jaiden animations logo: jaiden is looking behind her suspiciously, and she is doing something with her shirt suspiciously.
Guilherme Monteiro Guerreiro
Guilherme Monteiro Guerreiro 2 dagar sedan
Manuel Hernández Leal
Manuel Hernández Leal 2 dagar sedan
You are so good! I loved your work
Jacob Cross
Jacob Cross 2 dagar sedan
Hugo Samuel Silfen-Jensen
Hugo Samuel Silfen-Jensen 2 dagar sedan
if the games were as exiting as these videos i would play them more
Powertag 2 dagar sedan
Am a banana
Who? 2 dagar sedan
Samarth Rai
Samarth Rai 2 dagar sedan
Which game
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